The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 14, 1893, Image 6

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Soma Intttrmithitr lnolilr-nu of lit Karly
ratlin rltmuaa In NobrtMkn.
--r'-AU-Mt I jt pterlln Murton of Arbor Lmlxe, Otoe
I hat Peculiar
J W- ' ' II
Ligntness ana Mavor i
. It
Noticed in the finest biscuit, rolls, cake, etc., H
is due to the absolute puntv and the uc-
curate combination of the ingredients of
the Royal Baking Powder. The
best things in cookery are al
ways made and can be made
only with the Royal Baking
Powder. Hence its use is
universal in the most
' celebrated restaurants, in
the homes of the people,
wherever delicious,
wholesome food is
appreciated. Its
sale equals that of
all others combined.
Made with the pure acid of the grape.
Sew lork Soeiet, to Wartime. Invalid, .nil OamWIu,-.
Out of the great excitement of the War Tnn nmm Mbta i
pe fantastic gajety, 8 wfld sort of gambling for the purpose of amuse-
mentor pastime. Those who visit
Carmagnole frenzy, Society did
things. Women would dance the jrorman
ux ft fashionable New York party with
their hair hanging in long streamers down
their backs, while the young men would
fteize those beautiful tresses for reins
and drive the fair women with imitation
whipa. Everybody was half mad. And
after the war was over these women, to
whom philanthropy had become a busi
ness, found it hard to return to the com
mon everyday work of life. Bo Mrs. S.
M. K. Barlow, one of the beat and no
blest of human beings, suggested that
we should help the south. We went to
work again at the dramatic committee
and invoked Mr. Wallaclt, Mr. Jeronio
lent us the theater, and we really did
some very good works, producing plays
which were not stumbled through, bat
bad some resemblance to the real thing.
The money we made we sent to the cler
gymen of the south, who wrote of indi
vidual cases of distress. It was our
pleasure to save the lives of sick chil
dren who needed more delicate food than
their poor mothers could otherwise have
procured. We used to receive most touch
ing letters. Thus was the first effort at
reconstruction attempted and carried
through successfully. We tried to fol
low Grant at Appomattox and to be
worthy of the last words of Lincoln,
Mrs. M. E. Sherwood in Lippincott's,
county, Neb., who la aelvcretl for commit
siouur of agriculture in lnm(iiit Clcvo
s.-r- . lumi'K HttcoiHi cii bi
llet, win a piunir
psijub and familiar
fur many a year
before he became
known to the niv
., tion at large, lie
'i was etlitor of the
; first paper pub
lished in the terri
tory, th Nebraska
City News, whnti
Jim Ijiuiu'r "free
state army" made
Jf. btkbling morton. that ctty their
headtmnrters in 1856. He criticlted Lniie
savagely, and his oftice was mobbed, which
caused this corrvftjwndence:
General James H. lane:
Dkak Him-When your monattaokfid me thin
mormiiK, i ttkii tmanm-d. Hlnw than I have
procured two of "Coit'a epeaklnff trumpou"
and propose to use them on any of your mon
that coma within ahootinit distance of thin of
fice. J, ti. Morton.
Lane at once repl led ;
J. 8. MoitroH, Editor-! suppose whan .niy
mom road your article critlci&iiiK l-uno's army
they became so incensed that without cnntniltn
tion tiioy at onre conferred with ynu. I beg to
mythoy have been "court martiald"aud In
due time will receive thuir Just punishment,
and iu tlie future you may rent assured that
you and your property will nut be moieatw,
James H. Lank, iieneral.
Mr. Morton published nil this. It mlted
a great laugh in Waahington and led to
his being appointed secretary of the terri
tory by President' Buchanan. In the h
sence of the governor he acted aa auch. and
thus got the title which has atuck to him
over since, though he failed of election in
many milwequent campaigns. He waa born
April lKj, in Adams. Jtfferson county,
N'. Y., and was partially reared and edu
cated in Michigan, but was graduated from
Union college. New York. In 15 he mar
ried Caroline Jay French, and the young
couple man after located in Ne.irnwku City.
In 1857 he pre-empted th farm now
known as Arbor l.od'e, nut there their
four sous ware mini. Mrs. Morten died in
lie has served two terms in the legia-
, ' Tim American Navy.
