The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 11, 1891, Image 2

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BmyrnccouWooij prouiwitai iB color wtwH
net) ttwtiret ooo u ..huu .... ,
S wmki west voa ami waau great you la the i
oki (aniliar tone,
,ou net. ,
O raj e., .,k, a o ptanuy of u uwa ukj
IwouKiiwwroaaixImukl ere you at tn old
satr place.
And cardans, you'd texu o nappy you mat
aw taw to fane.
V iw moody of springtide awoke ao wud r
Vtheaiiuain'S toklea bonaea awoto ao trrinx; t etairs. but 1 wish he would do ao this
pain. . i evening, for I should like to introduce
lluaarw.k1aTetha.asjarSjlum,ti;x1L pOThln he has decided to
tVJorJIaVaBam ware ahinwveeked on the oeaaa ' dine wilh us this evening, and then that
alncnLr. 1 would by very pleasant"
- i - i She called to a servant, who had come
u my iranuua aoul were stronger, IT my nean . .
w. not ao true, to remove the tray. "Jules, go upstairs
I vouhi long have iaaed teinomberhig the love and see if Mr. Hamilton will be able to
lOlli for TOO, t rtWn tV.i owntint, "
miliar way.
t'DUi wttineet la heaven, when tears have passed
-Mary Start Lemoa ia Temple Bar.
. ' j
Tt is now over four years since 1, Eliza- j
beth Urates, first met Dora Hamilton. It
was at Nice, on a brilliant day in Febru-
l j , . i i
..v Lji-..ji.k m7, i
. .... t
an The mvu-m nv nr nuTsiejan to earn- '
plete my convaleseeuee. One of his pre
Bcriptions was a drive every day when the
weather was fine, and it was strictly fol
lowed 1 enjoyed beyond measure my ex
cursions in the environs of the city, the
glorious sunshine, the vivid azure of sea j
and skv. the rich veyetation in fact, all
art all
' those elements that cause Sice to resemble !
a set sreneto wnBuiagriineent theatrical
spectacle. But 1 was far from strong, .
and could endure but little fatigue, and
one afternoon mv drive was nralonsed far i
bevondilpiimtthateiUiheB Moreover, the face was that of aged wife came hurrying out herself to ! wwT month shawiug ptojrrcss of the
orprudeat. My driver lost his wav. and i a much younger man than I had expected impart hertidings. They were both tragie j photographs show
after cirenlatuig about throngh various j Mre- HamUtoa. charming as she ; mi distressing. Mrs. Hamilton hsd gone ; (t ,'9 a xittle above the founda
nnknown roads for a long time, he finally evidently not far from 40 years i ou, lar driveto Muntboron. Her ! 0, lUa nalvereity is to
brought me out on the heights of tSmiex". j of age, and the photograph of her hue- j horscg had taken fright whdst descending j &e A )(f limw (adrangles and it
about half an hour after sunset. I was j baud was certainly that of a man under j the mountain, had run away and bad j.mbasve, half mile of covered colonnades,
chilled and exhausted, and seeing the j 30- There was no trace of ill heart h vuv t overturned the carriage. The unfortu-1 Tw w rb (eatimit,f building is
liirnts shilling in the windows of a superb
vuia emoowerea m palms ana orange trees
.... ... . 1
viear which wa went laminir I CttHnd tn
the coachman to stop, and sent toy maid
in to ask -the lodgekeeper for a glass of
wine. This was brought bv a kind
iteartetL motherly looking old woman,
who. seeinir mv nailor and mv half faint-
tag condition, "insisted upon my alighting !
nd coming in to rest. I was so spent and j
wearv that it was impossible for me to re-
iuse. I was scarcely installed, however,
when a ' handsome equipage dashed
-through the gates, there was a brief par
ley between the lodgekeeper and the new
Arrivals, and a lady entered the little
room where I was seated, all eager kind
ness and hospitality, who introduced her
self as Mrs. Hamilton, the tenant of the
ilia. v
1 must come at once to the house, she
laid, impulsively. I had been ill? Then
1 must wait and rest, and take some re
freshment. And her brother. lr. Somers,
was a physician, and would know exactly
what to do far me. My own carriage
could come hack for me later that ia, if
It would not be best for me to stay all
xughL So. half coaxing, half compelimg.
she. harried me into her landau, and I
found myself in a few rninntes safely en-
conced in an arm chair in the elegant
drawing r iom of the Villa Vittoria so
called because the crown princess of Kos
cia had once spent a week there), with
wine and biscuits and tea set out on a
little table beside me. and a bright fire
blazing on the hearth.
