The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 06, 1891, Image 1

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(1 1 f mhl lii urtvttwx, Si SO por j-'ar.)
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Smjfte'(aijiiwt.,.". "
c, tl,
1 Office up t"i I" u.v's BuilihiiB.
UtlMVtti. llll&iuS.
U-.Jt lllLYEU,
A'lHHiy. OreRnn,
, Witt vwtkp III ntHric wmrt (if mts State,
lllliwii, imw rutmi over tiank of OMtpiu.
Attorney -at - Law,
"titles EXAMINED.
tftjlleftiimt civen iinnitpt nnd iufl attenUua.
Wit! (traetitx in all tlie uuroi irte Mate.
on'lt'C IK H&KHAllD'bXK,
lotarjMlic and CollstSng Agent,
, . 1 Jiwllce of Hie Vmm, iolmmm Prcln!t.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Notary Public.
J1ELIA11LK , .
Heal Estate in. all it branches.
Ins. ti., of New York.
Uri!fmirtllKffl.-ui(if rmli, lantfw, mi
traziiig laudn. ,.'1 V
Moiiev to loan Karma, iuiproved
fli!y Property oritruilt-edne nutiw dij
Irs. S. H. Cowan,
. -
'- Rn Elegant Bisplay
ol MILLINERY sf all
Kinds, '-A : 1
Bats trimmed in. the
From the Onhoco Bvie.l .
(Stewart's flouring mill is now run
tiitig duy niui
Henrvllahii left Inst Thursday for
ilia home til IMist roriiniiu. '
Percy Davis went ffl his ranch on
CronTtVd river la-it Tuesday.
MrC L. Solomon has beencoufluod
to her U't) during the past week.
B. K. Allen is having a new Iwrn
tmlll nn t lie property where lie is re
siding. . J. M.BIakely left last Tuesday morn
ing fr his home in Wallowa county.
A half inteicst in the liowan More
building was wild hist wei-ktoTom
Jones tiir $5(10. ,
Distrht Atlomey Wilon, Judire
licnuett, Judue Watkuw, and Mr.
Mullen left last Saturday for The
Dalles ' '''; : v'V. y -. .'"
( ('. Mallng Is having the old hrew
ery boildiiiK renovated. It is reported
Unit a nuturaiit will be started 111 thai i
building. ' ' I
M AHMED. At the residence of Mr. I
ami Mr", ho. C'line, in l'rinevllle,
Oetoher i", Mr. It. i'. UaiTington and j tiiattiiroui;ii8onieaiiieain-eot opinion
Miss June I'ruiii, Justice Bell ottiating. I as to who should have the cost, the
(!. H. Kmth nnd family moved to! eonsiable had tire piaintiffarrtsted or
town this week to remain until -Mr. drawing his CTUnty warrant He was
Suiilh has oiupleted his contract with1 tried and discharged in Justice Hunir
tne Prlueiille Irrigation Ounipany. ' W'fy's court at Albany iext tame
He has oeen employed to sumTintend 1 an old gelltleniaii and brought civil
the construction of their ditch. , ' Mt" against his neighbor for wages
. , , , . . , I of one or two davs work, a borrowed
: Alinanaesare becoming qu te popu- , , d M He t
lar with our ollicals. Last inter , , , . hRvA t ()f ,,
a Beaver justice read a marriage eere-1 , A fn, vt ,,,L B1,w,i
Booth summoned tberu with one of
Jjr. Jauics' books.
W. F. Elliolt and family arrived last
week from I.iun county. They tried
living In Webfoot two years, which
was all thev could stand, hence thev
returned to iwn.-liEram. Mr hi holt j
""J1" "' ."'!'"
iiu .-w jcai-,.!.. mm,. -
Judge lirailshaw Anished up the
business of circuit court Monday evc-i
nii.g, having disposed of all the "aaesl
that were at issue. He is the most I
active judge who lias ever held court!
In this county, disimsiug of busluess
twith rapidly and satwlactory.
Wui. liHuan and family passed
through tim u last Monday, returning
from (Jorvatlis to their borne ihi Silver
creek. Mr. iiogiun had with liiin one
of the liiR"t yearliin colta that has
ever been lirouglit to Kastern On'goiL
The antrrod .is atout 1J hands higk
and weighs lno2 ipouuds. It bids fair
U) make the lt$et horse ill Eastern
Oregon. .
