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None but Royal
Baking Powder is absolutely pure. No other
equals it, or approaches it in leavening
strength, purity, or whclesomeness. (See
U. S. Gov't Reports.) No other is made
from cream of tartar specially refined for it
and chemically pure. No other makes such
light, sweet, finely-flavored, and wholesome
food. No other will maintain its strength
without loss until used, or will make bread"
or cake that will keep fresh so long, or that
can be eaten hot with impunity, even by
dyspeptics. No other b so economical
If you want the Best Food,
Royal Baking Powder
is indispensable.
latevwtlag Kmarlu Abaafc Bfrda That
Sloe While fMpl Steep,
Nightingale! range in price from fifteen
to twenty awl twenty -five dollar. The
true nigbtingnlw an the bints from Ger
many. The season for them in Che bird
ton is from October u May, A bird
denier snya:
Tbe prevailing opinion is that the tried
te delicate and seldom lira lone ia a casse.
Thui opinion is contrary to the facte. Sot
only does tea tuKtuingale live in a cage for
many yean, bat he grow stronger and
ninox better constantly; and there are
Biiaiiy authentic cases of the bird's breed
ing and rearing Its young while so con
fined. When properly cared for the bird
will life for fifteen years; and there are
cases on record of a bird baring lived
twenty-five years.
Within the past few yean it has be
come fashionable to bare one or more of
these birds in a house. Lovers of bird mu
sic have learned how to care for them so as
to elicit from the nightingale most charm
ing harmonies. He baa s natural sod 3,
and. like the Americas mucking bird, is
also a mimic His cage may hang by itself,
but the more singers there are in the same
room fur him to contend witb and surpass,
the wider will be hi rwe of voice. Each
country has its nightingale. America baa
the red Virginia niifhtingide. The hedge
singers, or tree nightingales of Africa, and
the beautiful and very lively nightingale
of China, are all fine songsters and vanis
tiers. The nightingale Is fond of an abnn-,
dance of hearty food, and likes a variety, ;
nuikmg do objection to s dinner say of ,
four. Ore or six course. As be ia a soft 1
bill bird bis regular diet should be pre- i
pared food oung first a bottle of the
wjotst food, s&d then s box of the dry.
Both of these should have fresh grated
carrot mixed witb them, and also one-half
traxpnonful of ants' egg? that have been
natted. Meal worms, beetles and spiders
are given daily. Some raw beef scraped
fine should I given them. If insects are ;
scarce, feed currants mixed in the food. ,
tiravel should be supplied.
The whoU of the upper part of the bird
is a brawn, the breast a dull white shading
into a browd, and the throat and belly a 1
pale grat . the tail reddish brown, long and
rounded. The full length of the bird is
six ami a half inches. He hi imported
from England and Germany, most of the
nightingales coming from Germany. How
ever, the nightiugaie is met with all over
Europe, from Swedes to the Mediterra
nean: also in central Asia and in the mid
dle of Siberia. Spain fa fortunate in hav
ing great numbers; their voices are heard
from every hash and hedge. The declivi
ties of San Morena have been described as
tne nightingale garden.
The flight of the bird is ondulatory,
though light and rapid, but far a short
diftUuee. That these birds, however, are
enpanle of great exertion while on the wiog
must he evident to any one who has wit
nemed the endeavors of two contending
rivals to drive each other from the held.
"Tne nightingales nest about the middle
of April. Afer that they are in constant
song. Some pour forth their trilling notes
through the long, bright night, just as tM
mocking bin lx wbhtUe during the moon
light nights of springtime and early sum
mer. However, generally they sing oniy
lo the daytime, except during the breeding
season, when the desire to please and at
tract their mates renders the male birds
excited and restless.
The neat hi built of leaves, dried grass,
bits of bark and roots, lined with finer
grass and horsehair loosely pat together
and placed In some bottow in the ground
in the root or stump of a tree. There are
five eggs is a nest, and one nest in a sea
son, unless tbceg'jB or the yoang are de
stroyed, in which case there is another
batch laid. The molting season begins in
July, after which, when the birds are is
Dew full plnmage, the autumn migrations
begin. They travel la families or small
panics. They journey to distant lands,
returning to Europe in April. The mat
shows himself two weeks earlier than tlis
female. They generally seek their former
Jaauut New York Evening Sun.
. AacosnUrd For.
"Bobbeter seems very food of yon lately,
Mys. One of his notes to doe next
reek. Enoch.
