The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 02, 1891, Image 1

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NO- 30
, ...
Que your , . 92 00
(U paid In advance, 81 00 poi yuar.)
Ftlz months , , .,....... 1 00
Tiimt) nmntliH , M
Single copltiH , , 06
Office up ntalra In Guy's Building.
Attorney-at- Law
Albany, Oregon,
Will practice In all the oonfUi of tnta Stale.
Office, front nxim over bank of Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
Omduato of Royal Collese of London and Bell-
eue Medical College, Ma
Chronic oiue a iuIhIW.
rin. removed without tain or the knife,
OWICB-Rirkpatrick'i ulldlng, Lebanon, Or-
Attorney -at - Law,
Oellccllnns given prompt and carotal attention.
Will iiraetle In all the oourW of the Htute.
Lebanon, Okkoon.
Hotary Public and Collecting Agent,
v Justice! ofthc Bt"0, Letanon Precinct.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Meal Estate in, all Us branches.
AuKNTi'oB'Wiii Continental Fibb
lNH.Co.,ofNewYork. .
Large walmmill tracts of Frail, Fanning,
GriMing lundH.
Money to loan on Farms, Improved
City .Property or Guilt-udge notes dis
JJ. WAI'l", M. U.,
Physician and Surgeon,
A graduate of the Medical College of Ohio, Clasi
?jW.nisiolrlo.liloaaesor women ana c-""u"'
tud Quvulo litaeasesa Specialty,-
Attorney and
Counselor at Law,
Rooms i,-i'rlrsnlil,",,(Ss,loin Or.
B.uor.SUileJiCiilumjrclillStf.'- "iv
Found Dead lit Hla Roam.
From Albany Herald,)
C. E. Oonley, foreman of the sewer
contract, Bays, Seffries & Co., was
was found dead In his room at the Be-
vre House yesterday, his death having
ooourred in a peculiar manner.
About 8 o'clock In the morning not
having made his appearance, the door
of his room, No. 24, was broken open.
The unfortunate man was found lying
dead upon the carpet with bis face
down. He was attired m his night
shirt and had been dead several hours.
His face was black, leading at once to
the belief that he had died of strangu
lation. Dr. W. H. Davis was called and Cor
oner Farrell summoned a jury. It was
found that in a fit of vomiting he had
aspirated a piece of food Into the lar
ynx, producing a spasm of the glotis,
resulting in aphnoea, causing death.
A noise had been heard in his room
about 1 o'clock, but little attention was
paid to it at the time.
The deceased was a sober, lndustri-
ous young man of steady habits and
had not been ill. He was aged 28, and
had formerly resided In the home of
Chief of Police Parrish in Portland. '
His parents are supposed to reside in
Ban Francisco. He had a small a
mount of money in his possession.
It is not known what disposition
will be made of the body .
Mrs. B. H. Cowan's oldest little girl
has (been seriously ill for the past
week but we are glad to report her
Mr. J. A. Roberts has beught Jas.
Matehetts residence and will move in
to it next week. Consideration $1200.
Mr. Mutchett will move on bin farm,
Mrs. S. H. Cowan returned home
last Saturday from San Francisco
where she has been visiting for the
past three weeks and selecting her fall
and winter stock of millinery goods.
Married. Mr. W. H. Cyrus, of
Crook county, Or. and Miss Lodouia
Stringer, of Linn oounty, Or. were
united in marriage ou Wednesday
Sept. 80, at the residence of the brides
parents. Bev. C. H. Lamar officiating.
They will leave for Crook oounty,
their future home, in a few days, f
MaRRIKD. At the Bt, Charles ho
tel by Bev. Hickman. Mr. eo.
Dodge and Mrs. Josie Dodgo. The
young couple huve the best wishes of
their .many friends,
Services at the M. E, Church, Bouth,
on next Bitbbatb at 11 A. M. and 7:80 v.
