The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 28, 1893, Image 3

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    "HB WA IN IT,"
Judr Monroe Ph1d In Favor of
Kelly-Kelly s. Fen low,
John J, Kelly vs. Peoples Bank ot si. Plaint
'Iff bflRHtt thlisultby letalnga lottery ticket,
ono-twnntlath of a Whole tlckot, whloh had won
416,000 and had been torwardod to the Pnople'B
liatik for collentton, and In which heolslniad
'onn-luiirtu liftareat as owner. Jty consmit the '
itlckst wm wished, sod the unclaimed three-:
quarton were withdrawn, leaving the contested
one-qiwtter, which was also claimed by John i
ftmlow, under control of the court. I
The parties Hvo in Ht. lunula, and have been
quite unfortunate. In 1H01 Feiilow, Kelly, Norle
man, O'Kuefc and Connors formed aquas) olub,
and on three or four ocranlon purchased Ave
fraction! of lottery tickets, said fractions com t
n i oach, and each member, contributing his
'proportion of the price, wan equally Interested
In the winnings. Fenlow generally was charged
with (purchasing the tickets, and held them
ion til thu4rtwing.
The tunmbon usually paid their contributions
i&tilore the drawings, and Fenlow paid the lot
tery 1 1 ok ft vendor,
In April, 1H92. Mwy Invested (Oonnnri had
dropped out). All paid eirept Kelly, who had
agreed to pay bis dollar on the day preceding
the drawing.
The tlokut had been selected by Knrleman.
There was no further inttmunirae Wweeu the
memlKirs of the club until after the drawing on
Tuesday, April lit, when tt wan Icitrncd that one
Of the four tliikets had won flft.UK), The tickets
'have foaoi. paid for by Fenlow, and the question
ifor th court to decide la whether Fenlow paid
for account of Kelly fl, or whether It was for
.Ills own account.
The day after the drawing Kelly tendered his
dollar, but was told that he was " too late " and
ithat he was4' not in tt."
ITbe eourt ivmrludeH that Fenlow gave Kelly
to understand that he (Knnlow) would see that
Kelly's Interest In the ticket would he paid for.
It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed
that there be Judgement hi favor of John J.
Kelly and against John W, Fenlow, decreeing
Kelly to have bei'ti the owner of an undivided
.one-fourth interest In the lottery ticket, and
that plaintiff receive and collect 93,7, repre
senting the one-fourth of the proceeds of the
lottery ticket now on deposit. New Or leans
U.) City Item.
A llenisrkable Itiatanm of Telepathy.
Au .nstancw of sympathy or telepathy,
"which bus been related to me la In some of
1t features uncommon, so far an I know,
'von amotiK strange visions. Two young
men, brothers, one being an officer in the
British army and the other a well Jcnown
and highly Imajfiuutlve popular weitr,
vrere sleepiiiK in the sumo room. The ofli
r, my Informant, was roused bymoaniuft
cries from bis wimpaniaii. as of extrema
terror and distress.
Shouting loudly to awake htm, be asked,
"What was the nuutrrf" To this question
his brother, when fully awakened, would
jtlve no answer, he declared that he could
not then tell tbe cause of bis distress.
While wondering at thin, my informant
himself befeTiu to fancy that there was
something in the room. Gradually In tbe
gloom, half way lietweeo the foot of bis
brother's bed and the opposite wall, there
developed Itself a dusky Oure of forbid
dintt aaiMfct.
"What Is that?" be exclaimed, but his
brother suld be saw nothing. After
-awhile, to solve the mystery, he rose from
faia bed and approached tbe IlKure, which
-disappeared as he did so. The next morn
hig the dreamer explained that he bad
aeeu standi or at the foot of his bed a fig
ure which tilled him with intense horror.
"It was the devil."
It la very remarkable that in this in
stance It was not until after the dreamer
bad ceased to believe in the specter as a
reality, and not until after the image bad
so far faded away that when awake he
-caw nothing, that the telepathic impres
sion made upon tbe mind of his compan
ion gradually gathered strength enough to
develop itself as a fearful shape, Black
wood's Magaxlfie.
Prsoeasloii of the Equinoxes.
