The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, May 15, 1891, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
FRIDAY.,...,. ... .MAY 15, 181t
T. C. Peebler' groceries,
shaving ISont McCluro's barber shop
Uo to 8. P. Bach for boots and shoes.
Mr. Arnet Is plastering J. A. Beard's
Kight shaves ror $1 at McClure's bar
ber shop.,
D. C. Wolt and family will move to
Hanlsburg. . r .
J. JK Grow of Waterloo sells goods
at bottom price. '
Mr. Ontts vacated the Klk Horn res
taurant this week. -
F. M. French, the jeweler, Albany,
keeps railroad time.
Several men are at work In the paper
mill placing machinery.
Mr. Whiting, of Albany, will locate
la our town, we are fcold.
For choice groceries at bed-rock
prices, go to T. C. Peebler'a.
Go to T. C. Feebler' cash store and
get 17 lbs Extra C sugar, 00.
Five immigrants arrived lu Lebanon
Monday, from Fairfield, Nebraska.
Brown Hansard's new building Is
ornamental as well as commodious.
The Hlnger Manufacturing Company
bave an ageut in Lebanon, Oregon.
Arrangement will be made soon to
amk for natural gas outside or town
M. A. Miller Is agent for the cele
brated Cleveland ready-mixed paint.
J. A. Ltamberson has lately con
tracted for a number of tons of cascara.
Mr. J. B. Cox will hereafter find em
ployment lu Walton A Wiley planer.
S. p. Bach keeps a line of boots and
shoes as well as Brownsville woolen
This part of the country was visited
will a heavy frost Thursday night
Some much-needed changes were
made In the Odd Fellows hall this
New mliHnery goods received direct
from Ban Francisco every week at Mrs,
13eo. Bice's.
I-ionsberry and Stokes were awarded
the contract for building I. A. Ben
nett house.
We have money to loan on Improved
farms and ranched. S. N. Steele A Co.
Albany Or. -
The road between Soda vi lie and this
plaue is fiiir, notwithstanding the late
heavy rains.
F. M. Miller traded town proierty
this week to Mr. Hull for a farm in
middle Tennessee.
A jeweler from Corvallls by the
name of Howell was lu town this week
seeking a location.
Kev. W. T. fecott occupied the pul
pit at the Presbyterinu church Sunday
morning and evening.
At the last regular meeting ef the
V. C. T. UM that organization wrote
R&st for some literature.
Hiram Baker is advertising his busi
ness by having some lettering done on
the north side of his store.
W. J. Guy Is putting a fine front on
his corner building to correspond with
the front of bis new building.
X. A. Bennett slept at the rate of a
mile a minute last Saturday, but be
was at his post before the train left.
' J. A. Roberts has sold his Interest lu
the drug store to Norman Smith. The
Arm's name is now Miller A Smith
Wanted, 250 doen chickens, 500
dozen eggs. Will pay cash or give
goods for same. T. C Pekbler.
lie v. Aleridge was soliciting funds in
Ijebauon last week with which to pay
a debt on the M. . church at Grants
We will inform the people of Leba
non and vicinity that there is no extra
charge on trimmed hats at Mrs. S. H.
A campmeeting, nnder the auspices
of the Free Methodtet church, will be
held the latter part of May and the
first of June.
Additions are being made to our busi
ness population; a photographer, (his
name we did not learn) located among
us this week.
A disease, supposed at first to be la
grippe, but of late known to be worse
than that disease, has seized the inhabi
tants of Silvertou. A few deaths have
been reported.
Another car load of lumber arrived
for the paper mill Friday. The ca
pacity, has been doubled since the
buiding was begun.
After going to Cruson A Menzies'
hardware store and getting prices, we
$nd that they are selling goods as low
as any place in the valley.
Mr. Reld, of the Tacoma Mining Co.,
tarted,East on the 12 iust. to purchase
mining machinery for their quartz
lodes In the Blue River district.
A party consisting of four persons,
from East Portland, hired a teamster
last week to take them to their pre
emption claims on the Santiam.
You can see people from all parts of
the State . and also from adjoining
States at this favrite health resort,
after the season is properly opened.
