The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 04, 1893, Image 6

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H. T. KIKKPATKIUK. Publtahor.
Slack Measles or Black Smallpox
Raging at Anaconda.
Heavy Bains in Ariiona Connter
aatlon Among Hare Island
Republican Clerks.
Heavy rains are reported in Arizona,
accompanied by washouts on the roads,
delaying trains.
The Women's Christian Temperance
Union at Sacramento is waging war on
nae entrances to saloons.
Borne of the Cccur d'Alene women say
they will not ask for a new bonnet until
the country has free coinage of silver.
Boys at Port Orchard, Or., are busy
narvesung tne egg crop on island ixock.
They have now 600 dozen ready for ship
The policemen of San Jose have begun
nit to compel the Common Council to
raise their salaries as required by the
state law.
The Captain of the Oregon was given
a reception at Astoria recently for his
400th continuous trip to and from San
Four hundred Indian salmon fishers
on Fraser river in British Columbia have
formed a union to secure a raise of wages
and freeze out the Japanese.
There is consternation among the Re
nublican clerks who hold government
situations at Mare Island. There is a
rumor that they are to make way for
Ninety-five per cent of the orange
growers of Riverside have entered into
a compact for mutual protection and to
work in unison for the best interests of
the growers.
The reports from the Lick Olwervatory
are to the effect that the comet, which
has lately attracted so much attention,
has a companion, whose tail joins that
ot the original.
The Biverside Bank, which failed some
time ago, continues to receive collections
from outstanding accounts, and there is
a general feeling that, it the bank peo
ple are given time, depositors will be
paid in tull.
The wreck of the once-famous whale
back Wetmore, which has been pound
ing on the Oregon shore off Coos Bay for
many months, has been sold tor Jiu.
The cargo of coal brought the magnifi
cent sum oi v.
In connection with the recent row at
Federation cannery on the Naan river,
British Columbia, Fraser, who was one
of the principals, in correspondence crit
icises tne policy of the missionaries deal
ing with the Indians, and holds that
those not connected witn tne church are
the best Indians up there.
A verv rich gold discovery about thirtv
miles from Sisson in the Eddy Mountain
has caused much excitement. The hills
are full of prospectors, and every inch
ol gronnd in tne neighborhood is located,
The owners of the original strike were
poor men, but have abstracted in the
neignrjornooo oi siu,wuin goia irom we
quartz taken out.
Los Angeles reports a case of faith
cure which, it is stated, has astonished
the neonle of that section. Mrs. Ada u.
Walton, who had been an invalid for
twelve vears, most of the time bedrid
den, claims that while on her bed she
distinctly heard a voice telling her to
arise, as her faith had made her whole.
She called for a wrap, Jumped out of
bed and walked into the dining room.
She has had no trouble in walking since.
The attention of the outside world is
being largely attracted to the exhibits
Oregon is making at tne great white
Citv. Many of our Eastern exchanges
come to ns with articles descriptive of
the resources of our Btate. The editor
of the Holt County (Mo.) Sentinel, writ
ing from Chicago, pays Oregon the fol
lowing high compliment: "As repre
senting the States of the West at the
exposition, Oregon, the land ot big red
apples, smnds pre-eminently at the head.
Although she has no State building, Or
egon makes a magnificent showing of
her resources in the several buildings of
the fair. Her display in the horticult
ural building is everywhere acknowl
edged as being peerless. Here she shows
pears weighing five pounds, apples six
inches in diameter, plums larger than
goose eggs, cherries three and three
fourths inches in circumference and
peaches 17 '4 inches. In her agricult
ural booth she exhibits grains and
grasses that are acknowledged by mill
men to be without a parallel. In the
Hour test made at the fair flour made
from Oregon wheat was found to make
whiter and finer biscuit than any other
flour tried. In the mining department
miniature placer mine is kept con
stantly in operation, washing virgin gold
from the gravel just as it is taken from
Oregon's placer-mining properties. In
the fishery department several tons of
the famous Columbia river salmon are
shown, together with fishing boats, fish
wheels, etc., and in the forestry depart
ment are exhibited some specimens of
.-timber that astonish the world. A block
cut from a forest of the West measures
nine feet across. This is the largest
block of wood at the fair, and it attracts
much attention." . . .
What tires people at the World's Fair
ib inn waia oi nines in every Dunning.
Five hundred school teachers of Phil
adelphia are on a visit to the exposition.