Dr. Honiara, a Mil, grave looking gen
tleman, came in. felt my pulse, and de
clared that 1 waa in need only of a few
hours of thorough repose. And then I
took a good look at the lady who had ao
mtddenly and unexpectedly become my
1 thmk she was one of the loveliest
women I have ever seen in all my life,
fine was not positively beautiful, bnt she
waa exquisitely graceful, with a tall,
slender figure that reminded me. In its
litbeneas and swaying movements, of the
stem of a calls lily- Her features were
delicate and finely cut. her eyes moat
lovely, being large and transparent, of a
soft yet lustrous gray. Her complexion
bad the pearly whiteness and varying
blush rose tints of a person in fragile
tmal th: and indeed ber whole aspect gave
the impression of one that had suffered J numerous wraps and rugs in which she ' ,.,.,., Bjiaii 1 forget the pathetic tones of
snneh and patiently endured. It is im- j had insisted on enveloping me for my ber voice, the loving tenderness of her
possible for me to give by description any ! homeward drive. I did not see Mrs. ' (jlwj dilated eyes
idea of the fascination of her manner, or ' Hamilton, however. Dr. Somen received j j knew you would come to me, Edgar,"
the peculiar sweetness of her low, musical ' me in her stead, and excused bis sister on Bbe panted, "It is hard to say good-by
voice, that seemed to hold acamss in each j the ground that she was then in attend j w(, bare loved each other so fondly, and
of its melodious tones. She wore an ele- sues on her hnsband- And as I crossed y0a will miss me sadly, dear husband,
jraat costume in gray crepe de Chine, and ! the hall I heard a voice of exquisite gul do not mourn for me it will not
4 bonnet trimmed with clusters of ple sweetness, that I readily recognized as ; 6eem long our separation after alL
tinted violets; and the refinement and that of Mrs. Hamilton, pouring forth its : what H would have been for
deLcacy of her aspect appeared to be con
. -tinned in her attire.
1 had never heard of Mrs, Hamilton,
ndKiceinot precisely the place when
it ia safe to form haphazard acqnsintances, j be entirely lost to the world. j will be beside me Edgar my Edgar! bam milir propercondltions. Nearly
but it was impossible for tne to resist the j "My sister spends a great deal of time j sta) made a gesture as if to stretch out 1 al, tnis WBSte BUd gmoke could be pre
winning charm of that fair lady's voice in staging to the invalid and also in read-; toward the invisible being to . Tented by s general adoption of Unproved
-and manner. I introduced myself as well tog to him," answered the doctor, "and ; wttom sbe spoke a spasm crossed ber methods of constructing chimneys, fire
as I waa able, though she declared that no she is happier in her self devotion than features, a rush of blood came to her hps, j pacHii furnaces and heaters. Safety
consultation OT niv weuuby wan uaxowj,
and after she had laid aside her oonnet,
tlie came bapk and sat down beside me,
and becan to talk with the naive frank -
seas of a child.
"We have eome to Kice for tlie winter,
my husband and I." she said, "for Edgar
is delicate aid cannot endure the cold of
I n.rica or ih. damoness of Paris. In
, . " . . . ...
nes. and constant watchfulness
tWnnatel. tn brother
fc . physician.
w -. .-
and ho resides with
with and takes
us. ana ira.o - -
everr possible care ol air. uamuton. m
, Bim u mttch ,. i
. "jr.., .r... "wWon ta so vm nr.
I,,,., cl..,, ,,r k.m , moment a
I ' , "j J?wvmAii aixuet
; constantly si hand. We never gornto
iKlck,ty and receive few visits, tor 1 am
, ,. . ,vself and mv hnsband
. .. , i i
I needs - -sr ana attenuos i can
The servant, an elderly, grave looking
man. vanished, and speedily returned
j with the message that Br. Somers did
I " siiar tt P"011 for aundW"1 1
to leave nia room. -
! "Ah, well." said Mrs Hamilton, with a
tonile. "it would not do for bim to be to - i
prudent. But I should have been so
pleased to present Edgar to you he is so
handsome and so intelligent, and such a
brilliaut eonversationalist. However,
kna le kle nitrirn rIm! m mil TlldeO '
fmm tliat how verv Eood lookjne he is,
. i inm.i ,niiriiw " ha
uvm u. wiutf.-. .v.--.
