The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 17, 1893, Image 1

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    VOL VI
One year , .(2 no
(If paid In iidviiiiiKi, 91 51) tier year,)
Blx month , , .. i oo
Threw months .......... ,...., so
fthiKle copies..., ........... , ...,,.. 06
Secret Societies.
Iifjlirtmip, ouiiwr, mi.11, 1,11. O.K. meet
i i nnwr,iny BvunniK ut uuu renwws Man, at
A A WAV, N 0.
rr.rt til, iir.rir.i-' n liiiiiur., mi. . i. vi. u. I'.
Meets ill I. (). 0. f (lull lint null .third WedUM-
DOLLIK BAl.TJtllMtl, Seut'y
I.miiHli liOlmt No. ii A. F. A. M.MeM
numnmy evening, tin ui Allure ui lull miHiu ill
"Y E.K. IUkmack, W. M,
; F. M. MlU,KVflt!l!,,
nmtr UHK1K, lii, iw. A. 11. 11. w. Meets every
Ilu 1 A 1 .u..uuu.. 11 U'
J. Ji. tiiomiiwm, uee
(IHN'I. Mkhw Cash1, No. Ill, ntv ,uf OuKmi
.-ninniir v i,i rv mi.iiv m u. a. A- utlll, l..ltnilll,
Or., every KiOimluy evenhiK. excotit the lliird
day Instead. All lirntiwrs of tlie Huns of Vet
erans ami emurittii'soi tnc u. a. k. (ire normally
invUcil ui uiwil with die l,'iinii.
(!.!. Mm-MlCK, Capt,
A. Oka iia.lV, Flrsl Hegt.
v Weatherford 4 Ctaberlatn,
Attorney- at - Law
Attorney -at - Law,
Collections given prompt and careful attention,
Will uracllce hi rII tlio eotnas of the Blate.
Lkuanon, Ommon.
C Vm rl A C1 14 flirt '
U L Llldl it! .5 II U L",
(lomer Main ami Slwrann streets,
,t. IB, THOMPSON, Proprietor.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Special attention paid to Com- :
uiemlttl men.
Board and Lodging, per day, $1 to
$s; per weei; if'i.ou to u
Buucesuoi' to E. L. MuClure..
Shaving Par or.
Tii ITunKtii'd'ia INw
First-Class Artists in attciid
amie. Eot and Cold Batlu with
Shower at all times,
Youb Patronage Sqijcitbd. ;
Your real name must accompany
every communication or li will cer
tainly go to the "waste basket." We
do not want your name for publica
tion, but as a guarantee of (rood faith.
Tire Ileparlfnent Report.
I.i:ni.i.v. dr., Feb. 2. 1SW.
To lira IIoiioaAia,B Matou and Citt
Cotmoninr Lehako, Gidntj.emesi
We Un unt!eraiime.1, Jiebw a- committee
appoln!.l hy the Lebanon Fire Department
at their last regular meeting, to report to
the council the needs of the lire (iepart
mont, submit the following re, wt :
We liave given much attention to the
practical working of the tire apparatus of the
oity of Lebanon, and we find that it in al
most useloHB to the majority of the property
owners, A largo number of additions have
been adder) to the city. Home of the finest
residences are in these additions, with abso
lutely no lire protection. There is only one
cistern on Second street, anil only four -on
Firat; street. People generally are slow to
reulinc that a lire loss is a rmblic loss.: that
it falls directly upon the pimple, and not
upon insurance companies, as it is gener
ally supposed that insurance cinnmrfies
are orgiinl.atious perfected for the purpose
01 making money. They hase their ,calcu-
IlltillUS On tll'C amount of lnsh,.M thev ,.
compelled to pay, and charge the public for
insurance in proportion to the risks thov
curry. They lire uuicl; to see to their o-n
interests, and principally do they criticise
uie condition ol the lire department, The
eminence of our own citvis umniiilirim!
proof of this.statemeiit.
And while imbued with the necessities of
an ecouomiciil; administration of depart,
incut allairs, sight must not be low of the
fact that the continued additions to Leba
non, should mean additions to .the emiin.
mont of the lire dapartment. We must
keep pacel disaster must follow to event
olllte. '-....--..
