The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 02, 1891, Image 3

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    jk?n down. j
Jim next Monday.
.. toy ia engineer on tlie over
,1 mute.
t ho ia tiie man to start a tile factory
ne ea-se of measles was reported in
ir.non last week.
t,i. F.ltuna is painting the South--i-JMist
leriff Scott's family ia seriously af
ed with diphtheria.
barley Biodgett quit work on the
per mill Wednesday.
.The copious showers interpreted
jean health and wealth.
fUc Lister of Portland is suffering
1 attack of measles.
Teebler is breaking on the rail
it ween Portland and Roseburg.
n the New Year with good reso
. and a clear record on our books.
G. S. Hankiter tells us that the
awn ef Spieer had a Christmas
"omeroy,the itioerant bookseller
iia books and left the next day
'!- xliristmas.
Kik Horn Restaurant for holiday
jroods, bread and confectionery. Kirk
patriek'a building.
) Ilev. Mareellus and wife partook of
a bjountiful repast Christmas evening
kaalhe house of Dr. Courtney.
The Free Methodists, under the lead
hip of Rev. Brown, are holding
nral services in SodaviUe.
jceneial merchandise store of O.
wells at Hal-sey was burned Satur
y morning; the loss is about flSOO.
Xiel "on to those dress goods Montague
selling at such reduced prices; why
ople are just going wild about them.
The city council have again contrib
uted to the convenience of our eitizens
,by the addition of several street lamps.
Considerable interest is manifested
lv the citizens of Corvallis in the mat
' ter of building a caniiery in that city.
" Montague is selling $4 00 shoes for
$3 00 this week. New is the time to
- jret in, as the rains have eommenced in
. : earnest.
That i)0-cent flannel Montague is
selling at 45 cents is going like hot
rskes. Lay in vour supply before it is
11 gone.- '
fy.'-sTwauwIoads of immigrants arrived
in Albany this week. They intend to
? canvass the country pretty throughly
before locating.
i We profited by the - services of
- Johnny Pipes of the Benton Leader, on
Christmas day and published the Ex
press in good season.
Willis Calder, who entered the Wil
lamette University last fall from this
place, is reported very ill.
Dr. and Mrs. Pkipworth herebv
tender their ht-artfelr thanks to the !
ood people of Lebanon who kindly
remembervd them Christmas.
W. C. Peterson receivi-d a Webster's
Unabridged Dictionary on the Christ
mas ship, and hercftfter Webster will
govern in the recorder's court.
All towns of any sire publish the
city ordinances, and as Lebanon is
merging into cityhood, such a course
-'-.would not be amiss for our town.
Dr?-ir L. Hill of Albany was re
i cent ly called in consultation with Dr.
I J. A. Lamberson in the case of Mrs.
l' McKinney, who lives near town.
J Last week the approach to the Mc
Kense bridge near Coburg collapsed,
precipitating fifteen head of beef cattle
to the ground, a distance of ten feet.
A slight nnnlea-jantness betwen rwo
young mc.i Snturday evening resulted
in nothing more serious than the im
H'svwition of a fine on the aggressive
' 'barty.
) Montague is sellinp clothingat prices
!eTVer heard of before; in fact his ens
W.w rs have begun to think that the
" nn on elothing has been repealed
T?. F. Blodettp32ited this office
i of wild strawi3try vines in
-V . Vom- We venture' to say that
' isa rare New Year's1 gift outside
Jregon. 1
J Tt occurs to us that a cooper would
1 da well in this place. Should this item
.be read by one of the craft we trust
I ,hat he will come and make a personal
i inspection.
t In some of the windy States where
flying is made so easy, they have to
tether their chickens and auchor the
turkeys or they would be on the wing
The moFt delicate constitution can
safely ase Dr. J. H. McLean's Tar Wine
Lung Balm; it is a sure remedy for
coughs, loss of voice, and all throat and
lung diseases.
Are you In love? If so, marry the
Idol of your affections and then go to
- Matthews & Washburn's, at Albany,
buy a stove or range, raise a large fam
ily and be happy.
The court house grounds at Albany
-have been set to shade trees, which
looks as if Albanians bad no thought
of the county seat's being removed to
the rural districts.
The late rains have started afresh the
water snpply, and we believe the most
if not all the wells in town are supplied
with a very good substitute for the
"beaded" beverage.
Tf all "delinqnent8ut)ecriber3 would
pay the small sums set opposite their
names and take the Express at $1 50
a year, we would hold them in ever
lasting remembrance.
