The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 24, 1893, Image 6

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    H. T, KIKKPATMCK, PublLh.r.
Cause of the Explosion on the
Collier San Mateo.
Man in British Colombia Colliery
Agree to the Preposition of
the Management.
Tacoma claims a population of 62,329.
Ban Diego's Fruit Exchange has been
All the creditors of the Tacoma Expo
sition are called into court November 28.
A franchise for an opposition ferry at
Vallejo has been granted by the Trus-
The amount of sugar ontpnt of the
Chino factory for the season is 16,100,000
The counsAl of Chris Evans, the ban
dit, have applied for a continuance of
we case. ,
Foray weather has interfered with
raisin-curing in the South, Hot weather
u wanted.
The Butte (Mont.) Council refused to
confirm the appointment of a negro on
the police force.
The relations between the Arizona Oa
sette and the Territorial Judiciary are
somewhat strained.
The railway employee of the South are
finding it difficult to handle the tramps
that infest the freight trains.
The Victoria surveyors who looked
into the causes for the explosion on the
collier 8an Mateo declare it donbtlees
originated in the exposure of the gas
generated from the coal to the dame of a
lighted lamp.
A gang of forty or fifty bunco-steerers,
flim-nammere and snre-thing men have
infested Tacoma several days and com
mitted a number of robberies upon un
suspecting countrymen, whom they in
duced to visit down-town resorts. Manv
of the men came over the Northern Pa
cific from Chicago, where they operated
during the World's Fair. They are now
on their way to the Midwinter Fair at
Ban Francisco.
Little if anything is being done to
ward getting the steamer New York off
the rocks at Point Bonita. Information
is not given out readily, and along the
water front there are few who know ex
actly what steps the Pacific Mail officials
propose now to take. As the vessel has
settled solidly, there is no likelihood of
her ever being pulled off. She will have
to be raised and floated. Pumps will be
kept on board, and will be ready for
wora at any time.
The Corvallie Times says: There is a
possibility, if not a probability that the
118,000 of Agricultural College funds on
deposit in the Job bank at the time of
the suspension will be wholly lost. It
will be remembered that shortly after
the bank passed into the bands of a re
ceiver in order to secure the college
claim an attachment was placed on the
Sropeny ny treasurer ouijuey. xv miw
evelopa that the attachment was irreg
nlarlv issued, and if so. the college will
be without any claim whatever to the
funds on deposit wnen toe bank sus
The new cruiser Olympia, on her first
trip, established her position as queen
of the United Btatee navy. The ship
made a maximum speed of 21.26
knots, and averaged slightly under 21
knots on a run of 68 knots, with a heavy
sea and a strong head wind. As the
Olympia was only expected to make 20
knots, her builders are very happy over
the trial, and think that when the of
ficial government trial is made she can
be forced up to 22 knots. This would
give the Union iron works a bonus of
(400,000 for exceeding the speed re
quirement. The Clement grammar school at San
Francisco, containing 700 young chil
dren, was discovered on fire during the
school hours the other day. The chil
dren marched out in an orderly manner
when the alarm was given, and there was
no panic. The fire was in the garret,
and was extinguished before much dam
age was done. Miles Baird, a fourteen-year-old
pupil of the school, was arrest
ed on the charge of arson. He confessed
that he had started the fire in the garret
to see how the pupils would get out of
school in case of a real fire. Young
Baird has always had a mania for set
ting buildings on fire.
At San Francisco in the case of the
TfnitedStates vs. Frank L. Wilson Judge
Morrow of the District Court has granted
the motion of the defendant to quash
the indictment charging him with send
ing obecene matter through the mail.
Exp-eesiong complained of were written
by Wilson at. Lakevilie to a friend in San
Francisco. Judge Morrow surprised the
United States Attorney and the postal
Inspectors by his interpretation of the
statute governing nidi cases. He decid
ed that a personal letter, securely sealed,
containing obscenity is not indictable
even if it passes through the mails.
He interprets the law to refer
only to manifold, stylograph, printed
copies or similar publications. Numer
ous courts have held that written letters
containing obscenity are included in the
meaning of the statute, and such eases
have been punished by fine and impris
onment. District Attorney Garter an
nounces that he will appeal this case to
it, higher court. j
In Japan 343,662 cotton spindles are
Last year 1,376 vessels were built in
wis country.
A revival of Mississippi river com-
uierce la wxpecieu.
