The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, May 29, 1891, Image 3

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Lebanon fc;
FRIDAY....... MAY 2, 1891.
Hurrah for tlie fcanal!
T. C. Peebler'8 groceries.
Picnic at Ijacomb next Sa "iirduy .
Go to S. P. Back for bootftnd shoes.
Lebanon is to tmve a n-w postmas
ter. :-
J. Gross or Waterloo eH goods
at bottom prices.
F. M. French, the jeweler, Albany,
keeps railroad time.
J. G. Gross, of Waterloo, keeps on
hand a stock of flour. "
Ijebauon now has an ice house, which
is a great convenience. .
The canal is a sure thtng now. Look
out for the band wagon! .
For choice groceries at bed-rock
prices, go to T. C. Peebler'a.
Just recei ved , a fi n e H u e of perf u mery
at Smith A Miller's drag store.
Go to T. C. Peebler's cash store and
get 17 lbs. Extra p sugar, f 1 00.
Sheriff Scott proposes to make it hot
for all the delinquent tax-payers.
Several important sales of land are
reported la the vicinity of spieer. z
J3. P. Bach has bought the house and
lots formerly owned by T. C Peebler.
The Singer Manufacturing Company
have an agent in Lebanon, Oregon
M. A. Miller is agent for the cele
brated Cleveland ready-mixed paint.
Dr. Foley is having some Impro ve.
xnents made on the photograph gallery,
S. P. Bach keeps a line of boots and
shoes as well as Brownsville woolen
New millinery goods received direct
from San Francisco every wetH at Mrs.
Geo. Bice's.
We have money to loon oh improved
farms and ranches. B. N. Steele A Co.
Albatiy Or.
T. C. Peebler informs us that he is
going to have a six-hnnd red-dollar
soda fountain.
Chas. D. Montague has rented M.
Foil is house and will move into it the
first of the week
Mr. Fry has sold his saw mill on
Hamilton creek to Messrs. Walton,
Wiley and McPherson
Wanted, 250 dozen chickens, 600
dosen eggs. Will pay cash or give
goods for same. T. C. Peebler,
FT. F. Parrish has rented the north
room of Hansard's new building and
will open a restaurant in a few days.
Remember that the annual meeting
of the Linn countv pioneers will t-e
held at Brownsville on June 3,4 and 5.
"Honest Skeptics, and How to Treat
Them," at the C. P. ehurch Sunday at
11 A. M. A kindly invitation extended
to all.
The Y. Y. S. C. E. of the Presbyte
rian church gave a social last Fridav
evening at the residence of C. B. Mon
tague. All who attended report a nice
Mr. Springer had the misfortune to
get one of his fingers cut off by one of
the saws at Nickerson's planer this
week. .
Mr. John Burkhart paid the Ex
press a call on Friday last and left us
some of the dollars of our daddies.
We will inform the people of Leba
non and vicinity that there is no extra
charge on trimmed bats at Mrs. 8. H.
Cow a ii Ts.
The memorial services at the M. E.
church Sunday were very largely at
tended. An excellent sermon was de
livered by Rev. Boyd.
Ladies, don't throw your old jewelry
away; you can have it made as nice as
new bv the City Jeweler at City drug
store. No fancy prices.
After going to Crason & Menzics
hardware store and getting prices, we
find that they are selling goods as low
as any place in the valley.
Mr. M. Foil in has moved into S. P.
Bach's house,' formerly owned by T. C.
Peebler. We understand, that Mrs.
Follis will open a boarding house.
There will be services at the M. E.
, church, South, Sunday night. All cor-
4 dially Invited to attend. -
G. S. Hasleiter, Pastor.
The strawberry social which was
given by the Kpworth League last Fn-
dX evening was a very enjoyable
affaiar and proved a success in every
Judging from my Increasing trade,
Baker is wanted in Lebanon to sell
boots and shoes, dry goods, groceries,
tinware, crockery, and everything in
a general store.
Don't forget the delicious dinner at
the Red Front store, Memorial Day.
All the good things obtainable, and
the prettiest girls in town to wait on
you all for 25 cents.
RevC. A.- McDonald Is agent for
1 the ' famous Epworth pianos and
organs, which for tone, durability and
1 finish, are unexcelled. Inquire at Ex
press office for prices and terms.