There are 418 trees within the limit of
the Unitsd States aud territories, sixteen
sf whien, when perfectly seasoned, will
sink ill water.
hl m Jlf l SH)
On uf Ltgltniugrs freaks.
I was an apprentice on a ship, and In go
ing up the River Hough ly we collided with
another ream! and damaged our aide,
w fetch necessitated our going into the grav
ing dock at Calcutta far repaint One
afternoon, whiie two of the workmen were
sitting oa a stage over the side, a violent
thunderstorm burst over us, with light
ning such as can only be seen in the trop
ics. Suddenly there was a blinding flash, and
one of the men 00 the stage gave a yell and
dropped off into the dock. The other man,
however, ant bolt upright on the stage,
with his hammer in his band. He was
very quiet, and do wonder, for he was
dead struck by lightning. The man who
was knocked off had bis arm broken, bnt
that waa by ttte fall He was otherwise
quite uniujureft, though the two men were
not more than a foot apart on the stage.
The dsnd man was lowered to the dock
Boor. He was an ordinary built man. but
after death be became as heavy as lead; in
fact, he bad to be lashed to a plank and
hauled up on one of the "slide" 10 the
ground above. There was not a mark visi
ble oa him. London Tit-Bits.
A Iiuntble Vara Its.
To make jet black varnish that can fas
used for furniture, or for small wood
bandies that will make them smooth.
shining, hard and solid, so that they will
not get dim by handling or lose their gloss,
take of asphalt um, three ounces; boiled
oil, four quarts; burnt umber, eight ounces,
and enough nil of turpeutioe to thin.
The three nrst named ingredients must
be mixed and incorporated by the aid of
best; then take the mixture out of doors
sod away from the fire, aud, before Itcools,
gradually add the turpentine. The work Is
given several coats, each one allowed to
dry perfectly hard (it is best, if possible, to
harden it in s japan oer's oven), and tbs
bast cost is rubbed down witb tripoll, ap
plied witb s soft cloth, then with s few
drops of oiL Detroit Free Press.
Ooldea IInrelioes.
Roman writers inform us tbut Comma-
dun caused the hoofs of his horse to bo
gilded. Nero, when he undertook short
journeys, was always drawn by mules
which had silver shoes, and those of his
wife Poppam had shoes of gold. From s
passage iu DioCassius there is reason to
think that the upper part only was formed
of those noble metals, or that they were
perhaps plaited out of thin slips. When
Boniface, Marquis of Tuscany, one of the
richest princes of his time, went to Beatrix,
snout the year IKfl. bis whole train was so
magnificently decorated that bis horses
were shod witb silver. The nails were even
of the same metal
FruwN Got the Cblckea.
I want some more chicken," said four
year -old Frances at the diuner table.
"1 think you have had as mncb as is
good for you, dear," replied Frances'
"1 want more.' And Frances ponied.
"You can't have more now; but here b a
wishbone that yon and mamma can pull.
That will he fun. You pull one aide and
I'll pull the other, and whoever gets tbs
longer end can have her wish corns true.
Why, baby, you've got it! What was your
wish, Francesf"
"I wish for some more chicken," said
Frances, promptly.
She got it this time. Harper's Bsssr.
Trying as Csperlssent.
A prominent Gotham journalist recently
applied, for tbe fifth or sixth time, to a
wealthy friend for a temporary loan.
"Don't you know," was tbe reply, that
It very painful to be always lending
money?" .
"No, 1 didn't know that," replied tbe
journalist; "1 never did northing of tbs
kind in my life, but If you will let me bavs
twenty dollars I'll lend some feller s nickel
just to sas if what yon say Is so." Texas
Sifting. ''I,,,
Mad Ko DlOVreDsa,
"Here yon are, still st It. You'll jost
rain your complexion with un and
MOb, i don't cars, I'm engaged. "Har
per1! Bazar. '
Texas sod New Mexico Unas, fait of
queer, creeping, crawling, walking and in
animate things, are the homo of a species
of oak (Qtiereus grows; wuieb t alwut IX
timet heavier than water, and which, when
green, will sink si moat ss quickly as s bar
of iron, 1
spearing 8wrIHU.
A swoT!Hhing vessel Is uan&Uy aamall
sloop or D;iinnwr f from live to fifty ton,
averaging pmlmhiy wot over fifteen or
twenty, a but few men are needed. The
d-tli are speared, and, as they do not swim
iu KuhuoU, but alone or in parties of three
or four, the boat sail about at random
until It meets with it prey.
