The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 02, 1891, Image 7

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.A lUtmne of the Oondltlon of Iti Dlf
. ferwit Departments.
The fall season it backward about let
ting in, but when it doe come it must
come with a rush, lor the wholesale com
munity have made preparation) lor an
unuouallv large amount of trading, Bart
lettfl are becoming soaroe, and the season
lor plume is about over. Prunes are u
riving freely, and are cheap. There la a
fair supply of late peaches on hand, and
enough grapes to satisfy the demand.
Apples are beginning to come in, and
will soon be the leading article in the
market. The vegetable market is well
supplied, and prices are kept firm by a
good demand. The market for dairy pro
duce shows no change except In butter,
which has advanced 2 cents per pound.
Poultry is scarce and firm, and eggs are
in the same condition.
Valley is offering freely, but prices
asked are above the market and few
transactions are reported, The tone of
tiie market is slightly (Inner in sympa
thy witli foreign ndvlces. Cables report
cagoes firmer and 3d higher. Liverpool
spot wheat is quoted Id per cental
higher, and options are (inner through
out, later mouths showing a marked
Trodnofl, Fruit, Kte.
Wiikat Volley, IXHH ; Walla Walla,
$1.45 per cental.
Fuiun Standard, 4.l; Walla Walla,
$4,711 ner barrel.
Oath New, m40c per bushel.
Hay tl'l a 14 per ton.
Miu.BTUi'1's Uran, n (B22 ; Bhorts, 24
f&'io ; around barley, I OwliH ; chop feed,
WiWJX per ton; barley, tl.2J(l 25 per
Biirrat Oregon fancy crcamerv, 82
i;i8c; fancy dairy, 3 c; lair to good, 25
tlv; .common, luteao ; Eastern, 26
(uvlHu cper pound.
t!imH Oregon, 1212Jc; Eastern,
13c per pound.
Kuiis Oregon, Stic per dozen.
l'oiii:i'iiY Old chickens, f5.50ia8.OA;
young chickens, 2.5ll((4.M); ducks. ji&.OO
(ioS.OO ; geese, nominal, $8.0Uj!V.(J0 per
dozen : turkeys, HI 1 7c per pound.
Vkoktaiii.hh (Jablmge, 76c(etl.liu per
cental ; cauiiuower, U"1 ,20 pur dozen ;
Onions, WleeHI Mir cental lwets,$l. 26 per
sack; turnips, $1.0(1 per sack; new pota
toes, 4ArBtkH-. pur uental ; tomatoes, 4(lg
6Uc per hoj lettuce, 120 pei-dozen;
green icub, 3(a4c per pound; string
beans, ivn'M: per pound ; rhubarb, 3c per
pound ; cucumbers, 10c per dozen ; oar
rote, 7oc per sack ; corn, 7Hc per dozen ;
sweet K)iulocH, 2i;2'jj! per pound.
Fkuith Mcily lemons, $7,00(6,8.00;
California, $4.."iu(u li.iKj per lux ; apples,
SOlKMi per box j bananas, $3.rO(a)4.00 a
bunuh piiieapple,$ii.(HI7.WI per dozen ;
peaches, (iOW'UOc per box ; plums, 2!i(o 110c
per box; watermelons, $l.iiOw2.lio per
dozen; cantaloupes, tl.UW41.6li per
dozen, $2.00 per crate ; grapes, 'J'okav,
$1.00 per box; muscat and black,
7nc((j$1.00 per crate, boxes 7 ic; pears,
75c; flartlett, $1.(KI per Ihix; nectar
ines, (ll)((7fic per crate; crab apples, Sc
per pound; pumpkins, $1.60 per dozen;
prunes, 2(j!2.c per pound.
JiUTs ;aiilurnm walnuts, 11 KCb'ifo
hickory, 8c; lirasils, 10('llc; ai
mondH, HUiflSc; tilberts, 13W14c; pine
nuts, 17lHc; pecans, 17(olHe; cocoa
nuti', He; hazel, 8c; peanuts, 8c par
pom d.
fltapla Groceries.
Uokkv 17C"lHc per pound.
Kick Japan, $6.00; Island, $5.75 per
Kai.t I,lvcrR)ol, $14.00, $15.DOlfl.O0;
stock. $116X12 per ton.
