The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 03, 1893, Image 7

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This It the Mirth tip walked on; tint alone
That Asian rntmtry t l wml ntalai
Tlit not alone the far Jmlttmn plain,
Mountain ami rlverl l,o, the nun thai shone
On dim nil I n w now on tint when day In pone
The mntin of (.ailliw utinitm forth tumid
And HffhtMntir path mm Mm, mi hihIIw chain
Of years and Komiwt make the round world
The air we breathe, he HrJbd-tbe very air
Thai look thtt mold awl muHlc of his high
And elike speech. Mini then shall moril
With haaethnnirhi from lltofver mured sky
Coll with fnnl iIwmJ ihe irrnutiil wtiuraon he
In hely duaih hi pale. Immortal head I
-Khiltan. Hmwu Milder.
i had broakfaatMt with the colonel at
hill club, one of threw dreary, lurge m
tablinhuionte which ri'iuind yon of an
overcrowded uemetery. wbore the lown
ra of the land get rich on their divi
dends. Outside it wan rainy, damn and
misty; inside the nieiuliers were regard
ing each ol her with disdain and calcu
lating what effect the humidity of the
atmosphere would hare on the varnish
of their patent leather boots.
"ttaupnae wo get out of thin," ald the
Colonel hriuttjr a he mganind the street
from the broad clnb window.
"Where tor mid 1.
"Pans," he aaid laconically.
"Done." aaid 1.
And then the bag waa ordered to be
parked and the journey began.
We left Waterloo station and we were
trying, like old aailorn. to transform a
railroad compartment into a comforta
ble miiolting divan. It was then 1 Brat
noticed the colonel's (Had stone tag. It
had been rationing ieacfnlly in tlie rack
above my head, and I threw tt down in
fiopi of nmng it for a pillow, Some
how it slipped and fell to the floor.
"Look out!" Raid the colonel. "U
yon dropped that bag a year ago that
way I wouldn't have given tnnch for
your chances of living: no, nor mine
1 Raw then there waa a history in the
bag, and aaid. "Why?"
"It iira't a long story, but may keep
yon awake. JU tell yon aliout it When
1 left the army and returned home from
India I waa not very well off. 1 had
Mudicd explosives in the eaat and tome
one at the club recommended me to a
French company which bad been formed
about the aume time to perfect anew ex
plosive which, they were aasured, would
be favorably considered by the war
-office. The salary waa good and the
subject iuterosting. to I accepted their
"1 established my laboratory outside
of Versailles and went to work with a
will. In my (speriments, however, 1
found myself all at once out of nitro
glycerin, which 1 needed absolutely. I
wrote to the company. No dynamite to
be had. Then 1 went up to the French
war offioe and saw the secretary, fie
was sorry, so very sorry, but at the
present time, in the disturbed state of
the country, etc., be regretted that it
would not tie in his power to furnish
nitroglycerin to private persons. How
over, he would do what be could, and he
gave me a letter to Colonel Majendie,
chief of explosives in London, who, be
aaid, would surely honor my request.
"That night I took the club train to
London, and next momiug at 10 o'clock
found me at the chief's office. 1 pre
sented my letter and staled what 1
wanted. The chief regarded me with
suspicion (yon must remember it was
during the dynamite scare in England),
and the more 1 explained the less he be
lieved me. Variona officers were intro
duced, one after the other, for no other
purpose. 1 believe, than to take down
my personal characteristics as a profes
aional dyuamiter.
"At lust the chief said that, in accord
ance with articles so and eo, sections
this and that of the office rulea. be would
be reluctantly compelled to refuse my
"Then J got tired,
"1 told the chief I wanted the explo
sive and meant to get it. 'But you
can't,' said he. i will,' aaid 1, 'and
carry it through London too, whether
you like it or no.' 'We'll see,' aaid Ma
jendie. 'You will see.' aaid L aud 1 left
"That night wben 1 walked home to
my chambers 1 felt rather discouraged.