Virginia produce annually 2,600,000
Dusneis oi peanuw,
Electric railroads, now so common, are
not yet ten yean old.
Carnegie has a new steel casting that
woigus succy-iour ions.
It cost the government $2,423,622 to
ieea ine regular army last year.
The operating expenses of the rail
roaas last year were riw.WIMm,
Cane Colonv. South Africa, has tOO..
uuu,uuu invested in Htate railroads.
The ovster beds of Chesaneake Bav
give employment to su.uuu persons,
One beekeeper of Reno. Nov.. shinned
ou,wu pounus oi noney to at. Louis,
Eiffhtv million dosen Docket handker
chiefs were sold in this country last year.
The first consignment of corn ever
sent u fiurope irom Mexico is about to
De snipped.
Maronette. Mich., with a nrmnlatinn
of 12,000 people, pays only $1 per 1,000
leec lor gas.
ine total number of employes in the
service of railways in this country last
year was 02l,?lD.
Near St. Louis 400 acres have been
given up to raising willows for a willow.
ware manufactory.
Two cotton mills in Shamrhai are ex.
clusively in Chinese hands and founded
on (Jninese capital.
Two-thirds of all the cotton duck nro-
aucea in we woria is maae wttmn twen.
ty miles of Baltimore.
The young cotton-seed-oil indnstrv
has scored a vearlv record of 1. 000.000
oarreis, representing J..SUU tons of seed.
There are 110 women lawvers in the
United States, and eight have earned
the right to practice before the Supreme
They do say that Lower California.
where land is verv chean. is as well
adapted for lemon culture as the (1,000
an acre groves oi Blcily.
By the sale of their lands to the United
States government some of the Indian
tribes are worth from (6,000 to (10,000
per capita, man, woman and child.
A Chicago building society has in.
creased its capital from (6,000,000 to
(50,000,000, declares the National Loan
Herald. Present assets are (1,600,000,
It is estimated that the richest of civ
ilized people is the English, with (1.236
per capita. In France the average is
said to be (1,102; in the United States
A flourishing new Baltimore export
industry has been started by ex-Senator
Henry G. Davis that of shipping West
Virginia coke to the silver-mining regions
oi jnexieo.
About boo to 1,UW bolts are used in a
single freight car, and about 1,000 are
required for a first-class passengercar, in
addition to the 800 required in two good
six-wheel trucks.
Upon a recent purchase of 10,000 tons
of raw sugar, not more than two weeks'
supply, the American Sugar Refining
Company will net, it is estimated, a
profit of (236,000.
The tenth census shows that 23,010,000
inhabitants of the United States are
supported by agriculture, 11,520,000 by
manufactures ana io,ua;,uuu ny com
merce. One hundred years ago the United
States Imports aggregated (31,000,000;
to-day, (866,361,421. One hundred years
ago the exports were valued at (2U,1W,
000; to-day, (847,608,024.
There are patents for making paper
rrom sawdust ana shavings, Irom this
tles and thistledown, from tobacco stalks
and tanbark. It is said that there are
over 2,000 patents in this country cover
ing toe manufacture of paper.
Over 3,000,000 women are earning in
denendent incomes in this cunntrv.
There are some 2,600 practicing medi
cine, 6,000 managing postofficee, 276
preaching the gospel, and in flew York
city alone 27,000 of them are supporting
weir n us bands.
The Emperor of China is studying
French and German, and will take a
course in law.
Jeweler L. Hartenstin of Fottstown.
Pa., has a 04-year-old watch that. has
never missed a day.
J, 0. Henries of Charleston, 8. 0.. is
the only ex-Confederate in that State
who wears the iron cross of Prussia for
valorous service in the Franco-Prussian
Dr. Samuel F. Smith, the author of
"America," passed his 86th birthday
last week at his home in Newton Center,
Mass., near Boston. He is active and
alert, and feels the burden of his ad
vanced age little.
Mme. Adelina Patti recently told a re
porter for an English paper that people
nave a perfect mania tor asking ner to
adopt their children. ' She is constantly
receiving otters of babies hundreds, she
should say, in the course of the year.
Her last one was a pair of twins.
In view of the annual Increase of vis
itors to Egypt an important addition has
been made this season to the number of
first-class hotels in Cairo. The Ghesireh
Palace Hotel is intended to surpass in
size and splendor its well-known rivals
Shepheard'e and the Continental.