There is little doubt that the American
ehip is much better built than the foreign
vessel. This may be rightly attributed to
the fact that the United States government
is very rigid in its requirements. All con
tracts must; be lived up to, and that the
builder may be encouraged in his work pre
miums ait: paid where the official test de
velops greater horsepower and more speed,
or where the requirements of the contract
have been more than met. The govern
ment will not accept a vessel not up to the
specifications. Builders know this and are
accordingly prepared for it.
A an illustration in point take the case
of the Vesuvius, The contract called for
8,300 horsepower, and she would have to de
velop a speed of 20 knots. In the official
trial this vessel actually developed 4,440
horsepower and attained a speed of 31 04-100
knots from a measured 4-mile course, of
course as a result earning for her builder a
large premium. The case of the Blake,
English built, whose contract called for
!&r,0U horsepower, illy compares with this
showing. The best effortw of her engineers
and builders could only briug out a little
over 16,000, and under this tremendous
train her boilers went to pieces. The same
statement is true, although in a worse de
gree, of the failure of her sister ship, the
Blenheim. Colonel A. G. feather in Blue
and Gray. -
An Old Custom.
The custom of fastening rags, shreds and
such worthless votive offerings to bushes
which grow near holy wells and springs
which were noted for health giving proper
ties, though now obsolete, once flourished in
huglandandScotland. Near to Newcastle,
in the suburb of Benwell, a well which was
once famous for such gift still exists. The
practice is not unknown to Ireland. In
oVM it survives in all countries where Ro
man Catholicism flourishes, which is not
surprising when it is borne iu mind that
the Ho mis h church had a special prayer for
blessing ciouto used for the cure of diseases.
At Wierre Effroy in France, where the
water of St. tiodeleine'a well is esteemed
crhcacious for ague, rheumatism, goat and
all affect ions of the limbs, a heterogeneous
collection of crutches, bandages, rolls of
rag and other rejected adjunct of medical
treatment ts to be seen hanging upon the
surrounding shrubs. These are intended
aa thaak ollerings and testimonies of res
toration. Other springs, famous foreuringophthal
mia, abound in the same district, and here,
too, bandages, shades, guards and rags m
numerabie are exhibited. Whatever may
be The cause for keeping up the practice, its
ongm was unquestionably veneration for
Urn d'-wl, or a deture to render homage to
gome supernatural power, Antiquary.
Florida, Colorado or California on
account of climate, who leave home.
friends and 'business on account of tiwi.
their health, who have anxious : nUureand been three times tlttt Democratic
friends, or probably some relatives, CttudWat tor nvernor. In last) be waa dv
who are hoping for all or Borne bene-1 T? Tl!? 22 K
fit from the change, cannot defeat olured entitled to the .cat. He oriKiimtd
the object of their trip in any more and seourai the adoption of what is called
certain way than by a resort to gam-) Arbor day, holiday tor tree planting. Ho
ing. No food, stimulant or rent can ' is f." f""118' aa fure" culture, ulo a
miliar tlio I ,.,.,..,,. 1 radical tariff reformer and hard money
replace the lost nervouu energy ex-, manln Bnrti s I)imiocrat aftot Alr.
ijciiueu in urns puHume. it leilS on uuid'a own heart.
tlie cool and imperturbable as well as
on the nervous and easily upsot.
We have often seen pulmonary in
valids coming west for climatic bene
fit who slept all morning with closed
Governor O.lnirne Appoint. II lm to tlie
United State. Senate.
Windows and t ghtly drawn blinds Osbome of Wyoming baap,inted senator
uibi, vy iub delusion 01 Bounus ana Irom that state, la a pioneerof the pioneers,
light, they might make up during l'e w" i" the Jliwouri river country with
the day for the rest lost during the P"rt ' 'rappers years ao at the aire
niL'ht-a niirht often in a riiian mnm of a';m'" ' aK ''rove au ox team
UK J!- , a """ the Pl'' Wyoming and has been
With burning gas lamps, and, as IB first settler, Brat merchant or first man to
generally the case, so small that build a frame house in all sorts of places,
what fresh air it may contain would 'rom tno " Moines rivsr to Promontory
hardly suffice for one man. The 1 in v
deadly effects of these conditions The result has been that he is rich, vlnor
urauiy euecis 01 mese conuiuons, OU8 Bn(i pop,,, bm ,)eld 0,llytw0
added to the nervous injury incident offices. One was a membership in the n
to gambling, are sufficient to wreck I tional World's fair commission and the
other a membership in the first town coun
cil of Cbeysnue. He went there 27 yenrs
imo and identified himself with the cum-
a previously well and hearty consti
tution. An invalid may be said to
about destroy what little chance he
may have by following gambling for
pastime. National Popular Review.
