The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 25, 1891, Image 1

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-t " al , i)MW
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, .swk ... B
One yew , J2 00
(tTiMilil lu advance, $1 SOporyoar.)
fllx mniithK , , 1 00
Thrift1 montliH , BO
Sinjfle copies.,,, , , ,.. 06
Office up stair in Guy's Building.
Albany, Oregon.
Will practice In ivll the court, of tills Bute.
Otuca, iroul rooms over bank of Oregou.
Physician and Surgeon.
Graduate of Royal College of London and Bell
vuc Mcuk'al College, Mum.
Chronic ousti a Sieciiilty.
Cancer, removed without pain or the knife.
OrMfB Klrktrtck' hatUunf, Lebanon, Or-
Attorney -at - Law,
Colli'Cllolis riven prompt and curt-fit! atteiillon.
Will practice In uli the court of the uue.
OITlCt. IN' II S8.MU'h tlUICK,
Mary PuMic and Collecting Agent,
Juatiw of the Peace, Lebanon 1'reclnct.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Notary Public.
Real Estate in all its, brandies.
IMS. Co., of Now York.
larie and small tnwls of Knilt, KarailuK. ani
tiraaliiK Isllds.
Money to loan on Farms, I m proved
City Properly or OuilUodge notes dis
HA I'P, M.JJ.,
sician and Surgeon,
AiradunleufthaMotUi-iilllulloi.'i'ol' Ohio, Clou
ITJ-OMelrlc. lltM-ftHe.tof Women mid Children
autl Oliiulilc iiiitt-u.-.eMi titi;eit:y.iitt
If7, H, H. WRTERS,
Attorney and
Counselor at Law,
Room, U : oi.r - fo.. Onalt'lU.
Rev. Mulkv has been holdinsr a Dro-
tracted metthig at Mountain Home the
past week. We learn he has 17 con
verts. We understand some of our veune
folks are talking of holdingaprolracted
nan some 01 tnese nights m me near
Mr. Thomas Wright killed a bear
last week.
G. D. Smith is working at B-owns-vllle,
Mr. Robert Bland visited Mountain
Home last Friday returning the same
day. Ben Wooden accompanied him.
Mrs. Nellie Wrhht, of Fern Ridge.
visited her mother, Mrs. Hawken, of
tuts piaiu on last Buituay.
Miss Vina Fruit, of Halsey, is visit
Ing friends and relatives in th's vicin
ity Mr. Wm. Skelton, of Opossum Hol
low, tela tils farm p a parly from
Marion Co., Oregon.
School commenced at Mountain
Home on the 21st under the manage
ment oi Mr. jerry nanus, of urowns
ville. Bears are quite plentiful. Since
writing the above we learn that Mr.
Alotir.o Leach, of Fern Ridge, killed
three bears inside of one month, over
near the Calapooia. Mr. L. is quite a
bear hunter.
We learn that Mr. Win. Skelton In
tends renting the Noble farm.
Some of our young folks attended
the meeting at Halsey on last Sabbath.
Bill Fruit went to Halsey Saturday
As it is too late for pies North Amer
ican Pie Biter will choose a shorter
name which will be given belt week.
Till then 1 remain t
Considerate rain.
The roads are very had as there has been
rain enough to make them slipjieiy. .
Theie was a ball at the Independent Ho
tel Haturilay night and from what we hear
everything went otfijuiet and all enjoyed
tleo-ge Miller has moved from the Hotel
to his new dwelling south of his livery sia
hlc. I'm-le SiiMiinic Kcilli will occupy the hotel
vacated by Mr. Miller (the Dnnacs Hole!).
There are three new building going up in
town. Oeorge Miller, Joe Ames and Ililey
Alley are the owners. The girls may looji
out for Jtte and Kiley when they get their I
houses completed. J wonder who will he '
the lut'k'v ttne i if mi v !. in,.!.,, o ,..;u i... I
Joe and Itiley)
Quite a drove of hogs went through town
Monday. We understand the buyers hud
bought ten head in tills vicinity. They
could have bought more had they -wanted
tliein for the woods around here are full of
hogs, hut most of them have only two legs.
Most every body has got home from the
harvest lield und hop yard. As every one
brings home a little tiiuucy, and a few more
hog luiyers come around there w ill be a little
more money hi the country. Although hogs
are, orougln to be verycheap.