British vessels landed a party near
Eiode Janeiro in order to obtain a sup-
?ly of sand for holystoning the decks,
he men approached an old Brazilian
govern men t powder magazine, which was
guarded by a detachment of President
Peixoto's soldiers. The latter, seeing a
number of seamen digging, believed
they belonged to the rebel war ships,
and, acting under orders, blew up the
powder magazine and killed and wound
ad several of iha British eaiiorf. -
American Protective Associa
tion Increasing.
The Sender of a Challenge to Fight
a Duel Sentenced to the Pen
itentiary In Alabama.
The New York telephone girls have
ueen vaccinated.
Chicago proposes to eettle right down
to Dusiness now.
A sixth bridge is to be built aoross the
Ohio river at Cincinnati.
The State tar levy for Illinois has been
made. It calls for (2,600,000.
The Salvation Armv has onened a ten
oays' campaign at uaiveston.
Dengue fever in a mild form has made
Its appearance at Sherman, Tex.
The Viking shin has started on its
trip from Chicago to New Orleans.
Gold quarts, assaying (46 a ton. has
been struck in Northern Minnesota.
Quebec is being ravished bv virulent
typhoid ever caused by bad drainage.
The Indiana Buoreme Court has
knocked out the saloon screen ordinance.
The driveways of Central Park. Now
York, are to be lighted by incandescent
The smallpox epidemio continues with
out abatement in the infected regions in
The present fad in New York is said to
De the answering oi dinner Invitations
in rhyme.
Arrangements are being made to win-
ter an immense number of Texas cattle
in Mississippi.
World's Fair stockholders nrobablv
win receive a dividend oi to per cent on
their investments.
The American Protective Association
is reported to be growing rapidly in
northern Indiana.
A secret order known as the Pension
era' Protective Association is beini or
ganized in Illinois towns.
Claims nnder the Missouri diseased
stock law threaten depletion of the sur
plus in the Htate Treasury.
A large number of silver dollars not
made by the government have been put
A company has been formed at West
Plains, Mo., with ample capital to de
velop the onyx of Douglas county.
Gail Hamilton is still working for the
liberation of Mis. Maybrick, imprisoned
in r.ngianu tor poisoning her husband.
An Alabama inrv ha mnyicted the
sender of a challenge to fight a duel. He
will nave two years in the penitentiary.
A pauper census of the State of Min
nesota shows in June last there were
6,384 paupers, against 4,869 the previous
Captain Anderson is desirous of pre
senting the Viking ship to this govern
ment, it to be kont permanentlr at the
Louisiana sugar is being marketed
rapidly, and the result is considerable
relief already in the financial situation
in that section.
Revenue officers have decided that
North Carolina distillers must pay tax
on three gallons of whisky for every
bushel of corn used.
During the fishing year lust closed at
Gloucester, Mass., fifty-seven fishermen
have been lost, and ten vessels, valued
at (60,000, have been wrecked,,
Governor Le we ling of Kansas has ap
pointed Mrs. Eva Blackman a member
of the Topeka Police Commission, vice a
Populist member whom he removed.
The number of paid admissions to the
Columbian Fair during the 170 days that
it was open to the public was 21,477,218,
being an average of 11,984 per day.
Senator Sherman's real estate holdings
at Washington are rated on this year's
tax list at (400,000. He is about the
heaviest individual taxpayer at the cap
ital. It is understood that the United States
Supreme Court will be asked to order
the naturalisation of a Chinaman, with
a view of testing the anti-Chinese legis
lation. Brooklyn officials intend establishing
a squad of police to protect pedestrians
from the danger of the trolley cars. A
similar squad does duty on Broadway,
new It org.
Cornelius Vanderbilt paid (160,000 for
the old Seventh Regiment clubhouse in
order to pull it down and make a flower
garden on its site for his new Fifth-avenue
mansion. '
The President has appointed Colonel
George B. Ruggles to be Adjutant-General
of the army with the rank of Brigadier-General,
to succeed General Will
iams, retired.
About 260,000 photographs were de-
troved at the Postoftice Department in
Washington on the 28th ultimo, They
represented the accumulation in the
dead-letter office since 1874.
A suit has been instituted at Madison,
Wis., which involves Governor Peck,
Attorney-General O'Connor and other
State officers in an attempt to get at the
State funds In the Treasury.
The Minnesota Legislature has passed
an ordinance declaring poolrooms public
nuisances and making owners of build
inns rented for poolrooms and their fre
quenters guilty oi a misuemeanor.