The color line has not been drawn at
the World's Fair. There is no distinct
ive Afro-American exhibit.
Captain Kane of the Chicago police is
making a most decided crusade against
the dive in the World's Fair district.
The World's Fair Commissioner ap
pointed from New Mexico by President
Cleveland has been seated and White,
the old member, ousted.
The large statue of Columbus that
stood before the main portal of the cold
storage building has been donated by its
owner, W. H. Mullins of Salem, 0., to
be erected upon a suitable pedestal, to
rnara tne graves of the dead firemen.
Idaho's World's Fair Commission suf
fered another loss, this time bv theft. A
solid gold-lined silver cup, presented by
the ladies of Wardner, was stolen. The
silver chain and staple by which It was
fastened was also taken. The cup cost
the ladies (60. There is no clew to the
It has been unofficially decided by the
local directory not to return to the na
tional government the $1,029,120 derived
from the sale of souvenir coins. The
majority of the directors consider their
action in voting to rescind the rule for
Sunday opening and the return of the
appropriation all that is necessary in
ine mailer.
Owing to the fact that it was discov
ered that several thousand single-admission
newspaper passes to the World's
Fair were stolen, the management can
celed all these passes, and will get out a
new lot to be exchanged for the old ones,
to be properly issued as fast as possible.
It is not believed manv persons secured
admission on them till the fraud was dis
covered. A number of those presenting
the stolen passes have been arrested, and
an effort will be made to make them tell
the names of the persons from whom
they secured them.
Oregon is one of the States which has
made extensive displays of her fruit
products, and her section in horticulture
hall has attracted wide attention. The
fruit is renewed everv two or three davs.
and is brought daily from the distant
seacoa8t at great expense. C. B. Irvine,
who has charge of shipments, has re
ceived a large consignment of strawber
ries. These were five days on the route,
making the journey of 2,600 miles
through all kinds of weather. Straw
berries are considered by fruitmen to be
the most liable to iniurv of anv fruit.
and the condition in which the consign
ment reacned Jackson rark is thought
to be remarkable. The berries were well
preserved and seemingly as fresh as the
day they were nicked, a thing which is
considered the more remarkable in view
of the fact that cold storage en route
was dispensed wun.
One of the most interesting and com.
Jlete educational exhibits to be seen at
ackson Park is that of the province of
Quebec, which is in charge of Brother
Andrews of the Christian Brothers. Two
sections in the gallery of the manufact
ures building are devoted to showing the
work of the parochial schools in this part
oi Canada, and one division represents
the different stages of scholastic training
in the Protestant institutions of the
province. The display begins with the
owest grade and specimens of work done
by the pupils from the time they enter
Bchool until thev are turned out thor
oughly schooled, fitted to take their po
sition in society, and are to be seen in
their regular order. The studies include
all branches known to the educational
world ; but, if the pupils excel in any
one thing, judging from the exhibit, it is
in penmanship and drawing. The course
of instruction makes a special point of
these two necessary acquirements of the
siuueni, and tne result is most gratity
ing to the instructors. The various
schools that are best represented in the
exhibit are those of the Christian Broth
ers, Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Broth,
era of Christ, Sisters of the Good Shen,
herd, Sisters of the Assumption, Jesus
Mane Sisters, Bisters of Chantv. Con
gregation of the Holy Cross and many
others of the well-known parochial in
The number of pensioners dropped
from the rolls since March 4, 1803, is
240, and the total number of pensioners
suspended since March 4, pending a fur
ther investigation of their cases, is 6,090.
The manufacture of the new armv ri
fle (Kragierogenz) is being Dressed vig
orously. It is believed the first lot of
completed arms will be ready for deliv
ery and issued to the service about Sep
tember!. The chief of the bureau of statistics
reports that during the twelve months
ended June 30, 181)3, the number of im
migrants landed in the United States
was 407,936, and during the preceding
year 619,320.
ine pension oureau is now engaged
in investigating what appears to be an
extensive system of pension frauds in
New Mexico. It is said that about 2,000
pension cases in the Territory are being
While Treasurer Morgan is non-com
mittal on the report that a defalcation
exists in the mint at New Orleans, it is
learned the Treasury Department dis
covered a shortage in the funds in the
mint June 26, and that a searching in
vestigation has shown that the recent
fire there was of an incendiary charac
ter, started for the purpose o! covering
the robbery.