On the how of the vewwi a stand or "pul
pit" ia rtgiffd, made or iron framework
and just large enough to contain the skip-
( per. Standing on the bowsprit inclosed in
; the "pulpit," the skipper stands ready to
throw the harpoon, which be holds in his
I snmU, deep into the swordnxh1 body. The
) rarpoon pole a twelve or fifteen feet long.
; siul uue end is Inserted in an iron dart witb
t l.un barbs. Tied to ao eye in the dart is a
line which runs aft to the stern, where It is
wound around a buoy tying near the man
at the tiller. There hi always a man aloft
in the rigging in the lookout and one,
wbirh is usuuhy the skipper, in the pulpit.
When the lookout spies a (ieb he sings
out to those below and direct the steering
till the bow ht over or near the swortlnsh.
The man in the pr lpit stands ready wittl
well poised harpoon and at the critical
moment strike. About throe times out uf
four be bits bis mark. When be does he
cries out, "Throw over the buoy I" and over
it goes, fast unwinding as the infuriated
fish swims swiftly away, dragging it be
hind him. The hh are picked up by men
tin a dory, who take the buoy aboard and
tow the awordhNO alongside the veswel,
where he fat hoisted aboard by means uf a
rope and tackle. He is then decapitated,
cleaned and put below, well packed in
chopped ice.
Kmiteutly when the men in the dory at
tempt to tow the sword finh 10 the boat be
turns on them, if be ia uot too nearly dead,
and attacks the dory. Many are the men
who have bad a sword injure them, and
hardly a season nausea but doxeim of smalt
boats are wrecked or sunk by being pierced
by them. New York Telegram.
Tbs First Prwrfuctios of u Old Onm.
"What think you of a Newgate pastoral
among the thieveaf" Swift once remarked
in Gay's presence. Gay was inclined to
think a comedy baring scenes laid in the
fntnoua prison might be better stilt.
When be mentioned his Idea to Swift, the
doctor did not much like the project, and
when the play was written neither Swift
nor Pope thought it would succeed. It
was offered to Col ley Ciuher and his
brother managers at Drury Lane, and waa
promptly rejected.
Gay then took it to John Rich, proprie
tor of Lincoln's Inn Fields theater. Rich
accepted tbe play, and it was speedily put
fn rehesrsii The following announce
ment was printed in The Daily News on
Jan. 28, 17W: "Never before acted by the
company of comedians at the Theater
Royal in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Tbe pres
ent Monday, being the 3ftb day of Jannary,
will be performed tbe 'Beggar's Opera.'
On toe night of its first representation
Gay's many friends assembled at toe old
playhouse in tbe Fields. A vast crowd of
"women of quality and men of parts" was
present. A ballad opera was a form of en
tertainment new to tbe public and its sue
eens waa assured before tbe curtain felt.
The acclamations which rang through the
bouse were said to have been deafening.
For sixty-three consecutive nights the
MBeggarB Opera' was performed that
season. Nor was that sIL It drove the
Italian opera, which ft burlesqued, out of
town. Its songs were sung in every draw
ing room, lb verses printed 00 tlte fans of
ladies of quality. In the character of the
heroine, Polly Peacbura, Miss Fenton
gained both fame and fortune. Chambers'
Making Beth CmIs Meet.
When voting people find themselves for
tbe first time earning their own living,
with no father to fall hack upon, they are
apt to 1st astonished at the way their
money goes. It never seems enough.
Everything costs a great deal more than
they thought It would, and when they have
to buy a three dollar garment out of an
eight dollar weekly salary it comes home
to them with new fores that three from
eight leaves only five.
Trier hud often done such sums at school
on their slates, and it seemed quite nat
ural, but now, when their board aid wash
ing cost 13. SO, It is something awful to
find that their wages for a week will not
quite pay for board soil trousers too.
Then for the first time black aire settles
down upon the youog soul, snd lie woo
tiers tbut, out of all th rustructont of bb
childhood and youth, 1:0 one ever took the
trouble to explain to him this feufni diffi
culty of making both ends meet. Perhaps
be now remembers tbe cloud that bong
orar his father's brow, and tbe anxious
look upon bis motbci's face, when busi
ness was dull, or work was alack, or unex
pected expenses had to be borne. Youth's
fortunes from small Inventions,
The ordinary atylograpbic pen ban made
! s large fortune for its inventor, aud now a
imiiar pen for shading in colors baa been
Invented, which annually brings in to Its
Inventor the snug income of tiu.UJO. Some
years ago metal tipped snd heeled shoes
sod boots for city use were tbe great rage,
snd the man who first thought of this
simple device for saving shoe leather reaped
a fortune of a million dollars in ten years.