M. All cordially Invited to attend.
Mm. Eaton visited the county-sent
on Monday last.
Rev. JB. E. Thompson left for Walla
Walla, ou last Monday, to attend the
CP. Synod. -
8. M. Garland was In Albany on
lust Tuesday.
Work on the new bank building is
progressing finely. ,, "
The Baptist church will soon be com
pleted. One or more surgeons of Pacific
branch of National Surgical Institute,
No. 819 Bush Street, rj. F., intends to
visit the Bt. Charles Hotel, Lebanon,
Oct. 12th, and the Bevere House,- Al
bany, Oct. 18th, one day only. This
Institute is specially devoted to tiie
treatment of curvature Of the spine,
diseases. f the hip and kuee joint,
crooked limbs, club feet aud all bodily
deformities. Their suocess In treating
these troubles as well as all chronic
dsseases has made for the Institute a
national reputation. All persous who
i are suffering Irotu auy oi uiese coiu-
plaints should not f'aii to take advan
tage of this opportunity for relief.
Reference may be had to the following;
Hou.Thoa. L. Davidson, Salem, Or.;
Supreme Judge B. P. Boise, Baleui,
Or.; Rev. IS. N. Condit, Albany, Or.;
W. C. Morgan, Alban;;. Or.; E. G
Young, Oakland, Or.
How The Crop! of Oregon Have
Following is Crop Weather Bul
letin, No. 29. For the week Saturday,
September, 16th, 1891.
In Western Oregon harvesting of
cereals Is over. There are a few small
amounts of wheat and oats to thrash..
There was no appreciable damage
done by the rains. The buckwheat
crops of Clackamas county is very
good, small portions of it were dam
aged by the rain. Hops are about all
baled. Experiments show that sugar
beeni and sorghum do very well in
Washington oounty. The rains soft
ened the earth sufficient hi allow of
plowing in many counties- In por
tions of Linn oounty the corn Is not
ripening well. In Douglas county
the wheat was not over an average in
quantity per acre and quality, cats
however are above the average. In
Jackson county grapes are ripening
and wine making will begin next
week. In Curry ounty a 200 acre
field of barley, oats and wheat aver
aged 50.51 and 85 bushels per acre re
spectively. Report indicate that
every one is well satisfied with the re
sult ef the harvest.
Iu Eastern Oregon harvesting and
threshing is generally over except
in Union, Wallowa and Baker coun
ties where threshing is being finished
up. , Crops have been secured with
out any damage from climatic con
ditions, as is the rule. Large yields
are reported from every county, vary
ing from 10 to 60 bushels per acre in
some localities to 80 add 40 bushels
per acre in others. In Union county
for example one field of 600 acres av
eraged a fraction over" 40 bushels per
acre. The corn in Umatilla county
is unusually good. The fruit along
the Snake river was never so good and
plentiful, in Wasco, Umatilla and
Union counties the orchards are filled
with fruit, and the smaller orchards
of the other counties have done re
markably well. The harvest .has
been one of plenty, and the quality of
cereals and fruit a good average.
G. T. Cotton's new houses are about
ready for occupancy.
There are several new buildings in
process of erection Thus we grow;
J. W. Hanson, a former Corvallls
man, dropped dead at Fair Haven a
few dajsago.
License was issued Tuesday for the
marriage of W. Carothers aud. Arteme
tia Wood.
All lovers of fine political speeches
will have a treat in store for them to
morrow at the Opera House in Albany.
The distinguished speakers from the
East, who have been in Sound cities
and Portland, will give Linn county
democrats a flue taste of the coming
campaign. .
Dr. Courtney has the contract to
supply the brick for the new hank
building, Everything wasquite lively in towu
this week.
Dr. Courtney has decided to build
his brick buildings two-story height.
This will add very much to the ap
pearance of the buildings and town
both. It is to bo hoped that Mr.
Cowan will decide to do the same
thing- .
