The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 24, 1893, Image 5

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    Lebanon Express.
fVAdilltionnl IocbIs on first pago.M
Come In for ob work.
Great clearance sale at Read, Peacock
For Bohoiil HiiiplicB call at Hmltli's
drug store,
Bum, to thewlfcof Hoiiry Sylvester,
Nov. 18, 181)3, a girl.
M. A. Miller carries a complete line
of paints and oils.
H. Baker Is now agent for the cele
brated Douglas shoe.
Fresh pies, cukes and liread at
Peebler's grocery store.
Burn, to the wife of C. H. Lovenll,
on No A. 10, 1808, a son.
The Champlan Mill Hour is the best
In the market. Try It,
Call at F. L. Carman's, and see the
line Hue nf stoves and ranges.
John Mayer returned home Wednes
day from a trip to Portland.
Every customer at Bnrum & Kirk's
burlier shop gets a clean towel.
Please come In and pay up, as I need
my money. N. W. Smith.
Several of our Populist citizens ob
served Pennoyer's Thanksgiving day.
Pumps and pipe down to Albany
prieeB. F. C. Aybus & Co,
J. 8. Courtney M. D. Physician,
Burgeon and Accoucheur, Lebanon,
When In need of hardware, tin, cop
per or granite ware, go to F. L. Carman
i, Co.
Mr. Jake Rube, of Halem, was In
Lebanon, tills week the guest of S. P,
F, L. Carman & Co. have Just re
ceived a large shipment of Gold Coin
toves and ranges.
The confectioner's art, inakiugorenin
caudles and other confectionery, is
taught at Zatin's store.
Mr. Walter Peacock, of the firm of
Head, Peacock ACo., isiuanagingtbelr
store at this place, this week.
Fresh fish every Tuesday ami Thurs
day. I also keep on hand salted
salmon. It. B. Roiikkts.
If you want to get value received for
your naru-earnen money, call ui
Buker's and buy your boots and shoes.
Dr, Laiubersou will buy a limited
amount of green Oregon grape root.
Apply at bis otllce for terms and prices.
Bert Van Clevc has bought the Al
bany Sunday Toltscoe, and has madi
Han evening daily. We wish him
These hard times we want to save all
we can, hut of course we have to out,
till you will save some by getting your
groceries at Buch's.
The pastors of the different churches
have decided to hold their uniiuiil
Thanksgiving services on the day set
by the President, in the Presbyterian
Preaching at tl Baptist church
every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:81) p. m.
Sundry school at 10 a . in. Pruyer
meeting Wednesday at 7:80 p. m.
C. R. Lamar, Pastor.
Since January first of the present
year sixty-four full pardons have been
granted by Governor Pennoyer, It is
stated that u large number nf these
pardons were of men who had served
full terms.
Last Saturday John Muckey's little
girl, who is about three years old, while
playing fell against a sharp-edged
tsiard, which out a severe gash in her
forehead. Dr. Courtney was called
and dressed the wound.
Severul weeks ago we published a
communication in the Express, which
afterwards found its way into the col
umns of the Oregonlau, the Snn Fran
cisco Call, the New York World, and
we don't know how many more. We
bave reference to the communication
of C. C. Haokleiuftu, written from Los
Frank Gay, of Idaho, oommonly
known as "Death on the Trail," has
been In the mountains above Crnw
fordsvllle for a few weeks engaged in
his favorite sport shooting the festive
deer. He returned to tills place yester
day morning after having succeeded in
killing 40 deer and one bear. Most of
the meal he securer Is dried and made
ready fur the market, In Idaho he
held tlie championship for hunting
and lie seems to be making a good start
In this neck of the wood. Browns
ville Times.
Fresh bread at Zahn'a.
City election, one week from Moo
day. A. Umphrcy wishes to lease bis
farm, Oals, hay, bran, chops and all klndkt
of feed, at Peehler's.
The Ex pit gas still wants a few more
good correspondents.
Wm. Gore is still dangerously tit,
and not expected to live but a short
Mrs. Boy lea, daughter of Wm. Gore,
In s returned to Lebanon again, from
eastern Oregon.
E. M. Boslar has rented one oft Dr.
Foley's houses on Main street, where
he lias moved.
Mr. Em Case has rented one of J.
W. Guy's buildings, where he has
opened a burlier shop.
All persons know'ng themselves-Indebted
to M. A. Miller will pleaMonll
and settle at once.