Hugli Fields, well known all over1
the slate as an extensive farmer, stuck
raiser and speoalator, was married re
cently Ui ii Miss (St ii I ii i an . Mr. Fields
is credited with being worth about half
a million, and can support his young
bride In all the luxury she may wish.
A Fat Frog,
The Daily Astoriau, a usually 'truth
ful paper, lias the following : "While
a large fir log was being sawed at the
VVwt Hhoe mills yesterday afternoon,
Tom Tm I linger - noticed something
very singular. The outside slab and
one board hud been ut off, and the
men were f.urulng the lor over prepar
atory to Miliarias jt, when they were
surprised to see large toad poke his
head out of a hole where he was mi
bedded, and where he hud barely eu.
euped being cut up by the saw. How
thatcreaturejerer got there is a mys
tery, as he was completely encased in
the wood, with no possible means of
Ingress or egress. As the log was the
third up from the butt of the tree, his
position must have beeu about sixty
feet from the ground. There is but
one way of accounting for the fact that
be was found in the position named.
He hud grown up will) the tree from
Infancy, and was probably hundreds
of years .old when the saw awoke him
frouiliie long nap. - The niiinuil was
real fat and nearly us large aenws as u
msii's hand, The tree In which lie
was found was perfectly sound, , with
tut exception of a decayed 'spot about
afoot in length below, the hollow plane
where he had so long lain. ;,,
Buy you an acre in Kiilslous addi
tion anil build your wife a nice house.
Save rent and lie happy: -i'KTKHMiN
St Oakland:
KihtmR Kxi'UKhK:
J. M, Fluugher'a store is rumiiiiiron
full lime. v..
Little Salt Luke sclimd now lnu 37
Supt. Rumell was to have toen hire
(hia week, but we fear the storm has
driven him to better shelter. Quite, a
nuiiilier gathered at the school house
to see him, perhaps us a eurios'y us It
has been five years since a Kuperiuteii'
di'iH hm shown his couiiteiniuee in
this vielnily.
A'. KHvajre ft Hun are fwding twenty
head of enltle for the Albany market.
Perhaps a little eourtship would be
of interest to some of your renders;
Alioul a year np one citizen eaused
the arrest and arraignment of another
in Judne Kavune'a court, for (alllug
plaintiff "a white eyed euyuse" with a
few "euss" words prefixed, with great
lulirtr tv the ent)Kl.Hhle a ilirv seeured.
wdieh brought In the verdict, no eause
f(ll. action. i'laiiuiU'liad given security
for costs, but through threat of an
appeal-to circuit court the county was
persuaded to pay the Cost. We hear
men had traded their nne Arabian,
mare which was highly decorated witli
natural spots, for a "cultus" horse and
brought aetion against the possessor of
the mare to recover property, but the
papers being irregular the case was
thrown out 01 court. Tile lust case is
tml f ,. neighbor trying three times
in succession to bring civil action
against anot lier to recover So pasturage
on a it, but all three eft'ortti utterly
failed to bring the crafty defendant's
smiling eoutitenanee before the solemn
visttReofa Canadian judge; however
through the help of one of Lebanon's
able attorneys, plaintiff succeeded in
nlitaining judgement. This, like the
great reliellion, is a ease where princi
ple, and not cost, Is considered, as the
colt is only valued at six dollars, and
the case will be taken (o the circuit
Attorney rHowc of LeltanM) has been
in this vicinity on legal business twice
within the past two weeks.
Marion Leach Is working on his
woodshed this week.
Mr. Torn Wright, the champion saw
filer files saws on short notice.
We learn that Mr. Chesbro, of Inde
pendence is the guest of L. B. Hender
son the past week. . , J
Pete fml(h says white people'wont
work in bis slash very long, they can't
Is the reason, v
Mrs. Martin Doughty visited with
Mrs. Win. Phillips on last Tuesday.
Rev. A. Nichols of Brownsville
pleached at Mountain Home Sunday.