The Snnreme Court of the United
Statee has directed the courts of Utah
to proceed in conformity with the act of
the last Congress in disposing of the as- i
eiieated Mormon Church property. I
There are rumors that Voorhees will
Introduce a free-coinage silver bill at the
opening qf the regular session. Voor
hees declined to talk about the matter,
but It is pointed out he has always been
a silver man, and that he declared dur
ing the debate on the repeal bill that he
was no less a friend of silver than al
ways. At any rate it is thoroughly un
derstood the silver question was not
shelved by the passage of the repeal bill.
On the contrary, the silver men say the
fight has only begun. When Congress
assembles they propose to keep It well
to the front in connection with every
great issue between the parties from the
utriu w we repeal oi tnereuorai elec
tion laws. Every stage of the tariff dis
cussion will be punctuated by pertinent
queriee by the silver men tending to
prove that it was demonetization of sil
ver and not the McKlnley tariff which
caused the financial depression. Indeed,
it is intended that the silver men shall
act as a body of obstructionists, as did
the Parnellitee in Parliament, till silver
shall receive a hearing.
Although Congress amended the Geary
act so as to allow Chinese six months
more in which to register, it adjourned
without making an annronriation to
carry out the provisions of the act. The
uuairman oi me committee on Appro
priations had couniiance of the necealtv
of the Treasury Department's need of
money to carry out the law, and It is
Erobable that, if the urgency deficiency
ill had passed, a clause appropriating
enough money at least to begin opera
tions would have been inserted in the
bill, As it is. registrations under the act
will not begin until the appropriation is
made. Meanwhile the Treasury Depart
ment will make all its preparations, and
so soon as the money is available it will
be prepared to assign its officers so that
they can begin the work at once. The
bureau has assurances that an effort will
be made to get the bill through in the
early days of the session, so that the
work of registration will not be Ion? de-1
(erred. It is said that all Chinese now
in the country, approximating 100,000,
can be registered in sixty days, if they
promptly take advantage of the oppor
tunity. Secretary Gresham has received a dis
patch from United States Minister Baker,
who was on board the steamer Costa
Kica at Amapala when fired on by the
Honduras authorities because the cap
tain of the vessel refused to surrender a
refugee from Honduras on board as a
passenger. The dispatch fully confirms
the press reports of the firing on the
United States flag. While the ship was
in the port of Amapala the authorities
demanded the surrender of Poleraro Bo
nilla, who was recently concerned In the
revolutionary movement against the
Honduras government, The captain de
clined. After the ship had received her
clearance papers and while she was leav
ing port six or seven shots were fired to
bring her to. Minister Baker was on
board at the time. Whether the shots
were fired directly at her or in front Is
not stated. The matter was discussed
at a Cabinet meeting. Captain Dow,
who was in command of the Costa Rica,
is the same captain who harbored Bar
rundia, who was killed on his ship sev
eral years ago bv the Guatemalan au
thorities. It has been established that
a political refugee who is a passenger, as
Bonilla was, cannot be taken from the
ship on which he is. The chance pres
ence of the United States Minister on
the vessel in this case is not considered
to make any difference in the diplomatic
aspects of the case. Nothing could be
learned of what reply was sent Minister
Baker or what steps are proposed to be
taken in the matter. The United States
steamship Alliance sailed tlte other day
from San Jose to Acajutla in Salvador,
Whether this movement was occasioned
by the incident was not stated at the department.
flliBflJlY v FURlUTUflE 7 GO.
H. R. Hyde,
Cstrpets! Csirpets!
We make a specialty of UNDICItTA ICING. Calls nimwured niirhk
or tlay.
Baltimore Block. Albany, Or.
W. F. 11KA1I, I'.-twIiloilt. (IKO. f KIMI'SIIN.VUH-I'ivllilullt. J. 0, H'lirrailAN.Seoretiwr
1, I,. COW.tN, iiwi lirer. u, A. JI1I,NKU. ' ,.
Farmers' and Merchants' Insurance Company
'h cf Jm'fmot 8uirune Court.
Hon. J. W. OtmiOK. Hanktr.
II..D. .1. K. WKATIIKItl'dHtl. Atliiril)'-Sl Uw
). 0. WU11HM A N. Kmi Onlull-I.
