The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 06, 1891, Image 7

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My rood frlfioda and lovers,
' Tlta beckoning tfeet ,.
- Kntion my ftmt courwsr,
Tb waoderiDg breast. ;.
Th oak ncl iheoheateut, tbe hemlock and pia
Ttany ctrllly (met me, asd ak me lo din
. The stalwart, tba fruitful, tua cisangoleea, ai
Ttintr grandeur end uiumplm I note and rvtwe;
1 m&rvtti, etid bow to Uteae mouaruba, end own
Tbetr aovereigrny bore, wbere vinuas entbrone,
Oak, chentmit and bnmiock 1
And lowering pine
Tbeir virtutM MtMwb me,
, ; Though food friend of mine,
Tbr blrehi, tbe emu end Uie martlet, that from
By weyetdM, wlute me, end frwily braiow
?Mt grwUnga. a tender w love half afraid, '
Tboir gratiioua ui-ttfUngi. llieir peoo broathlug
My hwan own alb-tfanoe, my soul en (w tenons
I ind HOlaon, oomaiuiiiog wtUi graces like these
fcHuui, UircliMi and maptae
Aretoveraof uiuiai
... Tbry woo me, and soothe me,
lib grace divine.
i "Have you seen ill" questioned Cora .
Brown, excitedly.
"Situ bat("
Willis Lestrand lifted her soft, sen
ous eves to the girl near her.
"Tlie wedding dress." i :
"What wedding drew?" .'
"Why, the one that is being mam
for the daughter of the head of the
firm. Um Koslind Fielding.''
Willie went quietly on with the ruf
fle the was blind stitching.
"1 haven't neen it no. . We ineffi
cient workers seldom get a glimpse of
madam's masterpieces.
"That's so!" assented Cora, vigor
ously prodding little emery straw
berry with her needle. "It was only
by chance 1 saw this. But it is" she
paused fur a suitable word "well, it
is just heavenly 1" she concluded.
Very1 crowded, very suffocating, was
the li'flli floor sewing room of the
freat dry goods establishment of
leldmg & Moore in which the girls
sat and sewed.
The capital of the firm was im
mense, its reputation really national. ,
But the prices paid employes were dis
couragingly low, and tbe accommoda
tion of the workers far from sanitary,
if humane.
"1 happened to be passing the room
where they show shades by gaslight
Kitty Davis ia assistant there this
week, and she called me to come in.
Madam wasn't around, so 1 did go in.
Oh, Willie, you just ought to see itl"
wuyr inmnerenuy.
She picked np a spool of primrose
si I k and threaded her needle,
bhe was a small statu red little crea-
large, pensive and of hazel black; her
complexion of rare pearl purity; her
lip scarlet, sweet and seldom smiling.
"Because," said Cora, promptly,
"You're not liable to see anything so
fraud in your life again. I'm certain
Willie smiled.
"That is a cruel assertion, Cora."
"Well, it's true!" persisted Miss
Brown. "Why, the satin would stand
alone it is tlie new silver white, of
course and it is paneled with em
broidery of crushed pearl seed and
crewel silk daisies and oats and rib
bon grass. They say the lace on the
corsage (it is just like a seam cobweb)
is 200 years old. And," sinking her
voice ill a reverential whisper, "the
buttons are diamonds I"
Willie Lestrand nodded. She did
not stop sewing, or seem much inter
"Kitty Davis showed them to me,"
went on Cora, eagerly. "They are
worth oh, I don't know how many
dollars she said and her train is three
yards long. My I"
She paused, quite breathless and ec
static, and looked at her companion,
whose silence seemed to irritate ber,
"You don't care much to hear about
fine gowns or fashionable folks," she
A strange and wistful look was that
irhich Willie gave ber.
"What have we to do with fine
gowns or fashionable people!" she
When she left the store that even
ing, she was joined by a gentleman
. whose acquaintance she Lad made
since entering Fielding & Moore's,
two months ago.
He was assistant manager of tlie
store, and to him had the .letter of in
troduction which secured her employ
ment been addressed. He had persist
ently and devotedly followed up tlie
lie had visited ber at her boarding
house, asked her out, sent her flowers.