Prof. U. G. Hurley will deliver a
lecture at the Band Hall to-night on
Phrenology and Physiognomy; Friday
evening, Love, Courtship and Mar
riage; Saturday evening gentlemen
only. Mrs. Hurley will also deliver a
lecture to the ladies only, Friday at 3
p. m. Admission to all free.
Mayor J. L. Cowan, of Albany, was
IB our town the first of the week.
. Married, on Sept. 30, 1891, in Albany,
Oregon, at the Presbyleriau.pursonage,
Mr. James A. Dickson and Miss Josie
Nluichick, Rev. E. B. Pilchard officia
ting. . ... . . : '-,
Health good in thin vicinity.
We learn that I. B. Henderson is hauling
lumber for his new house.
' Mr. Charles Tucker and wite, ofLaconib,
spent Sunday in Mountain Home. We
understand they will leave , in a few days
for Mayville Gilliam county Or.
Wm. Phillips is hauling lumber from
Brush Creek to repair his barn.
Wm. Philpott visited Mountain Home
Tuesday last. , v
J. D. Arthers and wife, of Mountain
Home, visited in Opossum Hollow on last
11 you wish a good newspaper patron'ze
home industry and subscribe for the Ex
press. .
The frost bugs are still crying for frost.
We understand that Mr. Jerry Banks has
23 scholars and is getting along nicely at
Mountain Home.
Mr. Will Vails, of Waterloo visited
Mountain Home Friday last 1
The writer suggests that we organize a
baseball nine at Mountain Home. -
Mr. T. B. .Wright killed a wild cat last
Monday. '
f I.C.Uho.
Owing to the indisposition of your
correspondent, the Crabtree items fail
ed to materialize last week.
We note this week the very serious
illness of Mr. Abe Young, of typhoid
fever. Mr. Ed Young has been strong
ly threatened with the same disease,
but careful treatment has so far suc
ceeded in preventing Its development
into anything alarming.
Frank Smith is also on the sick list.
Dr. Booth is the attending physician
to all the above cases. ,
Mrs. Jasper Crabtree and family are
so far recovered as to need no further
attendance of doctor or nurse, and are
all happy in the consciousness of re
turning health.
Mrs. Crabtree has lately purchased a
'arm of Mr. William Elliott near the
Sautiam Grange Hall, and will short
ly move on to it.
Mr. Elliott and family will leave us
in two weeks for their future home in
Eastern Oregon. Report hath it, that
oik of the family at least will return
here in the not tar distant future.
Mr. John Young and family have
recently moved into tne nousc vacated
by Mr. Milt Morris and latnily.
The school house of district 6 was re
moved last week from its old Bite near
D. V. C'rabtree'B, to a point about one
m tie soutii, on land purchased uy the
district from Frank Smith. Geo. Tay
lor, of Scio, had the contract for doing
the work.
The hardest wind aud rain storm of
the season visited us Moud-iy after
noon. Saturday night was the first frost we
have noticed this Fall.
The subscription list for the erection?
of a church is in circulaiiou. About
half of the necessary amount has been
subscribed. Let all help, aud we will
have a handsome church.
W. S. Paul was so unfortunate as to
lose his buggy horse lmt week while
lelurning from Salem. The horse
died of pneumonia, and a borrowed
horse completed the Join ney.
W.'S.-Elliott and wife visited friends
in Baiein last week.
Mrs. A. J. liapp left here lust Friday
for a short visit lo fricu-ls in Portland
and Hc.-itil.". h--fore -returning lo her
home in California.
Mr. and Mm.. I). F
linuleusiillglmi tjyagi
Craliln e have
idoid f.illiiAied
visit among us.
G. V.. inon spent the day at the
cou n t y-sea t 'I'm -sil ay.
ttabbui h school closed here for the
Fall and Winter.
CmlMter. O. i. Is:, 1691.
