The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 24, 1893, Image 7

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atom swlftlv bom oblivion set hr ssall
What lias Uifi vantabsd century loft of arb
Tin ftptinlaa rouftroe aud the fipatJsb
The jhuhIo and tho ronM of Cfostllst
A newer generation corns, to kneel
Whore crumbllutf walls ud broken tiles of
Became the dust above forgotten dead
The unregarded dust beneath the wheel.
The call to vonpors hath a different tonal
Even Uie mission hells wore cast anew,
And alien eohoee mingle wtth their own
From crowded streets, where onoe the wild
flowers grew. i
Hew speeoh, new shrines, new hopes and
flares and fears,
To usher in another hundred years.
8. E. Anderson In Callfornlan.
The People Who Like Shakespeare.
Says Minna Gale-Haynes: "In the en
Kafrement I have played In New York I
have noticed that the publlo no longer can
tor the legitimate. At the same time the
(rallorifls bavo always been crowded, and I
consider It is an evidence that the taste of
the great puliUo what would be called tho
mirldle ulasercn' abroad is not at so low an
ebb as many fancy. People often say 'The
public want this or 'The public is not edu
cated to receive such and such a thing.'
Try It. Give it to the publio and see. It is
the great public that gooa to see Shake
speare acted and to hoar other great works
4rf human Interest.
"Tjet me give you an illustration. I have
. friend a wonderfully great preacher
who has settled down in a little town in
Ctermnny and taken charge of a small
4huroh, the congregation of whioh is not
cultivated up to his standard. But the
public will not part with him. They say,
We don't understand all thai you suy, but
we know that it is great and line, and we
love to listen to you.' That ia the same
spirit which sends the public to see the
Shakespearean dramas. And are they not
great and nobler" Philadelphia Music and
Funlshlng an Eskimo Dog,
Tlie worst punishment that can he in
flicted upon a conscientious leador Eskimo
dog is to reduce bim to the ranks, and his
abject demeanor as he sorrowfully slinks
along with bis tail between bis legs is al
most heartrending. On the other hand, the
dog that has been promoted nt once assumes
a self conscious strut The old adage that
dog will eat dog was proved repeatedly on
my Alaska trip. On one occasion a dog re
ceived no food for nearly five days because
we had- through the buugling of a lying
guide underestimated the length of a march
and had run out of the supply of dried
salmon, whioh forms the sole diet of the
Eskimo dog.
In consequence we lost half ft dozen of
mtr faithful animals by starvation, ft trial
which to me was more agonizing than any
personal sufforing. I never saw during this
period of misorya single sign shown byauy
one of the team to satisfy his cravings npon
ttie body of his fellow. A. B. 6cban la
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Narrowing the Bedsteads,
Narrow houses and small rooms In flats
are necessitating many modifications of lifs
tu New York, One result of preaeut condi
tions ifl the narrowing of the bedstead.
Time was when a double hod must be at
least Ove feet wide. In Now York today,
however, it is difficult to find a ready
jnade bedstead more than 4 feet 6 inohes
wide, and the belongings of the bed are
narrowed correspondingly. In narrowing
&e bedstead the manufacturers have not
lengthened It, so that thnt 111 used olnss of
persons who exceed 6 feet in height and
find themsolvjs in ft world built for men
of 5 feet 6 are no longer able to lie straight
In bed by choosing a diagonal direction.
Sew York Sun.
A Costly lilt or Hope.
A man who was arrested and jailed In
Hew Orleans told a pitiful tale of Injustice
to a visitor who talked to him through the
asell door. "VVhy, this is an awful mean
country," said the prisonor. "Do you know
I am in hero for two years for picking up a
piece of rope on the sidewalk t" The visitor
began to take an intoraat tu the case and to
-express sympathy. "I won't deceive you
any further," interrupted the prisoner.
"The truth is there was a fine pair of
homes on thootherend of that rope." New
York World.
A Praetloe Burglars Do Not Approve.
Another burglar baa fallen a vlotlmVto
the womanly habit of looking under ths
lied before retiring. The presence of mind
on thisoccasionwasdlsplayod by ft Chicago
woman. If this sort of thing goes much
further, the house robber will have to
change lib place of seclusion or reform and
take to some more profitable- business.
FUtaburg Dispatch.
Tito Value of a Caeoaaut Tret.