Mr. Thompson, a commission, mer
chant of Portland, was In Lebanon
yesterday, buying apples.
A good light second-hand buggy ant
harness for sale at a bargain. In
quire at the Express office.
Those who did not get a ticket for an
enlarged picture, pan get one doz. pho
to's ut Boyd's gallery, for $1.50..
Baker Is yet in the lead In low prices
and good goods. Prices inu-it corre
spond with what farmers have to sell.
Bach is not selling his clothing at
cost, but still you can get a better suit
there for less money than anywhere
Wilson J. Blaln, of Albany, spent
last Sunday in Lebanon, visiting rel
atives and attending Rev. Bryans'
Mrs. Catharine Callaghan died very
suddenly Tuesday, at her home in Al
bany, of paralysis of the heart. She
wub 08 years old. '
Married, on Nov. 10, 1808, In Albany,
Or., Mr. H. H. Montgomery and Miss
Allle l). Kider, uotn or ijinn couniy,
Rev. C. O. H)erry officiating.
Mr. D. H. James, of Albany, was
united In marriage on the 21st
insl., to Miss Mary Iteed, a popular
young lady of Idaho.
Wm. and Dink Slater returned to
Lebanon the tlrst of the week, after an
absence of several months In Portland
and custom Oregon.
If you have any kind of painting
puper-haiigiiiK to be done, don't fall tl
call on P. E. Nelson ,tbe painter. First
cluss work, at hard time prices. Leavi
orders at B. M. Donaca's grooery.
A meeting will be held on Wednes
day evening, Nov. 20th, at the City
Hull, to nominate oandidates to fill the
oily offices for the ensuing year. Lei
everybody attend and see that good
men are selected.
J. D. Moore, the electrician who
wired Lebanon for tlie Electric Light
Co., was in Lebanou over last Sunday,
visiting some of his old friends. Mr.
Moore owns an interest in the electric
plant at Baker City, aud is manager of
the company.
Rev. Bryans and wife closed their
revival meetings at this place last Sun
day night. These meetings have been
in progress for four weeks, and there
have been about fifty conversions and
several additions to the various
churches. After a few days' rest Rev.
Bryans and wife will commence a
series of meetings at Spicer. They are
z 'iilous workers aud we bid them God
speed on their good work. ,
Are your children subject to croup?
If so, you should never be without a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy. -It Is a certain cure for croup, and
has never heen known to fall. If given
freely as soon as the oroupy cough ap
peal's it will prevent the attack. It is
the sole reliance with thousands of
mothers who have oroupy chlldreu,
and never disappoints them. There is
no danger In giving this Remedy In
large and frequent doses, as it contains
nothing injurious. 60 cent bottles for
sale by M. A. Miller, druggist.-
As the Roseburg local train, going
south on Monday neared the Harris
burg bridge, an Iron rail was discov
ered across tlie traok. The rail had
been taken from a pile alongside the
truck. Thetialn was stopped before
the point was reached. Sheriff Jock
son arrested two men at Harrisburg,
who are charged with having, com
mitted tlie crime. The evidence is
said to be strong against them, but It
is all circumstantial. They were
brought to tills city on the freight train
last night and lodged in jail. They
are middle-aged men, and belong to
the army of brake-beam "tourists"
who are wending their Way south
ward. Hcr,ld.
I Council Prooeectrnw.
Council met Tuesday evening. In
regular session. AH' members were
present except Councilman Dalgleish.
Minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.
Ordinance Bill Na. 82, amending
Ordinance No. 11, changing the num
ber of councilmeii from four to six, was
read and passed.
A communication, from Sodaville,
offering $2 each for twelve of the old
street lamps, was mail, and the Re
; eorder was requested' to notify them
that $3 was the lowest price that would
be accepted, as they aost 6 originally.
The Recorder was-ordered to post up
notices for the coming elty election.
The following were appointed: Judges,
A. C. Harden, R. C. Miller, J. Was
snm; Clerks, W. C. Jeterson and C. G.
The Marshal wasardered to request
the Electric Light". Co. to torn on
the street lights earlier.
Councilman Kelkmberger was ap
pointed a special committee to raise
the light in front (if; Jos. Elklns' resi
dence. One small bill was allowed, and the
Council then adjourned.
Our Waterloo News.
City election times ire approaching, and
there is a good deal , of excitement among
the people and would-be candiduteH.