In this.endeavor we alone are imwerlnss
but with suitable legislation by vsur honor.
able body and rigid enforcement l
insurance companies, much cau be accom
plished and the risks reduced to a mini
mum. ,
These matters will annear under the
head e suggestions later In this report
It ispoor statesmanship that, in orders
save the city treasury a certain sum, com
pels the property owners to pay into the
insuraiioe companies a sum more than
equivalent to the sum proposed to be saved,
It is an erroneous impression that prevails,
that outlying districts are compelled to pay
for a fire department that reduces the rates
in the business portion of the city, while not
limning no same substantial reduction in
the suburbs. We are frequently told that
"W sunurua. we are frequently
" 1b a" '"J"''1 to he taxed to
lopftvtmnt when that depurtme
render any assistance to the par
pay for a
mt cannot
nait.v tjivsd
Cripple your business interests and the
grass win grow m your streets. The wealth
and prosperity of a city and the value of its
real estate and its homes are measured by
its business prosperity. , . ,
Ahead iu nearly ovcry enterprise, Leba
non Is certainly away ahead in death deal
ing electric tight wires on Main street, sine
of city considered, but Lebanon is away be
hind in .its restrictions governing these
dangerous necessities. 'ew appreciate the
danger attending wmtaot with the
light wires on the conditions that create a
contact. 10 come utto contact with an
clgutric light, wire it is not ucccs.snrv for anv
member of the body to come into .contact
wiui uie wires, simply raising a pole
touching a wire will shook and kill the
holder, condition huing perfect. Thmwin
a solid stream of water from a pipe even if
it be n hundred feet from the wire kills the
innn at the pipe, liaising u ladder to enter
u building on lire the ladder touching the
wire, conditions being perfect, kills men on
the ladder, It is a well established foot
that electricity takes the shortest route to
the ground-that route is created when any
uuiiisullutcd matter loaches it, whether wet
wood, iron or o solid stream of water.
These wires arc on streets where the depart
mont may .ho.cailed at any moment in mi,,,
Judders or throw streams of water. Do not
wait until death occurs before reined vhw
this evil.
We suggest that the honorable council
liny a new suctiw. hose. Anyone thnt,,,,.
dci-stands hydraulics knows that apump will
not work when the suction pipe leaks air,
and we have tested the present auction'
hose and kno-iv that it does leak air. go
the engine is almost useless,
Also we would ask for anew hose cart;
one strong enough to curry 500 fret of ml
ber hose. The old cart is liable to break
down at any cross walk, and in case of lire
four or five blocks away, how long would it
take to get water. An hour at the Iwst
Enough property could burn, up in that
time to buy a bam red hose cans.
We would ask that a lire gong be put in
the light station, Also that a telephone
nor. irom the engine house to the liirln sta
tion. In case of tire now, somone would
have to go to the station to RII them what
circuit in cut out. .
Last but not least we need at the least
SIX) feet of linen hose. It is licht nH kr,
cheap, costing about half as much as rub-
uer nose ana win stand a working strain
oi aw ids pressure per suuare inch..
In case of a fire at anv corner when. !.
tetns are located now, the engine would
have to be set one. and some nliv.
blocks from the fire, and witli the amount
ol hose we now have we could only throw
one stream.
In conclusion we will, say that we would
oe pieaBCd to end our report next year with
inese worrls:
"Oar department has succeeded In 'mat.
ing a confidence that has larwlv nriniwd
the rote of insurance, and receive the most
nattering enconiums for good work per
formed. Its success and good name is our
sniy remuneration. Conscious that ouref
forts have been appreciatedwe are content."
c are yours respectfully,
Allen B. Nickebsok, C'h'n
W, J. Guy,
JlHltrH ISl ttL.
Soliull'i Kerry.
Wllllt hllH llOOfUtiil nf ull w
, jv wlly:n.
poudents of days gone by? In vain I
...v. vu nociv ioi jwius irom bweet
mime. Mniiiiruin HnmA x.n A,n
vourmiirliliora all dead'?,' If th'o .
write and let os know," or we remain
iu igiiwrauoe.
VW llAVf from Id in OA (.,!. -t
w iiieiics (,f
biiow at ocuoii'8 Kerry and have en
joyed some flue sleighing.
There has been considerable sickness
in thlB vicinity and several of our pion
eers have passed away.
Notwitllgfeuidilifr it rnlnuH iraw. t.n..,
last Friday night the club enjoyed a
-juv mwul; av tut, iiaii until ei p m
Hupper was served at 12 o'clock by
Mrs. Melle La Bue. We have aonie
fine dances down here, no tippling
and no fighting and they are attended
by a number of good peacuble and
religious people. ,
The question to he debated at the
Lvoeum nnxt HAtiirrluv .;ii u. t..
solved that "married men lay up more
w .uV ...u riiju uK uviwr man sing
le men." The married fraternity are
to sneak on the aftirmutiim ..,! , i...