Yes, we have a suluon und a burlier shop
in our town. Our burlier, l-'runk Mtilone by
name, bus his link-shop neat and for the
practice can give you u good shingle and
We learn .Mr. McCormick's oldest buy bus
the dipt lietiu.
Israel W jods is laying a sidewalk for Dave
Andiewa connecting his house with the
crosswalk leutling to his store.
We leum that Mrs. Dick Watkinds is
sick, hut not dangerously, liut no doctur in
this vicinity nearer than Lebanon which is
sixteen miles. Should this meet the eyes of
a physician looking for a location we think
he will do well to come to Sweet Home. .
"For Sule."
Ten room house and large barn, fout
loUt, nice shade trees, will be sold very
reasonable if taketi inside of SO days.
If not sold in next- 30 days will be for
rent: locatlou Main St. Inquire of
C. A. Elsou,
Lebanon, Oregon.
Joe Wassnin has begun to operate the
Lclvmi.-u Mills' and is prepared to do
wheat eit-toiijig and chopping.
V . . I
Monday Sent 21st ut nine o'clock
Eldon, Infant son, of G. M. and Livo
nia Westfull, died at Lebanon Oregon,
after a short but painfi'l illness. All
that loving hands, and medical skill
could do was done; but all could not
avail. The little one could not be
kept, to the Loving Father took him
home. Here his stay was short; but
the lnye he expanded lives; it can
never tile: and In a few years love will
be reunited; to part no more. He was
lam to rest in tne Masonic lemetery
on Tuesday. The services were eJm
ducted by Rev. E. C. Jacka.
" 'Ood lent liim,' you sigh,
Kay, there let me break with your pain:
God's generous in Riving, say 1,
And the thing which he gives, I deny
That he ever can take it again.
He lends not, but gives to the end,
As he loves to the end. If it seem
That he d aw back a gift, comprehend
'Tis to add to i., rather, amend,
And finish it up to your dream.
He's ours, and forever. Believe,
0 fjilhci 1 (,1 mother, look hack
To the first love s assurance! To give
Means, with Ood, not to tempt or deceive.
With a cup thrust in lletijauiin b sack.
Bo look up, friends! You who indeed
Hare possessed in your house aswee' piece
Of the heaven which men strive for, must
Be more earnest than otheis ate sliced
Wheie they loite' , peisist where they cease.
You know how an angel smiles there,
Then, eor-ra.'. 'Tis easy for you
To le d.awu by a single hi-uwii hair
01 vhat curl, fioin carih'Bsioims and de
To the safe place above us. Adieu."
Henderson Howell was born Sept
14, 1S4, near Wheeling, Vu, Ht
moved with bis parents to III., at ei;:lit
years Of aae. The next year tliey
moved to Iowa. He yvhh married to
Miss Lucy Baker, Feb. 14, 1S40. Thii
union was blessed witli six children all
of whom are living. He crossed the
plains in IH'13, stopping one ycaj ut
Boise city, Idado, the nee to Oregon.
While cutting sUme at Albany a chip
of steel flew into his left eye, destroying
its sight. Seven years later at Mon
mouth he suffered the loss of the other
eye, leaving him totally blind during
the last 7 years ot bin life. He had
lived ill the vicinity of Lebanon for
several yours. His lust illness, caused
by cancer of Hie stomach, was of two
months' duration. 11c passed peace
fully away, in the piest-nce of his wife
and children. In bis belief lie held to
the old style Baptists. The bet-caved
wife and children "uiourii not us tlicy
who have no hope," but look forward
to a reunion where blindnins unil pain
and declli are no more. The God of
all grat grant it to be so. Funeral
services were conducted at the aruve
by ltev. T. P. Boyd. Husband, futhei ,
friend, farewell until the gre.-t day.
A Fill KM).
One or more surgeons of Pad lie
branch of National Surgical Institute,
No. 1)10 Bush Street, S. F., intends to
visit the St. Charles Hotel, Lebanon,
(Jet. 12th, and the Revere House, Al
bany, Oct. 13th, one day only. This
Institute is specially devoted to the
treatment of curvature ef the spine,
diseases of the hip and knee joint,
crooked limbs, club foot and all bodily
deformities. Their success in treating
these troubles us well as all chronic
dsseases has made for the Institute a
tiutioiial reputation. All persons who
are suifcring from any of these com
plaints should not fail to take advan
tage of this opporuUutiity for relief.
