The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 04, 1891, Image 5

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bx press.
FRIOAV, CUT ( , IS'tfl.
fVAddltirnal locals on first
Go to Bach's for choice erocerlcs,
Mr. Wtu. (Suy mill family returned
home from Upper Soda Tuesdny.
F. M. French, the Jeweler, Albany,
keeps railroad lime.
Mix (I. II, Rjilston and Jack Ralston
wore visiting in Albany this week.
W. H. Booth M. 1). physician and
surgeon, Lebanon Oregon. .
Albany Public school opens Monday.
For bread call at the Star restaurant.
Rev. IX Atkins, D. D., president of
Corvall Is Collee will preach to-night
(Thursday) at the camp grounds. Dr.
Atkins is one of the leading preachera
uf the state.
There will lie a meeting at the camp
ground Saturday at 4 o'clock for the
children, Ulshon Duncan will address
Mr. J. M. Ralston and wife spent
Saturday and Sunday Id town visiting
friends and relative.
Mr. Joe Nixon returned homo Tues
day from a visit to the sea-side.
Mr. J. Wasaom visited Albany this
week. j
Mr. Hiram Baker and wife are visit
ing relatives lu Oentralia, Wash., this
Contractor Trice visited Salera thia
week. ,
After going to Cruson & Menzles'
hardware store and getting prices, we
find that they are selling goods as low
as any place in the valley.
Prof. Dodson has returned from Up
per Boda, bringing with him a fine lot
of views of the Cascade mountain.
While at Upper Boda he stopped with
Mr. Foster, the hotel man whom he
found an excellent host.
Mr. John G. Burnett has purchased
And will hereafter manage the "Sunday
Welcome," of Portlaud.
Crawford & Paxton of Allany, are
making Cubiiir.t Photograph for the
low price of $1 50 per dozen. Call at
their Gallery and see them when in
"The Leak advertising Co's Car," or
"Placer County, California, on wheels,"
will arrive in Lebanon Monday, Sept.
7, 3:20 P. M. and will be open to the
public 9 to 11 30 A. M., 2 to 6 and 8 to 10
P. M.
Mtwr. H. C. Watson, R.B.Btrahan,
C. W. Watts and T. L. Wallace of Alba
ny, on their return from a fishing and
hunting expedition to Fisli Lake, spent
hort while In this city visiting the
faper mill and eight seeing, Tuesday.
We wish to announce to the public
that we have a large stock of wagons,
buggies, hacks and carts, direct
from the factory In the East. We have
elited theae goods to suit the climate,
roads and people of thia vicinity, and
we cordially invite all those wishing
to buy anything in this line of goods
to cil on us before purchasing else
where. C'BCSON & Mknzies.
Joe Wassoin has begun tn operate the
Lebanon Mills and is prepared to do
Wheat cleaning and chopping.
Lou, the China wash man, has
bought the lot where Mrs. Itlce's milli
nery store is situated (20 feet) paying
$800 and will have a laundry there.
Mrs. Rice will build where the laun
dry now stands. Mr. S. P. Bach '
bought 22 bet next to D:,,,,,
r-ffiue. and Mr. jj, bM
22 feet where J), Lamberson'i office
H1W stands. These gentlettien pons
template building uext spring.
H. f. Bach keeps a line of boots and
shoes us wel) an irowusvIe woolen
At the eonfercuoe of the M. E.
Church, South, held In Roseburg, the
following appointments were made for
the Willamette district: D. C. McFar
laud, P. K.; Albany station, to be sup
plied; Corvallis station, to be supplied,
Tangent station, T. Thomns, W. H.
Howard, Buperunuuted; Dallas and
Dixie, J,. W. Craig; Independence and
Lewisvllle, to be supplied; Lafayette,
J. W. Bhreue; Tillamook, C. U. Cro&s;
Oregsn City, W. L. Malloy; Browns
ville, J. M. Turner; Junotiou Olty cir
cuit, W. L. Blackwell ; Corvallis college,
D. Atkins, president. Lebanon and
Spicier are made one charge, J. M,
Parker, pastor. Rev. 0 8. Hanleiter
takes Crubtree and Mill City. There
li much dissatisfaction expressed a
uiwig members of the church here that
Rev. Ilautciter was not returned to
20 bread tickets for SI, at he Star
restaurant, ' .
