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Lebanon Express.
FRIDAY, FEB. 8, 1808,
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Come In for )nb work.
J. W. Menzles Is quit 111 this week.
Pumps und pipe down to Albany
prleos. F.C. Ayeub&Co,
Grover Hneklomun In visiting In
Lnhunon this week. ,
W.M. Brown In teaching a term of
school In the Keebler district,
Wm. (,'urothors Is carrying the Sweet
Home mull on ho batik, (luring the
bud weather.
Fri'Bh breud, pics, doughnut und
cukes kept constantly on hand at Mm.
May Zuhu's. ,
Miss Mnltie Gentry Is up from Bul
em visiting her parents neur this
. place. ,
G.Lovelco, the merchant tailor, bun
received over 000 samples. Cull and
look them over, and get prices.
Fresh Chinook Bulmmi, und ull kinds
of fr-sb fish; the best the murket will
ufTord, ut the Fish und Poultry murket.
Atty. 8. M. Garland left yentorduy,
for Salem, where he goes to be present
at some of the meetings of the legisla
ture. For wutch repairing go to Hunsell's
at the City Drug store, and get u per
fect Job. All work guaranteed or
money refunded.
County Clerk N. P. Puyne bus Issued
license to murry to 11. W. Wallace
and Llllle McBrlde, VV. 0. Perry und
Carrie McNeil.
Farmers: 8. N. Steele & Co., of Al
buny, Or., are now prepared to loan
money from one to live yours, lu sums
of laiil to $10,000. Cull on or write
The Church of Christ meets lu the
Academy or regulur services every
Lord's Day lu the morning ut 11
o'clock. Buuduy school ut !0 o'clock,
All ure Invited to attend.
J. N. ('moduli and wife returned
home Tuesduy from a visit to relatives
t Drum. M r. Crundull brought home
the skin of a lurge cougar, which wus
killed while he was visiting I here.
Wecnll attention to W. C. Da
vis' new ml which appears In this in
ane of the Exi'liKHH, Mr. Davis is
successor to O. W. Simpson und when
visiting Albany ynu should not fall to
give him n cull.
The Exl'iti'KK desires to again remind
Its friends who are in urreuts thut we
are in great m-ed of our money: We
oumiot pay our debts without It. We
hoie everyone who is behind will come
forward at an curly date and settle.
Fruit trees for sale at M. L. Forster's
uursery, ut bed-rock prices. Call and
get my prima before buying elsewhere.
Prune trees very cheap for the next
thirty days. M. L. Fokstkh,
Tangent, Or.
The clllzens of the Helo school dis
trict have nearly ail signed the peti
tion to the legislature for the'lssuuuce
of school bonds, but seven or eight re
fusing. These nuines together with
their reasons for not signing have been
taken; and If when they are read by
the members of the legislature, the
uiunuur of "uins-ihack" is not heard,
we will he surprised. Sclo Press.
Hundreds of feet of the roof on the
grand mniinfueluriis building of the
World's fair, the largest bulitliiig lu
the world, was crushed under Hie
great weight of snow this morning.
The agricultural and other buildings
were also damaged, and still others
are being watched with the utmost
anxiety. The dnniuge already
amounts to many thousand
There are now about 2115 students in
attendance at Cheinnwu, a much larg
er number than ever bifore, und they
are a pleasant, healthy, wide aw ake
lot of children. "And," adds u our-,
respondent, "those who have been ac
quainted with this school from the
first say it has never before enjoyed
the .prosperity and greatness that It
now enjoys, which spcukes volumes
for the present management. Ex,
A man who lives In town and stands
high In the church has a poor old
uiure that he has turned loose to
Hake IU own living during the snow
storm. He got a boy to drive It out lu
the country hoping it would die before
it could get back. MlkeDonelly found ft
on hit way to town lying lu a fence
comer almost frozen. He helped
It up aud got It out In the sun and
started It buck to town, A Kleknpoo
Indian would not treat a dumb brute
as this Christian gentleman lias.
Bibelin, the photographer.
Special baking done to order at Mrs.
May Zahn's,
Mr. 8. Peet and family left yesterday
for California.
Miss Mary Freeze, who has been
quite sick. Is able to return home.
Standard flour, $3.(10 per bbl. Come
In. D.B.Zeh.
S. P. Bach and wife returned home
Monday from a visit to Salem.