And just three days ago he bad told
ber that he loved ber.
"But," be bad hastily supplemented
bis confession by saying, "I can't ask
you just vol to marry me. I have a
fair position, of course, but 1 haven't
saved a cent, and 1 don't think 1 ought
to urge a girl to share poverty com
parative poverty -with me."
It was a speech plausible ana
prevaricating, but Willie's better
judgment was blunted by tbe fact
that the speaker was romantically
handsome, and evidently also roman
tically in love with her. .
But the fact she did not know was
ili&t lin wuh ttwiifuiflftiiHlv ashamed of
having lost the organ be presumptu
ously termed a heart to a mere sewing
When he was her escort he t 'ied as
far as possible to avoid meeting ac
quaintances. He was immensely 4js
' gusted with himself for his infla
tion. While enjoying her society lid
admin n her beauty, he resented Lis
own preference for her.
"It she only did not work for her
living," Harold Kent used to say to
himself, "1 might sacrilice the club
and the hays, and a few other luxuries,
and marry her. But if the truth should
ever come out - good heavens, it
woud be terriblel"
By which cogitation the measure of
"H. Ashleigh Kent," as he signed him
self, may perhaps be taken.
When she met him on this particu
lar evening, Willie looked up with a
smile. He was so tall, so handsome,
naa sucn a distinguished air and such
a beautiful mustache and beard, it
was hardly strange "he ' should win
recognition, if not affection. Or so at
least that foolish little girl thought,
"I've heard of your good fortune,"
she said, brightly. "Let me congratu
late you, Mr. Kent
They still addressed each other quite
formally. Though ho bad expressed
his affection for her. she hadn't given
him to understand she entertained any
feeliug more than friendly for him.
He looked rather annoyed she fan
cied. "What good fortuneP he ques
tioned. "Why. that you have been appoint
ed European buyer for the firm," she
answered. . , .
"Yes," the frown on his usually se
rene forehead deepening. "I've got it
at last. I sunnose I shall to abroad
commencing the duties of the place
in ti .,,.;,. !
Willie was silent. She expected he
would say, "Now, I am in a position
to marry." Or, "Now you must come
with me, dear, as my wife."
But his conversation, while infer
ring devotion, was wholly non-committal
Tlie next evening, when he emerged
from tbe employes' exit, she discov
ered that it was raining heavily, tlie
dull, chill, dreary rain of early Octo
ber. '.
She drew back. " Cora Brown who,
to put it descriptively and alliterative
ly, was freckled and friendly rushed
up to Willie. .
"Take my gossamer. Yes, you
must. I've only one block to walk
when I get off the cars you have
four. You must"
She thrust the little bag containing
the cloak into Willie protesting hand
and ran off.
Feeling very grateful the girl, re
turning to the vestibule, put on the
rain proof wrap, and then made a rush
for her car.
As ill luck would have it, the first
one bound for her street was an open
car one of several continued in ser
vice on account of a certain city con
vention which made multiplicity of
vehicles necessary, ;
Tbe short autumn twilight was fall
ing as the car jolted on. In the first
seat bdve the three reserved for
smokers, sat Willie. She felt oddly
cold, tired, discouraged. As she sat
there thinking half remorsefully over
the act which bad made ber one of
those weary women, homeward bound
from ill paid toil, she became con
scious of voices in the seat directly be
hind ber. One she recognised.
"It is a good place, Tom. It will
pay me five thousand a year."
"That's good I" answered the other,
heartily. "Glad of that, old boy I
Suppose you'll begetting married soon
, "Weil-no."
"Why not"
'You see," in a much lower tone,
"it's this way ; I've kind of got in with
"Witn Fielding?" in astonishment
"Yes. In a personal sense. I've
met him and he you know what an
erratic oid chap he is he has taken a
great shine to me. tie has actually
had me sent an invitatiou to his
daughter's marriage."
"What in thunder " questioned the
other, "has that to do with your get
ting married!"
"Oh, not hing much 1" replied Harold
Ashleigh Kent
Then, in a sudden burst of confi
dence: -
"I'll tell you, Tom l You see, Field
ing has another daughter." .