The native proverb says, "A cocoanut
tree is a bride's dowry," and really the
many wee to which tho palm and its prod
uct aro put uro wonderful They provide
ft family with food, shelter, fuel, house,
ntenslls and, if need be, clothes. Frank
Leslie's Monthly. , . ,
Got Bid of Ulnu
Do Smile Why don't you go to see the
De Pinkie girls any more?
De Bore They are too oareiess. Thoy
leave the front door unlocked, mid I lose a
new overcoat every time I go them New
York Weakly, , ., , y ,.
A certain amount of opposition is a great
kelp to a man; it is what ho wanta and must,
bavo to begoodforanythlng. Hardshlpand
opposition are tho rmtlvo soil of manhood
and self reliance. John Neal. .
No man has ever amassed a great fortune
through his own efforts alone, aare perhaps
musicians, artists, uctovs or authors. In
individual achievement, even in s financial
mam, thoy excel 1 '
After street trow have attained matnrft
siio pruning is rarely needed beyond the
Bccasloual cutting away of ft dead brunch
or tho (euwval of one which interferes .with
The American woman knows that her
feminine attlm is veritable draft on sighs
lof Nspeot and courtesy which the Ameri
can nuut rare!) tolls to honor.
Why Uany Children and Aoine Crown Per.
sons Dislike Them.
There are many authenticated in
stances of child becoming attached to
snakes and making pot of them. The
solution of a question of this kind is
sometimes to be found in the child mind.
My experience ia that when yonng chil
dren see this creature its strange ap
pearance and manner of progression, bo
unlike those of other animals known to
them, affect them with amazement and
ft sense of mystery and that they fear it
just aa they would fear any other strange
thing. Monkeys are doubtless affected
in much the same way, although in ft
state of nature, where they inhabit for
ests nbonnding with the larger constrict
ors and venomous tree snakes, it is high
ly probable that they also possess ft tra
ditional fear of the serpent form. It
wonld be strange if they did not.
The experiment of presenting oaged
monkey with aserpentoarefully wrapped
up in a nowspitper and watching his be
havior when he gravely opens the par
cel, expecting to fine nothing more
wonderful than the familiar sponge
cake or Biioculent banana well, ench
an experiment has been recorded in
half a hnndred important scientific
works, and out of respect to one's mas
ters one ought to endeavor not to smile
when reading it. A third view might
be taken which would aocount for our
foeling toward the serpent without ei
ther instinct or tradition. Extreme fear
of all ophidians might simply result from
a vaprne knowledge of the fact that some
kinds are venomous; that, in some rare
cases, death follows swiftly on their
bite, and that, not being sufficiently in
telligent to distinguish the noxious from
the innocnons at all oventB while un
der the domination of a sudden, violent
emotion we destroy them all alike,
Urns adopting Herod's rough and ready
method of ridding his city of one incon
venient babe by general slaughter of
It might be objected that in Europe,
where animosity to the serpent is great
est, death from snake bite is hardly to be
feared; tLit Fontana's 6,1100 experiments
with the viper, showing how small is the
amount of venom possessed by this spe
cies, how rarely it has the power to de
stroy human life, have been before the
world for a century. And although it
must be admitted that Fontana's work
is not in the hand of every peasant, the
foot remains that death from snake bite
is a rare thing in Europe, probably not
more than one losing his life from this
canse for every 2150 who perish by hydro
phobia, of all forms of death the most
terrible. Yet while the sight of a snake
excites in a majority of persons the most
violent emotions, dogs are universal fa
vorites, and we have them always with
ob and make pets of them in spite of the
knowledge that thoy may at any time
become rabid and inflict thnt unspeaka
bly dreadful suffering and destruction
on us.
This leads to the following question;
Is it not at least probable that onr ex
cessive fear of the serpent, so unworthy
of ns as rational beings, and the oauso of
so much unnecessary cruelty, is partlp
at all events, a resultof our superstitious
fear of sudden death? For there exists,
we know, un exceedingly widespread de
lusion that the bite of a venomouB ser
pent must kill slid kill quickly. Com
pared with such ophidian monarchs as
the bnahuiaster, fer de lnuce, hamadry
ad and tic polouga, the viper of Europe
the poor viper of many experiments
and much (not loo readable) literature
may be regardud as almost harmless at
all events not more harmful than the
hornet, Nevertheless, in this oold, north
ern world, even as in the other worlds
where nature elaborates more potent
juices, the dolusion prevails and may be
taken into aocount here, although its
origin cannot now be discussed. For my
own part I am inclined to believe that
we regard serpents with a destructive
hatred purely and simply because we are
so taught from childhood. Mocmillon's
Hawthorne as a Tlsltot
On one occasion after my return from
an African and European cruise I was
ordered to the Portsmout h station, where
we were hardly settled at housekeeping
when Hawthorne came to see us.
