The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 04, 1891, Image 1

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Om h Si IK
(If pAiil in advance, SI fio par year.)
Six month..,........ .. .... l on
Three month.... i
FiugUs copies.......... ........,. . 06
Office up stairs in Guy's Building.
tn AKI) NOTARY l'l.'RLI$
, mtnt -..I I- .11 Ihr, rtf Ihl. MlutA
UOUM. from room ovtn&uik of uresoa.
; X U;
sriysiciaji a5id Surgeon,
Onuiuste of Royal Coltoge of lfltlilon ftnd Bull
vile Medlctl (Mew,
(.'hronlc cine ft stswial ly.
Concern removed wHuwit pnlo or the knife.
UF'I'.:K-KirkUlriok'i bundles, Lelnnoo, Or
Attorney -at - Law,
Uolloctlonnitlwn prompt anil rareful sttonUoa.
Will uraeiw iuftll luc coum of tue suite.
gn ! KimuHlVB SUXK,
lotary Mile anl Collocting Agent,
Justine of tlui Fuftee, Lslsuion Precinct.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Nota ryPublic.
Meal Estate in, all its Iranches.
IBS. Co., of New York.
Urtc nndnnuilllwitio' Fruit, Fanning, awl
Crwniife hunts, . . .
Money to loan hi Farms, Improved
Pity Property or Uuilt-odge notes dis
Physical and Surgeon,
ArtillialofttSfe(licoI(;oHeWf Ohio, "
rTbwn.Xtfir Wo'tum rm'l Ohliclron
Hull ChroBle buneimii Bi:inliy."tJ
ffi H... E.":UIRTER5r::
Counselor at Law,
Cnntrlhwlnnn to thto Department arc lollcitefl
on mailers of Ititenwt to the AjtrlculiunU and Ltv
Iwrinc olaiw. Oursinu'eiKmt'OtfBiiurlly limited,
thnrulor?, bo brlt-raml to etio poiut. Write plaiuly
awl mi but ouuHtde of the paper.
L. L. Polk, pmtt.unt Fnrtnom' AHIrnuf and In
dnmial l.nlnu, at 'M D Strwtit, WaHiilnpjtnn, 1. (!.;
ht'ii. H. Clover, vimt-prciiiilpnt, CwmlmdKO, Km.;
i. H. Turner, auc'y; J. F. WlUItta, Uwiurar, Ositv
toota, Kua.
Oregon. .
National orprnnfznra far Oresnn:
1. J. Cola, Hditripw Jmirnui oIHcq, (but of MoT-
oImhi ainwl, Fortlttitd, Or,
W. A. Sample, HvlU. (ft.
M. V. ftork, Hatem. Or.
Jolm Rovvun, CwmllleClty, Or,
Jt 11. Itenlun, Miller's, I-Inn Co,, Or.
T. lUnitMHim, GiUtuu, Columbia Co,
Deputies for fmintui:
J. U. Hoiinlntcor, for Marlon Co., ftalom.
ftimuul M. liolt, rimiulx, JaokMiu Co.
W, D, liifrram, Kipht Mile, Morrow Co,
T. C. Ikiuili, t'ntou Cu JUxuiue, Or. .
iyrahimb, m. W, Tbos. la, Pruskktit; 3. A.
Juuen, HuLTfltary,
arm. no. .T. M. Muiikcra, Pnwident. John
Suatlmaii, Bttonfturr,
fHATTTRtx, m. 68. J. A. Peorr, ProjiMcnt; E.
Taylor, btjuroturr.
irAHii.TKNOtixiiK. ho, 52.-J. Newman, PrcKitlunt;
J, E. Trenddcll, (fccreiary.
BOTH HILL, N0.27.-
I). Hteni, tjucrotar)'.
. W. Wllwo, Prohidonti C.
jitnctiow, ho. 18, Jooot Cutwr, Prcitldont; Fran k
Tlmyur, Bcurt'tary. ,
awKrr tiotnR, 0, 102, V, R, Thompaon, I'renl
hluut; J. F. Archer, Secretary. .
Juukwu bevrvtary.
F. Uwli, President.: W, L.
The Exprews la prvpnrvd to com
pete with l'urtliiiid or Sun FritnulHCii
!u uiutUT of alyle and finish in buai-
aud rtalting otirda.
Marcurj' ntuiidn at 90.
I)r. Prill and AtUirnoy Bliiwo come up
from Lebanon und the attorney- went lisli
itiK, und had he uauplit one moru Hii he
would havrhud two then.