aaaeu. wrui a uiusn as awn i auu i.tu w
though she were a newly betrothed
maiden instead of a wife of many yean' .
standing. j
The picture that she put into my hand
a beautiful photograph on ivory, col-;
oreu ana nui&uea ee a uuiuaiuro re-
"red and finished as a miniature, tt re-:
presented a singularly fine looking man, j
with blue eyes and blonde hair and mns-
tarbe. but the eyes had a sinister gleam
in their depths, and the full, red Bps were
sensual and coarse in outline and in ex-;
ible lathe nigh iioiorea. luuiasome lace ot
,,,uuin it fn
ispecting it fur
-Is this a re-
tuo . wt.
some moments. 1 asketb
ceuthj taken likeness. Mrs. Hamilton" It
does not look like the portrait of any one (
who had ever been ttl " j
"So; that is true." She took the pho-
tograph from my hand and seemed ;
troubled, and also, to my astonishment, a ;
U'tle bewildered. "It was taken before
we were married twenty years ago He '
has never had anv otner pnotoirrapa
taken since, and he will not nt to an j
' iuiv.
always the same. Edgar! my Edgar! j
And she pressed the picture to her lips, !
the tears streaming down her ebeela as ;
she did so !
I was infinitely amazed at her emotion.
which seemed to me so needless, and I
was distressed at having unwittingly j
caused it, especially as I had not the
faintest idea of how to proceed in order to
soothe her. Just then, to my tafinite re-
lief, the door opened and Dr. Somers en-
tered. lasmg the miniature trom jara.
Hamilton s hand, he said to her, gravely:
My dear Dora, yon are very foolish to
let yourself become nervous and byster-
i teal. Too trill be unable to sing to Edgar
j this evening if you do not cease sobbing
land try to recover year voice. '
"It was very foolish of me, Mark," re-
plied Mrs. Hamilton, smiling np at him
through her tears, "and Mrs. Graves
must consider me a very absurd person,
but you know whenever 1 think of pour
Edgar 's precarioua health I am apt to
break down utterly. Are you sure he is
no worse than usual this eveiungr
'Sot a particle-rather better, to fact;
In, bah Hn mnu .Till Ml frtF VnnnUtlf
- - -
nresently. Mrs. Graves will excuse you
for a few moments, I am sure. "
Just at that moment my carriage was
announced, and I gladly availed myself of
that excuse for taking leave at once, re-
sisting all the hospitable entreaties of
Mrs. Hamilton that I would stay and
dine, if not remain au night; lor t could
not but feel that I was in the way, as in
deed any guest, it seemed to me, would
have been under the roof that sheltered
so beloved and all absorbing an invalid as
Mr. Hamilton evidently was.
I called a few days later to return
thanks to my kind hostess for her hospi-
! table care, and also to restore to her the
delicate notes in a scarcely known melody
by Gounod.
"What a cliannmg voicel" I remarked.
"It is a pity that so fine a talent should
r uiv juoiavauu '1""
, make her.
j After that day I had occasional glimpses
! of Mrs. Hamilton as her carriage passed ;
j mine during my daily drives, tiheneverj
failed to lean forward and greet me with '
a pretty, eager gesture, and one of her
sweet, pathetic smilesj but that was all j
that I ra eaw of her. Hot card w
only left by her footman at thhMh
and rrcatlv as J had been attracted
mo, ana groauy as i mui oitoi "-J-""
by hor. I shrank from again intruding on
" P"J "'
- . , . , JJ
m,hlr n,t. '
w - ' .
Hons about the malady and the seclusion
' Hamilton. Gossip at N ran riot
solutions for the riddle. One was that ;
Ue valid was not Ul. but was simply m-j
sane, toe constant preseoceoi ir. ocumrs,
and the pecutuu-tamturnrty and reticence j
' servants in the face of questions,
and mm t be added! even of bribes,
i being aUeged to support of the theory.
Then more malicious persons declared i
that Mrs. Hamilton was an adventuress
who concealed a whole troop of lovers un
der the identity of the one unseen inva
j lid; hot that wicked report was speedily
' silenced, having no foundation in proba
bility, as it had none in fact. The evpla
nation of the matter which I was inclined
. tn Mtiei,-!p ffromet was. that Mr. Hamil-
nn t..,(t ha iticRmtWMI f(lF liffthVYnHl.