There waa ten pounds of nitroglycerin
which 1 must have, and Lord only knows
how many people Majendie might put
in the way of my securing it 1 wan
dered about London aimlessly for a
week, and at last, when just about to
despair, luck turned. Near Birmingham
1 heard a company had been formed to
work a mine and used explosives,
1 took the next train from London and
went there. There waa a little village
near the place, and from it 1 drove out
to the works. 1 shall never forget it
When 1 got to the mine 1 met a hungry
looking man, who asked me roughly
what 1 wanted, 1 aaw be waa the per
son 1 was after. ,
" 'Come one aide,' 1 aaid.
" 'Yon urn dynamite heref
" Tfaj, for explosives.'
" 'Do you want 20T
" Thon get me ten pounds of nitro
glycerin if you can.'
"1 gave him the money and he pot tt
In his pocket.
" 'Wait here,' was all ho aaid.
"That evening 1 drove back to the lit
tle country hotel with my treasure is
the ttlatistone bag. 1 put it in the room,
locked the door and slept outside, for
I knew the fumes of the nitric acid
wonld escape through the bag. In the
morning 1 got np early and took the
train for London with my precious
cargo, At London it took but a short
time to rush into a compartment of the
Paris express, which was just departing.
"Here my real tremble began. I put
my precious bag on the frame in front
of me. The carriage was crowded, and
1 began to doze after the train started.
Suddenly I looked np. A fellow pas
senger had seized the bag and was
about to throw It to the floor to make
room for some of his own luggage.
Luckily I seized it in time, if i hadn't
well, I wonldnt hare been here now
to tell the story.
"After the train had progressed half
way to Dover one man in the compart
ment aaid: 'D n this railway semes.
Here 1 got a headache, the tim in my
life, through the ventilation.' Another
also complained of a headache, and by
the time we reached Dover there were
seven very' ill men in the compartment
"1 was ill. too. but 1 knew the cause,
tt was the fumes of nitroglycerin.
"At Dover as we got on the boat there
was another uarrow e ape. A stupid
porter seized the Gladstone hag and
tried to balance it on his bead. I res
cued it in time
"We got aboard the boat at Calais all
right and I sat pensively watching thai
infernal bag. which rested quietly, as if
it had not been tilled with dynamite
enough to blow up the ship, within ten
feet of me. The passage, thank heaven
waa smooth, but I felt pretty well done
np. I left the bag and walked down into
the cabin thinking of the custom bona?
officers who were awaiting us on the
other side. At last 1 saw a man an in
terpreter, a Frenchman and I decided
to make him help me. 1 sat down In
the cabin and began to weep it isn't
hard if yon know how. He said, 'Does
monsieur require anything? I looked
np. wijied away my tears and told him
my sorrow.
"It was to the effect that my wife was
dyiug in Paris. She had telegraphed
me. and 1 was about to soothe ber lat
moments by my presence. He became
immediately interested and begged me
to cheer up. I agreed to do so on condi
tion that he wonld join me in a bottle of
champagne, which he did gladly. An
we walked 1 slipped two Napoleons into
his hand and said:
"Now, 1 want to get away quick on
the first train. I've nothlnK but a satchel
and don't want to be detained by the
customs house at Calais. Can yon ar
range matters? He swore that he would
and kept his word. When the boat
landed my satchel was carried trium
phantly ashore on the shoulders of my
friend, the interpreter, aud 1 passed the
customs bouse without a moment's de
lay. "And so we went to Paris the Glad
stone bag. tilled with nitroglycerin, and
myself and in course of time arrived
at the (tare de Nord. I hailed a passing
cab and directed the driver to my ad
dress, but cautioned him to avoid the
rough streets on the journey. Like all
Parisian hackmen. he did just the oppo
site till 1 stopped him. 'My friend,' aaid
1, 'do yon know what's in that satchel
yon have between your legs on the box?