Large nnmbem of Indiana aro going
through on their way to the Valley to kk
(ieorgc Bowell, his daughter and ton have
gone to the hot spring, touth of here, fur
their health. , . ,
Itatlier warm for waif but nevortht'lws a
couple of the Kwect Home Moods inuuigcd
in ft content for the holt, but .being inter
rupted by the Juntice who eommuiided the
lieaee and fined the boye 5 uiideohtit which
they nnitl, Mtiil no one itoti the belt.
Theeufteofdiiitheriftweauoke of in hiflt
week'H letter, which is Mr. Amen' little
child, we are sorry to note ban related and
Dr. Laiubenion Won again called. (Luter.)
The child ia lienor.
At thin writing we are norry to fltatc ttiat
one of Mr. Mitynurd'n chiluren la wornc, it
having hud the dipthcria for aliout tiiree
ncekft. (Ijttcr) The child, a boy, died yes
terday (Monday) about 12 o'clock.
Fred Wolfe's wife who has attended the
sick at John Ames became alarmed at n
alight ilinesHdT her child and sent for Dr.
Lainbernon, but when the Dr. arrived the
child was up playing. Home think the doc
tor cut) cure them whether they are sick or
not. 1
... Uno,
"Fur Hale."
Ten room house and large barn, four
lota, nice shade trees, will be sold very
reasonable if tukeu inside of HI) days.
If not sold in next 30 days will he for
rent: locution Main Bt. Inquire of
C. A. Elson,
Lebanon, Oregon.
Hotel Barber ahop.
Kmooth aliuve und a clean towel.
Huir uimliiB und Khnmpootng, ft
Fouin mid UjciiiL' nil lirst cliuw, Ku
zurn honed, 1. li. BuittiM, Prop,
Carpenter & Builder.
, AI Klnd3 Ropalring & Jobbin
Done on Shortest Notice.
ShOB on Main Street, Next Door to
Tailor Sriop.
lint weather still ronttnuta, and the air Is
so full of smoke from forest and straw fires
tha! the heat is very oppressive,
Thcttraiu harvest is being nearly com
pleted; another two weeks of pleasant
weather will put all the grain raised In this
locality in the sack or bin.
Hop picking is proving to lie not so good
a business as formerly. We bear of one or
two growers hero, who this year will not
pick their hops, bocuusc of the low prices of
the HHiuo.
The hot days arc very favorable to fruit
drying, and is being fully improved by all
who have fruit.
Mr. and Mrs. I.oe Morris of EuHtcrn Ore
gun are here visiting old friends.
sirs. A. J. Knpp, iw. Miss Amanda Elli
ott) of Nevada City, California, is here on a
visit to her sister Mrs. (1. C. Moon, at the
old Elliott home. Mrs. liapp Is uecomiuinicd
by her two children,
Mr. Clark Doutou who has been cast of
the mountains fur a few mouths returned to
this place last Monday.
Surveyor K. T. T. Fisher has been In the
iieiglilsirliuiKl surveying for Mr. Leigh,
Mr. Crocket is building a barn and has
huulxtr on the ground fur a new house neur
the old Liberty Church.
Mr. Saum is building a very nice fruit
and milk bouse and otherwise Improving
his place.
Miss Millie Gun" is ou the sick list.
Mrs. Wni. Armsjtaugh has been very sick
but Is hotter.
No Church or Rabhnth school here next
ehmday on uccount of camp meeting.
fie;it. 2nd, 1801.
Kwtoh 1'xi'Bww:
Little Halt Lake on this :ercek, we under
stand, is steadily improving. :
Mr. J. M. Fluughcr is building for the
purpose of running a store.
Mr. Weston has a new blacksmith shop
and intends putting up a dwelling house
We did not get this news from headquar
ters but believe it to he true.
Pleasant Home Union, No. 178 meats here
each alternate Saturday at 2 o'clock.
Cornelius Kinder, our mighty Nlmrod,
killed a black bear near here laitt week.
The dogs started It on Taylor Jul! and
chnsed it to the head waters of Toothpick he
ibro it concluded to climb a tree and rest a
While. If a certain jteduoguc who meandors
in the vicinity had hapjiencd to hove met
the bear, the gravel and dust that would
have lieon thrown in the bear's eyes would
hare been a sight to behold. Bliotild they
have met andshould brnln have concluded
to make dessert of the pedagogue I imagine
many tears of great joy would have coursed
down the checks of the young men in the
iieighliorhmKl as the )sidagigue seems to
have the inside truck on the host of them.