The hall was encumbered with boxes,
the sight of whioh node him feel his
visit to be inopportune, and he said
"I have jnst come for an hour or two
to see you and must return this even
tag.". V.;-!''' '
Mrs. Bridge, teeing that be was only
afraid of incommoding us, at once an
swered: " .i p . '"
"Must yon desert ns when I need your
aid in. unpacking these boxes?"
"Will you really let mo help your he
sited. , . . ".
Her jqking answer, assuring him of
her gaining a helper bo strong,
both in muscle and intelligence, pat, him
entirely nt ease, and for a week he made
himself useful on all possible occasions. '
Commodore Bridge's "Recollwtioni"
Edueutlon or Japanese Chllitrea. y ' '
The-moral' education of Japanese chil
dren in conducted partlyat home and part
ly in school aud Is based largely upou the
teachings of the history of Che country.
Intrepid valor, seal, sobriety, directness of
speeoh, extreme courtesy, implicit obedi
ence to parents and superiors and deferen
tial reverence and regard for old age these
are among the chief characteristics looked
for In boys, while Industry, gentleness,
faithfulness and cheerful demeauor are re
quired of girls. Popular Seisms Monthly.
Not on this brosd continent slone, but in ms
lnrlnl breeding tioninal regions, In Guatemala,
Mexico, fiouih America, the lalhnwa of Panama
and elsewhere, HoMolter's Stomach Bitters af
fords to lntiab) Uinta and aojournera protection
against malaria. The miner, the freshly arrived
Immigrant, the tiller of the virgin soil newly
robbed of Its foreata by the axe of the pioneer,
Slid in the superb antl-fcbrile specific a pre
server sgalnat the polaonous miasma which in
VHHt dlatrlcta rich in natural resources la yet
fertile In disease. It annihilates disorders of
the stomach, liver and bowels, fortifies those
who use It sgalnat rheumatic ailments bred and
fostered by outdoor exposure; infusea genial
warmth Into a frame chilled by s rigorous tem
perature, and robs of their power to harm morn
ing and evening mists and vapors laden with
hurtfulness; strengthens the weak, aud con
quers incipient kidney trouble.
The greatest drawback to prohibition li that
most of tu (jDthunlantH talk an If they bad been
With the increased facilities for travel
and the great number of travelers, there
has been naturally a great increase in the
risk of accidents.
Every one, who for any reason is com-
Selled to incur these risks, should keep by
im a supply of Allcock's Pobors Plas
ter, for they are a wonderful specific in
strains of the heck or limbs, such as are
almost inevitable in oase of accident.
Any one starting on a long journey
should have one bh a part of 'his equipment.
Commuters on suburban trains t-hould keep
them both at home and in the office.
Almsook'b Porous Plasters have repeat
edly proved, their great value in time of
BitANDKRTR's Pn..a remove all impurities
Btranpc that the public-spirited train robber
never kllln the candy peddler.
Btats op Ohio, city of Toledo,
1.toah coitntt. (
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is the
senior partner of the firm of F. J, Cheney & Co.,
doing bUriltiuHH in the city of Toledo, county and
HtatetiforeHKid, and that said firm will puy the
Rum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAItS for each
and every cane of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the uae of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
Xolary Public
Hall's Catarrh Onre Is taken internally, and
acta directly on the blood and mucous Btirfaces
of thesybtem. Bend for testimonials, free.
Toledo, 0.
fJPJ- Bold by drnsgUts; 76 cents.
Dse KnameUne Btove Polish; no duit, no smell.
Try Girmia fer breakfast
Complication of Diseases
"X was troubled with sick headache and
pains In my back and sides. I became partially
deaf, and my nervous system was all run down.
Finally, I wn scUttd with heart disease and
thought my days were numbered. J used
Hood's Sarsa
and 1 am better In every way, 1 have gained in
flesh and my former good appetite has re
turned." EnwAKO ratiibr, Grafton, CaL
Hood's fcaraaptullla In sold by all druforlstf.