Last Sunday Jim Brown's little girl
arm. : Dr. Courtney was called and ;
set the arm, and at last accounts the
little girl was getting along nicely.
G. W. Smith, formerly of this place,
has made an assignment to J. W. Cu
sksk for the benefit of his creditors.
Mr. Smith has many friends here who
will be sorry to hear of his misfortune,
ft One of the most exciting baseball
i games of the season is to be played at
. .Albany Saturday. It is the contest
between the Albanys and Linns, and
WH be played for the championship of
Baiter's shoes have arrived from the
East aid San Francisco, and there are
no better in Lebanon iu quantity, qual
ity or prices; aud cash is the lever that
downs pHces. Remember the place,
Baker's Que-Price Cash Store.
There Will be a grand picnic at Lr
oomb nexjt Saturday. Several of our
orators h j?e agreed to speak for t
and the Afbanon Comet Band will
furnish mwy
doing all in A
cefcs of it, an
All invited.
So far Lebanon has not been both
ered with tramps, burglars and safe
robbers; but as there seems to be more
of sueh work going on In the valley
than was ever known before, It would
be well for all to keep a lookout for
sueh work. :
Col. Batn will lecture In Albany next
Saturday and Sunday evenings on
tern porn nee. In a private letter to Mrs.
J. M. Marks, Mrs. Rigirs, of Portland,
advises the W. C. T. U. of Lebanon,
and all others Interested, to attend
hese lectures.
Tuesday morning F. M. Miller re
ceived official notice of his appointment
as postmaster at this place. The Judge
made out his bonds aud returned them
by the evening train, and expects te
receive his commission about the 20th
of next mouth.
On last Saturday two robbers blew
the door off the safe of Whitney, Elder
A Co., of Stay ton. They secured $150
to $200 In cash and several thousand
dollars worth of valuable papers. There
was some $400 in cash in the safe that
they did not get.
Prizes will be given to the ones
bringing the largest and finest baskets
of victuals to the picnic at Lacomb
June 6. First prize, $2; second prize.
$1; third prize, 50c; all cash. All bas
kets left in care of tbe committee will
be labeled and taken good care of.
We call the attention of our readers
to the advertisement of Messrs. Hay &
Peterson, which makes its first appear
ance in to-day's Issue of the Express.
These gentlemen are prepared to do a
general livery business and have a nice
lot of vehicles and horses. Try them.
Hardware, Stoves and Ranges
Albany, Ore.
Sweet Home Alliance will meet next
Saturday at Sweet Home at one o'clock
The officers are: W. B. Thomp
son, president; John Kirk, vice presi
dent; Joseph P. Orchard, Secretary;
Frank Burnett, Treasurer; James
Wood , Doorkee per; 2 oh n Burnett,
My increasing trade has prompted
me to buy largely. I have a large bill
of all kinds of shoes on tbe way from
the East, also from San Francisco, that
will soon be here, and then we can fit
anyone in size, qnality or price. Re-
meuioer 1 pay casn ana sen ror iue
same; therefore we can sell as cneap in
Lebanon as anywhere in Oregon.
We wish to announce to the public
that we have a large Btock of wagons,
buggies, hacks and carts, direct
from ti e factorv in the East. We have
selected these goeds to suit the climate.
roaas ana pwpie oi to is vimmiy, mm
we cordially invite all those wishing
to buy anything in this line of goods
to call on" us before purchasing else
where. Cruson A Menzibs.
Two hundred newly-married couphs
wanted at E. Goan's furniture Btore, to
buy bed room sets, that they may sail
through life "on flowery beds of ease."
I am not seeking an invitation to your
wedding but I do want to congratulate
vou and start you on the highway to
prosperity by furnishing your rooms
with tbe best the handsomest and
cheapest furniture this Bide of anywhere.
The new jeweler at the City drug
store is a practical watchmaker in the
true sense of the word. Having had
twenty-four years continuous experi
ence at the bench, he is able to do any
; work on watches, clocks and jewelry
that can be done in any city. His
prices are based upon Eastern prices,
and you can always get your work
when promised.
He wants it known. Mr. J. H.