Mrs. J. M. South passed hero this week
gcing to Waterlno. She is ill poor health.
Mrs. Hlavcns went with her and stayed a
day or two. Mr. South and wife intend go
ing to Kaxteni Oregon, hoping a change of
climate will lie bcuellciul to Mrs. Smith's
health. ' V ,
Some of our farmers oro stacking their
grain Jon account of not being able to
get a machine at the time they desired to
. . Bravrk.
Smoky weather. .
Dry and dusty. . ' i ;
The deer hunters are again coming to the
mountains. ' . V
8. IC. Corrcll has returned to his ranch
from Eost Portland.
11. K. Potter has had rather poor success
burning his slashing.
.Mr. Itlsingw is making prepiinitlons to
bavo a blacksmith shop in Dig Huttom. .
Mm. Whitconib is getting to be an expert
at ditching Itsh on set pules, sometimes
catching one that weighs two pounds or
Dave Vv'eddlc has again retiirnc:l to his
limiting ground. Look out for a cougur
this time. .
M. E. W.
Mr. and Mia. Muclt Moiileillt have
returned to tlioir home nt Spokunc,
wluwMr. Mm.teitli h:u clmrue of tho
enrpot dcpiii'tiiicnt in the store of Mtn
tritli & SeltenSiwh. ;':'.'.'''..!
Ilrownsviile is red hot and still a heating,
106 in tho shade and still we aro not happy.
The busy bum of the threshing machine
oiui be beard In every direction, and every
thing betokens a prosperous season for the
farmers. Some are already hauling their
grain to the mills here, and tonic to the
warehouse where Messrs. Mcdonald & Stew
ard are prepared to wait on tltem. '
Strange rumors float on the evening
breese that we are to have another saloon,
butcher shop, hotel and gas foundry. We
must be going to have something for there
Is a great d. 1 of new sidewalk being built
something that was needed very much in
Brownsville. '
Miss lliiena Klrkpatrick who has been
visiting Miss Etta Moon, after deopulatlng
the Calagioola with her little fish line, letl
for her home in Lebanon Saturday morn
ing. Miss Lcnorc Kay who has lc:i visiting
the Misses Coshow left for ftalooi, her home,
Saturday morning.
Mr. Albert Cavendcr and Mr. Grant l'hig
lry left for a short visit to Htlverton to stop
till Monday.
"In the midst of life wo arc In death."
The truth of this suyicg was verified here
last Sunday, for there ware a great many
strangers came to attend the funeral of Mr.
8. Croft who died in Albany but who wob
an old resident of this (dace and was buried
in the Baptist cemetery here Sunday. The
funeral took place from tho Baptist church.
The members of the Ilrownsviile lodge of
Masons of which lodge Mr. Croft was a
member, assembled at S v. X. Rev. Mr.
Sisjrry preached a very impressive sermon
touching on the muny good qualities of the
deceased. The number of people who at
tended the funeral was very large for a little
town like Brownsville.
R. R.-L.
hail Koad Line,
Aug. 29, 18!)L
Very warm weatlier.
Mr. Tom Wright's little daughter has
been very sick the post few days but ia con
valescent. People in this vicinity are all busy thresh
ing their crops. They report a good yield.
Mr. George South intends to move to
Eugene In about a month. What will be
Mountain Home's loss will bo Eugene's
We learn Mr, A. Johnston Intends rout
ing U. D. Smith's place and going into the
H)ultry business. ,
Mrs. Hesly of U'lnimiu is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Viola Arnold of tills place.
Miss Minnie Hawken visited Fern Ridge
Ben Wuiidcn Is working at Laeomb,
Park Zumwalt moved near Browusville
about a week ago, 1 .
We learn that bop picking commences at
Brownsville Monday, Aug. Slat.
Several of the people in this vicinity arc
making preparations for picking bojis this
We learn that Mrs. Sora Thompson went
to llulscy on business Saturday last.
Mr. L. B. llcndonon hus an abundant
supply of buuibcrrios this year. ;
Clyde Lonoh has a uice buggy horse which
he is training and shows excellent 8ed.
Win, Phillips is drying fruit for H. G.
Nye of Opossum HulUuv. ' :
Wm. and, luspcr Fruit lire wojklng near
Hulscy.- :
So. tit Axeman PuBtm.