. . . . ija . .,ho,
. lftor mMTUlge, ndshrank
jnw strangers to look upon
h marred ,ud distorted features This
I theory was corroborated in my own mind j
j,T tj,e (n,, jjr, namltton had shed over
Bjr unsiamd j miniature, and by his re-
to coum dovrn stairs while I ws. in
the iwm.
yw month of March had passed away,
3 .1 DM. Onal.i., (..rtl. Intn nil
,k. u, t irlm mi
j i. i . '
nitv. nn mi wav uuiu iioui mu .
reception. I cuancen to pass uie uia . iv
t,inai d was surprised to observe that
tDe usually tranquil and solitary home
was the center of a universal conunotion.
Servants were hurrying to and fro, groups
0f people hung about the lodge gate, talk-
mj. and esticuiatimr. ana wiunn ines:ui-
w d rattauiatiiig. and
jj, windows of the distant villa might be
obserred a stir and confusion altogether
foreign to the naual customs of the house,
j my servant to inquire the cause of
eidtement. and the lodgekeepera
Baw uuiy was thrown out. and was in-
mea , terribly that her life was do- :
3, of. Dr. Somers. who had accom- i
..... 3 . L l:(A . A, i
her escaped with some slight '
bruisM, ad had been able to superintend
the removal of his sister to her home. j
..n. i. -atchinir over her ever
n. .madam." continued the old woman.
..a be sent far and near for the best i
doctors in Nice, bnt they did not stay long
when they came, ana 1 am amuu uie jsaa-.
ij "
my first impulse. I sprang
troa, my carnage anu uasiencu w arrt!e r tahlornia lano wuica j
m Tlle mmi , TOiceJS jdod me to j h'rm to the university.
1te ot tlie Bujforer. 1 paused on the I ( tMi S(mtr Stanford as to the co-
ture6hald of the open door, but r-j education of the cs. and he told me:
somers, who was seated by his sister's tlult womeB vui bei admitted to the 1
lookei up .nd saw me. and signed to , onlversitT M well as men. and he said he
me without speakiiig. to enter. Mrs. ,0,,,, ,t least S5 percent, could be
nmiinn ai not nnticame. andIdonotLj.i.J .1.. f thai
tnu gh. was even aware of my presence.
: jjg, jy, , was uninjured, but the pale
! jbudow of approaching death rested upon
j fwtam and dimmed the luster of her
beantifnl eyes. She was pleading wiih
Ber brother as 1 arrived, and she want on
j ter piteous prayer as I approachad
f.u - i t
' .,, ,-, 1 . iraal, Mrk." wailed
the melancholy tone,, rtUl so sweet amid
j their feebleness. "Call Edgar do call
s Fj,1PiBt m. see him once more btfore I
. ( j ppy md,, J took
tglljB m tu dear laJX jt cannot hurt
mm thw tlle ne 0f nry death will
J oh. Markdear Mark do tell Edgar
, to cmm
i 0 word. Dr. Somers arose and
; Jung wide opm , door opposite to that
bj WBich 1 bad anered. and which led to
. . ,, , J l
an mner room, au inunuaieu wim ui
j gMm glory tlie Apru sunset. The
whole interior of the apartment thus dis-
j imei was visible to me from where I
! nood. There were flowers everywhere:
! pictures, and books, and exquisite
j f ai kinds, were visible on every
: e; but there was no human being to be
teen within.
With the opening of the door a sudden
change passed over the features of the dy
ing woman. The light returned to ner
eyes, and a faint color tinged her pale
face. . nau raising herself on her pil-
ghe fixed her eaeer gaze on a point
1 .he foot of the bed. There was no
T - thorn she sooke to emntv snace but
me had joa died and left me alone in the
world. 1 should have gone mad with
t think-4ut now 1 eo to sleep
w dream of you and when I wake you
i antt SUB ICU 08CK upon uer ptijiwa.
Somers bent over her, hearkened lor a
a, and then pressed a lingering kiss
Uf(m h,j, brow.