"Weiir .
"Weilj when once I securean entree
socially into their bouse, I'll try and
marry her."
"Great Scott!" ' -
Kent laughed. v
"Cheek, you think it, don't you!"
'I should say so!"
"Well, I'U bet you I'll do it, just the
"How do you know she isn't en
gaged" .-
"I don't know, but I feel pretty sure
she isn't She is a philanthropist, I've
heard, and all that sort of thing one
of those girls who put their life into
charitable work."
"You've never seen her, then I"
' But the pretty little tbing I've met
you with at the theatre, ; What about
"Oh." aaid Harold, uneasily shift
ing his position, ' 'she's nice awfully
nice. I usually see her home in the
evening, but missed ber to-night She
always takes an Ogden avenue and I a
Lake street car." ,
Involuntarily Willie looked up at
tbe square lights running along at
either side overhead. Sue bad taken
in mistakea Lake street car.
"At least" we"t ou Kent, "I
haven't taken my own car for quite a
while. I generally see her home and
then walbacross, on Adams or rather
from Adams."
"Are you," queried file other, who
evidently was a familiar and nrivil-
, eged frieud, "very badly stuck on Miss
' wiial is bur name Lestrand"
"Very I" promptly.
"Ana yet you're not going to marry
. "Not witi a quiet decision "if I
ran get one of b ielding's daughters.
do you tane me lor a loorr
"No, not that; but I take you for an
honorable fellow."
"And- with a harsh laugh you've
found out your mistake?"
"Yes," gravely, "thatlhavo, Kent"
Still more loudly the other laughed.
"Hard words break no bones." he
said. f:
"No; but if I was that little girl's
brother, 1 wouldn't restrict myself to
"You'd me a licking, I suppose!"
"I assuredly would.
Tbauks for the cood will I" laucn-
ingly. "Well this is my street I eet
off here."
So. instantly decided Miss Lestrand.
did she.
As the car rolled on and tlie three
were left standing in the wet and
gloomy twilight Kentsuddenly recog-
nisea me young may wno was making
ber way to the sidewalk.
"Miss Lestrand I" 1
a oood icMTmrm
WJt lots of fun to sleigh rule wlieo the weather's
nut too oild,
When trast upon your note and toes and ears osa-
not lay bold;
Bat if you're got to freeze, to stay at horns is Just
And put your feet is loe water and ring a dinner
Dell. - . ,
: as awciawT OAXS. Vi'.y; '"
. V Baieball has been plared,
'' ' 8o the statement ia made,
Blnoe the time when the flood that the land
from the aky,
For while In the ark.
So the Scriptures remark, ' 1
The dova waa by Noah "put out 00 a fly." .
Moat every one when eervanta tber must bin
ThoM who are quite exiierienoed require. -.
For doing hotel work all will atteet
That ian-experieooed servants are the beat
Though Strang it may Bound,
Yet 1 firmly insist,
i- Vault often is found
Where it doesn't exist '
. j Chicago Herald.
Showing Hie Sympathy, ' -
A 14-year-old boy went into bis mother
presence with one eye black, his lips swollen
and a ragged scratch across his cheek, the
blood from which he bad wiped. off on bis
shirt aleeve. "Nicodeinus," cried the parent
aa be sneaked ia, "have yoa been Bgbting
"Nope," be sullenly grunted.
"Then what ou earth ails your facer f
'. "Jim Greeti'l ma's dead," be replied.
"Well, suppose she is, what's that got to do
with your bunged up face!" Mr '
"1 seed Jim just uow," answered the boy,
"an' he looked awful sad and soleransome." .
"Well!" , -
"I didn't know what tar do to make him
bright and chipper like, an' feehV so sorry
for him, I jest went up an' let him hit me a
few licks." ' l,
"Did it help him?" asked tbe mother .
"Help him!" echoed tbe boy in a surprised
tone, "course ft did! Don't yoa think it'd
make you feel good to bust a fellow that way
what bad licked you every week for a year!"
Atlanta Constitution. -
Didrtt Care for an tnereas.