The precession of the equinoxes is a sub
ject Intimately connected with the aodiao,
tfor wherever the vernal equinox occurs the
first sign of the xudiac begins.
The point where the ecliptic and equator
-cross each other Is called tbe equinox, be
cause day aud night are there of equal
length. The oroaaing point, however, Is
-not the same every year. The equinox is
moving westward, or retrograding on tbe
ecliptic, as if It advanced to meet the sun
at each annual return.
Tbe motion wna called by Htpparchua,
mm long ago as '4Q U. C the precession of
ithe equinoxes, and the name is sttli re
'tained, though recession would be more
Appropriate to the retrograde movement
Tbe recession is 50.8 seconds of a degree
each year, aud small as tbe distance ap
ipears tt baa amounted to 80 degs. to the
last 8,000 years.
As the vernal equinox Is the astronom
ical starring point, from winch longitude
Jks reckoned, its retrograde movement must
cause a corresponding increase in the
longitude of Che stars. The result is that
the constellations of thenodiac uo longer
grae with tbe signs, aud that star maps
have to be renewed at intervals of fifty
yean to give the true positiou of the stars.
"-Voath's Companion.
How One Clergyman Was Raised.
"My mother," said Kev. Robert Collyer,
Mgave me the foundation for whatever
success I have achieved in life, In the judi
cious one which insured me a sound and
healthy body. She fed us on oatmeal
moral ug, noun and night. At noon we
bod It in a certain kiud of moat soup.
Meat was dear, and my mother kuew a
little trick which was calculated to cos
serve tt. We were told at dinner that the
one who ate the most soup should have the
most meat. We accordingly stuffed our
selves so full of soup that we oould eat no
meat, and thus the meat wax saved for the
nextday'adinner "Cor. Xew York Times.
A Burs Experience.
Voting Poet Did you ever reject one of
four own articles, Mr. Shears?
EdltorVee. I rejected one of my own
i poems once.
Young Poet On what grounder
Kdltor-1 didn't feel that I bad enough
money back of me to pay me what it was
worth, so 1 rejected it and sent it some
where else.--i.ife.
Computations show that about 100,000,
'000 tons of water go over Niagara falls ev
ery hour. This represents 10,000,000 horse
power or about the total power represent
1 by the world's output ei ooal per day.
One Tiling Utiurgu IHUu't Know I
They wen walking on a hillside over- I
looking Ijtke Champlain
"George, dear,'' she said. "how charming
It Is to get away from tbe heated city and
Its artificial life and spend a few weeks
among these simple rustics What are
tboae little green thinga growing on tboae
trees They look like gooseberries.
"Those are apples, Mabel.''
"George, how absurd you arei Applesl
Those little things F I'm going to ask this
wee country girl and see."
"Nonsense, Mabel, don't display your
Ignorance. Don't yon tblnk 1 know? Those
are apples tn their first stage, far from ripe
yet, small and green. Goowiierrl don't
grow on trees, anyway; tbey grown on i
bonnes'' j
"Dear George, bow clever yon are to know
all tboae things, , Where did yon learn It
all How heavily tbe trees are loadedl All
but one. Look at tbat oue. lxok at that
one, George. It has no apples at all on iU
What Is the reason of that, dearf"
"Well, realty, Mabel, 1 know a good deal
about things tn general, but it's a little
difficult to say just why that tree has no
apples. I presume tbe farmer has picked
them all."
"Hut, George, bow could the apples ol
one tree ripen ho far ahead of the other F"
"Perhaps be likes them green.''
"Then why not pick some of the other
" What a little tease It is." said be. "Per
baps the wind shook them off; perhaps
caterpillars destroyed the buds: perhaps i
dozen things, dear Agriculture is a pre
carious pursuit. ''
"Now, George, dear, Just let me see If
this little girl knows.''
"Little girl, can yon tell me why this
tree has not a single apple on It, while the
others are fairly loaded f
"Cautb ttth not an apple tree, ma'am."
And it wasn't. New York Tribune.
Nursery Methods la Universities.