The boys about town are using every
effort to exterminate the swallows,
notwithstanding they are liable to be
punished for induging in such unholy
James Lindley makes regular trips
to Lebanon, bringing with him every
time a load of vegetables, which sell
about as fast as he can wait upon cus
tomers. Veterinary Jones left for Salem last
week. The Or. located here a boat four
months ago but found that the town
could not support a man of his pro
fession. As several ministers have signified
their intention to preach for us during
the summer, our spiritual wants
will be looked after through the sum
mer months.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call and settle,
as I am in need of money. All ac
counts of 1890 not paid in next 30 days
will be placed in the hands of a collec
tor, M. A. Mir.i-.ER.
J. A. Tobklns has sold his Intercut
in the Lebanon machine shop to his
partner, Mr. Osborne Mr. lubklns is
a good machinist and will be retained
In the shop.
Dr. FVtluy was In the eonntv sent on
huslneHB Friday. The Dr. has a scheme
en foot which will greatly benefit the
town, the details of which are not yet
made known to the public.
In some way, the report has gone
abroad that Oak creek supports an
abundance of trout and anglers come
from different parts to claim their
share of this delicious meat.
Rev. C. A. McDonald Is agent for
the famous Ep worth pianos and
organs, which for tone, durability and
finish, are unexcelled. Inquire at Ex
pkrps oftlce for prices and terms.
G. M. West fall has sold the Sweet
Home stage line to Win. Carothers.
Mr Carothers made his Initial trip
Monday. May he have a smooth road
winter and summer, Is our prayer.
The second match game of the se
ries will be played by the Lebanon
Greys and the Albany eluh in the
county seat Saturday afternoon. Our
sporting editor will be on the ground
to give an unabridged report ol the
Our fellow townsman W. W. Hale
was married a week ago last Hutiday, to
Mrs. Morris of Sweet Home. We
wish Mr. Hale and his fair bride all
the happiness possible to the marriage
A petitlou was circulated last week
and numerously signed by friends of
the murdered man Barbour, asking the
county court to offer a reward for the
apprehension and punishment of the
The Lebanon Cornet Band and
others from this place went to Soda
vllle Saturday night to witness the
play, Foiled," bv the Sodavillc am
ateurs. It is reported that the acting
was good.
From six to eight men find employ
ment at 1. S. Hardin's brick yard
The new yard is located in the north
east part of town, where Mr. Hardin
claims he hasauperrior clay for manu
facturing brick.
It now turns out that the town of
Roseburg Is paving her street with
paying ore. A test of the rock will be
made and It is possible that the streets
of that town will be paved with a
lower grade rock.
Mrs. A. J. Warren, who lives near
Brownsville, was In Lebanon Inst Fri
day. It may not be generally known
that Mrs. Warren was the first white
female bora west of the Rocky Moun
tains, but such Is the case.
J. B Keeney, af Hrownsville, came
to Lebanon on the train last week, for
got the time of departure and stayed a
day and night In Lebanon.. Jim said
be left his horse hitched In Browns
ville but he thought he had been cared
The membership of the Christian
church held a meeting the first of the
week and decided to hire a minister to
preach for the congregation In this
place. They also talk of building a
church, though nothing definite has
been decided upon.
Hardware, Stoves ani R a noes
Albany, Ore.
The Sodaville spring has been
greatly Improved of late. We have
drunk of Its waters and know whereof
we speak. The enterprising citizens of
the town are building good walks, will
build a shady retreat within the en
closure and will be prepared to enter
tain visitors right royally tbia summer.
Don't forget the exliibitiou at the
Academy this Friday) evening. Th
entertainment will be Instructive a;
well as pleasing. Prof. Torbet will
demonstrate that the wonders of ro
mance are not to be compared with' the
wonders of science. Good music will
be one of the pleasant features of the
eccasion. Come out, everybody.
My increasing trade has prompted
me to buy largely. I have a large bill
of all kinds of shoes on the way -from
the East, also from San Francisco, that
will soon be here, and then we can fit
anyone In size, quality or price. Re
member I pay cash and sell for the
same; inereiore we can sen as cneap in
leoanon as anywuere in isregon.
Hiram Baker.
We wish to announce to the public
that we have a large stock of wagons,
buggies, hacks and carts, direct
from the factory in the East. We have
selected these goods to suit the climate,
roads and people of this vicinity, and
we cordially invite all those wishing
to buy anything In this line of goods
to call on us before purchasing else
where. Cruson A Menzies.