Straub, a well known German citizen
of Fort Madison, Iowa, was terribly
afflicted with inflammatory rheuma
tism when Mr. J. F. Salmon, a promt
nent druggist there, advised him to use
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One bottle
of it cured him. His case was a very
severe one. He suffered a great deal
and now wants others similarly af
flicted to know what cured him. 50
cent bottles for sale by M. A. Miller,
M. C. Bingham was arrested at Leb
anon yesterday, where he is at work
on the paper mills, on a charge of
polygamy. The particulars have been
published heretofore. Mr. Bingham
was brought to this city and arraigned
in Judge Humphery's court. He
waived examination and was held in
$500 bonds, which he gave. Herald,
Saturday, May SO, 1S91 at JLebanon,
Invitations are cordially extended to all
churches, secret orders, Sunday suhuoH
fircmeis city oflicera, old soldiers and ma
rines, and the public generally.
It Is the request that the national colors
be placed on the public school building and
Htterty pole, and that all business houses be
closed luring the exercises on Decoration
All will appear at City or G. A. H. Bull
at 8:30 o'clock, and earlier if possible, to
prepare flowers and form procession.
Procession wilt form on public square
with head of column to the north and in
the following order:
1 Hand and colors;
2 Mnror and citv oflleers.
3 1 Adieu of W. It. V.
4 Sunday-school children with flowers.
6 Firemen in uniform.
6 Post, with all old soldiers.
Procession will move at 9 o'clock, on east
side of Main street, north to cemetery
ground, halting at the pate; head of column
open order; headed from there to the graves
by the Post and old soldiers.
At the grave the exercises will be con
ducted in accordance with the (1. A. R.
ritual, which embraces music, address, and
decorating graves.
Services by the W. R. C. at the unknown
Services by firemen at graves of departed
t-omradc F. M. M Hler is hereby designated
officer of the day.
By order of the commitiee.
Grandma Ralston is in Portland visiting
her daughters.
Mr. I-ake, of Eugene, was in town a few
days this week.
C. W. Cobb made a business visit to Se
attle this week.
Dave McDonald is in town this week vis
iting friends and relatives
David Hull and wife, of Brownsville, were
visiting in Lebanon Sunday last.
Mr. Phelps, one of the printers on the
Albany Democrat, was in town this week.
Mr. J. G. Gross, a prominent citisen of
Waterloo, was in Lebanon Saturday and
fnvored us with a call.
Mr. C.H. Italston and wife returned home
from Portland Saturday. Mr. Balston went
as a delegate to the grand lodge I. O. O. F.
S. A. Nickerson returned home Saturday
"rom Portland, where he had been in at
tendance upon the grand lodge of I. O. O. F.
J. C. Bilyeu and wife, of Biownsvilie,
spent Sunday in town. Jake's many friends
were clad to see him on our streets after
hia late illness.
Mr. T. M. DeVine, of Waterloo, paid our
sanctum a pleasant call on Friday last. He
expects to be away the next two months
hunting chitera bark.
Frank Skipwo:-th, who has been working
on the Kxphkss for the past six months, has
secured a position on the Daily Guard of
fcupene. Frank is a worthy young man
and will succeed.
Mr. J. M. South, one of the most substan
tial and prominent citizens of Lacomb
neighborhood, paid our sanctum a pleasant
call Saturday last. He reports the people
of his community happy and prosperous,
The Lebanon Stars shone out brightly
last Friday by defeating the Mascots
at Albany iu the prettiest, closest and
most interesting game of the season.
The Stars played good whining ball up
to sixth Inning, when Brash's pitching
weakened, and on Klepperand Elk Ins'
mufF the boys seemed to go to pteees,
and the Mascots pouudtrd out- Hi
runs before they gave up the bat, which
put the Mascots two ahead. Both
nines retired In the seventh with a
gnase egg, as O'Nell was In the box for
the Stars and his u pah outs were too
much for the Mascots. Iu the eighth
the Stars scored 8 and the Mascots 4,
putting them 8 ahead. In the ninth
the Stars got down to their work and
pounded out 6 runs, placing them 3
ahead, with one inning for the Mascots,
who came in and scored two men, with
two out, Marshall on third and Hou
ston at bat. O'Nell had his eye on
Marshall. One strike. Two strikes.
Three strikes, and out, as "Shorty"
had the ball, and the Stars had won
by 1 run.