Biugle on the negative. We expect to
nave a grand "blow-out."
r Saw Dust.
Notice is hereby a-iveu tha'tnn n,o ui.
day of February, 1893.;the County Court oi
Linn County, Oregon, duly licensed and
empowered me as the Ad ninistrator of the
estate of Peter Welt, deceased. t ,.u hi
following real property belonging to said
Beginning 68 chains and as links Vnrth
of the south-east corner of G. W. Klum's
donation land claim No. 39, notification
No. 2522, Township 12, South Kango one
West ol the Willamette Meridean : i hoi,
West 11 chains ; thence North 30 chains and
18 links; thence Kast 11 chains; thence
South 34 chains aud IS links to the place of
beginning, containing 37.CO acres; the
above described land being and lying in
Lmn Counly, Oregon,
I will in pursuance of said license aud
power sell said land on the nth day of
March, 1803, at the court house door in the
city of Albany, Linn County, Oregon at the
nour oi i p. in. ot said day to the highest
and tost bidder tliorfor at nnhlic nm-n,,,,
for cash in baud. The title ofsaid decedent,
I'eter Welt, being a foesimplo in said land.
'A.J. Wrt.t,
. ';''.,' Administrator of said'estate.
W. R. llti.vrr
i : Attorney for Administrator
ry Dp.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me will Blease call and set
tle at once as I am needing my money.
Mrs L. Dinsmore is very sick at the
home of her parents.
Master Asherry Fitzwater spent
Monday night with his sister and
went to Lebanon Tuesday,
James Fitzwater jr., and wife are
spending the winter with, the former's
Mr. H. Sylvester and his charming
wife are keeping house at the old place
formerly occupied by Mr. S.'s parents.
Mrs. J. 8. Caldwell is suffering from
an attack of rheumatism which is verv
Monday Mr. and Mrs. Cox were in
the neiehborhnorl 1 ntAIWlfufi In ?nl...,l
matters pertaining to its commence
ment. Miss Downing who taught the past
winter here is engaged to fill the posi
tion during the coming spring and
summer. The young lady has many
friends here. ,
Grandpa Cummings walked to
Waterloo Sunday afternoon.
We are glad to hear that Alice,
daughter of Frank and Mattie Gleason
of Waterloo, is convalescing. The girl
has had mora thn ,.. i .
. UHU ct ounre oi
Mrs. J. A Morgan and eldest son are
HlSO On the CiillVulpaninf l,ct (t ..
were illness, and we hope to soon
lIltw uiiiuiait- restoraiion to
Mr. G. W, Brown's sheep flock is
rapidly increasing, having upward of
50 nice lartre lambkine n
bad weather having lost but a very
few head.
Mrs. Grant T.lnrilpv'o v,Aoith t.n
much improved as to admit of her
umg uivveu uome.
The looked for Chinook has come.
Thursday nf luat aulr n,l,iln t::
ntt nude uiiuie
(.aldwpll urua nlat.ln It, l,n I I. i
at Mnunrjtin Y'iunr Bun
.. nllc cauie
across a young deer which it is sup
posed was run down and killed by
dogs a few days ago. The deer was
about a veflr ftd Tl,a imi,. i.i
very bad because it would not wake
uj auu pittjr Willi HIT.
John Prior haw two Lnnuu ,int- .,.iu
the blind staggers.
Old Father Priori mo,,., .
here rearret his rovia ninMao anA i.,
ere long to see his venerable form and
cueery mue among us again
Neiirhhor fin mt. u nH
voumr lamhs dnrini. fha mmnt ,fn.m
- n Q v" txtlV BWIIU
of snow and rain.
Mr. B Ketherharl Iho ,.,lF.,i.,., .
fall on an ax one day last week, cut
ting his left arm quite badly,
Messrs Pnnnlpu'pH (la anA
vl .. uvv un., jjiauiu-
pton went to Lebanon Saturday.
Wo llnnWstanri ttxat AT irti
- jiii, xveuier
sold to Ins son Bertie instead of Mr.
Williams, and we may retain them as
neighbors after all, We hope so.
Grandpa Cuinmlugs is still very
poorly ouly being able to be around.
We hope he will be better soon.
Green Kinder k nlnwlnn nf nHi..
Farm. " 8
Academy Notea.