Before that day another man hnd accumu
lated a fortune in Inventing tbe old fusb
tooed brass tipped 111068, which prevented
Uttle boys and girls from kicking s hols in
tbe soft leather uppers.
Such simple devices were hardly worth
the money which they realised for the in
ventors, but they took the publi-j eye, and
many mill ions of them were msnitfactured
annually for a ona time. ToiIiiy. however.
1 they are little used and the patents yield
tbe heirs of the inventors very little money.
George & Walsh in New York Epoch.
Old Aunt (on her deathbed HI nm Jnst
making my will, my dear Heinricb; I
know, alas) too well that yon are not re
ligiously disposed and have no desire to
promote tae cause of -
Nephew (bastllyH&eff your pardon,
snnt; quite the contrary.
A ant Heaven be praised; then yon will
be glad to bear that I have U:tt all my
property to tbs ofanrcbl Hamonstisebt
An Eidoyable Method of Entertaining a
dully Crowd of Young People.
For nner -biroJcaJltynnd nlwenw of nit
stiffness iu no evening party tiie "imnni't"
party cannot be rxcuHed. Invite from tea
to twenty of the niwt girts you know, and
nsk each to bring witb her a pair of sois
mks, a thimble ncd an old bonnet frame of
any age, sine or shape. If some of them
come from grandma's trunks in the gar
ret Instead of from last year's bat box, so
much the better. Tim frames most be ab
solutely bare, but each young lady will be
asked to contribute enongh material old
ribbon, silk, velvet, artificial flowers or
feathers to trim an average bounet, si
lowing generous measure.
Send invitations toss many young men
as girls, and ask each to bring of any stuff
whatever, enough to make a necktie,
whether "four-in hand," "puff," clau
dent" or plain atmight bow. And tell each
one to come provided with, a thimble.
When yonrgueats have assembled tbe
first step is to divide the company Into
pairs. The "partner earth)" having all
been drawn, tbe lady and gentleman hold
ing No, 1 go together to the tnblea where
the fraross, ribbons, etc., buve been ar
ranged, and while be cbooHea a bonnet and
the materials which be thinks most appro
priate, she pick out from another pile tbe
piece of goods which she thinks will make
him the most becoming necktie.
Then they secure a supply of the needles
and thread provided by tbe hostess, aud
sit down to sew; while pair No. 8 come
forward, snd so on until each lady is
busily engaged with s gentleman and
a necktie; and each gentleman Is giving
his attention to a lady and s bonnet As
neither is supposed to give the other any
help or advice, the fan is endless.
At tbe expiration of the time set tbe
hostess rings s bell, and each pair of con
testants present themselves with bonnet
in place, and necktie arranged with alt tbe
art its fair maker can muster. As he comes
before the committee every gentleman
moat, if requested, make s little speech,
pointing out the chief merits of Its pro
duction, and the difficulties which at
tended its manufacture, When tbe re
view Is over the committee consisting of
the hostess and, if possible, several other
soncontestants retires to compare notes,
snd soon the award of prises k announced.
Two of these will be sufficient one to
the gentleman who, all difficulties con
sidered, has produced tbe most artistic and
becoming bonnet, and tbe other to tbe lady
whose necktie is pronounced most satis
factory. The prises may be necktie or
haudkerchief coses, court plaster cases (for
the needle wound), scarfpins, hatpins,
bonbon boxes in the shape of bats, eta
Edna Warwick in Ladies' Uome Journal
America May Blval Fnnee la Perfumes,
There hi 00 ewiential peculiarity of soil
or climate in the flower farming region in
tlte south of France which is not repro
duced over great extents of territory Iwre.
What hi required for tbe purpose is merely
an altitude of st least WO feet above sea
level, a calceroim soil, shelter from cold
north winds and freedom from tbe white
frosts of lower areas.
Attempts bare been made In Florida to
raise orange blossoms for market, but their
failure was due simply to the circum
stances that low lying lands were selected
for their cultivation, trees bearing the edi
ble fruit being used for tbe purpose. Kx
perience has shown that flowers of all
sorts grown high above the ass bavs a
Doer snd more intense bouquet. Wash
Ington Star.