We take this occasion to thank the
band for the music furnished bv them
. on Christmas day, which, although
i not intended solely for onr ears, was
nevertheless appreciated by us.
One-hair of the population are dun
. nine: their debtors and the other half
are trying tooorrowmonev from empty
purses, and we take this "to be pretty
rood evidence of the stringency of the
' ' Wednesday's train brought an nn
ual number of passengers to Leba
Conductor Houston says he can
"ive any luck with two coaches,
. 'get a good crowd with only
ern men readily fall into the
".eallmg our showers mist.
wne from we cal I no kind of
Cher a rain that doesn't
htedthe loose spikes in
e nightly services in the
jl C hu reh duritignext week,
.a Week of Prayer. The ser-
ilso be continued during the
. . . . ..... .
-uijr. ah are coraiaiiy in-j
ant the earth? If so, call
,They will take pleasure in
you the largest and most com
pile of hardware, stoves and
:. n the vallev.
jfyur Cowan of Albany, his wiftY '
l' j - r 1 l r - . t
.nwr, ii it, iwiiijct im ivj.133 j: ra-
:r were poisoned last Friday evening
eating head cheese. Medical aid was
; moned immediately and at last ac -
" is all have recovered.
i topie ii. c 'uniting out that font
gne means what he says, and they
take him at his word. " Montague is
not so fixlish as to hire six men to sit
down and entertain customers; he hires
them to work, nad they do it."
The Odd Fellows received their new
regalia this week. A partial inspec
tion revealed the fact that they are
very handsome, and the uninitiated
may have an opportunity to see them
at the approaching installation.
Borne of our poultry fanciers apologize
for the niuch-crowing of the rooster
by saying that their crowings are more
frequent about Christmas. Why don't
you come out with the truth and say
that they are glad they are alive?
A passenger on the liehanon railroad
who had recently come from Iowa re
marked to us that the green wheat
fields, pastures, und the commons,
looked very strange to him. Oregon is
a suprise to Eastern people in many re
spects. What is the use of sending back to
Iowa, California or to Portlaud for oat
meal when a lietter location for an oat
meal mill cannot he found than Leb
anon? We have the facilities and, last
but not least, here ia where we raise
the oats.
The Express is authorized to say to
the bovs who broke the street lamp near
Band "Hall Christmas night, that they
were seen and that a private interview
with the marshal may save ome un
pleasantness ar.dsome notoriety on the
part of the miscreont j.
Rev. T. l. Boyb of the M. E. Church
was visited by his membership on the
night of Dec. 31st and left behind some
substantial tokens of regard which in
voiced about thirtv dollars. The pastor
stopped at this office and dropped his
thanks to the donors.
C. C. Haeklem.-in will retire from the
city council in two weeks. Charley is
a giod legislator, but he can better
serve the people in the capacity of boot
and shoe dealer, for he has mastered
the details of the business. He is the
W. L. Douglas of Oregon.
W. C. Peterson received r nice Christ
mas present from the Oakland Home
Insurance Company. It is a large silk
muffler, in one corner of which is a
picture of the company's building in
Oakland. It is needless to say that
Walter appreciates the gift.
Second quarterly meeting of the M.
E. Church, South, will be held in the
Pres. Church on Saturday and Sunday,
Jan. 3 and 4. All are cordially invited to
attend. Preaching Sablwith a. m. and
P. m. by Rev. D. O. MeFarland. P. E.
G. S. Haxleiteb, P. C.
A Herald correspondent says that
John Morgan whoiives near Plainview,
had a runaway last Sunday, in which
he bad a collar-lone and a shoulder
blade broken, and that hi. wife, who
alighted on her head and shoudlers, is
suffering from concussion of the brain.
Sick Headache and a sensation of op
pression and dullness in the head, are
very commonly produced by indiges
tion; morbid despondency, irritability
and over sensitiveness of the nerves
ma3", in a majorty of case:, be traced to
the same cause. Dr. J. H. McLean's
Kidney Balm nud Fillets will posi-
j tively cure.
W hile at the depot in Albany this
S week, we had an opportunity to sound
! the mud between the main line and
tne siae tracK. a passenger who was
standing beside us remarked that no
such quagmires were allowed on other
lines, and he thought it strange that
the 8. P. Co. did not fill the muddy
flat with gravel.
If Brick Hardin don't manufacture
enough brick this year to meet the
home demand, even though there be
several brick blocks built, our judg
ment oi me man is at tauit. l iie past
year he was in the business as an ex
periment and for the money there
was in it), but this year it will be
purely a business matter.