Bbakh Small white, 35c; pink, 8c;
liayos, 4c; butter, ic; iiiuas, 4c per
UofFnii Costa Rica, &ijl21c; Bio,
23c i Mocha, 30c; Java, 26 c; Ar
buckle's, cmfmi V
St'tiAiiOoldbii C,4H! tictr C, 4c;
white Kirn Ut granulated, 5c;
cube totalled twl iwwdered, (j&c; con
teilibheh,'i,rl;8perponnd. nVjtuP-jjjijteni, in barrels, 4755c;
niu uavrels, il)(Sf8c; in cases, WtOt
'per Ballon; $2.1:60(2.50 per keg. Cali
fornia, in barrels, Site per gallon ; $1.75
per keij. ,
DuiKii FmitTS Kalian prunes, 8c;
Petite and German, 7c per pound;
raisins, $l,20(l.J5 per box; plummer
dried jicrs, tifettc; sun-dried and lao
tory plums, lie; evaporated peaches,
(Wile; Smyrna tigs, 20c j California,
tigs, 7c per pound.
I'ANalKI) UOOM-TRWe trUIW, $1.81)
1.80, 2H'e; punches, $l.S0(il 2.00 ; Kartr
lett pears, tl.Bfttal tl pluuie, $1.37W,
1,60; strawberries, $2.2o; cherries, $2.25
(fi,'2.4o; Wiieklnirrles, $l.H5(l.lj rasp
berries, $2.4(1; pineapples, $2.2jC"-2.0;
apricots,$1.00(ol.70. Tie fruit: Assorted,
1.10(cl,20; peaches, $1.06; plums, $1.00
1.10; blacklHirries, $1-26 per dozen. Veg
etables: Corn, $1.26(181.05; tomatoes,
$1.00(i3.00 ; sugar peas, $U0wl.25;
Btring lieaira, 0llc($1.0l) per dozen,
fish: Sardines, 76c(l.tl5; lobsters, $2.30
(0)3,50 ; waters, $1 .500e3.26 per dozen.
(Salmon, standard No. 1, $1.25(9)1.50 per
case; Ho. 2, $2.61. Cundeused milk:
Eagle 'brand, $8.:10; Crown, $7 ; High
land, '(H.W; 'Champion, $6.C0; Monroe;
$(1.75 tier ease. Munts: Cor nod beef,
$2.00; chipped beef, $2,15; lunch
tonnue, $3.10 Is, $ti.0n 2s; deviled ham,
$1.35(11:2.06 per dozen.
The Meat Murltet.
Bkkf Live. 2Mc; dressed, rf?;ttc.
Mutton Live, ahenred, $c ;
dressed, 7c.
Hoom Live, 5c; dressed, ac.
VRAi-B((i'7(i nor nound.
Hmokrd Mk ath Eastern ham,
18c; other varieties, IOC IB", breakfast
bacon, 12!l4c; smoked bacon, Ufe
&UaC uer nound.
LAitD-Coinpound, 10c; pure, 11
' lac; Oregon, lU)liic per pound.
Late cultivation In the orchard should
be avoided, as time must be given lor
the trees to mature their wool.
White Clover Good for
Any Kind of Stock.
The Aoreage of Rye is Reported to be
Steadily on the Decline in
All of Europe.
In our experience the late crop of
.white turnips generally does better
among potatoes than among corn. So
soon as potato tops die, the turnips have
all the soil from which to draw, and they
are rather benefited by the stirring of
the soil required in digging potatoes by
hand. If a horse potato digger is used,
no turnips can lie grown, as the digger
necessarily upturns the entire soil, in
cluding turnips or whatever else may be
growing on it.
Drinking the whole milk makes fine
fat calves, but calves raised on skim
milk and oatmeal and bran, if not so
sleek at eight months old, had a better
start in bone and muscle, and beat the
pampered calf at two years of age. It is
a waste of cash product to feed a calf
whole milk after the rennet stomach'
changes so as to call for solid food, and
it is a mistake to so feed it after it is ten
days old. Warm skim milk and a littie
oatmeal are much better.
There is no sweeter or more nutritious
herbage for any kind of stock than white
clover. It is hardy, too, and on much
land comes in from seed lying in the
ground without sowing. This !b what
some farmers mean by saying that clover
is " natural " to certaiii soils, Thev are
usually such as either from negligence
or failure of seed do not get a catch of
ol her grasses. We susnect that these
natural white-clover soils are growing
ncurcer as mriiiiug improves.
