The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 17, 1893, Image 7

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Irtat, oh. hUtti
My pcottv piUnywitKf rtnlot,
Tliy moony oiimvlt .inoovor;
lift Mint bond of tellon Hky,
And my Up two more Pll wtd
itffnlnM, tJiD tfmv ball ttf tiiiiw ,
-Hint, ok, htatf
Boatoafr wtitapor saitl,
DmkiriuMili a iiwoflMirlnr nhadn. 1
ChMHi trtio lady blniwom'ii lorwd
Nw tlin flowery Atolmmtac,
MinatnR, ay, lulxlRifhitf fatto-w, .
Hie wtiilmtt bno to bUu mhI tbUmv.
TTto, oh. hfHtl
, My pretty pale ynnng vlelnil
Cllowworm'ft HuhtultiK blhttl m
Wlmn I lnavo my biulSt iwnbraoe,
Wlwiu I tmltoroiiRly fnrgoi,
Thy omilmu baby's grace.
Btst, eh, hiatl
Tfw very timet atfcht he told the tale
To a Main II ly of tbe vnje,
And tlie poor younff vtolnt. dint of shame.
Oh, flo, thmi flownry Alulinnilfltl
Tluiu ntiiiKins. Ray, ti.t.rlfrulnft follow,
"Hum wildtwt boo in blank aiul ynllowl
-Thorna Lorett Boddoea
At the time of "tbe great earthquake
of flfi," niiid Mr. Swiddlor William
Swiilcilnr, of Calaveras I was at Arlca,
Pom. I have not a map by mo, and am
not certain that Arica is not in Chili, bnt
It can't make much difference; thorn was
earthquake all along there.
Snm Baxter van with us: I think he
bad gone from Sun Francisco to make a
railway or something. On the morning
of the 'quaku, Bam and I had gone down
to the beach to bathe. We had shed our
boon and began to moult, whon there
ira a slight tremor of the earth, an if the
elephant who supports it was pushing
upward, or lying down and getting up
again. Next, the surges, which were
flattening themselves npon the sand and
dragging away such trifles as they could
lay hold of, Ixigan racing out seaward, as
if they had received it dispatch that some
body was not expected to live. This was
needless, for we did not expect to live.
When the aea had receded entirely out
of sight wn started after it, for, it will
be remembered, we bad come to bathe,
and bathing without some kind of water
is not refreshing in a hot climate.
For the first four or five miles the
walking was very difficult, although the
grade was tolerably steep. The ground
was soft; there were tangled forests of
seaweed, old rotten ships, rusty anchors,
hnman skeletons and a multitude of
tilings to impede the pedestrian. The
floundering eliurks bit onr legs as we
toiled past them, and we were constantly
slipping down, upon the flat fish strewn
about like orange peel on a sidewalk.
8am, too, had stuffed his shirt front with
nob a woight of doubloons from tbe
wreck of an old galleon that I had to
help him across all the worst places. It
was very dispiriting,
Presently, away on the western hori
zon, I saw the sea coming back. It oc
curred to me then that it did not wish it
to come buck. A tidal wave is nearly
always wet, au,d 1 was now a good way
from home, with no means of making a
The same was true of 8am, but he did
not appear to think of it in that way.
lie stood quite still a moment with his
eyes fixed on the advancing line of
water; then turned to tne, saying very
"Tell yon what, William, I never
wanted a ship so bud from the cradle to
the gravel I would give m-o-r- for a
hip more than for all the railways and
turnpikes you could scare up! I'd give
more than a hundred, thousand, million
dollars! I would I'd give nil I'm worth
for just one little shipl"
To show how lightly he could part
with his wealth, he lifted bis shirt out
of bis trousers, unbosoming himself of
Ms doubloons, which tumbled about hia
feet, a golden storm
By this ti e the tidal wave was olose
upon os. tad that a wavel It was one
solid green wall of water, higher than
Niagara Falls, stretching as far as we
could see to right and left, without a
aieak in its towering front! It was by
no means clear what we onght to do,
The moving wall showed no projections
ar menus of which the most daring
climber could hope to reacjh the top.