The following "People's ticket" was
nominated Tuesday night, to be voted
for at the city election next Monday:
President of the Council, J. A Beajd;
cr.une:lmen, . W. Cruson, O. M.
Westfall, R N. Wright, Jos. Elkins;
recorder, ; marshal, Ernest
Case; treasurer, J. A. Rolerts. As yet
mere is out one ticKet in tne neia.
To settle a wager that was made last
spring by two of our citizens that there
would or would not be one hundred
houses built in Lebanon the past year,
the i arties to the wager, each accom
panied by a referee, made the tour of
the town, and by actual count the new
buildings outran that numler. Judge
Miller cheerfully furnished the cigars
and E. B. Crouch is smoking at the
expense of some other man.
The Teachers' Institute convened in
the public school building, in Lebanon,
Dec. 26, at 7:30. The opening address
was delivered by O. P. Ceehow, Jr..
followed by the enrollment of teachers,
as follows: Josiah Gideon, Miss Sadie
Williams, W. L. Jackson, Miss Vena
Kearnes, Mrs. Hattie Tilfotson, E. H.
Bahr, David Torbet, M. A. Mi'.ler, L.
A. Wiley, S. A. Wilson, A. Mareellus,
R. N. Wright, G. F. Russell, R. V. i
Jackson, Miss Nettie Ullery, Mias
Lizzie Reed, A. J. Garland. The,
discussions of topies relating to school j
work were spirited and instructive. i
A careful calculation shows that the I
sum of S110.2S8 have been expended in
building in Lebanon the past j'ear, and
that more than one hundred house;
have been built, including three store
buildings, fine school house, a church,
a machine shop, a planer, and other
enterprises just begun., we
feel proud of these figures, but we have
many reasons for Itelieving that this
record will be beaten the coming year.
The Lebanon canal will be cut this
year and will add a number of enter
prises to our town. In the common
parlance of the day we would advise
people to keep their eye on Lebanon.
A Sweet Home correspondent sends
us the following item, under date of
Dec. 2-5: A pleasant surprise was given
Dr. A. G. Prill and wife this afternoon,
when the following gentlemen: Messrs.
A. J. Nichols, 1st E b comet; W. T.
Nichols, 1st B b cornet; Henry Sla
vens, alto, and H. T. Rolf, baritone,
members of the Sweet Home baud,
serenaded him, giving the following
se-eetions: Andateand waltz, "Snow
Flakes are Falling;" "Old Folks at
Home;" "Home, Sweet Home," all
of which were most beautifully ren
dered and greatly appreciated. The
Doctor, with his usual generosity, in-,
vited them to partake of some of the
sweets of life, and after a very social
time they departed, highly "pleased
with their visit.
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, Dr. ICing's New Life Pills, Buck
len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters,
and have never handled remedies that
sell as well, or that have given such
universal satisfaction. We do not hes
itate to guarantee them every time,
and we stand ready to refund the pur
chase price, if satisfactory results do
not follow their use. These remedies
have won their great popularity purely
on their merits. J. A. Beard,
- The Fat jLndjr
That always looks so nleasant. savs to
to Matthews A Washburn, Albany, Or.,
;to buy stoves and ranges, because they
! only keep the best and always du. "
J they agree to. - ;.' - .
. .- , ' Courting As-
' . -i-.... .ui of a recent organ
'.i..Uioii, the object of which Is plainly
Indicated by the name. It will doubt
less prove a valuable auxiliary to bash
ful j-oung men and modest ladies, and
will reduce the blunders of the diffi
dent to a minimum. Its originators
do not claim that they have reduced
love-making to a science; this cannot
be done, for the simple reason that life
itself is not a science; but they expect
to simplify tho process sn that anyone
with a little knowledge of the world
and a tolerable address will tie intro
duced by easy steps to the higher mys
teries, which, like bugbears, frighten
the timid and are fast peopling Amer
ica with crablied old bachelors and an
tiquated maidens. Certainly this is a
favored generation.
The ofllccrs of the organization are
few in number and work from purely
philanthropic motives. They are, first,
a Grand Instructor, who sits as final
arbiter on all questions of etiquette;
second, a Casuist, to whom are sub
mitted all those delicate cases of con
science which afflict the young men of
this generation; third; a Tyce (a classic
word signifying a tier of knots), whose
otliee it ia to set the official senl of the
organization upon all contracts, which
seal can only be broken by the fourth
officer. Attorney Allquibble, who may
lie described as a sort of legal volume
wearing a white cravat. The organi
zation is without a precedent In one
respect it has no secretary. It's work
it secret, and for that reason unwrit
ten. Heads of families are recognized
as honorary members, and it is from
this class solely that the organization
looks for support and permanencj.