The charges of neriurv made against
the Japanese interpreter emnloved at
the United States custom-house in San
Francisco have been overruled by the
Treasury Department. Acting Secretary
Hamlin has sent a letter to the Collector
of Customs at San Francisco exonerating
the interpreter and directing that the
twelve Japanese be deported "to the
country from whence they came."
Gross Earnings of the Atchison
for the Past Year.
The Real Estate Valuation of the
City of Phlladolpliia-Fall-urei
for Six Months.
New York's new city directory con
tains 400,000 names.
The Kansas wheat crop Is estimated
at j,uuu,uuu Dusheis.
Krupp, the great gunmaker, with hie
party is ui hub country.
New York bankers say that the money
scare is practically over.
The Treasury gold reserve will soon be
up to the tull figure ol I luo.uuu.uuo.
Preliminary work to the opening of
tne unerokee strip is well under way.
The winter wheat crop will be 80,000,
000 bushels less than that of last year.
George Gould is reported to be a loser
bv the " Buueeie " to the extent of 110,
000,000. The enlargement of the Erie canal has
again become an important question in
New York,
Impure milk poisoned half the West
Point cadets, but all were saved by the
post surgeon.
Secretary Herbert savs : " The United
States ought to have twelve such ships
as the Victoria."
The failures for the first six months in
1803 haw been 6,230, more than in anv
previous like period.
Senator Voorhees declares that Con
gress will continue uninterruptedly In
session for a hill year.
The Mormons are nroselvting with
much success near Beaver Dam, Va.
Most of their converts are young women.
Senator Berry of Arkansas savs that he
has voted three times for free silver, and
that he is not in the habit of changing
his mind.
Philadelphia no longer fears cholera.
into such excellent condition has tiie
Delaware Bay and river quarantine serv
ice been put.
The National Alliance of Theatrical
Employes has been organized at Now
York. John Williams of New York was
elected President.
The gross earnings of the Atchison
during the year ending July 1 was $60,
m,m, an increase of (3,601,815 over
the previous year.
A monster lock, to be built on the Cal
bert Shoals canal at Birmingham, Ala,,
will be when completed, it is claimed,
the largest in the country.
The russet shoe, which has attained
such wide popularity within the last few
years, has caused a good deal of trouble
in the leather trade in the East.
The floating debt of the Chicago Ex
position is (3,000,000, a million greater
than it was on June 1, and there is fear
of a financial crisis in its affairs.
Mr, Cleveland now weighs 300 pounds,
seventy-five pounds more than his nor
mal weight, and is greatly inconveni
enced physically in consequence.
Railroad passenger rates from Louis
ville and Indianapolis to Chicago are
down to 1 cent a mile. A thorough de
moralization in rates cannot be avoided,
During the past ten years the normal
standard of production for wheat in this
country has varied from 13 to 16 bush
els per acre, making an average of 14j
The statement of the Philadelphia
Board of Revision of Taxes for this year
shows a real-estate valuation of $740,
368,447, as compared with $732,300,802
last year.
What is described as a gigantic speci
men of an antediluvian monster has
been discovered in Boyd county. Neb.
Workmen are now engaged in exhuming
the monster.
Cashier J. J. Bush of the defunct Kl
niira (N, Y.) National Bank has been
arrested upon a warrant charging him
with making false reports and falsifying
his accounts.
Immigration statistics for the month
of June show that 61,1)07 alien steerage
passengers were landed on Ellis Island
during that month. As usual, Italy
heads the list.
Secretary Lamont is considering the
suggestion of General Schoneld that
there be created a military department
of the lakes, with headquarters at Buf
falo or Oswego,
In the Massachusetts reformatory for
women good behavior is rewarded by
permitting the well-behaved ones to
wear dresses with smaller checks. The
bad ones wear very big checks.
The State Supreme Court of South
Dakota has decided that the Western
Union Telegraph Company must accept
messages tendered whether or not writ
ten upon the regular telegraph blanks.
A building is nearing completion at
the corner of Pine and William streets,
New York, which, although it is only 16
feet 3 inches wide, is 136 feet high. The
brick and stone in it are held together
by a metal skeleton.
The irrigation canals constructed at
great expense in Kansas are said not to
be entirely successful. The fault is not
in the irrigation system, but in the fact
that the ditches have been made too ca
pacious for the water supply.