III all Northern climates orchards do
best when planted on soil with a good
deal of vegetable matter. This is more
apt to lie a moist soil, and moisture Dre-
vents the deep freezing that so often de
stroys trees when they gt into bearing.
These kinds of soils are usually low and
sheltered from winds another iireat ad
vantage when the country is denuded of
original foreBtB. What is the use of
growing fruits on hillsides, to have it
blown on as it begins to ripen ?
Many farmers tiiink that August and
September are the proper months to bow
rye. riown at these times, it gives cut
tings for soiling in the fall. If sowing
has been neglected, it is regarded by
some good farmers as an advantage to
sow rye in the fall, even as late as No
vember or as long aB the ground can be
worked. The grain sown thus late does
not sprout in the fall, but starts very
early in spring, and the crop is much
earlier than from any spring-sown seed.
In passing any piece of sowed corn late
in the growing season it ie easy to see
...v.... ...:n .,.. ii i ,
wjiai win hiiu wimi win not uiaae gooa
feed. That which has been thickly sown',
especially on poor soil, is a light-yellow
color, tasteless and nearly Void of nutri
tive value. That sown in drills and cul
tivated once or twice is large, thick
stemmed and dark green in color. Taste
it, and 'uu nrd the sweetness that with
a little mora iL'0m and time would be
transformed, iul.9 f l' starch of the per
fected grain.
Prof, 1. W J - . . ,i i, fc ders
. . Htwart tell! the ret
oi the Country (Jevtlemttn ho to reJUV
vate old animals. He says ; "(jut worer
hay short, say half au Inch ; take cheap
molasses and dissolve one pint in one
gallon of water, and sprinkle this upon
three pounas oi the cut ciover wttn iwy
pounds of buckwheat flour ftml two
pounds of wheat bran, faedthis amount
to each horse or animal three times i
day, commencinK with a little less per
day for two days." Marvelous results
are claimed for Buch feeding,
The acreage, of rye is steadily on the
decline in all Europe, In England it
has almost entirely disappeared. In
Beltrami it has lost much wound. In
(iermanv and Kussia it only holds its
own on the poorer lands, while in the
other countries of Europe it is greatly
decreftHinx in importance. In France
the same marked diramutton is to De no
twed Barley ie also on the decline.
Rut oats are steadtlv increasing in im
portance, and are taking the land that
was formerly given over to rye aud
Green pickles will keep perfectly in
strontr brine. No water is needed
dhthIv ulace a laver of cucumbers or
other vegetables in the bottom of a cask
or jar, and cover them Willi salt, sue-
uesaive layers of the vegetables and salt
are added from , time to tine until the
vessel is inipu. nip juieu ui tuu vue
tables will draw out, and with the dis
solving salt will form a brine. A board,
with a few holes bored in it and loaded
with a heavy Btone, must be kept on top
of the pickles to hold them down. It
they float and come in contact with the
air, speedy decay follows.
Muss litter and sawdust are becoming
so generally used for stabling in England
that many of the Lancnshire and Chester
farmers are unable to sell their straw.
They recently held a meeting to consider
this subject, at which it was admitted
that, if the present state of afl'airs con
tinue, straw will be selling at (5 a ton
before the end of next year. Certain
landlords and corporations have found
it profitable to buy the moss litter and
sell their straw, which still furtiier adds
to the glut. The farmers have agreed
not to buy any manures except where
straw was used lor Deciding.
Illton Chamberlain Whose Work In
the Box Is Great.
Klton Chamberlain, whose portrait la
here given, ia the well known profes
sional pitcher, now connected with the
Athletic club, of Philadelphia, a mem
ber of the American association. He
was born Nov. 5, 1807, at Warsaw, N.
Y.; but now hails from Buffalo, where
he began at an early age his baseball
career, as thepiteherof amateur teams
of that city. His protessional career
commenced in 1SK5 when he was en
gaged aB pitcher of a team represent
ing iiamiiuiD, tmi, iiiauineriain in
180, pitched for the Macon club, of the
Sonthern. leagne, and 1877 he
filled the same position of the Louis
ville club, of the American associa
tion, with which he first attained an ex
tended reputation as a clever and prom
ising professional pitcher. During 188
and 1889 he was one of the pitchers of
the t Louis club, and in the former
season his effective pitching materially
a ded its team in winning for the fourth
successive time the championship of
the American a.1 sociation. In 1800
Chamberlain pitched for the Columbua
club, of the same association, and this
season he is one of the pitchers of the
Athletic clubof Philadelphia, as above
mentioned. During his professional
career Chamberlain, who is able to
pitch both left handed and right hand-
ed, being ambi dexterous, has accom
plished some excellent work in his cho
sen position On June 7, 1801, he pre
vented the Columbus team from
making more than a Bolitnry Bafe M
off his delivery, when only twenty
nine men went to the b t.