2 1 7 3 2 0 3 H 28
1 0 S 2 13 0 4 227
Stars..... ..4
Mascots .2
O'Nell 3
Gobvay.M 2
Scott 2
Peebler.... 4
Barrett. 3
Elliot ti S
o. n.
Walker ...
Keiinie 2
CntlaliRii 5
Marshall... 1
Washburn 3
Houston .... 2
O. It.
. 8 3
;5 I
4 r
Total....; 27 28 Total. .... .27 27
O'Nell Is a good head player.
Kiepper's batting was of the first
Walker and Barrett played field
work all OK.
Magers proved himself a first-clsas
Brash pitched good up to the sixth,
when he became tired.
Notice Is hereby given to the cheese
patrons of the Lbann factory, and to
the general public, that we have se
cured the services of Mr. M. P. Taylor,
an old and experienced cheese-maker.
The skill and despatch with which he
conducts the business, give evidence of
a thorough knowledge of what he is
doing. By June 20 we expect to have
on hand a quality of cheese unexcelled
by any made elsewhere In the State.
We hope to extend our trade to every
town and city in Oregon, and to fur
nish au article which will be appreci
ated by continued patronage. All or
ders, large aud small, will be promptly
With many thanks to our patrons of
Lebanon, Albany, Scio and Corvallts,
we cordially await all orders.
J. M. Marks.
We wish to announce to our good friends in
Lebanon and vicinity that our Spring Stock is now
all in, and is
Ever Brought to the Willamette Valley.
" ' . : ". IN'
We carry everything that is New and Novel, guar
anteed to fit equally as well as your Merchant Tailor
can fit you.
Among other celebrated brands and makes, we
carry a full line of the Highly-Tailored Clothing
manufactured by
Suit for Usbiskn
Last Saturday evening a suit was
brought against Linn county by Miss
Iva Templeton for $27,022. Hon. M.
C. George and Cake & Cake apptrar for
the plaintiff; Judge Blackburn, J. K.
Weatherford and Geo. C. Bingham
will defend the suit for Linn county.
The circumstances In connection with
the case will be remembered by nearly
everv one. Hy the falling through of
a bridge o the Calapooia, between
Brownsville aud the Dowell mill,
which happened last July, Miss Tem
pleton received several broken bones
aud severe cttN and bruises, besides
having to have one limb amputated.
The case is a very important one and
will excite great interest throughout
the whole country on accouut of the
severity of the accident.
Pronounced Hopeless, Yet Saved.
From a letter written by Mr. Ada K.
Hurd, of G rut on, fc. !., we quote: ' Was
taken with a bad cold, which settled
u rnv lames, couch et in and finnllv
terminated in Consumption. tVur
doctors gave me up, say lug I could live
but a short time. I gave myself up to
my tiaviour, aeterminea ti i con id not
stav with m v friends on earth, 1 woul
meet my absent ones above. Mv hus
band was advised to get Dr. King's
New- Liseovery for Consumption
Coughs and Colds. I gave it a trial.
took in all eight bottles; it has cured
me. aud thank God I em now a well
and heart v woman." Trial bottles
free at Smith A Miller's drug store:
regular size, ouc ann i.uu.
'The Jersey tlly."
AngXiEsea Cottage, L. B., July 2.
Gentlemen; Altho It Is very unusual
ror me to use any lotions
washes, still, in answer to your
request I have tried Wisdom
Violet Cream aud Robertine. The
former I consider especially efficacious
hi cases oi rouennesR or me sain, ana
I have been using it every day for the
last fortnight. I have found the
Robertine an excellent, crcparation in
casees of tan, sunburn, etc., eauseit by
exposure to March winds and a July
sun. i ours lautifuiiy.
To Messrs. Wisdom A Co.
comp'--nes are
" - . ; iuo
J . ed.
J. E. Adcox, the jeweler, who was
formerly doiug business in Salem, has
decided to locate In Lebanon. Mr.
Adcox went to Fair Haven and was
there robbed of almost his entire stock
of jewelry and watches. This was a
hard blow on him, but with bis energy
and efficient work as a repairer and
dealer -he will soon recover from the
loss. Salem Journal.
Mr. Adcox has secured a window in
the City drug store. We bespeak for
htm a liberal patronage.