Infected Hotel..
A well known physician recently
published an account of the experi
ence of a patient at a so called health
resort. Here is a part of the story ;
"The patient in question was suf
fering only from overwork; his fam
ily history was clear, and there was
no tuberculosis to be traced in his im
mediate kin or among his ancestors
He went to a health resort at a high
altitude to recuperate. He boarded
at a hotel in which numerous con
sumptives were coughing and expec
torating; four months afterward he
developed tuberculosis and now has
a typical case of pulmonary phthi
sis. . The unfortunate condition of
these resorts is that there is, as mnnitv br hulrt!n Its first, hm ,nA
rule, no system of disinfection of the opening a grocery. When the railway came
rooms, verandas, hallways, etc. nd wcnt 0D- ne went with it and was a
"The patients are allowed in most !S,m? before he. J",',"1 '"E""0?.
hrrfla r,ik, ,v,. Unn thrifty town near the Utah lme. In that
hotels to expectorate where they .action he is the big man. He own. the
choose, without restriction. The re- local bank, herd, of cattle and tracts of
suit is that germs are scattered broad- range, coal mines and coal and timber
Cant in the buildings and outside of tanli' H1" bobby to horses, and he breeds
the grounds. They become dry and trotters on the finest farm in the mono
are scattered in the air and fcLed SyanZey '"""l
oy those exposed. Thus a health re-1 His religious denomination is Methodist, 1
sort which in the beginning may . and be Ls a native of Mew York, has been
have been very effective in combat- D1rriea 1 years and bas four children,
ting consumption becomes after a Jhough hi. rly education was defective,
L t.,ti he is a man of wide reading and consider-1
tune a veritable center of infection." . ,biecuHure and can makiagood speech.
Being tbe richest man in Wyoming, owner
Poor Buslnew In a Theator.
When Charles Yale was experiencing
wretched business during one week in
of oue ranch of 58 sections, of which U,UX)
acres are under cultivation, he will make a
very pleasant addition to that "pleasantest
of social clubs and greatest collection of
tlie south, a brother manager asked if the millionaires in the world" tha United
people were treating him right.
"It's frightful," replied Mr. Tale.
"Lut night was the wont I ever beard
of. I never imagined it could be so bad.
All records for small receipts wen
smashed. "
"Fifteen dollars less than last night"
New Xork Evening Sun.
States senate.
B.blU of a Millionaire.
Phillip D. Armour, tbe millionaire packer
and philanthropist of Chicago, re ains
many of tbe simple habits of his boyboud,
which be passed on a farm in Nuw Eng
land. He risesjst 5. breakfasts at 6, and by
7 is at bis desk, where he remains until 4
in tbe evening. His ofllce methods are
most democratic. The entirestalf o( clerks
occupy one large room, with no railings or
doors to hedge off those in authority,
Aa Affecting Sera.
Hr.Tonnghn8band Darling, von have k'1'
been weeping. What is it, my sweetest! nl1 Armour himself sits amoug thorn.
love? ' at a plain, flat topdesa, distinguished from
I MrtYcmnghusbana-HorwradUht- ""'r pr there of a
U-, . . small bunch of rosea. ban Francisco Ar-
'fctohange, ItronauL
I The KoniHiine nf a ltek ttf Hair.
Tliirty-seven yen ago n Yankee fish
j hig Hkipixn- of Vinnl Hiivhii. Mo., Maraud
; Solomon Marsliali, wjir courting Deborah
Slioles, of UpMr Port La Tour, N. 8.
I While at her home ho had begged a lock
of her beautiful golden brown hair.