There was no ivy: there were no window
ledges. Stay! there was the lightning
rod! So, there wasn't any lightning
rod. Of course notl
Looking despairingly npward, I mads
a tolerably good beginning at thinking of
all the mean actions I bad wrought in
the flesh, when I saw projecting beyond
the crest of the wave a ship's bowsprit,
with a man sitting on it reading a news
paper! Thank fortune, we were saved!
Falling npon our knees with tearful
gratitude, we got up again and ran ran
as fast as we could, I suspect; for now
the whole forepart of the ship budged
through the water just abovo onr heads,
and might lose its balauoe any moment.
If we bad only brought along our um
brella.! I shouted to the man on the bowsprit
to drop ns a line. He merely replied
that bis oorronpondenoe was already
very onerous, and be hadn t any pen and
Then I told him I wanted to get
aboard. He said I would find on on
the bench, about three leagues to the
south'ard, where the Nanoy Tucker went
At these renlies I was disheartened.
It was not so much that the man with
held assistance as that he made puns.
Presently, howevor, b folded his news
paper, put it oaref uUy away In his nook-
ot, wont and got a line and let it down
to ns just as wo were about to give up
the race. Sam made a luuge at it and
I laid hold of his legs, the end of the
rope was passed abont the capstan, and
as soon as tho men on board had had a
little grog we were hauled up. I can as-'
sure you that it was no fine experience,
to go np in that way, close to the smooth,
vertical front of water, with the whales!
tnmbling out all round and above na
and the sword ns-ies nosing us pointedly i
with vnlgar curiosity. .
We had no sooner set foot on deck,
and got Sam disengaged from the hook,
Sum the purser stepped np with book
and pencil "Ticket, gentlemen."
We told htm he hadn't any tickets,
and ba ordered us to be sot ashore in a
boat. It was represented to him that
this was quite impossible under the eir
ormstanoes; but he replied that he had
nothing to do with oirenmstances did
not know anything about cironrnstanoet.
Nothing would move him till the cap
tain, who was really a kind hearted
man, came on deck and knocked him
overboard. We wore now stripped of
our clothing, ohufod all over with stiff
brusheB, rolled on ourstomochs, wrapped
in flannels, laid before a hot stove in the
saloon and strangled with scaldiug
brandy. We had not been wet, nor had
we swallowed any sea water, but the
surgeon said this was the proper treat
ment. It is uncertain what he might
have done to ns if the tender hearted
captain had not thrashed him into his
cabin and told us to go on deck.
By this time tho ship was passing the
town of Arica, and we were about to
go astern and fish a little, when she
grounded on a hill top. The captain
hove out all the anchors be had about
him, and when tbe water went swirling
back to its legal level, taking the town
along for company, there we were, in the
midst of a charming agricultural oonn
try, but at some distance from any sea
port. At snnrise next morning we were all
on deck. Sum sauntered aft to tbe bin
nacle, cost his eye carelessly npon the
compuss and uttered an ejaculation of
"Tell yon, captain," he called out,
"this has been a direr convulsion of nv
tare than you have any idea. Every
thing been screwed right round. Nee
dle points due south!"
"Why, you lubber!" growled tbe skip
per, taking a look, "it p'iuts d'rectly to
lahbui'd, an' there's the sun dead ahead!"
Sain turned and confronted him with
a steady gaze of ineffable contempt
"Now who said it wasn't dead ahead?
tell me that. Shows how much yon
know about earthquakes. 'Course I
didn't mean just this continent, nor just
this earth. I tell yon, the whole thing's
turned!" From Collected Sketches.
A Raved Man OrlitH for His Bat.
"Yes," said an old lake captain, "
drowning man will catch at a straw. I
have seen many illustrations thereof.
Most people think tbe old proverb is
merely a figure of speech, but it is a liv
ing truth."