Well. sir. there's enough dynamite to
bluw your whole outfit to the devil, and
if you don't drive quieter the chances
are against you Von never saw a
more careful driver after that in your
"Finally, 1 arrived at my rooms, and
the next day got up early (tor I was be
ginning to get i' f raid of that internal
satchel by this lime myself) and went to
Versailles, where 1 stored the stuff safe
ly in my laboratory and exploded it at
my leisure.
"1 wrote to Majendie in London after
ward, telling of my success, and re
ceived a short reply saying that I ought
to be in juil this minute.
"Funny, isn't it, these English of
ficials have no sense of humor?"
And here the colonel lit another cigar,
while i watched the Gladstone bag re
flectively, Philadelphia Times.
I.ti Corners to Church to New Clothes.
The following notice has wen district! ted
in the pews of a Massachusetts church:
"It may not be inappropriate to call the
attention of the audience to the bad habit
they have fallen into of watching people
who oome in late, especially those who
have new clothes. These late comers are
modust people and ft must be a serious an
noyance to have their raiment made a sub
ject of remark. They wear it unconscious
ly and prefer that you would not notice
them. The Sunday services are at 10:30
and at 7:30 for the benefit of all who desire
to spend an hour in worship, but for all
those who have recently visited the tailor
and milliner and dressmaker the morning
service begins anywhere from 10:30 to 11,
and the evening service at 7:50. For the
benefitof the very tardy ones the announce
ment is hereby made that the benediction
will be the only portion of the service in
which they are respectfully invited to par
ticipate. " Exchange.
Black Bucks of India,
The black buck of India Is a very grace
ful animal, weighing between thirty aud
fifty pounds. The hide of the male, when
full grown is of inky blackness on the
back, while the belly is as white as snow,
the oontrast being very striking. The
horns are black and spiral in shape, and in
length average about eighteen inches, al
though they have been known to reach
twenty-six inches. The animals are usu
ally found in herds, and are difficult to ap
proach on foot, as the bucks toss their
heads in the air from time to time In a
very graceful manner, and some of them
are almost sure to detect any attempt at
stalkiug.-8t Nicholas.
When we recollect Mint the atomaeh In the
Brand laboratory In which food a transformed
rnw the weretlons which furnish vliror to the
nyirtem after entering and enriching the blood;
that ft Is in short the fountain head ol strength,
ft Is essential to keep this Important supplying
machine In order and to re lore It to activity
wheh It becomes Inactive. This ffosleuer'a
Hlomarn Bitters does most effectually, season
ably, regulating and reinforcing digestion, pro
moting in action of the liver Slid bowels.
HtrehgtH'anri quietude of the nerves depend In
great measure upon thorough digestion. There
is no nervine tonio more highly esteemed by
the medical fraternity than the Bitters. Physi
cians also strongly commend It for chills and
fever, rheums tlim, kidney and bladder trouble,
stck headache and want of appettte and sleep.
Take s wlneglsssful three times a day.
" Isn't there something the matter with the
feet In this poem?" said the editor, "sir," re
plied the haughty man who stood by his desk,
" I'm s poet, not s chiropodist,"
Some most excruciating pain comes from
derangement of the kidneys. This is the
testimony of Senator Henry C. Nelson of
New York as to the value of ALtcocx's
Posies Piastres in such oases:
"On the 27th of February. 1883, 1 was
taken with a violent pain in the region of
the kidneys. I suffered such agony that I
could hardly stand up. As soon as possi
ble I applied two Auoocx's Poaocs Plas
ties, one over each kidney, and lay down.
In an hour, to my surprise and delight, the
pain had vanished and I was well. I wore
the plasters for s dsy or two as a precau
tion, and then removed them. 1 have been
using Allcock's Porous Plastkbs in my
family for the last ten years, and have al
ways found them the quickest and best
remedy for colds, strains and rheumatic
affections. From my experience I believe
they are the best plasters in the world."