Their counsels are sought only In ex
treme eases and are usually deferred
to, though their decisions are not neces
sarily final.
The society meets as a body once a
week; the number of private meetings
will vary according to the skill and
tactics of individuals. Informal meet
ings may lie held on the front gate,
always, however, under pledge ot sc
cresy. The workings of the society will be
published weekly. Having briefly
outlined the objects of the organiza
tion, and through the courtesies of the
officials obtained the exalted position
of stenographer, we shall lay before
our readers next week a report ol the
first meeting.
As we are just on the eve of an elec
tion, the following from theWoodburn
Independent may not be out of place:
"After the council refused to grant
license to sell liquor," says that paper,
"the excitement ran high during the
agit&tion of the saloon question, and
many men predicted the ruination of
the town if license was not granted.
Every means to coerce people into
sigmug the petition was used. The
leader of the saloon element told Mr.
Tooze his business would le boycotted,
alltioiiK'i. reare glad to be able to sav
that but fyw of the men in favor of
license upheld the threat. One prom
inent merchant even went so far as to
reduce his stock to about fSOO worth,
and olTered to sell his property below
cost, because he telieved prohibition
would ruin the town. However, li
cense was not granted, and property
holders anxiously awaited the result.
Never before had a village on French
Prairie dared - refuse a saloon a resting
place. On the contrary, inducements
had always been held out to them, the
logic of which was founded on ihe
erroneous idea that the saloon drew
the customers while the store, like
Lazarus of old, gathered the crumbs.
It was left for Woodburn to show the
utter fallacy of this and to prove that
the saloon is the parasite, the mer
chant the victim. Prohibition mav
not be a success in other places, but in
Woodburn it is."
Jcxoph Buh! went to Snlpm Tncritnr.
Mis Mamie Gentry went to Allianv week.
Miss M:ml Rslrtrm Is risitintr in Junction tltr.
Mr-s Aiiilic Smith came home on Monday.
train. TA. Hiroston, onr conductor, moved to Albany
K. J. Rice, of Crawfordsrille, w in Lebanon
Mi Lena Gray of Altai ny is vfcitiuy Miss Xykc
of this plaee.
J. F. Hyde anf wife spent Christmas with
Browns, ville friend.
J. Settle and family spent Chriitmax with rela
tives in Sweet Home.
H. V. KirktxitrtVk and Chas. L. Miller visited
Brownsville Saturday la-t.
John Pipes. .tn of Jndpe Pipes of CorvnlUs, re
turned to his home Tuesday.
yfm G. B. Gross, who has been In Halsev sev
eral days, returned Wednesday.
Rev. C. A. McDonald left Tnesdav for Hepprer
to begin a series of meetings iu that place.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Robert, of Harrisbunr.
were vt'itine their daughter, Mrs. I. A. BenneM,
during the holiday.
W. J. Grimes returned from Wahimrton eonnrv
Thnrsday. He will attend school at the Willam
ette I'nivertity this winter.
Mis Fannie Grisrc. who has boon a verc sue-ces-'.iH
teacher in the schools of this place for
about even years, left for her home hi ludenend.
ence. Monday last.
"Is this the best?" Is aquestion often
asked, when medicine is wanted. The
following are a few of the medicines of
known reliability, sold by M. A. Miller,
druggist of this place. He has many
other excellent medicines, but these
are worthy of especial mention:
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
famous for its cures of severe colds, and
as a preventive of croup. Price 50
cents per bottle.
Ciiamberlaix's Paix Balm, a gen
eral family liniment and especially
valuable for rheumatism. Price 50
cents per bottle.
Chambekain's Colic, Cholera
axt Diahkhika Ebmeuv, the most re
liable know iu medicine for bowel com
plaints. It is especially prized by per
sons subject to colic. It has cured
many cases of chrenic diarrhoea. Price
25 and 50 cents per bottle.
St. Patrick's Pills, for disorders
of the liver and bowels. A vigorous
but gentle physic that cleanses and
renovates the whole system. Price 25
cents per box.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
Ointmknt. For tetter, salt-rheum,
scald-head, eczema and chronic sore
eyes. Price 25 cents per box.