"Is it true, captain," was asked, "that
the first thing a rescued man thinks of is
his batT
"Yes, sir," replied the captain, his
face lighting up, "that is a fact, too. I
have seen it emphasized many times in
the course of my experience. Over and
over again I have been called to the as
sistance of a drowning mau. I would
plunge in and nv -ne him just, let ns say,
at the lost in-:,mt. Bragged on the
dock, gasping for breath, his voios
choked with water, the man, if he fol
lows hiB instinct, will, as soon as he re
gains the least degree of strength, sud
denly rise from his prostrate posture
and stretch his anus toward his head,
then, missing his hat (usually lost in the
struggle), he will cry out desperately,
pointing to his hat floating down the
river, 'Oh, save my hat! save my hatF"
'And he will never think of himself,
captain?" ;
'But seldom, sir," was tbe reply. "A
rescued man is the most obstinate and
headlong being imaginable. He wants to
do all sorts of foolish things. He gener
ally wants to rush up and be away be
fore he has had time to reoover hia
strength. He means well enough, no
doubt, but he nearly always forgets to
present his obligations in tangible farm."
Detroit Free Press.
Old attoea ef Boy-alty-.
h Dresden there is said to be on view
a number of boots, shoes and slippers
once worn by emperors, kings, queens
and princes, which should be of much
interest to relio hunters and shoe col
lectors. A oitisen of New York is said
to have in hie possession a shoe and a
sandal which were worn by Quean
Elisabeth more than 800 years ago. The
shoe is in a wonderful state of preserva
tion, Americans who show such a weak
ness for royalty may be interested to
learn that from the latest amounts one
of our princesses has in her wardrobe a
couple of pair of shoes to match every
dress, and a lot of colored Russia leather,
moroooo and black shoes. dumber!1
Journal. .
FUIkif a Want.
A Chicago man is building an express
car with refarence to train robbers, It
will be provided with forty-two pork
holes through which the messengers can
shoot, iron bottom to prevent burning
him out, and torpedoes and band gre
nades which can be thrown all about by
a system of springs and levers. Detroit
Frot frees.
Pare Food In Congress,
The act of Congress authorising the
examination of the baking powders has
resulted in a most unprecedented com
pliment to the Royal Baking Powder.
The tests were marie in the government
laboratory at Washington, and the ottl-
cial report shows that the Royal is supe
rior to all others in leavening sirengtn
being over 30 per cent, above the aver
age. The report also shows the purity
of the Koyal Powder and tbe wholesome
ness of its ingredients.
This is probably the highest compli
ment of an official character ever paid
to a proprietary article, though no more
than tbe great army of baking powder
consumers would expect in behalf of
their old (riend and favorite.
The result of the official examination.
as thus determined, will, of course, make
the " Royal " the standard for govern
ment purchases.
An ObMvMw VmAIok.
Coming over on the Brooklyn Bridge
oars I saw an aged gentleman wearing a
comf ortable gray shawl wrapped around
his drooping shoulders. Tbe sight was
unusual, though it was quite oommon a
docen or more years ago.
Turning to a well known dry goods
man who sat next to me I asked him,
Do yon have many calls for gentlemen s
shawls nowr "No," he answered. "Onr
firm has not sold a gentleman's shawl in
three years. We do not keep them in
stock any longer. Scaroely anybody
wears them now.
I subsequently asked several other dry
goods men and gentlemen's furnishers
the same question, and from all I received
the same answer. The custom ot shawl
wearing by aged gentlemen has become
almost entirely obsolete. New York
The nneqnaled success of Alloock's Fo
bous Flahtkus as an external remedy has
induced unscrupulous parties to offer imi
tations, which they endeavor to sell on the
reputation of Allcoce's. It is an absurdity
to speak of them in the same category as
the genuine porous plaster. Their preten
sions are unfounded, their vaunted merit
unsupported by facts, their alleged superi
ority to or equality with Alloook's a false
The ablest medical practitioners and
chemists and thousands uf grateful patients
unite in declaring ALMiorx's Pouocs Flab
trus the best external remedy ever pro
duced. Iteware of imitations, and do not be de
ceived by misrepresentation. Ask for All
i'uck's, and let no solicitation or explana
tion induce you to accept a substitute.
Adoring One (In lavender kids and a blue
scarf) Oh, how 1 wish 1 were that book you
clasp so lovingly? she How 1 wish yoa were,
so that 1 could shut you up.