The Mountain liomdtes are talking
of organizing a church at Mountain
Home. Be sure you are right, then go
ahead. . ; . Lv.-
Bill Fruit is up In the mountains
hunting this week. : -
K. N. Phillips went to ('ra.vforils
ville Tuesday last. .
Mr. Geo. Smith was the guest of Mr.
John Zumwalt on last Sunday.
It was very rainy this week and It
washed out about all the news. This
Is all 1 could pan out.
I. C. UNO.
Sale of Mill. '
it. U i'liiley, of (.'rawfordavllle, has
sold his mill at )ios(on to Mr. Martin
rhouiisou of Turner and Simons 4
Thompson have remodeled said mill
to the roller system and turning out a
high grade of flour. Farmers should
give iMcm a trial. ;: '' -.' ;
.,,. t :."'. -Hi wins 4 f jtounoK.
. Stfi,ll lip, ;. :'
All accounts reiuafnlng on our books
due and unpaid on December 1st will
be placed in the hands of a collector
and collected at once. ' ,
Citi;so;! MKNiiiK.
Insure your house with Peteraou &
Gurhoid: ', . ;
Editoii Gihor:
Having seen no items from this place
for some time, I will send you a few,
hoping they will bo of Interest to the
many tenders of your valuable little
paper, Kxpkkks; Cedar of Lebanon,
(8o-calIedJ, , ,
Grander October weather wns never
seen, and fanners are busy putting in
fall grain.
Elva Prior, daughter of John and
Fannie Prior is suffering acutely from
poison oak, one side of her head and
tlu- lower half of her face being in a
verv iKilnful condition. Dr. Booth is
attei.diug the little girl.
Mrs. Taylor is slowly recovering and
we hope to very soon see her among us
again- . .. r- v:-
Jake Fltxwntcr and family who have
been rusticating at the ditch, moved
honiK rjati'rday.. Welcome home old
friends.'. :V;"..;..V;'; ' '-,''' '. "- ''
(.'has. C'ummings, wife and little son
Willie are stopping at Spring Farm,
with the former's parents. . .. ;. -S.
IS Westurii is liack from hiB val
ley viMit and we are glad to have him
home again, - . . )
Isiino Morris sojourning .with I'M
friends here, M r. Mid Mi s. J. W. Gu
Our-distinct schoel is progressing
nicely under the very efficient manage
nieiit of Miss May lioss.
Just, rain enough to the grou' ,j ;,,
good condition for plowing, r a
little lnuddj; and lumber haUjng dis
agreeable. , ' r'
Im.hC Coleman and wile tnm Wyom
ing, who have lieeii vlsi' jnf, lM friends
here, has bargained fo t a plece of ian(j
near Lebanon and moved thereon.
Mr. C. is already ectiga dwelling.
Kelly (Jay is s'jnjj witli Mr. and
Mrs., I. ri. ('aid well at Mountain View
tliis full and VinK r.
Those lir,,u,.a at, Mr. Edwards' are
delicious and cheap, only '2ft a pound.
Oo buy you some. .
i. H. Caldwell Is s(ill at work for
Doc rcouth, where he has been a good
deal of tile summer.
We would like (o know why 'Rex"
has been so long silent. Would like
to bear from him or ker again.
. We might have a postoflice here soon
If our energetic neighbors would bestir
themselves a little and circulate a
petition. Moon the roads will lie very
muddy and to do to Lebanon for the
mail is disugreeble. Let us be op and
doing, arouse ourselves and have a
postoflice soou. You will hear again
from Pin.
Whenever a , wholesale house, re
ceives a letter from a merchant written
on a scrap of paper without anything
to Indicate what sort of business he Is
engaged in, or the sheet is ornamented
with one 0' those hideous daubs called
rubber slumps, his iiamo is immedt
diately checked with an "S," which
indicates sucker. This mark serves as
a notice to the traveling salesman that
the said merchant' is a fit subject On
which to palm off all the. old, worm
eaten, shelf-worn, shoddy goods that
you possibly can. The poor merchant
then wondefs why his customers never
come back the second time to buy
goods. Ex.,
Contractors Notice.