Is the complaint of thousands suffer
ing from Asthma, Consumption,
Coughs, etc. Did you ever try Dr.
Acker's English Remedy? It is the
best preparation known for all Lung
Troubles, rold on a positive guarantee
at 25c. and 50c. by M. A. Miller.
Runs high in Lebanon at Beard's
drug store over System Builder,
as everbody is using it for Catarrh of
the Stomach, Dyspejesia, Consumption
and Impure lilood. Try it and tell
your friends about it, as it must possess
wonderful merits when all speak well
Three Families Arrested on the Streets
Of Albany, by the magnificent display
of hardware, stoves and ranges at Mat
thews & Washburn's, who carry the
largest assortment in the valley.
Whenever a stranger comes into
town with a monkey-wrench iu one
pocket and a screw-driver handle pro
truding from his waist-band, bowing
obsequiously to lamp posts and drop
ping equatorial smiles upon the passers
by, we never conclude that he is a
-lanthropist or a benefactor, and it
i suprise! you if we were to tell
iw rarely we are deceived,
-' v."
M tir reasons for not K ing a prohibi
tionist, as published In the Kxprkss
of l.Vc. 5th, seems to have badly Irri
tated an individual in Eugene signing
himself Ifio, who seizes the prohibition
bloody shirt and shakes It vigorously
at Nemo, and at the same time relieves
his overburdened feelings of a choice
selection of epithets and pot names.
When we wrote that article to the Ex
press we were In hopes that some
sane man would answer it; we did not
know that any lunatics were running
loose; and yet we did not exxct a fair
answer from a party that Is attempting
to introduce a practice that Tontlus
Pilate could not sanction, and which
brought John D. Lee to a violen t death
at the hands of an outraged people.
The fauatlcal zeal of the prohibitionist
Is on an exact parallel with the ancient
Jews, and we have been wondering
why they don't adopt the practice of
circumcision. If we could have our
way we would commence with Igo
and circumcise the whole gang. They
brand the distillers, brewers and sa
loon men as criminals, and yet they
have broken no law.
Chrlat tilled tte empty Jugs and bot
tles at the marriage feast in Canaan.
Had he done so in the State of Kansas
he would le landed in the penitenti
ary, ostracised from society and classed
with the red-nosed gentry with red
neckties by the wild-eyed prohibition
crank, who is dissatisfied lecaue Jod
has brought sin and temptation into
the world that we may bear the cross'
and thereby win the crown. Tbe3
want a world without sin and tempta
tion. God has not done his work to
nult them. Why don't they start a
little world of their own and get a pat
ent on It and qnit monkeying with
this old concern which, according to
Igo, is going to the devil headlong
Igo, old boy, don't you think you have
infernal poor material to start a reform
movement on? If you don't think so
you are not reading the prohibition
papers very attentively. Perhais you
nave come to the same conclusion that
we have, and that is that they are ly
ing llKe waxes aooul it.
In your disjointed criticism of our
article you say that we have laws pro
hibiting duelling, murder, theft, arson,
gambling, counterfeiting. olygamy,
and the circulation of lottery tickets.
Now, Igo, why did not our law-makers
go as far as the prohibitionists and
prohibitit the manufacture and sale
of firearms with wiich the duellist
and murderer does his bloody work?
Why don't they prohibit the manu
facture of matches, so that no man
cau commit arson? Why dou't thy
stop the manufacture of playing cards
to reform the gambler? Why don't
they carry out the doctrine of tuohibl
tiou and cut ofl the bauds of the thief,
and cut out the tongue of the perjurer?
Why don't they prohibit the minting
of all coins and the making of green
backs, so as to break the counterfeiter
ut in business? If prohibition is rlirht
why can't our law-makers go as far i s
tne pronimiiontKt proposes ami pro
hibit all marriages, not only In I tali
but in the whole United States? If
they should do so it would be in strict
accordance with the doctrine of nrohi-
bitio-.i in its dealings with the liquor
tnimc. uur law-makers have control
of the mails and can slop the circula
tion of lottery tiekets, but whether
tney hare the right to no bo or not is
an open question. We sav this with
out intending to favor any lottery
scheme or game or chance.
And now, friend Igo, when you read
this article don't grab up your pencil
and make a fool of vnurxelf. as vou did
last week. Stop and think. We have
given you reason ami facts in return
for ridicule and wild assertions, and if
we her any more foolishness from ymi
we will go to Eugene and spank you
good. Nemo.