Mr. William Ralston, of Albany, was
in the city to-day looking after the in
terest of his addition to the city.
Mrs. Hunrahan and Miss Booth were
in Albany Wednesday.
Miss Olie Smith and Nona Miller
were stopping in Albany this week.
Charlie Miller is down with typhoid
The following dispatch from Pitts
burg, Penn., dated Sept. 27th brings
Into prominence a former resident of
Albany and Lebanon, who left here ;
about six weeks ago. "Dr. W. C Ne
gus, of Blnghamton, N. Y., came to
Homestead, thiB county, about ten
days ago and recovered his 7-year old
son from C. C. Long. The doctor told
a story that the lad was a son of a
wealthy Portland, Or., man and had
been kidnapped six years ago. He
(Negus) was a government detective
and had lecaptured the boy after a
long search and would get 5,000 for
his trouble. Long has got tired of the '
unpleasant notoriety it gave him and
now tells his side of the case. Long
says that some years ago, while living
at Riehburg, N. Y., he employed Mrs.
Negus to care for his parents, who were
very old. She brought her boy along,
haying been divorced from the doctor.
Long and the woman fell in love and
were married. After the death of the
elder Mrs. Long they removed to this
county. Last March Long's wife died,
and when Dr. Negus heard of it he be
came anxious to have his toy back so
he came on to Homestead, saw Long,
and without any difficulty recovered
the little fellow, and Long is at a loss
to undsrstand the father's motive for
telling of the abduction case." -- Dent,
Silver Salmeu are very plentiful
at present iu the bay. From inoi u tig
till night her waters are (iuUcd ,with
boats trolling for them and it is but an
ordinary two bouts to cRtch s x o- ev
en weighing f'oin ten la twenty five
pounds. What would some of our
summer I ou si sa y; at tii's poi-l were
they here how'. Sew po, t Tunes.
J. C. Frey & Son, now in old post of
fice, make collars and other harness.
When in need of books or stationery
remember that. Smith & Miller have
the finest lot ever brought to Lebanon,
I will have my fall and winter open
ing of millinery goods on Friday and
Saturday, October, the 2nd aud 3d.
I have just returned from San Francis
co wheae I bought a select stock of the
latest styles and fashions. All are
most cordially invited to come and
examine them. Yours Resp't.
.Mrs. 8. H. Cowan. .
A pleasant meeting was held at the
Fern Ridge school house by tl)0 Prim
itive Baptists last Sunday. Services
were conducted by P. B. Tucker aud
G. R. Girard.
The Fern Ridge school is progressing
nicely under the management of Pro
fesjior GranvilleCoIttvan,
J. M. Bouth' and family will move to
Eastern Oregon or Washington in the
near future. Also P. B. mid J. 0.
Tucker and families will start about
the 80th inst to Eastern Oregon where
P. B. Tucker has a fine farm arid stock
ranch. - Although we will miss our
friends from among us, we wish them
success and prosperity,
We understand that Jfessrs. Layton
and Haleman have bought the distil,
lery formerly owned by Mr. Bcaullu,
and have set up on the premises of J.
D. Layton- So the rum loving pubiio ''
of Canada and surrounding 'country
can be supplied on short not?co with
Pluni-.lnek, Apple-Jack and High, .
Low, Jack and the game.
We passed through the principal
street of Salt Lake a few days ago on .
our way to Lebanon. We were great
Iv surprised at the Improvements going
ou there. Tp proportion it bus exceed
ed the growth of Lebanon. For with
in six mouths it has more than doubled
iu size if not in population.
It Is rumored that Salt Lake Capi
talists will putr in a pipe line oonneot
i:ig the distillery with the city, so the ,
proprietors of the still cau have an
outlet for their product,
J. O. Boyd hauled Mv. M. I,.' Tuck
er's hops to Lebanon ou ilowday, five
bales being the product of three' acres,
Longfellow, or ?
. Hoosier. .