Reference may be had to the following:
Hon.Thos. L. Duvidson, Salem, 'Or.;
Supreme Judge R. P. Boise, Salem,
Or. ; Rev. E. N. Condit, Albany, Or.;
W. C. Morgan, Albany, Or.; E. U.
Young, Oakland, Or.
Jjiuil Oflloe at Ort-Kon Oily, On-tiOn, I
AIWIIM 18. 1S-J1.
Notice 1 hereby irivim tlult tilt- followiu-nuiiier;
sclller hits tiled ntjttce of itiH imemion to umko
limil imiof fu miiiiui-t of liitt clrtiiu. ntitl ilutt i.:iid
nriHtf will lieiinetc before lliel-oiintyi.'lt-rl: o" l.iitti
Counlv, Oregon, at Albany, Oregon, on October lb,
tsyi, vU:
John sraixti
Pre f H. No. tor the s. Y. of Sec. U T
13 s. H. I K.
lit- inline tbc UvUouiiiK witnesses; to r'i'-'H
onlim-.ou rt'Ni'U'liet- lljum lent cubivrtlioti of. self!
bind, vl.: !Ii-ntuil! K.cbo, .loiiji t:!iri-.tinli til tutlo
I'icl.ciiMoi-l t'tn-1 ItincUiirl, all of Swc- t lloitie,
JJiiu (-.utility, Oregon.
J. t.a1'1')-:i:miX.
The American Agriculturist, In lui
annual review of the harvests, to be
published ill Its September Issue, esti
mates that the farm profits this year
will be f l,OUQ,00,ul)0 more than during
the recent years of depression. On the
basis of the present prospects the corn
crop of 1891 Is estimated to be 2,000,000,
030, bushels; wheat, 500,(KK),000 bushels;
and oats, (K2,0(M,000 bushels. The total
yield of wheat, corn and oats on the
basis of this estimate will be 23.8 per
cent, greater than last year, and 16.7
per ceil!, above the average of the pre-
cedinc eleven years. On this basis the
value of the coi n crop will lie to the
farmers, l,000,0(Kt,C00; wheat, $500,000,
000; and oats, Si60,(KI0,000i This is
$450,0rt0,000 more than the value of
these cropH in IKOtI, aud $025,000,000
more than the value of the average of
these crops from 18S0 to 1890 inclusive.
Cotton and rice will command better
prices than last season. Cattle will be
worth one-third more than 18 months
ago with other livestock in proportion
Tobacco is advancing heavily, and hops
are firm at good prices. Winter fruit
will command large values, and all
vegetables are yielding fairly with
every indication of a remunerative
market. The export outlook was never
better. Immensely increased sums
will be sent to the United States for
our produce. Of course ulterior Influ
ences may interfere with these brilliant
predictions, hut it is almost certain the
farmers will receive better profits on
their crops than ever before.
Miss Fannie Griggs arrived here last
Suturday from a visit to Farmington,
Corville and other points in Wash.
She left, Tuesday, for Dallas and Sa
lem, and will return the latter part of
the week.
Max Frlendly's saw mill, at Corval
lis, which was burned to the ground
two mouths ago, has already been re
built, fully equipped with new machin
ery, and Ib again in operation.
The Eugene City authorities have
received the money for the bonds that
were issued for sewer puipcoesand are
disbursing the same to the men who
have been waiting for their pay for
some lime. Work on the pipe con
nections of the Eugene scwerag
tern has begun and will be pushed to
Lund olltot- at Oregon City. Oregon. 1
Aim. 19. ism. f
Notice is Is reby iriven that tliefoilowing-naruetl
set tier hit. Jilctl notice of his hiwmion to make
Until proo! ill Milton of 111. elittlil, und that Haiti
oi-ool will be luiiiK- beiore the t.ounly Clerk of
Linn t.'ouutv, Orejjo!), at Albany, Oregon, on Octo
ber U IMil, viz:
lid. entry No. S8I0, for the N. W. L of See. 21
T. 13 S.. It. J K.
He iiiune!, tbe following witness to prove his
t-outititiotut residence unon mid cultivation of, guid
laud, viK: Malt Scott, of Albany, Linn County,' Or
cye'll. Joiin Spring, ofSvu-ct Homo. Mini County,
Oregon, Tliolnuw Lewis, of Sweet Home, Linn
County, tm-gtui, und D.T. Meddle, of Sweet Uuuie,
Linn C.tuity, Oregon.
Lund Olllce al Oregon City, Oregon, 1
Aug. is, ism.