The Francis 8. Bartow Camp of United
Confederate Veterans of Polk county,
Fla has unanimously adopted resolu
tions expressing their grateful apprecia
tion of Mrs. U. S. Grant's recent acts of
courtesy to Mrs. Jefferson Davia.
It is estimated from the censim of 1RO0
that the insect pests cost the fruit grow
ers of the United States about (4,000,000
a year.
Statistics are said to show that the in
troduction of machinery into manufac
tories has decreased the number of the
The Wagner Company owns 700 par
lor cars and sleeping coaches, valued at
(10,600,000; the Pullman Company 2,366,
valued at (33,000,000.
To make 1,000 cubic feet of illuminat
ing gas eight pounds of coal, costing 2
cuius, ano mur gallons oi naphtha, cost
ing 12 cents, are required.
In the five or six months ot the year
during which the sardine fishery lasts
600,000,000 of these little fish are caught
uu uiu cuast oi mniany aione.
The entire numbor of locomotives
owned by the Gorman railways in 1HH2
was 14,788. The number in the United
States in 1801 amounted to 33,563.
There are ovor 7.000 miles of com,
gleted electric railway in the United
tates, and in a year to come there is
utue tioii t tne total will he doubled.
At the Maple Sugar Laboratory at
montpeiier, ,vi miring tne past season
4,760,762 pounds ot sugar were tested.
The bounty on this output will amount
to aoout t'ii,ouu.
In the central part of the State of New
York over 16,000 people are engaged in
the cultivation of more than 20,000 acres
of grapeB, which produce annually from
40,000 to 60,000 tons.
The average wage per week of women
in Kansas and Wisconsin is (6.27; in
Minnesota (6. In Indianapolis the sum
paid for shirt-nmking ranges from 30
cents to 60 cents a dozen,
Admiral Belknap thinks that " since
steam and electricity have takon posses
sion of the naval soul seamanship is al
most decried as a lost art by the rising
generation of naval men."
The area planted in cotton the present
year is estimated at 10,701,386 acres, an
increase over last year of 7.20 per cent
and about the same as in 1887; also
showing very little difference from 1888.
The (3,000,000 which the hat manu
facturers ot the country have to hand
over to the inventor of the sweat-band
used on hats affords a striking illustra
tion of the value of genius when it makes
a hit.
Women do a fair share of farm work
in nearly all European countries. Thev
are especially efficient in Norway anil
Hweuen. loo many men are withdrawn
from profitable occupation to serve as
The total receipts at the New York
custom-house for the fiscal vear that
ended June SO were (138,032,028.1)4, com
pared with (120,732,613.00 for the previ
ous fiscal year, or an increase of nearly
ThfllargestStatebulldingin the United
States and the seventli largest building
in the world is the State capital of Texas.
It was begun in 1881 and finished in 1888.
It cost (3,500,000, and was nuid for bv
3,000,000 acres of public land, deeded to
the capitalists who had the work done.
In 1800 there were about 276.000 women
engaged in money-making occupations,
as follows : One hundred and ten law
yers, 166 ministers, 320 authors, 588
journalists, 2,001 arliBts. 2.13H architects.
chemists and pharmacists, 1,1U6 stock
raisers and ranchers, 6,136 government
clerks, 2,438 physicians and surgeons,
13,182 professional musicians, 66,800
farmers and planters, 21,071 clerks and
bookkeepers, 14.465 heads of conimer-1
cial houses, 155,000 public-school teach
ers. Mrs. Ormiston Chant, the well-known
preacher, says she has officiated in
churches of all denominations except
the Church of England and the Roman
Catholic Church.
H. R. Hyde, Proprietor.
Ca,r pets ! Carpets !
Wo make a speciulty of UNDERTAKING. Calls answered night
or day. V
Baltimore Block. Albany, Or.
W. Y. BKA1). Prwldonl. OIO P. SIMPSON, Vloe-Proildoot. J. 0. WRtTSMAN, Societal?
J. j COWAN, TmUHrer. K. A. MIl.NKll.
Farmers' and Merctats' tarance Company
CAPITAL 8TOCK 8500,000
hoaud or DiitacToiis.
Hon. B.8. STBAHAN,
cii'ef jHHtloeof Snpnwe Court
Hon. J. W.OMIOK. Hanker.
Hon. J. K. WKATIIKI1KUKI), Attornay-st-ljiw.