Tbey say Mozart played oa the piano st
the age of six."
"That's nothing. I've got n little girl
only two years old who plays on the piano
very day."
"What does she play
Dolls." Harper's Basar.
A truableoomo klu dimam
cansod me to acratch tor ton
mouths, and has boon ff.T" S
by a few days' one of fjgJ
II 11 Woltt, Upper Marlboro, Md-
I was cored several yean ago of wbHs sweDtnt;
tn 07 ies b7 nalaa; I'tl ed nan had ao
symptoms of re y -1rgffiv torn of the div
esse. Jdaziy promJuuut puoicians sttcwied jxai
sou an foiled, bu: ii. 8. &. did tbo work. '
1'axtl W. UiuafATHiCK, Johasoa Otty, Tens, '
Treatbe on Eicoil and Skin Dkvl
eases mailed free.
Swift Specific Co.,
Aluuu, Ca. I
I simply state tbat)I am Druggist
and Postmaster here and am there
fore in a position to judge. I have
tried many Cough Syrups but for
ten years past have found nothing
equal to Boscbee's German Syrup.
I have given it to my haby for Croup
with the most satisfactory results.
Every mother should have it. J. H.
Hobbs, Druggist and Postmaster,
Moffat, Texas. We present facts,
living facts, of to-day Boscbee's
German Syrup gives strength to the
body. Take no MirKtitule.
RlWfl lUtnedr ft Osisrrb HUN PI
fMat. KanH to Vm, and (ThmpcM.
Usotd hr arusvMSs or wot by awU &
sa. a T Hass-wssi Wawse, fa. j
Ig a preparation in tablet
form for premrving am. kikmi ry
ruitrr without enoKiNa, One pack
age preserves fifty pinla of fruit or
a barrel of cider, and only oobU 60
cents. Fruit preserved with Anti
fermentine retain their natural
taste and appearance. Auk your
druggist or grocer for Anti-fermen-tine.
i m join, wi, Mia mourn. " with mi in
vention thm will mMk. my twine familur Is
imt ." MW"tihv you luveuleu?"
dm mi.m.1 fnr K.tiu. "
Three things which all
workingmen know give
the most trouble in their
hard-strain work are:
Sprains, Cruises and
Three supreme afflic
tions, which all the world
JJ knows dflict mankind the
P T most w ith Aches and
Jr Pains arc : Rheumatism,
Neuralgia and Lumbago.
T'W to do are simply these
M Buy it,
0 Pand be
ly and perma
nently cured by
tne use of
Sl.lOpar B
Tins Orbit Ootob Cciie ptumpu eurm
w&ere 111 othen ffcU, Couf hs , Croup, lor
Throat, UMrMMia, WboopiDf Cough hod
Aathrua. for CooauapUco it DM no rivsj:
hM eurod thouModa, and wlU cum Too u
taken In time. 8nW ojr DngginU oa ft guar
antee. For ft Ime Back or Cb-irt, uee
mnsdv is oniirmn
ftsedto wire you. Frto,60ct. itsrtisrfjm
Mdar. Urinary and L'ver Dlneaaea, Dfopar,
Orarel and iHalwtM ate cured l;
Cnres DDKhi's Disease, Retention or Non re
lentaoQol Urlce, rains lo the Hank, Loins or
Core Intemperstw'e, Kervooi Divsses, Ge iter si
iMbiLlty, female WuakaeM aud umm.
Cnres Blllonsne, Hetdache, Jaundice, Poor
hiomaob, .Dyspepsia, Constipation and Hies.
M'lS AT M!F on th KloeTa. IWer
and am wrU, retitortnx them to s henltby so
tfm,nnd ( I Ki a when all oihr medicines
fall, MundredH have ben savvd wtio have bees
given ap to die by Irieudi snd phyniciaiu,
Brooklyn Hotel
208-212 Eosl St.. Su Francises. '
This favorite hotel it under the management
Of CHAKLBH MONTOOMltUY.siid las good If
not the best Family and BusiuSM Men's liotat
in ban Franc Uoo.
Bsme Comforts! Cnisins Unexcelled!
Plrat-elsat nervine and tbe highest standard of
reapooisiiUliy guaranteed, (fur mm enmsot os
wrpautd for vraln'U taut camjort. tatard aud
room per day, $1., $I,W, 11.76 snd 12.00; board
and room per week, 7 u$lf; ingle rooms, Ms
to t. free oosoh k aud Iras, hotel.
liavevimttatarrhV This