Two hundred newly-married couples
wanted at E. Goao's furniture store, to
buy bed room sets, that they may sail
through life "on flowery beds of ease."
I am not seeking an invitation to your
wedding but I do want to congratulate
you and start you on the highway to
prosperity by furnishing your rooms
with the best, the handsomest and
cheapest furniture this side of any
where. The ' following statement from Mr.
W. B. Denny, a well known dairyman
of New Lexington Ohio, will be of in
terest to persons troubled with Rheu
matism. He says: 'I have used Cham
berlain's Pain Balm for nearly two
years, four bottles in all, and there is
nothing I have ever used that gave me
as much relief for rheumatism. We
always keep a bottle in the house."
For sale by M. A. Miller, druggist
He wants it known. Mr. J. H.
Straub, a well known German citizen
of Fort Madison, Iowa, was terribly
afflicted with inflammatory rheuma
tism when Mr. J. F. Salmon, a promi
nent druggist there, advised him to use
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One bottle
of it cured him. His case was a very
severe one. He suffered a great deal
and now wants others similarly af
flicted to know what cured him. 50
cent bottles for sale by M. A. Miller,
There is an old adage that 'what
everybody says must be true." Henry
Cook, the leading merchant of New
Knoxville, Ohio, says; "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has taken well here,
everybody likes it. They say it gives
immediate relief." That is what
makes it so popular. It is prompt in
relieving a cough or cold and can al
ways be depended upon. There is
nothing that will loosen and relieve a
severe cold so quickly. For sale bv
M- A. Miller, druggist.
The young man who left Lebanon a
few months ago for the avowed pur
pose of securing a bride, delayed his
return so long that the boys laid aside
the horse fiddle, the tin can and other
musioal Instruments and It Is more
than doubtful If he Is honored with a
serenade after so long and painful a
We believe that Lebanon has
furnished as many school teachers, In
proportion to our population, as any
portion of the State, and so fur as we
have heard they have without an ex
ception proved a credit to -the pro
fession. The inference to be drawn
from this Is that our schools! are ably
managed. j
Dr. F. P. Mntchett, formerly of this
place, Is now located In Wallace. Idaho
where he has tull charge of the miners
union hospital. Dr. Matchett has
risen rapidly In bin profession since he
begau to practice a little over a year
ago. His many friends are gratified to
learn of his good fortune In receiving
his present position and predict for
him a bright future.
The entertainment given by thepub-
lle school Wednesday evening drew a
full house. A very pleasing program
was rendered, In which the pupils
both large and small acquitted them
selves in good style. The proceeds.
which are to be expended In purchas
ing a library for the school, amounted
to $30. The entertulument was a
fitting close to a very successful term
of school. ,
The Northwestern Mining, Milling
and Development Co., of Portland, was
Incorporated last week. The incorpo
rators are E. D. You Hageu, tt. C.
Hllderbrand, A, J. Langworthy and
E. U. Clartc. E. D. Hagen, of Browns
ville, and A. J. Laugworthy, of
Portland, locate! twenty claims in the
Calapoola district last summer, some of
which are very rich In sliver. We are
told that the company will erect a mill
on their mines this summer.
The "'Greys" acknowledge that they
were badly beaten In the ball game
last Saturday. Their defeat Is attrthu
ted to nine different causes. To hear
the players, Individually, record their
exploits an this occasion you would
conclude that the "Greys" were In
vincible. The men played well con
sidering the limited practice they have
hail. Skill cun 'only acquire by long
and patient practice and not having
had this they allowed the Albany club
a long score and had to coutcnt them
selves with one much less satisfactory.'
Buff Hlatt has just returned from
Fair mou ntt Indiana. While In that
city the proprietors of the glass works,
which are located there, presented him
two glass canes which he prizes very
highly. He also left at the Express
office a sample of sand from which the
eoinpany manufacture their glassware.
The sand used at this factory is ship
ped from Michigan, 'the nearest point
at which It can he obtained. Mr.
Hiatt says the proprietors are coming
to this coast and if sand of the quality
of samp1 e can be found In this section
they will locate their glass factory
here. A number of men have ex
amined the sample already and are
confident that we have the same ar-1
tide near town. Let every farmer :
call and see the sample, for if we have
anything like it an industry which
means several thousand dollars annu
ally to this town, will be the result.
