The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 10, 1893, Image 1

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    V,:1 ,f . . " f ' V,.;, V'... . ' ?
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: ' ; ' .. 5'
Am rear...... ............. W
(H pelt la advanol, U Mperyear.) .
Hi nomiu..,............................ i,.,.. 1 00
ttmelnonlM ....................... M
Magi OOpllfc..M.HM...M..WMMH...M. 06
Secret Soolatlas.
LrHaIWN LODOK, HO. , 1, 0. 0. r.-HeeU
twystkirdsy evening at Odd Follow. Hll, U
"to- !,,..
ntrnWY'i mnnK MO. 4f . 1 0. O. P.
MertiaU. O.O. r Ball tint wd.'UiM Wednes-
-g'TmonBUBK, H.a,
SWAM) nowm, no, A. . -
tastimUy evening, oa or before Un full moon in
1. 1. Bjudkck, W. V,
V. M. MlUia, 8M.
Boor Inwit. Ko. K, A. 0, 0. W.-Meeu mn
""' " "-riynn, il. w.
' C. A, ZlM, BM.
UBfl Hiux Cr, go. M lrr afOnno
MfoMUr VBT I. MetJl U1U. J--HSU, wiauion,
Dr., very Beluruey evaaJmt. mcept the tMrjr
eaunraay oi own nuom, wwim.h . ootdlally
A. Cu BUI, Writ Beet.
I eatberford 4"aamtierlaln,
Attorney-at - Law,
Attorney-at - Law,
WUI protlc la 11 the oourti of the MU.
onm in cotnmnnr'i Miat.
Lkbanok, Ohkoom.
St Charles Hote,
Oonur Miln nodineraun UU,
J. B, TH0MP8OH, Proprietor.
Tirst-Class in all Apartments.
8peobl attention naid to Com
luerolai man.
Board and Lodging, far day, 1 to
SS; oar week $4.60 tofo
:84woeor to R. L, MoOlare.
Shaving Par or.
Xu Hanaard'a J(er
firtt-Claat Artists i MeA
muse. Sot and Cold Baths wttk
grower at ail timet.
Your Patronage Souotran.
mx real name mutt accompany
every communication or It will
tninly go to the "waste basket." We
do not want yosrr name for publlca
tlon, but as agoaranteeof good faith.
Mr. Kether'tamaoM ont to Mr. William,
of nrar Blwdd Station. Tbe latter wlH
move into ttfetr new Home (ometime in
the near futtive.
Whitlier Mr. Kether an'l family intend
olnn we know not, bnt a (rood true neifh
bon and moat estimable paoplr, we do not
winh to part with them, and hoie they will
locate nw.;it the eanie time we extend '
hearty weteonie to Mr. and Mr. WlOiami.
Willie Penplewell ie at preeent aeaieting
W. H. Omunlngn in cuttina: a due lot f
Mr. Ftamnh i clearing an acre of ground.
whkh feeoiitende putting In purapkuufhe
coming lauon.
Hn. Kary Que it auffering from an at
tack of alieumatuim and la carrying one
arm la anling In order to get any relict
Mr. and Mr. J. 8. Caldwell, with Ihelr
daughter Birdie, ent Friday with paieute
and Brand parente at Spring Farm.
Deputy aiHKMir Williame hae agaia vi-
ited tlue place,
Rev. Norton, of Chriiti OhurcKia iatba
neiirhhnrhoorf again and eonimaroattd
two marriagei here this week.
T. H. Winkler in grubbing the went arm
of hie place.
Mr. French il baring a piece of land
grubkeond cleared on,the south east partof
the place he bought of B. B. Burtensbaw.
Mr. Whiting, of Lebanon, is again dreu-
lating a petition for a road, which all will
do well In sign as it shortens the distance
from here to lebnuon about two miles.
MraChas. Scott and Mrs. Uee visited at
Mountain View Monday.
Grandpa Oummingi went to Waterloo
Sunday and went to Lebanon Monday.
