The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 04, 1891, Image 1

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One. your . .,, ..,...ta oo
(If paid In iidviuif ,vi iHiryi.ur.)
Mi. mouth. ,, ( no
Throe mounts .,.. r0
Biutle wiilt!N.... ,-,,.,,. ,,..,, 0t
Office in ilmW)'Iioc Building.
AUnuiy, Orcii.
Will fmteliee in all tlie'Oourts nf tills Htiite.
Outoe, Imul mount tivur bunk uf Orug-ou.
A. F. 8T0WE,
Attorney -at - Law,
Colh-i'llnnKflivnn mimtt and curt-fill attention.
Will pnieticu in ull tne courts ul' llii' slate.
Fotirj Pitlic and Collecting Agent,
Jtwlleetqf the I'ohoc. Lebanon Precinat.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Shaving Parlor,
)'.lrMt 3oor North of
Ht.ChurloM JiSutel.
First-Class Artists in, attend
anee. Sot and Cold JBmtlu with
Shower at utt times.
. S. H. Cowan
":. An Elegant -Display
Hats trimmed in the
rain, still it ruins. The farmers took ad
vantage oMhe fine wiwther last weufe, and
most of tliem got their grain sowed.
J. Hardin and J, K. Charlton wont to Al
Imny the first of tfiy week.
Jim "Milter has void his blacksmith shop
to Mr. lifau'uni, who has moved in aud
takeu poscsHion.
Sir. Hooker nun his now residence almost
completed. It is one of tlit finest houses in
the MihurliH.
Herbert Dwwninff lost a valuable horse
lust week, it liaving not its Icr broken.
TIhi Thanksgiving dinner at the school
house was a grand success. The pujil ac
quitted theniKolves very honorably and did
credit to tlKsmaelves and teacher.
There was aphiy-party at Billy Dowiiing's
Thursday pvcmuk. Quit a iiuinbor of the
young people attended. Some young mon
came up 0, Itradley's (where they
tried to have a dance) and attempted to
brimk up'the party, hut they "got left"
Kev. Norton hell services at the school
house last Nuhliutli.
Hunday before lust was Itev. J. K. Kirk
iwtrick's day to preach at Lacomh, but he
fulled to come. Maybe he thinks he preach
ed enough in the summer to last all winter
GonrffU ltradley in building a barber shop,
lie will soon be ready to commence busi
nerts. There was a social hop at Y'm. Buvage'B
last Sat urday night. ,
C. A. Napian,
You Should Seethe wonderful array
of Holiday Goods at Julius
Oradwohl's Bazaar,
While in Albauy this week our at
tention was attracted to the wonderful
sUrck nf liiilidnv gixidswhich was found
iii lJmJwlir Mantar. To try and de
flcrHw what we saw in there would be
beyond the question, for flue lamps
Htigiiig or stand), bicycles, tricycles,
velocipedes and toys of every descrip
tion uud style. His shelves, counters
Hnri every available space are filled
Willi the choicest aud uioxt varied slock
of Holiday goods ever seen in this val
cy, -which consists of a beautiful as
sortment of albums, plwsh goods,
books aud rolled gold jewelry
wuioli will do the same service
as gold and coating one-tenth
as much money, diamond cut jilns,
rings, Bne umbrellas for holiday pres
ents and novelties. His stock is now
iu and holiday shoppers should Use uo
time iu seeing his wonderful .array
whloli Is not surpassed by any u the
count-either in elegance or prices.
One Dollar We.kiy.
Buys. good Gold Watch by our Club
System. Our 14-knrat gold-filled eases
are warranted for 20 years. Fine Elgin
or VVulUiaiu movement. Stew wind
aud sot. Lady's or Gent's size. Equal
to any $00 watch. To secure agents
where wu have none, we sell one of the
Huiitlng Case Watches for the Club
price JiaUind send 0. O. U. by express
with privilege of examination before
pay lug fw same.
Our ageut at Durham, N C, writes:
"Our 'wul'.im have fi(mfBMid tlwy don'l know
htm you (iim.iiirui.Hb such ivork tor Hit- uiou.-."