.'AU is over. Mrs. Graves." lie said, as
bj head. "Dora is with her
tlie doctor left Kice ho raid me a
Jong visit, to thank me, as he said, fortbe
hM 1 had manifest to hi. sister,
and also to explain to me toe name ai ur
!ZJhi. J., oxistence. The
aoeraiugly inptfriou. eiistence. m
WiUanH .utiir hull lwtn In I t OTOtlMlS
""7". rJ-,, f
m v n r-
a handsome fortune. Some twenty yean
,. n,. .
before. Dora Somers then a very young
and sensitive and aJTectionat girl, had
handsome person of togar llamilton, an
adventurer and gambler of congruously
" . . "T . . ,,'
and became his trife to the , teeth of the
opposrti t " hr relatives. Immodt-
ate v after tne weaorag tne young coupie
started on journey to Niagara Falls and
Canada. A broken rail hurled the train
on which they were traveling into wreck
and disaster. Mr. Hamilton was instantly
killed, and his bride received sundry
severe injuries, ehiefiy oa the head. Sue
was Ul for many weeks, and. on her re
covery, it became evident that ier reason
was irretrievably shaken. She was pos
sessed bv the idea that her husband was
still living, and that he was constantly .
with her. She shaped all her existence near the nail thai was scarcely notice
bv liis imaginary requirements: and would able, Kothing was thought of it by
talk to him. and iw to him. and read ! tlw parents until the child complained
to him. precisely as though he wore
really present. Hor brother, with noble
self flevotum, gave up uis uuie uie w un
care of this geutlest of maniacs.
"And, thanks to my watchful affection, '
Mrs. Graves." continued the doctor, "she
led a happy and peaceful Ufa. Her Edgar
not the scamp that she married, but the
bright creation of her own loving fancy-;
. alwnvs with her. The real Edear. I
1...I h. uVml would hare rendered her
would have rendered her
foud. aensUive nature unspeakably
wretched. She escaped all the sorrows of
such a union: and I cannot but fancy that
she and the visionary spnuse that she
loved and tended for so many years are
now united, where, beyond these voices,
there is peace.-' Lucy H- Hooper in
Frank Leslie'e.
Rtanftrnfs ratreraliy and Coedoeefto.
I asked as to the Stanford university,
and Seuator Stanford showed me some of
the photographs of the buildings as they
are today- Ue has photographs sent mm
., , . d the design is
r . . .. ... . .
SnonislL buUdlng a iU consist of a
, ,. ..ji. as 1 nnderstatid
it nnivereitv is to cover an area of
bont m ftwt aw feet, which would
be about an acre and a half more than
, i.. i v, . i rWinl at Waslunr-
t, ti, liot'.6.0l acres of
-d about the colfege building, and, tt
said, though Idoiiet get thefacUfrom
s,fttor Stanford, that the girt 01 me
. ,. . i i .,mrt n
, a30.0W.wo, Inthis gift Is included the
United Sutea by the women of Uie Cnited
Slates entering those oocupations for I
which they were fitted, and that without ,
their undertaking any prutession or oust
j nesl! whkb would be unwomanly or dis
: lo ,,01. He said be thought the
fntttre , tjie laboring classes lay to such j
, ,1, ,,i,i t t hem to take ad. '
1 .., ,j ,1, m ttitm,iinnnfnt. and that
tlle nw materials of the world were great
! jyojh to provide all the dtiiens of the
world with all the comforts of life, and
the luxuries, too, if those citizens brought
invention to their aid and applied their
labor in the right direction. He referred
to the McCormick reaper, which now ena
bles a farmer to cut, thresh and sack 1UV
pounds of wheat for a cent and a half a
j mi that California alone could
j emgb tooi , (eed the whole
t . .
United States. Carpenter's Interview
with Senator Stanford.
A Heavy Weight of Smoke.
The Investigations of a society formed
in London to abate the smoke nuisance
afforded rather a startling idea of the
wasteful extravagance of the present sys
tem of combAtion. Here is a summary
of a late report of the Smoke Abatement
institute: The weight of the smoke cloud
over the city Is estimated at about fifty
tons of solid carbon and 200 tons of hydro
carbon and carbonic oxide gases. From
actual tests, the value of coal actually
wasted through the obstinacy of the
Cockneys is s!2,2.)7,50O, or 42 per cent, of
the amount expended for coal in London,
that being the percentage of heat that
escapes np chimney without warming
anybody. This waste also causes a use
less expenditure of 2118.750 for carting
coal, to say nothing of the wear and tear
of streets and of 48,000 more for carting
away ashes.
Altosether, about 2,500.000 is yearly
' l.. ,ui,d in l,nrlr,n. . Add to this
s 3 01x1,000 for injury to property from the
j Bmoke llKian stmophere. and there is
,. . ,,i n mi mwi bleh Ijmdon
laaii, because of its failure to
following the Fashion,
"Fairbanks is getting awfully fat."
