The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 24, 1893, Image 4

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Editor - and - Proprietor.
Once again the City Election is
ucar at band. On the 4th of De
cember next the voters of the city
will be called upon to choose their
ofl'tcers for the next year.
is cither the tantl nor the silver,
tbe Chinese nor the Hawaiian ques
tion, willindtiencethe voters. They
will undoubtedly conduct this elec
tion, as all elections should be con
ducted, on strict business principles,
giving their preference to the best
men. At present the town seems
to be peculiarly free from factions
political and otherwise. This is
as it should be. Past etperienue
has convinced us ot the folly of
i bringing into elections questions of
i&tjuor and anti-hquor, church ani
anti-church. The people, of this
place at least, have more than once
demonstrated the fact that they
will not be dominated by petty
act'.ons. Let men run on their
merits for the offices, and hot upon
their supposed preference for this
or that faction; Let. "saints" and
"sinners" vote for the best men
whether the best man happens to
he a "saint" or a "sinner,"- as the
voters have more than once been
christened. "
The woods are full of candidates,
uirt me candidates nave not yet
cuiHiciently declared themselves for
publication. The list will be given
U ,
A "Hold Your Whot" circular
has been issued to farmers in the
Tlieirst electric canal boat in
the wtrld ploughed through the
watersof the Erie canal, Friday of
last week.
An obserWu' exCD"nf?e says that
when man yells "br!a(3 or blood,"
vou can generally eflefft a compro-
you can generally
rnise with him on beer.
Times are picking up. McMilWl'
vijUc has sold W,50U school bonds
tct Harris & Co., of Chicago, at par,
for twenty years with a ten-year
option at 7 per cent. Another nfler
was 8 per cent with a $100 bonus.
Gov. Pennoysr and ' his actions
remind us of the boy who said he
hated all farm work except filing
saws, and the reason be liked to
file saws was because it made every
body else just as miserable as he
An exchange ays it has written
to Governor Pennoyer to learn on
Wtiat days lie propusen vu
Christmas and New Years; and,
while at it, be might as well settle
the time for Washington's birth
day, Decoration day and the 4th of
A distinguished colored bishop
of the M. -E. Church was denied
food and shelter by the inhabitants
nf nn Illinois town. How disen
chanted we become with the "dear
Brother in Black' when we are
asked to share our bed and board
with him!
In a private letter to a populist
friend in Umatilla county, Gov
yejnor I'ennover says: "Of course
I am a populist; and as nine-tenths
of the people of Oregon favor the
same doctrines, they are populists,
and it is therefore quite reasonable
tu exiiect a sweeping populist vic
tory in Oregon, if we only keep in
the middle of the road." It is very
oni.aiiWnto nf the trnvernor to con
cede that one-tenth of the people of
... 1 A
Oregon are republicans ana ubihu
erats, But then that tenth is suf
.ficient to rally 'round. Statesman.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby iriven that the partner-
ifaftt heretofore existing between A. .
rJtuuft and John M. Somen), under the Arm
inline and style ot Stowe iSomers, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent.
Lebanon, Or.. Nov. 16, 1803.
A. V. Stows,
Johs M. Sousss.
Mew Shoe Shop.
Having opeued up a aboe anrt Tcpall
liop in Lebanon, I resjiijtfuUy solicll
a share of your patronage, i ,rran(
4 11 my work to be drst-cla), and mak
iecialty of flue work and ladles1
' iK, M..D. Vauohan.
"Is Your Name
Written There?0
Written where? Why, on the
subscription list of the Lebanon
Expkkss. If you are not a sub
scriber to thiB paper, and wish to
obtain reading matter for the win
ter evenings, now is the time to
subscribe. Subscription rates, (pay
able in advance) $1.50 per year.
A Man Loll,
One day last week a man was piuw
inif down Main street, and all at once
disappeared Into Baker's Dry Goods,
Boot and Shoe store, where he fell Into
Baker's low prices and was lost to all.
Market Street
Sau Francisco, Cal.
taatnt iSDiimlli 719 Market Street, San
FrHUCimi, Cal., lor the Ulre ol all Diseases,
AdtirliouH and Deformities. A staff ol l'hyni
ciausaud Huriteons, haviu diplouias ami tbe
endorsement ol the beat collexea of Amerlou
aud Eiirojie, skilled specialists who hare had
long experHrm-e in treating special and eliroolc
diseases, are in constant attendance. A l'bar
mscy is attached, aud all Prescriptions Ailed
Iree of charge.
$1.00 Trial Bottle
$5.00 Full Course
KiiffererHfrnm Anthma,TIhnnuitIiitn. Con
aumntion, Ctfrrh, ljpep4, ludlfffis
tlon, Hero fn In, Kpllepiy, Female Weiik
nn, Cancer, Heart UUM, HronehltU,
firuptliiiM, Knit llheum, BaltiuM, Tape
worm. Ieaftiri, any Sexual DUettte, Jat
Manhood, MhIhi-U, Urinary Trouble.,
Files, Jtowel I rouble., should consult at
ouce. I-nw clmrRW, vTithin the reach ol all,
corobluefJ will, tlie best uecliual aud lurglcal
YouDgIiddleAged -iOld Men
Khoraaybesullering from YODTIIFOL FOL
I.IfcfSor the excesses of matured lile, sliould
consait at once, before It is too late, these vet
er.iu piactitiouers, who have no equal ln t,le
uniwi Biaies. as uiey ruu nu.i .Mv...v w
you iwrlect health when all others have tailed.