A mass-meeting wss held at Brown's
Hall on Monday night, at which two tickets
were placed in nomination. The affair was
managed in such a way as to be very quiet
and was a surprise-to some, at least, of those
There are several ascsot sickness in town
at this writing. Mr. Oakley has nearly re
covered ; Mr. Fairbanks l still very weak ;
Miss Gross is recovering; Mr. Geo. Gross is
oonflned to bis bed, and Recorder fiice is a
victim of a good-siised case of mumps. AH ,
others who bave been sick have recovered.
Our school is stopped for a short tiros,
owing to some complications regarding the
hiring of a teacher, but will be running
again in a short time.
This young paople gave a very pleasant
surprise party to Miss Lillie Shepard on
Tuesday evening, in honor of her seven
teenth birthday. The fun was kept up for
several bours,.and was highly enjoyed, by
all present.
The stock-holders of the Ditch and Fewer
Company held a meeting last Saturday
evming, and organized by electing a board
of directors. They will take steps to have
the Biirvey made at once, and will- com
mence preparations for active work at an
early date.
Messrs. E. E. Ham mack and E.
Keebler are In Portland this week,
having been subpoenaed as U. S.
Atty. J. M. Soniers left Monday for
Grant's Pass. He has been employed
to assist In prosecuting T bos. Black for
the murder of J. D. Rice, and goes
down to work on the case.
Atty. Somers aud W. C. Peterson
will ocoupy an office together, S. P.
Bach will build a new office for them,
between Dr. Lamlierson'e office and
Mrs. Rice's building.
The reading circle met at tlie resi
dence of Mr. and Mi's. F. M. Milltr,
lust Friday evening, in honor of the
eighteenth anniversary of their mar
riage. A very pleasant evening as
It is said that an interesting time is
looked for Saturday night, at the Pop
ulist meeting, at which there will be a
debate. C. B. Montague, F. M. Miller
aud 8 M. Garland are said to be the
principal speakers.
Mr. W. M. Terry, who has been in
the drug business at Elkton, Ky., for
tlie past twelve years, says: ''Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy gives better
satisfaction than any other cough med
icine I have ever sold." There Is good
reason for this. No other will cure a
cold so quickly; no other affords so
much relief in cases of whooping
cough. For sale by M. A. Miller,
The Bent Plastkr. Dampen a
piece of flannel with Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and bind it on over the seat
of pain It Is helter thau any plaster.
When the lungs are sore such an ap
plication on the chest and another ou
the back, between the shoulder blades,
will often prevent pneumonia. Tnere
Is nothing so good for a lame back or
a pain In the side. A sore throat can
nearly always be cured in oue night
by applying a flannel bandage damp
ened with Pain Balm. 60 cent bottles
for sale by M. A, Miller, druggist.
If you waut to get nice fresh bread
go to Peebler's.
A great reduction in prices of goods
at Read, Peacock & Co.'s.
M. A. Miller now lias a complete
line of drugsand stationery.
Cash paid for produce at Peebler's
grocery store; highest market price.
LU Pram C, C. Hacfatcma..
tprom Albany HeraM.
' iM: C.C Hackleniau, who ri-cnttly
rciuuved. Prom Lebanon to Los Aag
Itwi.llalifbmla, has writ tern, a ptWale
li-tirno Ma.T. L. Wallace in thia-eity-fni,w
hick the Herald is mrnilitnt to
mafcv some extracts. Mr. Haokliittan
writes under date of Nov. la, and bis
rewollve advaiitaiigea after trjing
both states-are too good to rotiaiti .u
published!. He says:
So fur a health, hUMm-tit .,., ell
mate is comeenicd Oregon has many
advnlBgenyer Calitorahu CatwiUHy
Loa-Augeles is not a healthy pirn.
aufeliiroed-to this conclusion, aud am
lecrectly sate In saying so, ue Musi-tiy
lasi-nialafiii and nisir draituuH. It u
very true that during the day,. even at
thia-iime tlie middle of November
Ihe.days iwe fully as bright ami warm
as our J uue days, and of course i very
pleasant over head, bright,! warm and
pretty, tint by sundown you are living
in aiiotherelimate altogether. H turns
Cold, and you are cnmpelledtn wear an
overcoat, ud then the cold; thick fogs
roll in from the ocean, and- you are al
most surelo take cold. The grippe is
going tl rounds here now, and nearly
every on has had it, including myself,
with which I was confined le-iuy la d
three weeks. How Is that, to tie sick
so. long among strangers in tin- grand,
glorious climate of southern California.