Mrs. Edwardi and daughter ipent Wed
nesdaw afternoon at Spring Farm, visiting
Grandpa Oumminga.
Thursday the smiling face of Doc South
was seen here.
Wm.0. Brown went to Lebanon Wed
Mrs. Hellie Oatta Is home again after a
two months stay with Mn. Bowers of Ham.
Mr.and Mrs. A. FlUwater and family,
who have been visiting tbe formers par-
euta,nd otlier relatives returned Jo tbelr
home Monday.
A nue jersey cow left the Mountain
Viow nmclie in a very mysterious manner
last summer. Several days thorough search
threw so light upon her whereabouts. Tbe
morning of tbe 20th Inst the same ow
stood! the east gate opening Into tbe read,
after an absence of (1 mentbiandl days,
seemingly glad to get home again.
1. 8. Caldwell has his carrots all dug and
says be will dig no more carrots ia tbe
mud, this year at least.
We aw snowed in, only venturing out to
do ohoses, feed the stock and fowels, get fire
wood ata. Mr. Editor, how are you oft for
woodf Just come out and we will give you
all theetood you want.
February was ushered in like a roaring
lion, stltUuarUng and growling. It can't
go out too soon, like a little lamb either.
Mother earth wean her mantle of white
very beaamingly and seems intent on a
continuation, of the lame, which does not
We arexejoioed to learn that Mrs. Grant
Lludley Is improving and we hope to bear
filially of iter complete restoration to health.
She bas had seven time. Rax.
0. Lovetee, the Hllor bas a large lot
of samples to select from, and nan
surely suit jrcu.
Undertaking a Specialty.
sa Bad of Two Lives. I
i- i
tFroni Albany Herld.
A trawjdy that resulted in twndntt lie
took plaoe Dear Thomas Cnek, about
twelve Dllltaeast of thin city Batar
day morning at I o'clock. Otto fier-
.fling shut and killed lib wife liixtaiit-
ly; Lydia SerMiltr, and (hen wmii a
bullet crashing through liw own
rain. i.
Vhey had been married n'lly B -ut
a yew and their home was not a iup-
pyone. Sometime age Mm. Bel-ding
ipecKea net iruni ana went to rort-
land. Sirfling fbllowd and Induced
'tier to return with him, pnnumaiily
to adjust some malteas iu ngard to
JJie property. Friday evening they
went to danoe at Krad MOBpolt'a, a
Belgbuuf Dear by. They quarrelled
and he went home early in tbe even
ing. He did not retire, however, but
made all arrangements for the killing.
He wrote a long letter, which was
dated Feb. 4, 1WS, in which he said it
bad become necessary tor him to take
his own life, and that he hoped his
friends would forgive. He gave di
rections as to his burial and disposal
of hispriperty, i.e also referred to a
will be had made and left In the
hands of an attorney. Tbe letter was
written hi a very furoible mauner and
contained numerous vulgar passages,
which (preclude its publication. Mrs.
Berfiiug came home alHiut 8 a. m.,
aud immediately repaired to the bed
room, where Berfliug was waiting, and
what took plaoe there Is better told In
the testimony of hie daughter, Clara
Serfilug, who wee the only person In
Uw house at thtiyie. "The-first-thing
be (Berttiug) .done was to lock
tbe door, and all I heard hei say to
him was 'Aiut you gone to bed yet?'
He said it was none f ber damn
business. Hlie did nut Kuy anything.
Theu he suid, 'Come iu here! I want
to speak to yuP (the bedroom was
divided by a curtain lulo two rooms.)
That is all I beard either of them say.
Theu I beard her scream after which
I went to uie Iwrn. I heard two o:
three shols. They hml both been
away during the evening. He came
home about 7:30 o'clock Friday night,
and site came home about 8 Saturday
morning, fjhe is my stepmother. I
beard some acufMing. I do not know
whether be struck her or not. They
had aome trouble on Thursday. I
never heard him make any threats
agaluKt ber, but have beard him say
that he Would kill himself. It was
bis third wife.