An Attempt Made to Indnce the IA
dlenui Abandon Ihe Klde-Maddle.
Efforts bave been made to introduce
among1 ladies the fashion of riding
astride their horses, instead of using
the less bafe iae saddle. The Bnbject
was disiniKBtti a year ago in many of
the papers, but us the ladies did not
encourage it the idea was dropped. But
it bobs up now and then and it is possi
ble it will finally be adopted. The po
sition, its not an unnatural one. The
women of half -civilized tribes, the In
dians, the Kirghese, Tartars, etc., al
ways ride astride, so do the Mexicans.
Albanians, Bouraanians and the people
of some of the Austrian provinces. It
was a general cnstuin iu Germany as
late as the end of the twelfth century.
There ia no doubt that such a mode
of riding is both safer and more
graceful 'Ihe cottuine of onrse com
plies with propriety, and models
have already been given. The illus
tration shows the costume pro
posed. The bodi e is made in the
usual jacket shape and the loose
skirt divided up the back and front,
but so provided with buttons as to be
closed at will. Even during a sharp
gailop it covers and drapes the rider's
limbs, and by the most awkward
ounti' and dismounting is amiftllv
jr - .
Aecent Beneath its fold come tight-
m.; Kic.i, t;,,,t0 if iv,-
1 wlae ni0th or velvet trousers.
'je reform is iu the hands of earnest
women who are pushig it vigorously,
it is not likely tt it will again be
One hundred nnd thirteen faro
oomodiet bo it was computed by t
manager last week wUl go the rounds
ot tnu blessed uounu? next tieaauM.
Dashaway ''Look nere, did you go
up in my room last niht, and take the
only clean shirt 1 had?1'
Travers "Yes! I had to go to a
Dashaway "Then there is only One
thing I would like to know. How in
thunder did you got It on over your
An under- bouiue ol botue Kind is al
ways worn over the corset, nut so much
to protect this but as to soften its hard
outlines under the dress, buch bodioes
are made of cambric, naiusook, the.
finest long cloth, or surah.
The Nebraska law making eight bourn
aduy'Rworkin alt occupations except
farming and domeotic service ia not like
ly to be very rigidly enforced, because it
declares that for each hour after eight
the worker rtiall receive twice the
amount paid him for the previous. hour's
How the hrnnan syrtem ever recover: from the
butt effect of the nauHeous medicine often
litenilly poured into H for the miypoHltive re
lief of liyrtpeprita, llvor complaint, coribt I po
tion, rheninatinm and other ailments is
a mytttery. The mischief done by bnd
medio lues is senreeiy lens thnn that
owned bydiseflM. If theywhonrewesk, WHoiib,
dyBjieptie, conntipnted or rheumntic would oft-
cnor be guided by the experience of invnlidiiwho
hqve thoroughly tested flontctter'B Stomaoh Bit
tern, they would in every inKtuiice obtain the
ircediest did derivable from mlioual mwlientimi.
'1 his medicine in a searching and at the same
time a thoroughly safe remedy, derived from
vegetable Bources and po88efinj, In consequence
of its binds of pure spirit, properties an a medic
inal stimulant not to be found in the tier)' local
bitters and stimulants often resorted to by the
debilitated, dyspeptic and languid.
Oently Ex pressed, Waiter, please take this
cheese away uKain, It is too uneasy for me.
Brandrkth's Pills are the safest and
moBt effective remedy for Indigestion, Ir
regularity of the Bowels, Constipation, Bil
iousness, Headache, Dizziness, Malaria, or
any disease arising from an impure state of
the blood. They have been in use in this
country for over fifty years, and the thou
sands of unimpeachable testimonials from
those who have used them, and their con
stantly increasing sale, is incontrovertible
evidence that they perform all that is
claimed for them.
Krkibbth's Pills are purely vegetable,
absolutely harmless and safe to take at any
Sold in every drug and medicine store,
either plain or sugar-coated.