J. 0. WlllTSM AN. Kko Oanllall.t,
willameiu vailuy l.ana company.
No tw thirds, tlireo foiiriln, thirty or lyday olauw in the Karmera' and Merohanu' FARM
pollclen. The KarmnrV and Mi-rchnitu' liuiiranoe Company pan the lull amount ol Ion bp 5
die amount Inaurwl. The lulxcrlben 10 the capital itopk conaliu ol larniera, menihanw bankoia
Mnitllsi.,uwrueyiphyiiouuauJmt!lijni, tbelugelt amount ticiu by alnglu lurHvlilaala
Queen Victoria Is, If is said, especially
skilled In milking omelets, while the
Princess of Wales excels in making tea
and buttered toast.
Miss Roalfe Cox of the English Folk
Lore Society has made the Interesting
discovery that the story of Cinderella
has lon told In 845 different ways, and
that it appears in the oldest literature
of Egypt and India.
Senator Stewart is visiting Mexico to
look after the working of his silver mine
at Zacatacas. Before returning to Wash
ington in the late autumn his family will
make an extended Western trip, includ
ing a stay at the World's Fair.
Oucon Christina of Spain behoves that
children could be much better and easier
managed if each mother were allowed
to puniBh not her own, but her neigh
bor's children. If instead of "punish"
the word correct were substituted, the
notion would not be half bad.
Kotaro Saknra, paymaster ot the Jap
anese navy, who is now in Chicago, is
on his way to England, where he will
take charge of a now war vessel built by
a British firm for the Mikado. Mr. Sa
knra will at once convey the vessel to
Tokio, where it will be placed in com
mission. When Queen Victoria loft Florence
she rejoiced the heart ol at least one
woman. Lady Colnaghi, the wife ol the
British Consul, was presented by her
witii a bracelet bearing in blue enamel
her initial and the motto " Hon! Boitqul
mal y pense."
The Shasta Route
-or Tim-
Kiprem trains Inra Portland dally:
' " l!'-"..,Horti,,c... jtAiSTZZ
IQ?M l M I .V L l,u,.u ,. . ..
...Ar. 4:21 a. a.
S.U a. B.Ar..
The above tram, atop mil) at tho following
ttlon north ol Hoaebunr: Kaat Portland, Or"
sou (llty. Woodlrarn, Mem, Albany, Tawtent,
slivilil,lllKy.Hurrlaliuni,Jauotlou(Jlti, irvlug
Aiul Kuxeue.
Rowbarv mall-dally:
: a. h. I.v Portland Ar. i:la r a
KM f. a. I.v Albany Ar. 111:! r. a.
ojlO r. a. Ar Iloii'buin ,y, 7-.0Q a,
Albany local-pally (mcoirt Hmiday),
6:M r. n.ll.y ...Portland ArjlOtt A. I.
:r-a.Ar Alliauy I.v. a m a. a.
iioltiailrtrallnilally(i-,cpt Sunday),
': r- l Albany Ar. le.M a. a.
2:(W r. a. Ar. Ubaiion l,v. 9 30 A.
S:10A. a. I.T Albany Ar. 5:2f, r. a.
:i a. a. Ar uiianon n-ffl f a.
Dlnlna- Can on Oa-don Itunle.
hawrad-UUu Hlooplna- Oara Attaoh.d to
All Ttirouah Trialua.
Bktwsih Poktimhd AKn
Mall train-daltyjexcept Holiday):
7:80 a.V. "i'T.r.".r. PortUud.......Ar.TT:80 a.TT
li 10 r. a. Ar Corvallla I.v. 12 : r. a.
At AlliMtiv ami ruruallla m,u nh t.-i.T?
of Orwoit Paelllo railroad.
Kaprwa train-dally 'oxcept Honday):
(; r. a. I I.v,
Portland Ar. 1 &:&) A. a.
7:88 r.- a. I Ar.,..McMlnnvllb:,
' ,vln A. a.
ami Aiinjottenii du (mmumu at .owvit mum irunt
I. A. Benuett, uncut, UbittiQii,
E. P. ROOKR8, Ai.t Q. K, A Pant, Agent
Hon. J. L. COWAN,
FrvNideut Mnn Comity National Bank.
M. STRKNHKItH, Kno,., Meroliint.
W. F. KKAP. Kiwi., Merchant.
I). B. MONTKITlt. Uanlullit..
13. r. SIMI'SON, Kq., Capltallit