Thrown from mil ifcl:n J
S. V. Kai-h gv, lfi . for a pound.
Mr. W. 5!, Owe m siek. We arc
gl4 to Irani that Mra. tir ic beKw.
J. C. Kroy &. Son, now in o!d post, of
fice, malic colli,! nr.d oilier harness,
Rev. J, M. Parker, the new pastor
of the M. K. Church, Bouth, arrived
here Tuesday.
The following Is the list of letters
that remain uncalled for In the Leba
non Post office Sept. 1. 1891.
Mr. Max Maywold,
Mr, A. J. Shelton,
Mr. Oasln Martin,
Mr. Orrin Martin,
J. A. Morgan, Esq.,
Benjamin W. Denny,
Kmnia Punch,
C. M. Fnlrbank,
2, Chas. M. Bauer,
W. L. Compton,
Mrs. A. C. Daniels.
Rev. J. W. Craig of Dallas is in this
town, and is assisting at the camp
meeting. Through the efforts of Mr. D. P. Ma
son and others some beautiful Masonic
furniture has been added to the Mason
ic hall. It consists of two pillows
costing about f 100, an altar valued at
nearly as much and three finely
wrought candle-stick. The furniture
Is adorned with heavy gold leaf and la
an ornament to the lodge. It was
made In Columbus, Ohio. There Is no
finer lodge furniture in Oregon. Al
bany Herald.
The time fixed by the court for the
payment of the Oregon Pacific railroad
employes, August 31st, expired Mon
day. Mr. Wm. M. Hoag by earnest
solicitation succeeded in inducing the
men, through their attorneys, to post
pone the payment until September 14,
when the assurance is given that the
money will be forthcoming.
Mr. J. C. Bilyeu of Brownsville was
In town Wednesday.
Rev. Aldredge of Brownsville was in
town this week.
Mayor Miller and family returned
home from the mountains this week.
Prof. Torbett moved to Albany yes
terday. We bate to see the Prof, leave
our town.
Isabella Park will surely be a plate
of fine residences. Buy a lot then of
Peterson A Garland on easy terms.
A few more acres in Ralstoni Add.
House for rent and choice reaidenoe
for sale by Peterson A Garland.
Mr. Ben Kirk and wife returned to
Albany Wednesday, after atwo weeks'
stay at Sodaville.
Mr. Jack Ralston will start to school
in the Albany college which opens
next Wednesday.
There are a good many strangers in
town now.
Miss Minnie Hamilton, who la visit
ing C. H. Ralsttm'a family was quite
sick thia week.
Mr. C. A. Elson has been quite 111
this week.
Peterson & Garland make quick col
lections and prompt returns.
next Sabbath, 11 A. M., 8 P. H., Mam'
ning subject, "Responsibility Accord'
ing to the Trust Committed" Eve
ning, Lecture; Bubjeet, "The Deluge."
Babbath school 10 A. M., Christian
EwletVor, 7 F. M. E. C. Jacka,
Monday hurt, t Alba- Mr. Chat.
Rlmhmi roa a sudden &ih In a way
thitt was horrifying to lh beholder
He was Aiivlrt down Klcst street with
a four horse Uatu, and two wagons,
when he whipped up the lend team.
This started the teams at a fooler speed
than w as inieuded, and the hind wag
on breaking loose lightened the load
so much that the horses began running'
Mr. R. was thrown violently to the
ground striking on hlshead, the wheels
of the wagon then passed over his
breast fearfully crushing him about
the lungs. When the unfortunate
man was picked up, he was dead.
Drs. Wallace and Whitney who were
summoned gave it as their opinion
that death was caused from the blow
upon the head, concussion of the brain
resulting. The crushing from the
loaded wagon weuld probably have
caused death.
Mr. R. had been cultivating part of
the land of Rev. D- C. McFarland near
Tangent, was a man of good habits,
unmarried, about twenty-six years of
age. His parents reside at Sweet
Home, and he also has a brother at
The cruel waters of the Santiam
claim another victim, and Gus. F.