Irritation of the throat and hoarseness
immediately relieved by "ifrown'i hroncMal
"The only way to prevent what's past," says
Mrs. Muldoou, " is to put a stop to ft helore It
100 REWARD 100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease
that science haa been able to cure la all its
stages, and that Is (Jalarrh. Hall's Uatarrh Cure
Is the only positive oure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh, being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is takeu Internally, actln directly
uk)u the blood and mucous surfaces ot the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease and giving the patient strength by bulld-
llig up the constitution ana assisting uaiore in
doing Its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in Its curative powers that they offer Oue
tiuuared Dollars ur any esse mat it idiis w
uure. Send for list of testimonials. Aditress
r. J. CHKNEl 01 CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by drugglsta, 76oeuta.
Business. HeDo voa ever fancy you'd like
to hear the man In the moon talk? She Yes, 11
It were the mau lu the ooueymoon.
Now is the time to treat catarrh of long
standing. Ely's Cream Halm reaches old
and obstinate oases, where oil other reme
dies fail. Do not neglect procuring a bot
tle, as in it lies the raiiei you ueeit.
Rev. H. H. Fairall, D. 1)., editor of the
fou'o 3r.tftodMt. says editorially: " We have
tested the merits of Ely's Cream Balm, and
believe that by a thorough oourBe of treat
ment it will oure almost every case of ca
tarrh. Ministers as a class are afflicted
with head and throat troubles, and catarrh
seems more prevalent titan ever. We can
not reoommenu mj n ureani jjauu too
Apply Balm into each nostril. It is
quickly absorbed. Gives relief at once.
Frice, 60 cents at druggists' or by man.
68 Warren Street, Mew York,
Tit Oiaauu for breakfast.
Use Knamelhw Wove Polish! no aust, no smell.
ira truly cup
Thin self-prrservatlon In arlinowlerlK-ed to be,
slid people who adopt against the encroaches of
disease u genuiLe snfea-'iard, accrert
ltd by.xpetloiiee and the Mnction ol pny.i
clans. afiord a happy II luatrallon of the wisdom
ot the Haying, In the health they itatcre and
(ontlnne to enjoy. Among maladies, against
the growth i t which Hostetter's Stomach Bit
ters affords tftlclent protection, diseases of the
kidneys and bladder are fra- ght with the ut
most peril and exhibit groat obstinacy when op
posed by ordinary means. Tho Kllttrfl can and
will subdue them Notesllmony is stronger tbao
this, lifted at the outset and persistently, tbe
best fesulis may be expeeied. This medicine
also eradicates liver complaint, constipation,
dyspepsia, malaria, rheumatism and nervous
ness. When a mau beglna;by saving "Of conne, it Is
none of my business, but" It Is a slgu that h -Is
going to make It his buslnes- and advise you
what to do.
We positively ewe rupture, piles and all rec
tal diseases without pain or detention from busi
ness, No cure, no pay. Also all Private dis
eases. Address for pamphlet Drs. Porterneld A
Losey, 838 Market street. 8an Francisco.
The moment yoo present a bill to a man he
begins to get mean.
For gentlemen's fine kanga
roo shoes Watson's Peerless
Polish has no equal. Will pre
serve and make them wear
longer. Ask your shoe dealer
for it '
The Grip Twice
Ml hTt hd tin rip the last twe wlnttrt.
Ut winter It pioilnted m to that 1 hd h
itrecgtl. ud wrald sot
do ny work. I Ml
dowa lud erl4
many time, I wu to blu
and discouraged. I had
great paia In my back
and acroai my kidneys
and through my whole
body. 1 also had a bad
couch. Hood'a Karat pA
rllla Jnit about amred
if life. It r't nte
Jllra. Clark.
itrtngtb so that I could do my work and nail
feel well. 1 shall alwaye to a warm
HOOd'S parTla ClKCS
frieDd to Hood's Barssparilla. 1 do not want
anything better for a family medicine." Mas,
Liezik Clare, Washiogton Villa, fi. L
N. B Be tare to Kft Hood's haraaparllla.
HOOD'S PILLS are tnirely vegetable, ueilectb
harniltaa, always reliable and benefielal
Cures Consumption, Coughs, Croup, 8ora
rkti. clr1 Kv all T)r-iinriti on a Guarantee.