' Vestryman Doctor, we have decided u,
the church that you are Dot paid aocording
to your merits, and we have concluded to
raise your salary froinfivebuudredtosthou
aand. '
The ftoverend Doctor My dear brother, I
hope you will do nothing of the kind. 1 have
hard enough work tocollectthe five hundred,
and I dout want the ttouble looking after
collecting another five hundred, 1 aiu't very
strong. America , 1 .
Too Much of a Good Thing, '
"I will take a chanoe la tbe pincushion if
you give me a kiss right here," said Bbippeo
Clarke to tbe pretty girl who was teasiug
bim at the fair. "Will you!"
"No," she replied; "but I'll give you ten
for ten chances."
Aa this was too much for poor Shippen's
pocket book, he jumped tor the door, and
pulled tbe door In after him. Fuck.
ti' Foor Taste. -
"What a lovely ruby you wearl" she said'
as she made a vain hunt for her eyeglasses;
"but what a queer place to pin it Why
don't yoa wear it iu your scarf instead of la
the back of your nock!"
And the young man who was calliDg on
that Boston girl remarked as be strode from
the room, "It's downright poor taste to make
'an of a boil." Judge.
Aa Opening for a Touug Man.
A Ftki-donable Error.
Gtusam (jut introduced) And how art
thiugs geuerally iu FhuadelphiR, Mr. Jay
tuitiit Jaysmlth Beg pardou, but Vm not from
Gaiuaua Pardon me; my miitaka, Pm ft
trifle uear sighted, and I tHuugut that was a
paper ooilar you bave on. flew Xork Sun.
latioa of the Period,
au (agod 17) Hello, me boy!
nan (aged 00) Hollo, old man !
A I.llflM ft.
Firnt Train Robber-Slmll w tackle tbe
ruuman iiAxtf
Second Train RnLlmuV.. !..!.. '.
.r... uuu,, uu UHB.
The porur ban just HiiIhIiwI briwhiug off tbe
liiioopt.aii:! o, imiiinjttjxuiB iriouiie,
The UeHnon Why.
Jone-Fih are Kpolum of as the fluher
rman's harvest, Whjaof
. 8mif,h-r suppose it's because the fishermen
have to plow tlie wave to get them,--Boston
, want the very best goods that yon know
will grow, at cash prices, write us,
"SiS?1 F. L. POSSON at 80M.w"!r
id street Portland, Oregon. Frant St.
"IN ThE Swim!
For sportsmen, tourists and
Others who spend their time in
the open air, Mastiff tut plug
smoking tobacco is absolutely
the best. Packed In patent can
vas pouches which retain the
moisture and flavor. More solid
comfort in one package of Mastiff
than you can get out of a dozen
others. - ' ' .
1. B. I'aoe Tobacco Co., Richmond Virginia.
Bermuda Bottled.
"You miMt go to BermHdft. If
Jan do not 1 will not be reaponflt
1 lor the onMfuence." " But,
doctor, I can afford neither the
time nor tlie money." " Well. It
that la lmiMMltile. try ;
I Mmctlmes call It Bermuda Dot
tied, and many cane f f
Bronchitis, Cough
or Severe Cold
I have CURED with It; and the
aiHantrurs la that the moat uriul.
tire stomach ran take It. Another
thtiur which eonimenda It la tlie
slluiulallna pnipertlea of the Hy.
?ophnxutiitfm which It contains.
u will and it for sale at your
Unwirlst's but see yu net tlie
original MCOTT'S MU,1J10N."
J. C. Davis, Rector of St. James'
Episcopal Church, Eufaula, Ala.:
" My son has been badly afflicted
with a fearful and threatening cough
for several months, and after hying
several prescriptions from physicians
which failed to relieve him, he has
been perfectly restored by the use of
two Dottles ot Ho
An Episcopal schee's German Syr
up. I can recom-
Rector. - mend it without
hesitation." Chronic
severe, deep-seated coughs like this
are as severe tests as a remedy can
be subjected to. It is for these long
standing cases that Boschee's Ger
man byrup is made a specialty.
Many others afflicted as this lad
was, will do well to make a note of
this. , .