During the succeeding winter, which he
! spout at home, he received the news that
the young Indy of his hmirt had turned
fickle ami was allowiug another the
honor nf her company to village merry
Iu his despair he and a friend named
Colby, who whs afterward killed in tlie
war of the rebiilllou, bored a three-quarter
inch hole into a white birch tree then
bunt live inches through, put the hair
in and drove home after it a pine plug,
The next summer he went back to Nova
Scotiu and married the fair Deborah, in
triumph over his rival, and brought her
to the Sjtates, where he afterward died.
He never thought it necessary to reclaim
the hair, und there it remained year
after year, the tree waxing large and
strong and covering over with its white
wood and paper burk the precious token
hid in Its bosom,
Last winter Mr. Edwin Smith, who
now owns the old Marshall farm, cut the
tree for Hrewnod. In splitting the wood
the ax hupieul to lay the tree open
esoutly on a pine plug, with a look of
beautiful hair behind it. The outside
end of the plug wna covered by three
iuchennf solid wood, which consisted of
tliirt j'-svveii annual rings. The hair and
plug are now in possession of Mrs. Mar
garet Turner, of Isle an Huut, Me., the
sister of the heroine of this little ro
mance, who is now Mrs. Hummers, of
Lookport. N, S. Boston Traveller.
nlmtlv I'rararreil hi th. Old Mail.
Some time ago Hamilton Urcgg gave
a chattol mortgage on an organ This
organ is the pride of the Oregg house
hold and was the special pride of old
man (iregg's fair young daughter, who
was wont to churui Mrs. (iregg iuto
futrvland by her sweet operations oh the
instrument which her father bad been
unmusical euongb to mortgage.
Two or three days ago the mortgage
matured, but the money was not forth
coming, The holder, upon Uregg's
failure to come to time, sent a buihd for
the organ. .
But the bailiff didn't get It Mrs.
Gregg and daughter sent the bailiff
about bis business, telling him he
shouldn't have the orgun. He went bis
way quietly, but soon returned and touk
old man OreKg in charge for not turning
over the collateral He was taken to
jail, old and palsied as he was. a sacrifice
for Mi, and Misb (iregg's love for music
He is a carpenter by trade, and tukes
his incarceration philosophically. He
says if the "old lady and her gal wants
the orgin wuss 'an him they can take it
and go to Guinea." Atlanta Constitu
tion. A Cottag. with a History.
An interesting London building has
just been demolished by the ruthless
hands of the speculative builder. Tbe
old thatched cut'age fronting on the
green at Shepherd's Bush has , been de
stroyed. Tradition associated it quite
erroneously with the name of the famous
Jack Hheppard, hut there Is good ground
for believing that it was the actual boose
in which lived Miles Bynderoombe, the
prime mover in a plot against the life of
Oliver Cromwell.
The details of the conspiracy are ob
scure, aud it was asserted at the time
that it was the work of agents provoca
teurs, with the object of increasing tbe
popularity of the protector; but in the
fomoiui pumphlet, "Killing no Murder,"
Symlercombe ' gnilt is assumed, for he
is lauded m a martyr in the cause of lib
erty and compared to Brutus. Apart
from its historical associations the cot
tage should have been preserved as be
ing probably the last remaining thatched
building within tbe limits of the county
of London. Ualignani Messenger.
A most remarkable incident has oc
curred at the City hospital It is the
custom there every afternoon at 8 o'clock
for one of the clerks to visit the various
wards and tell the patients who are able
to go home that tbey are discharged
Several days ago the clerk entered 11
ward, and walking to the aide of Henry
Juelg'a cot said: "Yon can go out today.
Your name is on the discharge list."
Juelg, who was suffering from heart dis
ease, leaned npon his elbow, and turn
ing to Dr. Wolf, who was standing near
by, asked in an anxious tone, "Doctor,
am I discharged?" "Why, no," was the
answer, "yon are not well enough." Be
fore the physician could utter another
word the patient dropped back dead.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Ball of wIm PIoIimI Up at Sm.
Captain Chad wick of the schooner Henry
Souther of Thomaston, Me., lying at Wood
all's shipyard in Baltimore, possesses a
ball of twine which has a history. One
morning in September, on a voyage from
Brunswick, 6a,, to an eastern port, Captain
Chadwiok noticed a string flying out from
the rnizien mast of bis vessel about the
eroastrees. It extended as for aa tbe eye
could follow it above the water. A man
was sent aloft to pull in the string, and
after it was all gathered aboard It made a
large ball of manilla twine.