The new university can cut Itself loose
from tbe time worn English college curria
alum aud Its much patched American
equivalent, with its system of favored
studies and false incentives. It can give to
each line of work tbe time and freedom it
needs, thus leaving 'all questions of the
relative value of studies to be settled by
tbe student for himself. The new school
can treat, its student as men, and Dot as
children. Tbe nursery should cease where
the university begins and tbe university
student should nut do bia work In the
child's fear of "the rod behind the mirror."
Tbe new school can rest its Impulse for
work on tbe desire for knowledge, tbe
eternal "buuger and thirst which only tbe
student knows," tbe only basis on which
scholarship can rest.
Marks, honors, priisee, degrees even, are
incentives which belong to tbe nursery
days. They date from the time when the
youth of the aristocracy must be coaxed or
driven to a resemblace of culture, All
these things are forms, and forms only, and
the subatance of our higher education la
fast outgrowing them. College marks,
college honor, college courses, college de
grees, the college itself as distinguished
from the university on the one hand and
the public school on the other all these
beloug witb the college cap and gown, aud
the wreath of laurel berries to the baby
hood of culture. They are part of our in
heritance of the post, from the time when
scholarship was not manhood, when the
life of the student had no relation to tbe
life of the world. David 8. Jordan tn
Reantlon Id Goodness.
Quite too little is made of the law of
action and reaction in the study of human
nature. The very best efforts that can be
put forth for virtue lead to enfeeblement
and exhaustion, and so the chances are
there will be a temporary lapse into tbe
vulgarity of vice, "it isadangerous thing,"
ays Dr. Holmes, "to he as funny as you
can.'' It is, 1 say, dangerous to tie as good
as you can. Don't you touch a minister
after he has preached a really noble ser
mon. Don't cm hlmt Don't criticise
himt He Is exhausted of goodness and
will be surely soured, or else depressed and
disheartened by your adverseoeas. I ex
pect be wilt say things very unpleasant
and quite out of harmony with bis dis
course. 1 should not be surprised tf he was at
once in a rage, and made you give up all
your good opinion to him as a holy man.
Oh, flel You are unjust Tbe man is suf
faring reaction. You ask too much. You
expect him to be ideally right all the time,
whereas by tbe law of nature be must be
lacking In common sense a part of each
day. You require too much of him. Others
turn on you in the same way, and so there
la great discord that Is caused by our not
understanding how to judge human na
ture. SL Louis Globe Democrat.
Diphtheria from Barnyard Fowls.
Or, Turner states tbat an epidemic of
diphtheria broke out in the village of
Braughlng, Hertfordshire, Kuglaud, the
first canes occurring on a farm where the
fowls were dying of a disease of the throat,
and on other farms where the children bad
diphtheria a similar malady of the fowls
prevailed. At Longham a man bought a
chicken at a low price, as it was sick with
tbe prevailing disease, and oared for it at
home. His children soon sickened with
diphtheria, which extended from his fam
Uy through the village. Dr. Turner men
tions similar instances showing that the
feathered tribe, the common barnyard
fowl, turkeys, pigeons and in one locality
pheasants, died of a disease attended by a
pseudo-membranous exudation which was
probably diphtheritic. Dr. J. Lewis Smith
is Babvhood
Numb Spells, Chills
Rush nf Hood to the
bond, aud other diimgreo
nble svinptomn alHictud
Mrs. Annie W. Jordan, of
!tl8 Tremont Street, Boa
tun, caused by bad cir
culation of the blood. could it t take tito
physician's medicine, so
bcRan to tiiko Hood's Hur
Hiiptirllia and noou fu ly
reoove ed and now ou
joys perfect health,
Hi Only Request,
. It happened once that a faith fn I Moslem
married, but when he saw his wife she
proved to lie very unprepOHseKMlng. Some
days after the marriage his wife said to
him, "My dnvft, yon have many rela
tives, I wtKb yon won hi let me know before
whom I may unveil." "My gaxelle," be
replied, "If thou wilt only hide thy face
from me, 1 care not to whom thou showest
tt" San Francisco Argonaut.
A M Intake.,
Mrs. Hrown (to her pretty daughter in
the elevatwl f 1 will speak to the guard if
that young man over there doesn't stop
staring at me
Pretty Daughter (innocently 1 don't
think he's staring at you. mamma. New
York Kpocb.