A party of government surveyors
have gone tip to G ales vi lie, fiom
which place they were expected to
start Monday to begin the survey of
towDsbip 10, range 4 east. This town
ship will be ' sect ionized, and the
boundaries of four ct five others will
be surveyed. The settlers have also
petitioned to have two or three other
townships sectionized, and are likely
to meet with success.
So far there have been three samples
of saud brought in to compare with
that left by Mr. Hiatt, and some of it
compares very favorably. In a few
days Buff, will send some of tbe sand
back to the glass factory in Indiana,
and if it will do (and Ruff, thinks it
will) there is no doubt but that we will
have a glass factory here. Now this
is worth working for, so if you have
any sand that will do, bring it in, so
that Ruff, can send it when he sends
the other. No float sand will do; bank
or bill sand is what is wanted.
On last Saturday two men were ar
rested in Butte. Montana, who are
thought to be the murderers of Wm.
Barbour. They were followed there
by detectives, who are pretty sure they
have the right men. They were traced
by Barbour's watch, which was found
is a pawn shop in Portland. When
ere arrested, Barbour's dia
mond ring was found In their posses
sion. The detectives were expected to
arrive in Portland Wednesday with
the men. We will give full particulars
next week.
Cnptd Trlanphait Agmfn.
At Albany yesterday, May 28, 1891,
Mr. W. O. Mesarvey led Miss Mary
Snapp to the hy menial altar. Botb
parties are well and favorably known
in Lebanon here where they reside.
Mr. Mesarvey is the popular artist, who
has been a cltizin of our city for eight
months, and has made a favorable im
pression. Miss Snapp has also lately
come among ns, from Tenn., and is
a cousin of Gov. Taylor of that state.
She has relatives here with whom she
has been making her home. Gentle
men of tbe Pacific Coast usually take
a snap when they can get it, but Mr.
Mesarvey has certainly been a mast
fortunate fellow in so charming a
Snapp. The Fxprkss extends cor
dial greetings and a long throw of
the "old shoe."
Adams & Alexander have this day
sold the Lebanon Express to Mr. H.
Y. Kirk patrick, who will continue the
business as heretofore. All maney due
on subscription will be paid to Mr,
Kirk patrick. All advertising accounts
due to June 1st will be paid to Adams
A Alexander.
Adams A Alexander.
H. Y. Kirk patrick.
Lebanon, Or., May 20, 1891.
Mr. and Mrs. Torbet desire to ex-
pres their sincere thanks to their many
friends for the brotherly and sisterly
kindness shown them in the hour of
their deep affliction. We appreciate
your thoughtfulness and very material
aid both of which are proof, if any were
needed, of your sincerity. .May God
own, direct, bless and save you, is our
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheuitt- Fever Sores, Tetter, (-happed
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
EruDtions. and positively cures Piles.
ok no pay requirea. it is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents ier box. For
sale by Roberts & Miller.
Ice for Sale. ' - "
The Albany Ice Co. have filled our
ice house, aud all parties wishing ice
can get it by calling on us at 1 cent per
pound. Guy A Mayer.
Yovr Face.
You can get your picture taken for
$1 50 per d. at Crawford A Puxton'e,
While I was leaving the Fd ward's
house some one, through mistake or
otherwise carried off two walking
canes for me. One was a black ebony.
stiver mountea, witn imitation oi
snake around it, with a man standing
on iu me otner was a rea razi
same as other without silver. I will
pay a reasonable reward for the return
ot tue same. A. L. mouser
We cannot all go and ficlit Italians; some must stay at
home and look after the widows and orphans, wives and
We cannot all be heroes; some of us must stay at home
and sell Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Ac. But there is con
siderable edory for the man who succeeds in being the best
merchant of Lebanon; We are trying to secure the glory
with a capital G, and are succeeding pretty well. It is get
ting to be quite generally recognized that we are setting the
pace for our competitors. When people want anything in
our line they know we are apt to have the lowest price on it.
We Like It,
To be understood, and will try very hard to keep up our reputation.
Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes for CASH.
A full and complete line of Men's Business Suits
ranffing in price from $7 50 to $14.
Agents for Albany Woolen Goods, and a full line
in stock.
A full line of Shoes and Boots at Popular Prices.