A Staggerer, Throaty TenorI ahcan not
ah iiiiff the old songs. Loud whUper (from
audience) You never could.
With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, fts they cannot
reach the seat of the dfoeuse. Catarrh IB a blood
or conntitutional diaeaue, and in order to cure it
yon have to take internal remedies. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure it taken internally, ami acta directly
on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is no quack medicine. It wan pre
Herilred by one of the bent physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular prescription.
It if composed of the best tonics known, com
bined with the best blood purifiers, acting di
rectly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect com
bination of the two ingredients is what produces
such wonderful results In curing ciit-arrb. Send
for testimonials free. F. J. CHKN'KV At CO.,
Proprietors, Toledo, O.
Bold by druggists; price, ?ii cents.
Halmaceda is In hot water, and of course he
"Brown's Bronchial Troche" will relieve
Kronch itis, Asthma, Catarrh and Throat
The hotter people feel towards each other the
eooier iney act
Centrally located; American & European plan:
fintt-clflws; yeasumible rates. C, W. ftoby, prop.
Try Gekmba for breakfast.
Vm Enatneline tftove Polish : no dost, do ttmell.
tmr WttsH H Mr MlBr
want the very best goods that yon know
will grow, at cauli prices, write us.
F. L. POSSON &8ON,Wa77h00u"
2 S(rt i-omana, uregon. Front SI.
position. Op
erator!, always
in (lei)) and.
A'itircatj, J. (:.' fYMom, lQSJj WflshiugUm g
Portland, Oregon,
' -
Before you buy &nything.&sk two quesVions? ,
"Do 1 re&llyvfer 1 do
-w5kn il-' St 3tiA u whou lYf ,
these (uzsoiks'YO rich;;
butrhey will neve&Sprevenr you from
buying SAP OLIO 9
n J
Its uses are many
for where it is once used it is always wsea. xo
dean house without it is sheer folly, since it does
the work twice as fast and twice as well.
Buy Your Own goods if te
vlfollUuau Flit HuiJ-iflB iuiu Si uiigu n 1
Kachlury, Pxirnnt of all kuxU, Bratw UHa. Hi
tplUnpt uid How, Wretrthea, LubrieutlnB Oils, Church, r'-choul and Farm Bells, Kngiiien awl Boll,
lackaratth Drills and Forves, Bur?1(, etarriea, BiririK aud Kipraa Wagoua. the larpuKt uotamm
1 1 KI, Fai sf teulm Stmt,
CorrKicHT "
A wromtit return
of your inoncy, if you get neither!
benefit nor cure. Risky terms for'
the doctor, but safe and sure for the:
patient. Everything to gam, noth- "
ing 10 lose, i nere s just one medi
cine of its class that's sold on these
conditions just one that could be
Br. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It's a peculiar way to sell
it but it's a peculiar medicine..
It's the ffuaranteed remedy for all
Blood, Skin and Scalp Diseases,
irom a common dioicu or eruption
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Roehe Hirbor Lime, Portland Ctment. Sol
don Gale and Ulan Planter. Hair, Fire Brlon
snd Fir. Clay. LAND PIASTER.
60 North Front Street, Cor. II.
winter i mm,
Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
19" BOX 802.-
BHOOKI.V HOT:i Bmh fit., bet. Mont,
gomery k but some, 8. P.; oikIuoUkI on both this
European and American plaii. This Hotel Is under
the rouLMeiDent of Oharlotj Montgomery, snd l the
but Family and Biisintai Meu'o Hotel in 8n Fran
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Board and room per day, $1.25 to $4.00; Blngle room, GO
ountii to f 1.00 per night. Free ooooh to and from the
rLlLU Wewant the name and ad
dressof every sufferer In the
&AQTUftfiJl U.S. and Canada. Address,
AO I fltllln r.HuddHj,ll.II.BnfiJtt,l.T.
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In not Mil "factory wUl return gold.
JJ, P, J, T, No, 407-S. F, S. U. No. 484
anw sv urt im j ivcivusf
Dealer Boos list Garry Thom.
PAm CiRTS MD m mm
Ba.t and Oheapeat In the World.
Carts, SIS Op. us, S59 UjL
Vlrt How and Jepnrtment ifcppHea, atoam laaMrt
fltuiigE, Hamxk'i liiMirHton, Marine Wont
For hullui liiiuniiaUoii call oo ot tuliliMt
mm a. ,