Oar Crop Bulletin.
With the beginning of the week, our
garden-crop bulletin read as follows:
Ten rows of potatoes, fifteen rows of
thistles; two beds of onions, four beds
of dog fennel; fifty cabbage plants, one
huudred and fifty cut worms; two
square rods of turnips, one rood of
"jumping jacks;" two squares of corn,
twice that amount of dandelion, a
small amount of beans, a large amount
of Jack Frost. A consultation was
held with our chief gardener, we de
cided to hang up the hoe, petition the
Weather Bureau for an - occasional
shower and at the same, furnish the
State Board of Immigration an un
varnished crop report which Is to be
published lu pamphlet form and scat
tered broadcast lu the hope of stimu
lating immigration.
E. H. Bahr had a horse badly cut
with barbed wire on Monday. Mr.
Bahr was driving a span of
horses, one of which became frighteued
and made a bound forward breaking
the tongue wrench, the double tree
striking the horses heels but added
to their fright. The team ran straight
for the fence which had a barbed wire
ou top. One horse jumped the fence
and had several ugly wounds inflicted
which will give him a rest of several
weeks, If indeed he recovers at all.
A school exhibition will be given at
the Santiam Academy, Friday even
ing, May 15. The exercises throughout
promise to be of a high order. The
music, both vocal and instrumental,
will be firstclass. The chemical ex
periments by Prof. Tofbet will be In
teresting and instructive. The pro
ceeds will be expended in providing
su table school apparatus. Admission,
students, free: their parents, ministers
and teachers 10 cents; all others 25
Crayon Portrait
Alma Morris, the crayon artist, will
be in Lebanon on and after May 18.
,His paintings are of a high order and
of the latest styles, in either gilt or
florentine frames. No one can give a
single good reason why this kind of
work should be done back East, but,
on the contrary, many good reasons
can be urged in favor of home talent.
Mr. Morris is not an amateur, as any
one can see by examining his work.
Prices low and uniform.
For Sale.
A well improved farm consisting of
225 acres, 125 acres of which is sowed
to grain. There is on the farm a large
new barn and a fine orchard. Two
good springs to furnish the water sun
ply. Farm, farming implements, geese,
turkeys and chickens for sale at the
low figure of $4500. For particulars
call on or write to W. J. Tun ridge, La
comb Oregon.
Mrs. and Mr. John Powers wish to thank
thir friends and neighbors for their many
acts of kindness during the late illness o
the latter. Mas. asd Mb. John Powers.
You can gut your picture taken for
$1 50 per doz. at Crawford & Pax ton 'y,
Ttiiy ball'- Mux Iimu.1 Haltmlsy at 2:30, and
tteanl tOirmltlermt the willow anil swtiKl to the
(tiute. Ho f tinned ih air tlirvti limps, but not to
tlrst on Httniilei'n fumble, UIe Mmnl am! third
nnrt sonil on & iHtfwed ball, Monfore wouldn't
Hint l.arrhnnrfl'a curvo ami tvent out on three
rttrlkwi. Nickt'raon HIwwIik. Wright umaxhed tt
hlfrh fly to rfRht, hut !,!niert frt undur it.
Marshall went to Hint on Imlln, awtotc'l to Wb
find, mtuta third on KltMttkc'a Ml to left, and earn
In on RfanVs mtitT. Klitlte uttme In nn pawl
bait WUkhi itruck to third, made first, Bllpiwd
ta wnnd and mtfrd in on Mi-ard's twtwfd ball.
Ynuitff batted to tihutirr, mods llrrt ou nraah'a
fumble, atota aeeond, went to third on a paatwd
ball and aoored on a ixuMud ball. Welch out at
first. Ijarriuore toiied ona to "PIkhI." who
tumbled, atole wound and third and tain home
on a paatd ball. Humtla'H three utrlkoi waa
dropped by Htard, Letravrt fanned out. Waah-
bum hit a aky-ai'raper to evnter, but Klepper
pulled It down. .
Kleppar hit to Welch and went out. Shaw
ml km?! I the ball three tlme,it)ttiltn)tou Reunlo'a
fumble, l,o wig hit to pitcher, but went out at
flrat. Oulway went to tlrat od balls. Brash hit to
plti-her, but went out at fltnt.