"I'm a conservator of the piece," said
the watch-dog as he bit off a piece of
steak from a vanishing fot.t-peddlt-r.
A critic was asked his opinion of a
certain novel in which Negroes were
the principal actors. He said it way
highly colored.
It may pique the pride of some to be
told that the foundation of one f the
leading indutries was laid, hatched and
fostered by a hen; we refer to the egg
An autumn rhymer writes us that he
has a vein for poetry and writes us for
advice. We commended him to the
nearest physician aud prescribed a
blood purifier.
A foreigner on hearing from an
American pulpit that conscience is a
creature of education, remarked that
the American school system must bo
very defective.
Static or Ohio, Crrr or Toledo, 1
LlTAS CofSTT, w-
Frask J. Chrky makes oath that he Is the
senior partner of the firm of K. J. t'lmnFV A Co..
doin business In the Citv of Toledo, County au4
State aforesaid, and that said firm will par the
sum of ONE KI NDRED DOIXAKS for each anil
every ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured tv
the use of Hall's Catabkii CIub.
Pworn tolwfore me ami subscribed in mr
ence. this 6th day of December, A. D. 1SS. ,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally and acts directlv on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials, free.
Toledo, O.
BSjT'Sold by druggists, 75c
"The Jersey Lily."
Anolesea Cottage, L. B., July 2.
Gentemen.- Altho' it ia verv unusual
for ine to use any lotions or
washes, still, in answer to your
request, I have tried Wisdom's
Violet Cream and Hohertine. The
former I consider especially efllcaclous
in oases of roughness of the skin, and
I have been using it every lay for the
last fortnight. I have found the
Robertine an excellent preparation in
casees of tan, sunburn, etc., caused! bv
exposure to March winds and a tfuly
sun. Yours faithfully,
Lillie Lanotry
To Messrs. Wisdom & Co.
Liver Complaint Biliousness.
The symptoms of this disease are de
pression of spirits, foul coated tongue,
bad tasting mouth, disagreeable breath,
dry skin with blotches and eruptions,
sallow complexion and yellow eyes,
tired aching shoulders, dull pain in
right side, faintness.dizzinessand irreg
ular bowls. This complaint in all of
its forms can lie readily cured by tak
ing Dr. Gunn'a Improved Liver Pills
as directed, and a lingcringspell of sick
ness will often be warded off by their
use. Bold at 25 cents a box by" M. A.
A Snre Care for file.
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like perspiration causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form, as well
as blind, bleeding and protruding,
yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts directly on the
parts alfectcd, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50c Druggists or mail: treatise free.
Dr. Bosanko, 829 Arch street, Philadel
phia, Pa. Sold by M. A. Miller.
The "Life of the flesh is the blood
thereof;' pure blood means healthy
functional activity and this bears with
it the certainty of quick restoration
from sickness or accident. Dr. J. H.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial and
Blood Purifier gives pure rich blood,
and vitalizes and strengthens the
Whole body. $1 00 per bottle.
" ACADKM V. -' , : . , .,
I " ' - . ....
-J. ... . .
Claude Davis ehtercd school Mon
day. :
We are glad to see Mr. L. A. Wiley
In school again; he h:is been absent
from school about two weeks.
After a vacation of one week, lwith
teacher and students commeiuvd work
nguiu, Monday, in good earnest.
A number of students and friend
met at the academy chapel Wednesday
evening, aud enjoyed a social time.
The queslion for discussion nt the
Elite? Literary Society, next Friday
evening, is, Resolved that compulsory
education Is productive of more good
than evil results; speaker on the affir
mative, W. K. Wallace, Prof. Tortn-t,
A. B. Niekerson; negative, O. W. Ray,
A. M. Williams, M. A. Miller.
Your correspondent bud ths pleasure
of intending the Teachers . Inst liute,
held in Imitation last week. We no
ticed several of our teachers and stu
dents there, who were quite conspicu
ous in the discussions and other exer
cises of the institute. Two recitations
were delivered by young Indie of the
academy, which showed marked abil
ity. In fact Santlam Academy shines
wherever you find lt,no matter whether
tt Is in Congress or in a country Insti
tute. "Do yon covet lycnrninir's r.rl7c?
Climb her heights and take It;
In our-clvua mr future lies: ,
1.11c U what we make tt."1
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chiipptd
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles
pr no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect sotisfacttou, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents jier bo.. Fo'r
sale by J. A. Beard.