Juhnke is among the number gone out
upon the highway unknown to the
Sunday afternoon Mr. Juhuke, ac
companied by a number of his associ
ates, was bathing in the river when he
found himself . unable to reach the
shore. Aid was rendered at once but
not sufficient to save his life. He
leaves a wife and, five little chil
dren with but little to live upon.
Mrs. Juhnke had not seen her hus
band since July 8th, at which time he
left home to go with a threshing crew;
and when the sad news was broken to
her she was oempletely overcome with
grief. . .
The time came for the family to take
their last look at the remains, Monday
afternoon, and many tears of sympathy
were shed by friends as the mother
took her little ones, one by one, and
lifted them up that they might kiss
the cold and pallid cheek of their once
loving and indulgent father.
The funeral sermon was preached in
the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
by the pastor.
Later we understand that the clti-
eens of Lebanon have contributed 60
to help pay the expense of burial and
assist the mother and her babes.
ARE, tuv1W Aitp BiMara
Albany, Ore,
The Kji'kehi publishes ten quires
(240 copies) more Paper this week than
when the present manager took charge,
June 1.
Wednesday night the little 7-year
old girl of Mr. C. A. Zabn was tr-k
and her mother gave her some home
made cough medicine and when Mrs.
Z. was al sent the little girl got the
bottle and drank all lu It. Mrs. Z. dis
covering thia fact upon hir return
summoned Dr. LamUereon and later
Dr. Foley, and under their skillful care
the little girl was brought safely out of
the difficulty, The phyiicians say
that there was poison sufficient taken
to kill three men. The little girl Is
feeling all right to-day.
It Is reported that we are to have
another drug store In the near future.
Dr. Lamberson bought 22 feet on the
corner where bis dwelling is and will
eommeuoe building on It next week.
Nice two story four room house,
uioe lot, gaud well and out houses,
nloe location. KOO If sold lu the next
80 days by
V, A. Elion 4 Co," .
. AT
Band Hall Frldy Sept II. at 8, P. M.
Kum 1, kum awl,
Both old and yung,
By a tlckit:
And C the fun.
MrsBusannar Peterkln. Pollv Do-Ilt-
lie and about twenty othei'Milk-made'B
will take part lu the Eonvenshun.
Kloses with the tablo of "Tne Madeira
Kold Dafy Vitt'lcB.
Orihge Ise, tee Kreme & Kake.
Admlsshun 25 els.
Children IS ct.
Kold W"
Ch- Atrf. '
-mut for awl.
All persons knowing themselves be-
hln1 nn UAI. ....oouan,.,.. nn mtor.k ill
the Lebanon-Bantiam Canal CO. Will
pieaae call upon ttie rjecretary and pay
some at once. The money is needed.
g I p ' g
S? I ro
3 ML W
& 2 '
Jj U jSI B IL R jDX B-ai.
Satifaction Guaranteed.
'X7i '
7 v
Call on us at Mill, 12
East of LEBANON, or
Address us at
(Successors to Will Bros.,)
Pianos and Organs,
Musical Merchandise & Sewing Machines, -
Invite the people of Lebanon and vicinity to acquaint them
selves with
h. r. HILLEK
V06E 4 SONS'
SPianos. SjOrgans.
These instruments they keep in stock, but solicit orders for "Steinway" and
"Weber" Pianos. Our prices are the lowest. Bheet Music, Bonks and Small
Instruments a specialty. The best Sewing Machines In the market on aasy
terms. Write for catalogues.
Second Street,
Albany, Oregon.
AISA -err Elegant Stock a Cloths in Merchant j
ing Department with Frst-Class iduunng.
W. J. Hav,
L. J. Petebbon
New Horses, Few Harncss.Hieest Tarn-onts In Town.
Reasonable Rates. Wiw-lf
Stock boarded by the day or month.
We solicit a share of the patronage of the public generally.
Special attention given to Braying and Hauling.
HAY & PETERSON, Lebanon, Or
I have a LARGE STOCK of BRICK, for sale at m
Yard, in the suburbs of Lebanon, For Salo at Reasonable ;
Rales. All kind of mason's woik done with neatness ar