The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 14, 1893, Image 4

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    Lebanon Express.
Kditor - and Proprietor.
A million (folium of Eastern i
monev let lotifsi liv tlie -Oregon I
1'itp.ilie in building over the Cns
cmlt's will mtike tilings fnirly hum
in this seetinn.
'I ,r
Allthctriido jitiiers ure Kpeiik
inu of the phenomenal movement
of grain to Europe. This menus
that the How of gold will start our
way ninl tlnit times will be easier
in verv short time.
no-nniri n iimnm in me mini i
tilltt, Orssron, tribe, hits started
Eirnt. He nuiv tiirrjr in Kunsiis to j
seek his political toiUirne '.run me
populists. N. Y. Sun.
The rousting iilive of bravo fire
men in the lir trnp of the World's
The fiMtwhilBbaoV to be built j Z mTh' 'W'ihin "igl,t ,"f
in England under the American 000 , l'l'' lr' tn render hu ,
MtmitH van aime.he. at Sunder.!"" uu.- .wiih. "
bind, June 15th. She is 821) feet
Jong and of 3,500 ton0.
Count Sunta Bolona and a
Spanish omntlet exchanged six
shots in a duel near Cordova, the
other Jay, when the seconds stop
ped the duel. Otherwise the cost
of ..mmmiiti.m might have bank
rupted both sides.
Mine. Paul Bnnnetuin has just
reaehed the hanks of the ftiger
after a solitary and adventurous
ride through the African hnsh.
She is the wife of a well known
novelist, nhnin she Reeompnnied
to the Dark Continent, taking her
little daughter with her.
on llonduv
to rend about: we are thankful
that we was not a World's fair
visitor on that day to witness the
frightful scene.
Satisfaction is expressed by
Spanish ollicials and newspapers
over the success of Mr. Snowden,
the retiring United States Minis
ter, in closing the long standing
dispute concerning the readmis
sion and .adequate protection of
American missionaries in the Car
oline Islands.
A Douglas county man. a short
time ago, charged a neighbor with
stealing a bog valued at $8. The
prosecution cost the county 1800,
if which the loser of the hog got
4100 in witness fees and milage.
Tne accused went free. The same
thin bus lieen done many times
in every county in the state and
still the people prefer to submit to
such impositions than to attempt
to seod men to the legislature who
have ability to formulate legisin
tion for their benefit,
"1'kc jirtijile of Portland, irres
"jjfvthf of j'iirty, should unite in
giving Vice President Stevenson
mid party a reception becoming
tlie station he, iccupies in the na
tion.' Oregon has many needs of
Congress, and Mr. Stevenson's po
sition, besides occupying the tho
second place in tiie nation, presides
over the Senate, and has much to
do in shaping its legislation. He
is wcil fcnown as a friend to Ore
gon and her needs, and this good
opinion should be strengthened by
a hearty reception in his honor.
The banks of Oregon City hnvo
refused to loan money, even to the
most substantial business men.
They cannot tell how soon depos
itors, will want to transfer tiieir
deposits from the vaults to tin
cane, old stoves, etc. Ex. These
kind of bunks are occasionally
robbed, but they sul.lom "burst"
and when thev do the money is
put into circulation.
Many questions are asked as to
the action of the two parties in
congress at the time of the passage
of the Sherman silver law. The
vote in the house shows 122 repub
licans and no democrats voting for
the bill, and 90 democrats nnd no
republicans voting against it.
There was one republican and
fifteen democrats that did not
vote. In the -senate there were
39 votes, (all republicans) in favor
of the bill, and 20 democratic votes,
against it. Three democrats did
not vote.
The Yaquina Route.
E. W. Haclley, Receiver,
If you want to dehorn your cat
tle v'hen they are calves caustic
polish' ! do the job. A five
i i.i uLLU will take the horns
nil from fifty calves, and prevent
-.their growing. When the calf is 8
few days old, or when the horn
can be felt, shear the hair otl'froin
around it. then dip the finger in
water and wet the horn, now ti'.ke
the stick of pulish, wrap a paper
around one end so you can handle
it without getting it on the fingers;
rub the end of the stick of polish
o the horn while it is wet and let
ti.a c iil' go alid the job is done.
flint were treated that
way whim calves that have just as
sniootn heads as any mooiey. nov
ibe least sign of a born. Tilla
ninok Headlight.