For a Lame Side, Back or Chest Shlloh'a Poroaa
Plaatei will give great satmacuon, as ceoia.
fiUII ftM'ft VITALIZE!?.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chuttanooga,Tenri.. savBt
IJU it t,mtfo4 sisMutii iM-fl Aflrflftftt alHarfjam
namvou Catarrh? Trvthts Remedy. It will
relieve and Oure you. Prloe 60 ots. This In
jector for ite successful treatamtterurrdshea
free. Bhllon's Keraedlee are sold by us on a
guarantee uu sivo huumm.
nS. cancers,
then and every kindred disease arlstm
from Impure blood successfully treated by
that neveivfauuig and best of all tonics and
Books on Blood and Skin
d and Skin
nuuasenton Tk.
cificCo, Aa
, OA.
Diseases froe.
Printed testlTnonlata sent
application. Address
i Swift Specific
Best in the World!
Get the Genuine!
f?7 tftppjiol lstqnality can ever
WtJiliAt ten-nt hvma . Mac
lisp you know h. By freight, prepaid if
prelerrea, we8inpaaieiy4, o oroit. trees;
2-vr.Roses of rare excel fence, everything I
Yon actually pay less than lor the puny
stuff. 1.000 acres Nurseries. 20,000 acreB
Orchards. Exact information abont trees
and fruits. Stark Bros., Louisiana, Mo,
ICTUU1 Pliorn v Swedish abthua.
AO 1 nifl A liUNLU CURE. Sample mailtd fret.
COLLIN6 BRoa. UKDKUNt CO.. St. Louis, Me,
vp Ta4a'ai tf JK "tV The very remarkable and certain
S CJJjLLr.JNr relief given woman by MCOBE 8
w w REVEALED REMEDY has liven
it the name of Woman's Friend. It is mmm i ia uniformly success
ful in relieving the backaches, headaches H C J weaknen
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and make life a pleasure. JOB BALE BY ALL LJ I I
DBUGWI8TS. "" ' v .
, mm Livma,
It yon keep at It, is apt to tell upon
the liver. Tbe things to prevent
this are Dr. Pierce's Pleasant FeUsta.
Take one of these little Pellets tor a
corrective or gentie laxative three
for a cathartic They're the small
est, easiest to take, pleasoDtesI and
most natural In tlie way they acts
They do prmanmd good. Consti
pation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks,
Sick or Bilious Headache, and all
derangements of tbe liver, stomach,
and bowels are prevented, relieved,
and cured.
Tbey're guaranteed to give satbv
In every ease, or your money ti
Tha worst cases of Chronio Ca
tarrh in tha .Head, yield to Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy. So oer
tain is it that its makers offer $500
reward for an incurable case.
A monthly journal of spe
cial interest to Printers,
Reporters, Editors and
If you don't receive it
and want it, write
PalrnGr & ReyType Foundry,
Will ont Dry or (mxm
Bones, Meat. Gristle md bJL,
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double the number of egff
will make them more fer
tilewill carry the hem
safely through the molting
period and put them im
condition to lay when egw
command tbe highest prloe
and will dovefope yow
chicks faster thai aar
other food. ,
Veed Oreen Jones ant
ne Creosoztnie to kiA
the lice, and yon will maa
fifty per cent mora pruiiL
Bend lor Catalogs, wmt
Has no second chance. The
tirvt supplier tils needB If lie
, lanes Uie wise precaution of j
' , plaDtiDg
Ferry's Seeds
a rerrr'neea Annual. mums,
contains aii um lairttauu uwi i
MnfurinlluULtboutUaidenflanil 1
Uardfiiiuat. it is a reootmliwd
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f 1). M. PEUlt Y it VO Detrelt, Hlek.1
Hercules Gas Engina
wmj ua uasuufla)
tvWe for Ponrar or Pumping Purposes.
Tbe Ompeat Bailable Gas JOnsfeas
For Simplicity H BeaU the World.
It oils itself from Beaarvoli,
No Carburetor to get ont of 4asa
Ho Battwles orBlMtrle Rvaik.
it naa wu a Cbaapsr Grade of OasoUu Ibaa aaa
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aora voa oaTaUMins M .
PALMER & BEY, ManufactwuM,
The 8peclflc A No. I.
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hcen und tileet, tut mailer ot bow long
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Prlee. Co., Baa Jo, Cat
T Out of bum asss
P Piaae.