God'a Bleaatnff to Humanity.
So Say an Oregon Pioneer Ninety Yoars Old.
Fortran: ;rove. or.. Murcn 19.
lhaveud the OKKUO.V KIDNEY TEA and
obtained immediate rt-lief, it istiod blessing to
humanity. . I take pleasure in recummendine It
to the atilictod. Iam now nearly ninety yearn
old, came to Orcpon in 112 In the employ of the
HinlMtn'a I'ay fntuur. and since I began titng
tha OREGON KIDNEY TEA I enlov pood health.
r"- tl l. n -
Rheumatism, 'eura'pin, Corns
The California PerHW aad VrraHr
n!l hy all Dragg ti. Eaea 25c, 50e & tl
Orm linger & Co , Prop'. Lot AngrUt, Cal,
ForSa'e hy i. A. B?crd, Lebanon.
I have trern tronbiexS ma'.:T years with
disease of the kidneya and baVe Tr'.cd
many different remedies and have
sought a:d from different physicians
with jut relief. A boat the ljth'of April
1 was stinerins from a very violent
attack that almost prostrated me ia
snca a manner mat i was Dent over.
When I aat down it was almost impossible for me
to get op alone, or to put oa my domes, wnen
kind Providence sent Ir. Henlev,
hotel. I immediately commenced
with the
using the tea. It had an almost
miraculous effect, and to the aston
ishment of all the jrnests at the hotel.
nt a lew days,! am happy to state,
teat I was a new
I wi!l4
fTotl I
.recommend the tea to mS fflif.
as I hare been.
Proprietor Occidental Hotel,
dsqu anas. ai.
15 lbs Extra C Sugar . 1 00
13 lbs Granulated ugar 1 00
4 lbs Iist llio CollVe 1 00
14 lbs Kice 1 00
20 lbs Beans 1 00
4 lbs Soda 25
10 lbs Lard 4 1 20
We have the largest as well as the best select stock of
Crockery and Glassware,
Furnisliiug Goods, Gents' Neckwear,
We pay cash for all kinds of Produce.
Wo invite comparison. T. C. PEEBLER.
Only First-Class
lgfenflKU'';t1 CURES
Suf "r.if I
. " ' ;liKc. as, 1800: .
PleuKiint weather, but cool. A
Air fi-clf like snow. ;
Improvements looming In lilj Bot
tom. S. K. Carroll la nttiking a flrst-clasft
KniL-xt Whitcomb U no from the
mctiMclH, and his little brother Is down.
Jan. Lewis, who has licen at work the
last week f.r Mr. Preston, l.s called to
look aflor his brother's stock near Leb
anon, while his brother goes, perhaps,
to tlie death tied of hia wife at Mill
City, where she has been vifiillng rel-
O. B. Whitcomb and family are very
pleasantly reminded they are not fof
gotton by Bweet Home friend; they re
ceived many Chri si ma presents, giving
them a very merry Christmas lit their
homo In the woods, and Words cannot
express their thanks.
A happy New Year for all.
M. E. W.
A Safe Investment
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
you satisfactory results, or in case of
failure a return of purchase price. On
this safe plan j-ou can buy from our
advertised Druggist a bottle of Dr.
Ki tie's New Discovery for Consump
tion. It is guaranteed to bring relief
in every caw, when used for any affec
tion of Thioat, Lungs or Chest, such
as Consumption, Inflammation of
Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whoop
ing Cough, Croup, etc., etc. It is pleas
ant and affreeablu to taste, perfectly
safe, and can always tie depended
opoii. Trial bottles free at Beard's
drug store. .
Notice to Farmers.
Wanted at once, chickens, ducks,
geese, turkeys, driel fruits, batter,
etrirH, und all kinds of farm produce,
for which I will pay the highest price
in cash or exchange for gool.
Albany, Or.
W. H BOOTH, M. D.,
Office in Guv's New Bulldinn.
Residence at Mrs. Ambler's.
Physician and Surgeon.
(radnate of Royal College of London and Bell
vnc Medical College, Maw.
Chronic cos a specialty.
Cancers removed without pain or the knife.
OFFICE Kirk Patrick's building, Lebanon, Or
Office with "Lebanon Express."
W. T. B: cxky. L. T. Bitix.
J. TT. f.SArKR.
Ttcenty TearcTfirrrfiftiwa9 Reaiater of the 1.