Marfthali out at find, ttlwtuke bangrd one to
right, but Nlekuram droptHl ft, itok aoeond, but
lewt id him to third. Wllmn raiaed one to
left, but Hhaw sot under It. Heard wont out at
first. Munftire out on strike. Nlckermm batted
to renter, but Wahburn wan there and he wait
Youxir punched the ball to first. Wrlaht mlwd
ft, and he shot to awond and third and came
home en Weleh'a hit lo "Short." Keunle hit ft&rr,
went to aopond, and he and Lnrrlmoro im
home on WHfht'a boil throw, belmert out at
tlrat. Washburn ralsrd a twn-bsfiger to len,
whk-hShawmutrt'd. Marshall nut at Dm. Wil
son hit to "Hhori" and made first on Oal way's
had throw, Ymmff surveyed the distance down
to the lives, but Klepper sot hi jiaws ou It and
lie wac out.
Wrlaht went out on fly to Wcleh. Klpp"
swung the stlek, made a two-bairfttr, stole third
and came home on tintway'a hit. Bhaw hit lo
left, RleMke muffbd, but was forced out at second.
Lewis bit safe, went to first, stole second. Br,h
went to first on illegal delivery, and now for the
fun three men on banes and Heard to the tut.
He hitned It, arared Lewis. Monfure drove ou
to rlfihl, but Lefmert took care of It.
Welch sent one to left. I-arrtmora hit to rhrhl:
"Nick" couldn't irot It; Welch came In. Lelutert
hit to ten and scored on Wa-hhurn's hit Mar
shall hit and Pord. Wilson hit to left, but Sliaw.
mada error. Welch out on rika, Hetinte hit
to left, but Stuw couldn't itet It, but Hennfe went
out at home by Beard. Washburn went to first on
balls, stole second and third. Marshall hit to left
aad sooted on Rtetse'a htl. Wilson out at first,
Kickerson struck, the air, but out at unit. Wrlsht
hit safe to rlRht, stole second and third and
seored. Klcpper out on fly Ut Short. Shaw out
at first.
Younjrotitat first d Welch between bases.
iJUTtmore took base on balls. Renule missed it
three times; Ualwey fumblvd. Leuucrt out at
Lewis out at first by Marshall. Gal way hit salt
to left, but went out between bases. Brash out at
Brash and Beard (rare way to Wrlsht and Gal
way, wnlch should have been done at first.
Washburn, Marshall and Rtetake struck out In
one-two-three order.
Beard won first baa; on Welch's fumble. Mihi
fore struck out. Beard out at third by Young-.
Nckersun out at first by Marshal!.
WlLsoo never hit tt and went out. Young oi
to first on Bnuh'a bad throw. Welch got to first
on Beard's funtbla, stole second and third and
came home on Lerrlfuore'a safe bit to right. Hcn
nle struck out. Lcbnert out to K tapper by long
hit in center.
Wriffht found La rr I more for a two-bagger and
acored on Ktepper'a two-bagger. Shaw had a hole
In bis bat ami went out, Lewis battfd to first and
Marshall gut him. Ualway couldn't bit It and
went out.
Washburn otruck three times, but got to flrat on
passed ball ami scored on pasted lull. K1etke
ditto. WUaon got to flnt on Ualway's bad threw.
Young out at first. Welch out on fly by Iwis.
Larrtmore couldn't And the ball and Ualway had
Hope was thrown out at flrtt. Monfoie run out
between bases, and the Lebanon boys were badly
beaten, tit scoro standing 31 to 7.
Lartimore tot a first -clans pitcher.
Klepper had on his batting clothes.
Umpire Marshall's decisions were fJr
Wright and Gal way struck out ten mon in four
The Lebanon club did no good until Wright
went into the box.
The Albany club fa a good one, and If Lebanon
ever hopes to beat them they must play ball.
Happy Hoostars.