I,, '
J. F. Arnold, Montevideo, Minn.,
writes: I always use German Syrup
for a Cold on tbe Lungs. I have
never found an equal to it far less
superior. 8
G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr.Woodtmrj.NJ.
t '""
San franolsoo Examlnar.
If you haw arlsloi ' any description whatHoevpr
asalunt tlw U111I Sute tlovi'inmmit and ..
'. : .. ..'1 k .'.,:( ' ; f ., -
P-a'1 1!? pLenty Md chw? ,hl' yr N Amicws,
bbkkiks now offering. We quote
Peaches, choice
Notflrte, .,,... ,
Applet, bright.,,., ,..
Ap let, aldw drled..,;..,
' Qr ipot, iflfjQ, good ,
HttUIni, tUqo, per lb.,.
Prunes, i8qo, gwd
Dl ckberrl 1891, fat..,
Odepptei, pitttd. i3fli,,.
-cncoM, Tint t a. in iiu
fl. in lo
6, 10, 12
7, 8, 10
10, 12
a, 4
6, 0, 714
7, 8, 0
12, IB
20, 25
rig, vsqt, omcic Lata..
vrrrruiinirivtnety. The above art for finequaljty;
datk.oId.winfeiiorlntfiweofTerlower, Small diwounl
to HiXtU, Boarding Housw, lalwi, and other large
"-EU hmiH are tower, see next onper, we
aflar n general variety of got d for famhy uie
pngeB ana wani ihare or your trade. Ask
ror 4o-p;ige citjlogue free. Addrcw
4ln-as Front St.San Kratnolsoo
m 1 1 aaiy.i . rPTiw
ytssls" , ukj; AT EST
imn jmt s.A,a.H . ar,.H
Auk your dsaler tor Itor sertd lor Free Oroulsr to
Petaluma Incubator Co., retalama, Cat
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
I gCyTmade71 In fourdayaon my Elmtrtc Corset
"VT-'anriSneclRltlcR. lOdpprcentprofliandcaBh
prizes. Sample free. Br.Brldgmuu.Uroadway.N.Y.
1 tPnwnFRfin
If you want POWDER for Mining,
Railroad Work, Stump Blasting or Tree
Planting, send for Price List.
$20. Odell Typewriter. $20.
Equal to anf W Mine, y;.
Speed; clean impreaBlon; mani- '
folaiiig; perfect alignmeut; lwni
melal type; simple; durable. II -lUHtruteil
circular free. A great
Holiday gift.
K. II A V I, 421 MotitgoraeTyat.,
San Francisco, Agcuta Wanted .
Plumber' md EnginHrt' Supplist, Hin4
and Stum Pumps, Iron Plpt, Rams, Pips)
Covering, Lubrlcstors, Water Motors, Fans
and Ventilators, Cash Register. Eto.
Write for prices.
Contractors on heating and ventilating
buildings. Estimates furnished.
Flshtrtst Tackle. Eta Great Vartotv. TVw Prtrmi
01dOnritaTnlntrade, 6nd for Catalogue. KO.
v inHb)H no aearuy ih. , oau Jiranoiaoo. .
Pnrtlstrd, Oregon. A. P. ArrortronK, Prto.
Branch Hchnol : Capital Bus. Collkob, Salem, Oregon.
Same course of itudy, eame rates of tuition.
Business. Shorthand,
typewriting, PtnmantHt, and English Dtpartmmtl
Aifin imioo throughout the year. Students admit
ted at any time. Catalogue from either tchol, free.
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
Vaolflo Mrflclne (Jo,, 59 Clay St. Ban Franclsso,
' 'arrfru 1 i.w, a:
Season Opens for Trout April 1st
S Vint itreet, Portland, Or.,
leading remedy tor all Ilia
r(.!uri In "unaturai otaiaargeB aoa
Icnrtalacure for tbe dehllh
ttlti II JT WMskDBtl naaa-JUllaaJR
- to women.
Urdoolrbf 1 IitMrihMltknrlfMlaarai
I THftvrlsCHEliitfTj. tn r(!oinmutliU4 H fc
.. . ..: j "