Arc rejuvenated and manly vigor restored by
their new and wouderiui methods of treatment.
No injurious drugs usea. nornoui uubiuvm,
men, call lor advice, especially -I i you arc sul
lerlng Ii NJVJJUKBJLmrorJidllng
nftwVrof"aiiv disease bPihe EYK, KAit,
fifitifvr. i.i'Kos. heart, sTOMAiril
Blood Diseases
Cured In the abort! time by vg
table rmdle.
ah strong, healthy Ktui vIrlt
oua tin you ulioiitd be? Are
yon free from every trace of
Hluaam nr iiimnf I In Villi
ii4 ia,. faa u.oUt nr In there iwmte
Cbronio Tmuhle, which, like n cankerworm
in thu buddinii flawer, 1 mpiUly dwtroyiug
your very vltala.
Who suffer from Nervous Prostration, Sleepless
ness, DwroudenoT. lnliKll"U, :oustl,allon,
UBsitode, Pains fn the hack or Side, anil ills
casos peculiar to their mi, consult these phy
sician with the utmost confidence.
719 Market Street
Sau FEancisco, Cal.
Medicals W jjiiln
Surgical -10o III 111(5
To Advertisers.
If you wish to obtain the best
returns from your advertisements
Don't Forget
the important fact that
The Lebanon Express
will give the desired results, tie it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in Linn County.
Notary Public,
Waterloo, Oukqon.
Conveyancing promptly attended to.
Business with the land Office, Post-office,
or Pension Bureau will receive special at
tention. AlbanySteam Laundry
Albany, Oregon
All Orders Receive Promt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Monoy
R. S. ROBERTS, Agent,
Lebanon, Ovwftssn.
The Yaquina Route.
E. W. Hadlay, rrocelverr.
Direct Line Quick Dispaiteh
Low Freight Rates.
Between Willamette Valley Points
and San Francisco.
Oeeaw Steamer- Sailings.
Leaves San Krancisco,. March Kami i.
" Vatiuina, " iil!9.
This Company reserves the rifttit tuchange
sailing flue without notice.
Steamer "Hoog" leaves Portland, Wednes
day and Saturday at (k A.. It.
H. C. Dim. Oen. , ,
Balloon Ht. Wlwif, Portland.
D. K. VAnoHS, (lien. At
Ban f taneiscv, Cal.
C. C. Hoque. U.F. 4P.A..
Gamlhs, OreKon.
Meat Market.
WEISNER & BUfiL, Proprs.
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo
logna, and Ham,
grBacon and Lard Always on Hand.
'lain Street, Lebanon, Or.
Who always cvwius a nioely smlucted Mode of
Clothing Gen
goods, groceries, k
If you do itot already giw him your patronage try 6im,
antiyou will always trode at hie store.
In Courtney's Brick. Ml Door to Bant
Santiam Academy
Fall Term Begair September nth-
For information; ask for oircvlar at tho- 1'ont-offico- or
S. A. RiiVNDLEP Principal,
I have a LAME STOCK of BliICK, for sale at my
Yard,, in the Biihurbs of Ijebaimn, For Sale at Reanor-aWe
Rates. All kind of mason's wwk dwne with neatness and
despatch. D.W. HARDEN.
Great Clearance Sale!
wing to the general stringeuty of the money la&rket
and fow price of grain we will
Sweeping Reduction
oniall goods. We nacan business and will save you money..
Buy While Prices Are Low.
Read. Peacock & Co.
What I the tradition of your? It your hair dry.
harah, brittle?' Doe it apllt at the eada? Hatv it
Hfelea appearance ? Does H fall out when combed or
brushed? to it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp Itch ?
is It drv nr in a heated condition ? If thou artt ions nt
yoursy mptonmbe
SkoolmmRootHair Grower
It whatyou Of erl. IU produtlnn is not Kt teoldsnt, but the runlt of ecUtitlfl
rdwsrch. KuowlwiKe of
ry of Low to treat tiiein, "HttooXum "oontalnn iinlttier miiteulfinor oils. It
lanotitI)vn.li4ta(lflUiflitfutlTJikolifjit tuid rctrtihlnu Tonic. W timnlatttw
the olUclut, 4 MtopB
t!ie una of 5a-fj(ji'iiiM Alifi
k mi IT vuim th aiatn
ami dtttrOH tke hair.
prepnli, on mwlfjt of
ST Hoillta
make a
warned in time or you will become bald. V
(he diwMMof ttio balraoil sculp kato tins i) soot-
ailing kuir, ourM tUtmlniff ami piowi haronbaiu
lati hMrlhv. An A fMM funm Itn'llstlnv unnMABi Vi
aSoon. Ktieatrova varoMttie intuitu. u-ia,ih fuitm.
it viLr(irutfifijt(,uniinfic"QnciTvourjju uirr-ar m im. una wr win rnrrrnrfi
prio. Ul'owt)r,.WpatU)Ulani tor!.Ut bwp,IWo. Jjp
FIRU Areme, Naw York, N. Y.