Our Agaut at Heath Bprings, B. (J.,
"Your wiUoltofl tako al nilit. Tho gyiitloniau
who kuI tlie ilimt WAtt-li said tlitit lie uxauiiimU
and (iriwil a.ttMveIt'r'H walnh.-s In L.ani!ftHU.'r, Unit
weru nt laiUer.Uiatl youra, but tliu price vva 45."
Our Ageut at Pennington, Tex.,
"Am In rwielnt f Uio watli, aud am ileasod
without uieoHiiro. Ad) wlio liuve huou U Hay 11
uiiiilU uo olioaii at $Ju."
One good reliable Agent wanted for
each pluee. Write for particulars,
Empike Watch Co.e York.
- 1 i"
A Ticket given on tile piano villi
every cash purchase at Klein Jtrus.'
Boot & Shoe titore, Albany, Ore.
Polite nttentinn mid good niensurv
given ut Buhl & Pugli's.
gettls Up.;
All accounts remaining nu our books
due uud unpaid on December 1st will
be placed in the bunds of a collector
alio collected at ouce.
Making Men Good.
A few weeks ago an article appeared in
the editorial coluinnofllicExPHEsb inwliich
this statement was made: "You cannot
make men seller or moral by law." This
utatemeiit was selected for a text, and
affirmatively treated from one of the Leba--lion
pulpits last Sunduy evening. The 20tlt
chapter of Kx. was read for a lesson, and
the law ou murder, on homicide, and the
law of damage were all refld. We do not
propose to take an "ipse dixit," nor an
"exparte" statement, but to the law and to
the prophets, "Jesus Christ himself being
the chief corner stone." In Gen. 2:16 we
mid the law to Adam. Was lie made better?
Let the wail of millions answer from the
CHverns of despair. The law to Noah. Gen.
9:3, did he keep it? orwas he made moral
or sober by it? Head the 24tk verse of this
9fh chanter: "And Noah awoke from his
wine:"- dead drunk. In the lWth chapter
of Ex. we have the mural law hi full, alsoiu
De.:t. 5:6 the law iB repeated. This irfect
law, (for it is perfect) demands entire obedi
ence. Has any man kept it? IlidtheJews
keep it? Let Ahab and . Jezebel, 400
prophets of Baal, answer. If tins is not
complete, then let tJie sad wail of captive
I Jews as they hang their harpsontlie willow
j trees, in captivity, sing hack their mournful
dirge of degeneracy. Will the reverend
gentleman read the 3d chapter of Gal., luth
and nth verses. "No man is justified by
the law iu the sight of God; for as many as
are of the works of the law are under the.
curse." Then read James 2nd chapter and
Will verse, "Fur wkosucver shall keep the
whole law, aud yet olTend in one point, he
is guilty of all." Now read Kom. 3d chap.,
and 20th verse, "Therefore by the deeds of
the law shall no flesh be justified in his
sight; fur by the law is the knowledge of
iu." Now if we will read Eph. 2nd chap,
and 15th verse we will nud how men are
made sober, moral and better; "Having
atiolisked in his iiesh the enmity, even the
law of commandments, contained hi ordi
nances, for to make in himself ul' twain one
new man, so making peace; and that lie
might reconcile both unto God m one body
by the cross. "Whan to the law I fled It
poured its curBes on my head." We et no
better, not even sober, until we find Christ.
Youetuieu to Christ and then you get
them better, nd not till then; you get a
mau converted and then he will stay sober
and not tUl then, if once he has fallen.
Yimi get men to accept Christ as their keep
er of the law, then and not till then will the
law makcthetu better; for "Christ is the
end of the law to anyone that beJievetli,". '
Now if the reverend gentlema-n will read
the entire 7th chapter of Hebrew he will find
that if the law could reform men,, or man
could have been made better by law, then
there wwdd have beeu no Calvary no Cross
and no' cleansing by UUe blood of Christ
from all sin.