Notice Is hereby given tlitil the iollowlng-uaiiipd
settler bits lilctl notice of bis intention to make
tiniii proof ut sttijiort of liiscltiiiu, und that said
nmoi'will be nittde bofiH-e die County clerk of
l.inu County Oregon, at Albany, uregon, ou Oclo
Oor 13, IWJl, viz:
lid. entry No. Kllf, for tbe S. !4 of 8. E. V and 6
K. V. of S. W. 1-1 ot Sec. is. T. 1SS. K. 1 E.
1 lie nituies lite following witnesses to prove his
conluiuoti., resiueiice upon and snuivauou oi, sum
autl, viz: J. it. Orchard. .1. It. Lewis, Cuss Krun.
uerfliiill). W. itmubuiigli, ail of Sweet Home,
Linn County, Oregon.
J. T. Al'l'EHSON.
( 1-ROM
Albany, Ore.
For Hale.
Nice two story four room house,
nice lot, god well and out houses
nice location. $500 if sold in tho next
SO days by
C. A. Elson i Co.
Go to S. P. Bach for boots and shoes.
M. A. Miller will receive this week a
large supply of stationery and school
books direct from Chicago.
Mr. Nlckcrson will move to Mr.
Barretts place and Mr. Barrett will
move to the country-
Miss N. M. Loslie died near Soda-
ville Sept. 21, and was burled Tues
day. Rev. G. 8. Hanleiter has a paper
which was published Oct. 8, 1826, In
which is au interesting account of the
great land slides from White Moun
tains, N. H.
The friends of Rav. J. M. Price will
be pleased to learn of his recovery. He
expects to enter the active work again
this Fall.
Mn. Frank Crabtree and children
are visiting friends in Canada. .
Mr. B. Cleaver brought us a bunch
of grapes lately sent him from Cali
fornia, of the Mascot variety, which
are very fine.
Mr. Ruff Hiatt left a branch from a
raspberry vine with us a few days ago,
which had on it a number of fine ber
ries, the seosd crop this year.
Hon. M. A. Miller and mother spent
last Wednesday at the county-seat.
On account of sickness In Prof. W.
A. McGhee's family, the school did
not open on last Monday as announced,
Miss Addie Smith, of Albany, visit
ed her parents at this place on Tuesday
Work is progressing rapidly ou the
C'orvallis wagon und ean-ititre fneiorv
building, it is expected to he com
pleted by the 1st of December and will
jive employment to about 80(1 men.
ft is prolicide that the wngou Hiciory .
will lie of nunc heiiolit to Coi-vi'llis
than Ihe leeent goltl (lit -tuv. v.
J. C. Frey 4 Son, now in old post of
fice, make collars and other harness.
One day last week the O. P. passen
ger train chased a deer along the It. R.
track for some distance between Alba
ny nnd the hay. The animal finally
run into a bridge and was captured
and taken to Yaquina City by the
train men.
A Remarkable Flowlnrt Well.
' Oeostu Pioneer. v
A remarkable well of water Is the
one recently sunk at the rear of the
Boyle block. It ebbs aud flows with
the ebb and flow of tbe tide. When
the tide is full a stream nearly the full
slue of a two-inch pipe flows from the
well at a height of three feet ahove the
ground. When the tide is nut the
water goes down in the pipe aud it re
quires the use of a pump to bring it to
the surface. Will some of our wise
men please explain the seaming con
nection between the well and the tide?
When in need of books or stationery
remember that Smith & Miller have
the finest lot ever brought to Lebanon.
Settle lip.
All parties knowing themselves in
debt to us are hereby notified to settle
up at once as we have got to have our
Swan Bros.
. The Express Is prepared to com
pete with Portland or San Francisco
In matter of style and finish in busi
ness and visiting cards.
Lebanon public school opens Sept.
21 and remember thut M. A. Miller has.
a large stock of school books,
Go to M. A, MUlor's for your school
Emporium of Fashion
Ib r-'plrto with tlie Liilcst Styles of Hals, Bomtota
iimi uvury varit'tv oi ItciLil-Ki'Lir iuiuwu lo ,
tho t'nsliioiuibk! wml'l.
A '''rst-rlHwi nrensimikitj: Simp In connection.
-,'Uir ii f prouKlnif over by Indies whu makfi
. UiUing and KiUiiiR 11 hpetiiuliy.
u,: DooitSunii ov the "ExvHm." Officii