Win. Tim mon s, Postmaster of Ida-
vine, ilia., wrnes: "riiiectrio Hitters
has done more for me than all other
medicines combined, for that bad feel
ing arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and
stocKman oi same place, says: "ttid
Klectrtc Bitters to be the best Kidney
and Liver medicine, made me feel like
a new man." J. V. Gardner, hard
ware merchant, same town, says: Kl co
me Hitters is just me tning tor a man
whole all run down and don't care
whether he lives or dies; he found new
strength, good appetite and felt just
like he had a new lease of life. Only
50c. a bottle att Miller A Smith's drug
A Chsn s; 1st Boalssis,
On and after May 1st we will change
our business to a strictly cash system,
thereby enabling us to buy for cash
and get our discounts, and we will give
our customers the benefit. We will take
produce in exchange for goods, also
will pay cash for all kinds of produce.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call and settle.
as I wish to balance my books. Re
spectfully yours. T. C. Pekbler.
JL Surs Cure for fllns
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like perspiration causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form, as well
as blind, bleeding and protruding,
yield at once to JDr. Roeanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts directly on the
parts affected, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50c Druggists or mail; treatise free.
Dr. Bosauko, 329 Arch street, Philadel
phia, Pa. Hold by M. A. Miller.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve-
The Best Salvk In the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Kruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. Tt is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by Roberts & Miller.
Eggs, Butter and AH Kinds
of Poultry.
Harness, Saddles, Collars,
Whips, Etc.
At Peterson &. WaUnee's Old Stand.
We wish to announce to our good friciuls in
Lebanon and vicinity that our Spring Stock is now
all in, and is
-Tt) UK
Ever Brought to the Willamette Valley.
We carry everything that is New and Novel, guar
anteed to fit equally as well as your Merchant Tailor
can fit you.
. Among other celebrated
carry a full line of the
manufactured by
A full and complete line
ranging in price from $7
Agents for Albany Woolen Goods, and a full line
in stock.
A full line of Shoes and
Latest Styles and Patterns in Furnishing Goods.
Come and see us when in the city.
T. lu. Wallace & Co.,
" The Birthplace" of Great and Honest Bargains.
Merchant Tailor,
G. Lovelee's is the Cheapest Place in Linn
County to Get a Suit Made to Order.
Call and Inspect the Goods if you do
not Leave
(Successors to Will Bros.,)
H z-
Pianos and Organs,
Musical Merchandise
Invite the people of Lebanon and vicinity to acquaint them
. selves with
"SR Pianos.
These instruments they keep In stock, but solicit orders for "Steinway" aud
"Weber" Pianos. Our prices are the lowest. " 8heet Music, Books and Small
Instruments a specialty. The best Sewing Machines in the market on easy
terms. Write for catalogues.
Second Street,
brands and makes, we
Highly-Tailored Clothing
of Wen's Business Suits
50 to $14.
Boots at Popular Prices.
your Order.
- rfT
& Sewing Machines,
Albany, Oregon.
We cannot all go and fijJit luiliatifi; roiuo mitucfF'i'C'
homo ami look after the widows ami orphans, wive and
We cannot all Lo licroon', aotno of Uh must stay at Wme
and sell Dry Uooda, Hoots and Shoes, &c. Hut there in con
siderable clory for the man who succeeds in being the beat
merchant of Lebanon. We arc trying to secure the glory
with a capital G, aud are succeeding pretty well. It is jret1
ting lo bo quite generally recognized that we are setting th
pace for our competitors. When people want anything iii
our line' they know we are apt to have the lowest price on iU
We Like It,
To lc understood, and will try
C. C
Dealer in Dry Goods,
Also an Elegant Stock of
ing Department with
And Nothing Wears Better than
Honest, Careful Scrutiny will Prove Our Coodrf
Shrewd cash buyers admit our prices the lowest, and goods
Money Saved Is Money Earned
We invite every cash buyer to come and examine) oiir1 goodd
before purchasing.
New York C.
McFarland Block,
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Call And Secure Prices.
The Oregon ian has the largest circu
lation of any daily, Sunday or weekly
paper west of the Rocky mountains.
Aud in order to further increase its
circulation they have selected with
great care, a large list of valuable
books and other useful articles, and are
ottering them as premiums to each new
subscriber, to any of its several issues
for yearlv subscriptions. The Oregon
ian should be in every household. Bend
for premium list.
Portland, Oregon. -
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B. R. StoreY
Albany, Oregorii
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago,
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East, North South,
C. C. RAWLINCS, Agant., : : Oregox.
Carpenter & Builder.
All Kinds Repairing & Jobbing
Done on Shortest Notice.
Shop on Main Street. Next Do6f r
Taller Shop. '. -