Latest Styles and Patterns in Furnishing Goods,
Come and see us when in the city.
T. Lj. Wallace & Co.,
'The Birthplace of Great and Honest Bargains.'
pf.. . tX ... ,MJ
"While YcaWait,"
Ij. Ii
-AT -
Also an Elegant Stock of Cloths in Merchant Tailor
ing Department with Frst-Class Tailoring-i
(Successors to "Will Bros f)
A Change in Jtnlncw.
On and after May 1st we will change
our business to a Btrictly cash system,
thereby enabling us to buy for cash
and eet our discounts, and we will cive
our cutttomerB the benefit. Vo will take
produce iu exchange for goods, also
will pay cash or all kinds of produce.
All parties know in a themselves in
debted to me will pleusecall and settle.
as 1 wisn 10 oaiance my dookb. Jtie-
spectfully yours. T. C. Peebler.
There is an old adage that "what
everybody says must be true." Henry
Cook, the leading merchant of New
Knoxville, Ohio, says: "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has takeu well here,
everybody likes it. They say it gives
immediate re net." , 111 at is wnai
makes it 00 popular. " It prompt in ,
relieving a cough or cold and can al
ways be depended upon. There is
nothing that will loosen and relieve a
severe cold so quickly. For sale by
M. A. Miller, druggist.
The Oregonian has the largest circu
lation of any daily, Hunday or weekly
paper west of the Rocky mountains.
And in order te further increase its
circulation they have selected with
great care, a large list of vr I liable
books and other useful articles, aud are
ottering them as premiums to each new
subscriber, to any of its several issues
for yearly subscriptions. The Oregon
ian should be in every household. Bend
for premium list.
Oregonian Pttbttshing Co.,
Portland, Oregon.
The following statement from Mr.
VV. B. Denny, a well known dairyman
of New Lexington Ohio, will be of in
terest to persons troubled with Rheu
matism. He says: "I have used Cham
berlain's Pain Balm for nearly two
years, four bottles in all, and there is
nothing: I have ever used that cave me
as much relief for rheumatism. We
always keep a bottle in the house."
For sale by M. A. MilierT druggist-
A Sara Cure for
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like perspiration causiDsr intense itch
iug when warm. This form, as well
as blind, bleedin? and protrudincr
vield at once to Tt. Bosanko's Pile
Remedv, which acts directly on the
parts afiectcd, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
o(e. Druggists or mail; treatise free.
Dr. Bosauko, 329 Arch street, Philadel
phia, Pa. Hold by M. A Hillei'
IVIercImTit Tailor
G. Lovelee's is the Cheapest Place in Linn
County to Get a Suit Made to Order.
Call and Inspect the Goods if you do
not Leave your Order. .
Knapp, Burrell & Company
- - . r.-
. p-j ii a-.- ; I y"
Pianos and Organs,
Musical Merchandise & Sewing Machines,
Invite the people of Lebanon and vicinity to acquaint them
selves with
These instruments they keep in stock, but solicit orders for Pteinwv" aiv1
'Weber' Pianos. Our prices are the lowest. Kheet Music, Books and
Instruments a specialty. The beet Sewing -Machines in the market on a
terms. Write for catalogues.
Second Street,
Albany, Oregon.
Agricultural Implements
On tho Pacific Coast.
Bain Wagons, Oliver Chilled and Steel PIow3, Deer-
ing Binders and Mowers, Lightning Hay Press, Etc.,
Fine Buggies, Racine Hacks, Road Carts, Wagons
And Vehicles of Every Description, Barb Wire, Etc
Call and Examini
Their Stock. Orders by Mail or Telegraph
Promptly Attended To.
F. II. R0SC0E, Managers
W.J. Hay,
Hei Baggies ! 1
Reasonable Rates.
L. 3. Peterson
Sew Horses III
lev Earcess ! ! M
eean furnish the best ftnri
rc&h Hlcest Tnra-onts in Tot?s,
Stock boarded T v
or moriti.
We solicit a share of the patronage of the public generally
Special attention given to Draying and Hauling.
HAY & PETERSON, Lebanon, Or , J
Harness, Saddles, Collars,
; Whips, Etc.
Carpenter & Buildc?
All Kinds Repairing & Jobbinr
Done on Shortest Notice
1 W.lLCVs Old btand.
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