BaAnnasTH's Pills tone np the system.
The young man who works in a furniture
manufactory Is constantly " turning over a new
By local applications, as Ibey CADnot reaeb the
diseased portion ol the ear. There Is only one
way to cure deafness, and that Is by constitu
tional remedies, liealness fs caused by an in
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the
eustachian tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imneriect hear
ing, and when It Is entirely closed deainess fs
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
usen out and this tube restored to Its normal
oomtitlon, bearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by rautrrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the muoous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
rase ot deafness (caused bv catarrh) that esnnot
be cured by Haifa Catarrh Cure, bend lor cir
culars, free. F. J. CHK.NKV i CO.,
Toledo, O.
fn?" sold by druggists; T5 cents.
Uiat Is the best plaos
to keep the huge,old
fashionod piii. Just
as soon as you get it
itmdfi, it begins to
trouble you. What's
the use of suffering
with ft, wben you
can get mors help
from Doctor Pierces
Pleasant Pellets I
These tiny, sugar
coated granules do
you permanent
good. Thsy act
numtr ana natur
ally, and there's no reaction afterward. Con
stipation, indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and
all derangements of the liver, stomach, and
bowels are prevented, relieved, and perma
nently cured.
They're the smallest, the easiest to take,
and the cheapen for they're guaranteed
to give satisfaction or your money fs re
turned. You pay only for the (mod you get
Nothing else urged by the dealer, though
they may be better for him to sell, can be
"just as good" for you to buy.
I I'
This Trade Vtrktiootbebtst
gKX1 In the World, '
Dm KnatneUne more Polish ; no dust, no nnell.
Tit Guni for breakfast.
21 Years of Pain
I iraffered with ecsema or salt rheum, tn iuch
terrible agony at time that I could not walk
about the house I had
o many failures with
medicines that when a
friend urged me to take
Hood'i Bttnaparilla, I
hesitaed. but finally
took It, The hoped for
benefit was noticeable
at the outset, and 1 hare
taken twelve bottlea, I
am completely well and
feel like a new woman.
I can't thank or praise
Hood'i SarBsparllla
nongh for what It haa done for me. Has.
Josephine Bo tci, 18 Davison Street, PeekaklU,
M. Y. Be sure to get Hood's because
The wine men of Washington, Idaho, Oregon
and the West are
Securing Free Land
in Alberta,
The best fanning land in America. Bee what
American larmers say ol It: copy of their testi
mony, with man, HKNT FREE. Arldreu L. A.
HAMILTON. Land Commlssionfir. WlnninctT- D.
McNICOLL, .. P. A., Montreal, or any agent of
Mia i..siisujuni rarinc nun way.
Tree I jones'
Buyers' Guide STORE.
ThbBctbrs' QcidsIs published the am of
each monlb. It is IssHed in the Interest of alt
consumers. It (rives the lowest cssb quotations
on everything in the grocery line. It will save
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It costs you nuirihiK to net it. It quotes whole-
Dmc pneen uirm-i tu uut consumer. MeUUOU
tuts paper. Address
ISO Froot Street, . Portland, Or.
Hood's Pills acteasily.yet promptly snd
efflcleutiT, on the lirersnd bowel 25a
r . i
loots., and
ll.ODper Bottle?
Thb Ootraa iCuiIspromptly cura
w vuiera iiuu iougn, roup. store
Throat, Hoarseness, whoopioa Cough and
Aatama. For CoasumpticD it nas no rival:
bas cured thousands, and wfll cuai Too If
taken In time. Bold by DniKgltui on a guar
antee. For a Lame Back or Chest, use
TlavevuuTjktarrh? ThU iwnvviv1 in in ran.
teed to core you. Price, 60 ct. Injector free.