We ImVe only examined the gentleman's
theology, which is all full of mistakes and
radical errors; but his mutilation of JJlack
Btone was horrible; "conglomeration of dis
jointed fragments" of trgreat author, li the
gentleman will amend his theology, or
answer, in the colums of the Express, our
quotations of Holy Writ, wo will then re
view his little knowledge of Blacksume.and
also show how little he knows of civil law,
in Oregon', making men better, We want
no "ipse dixit," but facts. Kespeetfully,
As I urn thinking of leaving Tennes
see iu a very short time I will try and
say suuiethlug for Tennessee that will
perhaps help to elevate me to a higher
We are sorry to inform you that Mr.
P. L. Wallace has not beeu very well
for the past week.
Mr. Jack Fox will soon be through
digging potatoes.
Spicer 1b building up rapidly. I be
lieve before March next 1 will be able
to sell my property iu Potutoville for a
large sum of money.
Mr. Allen, of Lebanon, bus moved
to Tennessee. We are much pleased
wlili the iticrease to our little town.
Mr. Charley MeKuight acted as su-
I perlnti'udeiitos'er our Sunday school
lust bunaay.
A young mau was seen walking the
streets of Spicier asking a real small
gentleman If he had seen anything of
a white Horse. "Not to-day" was the
Y. C. Gums.
J, H. Stlne, Formerly Editor of the
Lebanon Express, Killed. .
From Albany Herald.
McMinnville, Or., Nov. 30. J. H.
Stlne, editor of the Whiteson Advance,
was shot lat evening by N. C. Cook, a
section boss on the narrow gauge rail
road. Cook then shot himself twice.
Both men were killed instantly.
Stlne, Cook, and a German section
baud bad been to Amity on foot, a dis
tance of three miles from Whitessn.
When about balf way back on their
return, Si ine walked about ten feet in
advance of the others, Cook quickly,
without warning, drew a, Smith &
Wesson pistol and fired at Stine, strik
ing him in the buck of the neck and
breaking the spinal column. Turning
the pistol ou himself lie fired one shot
inlo his breast, missing thehcartabnut
two inches. He then placed the pistol
to his temple and fired a second shot
through his brain. The section hand,
thinking his time had also come,
started to run at the first shot and did
not stop until he girt to Whiteson. A
squad of men returned and found imtli
men dead. No cause is known for the
deed, ex-opt it was a sudden fit of
mental aberration. Cook has been act
ing singular for some days, and did
not work Friday und Saturday. The
section hand with them said that he
had taken but two drinks of whisky
during the day and showed no signs of
intoxication. The men were good
friends, and always on the best of terms.
They were talking pleasantly at the
time if. the shooting. They were both
about 48 years of age aud veterans.
Cook belonged to Company A, Thirty-
fifth New Jersey Infantry of Trenton,
and Stiue to Company D, Second Penn
sylvania cavalry. Nothing Is kuovyn
of Cook's family relations. He wag
brought here by the coroner last ijight,
and hundreds visited the remr.lns to
day. He was a flue physical upecimeu.
btine leaves a wife and one child. He
was a good writer, au able country edi
tor, and bad been connected with
papers at Independence, Grant's Pass,
St. Helen's, Lebanon, Brownsville and
other points. He will be burled at In
dependence, where he was married a
bout six years ugo.
Cook, the suicide, was a member nf
Lincoln-Garfield ' post of Portland
They have been notified of his death.
His remains were sent to Portluud on
the afternoon train.
Mr. Kditob; v . -''
As we are just outside of the city limits
we will not be entitled to help make the
utyjatners. However we are deeply in
terested in ail that pertains to the welfareof
Lebanon, and consequently feel a deep in
terest jn the election.
The past year has been one of unexam pled
prosperity to our young, but growing city;
and to our mind and way of thinking, then
is no one who lias contributed more to this
prosperity than our present board of Mayor,
councilmen and other citv otfieo. w i
lieve all good citizens (not blinded by preju
dice) will cheerfully say, "well done, good
and faithful servants." Our e,,v riMU,.0
are in a most excellent condition, a wonder-
lui amount of improvements have been
made, and the interest of the tiuawn
have been faithfully guarded, and the rights
man maintained,
The charge that our citv oill,.or
tlieinflueuceof the saloons, or that they
connive at violations of the law, is an impu
dent and unwarranted assertion. If Leba
non has any better-men or more competent
material for otticis, ,we have failed to nutn,
their acquaintance
We have the fl'ejifU respect for ministers
aud a profound reflate for their callb
but we ftu'l to see f. understand their
nectiun witb Ije'gjvernwent of the
their ujtwi ru,.I,, t. v .1,
groat evil, the saluons a great c
would gladly sec the safoo .