Chos. F, Miller is again back In Leb
anon after a few days visit in Salem,
Mrs. Sperling, who has been quite
ill for some time, Is able to be out,
Prof. Wilkes has resigned his position
at Kugenc and will go back to Kansas.
G. Loveloe, the tailor has a large lot
of samples to select from, and can
surely suit you.
License to vied bos been Issued to
Perry O. Ross and Miss Ada Lock
wood. There is to be a grand masquerade
bull at this pluce on Feb. 22, at Union
hall. "
Revival services were commenced
lust night at the Baptist church by
Rev. May Jones, the lady evangelist.
Lou, the China luundryman, stuck a
pin In his bund, which resulted in
blood poisoning. He Is now in Salem.
The lecture which was to have been
given ut the M. E. Church south to
the ladies yesterday, was postponed
two weeks on account of the Weather.
Prof. Luttu, principal of the Shedd
school, and his assistant Miss Ramsey,
visited Lebanon this week, and Prof.
Michener wus all smiles.
It is suid that a Lebanon small boy,
when saying his prajvr to his mother
before retlrelng, gave the following
"If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul take,
To ra ra boom da ree !"
The San Francisco Chronicle is ar
ranging to get tut a World's fair edi
tion of 1,000,000 copies. It will con
tain maps of all the states, and big
writeupsof any place paying for them,
for Instance cities like Albany may lie
boomed for $1,400. Oregon City pro
poses to invest one man alone sub
scribing fciOO.
Mr. C. F. Davis, editor of the Boom-
field, Iowa, Farmer, suye: "I can rec-
omiuend Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy to ull suffererB with colds ami
croup. I have used it in my family
for the past two years and have found
It the best I over used for the purposes
for which It is intended." 60 cent bot
tles for sale by M.. A. Miller.
Several parties lu Portlund, Includ
ing Geo. M. Hylaud, J. H. Welder and
J. M, Hudson, have Incorporated the
Oregon Advertising Association; capi
tal stock $10,0110. Mr. Geo. Hylaud
bus been selected president of the com
pany. They will build a car sim
ilar to the Leuk's, that visited Albany,
till it with Oregon products, and visit
points throughout the Uulted States,
They expect to lie on the road by Au
gust 1st. '
The Jefferson Review tells the fol
lowing: We are informed by parties
in attendance at the dunce given at
Miller's station Friday night of last
Week, several lads from Albany,' not
exceeding 12 or 14 years of age, were
in u bad slate of Intoxication, having
to lie dragged from where they were
lying stupefied, und placed In places of
safety, Any dls peuser of "bug juice"
wiio sells the vile slut! to children de
serves to be punished und In this ouse
are liable to receive it. a
The editor of the East Oregon ian
says that the Oregon militia is com
posed of spindle-shank youths and the
entire lot would not keep at buy a
couple of cur dugs. There is no law to
prevent the E. O. mail from having
his opinion uud expressing It, but if be
will come over to Joseph he will lind
in a single oouipuuy of tills despised
mlllthi lorly men, anyone of whom
will convince him of bis mistake lu
about two minutes. -Wallowa Chief
tain. , ' :
The burse has good hearing und Is
easily readied by soil kind words,
which please him better than harsh
ones. Soft words do not excite and
scare him. Yelling at a team does not
help to pull tile load; it hinders nine
oases out of ten. The driver tbat
makes little noise Is the one that
drives the team that pulls square,
holds oti like grim death, goes slow
and wiggles out. The driver that yells
drives the team that see -saws, strug
gles, flies baak and leaves the wagon
lu the mud. The fact is no horse with
brains likes to be yelled at like a prize
fighter. Ex.
Prof. Michener visited Halsey last
Sunday. - -
(.'all at Rifadin's gallery and look at
his work and get his prices on pictures.
Crayons a specialty,
The young people of our city gather
ed at the residence of J, J. Swan lost
Monday and gave a farewell party to
the Missel-- Peet who left this week for
their former home in California.
The smart alecks of this town have
resurrected 'he old son ir "Is that Mr.
Riley, etc., w hich was burled several
years ago, and are constantly spring
ing that mouldy chestnut on the suf
fering public.
N. W. Smith made a business trip
to Portland lai-t week, and unfortu
nately lie got I' ft anil hud to slay over
Sunday l:ut. we undt'isiuud he spent
the lime pleasantly in Oregon City
looking ut the sights. He-reports all
well. -
.lack Bub-ton's frit-mis gsihrnd a
the ruslilcutw of (!. II. It ilstwii on Tues
day ami gave .lack a sni-prK; party in
honor of Mi I!!th i-IVtiiday. After
spending several h ours in conversation
garni . etc,, the crowd left wishing
Jack many happy birthdays.