At tbe time tbe string was discovered the
nearest land was 85 miles distant. As such
twine was not used on the Souther, Captain
Chadwiok was puzzled to account for it
presenoe. The only solution was that It
bad been used to fly a kite or a captive bal
loon, which bad escaped, and that it had
been blown across the Chadwick'a most.
Mrs. Chadwlck measured the coru, which
U l,Uju leet long. Hartford Times.
AU. ACHES, ifcs
BURNS, mfftW
BM by DnmuuU mulli.alcr, nYvreuArrt,
IHI CHARLES A. V0CELM CO., (iltlswra. .
Judck J. B. Hiu,. of the Superior
Court, Walker county, Georgia,
thinks enough of German Syrup to
seud us voluntarily a strong letter
endorsing it. When men of rank
and education thus use and recom
mend an article, what they say is
worth the attention of the public.
It is above suspicion. " I have used
your German Syrup," lie says, "for
my Coughs and Colds on the Throat
and Lungs. I can recommend it for
them as a first-class medicine."
Take no substitute. 9
S Swift's Specific S
Q A Tested Remedy C
I Ebcd zrd Skin
s Oissssss s
A reliable curt for Contagious
Blood Polion, Inheritttt Scro
fula and Skin Cancer.
Aa a tonic for detlcata Women
and Children It haa no
Bfllnr purely vegetable, la harm
liaa in Ita effect.
A trHAtlm on nirxid and Bttln I)tt
eaan nittlltfU nuw uu HHillcaUuo.
2ruuffist$ Ml Jf.
Drawers, Atlanta, Qa,
Ctinlcn Kle. fx tti: ihtw ItRlHhm. fx-, tine Ten.
30; KfiirHyrui., ft; Arbiiukl? Cnffee, itV; Hhro,
ftp; TajiliMia.f; 'i-tb yku KUijr'l HiiclcwIniRt,
Wo; Urled reaclitw, n; FlgM'! frtiin', l'J:
Applet, evaporated, lie. HKM 'R TUK 1ft.
I'AifK HUVEKH' (inilK KltKK. WITH sm.l.
QUOTATIONS M tm tl.m tltli paper. Addrt
Jones' Cash Store,
mo rrnnt Htiwt, Portland. tr.
TlriirftlliiblpFnrnaloHf'iniliitliig IV
riii,(UHiKiy cNirfinauir W r
nwitiuriileH hiiU tue " Oo5
ilinirutmhiK ayntp- t eTl
Umm m preva-
flufn. mien .nit
rollahle. ount pnt-
paid mi nieeint or price
X " iPUriMIJI.OlKlJHiflTorBfi.
to S2S0.D0 SiSrurT 'b,T
B. F. Jousion t Co,, KicuMuan, V.
IRON JEDJ, te.oo. rina Rnrirllnr
Hair Mattresses,
Floss Mattresses,
Wire Mattresses,
anil Pillows.
. A. UUI1IIUU&. aau Fruiolaco, Cat.
Boud for Catalogue.
EK, Ujftilttitt Jtiw
eler a( the I'aiiUlo
)nwi Miixsk of alt
HAIM.Kri on hand.
hmt RtMjdi at low
est figure. HadgiNi
rondo to order.
l'PUUINt TTTjBB known by tanletnf
11 kA pernplrtUuji.oftiiKolotfliiaw luiliiiia
Wlfti war in. Tfil form end BLIND.
bumvitiUi or PUOTuuuiNa siSjH
wtii.ih a-!ia dlnotir ot) part trotrt,
Lwortw (ufflora.allavHitolilniT.tirroottMg
aprntan4alaure. Prion 6fti. Inialat
f Ptfo'ii Bflmedy for OaMrrh U tbe 9
f Beat, Baeltret to Pae, anil Clwappat. I 1
ySold br UruKrfiite orient by mail, I I
tOo. K. T. UaaelUM. Warren, Va. 4
1 5Tp. X. U, Mo. OtHMi. F. N, U. Mo. 7