but we think it wimid lid
ofter erance and pro'
wor Mr respect' . y -
tb ' ,:,
There is so little going on in this part of .
the "Moral hejitage" that it seems almost
folly to try to get Items enough together fur
a readable letter. - ;
The "patter of the rain upon the rouf
still continues at intervals, and a longer or
harder "rainy spell" doea not seem to be re
called to the memory of even the proverbial
"oldest inhabitant." :
Ail sorts of out-door work has
ceased for the present. Fortunately the W
rains have been warm and what grain h&u
been sown before the rains is looking
splendidly. Feed, too, has kept good, and
stock of all kinds is doing well. The wild
geese also are doing well, and are mure nu
merous than we care to have them.
, Thanksgiving passed off quietly with no
other demonstration than a few family dir.-
ner parties. , '
School has begun In Dist. Ko. 4 with Mr.
Chase, late of Nebraska, as teacher. t
The new church building is being ener
getically pushed forward, and if nothing ur;"'
foreseen transpires will be ready fur "jg,,'
a short time.
The burning of (he Seio rf.rSfiife js the -chief
topic of conversalio.n no. There is
not a family but what regrlTd iti-tb some ex
tent, an individual los j. A good many
farmers had their wliea' t for the year's Hmir
in the mill when it bo Expressions ofy
sympathy are heard onau sjles for Messrs.
Coins & Gamble, i' i their misfortune. :
Heal estate ha- lbwm cn(lgig hands here , ,
some lately. J Jr Vm Hart htt9 9oW j,;., t
farm to a pr whose name we did not. J
learn. Mr. g-ans,,,, has sold a one-thin' ,
interest ir ,t jlis arm (formcriy owned by the
late Jar p,T Cratptrce) to a Mr. Harsburgh.
s' W- '.dailies has sold sixty acres of his old
honl 4 place to Joseph Poiudexter. G. C,
on has sold two hundred and forty aeres-
the Elliott farm to E. A. Moon, of Moon's -
landing, California'. . We undersMndi the "
"New Moon" will not be visible lnjre (or at
Mrs. A. B. Morris, of Albany, visited tho
family of J. P.C'rabtree, Sunday and Nun
day. D. F. Crabtrce, of Lebanon, was down
Friday to visit his brother, Uncle Johrny
Crabtree, who Is very (eeble. I
8. W. Gaines and daughter Ida are up on
a visit from Hubbard. '
John Callavan is very low of tyihold 't
fever at ahe residence of Mr. John Bi'lj eu, f,
Last week the Eureka meat market M ?
was again closed on account of not gt t s
ting sufficient support. : ? s
Dr. Taylor, who was formerly located W
here as a dentist, wus in town the first
of the week on a visit. The Doctor has. r
been In the Brining business of late, -and
judging from the chunk nf -golii
he carried with him we would judge old. jj
he has been pretty successful, llit'y
Mr. J. A. Beard, now of Portland,
was in town Sunday.
Mr. Chas, Miller returned home
Tuesday from a short stay iu Portland.
Mr. E. Caso and wife returned home,
Monday from a visit tb Junction Cit.
Pumps down to Albany prices'
Black pipe 12j cts, At F, C. Ayer A
Co. '6.
Don't go to the, trouble to run altc 'un
over the town for what you want, bjiff
go direct to Buhl & Pugb and get w lit ued to
you want iu the grocery line. Their visit iu
stock Is large and well selected.
For Ike next sixty days we will i fb spending
tombstones and monuments for ..,. An.nnv
cent less thau our regular prief 'uuu' t
you need anything In our line, jr given by the '
"!' y E. W, Achisos i Church last'
'" .;' ' ' r and proved '
wm visit)!
, .,ut or uuy
vs real eatf
filially. I ;'-