HurdiiiMii Bros. uit doing a good
business nl Hpiiof. They huye already
takoii In 40,1100 bushels, und are pre-f-nrtii
to acfoijimwlHte all who ootne to
tlielr wt'.reliouHC. They have the test
imieliinery and a, splendid chopper to
grind up the eleuninpi. These arc
worthy, gram '! flinem nti tne
patronage they get. They are pre
pared to pay the Highest cash market
price for grain, und will receive cusli
subscriptions for the ExMtKSH.
J, W. Hill well and family, of Ptxirln,
Illinois, arrived In our city Tuesday.
Mr. Htilwell is aim f O. W. Stllwell
who him been Blck for aoine'tlme at the
U P. parsonage.
One dozen hot . French rolls for ten
cents, t. the filnr reatuur,uit. Lt'ave
Dodson Bros, have tilwiivH held mnk
with the hist phntiijri'inifu-m, wheru
evur they have been. Try lUeiu.
Crap-Weather Bnlletla No. S, For week
ailing 8lnlj, Antrost &, 1891,
Tlie temperature has been from 10 to
15 degree a day above the average, the
maximum ranging from 90 to 100 de
grees on the 26th, 27th and 28th; to-day
hus been warm but cooler. Theaeason
of extreme heat la or should be now
about over. No rain fell during the
week, the weather has been cloudless,
with fog on the coast In mornings and
smoke in the Interior valleys.
Wheat is all cut and much of It is
Ihreahed. In every aectlon the yeild
haslieen above theexpertations of even
the most sanguine. The wheat I
plump, heavy and of exoellentquallty.
Outs are heavy and as a rule are large
in yellda; late oats have been Injured
slightly by rust In parti of Marion
county. The threshem will be busy
for about two weeks yet. Hop picking
begin next Monday; In annie section
considerable damage bus been done by
the Iks', In other swllnni a good aver
age crop will be pieked. In Josephine
county bop lice are not observable ar.d
no damage has been done. Fruit la
ripening rapidly and is very plentiful.
Tomatoes and canteloupee are now
generally ripening. The hot dry
weal her hum laseu slightly injurious to
root crops, clover, corn and to young
orchards. In Curry county the second
crop of red clover hi heading and the
fourth crop of alfalfa has been cut, each
crop averaged, iu stalk, 22 inches in
Cotitinued hot weather, with maxi
mum temperatures of from 00 to 105
degree), have prevailed. No rain fell,
the sky has been cloudless, with amoke
appearlag in the atmosphere.
The weather has been slightly In
jurious to the corn crop, but favorable
to fruit, melons, and to harvesting,
Fruit and melons are ripening rapidly
and are very plentiful. The wheat la
nearly all cut weet of the Blue Mis. and
considerable has been threshed; all re
ports show that it ia turning out much
better than was expected. Iu Wasco
and parts of riliermnn county spring
and fall wheat la somewhat shrunken.
Iu Gilliam, Morrow and Umatilla
counties the wheat crop as a whole was
never better. Harvesting is in progress
east and south of the Blue Mts.; Union
county especially has a fine crop of
cereals, but all counties have crops
above the average. Smut I found in
the wheat In sections of Grant county.
Prices are about 20 per cent higher
tkau lust year with an upward tenden
cy. Farmers are happy, and prosper
ous times prevail throughout Oregon.
B. 8. Pious,
Observer, U. 8. Weather Bureau.
Parlies returning from the Ncstucca
coast, says the Haleui Btateemun, re
port the bathers having seen a man in
the surf there Thursday afternoon.
They were on the bench and while
the tide was going out the body of a
ruuu washed Id close to shore, but he
lore they eould recover It the outgoing
tide carried It beyond their reach,
The residence of W. B. Singleton,
one of the largest und finest in Iioxe
hurg, was destroyed by fire last Hun
.day evenli.g. A lamp was left burn
ing until one of tho hoj'sshotild return,
and It exploded after the ether mem
bers of the family hud gone to bed.
Loss S8,U00. No Insurance. . :
Emporium of Fashion
h roplctu w'illt tho l-iitpst fltylow or Hats, .Bonnets
mul uvery variety of hoiul-Rvftr known to
tlie tiwUlomjil'W ueUl.
A Klrflt-CldftS ttrwmnkiujr Shop In couneotion. ' !
Willed )h prt-'Klod (ivi-r by !mf h w lw muke .
CuiiiiiK' i'Utiuy Ityuulully,
Owe flooit ttoifit qv tub ; Ewswr Omcq
' far