When you hear of Southern Califor
nia you only hear the bright side; and
I.njay add Callfornians know all about
tlie art of lying; keep that in vi. w if
you. ever come to California. When
speaking of Oregon, why, they will
laugh at the very idea nf mentioning
iregon me same ua.v w utt lailiornia
Let me say to you right, here, don't for
one minute lose sight of. the fact lhat
Oregon is a grand, goodold state. Now
I am not homesick when I say this.
; Well, now about cities and business,
You may think it dull, in Oregon aud
.Portland, and no dnubt-il is, but so far
as business is concerned, Portlaini is as
far ahead of Los Angeles as the Imc
apples nf Oregon are ahead of what
they call apples here except we mat
say in a retail way; hen-tin y doit aouil
business, aud so far sb getting a place
on a salary with u TOtail house here,
you bave a young ai.u.v of hundrcdsnf
fellows tiiat come out here from
the East for their health, to compete
with. So a man with a family has no
chance as here people are willing to
work for almost anything just to stay
here, to avoid the cold wintel of the
East. Speaking about this being a
land of fruit, sure it is, but I lell you
that Oregon can beat it to death on.
nvery tiling exci pt grapes and oranges.
Portland to-day isthe best city on this
coast. I frequently run across Ore
srouiaus down here, and nearly all at
them are disgusted. If it was' not tVir
the Eastern money thai cornea in liofe
during the winter, times would be
pretty dull. They figure on theeastern
tenderlVsit here-just us we figure en a
good wheal eiij in Oregon, ami with
out it hotels, restaurants, dry goods
stores, etc., woola do a poor business.
There are many people with means
that just live here during the winter,
and you can see them every day riding
around with their darkey drivers.
There tire absolutely no manufacto
ries tiere. Still it seems to be u pros
perous city, aud you may say country,
aud as I have said they' make lots of
money on fruit that is not as good us
iu Oregon, hut when you talk of buy
ing laud it is away up in G-, and no
one can buy it but tlie rich, und even
then your expenses are enormous,
with water hire, etc. Their great cock
and hull story is, (he laud of perpetual
summer, the land of good health, etc.
Some people may think so, but I con
tend to-day that Oregon is a healthier
state taking everything into consider
ation. You see healthier people in
Oregon than you see here, eyerv day.
The average California! has liver cv..a
pluint or whisky complaint. I am
trying to give you ust what an Ore
gouian honestly thinks of Southern
I cannot complete this letter without
sieaking of the women. You are
struck with the idea in walk
ing tlie streets of Los Angeles that
nearly every woman you meet is a
heauty, which so far as dress and
make-up is concerned is a fact, bbt as
to real beauty the California girls do
look pretty, but it is all make-up. and
tin v don't comnare with our rosv
cheeked Oregon girls.
Prehaps what I have writen will
give you some idea of what I think of
Southern California. There Is money
here, to be sure, but how a poor cuss
is going to get hold of it, is tlie next
questiou. The worst fault I have with
tlie whole business is tlie changeable
climate, as you have winter and sum
mer here every day. Blooming dowers
are all nice enougli but you get tired
of them, aud they don't make business.
You can't live on climate. Don't he
in a hurry to rush off down here. I
am compelled to say, give me the cli
mate of Oregon in the place of this
uiucb-boasted land of milk and honey.
Ginuti Hlrhest Award Co Dr. Price's
Cream Baking- Fowder,
Chicago, Nov. 20. On the analysis
and recommendation of Dr. Wiley,
Chief United States Government
Chemist at Washington, and greatest
living uuthority on food products, the
World's Fair jury to-day gave the
highest award to Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder for strength, purity
and excellence. This conclusively set
tles the question of superiority. Dr.
Wiley rejected the alum powders,
stating to the World's Fair lury that
lie considered them unwholesome.
liter Wayback'a lll.
"I um.for praw, but when I sieak
they lira, -for vrne." Tlie Paihilt must
have hi-J atiieounu-r with' a Salva
tionist, .whom be gave expression to
tbe alio wp-seirt Invent,
Like Mill. aim for peace, bt "Hut
vutlouisO' clearly Is not; hence he girds
on his urm.Ti self-righteousness and
proceed to hurt the dictionary at my
unoffending bead. The torn? nf bis
communicjiOlun. was so Christ tike, so
filled "wittii bbssings tor tbetn that
despitefully use you," that II knew at
once hewas a. bristlan(?). Verily, he
must b a. sanctified chrisMm, who
can consign fcw fellow mini "to the
devil ami oettauaiied." No,Julvation
Ist, I won't g to the devil and lie
daiuneti'at your request. L'neirer did
like evUiaswH'iotions; so I don't want
your coaanuugr.