Examinations about over and the
students are breathing easier,
Wm. Wallaoe, a former student of
the Academy, entered schuol this
A class in Latin, consisting of six
members, was organized this week.
A live debate was enjoyed at the
Literary Society last Friday night iu
the question, resolved, that Caesar was
a greater man than Hannibal.
The new officers of the Sooiety were
installed last Friday night.
Miss Grace Michael, ef Sniner. who
iias been in attendance the past two
terms, went home last week
The Grant and Lee ouestion will hi 1
debated next Friday evening at the E. !
L. S. James Burtenshaw and Willi
Ross leaders.
, .....
The Church of Christ meels in the
Academy lor regular services every
Lord's Day in the morning at 11
o'clock. Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
All are Invited to attend.
NO. 52
A Oraut County Letter,
1?1, innn
IWLI1, 10110. J
thinking a few line from this sac
lion might interest some of your manv
readers, I will try and give you 'a few
iti'lns in brief. .
Times are tliill i.,j.. i
; stock, and nionei 'm "aWg
JNo loss of stock in this county vel
We have had the mildest winter so'
(?rr0(';?Wn-rline? the settlement of
fo uin'S' The'fomeler has not
w IZ. T" -toht this
i, '" I,U JMMCuir,v that
ice could be procured for uc! sumruer'a
Cattle ftrlfj flnKina a. . I i :
can hardly be sold at anv p?ice. Sheep
SOT Hg8 m5 eta
Eggs, 25 to 87 cts. per doz. Butter
wtft 10 Perftrj, accortlii.K to locality.
Wheat, 75 cts. Oats, lj to 2 cts. per
' Although times are dull at present
a irinIIUe,!Wlll8arely C01U soon
as spring advaneca ... .
attracting considerable attention from
.'v"""'l"i wunu, on account of the
U,i, tu ue Donanzus
when properly worked.
.Our country needs more than, all"'"
advent of which would makeGrant
""""7 kcuiiu to tew of the older and
counties of this state.
. i iT . ""-ay win neconio
a law as he benefit to old Linn wourd
be Of UOto d LrulU J-I....,..:. 1
born and reared almost to manhood
inn,, i ,ee, a aeep llltm,rt ,
move that would add to her prosperity.
I Bee hv VAIll, 1 n .
oue by one those of my earliest ac
quaintances and friends are passim?
tZy,r"!fu1,,8i beinK Uncle Jaoky '
Rose, (with whose children I have
SOent mailV ttnnn,, ,1.. l -Ml.
-. 1 ""v miiB years agoi
w n will ever be remembered as a kind
father and neighbor by all who knew
I will probably write again if any
hiug occurs that might lie of hteiest
to your readers.
Most Respectfully, Yours,
T. H. Cl Ri..
Salarlei Beiluoed.
Following is the full text of senate '
bill No, 184, introduced by Mr
Weatherford, to fix the mavm,,.'
compensation of all public officers In
the State of Oregou. which is ifcey to
i.iecome a law: .
Section 1. The entire
of no public officer within the state of
Oregon shall exceed $.5000 per annum,
wuo is paid otherwise than by salary.
Section 2. Every public officer
within the state who receive m,v
other compensation or emoluments la
whatever manner than flv.,1 o.,i...
shall file In his office, open at all
times to public Inspection, within live
uays arter the tirst day of January,
April, July and October, a sworn anil
itemized statement of all his receipts
from all souroes, and all or the neces
sary and reasonable expendilures on
acoount of his office, and such offloer
shallgivea statement of the amount
paid for deputies or heln. oi
and time employed and compensation
agreed to be paid; provided, however,
that the compensation for such help or
deputies shall only be reasonable and
usual wages for like work- o,,rt :..
-- , ...,.
time actually employed for the past
quarter, and shall thereupon pay into
the state or enuiitv.t".isiii, iii' .. .
cess of (1500.
Section 8. Any public officer who ,
shall fall to collect or charge any fees
or compensation accruing to the olflco '
held by him, or who shall fn t a
ply wilh any of the provisions of the '
? . .. ally of tl,e Prions .of the
demeanor f " """"
.. '
.xinriuM .A t .. ,
-i, x'jverv ii on n ns
shall upon surrendering his office giv(" 1
to his successor in office a full an
complete list of all indebtedness c.L I
- '' "ice iioiii ana after Jul&dl
a. it. imi, i
, as sii
1 i
. J . ,
,' .:' . - -T-'. -