"That's only a tendency of the time,"
"How nor
"Ue is resolving himself into a corpo
ration." Puck. .
tteer Tker W Throach Ike Heeds
al Klnamaii, Ohio.
Kinsman, a small town fifteen mile
north of Youngstown, Ohio, was ra
tted by bank robber a week ago .Snn
day. The looal bank was entered, the
vaults opened and about 810,(100 in
silver and valuables taken. The rob
bers effect an entrance by prying
open a window and knocking off the
outer door of the vault, but failed to
open the inside door. In the otitside
vault were sixtv private deposit bojtee
and a trunk filled with family silver
belonging to Col. Vcomans, valued at
85.1KIO. which the burglars carried off.
with SMXHl pennies and several hnndred
dollars of the bank's currency. The
robbers were far in the lead of the
sheriff when the rubbery waa dis
covered. A Mad 1K)5' Work.
At St. Mary's, Ohio, the other day a
small dog belonging to M. M. Cole bit
his little S-rear-old damrhter in a Anger
nf the right hand, making a scratch
of feeling unwell, and it was thought
it had lever. The little snffercr lay in
spasms all night and raved until it was
neoessarv to tie it in bed. It snarls.
snaps and jumps at those around it,
aua attacked a neighbor lady who
'called at the house. When not in
j spasms the child seems to be in fear
It hat somebody will attack it, and
P'"" ' '"V" r tr
I doctors agreed that it was tne
most pitiful case they have encountered.
Thev oiiuia oe 01 no asMstunce anu tne
victim died in terrible agony.
Kaa Ptrkera of Parts.
The uses made of the refuse of Paris
streets are numerous. Little wisp of
women s hair an carftilly unraveled,
and do duty for false hair by and by.
Men's hair collected outside the bar
bers' serves for filters thrmieh which
sirups are strained: bits of sponge are
cut up and used for spirit lumps: bits
of bread if dirty, are toasted and
grated and sold to the restimranta for
spreading on hams or cutlets: some
times they are carbonised and made
into tooth" powder. Sardine boxes are
cut up into tin soldie t or into sockets
for candles-ticks. A silk hat has a
whole chapter of ad entores in store
for it. Aii t:iis work employs a regi
ment of rogpickerH, numbering close
on to .(I.WKl. and each earning from 20
pence to half a crown a day.
nils. Vlereedrs' Trade. Death.
The news comes from France of the
suicide there of Mile. Mercedes, for
year the most venturesome bare-back
iiirt rider in the Circus lena Berlin,
li is the end of a life fraught with
adventure an romance. The ring
never saw a woman more beautiful.
She charmed men of h gh rank. Kings
d I'rins worshiped at her shr ne.
and she was finally eompe lied to leave
Berlin, when she came to America some
years ago. une csngnt 1 Jtw tors;
millionaire, m ner net. ue aisoorereo
her trame and was about to cast her
adiift when she shot him several times.
She took a t'onarder for Paris where
she continued the dissolute life which
ernieu bjr suicide.
Hearts That Kever Crow Weary.
Twenty years sgo a married couple
in Pittsburg had a quarrel and aepa
rated, the husband going West The
wife and children took up a home in
Ohio with her parents. The couple
diln't afterward communicate with one
another: in fact, neither knew where
he other was. A few days ago her
husband visited Pittsburg on business,
and. hearing that his wife waa living
in Ohio he visited her. They made np,
were married again and are now on ft
wedding trip.
sneeked a onecllnt Man.
At Koca-y Hill, Conn., the other day,
lightning shook hands with Farmer W.
IL Stevens in the most cordial manner.
He waa in the shed at H. V. Wright's
house, and had a piece of a scythe in
his hands. The thunderbolt took the
iron out of his hands, threw It intoone
comer of the shed, and jumped Stevens
intoan opposite corner. Mr. Stevens
says that when the lightning took hold
of him he felt at if a fountain had
burst Inside hlui and spouted pins and
needles into every part of his body.
Contract Marrtasa al Fresno.
A contract marriage took place at
Fresno, I al., recently, the bride being
under age and unable to ttitala the
onsent of her parents. John liotTmun,
the man. is twenty-six rears of age.and
Hurence Itice.the girl, Jlitaen and one
half years. They agreed to take eat
other as man and wife, entering upon
that relation at ontte, If she so desires,
the woman's contract may be voided
when she attains majority.