You aoeuse use of duplicity,, and uy
I was not Interested iu the sermon.
Certainly nut 6 I did not hear a ser
mon; but, what I did hear wa this,
bombantia- rlHwloiuontade, ooncerning
the wi iiiler.fl!(i? doings ofv'a salesman
for a 'Krinett wholesale grocery Arm.
This and; neukimlacences of .tile- alums of
our large uitws constituted' the chief"
topics nfi t h discourse. We may be
old-fashioned down at Camus Flat,
very lihely ware; but know
we are-not areustomed to seelnir the
airsof the iiomiitehalik and fakir ex
hibited in the pulpit. Pirulsays: "Let
no corrupt communication proceed out
of yooABunotfa, but that whieh Is good
to the us of edifying, that it may min
ister grace unto the hearers." If this
be so, rui man has a right to parade in :
chronological order the misdeeds of hie
post life, even though it) be lor the con- -version
of sinners; nor has tlie right tt: -
Insinuate in any man lien of the sin aud ?
shame of the dens nf Iniquity of ouivt
large eitiee. There is alaw against the.
circulation of ludecenU literature, aniU
(here should lie one against the ornH
dissemination of prurient thoughts)-,
whether it tie from tl ptatform or thtr
pulpit. There Is entirely too muck)
washing of "dirty linen1 In public, U
suit old-fashinnod ideas; and I wosglndt
toJiesrone ministertestify, that all hi
li'e he had heen a deoent mau.
it is not my intention to attack any
one; we have too many seneationfll
newspapers, and, Ram sorry to say so,
too many sensational ministers. tt
us more preacheref the Puul-ine spir
it) ucre of truth audrighteousnesst.and
we will have lt inttdelitv 1 ttm
! Now, Salvationist, a word to, you.
'You should emulate the example of
:your "recent convert" and refrain from
the use of blasphemous language. It
jis not consistent with your christian
; character to consign me to the- "deni
uition bow-wws." No doubt yon
think you have slaughtered ne in your
reply. Well,, maybe you hawe. If so,
I have only one regret. I don't like
iH'ing slaughtered with the same kind!
of a weapon that Samson, slew the
Philistines with. So In tine words of
the bard of Avon, "Lay ou, McDuff;
and damned lie he whtt first criev
'hold, enough,' "
Compliments of
Elder Waybaok.
Thfr Sleroury Is I'ruuably THTrwai
Portland, Nov. IS. B. P. Watson
and O. P. Mason, publishers of the
Sunday Mercury, were arrested to
night on a charge of selling obscena
matter to minora. Tlie police confi.
cated ail the copies of the papers in the
hands of the newsboys, together with
the forms of the paper. Watson and
Mason are already under conviction of
criminal libel and are under bond
pending a decision nf their appeal to
the supreme court.
Work on The Side.
Having an extremely industrious
dispositiou, and desirous of being kept
busy all the time, I will use my spare
moments from the watch bench In re
pairing sewing machines, and 1 assure
you I can repair any make of machine
as well as can be done anywhere Id
the state, and at reasonable prices. I
am an expert operator and can tell "
when a machine is In good order.
J. E. Adcox,
The Watoh maker & Jeweler.
Changed Every Week.
Wheat 42c.
Oats 24c
Hay JO per ton.
Flour $0 00 per sack.
Chop tl 25 perewt.
Bran 80c per cwt.
Middlings II 00 per owt. .
Pototoes 50c.
Apples Dried, 8c per lb.
Plums Dried, 7c.
Onions 2c.
Beef Dressed, 4c.
Pork Dressed, 6.
Hams 1517 per lb.
Shoulders 12c.
Sides 15o per lb.
Geese $6 per doz.
Ducks $4 00 per doz.
Chickens-$3 004 00.
Turkeys lOo per lb.
Eggs 27jo ner doz.
Butter 20e per lb.
Hides Green, 2Sc; dry, J.
For Lease. . 1 j
Mv farm of 274 acres, which Is hv, '
cated 15 miles west of Lebanon, Is foi
lease for three years, provided the pet
son will buy my stock and farming
implements, which I offer at a bargain,
) Albert Umthkey,
' Lebanon, Or,