91; six for b. ITcpard only by C. I. HOOD 4
CO., Apothecaries, Ixwell, Maa,
Hood'8 PUIS ai purely vegetable, SSo.
Purity and
To Introduce onr Powder, we faava da.
teralnadtodlrrtrlbntoamong the conium- i
ra a number of CABU Tc
the person of club returning os the largest
nnmberofoerticatesonjor before June i,
1804, we will giye acaah prlae of $100, apd
' vflothenextiiarffeeL numerous oLparnrlna
jraflglugromjatoS76INCABlJ. , -
' Jfcaebeen afflicted with bilious:
Bess and constipation for fifteen years
fid first one and then another prep
aration was suggested to me and
tried, but to no purpose. A friend
recommended August Flower and
words cannot describe, the admira
tion in which I hold it. It has given
tne.anew.Jease.of life, tfhich before
was a burden. Its good qualities
and wonderful meritssbould be made
known to everyone suffering with
dyspepsia and biliousness." Jessb
BftixSK, Printer, Humboldt, Eas.
ought to ennse you no discom
fort whatever. If it does,
though if there's any tmuhl
after eating take Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets. They're a
perfect and convenient vent
pocket remedy. One of tliesa
tinv, sugar-coated, sutl-blllons
granules at ft dose regulates
and corrects Uie entire system.
Sick or Bilious Headache, Con
stipation. Indigestion, Bilious
Attacks, and all derangements of the liv
er, stomach, and bowels are prevented,
relieved, and permanently etirea.
Thev're the smallest, easiest to take.
cheapest, and best. They're guarantied
to give satisfaction, or money u returned.
aannot oars. By all druggist, M eaats.
One oent a dose.
Tmn Gmat flormH
where all others faiL Coughs, Croup. Sore
Throat, Boaraeneaa, whooping Cough and
Miami, ror vDniampuao n una no nvttil
has cured thousands, and will CURB TOO it
taken in time. Sold or Drupffista on a guar
antee. For ft Lame Back o? Chut use
Have you catarrh? This remedy is jrusran
teed to cure you. Price, 50 otss. Injector free.
We hare Inst fnned an elesant lM-naffl IIIbb-
trated catalogue of
If yon are In need of anything In this line, send
us your name and we will send yuu one byre
tarn mail. Address
3 First Htrevt, Portland, Or.
A CDETtOI A I nrV Prlmmrr. Socond-
HOrfaVinbl air or TerUarr
Byphllls permanently cured in 15 to 85 days. Von
can be treated at homo for the same price and tho
same tuaranteeit with those who prefer to oomo
pare we viiicvniraci wcura uwm or roiuna moncj
and pay expense of coming, ra! lroad fare and hotel
bills, if we fall to cure, , if yon have taken ner
tnrr, iodide potAch, andstut nave aches and
pfitna,HucoaaFatcheailn month, 0or Throat,
llmpleStCopperColored HpotitlJleersOD anj
part of tho body, Hair or Eyebrow ralllnn
out, it Is this SrpblUUe B1LOOD POISON
that we tmoranteetocure. We solicit the most
obatlnato cov and chaJIeng-e tho world for
a caw we cannot core Thltdlseasehttaalwayii
bafled the kill of the uotttmlDciit pbyal
clana. sfGOO.OOO capital boblnd our nnooodl
tional fruarautee. AbsoluteproorssentMaledOD
application. Addresa COOK. BKMDi CO.,
UUsft to 1331 Jtaaonlc Temple. VUcaco
InraUtonafamllTof nine ebJldrtn, my only m
dj for CoiurhL Coldi asd Croup waa onion yrup- It
iafmtoioffectlvati-diy aa it wu forty yean afo.
H ow bit gTftadchlldroi tako Dr. Oann't Onion Syrup
whioh is already prepared and mor pleaaant to tha
taste. Sold ererywhera, Larae bottles OO oent.
Tak xwaubsutttU for It Tbato'a netbiaf aa eooc.