Hood's PI'lS eu-e Llvnr I'K Jiiu'idlce,
BluoutiuuHii.tiiok Iltnulooue aud CKwtivutiou.
Millbrae. San Mateo county. Cal. A first.
cla-B home school fur boys. Beautiful sur
roundings. Superior instruction. The best
of oare. Its graduates for IMOJi are admitted
to the Htate University or Stanford Univer
sity without examination. Number of pu
pils limited. Fall term commences August
1. beud for catalogue, and mention this
paper. Ira 0. Hoitt, Ph. 1)., Master, ex
State Superintendent Public Instruction.
Teacher Do neaa stow on vineaor on buiihesT
Pupil (whose father lceapK a summer boarding
bouse) Tbey come In cans.
A trembling hand, an uncertain steo. rMiretf
neas, Indicated by rentier ihiftinn from one
place or posture to another, usually mental an
uuviviiiit! nL noises, Hie among me
Indications of extreme nervouanestt. These
seem triflinjt.biitthe health of menandwomen
m thin condition u " decidedly snaicy," liable
to be overthrown diBastrouaiy by causes which
the vigorous might defy. To fortify the ner
vous sjHtem general vigor must, through the
medium of reinforced digestion and a renewal
of an impaired power of Bleeping at night, be
raii-ed to a healthful standard. A guarantee of
thin la Hosteiter's Stomach Bitters, which re
establiBhea digeation, bile secretion and the
habit of oody on a permanently regular basis,
thus renewing that bodily equilibrium, which
la followed by a gam of trength and nerve
tranquillity. For Kidney complaint, rheuma
tium, neun leia, and a a preventive of the first
attack or subsequent return of malarial disor
ders, this medicine ki without a peer. Thrice
daily take a wineglassf uL
Wife What do you tnlnk of my new bathing
ttU. .(ohnt Husband It'i very pretty, but I
don't think you could do a skirt dance m it,
Ed Venney, Brockville, Ontario, Canada,
"I have used Bbahdekth'i Pills for the
past fifteen years, and thiak them the best
cathartic and anti-bilious remedy known.
For Borne five yearn I suffered with an erup
tion of the skin that gave me great pain
and annoyance. I tried different blood
remedies, but, although gaimue Btrength,
thf itching was unrelieved I finally con
cluded to take a thorough course of Brak
prrth'b Pills. I took six each night for
four nights, then five, four, three, two, les
sening each time by one, and then for one
month took one every night, with the
happy result that now my skin is perfectly
clear and has been so ever since."
Jack I say, Gua, that dog oi yours looks like
a fool. Gua Why, he has just as much sense
as I have. Jack That's what 1 said.
We positively care rapture, piles and all me
tal diseases without palu or detention from busi
ness, Ko core, no pay. Also all Private dis
eases. Address for pamphlet firs. Porterfieid A
Uwey, 888 Market street, sen Frandaoo.
Ice from one to two Inches thick will hold up
a man. The iceman does the same thing prac
tically with hhiblU.
There Is more catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until tbe last few yearn was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with
loeal treatment pronounced it incurable, Sci
ence has proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, aud therefore requires constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
constitutional curt- ou the mnrket. It 1b taken
internally tn doses from ten drops to a teaspoon
ful. It acta directly on the biood and mucous
surfaces of the fVBtem. They offer oue hundred
dollars for any case tt fails to cure, bend for
circulars and testimonials. Address
F. J.CHKNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
jtEF" Sold by druggists; 76 cents.
Use Xnamellne Stove Polish ; no dust, no smell.
Tar Germia for breakfast
of diseases start from a torpid liver and im
pure blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery cures every oue of them. It prevents
them, too. Take it, as you ought, when you
feel the first Byniptoms (languor, loss of ap
petite, dullness, depression) and you'U save
yourself from something serious.
In building up needed llesh and strength,
and to purify and enrich the blood, nothing
can equal the "Discovery," It invigorates
the liver and kidneys, promotes all the bodily
functions, and brings back health and vigor.