Tin-re will be services In the First
Presbyterian church every Sunday,
morning uud evening. The evening
sermon Is cMsritilly intended for the
young people. Young People's prayer
meeting ut 7 1'. u. on Sundays. All
are cordially invited to come and wor
ship with us. Please make yourself
known to the Pastor.
KmvAiiu KccussMUf.
Mr. Albert Favorite, of Arkansas
Cily, Kan., wishes to give our readers
the benefit of bis experience with
cold. He says: "1 contracted a cold
early last spring settled on my
lungs, and bad hardly recovered from
it when I caught another thut hung
on nil summer and left me with a
luicking eouh which ( thought I
never would pt rid ! I had used
Chanibcrhiln.s Cough Remedy some
fourteen yeurs ago witli li uch success
und concluded lo try it airaiu. When
I hiul got through willi one bottle my
cough hud entirely left me, and I have
not suffered with u cu;rli or cold since.
I have recommended it lo others, and
all speak well of it." 30 cent bottles
f. rsulc by M. A. Wilier.
In Hie United States district court at
Portland ,yesli-id:-y U.K. Montgomery
formerly oi Albany was arraigned
on mi tndii'lio "in rh-irglug him with
sending an obs'ci no !. Iter I h rough the
HiiiiU A pica of : o; guilty was en
tered ami the trial wis set. Prosecu
ting Ally. Mas appeared fur the U.
r!. and Str.-ilinu As Pip--:-, and J. K.
iVealhi-n'oiu for the defendant. The
court dec;. ied that mere wjs uot suf
ficient -proof 1 1 show th.ililie letter
was written by the defendant, and the
law would no! all-i'.v of hi admittedly
genuine v. ritinit licing us:'d
with the letter in question to establish
Ids guilt-. There was llieivi' -re noth
ing for the United Stab's attorney to
do bill lu enter u. "nolle" and
ei-y was diseiniry-'d.
Tivu bills hav" levii introduced
nearly alike. One provides that "if
any person oiler ili.iuan "Hicer on
l iwi'ul liusiui as, be n,: ,u uii'-l with a
gun, ptsto! on-ih- r tife.-u-in, shall go
or trespaw upn.i anv inclosed
oreuiises or lands, without the consent
of the owner or possess ir I hereof, such
trespasser shall lie deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor ami upon conviction
thereof ahull te puni.-'iod by ; tine of
not less tliau nor , m-uv til yi $30,
and in delimit ol'lbc payment of .Mm
fine im;i .1 sirill l" o uimituvl to the
jail of the cubiy in which lb.' offense
Is vouiiuittc'l " ie day for every $li of
the said line," Oil" u" the bills
inukes it iinkt .villi for hunters to shoot
from or iipnu I he. louoU mad,- and
do trcsp e-siii! iipnu !b ' pi''-niis:'s or
lund-. of another lia.v bo killed by the
land owner wi'lmuf i'ui llcr ceremony.
The hoys bave be u snowballing
everybiiily aim. n card less of age or
nationality, u'.lni iitlle lUscleliou in
the mailer, among i tlicl's having uu
extra dose fur ,l,e C Idiunnwi. Last
night a Mongolian wvtit aioiig the
.street wiili bis hand on a revol er
with the avowed purpose of shooting
II not let ..lone, lie was not disturbed.
Snowballing Is all right; lu the right
place when the tight is even, and the
contest lair; but it is cowardly to hit a
man In the buck, or older men and
Chiiiuinen anywhere. Several boys
attacked a Chiiiumau belonging to the,
Feiry S'reet house, audit is claimed
broke one of bis ritis. An attack on
Prof. Torliell, of the College resulted
In the Professor's, glasses being biok
en. Complaint was made for war
rants in luch case; but It is always I
difficult to plate the .offenders and uu I
krrvaU have been mini,'. Detuuerat. j
We are Going to Wee if Tliere in
Any Money
Floating around in the "Neck of the Woods," by offering the
following reductions in prices. Come in and make some
money by saving it. ftpEverything listed here a genuine
bargain. The best way to profit by this offer is to come in
atonce, as it will not last always; it may close in a week or
a month. we can t tell about
Ladies' French Kid Shoes .$5 00
" " Patent tip, high heel 4 50
" Pongola Kid Shoes 4 00
" " " " patent tip. . 3 50
" ' " . ... 3 00
" " " " plain toe. .! 3 00
" " " pateuttip....:... 2 50
" " " . ............ . 2 00
Hen's Cordovan Congress 6 50
" Calf Congress...... 5 00
" Kangaroo Bal and Congress. 5 00
" Calf Congress.... 4 0C
" , " Congress and Bal 3 00
" Bal shoes, Forest Park . ............ . . ... 1 75
Misses' Little Giant school shoe 2 00
h n ' 1 75
child's " " 1 50
: " 1 25
Men's Oil Grain Boots.