Coroner Farrell went out yesterday
morning and found matters substan
tially as stated above. He shot ber
three times, all taking effect
In the bead, causing instant death, and
then turned the revolver An himself
firing one shot, the bull going through
bis brain. A Jury was summoned and
the following verdict rendered:
Thomas Chkkk, Linn Co., or-. 1 .
Fun. i, imt. I
We, the undereigued mners j ury,
empanneled to inquire Into the death
ofOttoBerillng and his Hife, Lydia
Serfling, do fiud thfct they came to
their death by Otto Berfling shooting
his wife and theu hlumell'.
J. A. liivuo,
J. 8. Mourns,
Wm. Bilvku,
A. (SOMMI.B, .
Wm. K. Mkspklt,
This was Mr. Berfllng's third wife,
while she bad beeu married the fifth
time. They were both about fifty
yeara of age. Hhe was a handsome
woman while he vaa a well to do
farmer. In the room where the doub
le murder was committed was found
an ax and shotgun, henlde the revol
ver with which the shooting.
Until Feb. 16th you cau get the best
grade of cabinet photographs at Rlbe
llu'i gallery for f2.50 per d
No DedaetlMt
The senate chamber was yefeked
with visitors at i p. m. Monday when
the session was resumed. The eaess
meut taxtion bill of Law ton, a it paw
ed tbe house, was the special order.
Willis proposed an amendment to re
peal certain sections of the codes;
making the law conform throughout
with the preeent bill, and providing
that tbe aseesewent shall be made as
on March 1st of each year. Weather
ford moved to table the amendment,
which would nave carried the bill to
the table with IL The motion was
lost and the senate adopted tbe resolu
tion. Vanderburg proposed an amend
ment, which had for its object the pre
vention of double taxation by reason
of indebtedness. Lawton's bill, as it
pasaed the house and came np In the
senate Monday on third reading, al
lowed no deductions for indebtedness
and repealed the mortgage tax law,
In other particulars the bill makes na
changes In the present laws on the
subject of assesemeut and taxation.
The senate refused to adopt the Van-
berberg resolution and the measure
then came up for final passage. Many
senators favored the clause permitting
deductions for indebtedness; they also
wanted mortgages to be taxed. But
in order to accomplish the one they
were willing to vote both, fearing that
unless this measure was adopted there
would be no legislation this session on
this all-absorbing tophv On taking
tbe vote 18 voted infavor of the bill,
10 against, while two were absent. Ho
the bill passed and with Ita amend
ment waB hurried to the house. The
house promptly concurred In the
amendment and very soon Oregon
will have a new assessment law one
that allows no deduction for indebted'
n ess and that does not; tax mortgages.
The governor will not interfere, aa be
favors the first clause and to see en
forced is willing to waive bis prefer.
euoe relating to tbe assessment of
mortgrgea. Statesman.
Notice is hereby given that on tbe 7th
day of February, 1893he County Court oi
Linn County, Oregon, duly licensed and
empowered me as the Ad ninistrator of the
estate of Peter Welt, deceased, to sell the
following real property belonging to said
Beginning 68 chains and 86 links North
of the south-east oorner ofG. W. Klum's
donation land clalea No. SB, noti&catio
No. 2622, Township U, South Bangs one
West of the Willamette Meridean; I hence
West 11 chains ; tbence North 90 chains and
18 links; thence East 11 chains; thence
South M chains and 18 links to the plaoe of
beginning, containing 37.60 acres; tbe
above described land being and lying in
Linn County, Oregon.
I will in pursuance of said license and
power sell said land on the 11th day of
March, 1893, at the court house door in the
city of Albany, Linn County, Oregon at the
hour of 1 p. m. of said day to the highest
and best bidder therfor at publio auction
for cash in hand. The title of said decedent,
Peter Welt, being a feesimpls in said land.
A.J, Wail,
Administrator of said estate.
W. R. Bttvao,
Attorney for Administrator.