Bokinp Ponder
When in Portland be Bore to take in
the greatest novelty at the Exposition,
We snail bake biscuits and cake every
afternoon and evening on our pretty
Jewel Gas Stove. Everybody cordially
invited to have a biscuit with us and see
the wonderful rnerita of Gold West
Baking Powder proved by actual work.
TOKSon IwrALLKSirr. Beet make.
l-owwt iric. tiend for OHialoiEiia.
A movement of the boweli etvob Ut to daommtt tor
health. TbeMplIlitupplywfistuioariMmUoiuto
make It regular. They oure Bosdaobe, bright, th
Bym and clear the Complexion better than eoa
metlaa. They aot tnfldly. neither gripe nor aioken as
other ptlla do. To oonvlnoe tou of their mertta we
will mall Mmplfj free, or a fall box for M oenu. BolA
iwiwlun. Uo4aiL9 Med. Co, f tuUdeipiUa. V .
ER, Leading Jew
eler ef the Pacific
large itock of all
BADGES on hand.
Beat goods at low
est flgurw. Budget
made to order.
Brooklyn Hotel
201-212 Bast St., Sai Fnnclui.
Thin favorite hotel la under the nanarement
Of CHAKMCH MONTGOMERY, and la aT good 11
not the beat Family mil BuaineM Mea'i HoUl
la San Franciaco.
Home Comforts! Cuisine Uneicellad!
FlrsMlaia service snd the highest standard of
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tvrpamd lor ntatntu and eomfort. Board and
room per day, H.iS, 11.60, 11.76 and 12.00; board
snd room per week, 7 to lli; single rooms, too
tori. Free ooach to and from hoteL
3 n .
Regulator of the Liverand Kidneys
Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Salt Rheum, Neuralgia
And AH Other Blood and Skin Diseases.
It la a positive care for all tboae painful, deli
cate complaint and complicated troubles and
weaknesses common among our wire, mothen
and daughters.
The effect fa Immediate and lasting. Two or
three dosea of Da. Pabdkk's Rbmedt taken dally
keeps the blood cool, the liver and kidneya act
ive, and will entirely eradicate from the iretem
all truces of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, or any other
form of blood disease.
No medicine ever introduced In thla country
has met with auch ready aale, nor riven auoh
universal satisfaction whenever uaed as that ot
Ujl. Fabdkk'r Rehkdt.
This remedy haa been uaed In the hospitals
throughout the old world for the past twenty
live years as a specific for the above diseases,
and i t b aa and will cure when all other so-oalled
remedies fail.
Send for pamphlet of testimonials from those
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Hercules Gas Enoins
Mad for Powsf or Pumping Piirpasis.
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No Carburetor to get out of order.
Mo Batteries or Electric Spark.
ft rets with a Cheaper Orodp of Qasollne thaa aoa
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IBINK WOOLBBT, As-sat, Portland, Or.
XTGHINQ PTLB8 known by mtMstoM)
lika perapiraUan, oauan Intenaa lu&tur
When warm. Thia form and BLIND.
WW oh auta diraotly on parta affwladj
abaorba tumora, aUara I to hi na, efft fnJ
a pormaaientourtj. Prlea ooo, Dnigaiarul
nail. Pit. Bownko.f h.ija,) yJ
J nO IIIIUOI ftllltn Cnnrum. C
nino. ninuun a syrup
FaraalabraJllMaaxtaU. Oeata a twttl,
N. P. N. U. No. 516-8. F. N. U, No. I
Moore's Revealed Remedy.
iBTABTl n.unw la , ...
urirTu a 5 5.WTT ',J o iSt.Xr "T pieasur. tuts BJ tn. ma. St
KiSai; , nnomio was reus irom saomoassol
SiiS iT " JfJ!7 ounjost dot cured of 1OTLAMM ATOBY EHtr.
sUTLSSI wtuu tos beat doctor I ooula set 414 Sla V food. Youn fs irauioaa.