Calf Boots
" DongolaCalf Boots.....
Men's Stiff Hats
" "
" Soft "
" " " :
" ,-. " "
" Umbrellas
Men's Wool Shirts
" " "
" Buckskin Gloves....
" " .
" Uuderehirts........
" "
Dress Goods..
We cannot name everything that we would like to, on
account of space. Come and see us. We will do you good.
C. C.
Waterloo Factory.
The Brownsville Times has the fol
lowing to say about Waterloo indus
try: The new factory at Waterloo is soon
to be completed and will be oue of the
finest of the kind on the Pacific coast.
It will be a boon to encourage other
Industries in the county, will enhance
yalue of property in Waterloo and
vicinity, will no donbt put iu circula
tion considerable money. The ditch
has been finished to the upper gate
and the immense large wheel has at
last arrived. The mill will be a three set
one, containing four mules of 280 spin
dles each. The wheel is a 113 horse
power; production dally, 13o dozen
hose, 85 to 45 dozen suits of underwear
and employ from 150 to 175 girls.
When the wheel and main shaft are
adjusted the machinery will start and
run until limbered und in good order,
and in about four weeks a supply of
yarn will lie obtained from the Thomas
Kay woolen Mills, and start to manu
facturing 'oods. Waterloo has been
considerably udvuneed during the past I
your and we truly have reason lo be
lieve that ere long it will be a place of
which Linn county will look upon
with no little degree of pride. "So .
mote It be," !
A wonderful es.'.ipe from in.-tant i
death occurred in I'ortlanit in the!
Munjuam building Monday ar;e,'i,o(in.
Mrs. Win. Avery, wu (it a prsini
uent real estate dealer, fell u"
8th story down the ek-vutor snail to
the basement. A distance oioO feel,
One would naturally suppose that n
a person falling -inch a distance would '
be killed instantly, but Mrs. Avery, ;
though severely injured several:
, Marked
U oo
3 50
3 25
2 75
2 25
2 25
, 1 75
1 50
5 00
4 00
4 00
3 00
, 2 25
1 35
. 1 50
1 50
1 25
1 00
2 25
2 25
4 00
1 75
1 25
1 50
, 25
1 00
1 25
1 (10
1 50
1 2"
1 25
1 25
. 90
: 75
- 20
: . .:
3 00
: 3 00,
5 00
.'. 2 50
1 75
2 50
..'....2 00
:.- 1 50 :
1 50
, ... 1 25
1 75
1 50
2 25
l 25
1 60
1 75
1 60
; 1 25
1 00
Card of Thanks. -
We desire through the column of
the Express, to express our high re
gard and appreciation of the skill and
long continued faithful attendance of
Dr's. Foley and Booth during Mrs.
Hope's long Illness. , We too extend
our heartfelt thanks to our many
friends and neighbors who so kindly
tendered us their sympathy during
our affliction. .
Dr. J. H. P. Hopb and Family.
I desire also to tender my sincere love
aud gratitude to the young ladies of
the Y. P. S. C. . and the flower girls
of the L. T. L. and many others for
their gifts of flowers and choice fruits.
It affords me a source of comfort then,
and now I take pleasure in the thought
that I held in loving remembrance
during the many long inontliajof my
illness by so maiiy of my young, as
well as older friends. Let us
''Scatter seeds of klndnesa
- For our reaping bye and bye,"
Mna. Jt. N. Hope.
The Literary Korthweat, a bright
and readable magazine, February
liuailier of 1893, has reached our ta
ble. It Is full of carefully prepared
literary articles, and essays dlscuislng
grave aud important questions, aud
profusely and carefully illustrated, a
perfect gem of a magazine. It is pub
lished by tlie 1). D. Merrill Co., at
Kcm.iii 203 Merrill building St. Paul,
iiinn. - :'
Hahdwauk, Stoves and Ranqki
-nsoii- .
Albany, Ore, '