In and around Portland great inter.
est Is being taken over the abduction
from her husband, La Wing, of a
Chinese woman who is his wife. The
abduction was brought about by Ah
Lute, another Chinaman, and a U. 8,
Marshal named West, from Seattle
under a pretended warrant, and the
supposition Is that another Chinaman
intended to run ber off. She was
brought back by a writ of habeas cor
pus, and Ah Luie and Marshal West
will have to stand trial for abduction.
So much interest was taken in the oase
that the members of tbe Evening Star
Grange petitioned the governor to in-
1 terfere and see that justice was done to
the poor Chinaman and wife.
NO. 51
Coundll Proceeding.
Council met Jaat Tuesday In resulan
meeting tbe Mayor and all the Coun-
cilrnen were present
Minutes of previous meeting
rend and approved.
Mr. A. B. Nlckerson was nremnt nrl
read a report from a oommlttMi from
the fire department which was referred
i tbe committee ou health and polios.
Mr, J.J. Dubruille of the Electric
Light and Water Co. was present and
stated that they would like to know
wnat tbe city would do about taklnr
water hydrants as they were ready to
erder pips If satisfactory arrangements
could be made. The oouncll decided
to meet next Tuesday night with the
company in joint meeting.
The Mayor then presented aoertlfled
copy of the amendment to the city
cnarter in regard to extending the
Incorporation which was read and
placed on file.
The bills of the Lebanon Kelectrla
Light Co. for 160. B. E. Mankev for
827,60, and Smith A Weetfall for $1,50
were allowed and an order drawn on
tbe treasurer for tbe same.
Council then adjourned to meet
next Tuesday night.
In Oregon people in politics aud out
of politics scheme to see how mncb
free advertising they can get out of tbe
newspapers. It ia different in San
LFrandsB. i Aftes. tbex reasot-lefltiosr-
the board of election commissioners
audited and allowed the following
bills for printing the nomlnatlona, Or
egon papers print for nothing: Exam
iner, (18,200; Cronlclt, (18,200; Call,
!3,194r Post, $11,860; Report, $11,000.
Senator Meyers has Introduced s
bill, probably suggested by a case re
cently occurring In this county, which
explains Itself. Section 1. Whenever
sny Individual, while lawfully travel
ing upon any publio highway of this
state, the same being legal county
road, shall, without contributory neg
ligence on his part, and not having
been warned of the defect or danger
by notice or otherwise, sustain any
loss, damage or Injury In oonsequenoe
of the defective and dangerous charac
ter of such road or bridge, either to his
property or person, be shall be en
titled to recover compensatory damage
therefor off the noun ty In which such
loss, damage or Injury occurred, by an
action In the Circuit Court of such
sounty, or In a justice court therein if
the amount of damages sued tat be less
than $1,000.
A Bargaia.
' TIT n VatMun tha mat.llnir M&l
estate agent, will sell you a chelae 10
acre tract of land for hops, garden er
fruit, adjoining the city on the east, at
a special bargain. Call on him at once
ana tooa iu, ibiiu over auu ui iud ui.
. ...I,,,. ., A llutin- t .
BMUJI1. VI 11 UI1BO a 1 1 U UH.11UU IV
get yourself a flue tract of land at a
A ratal Blow.
Several days ago, so says a Hlllis
boro paper, a Chinaman who lived at
Beaverton, met a audden and tragic
death through bis own thoughtlessness
The Chinaman was the owner of a
team, and, having occasion to enter
the stable where be has been keeping
his horses, be passed very -near the
heels of one of the animals without
taking tbe precaution to speak first.
The boras was frightened by the aud
den and Unexpected appearance of the
Chinaman, and the animal gave a
vicious kick, striking the poor Mon
golian In the tuck between the should
ers. Tbe blow was so powerful that it
killed the Chinaman almost Instantly,
Beaverton la along tbe line of lha
West Side railroad, 11 miles from
Portland, and as the station Is located
in Washington county. Coroner Hoi
man was not notified of the fatal ac
cident, as it wub out of hiejurlsdictlon.
"4 :
1 ft':-