No two Blip's. Ibrw (oiiriiu. tlilny m l ,lav d,,,., , ). ',d Herohami' FA u
pol.oU. ThrrarntKwid M.rcM.l.' Iiiinii. onipnn. , ,he full ',i "t
l.t nmmiut liwrad. t nitMrlh-ni lo in ,.,ilul .fk roirn.M of It. nwr,. m roliaiilstai f J?
nraliallit.. iurui, pliynlninii. unl nmliaiiH. Uw laiswl u.uu lulrf k. T.i,,.u i.jl! ..?!!
WlllllllielU) tAllff I. ml Cnnil'Ml)
tlm I2U.0O&
Ratlfioat'onB of the extradition treaty
between the United States and Sweden
and Norway have been exchanged. It
will go into effect in thirty days.
The annual report of L. Lowrie Bell,
the Second Assistant Postmaster-General,
shows that the total expenditure
for mail transportation was (43,507,0117,
and of th 1b amount (6,768,818 was on
account of star routes and (25,720,606
on account of railway routes. The re
port shows that there are now in opera
tion : Star routes 18,860, mileage 26,
850; railroad routes 2,520, mileage 1IW,
052; messenger routes 7,206, mileage
20,030. The increase In the number of
j routes during the year was 980 and in
ine lengtn oi routes 6,241 miles. The
increase in the annual rate of expendi
ture was (2,262,266. During the last
fiscal year the railway poetofllce can
were subjected to 408 train accidents,
most all of which resulted In loss of life
or serious injury. Ten clerks were killed,
66 sorlouBly injured and 116 slightly in
jured. Commenting upon the facte, Mr.
Bell says : " The department Is permit
ted to care for the injured, but no au
thorized relief under the existing stat
utes can be extended to the people left
behind by the gallant fellows who go
down to death whilst performing their
duties. The day death enters the oar
the pay of the clerk ceases, and at the
very time help is moft needed the heart
broken family becomes too often an ob
ject of charity. Various methods have
been suggested whoreby relief could he
extended without material obligation
from the government, and I trust the
present Congress can lie prevailed upon
to adopt some one of the proposed plans.
If such a nioasure of relief wars nut inb.
effect, it would promote the service, and
the direct ImneUt that would be induced
by it would be great."
The Shasta Route
-or Tint-
Kipnm tralalwtv fortiaud dally:
:W r. K IU .PorllViiU...Arj 8:26XlL
I0: P. h. I'T ..Albany Ar, :n a.m.
10:1ft u.r Hun Krriiirtipn. U. 7:00 r. m.
The ubove irulim mop lit all itrttluua from
Porilmul to Albany iiicinijiv; nlo Tunirmit,
fUuNld, llalaey, IlnrriabiirR, Junction City, In
lnjf, Kngene and nil itiiliouu (ruin Komuuk to
Aililuiiu lnclukiva.
Kotfbunt mall rtaUr:
n-W a. n. Lv Purtiuui) -.Ar. i Hi r. h.
ViAb r. H. I.v Albany Ar. 12:W t. M.
j:60 f. M Ar Uoit'biirg I,v. 7:00 a. U,
I:2U r. u, I.v Albany Ar. It 21 a. K.
!i:iw p. m, Ar. Uimuou,., I.v, V W a. h.
8:10 a, m, I,t ....Albany Ar. r.
:00 . M. Ar Lebm l,y. '2 ft. p. ,
Dluiiijr Curt an Ogrian ltuuu.
wHund'tllMi 8lfliliiir (Jura Attaahad lo
All Through Trttina,
lUlHrnln --tUllyjexoipt Hmiday):
7:8fl a. h. 17v.."l'irtliiijil.,"..7..Ar. I A:98 a.K.
l.':lt r. H. Ar i:()rvlli.,,I.,l,v, l;00 p. m.
At Albdiiv and Oorvatlli connect with trahu
oi Oregon hid tic railroad.
Kjmrwm trahi-rtallv fesrept Hniiday):
I lv I'ortltinil Ar. i 8 '2f a. h.
I Ar...,Mi'Mlinivllk,...,v. ' f;b0 i. U.
ul Kurof win he obtained at lowwt rat tna
I A. BeiinfU, agent, lbannn.
K. KOKW.KEt. Matiaiw.
1. P. ROOICHH. A ant. 0. r. A Paw. A rait.
Hon. J. I. ROWAN,
'. r. RKAIl. F..n llWcliwii.
I). II MIINTKITll. H.,,1,.1,.,
. f.8lIIWIN,Kliu,1i,i,t,