The contract for' the building of ft
church house In SodavlMe, Lynn Coun
ty, Oregon, will be let to the lowest
bidder. The specilleutioiis and draw
lugs can he seen at Kev. E. E. Thomp
son's, on Monday, Nov, 2, 1891, and
until Bat., Nov. 7, 1801, at which lime
the contract will be let. The commit
tee retains he privilege of rejecting
any or all bids. , '
E. E. Thiimi'son, -
nry yoi'K
: Albany, Ore. x .:-' .-
For Ike next sixty days we will si II
tonibstoues and monuments for 6 fu r
cent less than our regular price. If
you need anything In our line, give i.s
a call. E. W. Achisok & Co,
NO. 35
KovlfieA Oeoaraphy.
Of what is the surface of the earth c
Of corner lota, mighty poor roads, .
railroad tracks, base-ball grounds, :
cricket Ileitis and skating rinks. , :
What portion of the globe is water?
About three-fourths. , Sometimes
they mid a little gin and nutmeg to it.
What is a town? : ". . v
A town is a considerable collection of
house- and inhabitants, with four or ...
live men who "run the party," and
lend money n 15 per cent ritereat.
, What is a city?
A city is an incorporated town, with
a Mayor, who believes that the whole :
world shakes when he happens to fall
flat on a crosswalk. ' ' r
What is coiiiinerce? : , r; : ;-'4;-fi - '
Bomiwing $5 for a day or two, and,
dodging th.' lender for a year or two. ,
Name the different races;, ;i'
Horse-race, boat-race,.: bieycle-rnce
and racing around to And a: man to en-.,
dorse your note. . V-.'-' ..!4;;; v- ;
Into how mtmy ejafeg )s nianUiud!.
diviiled? - - '
; Bis. being : fliligliteneii, elvilizcd, ;,
half-civilized, savage, too. utter, not',
worth a cent and Indian agents.
s What nations are called cnlighteus!
; Those which have the most wars alf
the worst laws audi produce, the mo v...
criminals. ;
How many motions has the earth?
That's according to how you mix
your drinks and which way you go,
hems. .'. . '
What I iiiii woi'iii's Sxis'J . ;f
The lines passing between Ke
York tiud San Francisco.
: What causes day and night? , ' 1
Day is caused by the night getting
tired out. Night is caused byeverybody
taking the street car and going home
to supper.
What Is a map?
. A map is a drawing to show a jury
where Smith stood when Jones gave ;
him one under the eye. ;
' What is a mariner's compass?
A jug holding four gallons Ex. : '
, All parlies having claims agalnst-vrre'i
construction department of said canal,
either Tor material or labor furnished,'
and not adjusted by due bill or other
wise, will hand In their claims on of
before the ninth day of Nov., Mil, to
Thos, Price, Contractor, ' and JVt. A.
Miller, Secretary of said company, :; ..
Thqh. Phice.
Lust Saturday evening was Halliw.
e'en, and the occasion was appropriate
ly clebrated with a candy pulling at
the residence of Mr. E, E. Montague, ;
All who attended reported a nice time,
, Mr, A. B. Loveall and wife, rel umed
home this, week from his ranch in lien
ton county. Abe intends to (novo on
his ranch this winter,
Mr. Oiesy, representing the: States-;?
man, Is In the city witli a view to pub- '
llshing a I'wriie-up'J of our thriving
little city in the New Year issue of his '
paper,. . . - ,- .!;. '';:. :'..; ' V-
('lint Gordon has' been appointed
deputy marshal and night watch.' Thi
Is a good appointment and fllhi it' long
felt want,, The city needs n night
police. '. .. :'- ' -if
The time card between Albany and
Lebanon has been changed as follows: ;
Beginning last Monday the train will '
leave Albany at 7:80 A.,M., arrive at
Lebanon at. 8:18; leave. Lebanon at 9:06, '
arrive at Albany at i);50. Leuvts. A.lba. ,'
ny at 1:50 i. M.t arrive at I,ehiinoii nt '.
8:rtt); leave Lebanon t g:S3 mid arrive
at Albany at 3:45.
Uev W, . M, Hauston, of Junction
City, will preach In the Cumberluutl
Presbyterian church, third Babbath at '
this n'outh at II o'clock A.M., on Ike
subject, "A Call to the Ministry.,
, - 8 ' -
'jit', v
Si?:' 'A