For Dyspepsia, M Liver Complaint," Bilious
ness, and oil Scrofulous, Skin, and Scalp Dis
eases, it Is the only remedy that's guaranteed
to benefit or cure, in every case, or the money
is refunded.
About Catarrh, No matter what you've
tried and found wanting, you can be cured
with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. The pro
prietors of this medicine agree to oure you,
or they'll pay you fSUO -n oash.
R, Uading Jew
eler ef the Pacific
Northwest, keeps a
large stock of all
BADtiKP on hand.
Best goods at low
est figures. Badges
made to order,
whl u au'H directly on parts flwfad.
Printing Material and
For sale at lowest prices and most advantageous terms at
Corner Front and Alder Streets
gar Write for prices and terms before buying elsewhere.
11.00 per BottieT
One cent a dose.
Tmi Gbiav COTToa Curs promptly cure
where all others falL Coughs, Croup. Sore
Throat. Hoirseneta. W hoooior Couea and
Asthma. For Consumption tt has no rival:
has cured thousands, and will cuhi too it
taken in time. Bold by Druggists on a guar
antee. For a Lame Back or Chest, use
lave vnu Catarrh? Thin rfimftdr in guaran
teed to cure you. Price, fiuota. Injector free.
Purity and
Leovenind, PoWer
To Introduce our Powder, we have d
tennlned todlrtrlbuto among the contain
era a number of Cabh PaiZJKS. To
the person orclnb returning oathelargeat
numberofcertlUcatesonor before June L
189, we wl il give a cash prise of JOO, and
to ttie next largest, numerous other prists
noting from ft5 to 70 IN CABU.
order your 8DMMKR
ROLLERS. You waut
the best i that's the
oniy aina we aeai in
Then send your order
ana inks to palmer
to $M00MJK!,w
B. F. Johnson 4 Co., Kichkoud, Va.
Hercules Gas Enp
Mm for Pomr or Pumping Purpom.
TlW GhMpMt Rflllabl. Ou XuflM
on UwluikM.
Our or lumtum
tmr (Implicit? It Beits th. World.
It oils ltMlffrom st lewnli,
X o Carburetor toygtontof orAsfc .
No BatterlM orXlectrlo Bpark.
II Has with a Cbesper Grade of Ossollu Vom asr
OLber iEutfltt.
uon iob ciTALoatm
PALMER & REY, Mahufacturm,
ttiliuw Strut. laiFpaiiti,U.
Brooklyn Hotel
208-212 Bush St.t San Francisco. ,
This favorite hotel is ucder the manaircment
of CHARLES MONTGOMERY, and is an good If
not the bent Family and fiuaineaB Men's Hotel
in Ban Francisco. .
Home Comforts! Cuisina Unexcelled!
Flrat-claBs service and the highest standard ot
respectability guaranteed. Our room cannot be
turpasitd for vtatn- si and comfort. Board and
room per day, 1.50, fl.76 and 2.00; board
and room per week, 7 to f 12 ; single rooms. 60o
to 91. Free coach to and from hotel.
A movement of the bowtla aaoh day U BMtmry foe
health. ThcM pills lapply what the aystam Immi te
make it regular. They our Headache, brlshtea tlw
yea and olear the Oompleiion bettw then eo
uetioa. They tot mildly, neither frtpe nor aloken at
other pilla do. To ooartnua you of their merit w
will mail aataplea free, or a nul box for SB oeiita. BolA
varywhart, Soaaako Had. Go., rbiladalpMa. Vu
Get the Genuine!
"BAWK WOOl.SKV, An.nt, Portluid, Or.
st prices that will astonish yon. Only the best
Oak-Tanned Leather used, and all work guaran
teed',. Send for line Illustrated Catalogue fhkh.
180 Union Avenue (East Side), Portland, Or.
V. P. N. IT. No. 602-H. K. N. U. No, 679
Hloore's Revealed Remedy.
wrivvvTHiti nrSZlJS "! Pleasure thai by the ol
ouuVtIT. .t . iuj uuhumuu VH reiwvea trout an o a raw, of
RW'MTISM uid my youngest boy ouredenUrelyolINriJMMiTiikv uTxn.
oootoriooiUdgatOidiinmogcHKl. Yoursio irstiiuds.
HAIUM when the best i