KNOW lltut tbe olilost
audUi'fit PlioW-engrav-IngplUceiu
Hun Frun
clarO Kvna enmbllslied
Jji ld77 by tlie BluuiiKer
of Hie .UhWEk. EN
hmaocured the latest
and bt'St Improve
liK' cretproci'Bsea
oiiciAlull coiuplemvnt
of the moat tippruved
maclilnery, pbuto np
.BUpi-rior arUtitfl, Ibis
pioneer Co. turns out the highest claw of work
promptly, rellulilv .uM at nulformty nfoderuto
prliieB tor ill! kiiidBof-f iiftruvliig. FuliHelieru helped
tOKftup Bpi'ciitl lusutt: dob prliHera und others
ibouUl -sejsd for muiiplitaiCBLimuU'B unci iuforniutlon,
s..T.DKWBy,.Munn;br,22UMurketSt B. FrCaL
TORS on. Installments. Beet makes.
Lowest nrl(es. Bend for catalogue.
iW.C.UUACH, Klyou, (Jul.
- . Is perfectly, permanently,
I positively cured by Doctor
J I I J Bagt's Catarrh Remedy.
M 1 t'v Tbe proprietors of this med-
III fctae prove that by their
I 111 offer. It's $500 cash for
A case of Catarrh which tfaer
Crrna nromntlv aura
'is-- A-a ''sW..
Moore's Revealed Remedy.
.nmMK5KraTfflJr'?1f" pieaaure mat br u on at
f 2S5JSSKA!il!D BiIMDlf -7 fcusbaud u rellsroa Iron au old oase 3
sUllaM vtuiu tU oaat ooutuil ooual aM did hla na sood. Hoars to rratiiada,
otn at Tops DBoaaiv. ' (
The wise men of Washing toa, Idaho, Ores
and the West are
Securing Free Land
in Aberta,
The beat farming land In America. See what
American larmera say of It; copy of their testa,
mony, with map, 8KNT FREK. Address L, A.
HAMILTON, Land Commlaaloner, Wlnnlpea: D.
McNICOLL, 0. P. A., Montreal, or any agent af
the Canadian Pacific Hallway.
Bladder. TTrtnarv and Llvnr tlluaaM. Tirntmmr
Gravel and Diabetes are cured by
Cares Brlght'i Disease, Retention or Non-retention
of Drlne, Fains In the Back, Loins or
Cures Intemperance, Nervous Diseases, OeneraA
Debility. Female Weakness and Excesses.
Cnres Biliousness. Headache, Jaundice, Boar
Stomach, Dyspepsia, Constipation and Piles.
ACTS T ONCE on the Kidneys, LItct
and Bowels rectories; them to a healthy ao
Hon, and Oil HEM when all other medicine
(all. Hundreds hare been saved who have been
glren up to die by friends and physicians.
Brooklyn Hotel
208-212 Bash St., San Francisco.
This favorite hotel Is under the management
of CHAHLES MONTGOMERY, and 1b as good If
not the best Family and Business Men's Hotel
in Ban Francisco. , ,
Home Comforts! Cuisine Uneicelledl
FlHt-class service and the birhest standard of
respectability guaranteed. Our room cannot bt
turpar.d for neatneu and comfort. Board and
room per day, fl.26, (1.60, (1.76 and $2.00; board
and room per week, 7 to S12; single rooms 60o
toll. Free coach to and from hotel.
rwaaUkrallUnitbte, UtaUatuaa
Importers, Wholesale and BeUfl
Dealers, lor
Table Cutlery, Tin and Wooden Ware. Dairy
Supplies. The largest and cheapest dealers for
owuiury vm9 a specially.
148 Third Street. Portland. Oregon.
A re near at
'??Z' greater ao-
business tban has ever been known, because ol
the prolonged depression In sit lines. Thoa
now, will be prepared for good positions when
this coming wave of prosperity sweeps over th
land. Send for catalogue. Address A. P. Arm
STHpKO, Principal, Portland, Oregon.
li AIIAifrlll THE AT K 10 A f S.
Everything in the above line. Costumes, Wigs.
Beards, Properties. Opera and Play Books, etc..
rlor qntiilty by the oldest, largest, beat renowned
and therefore only reliabl Theatrical Supply
"viwc iuh;k, wwt,, v.urreBiHnaBnoe so
licited. Goldstein 4 Co., 26, 28 and so O'Fofrell
outov, auu cm jJnuavciBiit:ei,naii rraiKtsco, W
Blip ply all TheaUrt on tlu Coatt, to whom wo re-
Is B Special brand of Burtiins- Oil, whloix wa
manulaclure ezpieaaly (or FL&j; .UStt.
Wefpianuiteelt to b the highest FassiaiA
GBADK or IUUHIHATIK0 OIL. Aalc for it. .