Tim "valued nolicv" mav be a
' go. d one, but it lias some bad feat
ures certainly. No man will,
knowingly, over insure bis prop
erty and pay a premium upon it
I'M'nt. for the nurnose of fraud,
Mnd such a man does not deserve
-flm nrntee.tion of tlie law. It
tn ns that the most impor
tant result of this law will be to
t-antw more ineemliarv fires in the
lut'ire. With the connivance of
Ujiscruu pious ageuts there are
people who will over insure aim
iln'.iWnt.fllv burn the prop
erty, causing often, perhaps
heavy losses to innocent parties.
Of course insurance companies
ought to be made pay all they owe,
"but there is more than a possiblity
that this "valued policy" remedy
is worse than the disease. Hose
hui'g Keview.
Direct Line Quick Dispatch
Low Freight Rates.
Between Willamette Valley Points
aud San r rancisco.
Oeeari Steamer Sailings.
U'livcj-S.-ur KrHncisco, Mnrrh 14 unrl '1.
Yiiiinimi, " II ami 'M
Thix ( niii;unv reservos tlie right tucbfutKO
wiUmj.' liiiles without imtk-i'.
ItlVKIl HTEAMIiltti.
Hltiiunvr '"Hung" leave I'lirtlaml. Weiines-
il'iv ah,; imturilitv lit u A. il.
II. ('. Ij.iv . As't.
, r-iilfimii HI. Wiiarf. 1'ortlinitt.
. It. .vruits. ea. Ak'i.
hwi Kraiidiro, al.
i . i Mil;r. i. K. A 1'. A..
"".. . ., r,,rvuili-. im-yi:i.
m . ss
& 1 m
Have Your
Job Printing
Done at the
Express Office
JiY fl!Al)lN( WTIH
s. p5bagh
Wlio ulwavs ciiri ii's a riitwly wflwilod rti'irk of ,
T i. I A. . '
m 1 1
uotDine mm mwm
goods, groeries, A.
S3 SHOE u?Ap.
Bart OaH Bbo tn ttas world for ttmprto.
W . L . Dou I aft afaOM uwsold mvwynhtn.
yoQ ow yoaxMii to gal the bwrt valna tot
yam moa&f, kxmorolsa tn yowr tooiwr tir
purobMiug W. L. DougIat&hoeSfMob
reprmmit Xhm bait valuct at Uw prloes aA
-Tak No Dnbfltttate. Jft
Beware of frand. Hooe (renrtne wlthotrt W. L.
DoukLu tut rue and prltt Mau)94 on bottom look
luc u tr&en yon bur.
W.lMDMflBmktlmr: Bold bar
C. C Hackleman,
Lebanon PJaning Mill
Manufacturwand deals in -
Sashes, Doors, Blinds,
Frames, Counters, Shelving,
Scroll and Turned Work of every De-
: scription.
Stair Building a Specialty.
A J''ull Mock "t Ituugh anil Drewed
LumU'r mi the Yard.
Your palriiniitte sullclteti.
If you do ikii ulniiiily rfvi- liim your jialronngc Ivy him,
and y.m will alwayn troilo nt liis slure.
In Courtney's Brick. Next Door to Bank,
Patronize Heme Institutions.
11 s
Full New Roller Process.
Superior Flcsr for Family; and Baker's Use.
IfJour Iix'Iniicr'Ml i'oi Wliont,
Satisfaction Ginu'tuiit'cd in Every IlnHjiwt.
Wickes & Aldrich, Popr's.
i854.Santiam Academyis.
is rriii2 '
fa 'a -S: 5
iii-ti SM la
hp I j? J
h pj s hit-, pi
Of Lebanon and Vicinity.
. iif
First Term begins September 19th.
Willi a Full Corps of I nstruetore.
' ITS '
Rates of Tuition are Reasonable,
And its Methods Al) of tlie Times.
Faculty Will Maintain Good Disciplne,
And liiHint on lliorougli worK.
Five Courses of Study are Wisely Arranged,
And wiH Meet livery Jiwt l)emiind.
its: .
Graduates Receive Appropriate Diplomas;
Tliose in Teaulier's Oourwi, Htute Diplomas.
For Circular, etc., adilaw
S. A. RANDLE, A. M.,
I have a LAIIGE STOCK of BUICK, for aalo at my
Yard, in the KiiluirbfMif Lebanon, Fov Sale at Reasonable
Rates. All kind of musi'iiV wmk tlmie with neatness and
Paper H.umx:; and : baimno.