S. I.ttid ililiee at Orvtron 'ttv7TTPaj?-' 'n
U"l t!bce tritciit-c, recommend us!rr4W
so -einlir of all kinds of bta-inex before the Lai
time, or the tTusirt. and rnv .iviag practice in
llic ticuera! Land OfHce.
Santiam Academy.
Clw in Ijilin. HSehcr Arithmetic, Algebra.
Phv-dolo, Thy. Gcoerarnr. Book-Kecnin?. V.
P. History and also in Common Branches. Mental
Arithmetic dally after Jan. 1st, 1S1.
Terms: f2 to S3 per month.
D.VI1 TORr.ET, A. M..
Hotel in Lebanon,
EM aw
The Many Have Too Fe
Few Too Many.
Big prices will not do irr these times, vrl ' ' "
wealthy cannot afford to ,waste their money a -require
double duty of piety dollar and every p -
Among our daily arrivals we place before the '
landslides that are positively beyond the whispe '
tition or comparison or monopoly; prices that te, -the
silent logic of truth the difference between da
live men and with dead men, benreen the cash a "'
S3Tstems, between the right and wrong way.
Thus we are fighting against the old "credit ey ... .
money, for reputation and for the people. Hence wi ;
out among the masses these specialties, these matchle
gains, to check the insane and criminal practice of wast
money for the paltry consideration of a little credit:
We quote you the following prices, which cannot be du
cated by anyone in this country:
Dress Buttons ... .
Ladies' Wool Hose..
" : . 40c; worth 50 t
Ladies' Scarlet All-Wool Vest and Pants, 1; sold by evervone for $
Ladies' Merino Vest .-. ........ . ' . . ; .40c; worth', '
White Goods. . Gi, 8 and 15c; to see these poods is to
10 Spools Thread. ....... i
6 Spools Mile-End Thread. .... .1 -
Ladies' Purses. ....................... .20 to 75c; worth 50c to ?1 f
Flannels . . . . . ......... from 20 to 37jc; worth j&Ko"'"
No. 135 Men's Undershirt, all wool, at $1 35raTTnoTTevii gut
less than $2 00 of anyone. Others from 40c up to $1 50; the !
values that were ever offered.
Ribbons cheaper than at any otre place in this part of the coun:
To those who have never dealt with me, I extend an invitatior
come in and see, even if you do not buy. We want your trade, :
will do better by you in our line than anyone.
Ttwel Linen. . .............. ....... .12 to 20e; worth more mot
A Good Wool Hat ............ 25c, 40c and upwa
Corset Steel. -. .. 10c;worfh "
Kid Gloves. .70c, 75c, fl 25r ILany grade and cT
All-Wool Jersey Gloves . . . .- ."T-TT ..... .." i
Laces ... .... . . . . The best value von ever us
Linen Lace 5 to 8J; worth 10 to 20c per
Velvets 37 ic per yd, black and col "
The most elegant line of Ladies' Handkerchiefs from 4e up to $2 00.
It ia impossible to name everything, but this is the mneic and these t
prices that crowd onr store whilst other merchants Bleep on the couii
awaiiing all who want to buy on time at figures lhat no people can affwrt
pay. Respectfully to the cash trade onlv.
Next Door to Bank of Lebanon
Cigars, Tobacco, FnrnisMng Goods, Etc.
FirstClass Goodf
Country Produce Taken in Exchangf
for Goods.
Give Me a Trial and Be Convinced
Shingles, Posts. Boards and Picke
Lebanon Planing Mil
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved
I manufacture and deal in Doors, Blinds, all styles of Winder
Frames, Door Frames, Mouldings, Brackets, Etc., in fact anything man
nfactured and kept on hand in a first-class planer.
In connection with the above, I
1 l i , - l . i .
luiuwr varu iu w men is xo De iouna
.v,. vi, ii uiiig, a-ir.u
for Cornices, Etc.
WH1 Pwffy CW Wwdt rmrnlnt th
XvtcK or ntrenrtb and iird
f xiiBg wwy mi Hon
w fore. Knliren Mir4
fih Urtin Powr.
m a mm E3uua(s i rum conpiMDu
JT I J. P?1"".'? lD" will nni
t speedy c n. Oirmt aol "
-nnt attempts at cod
uutanty or tha ori,
rjLK 111
4c liftrwar cofdC-ttr ntno lorm cia . -f-
i i . i 7 c :;-
... .... 5 and 10c doz; worth .
.2",6i worth 2ft
also have on hand a Trcll-assortf
. . . .
rougn ana dressed Lumber, Rustic
uu aiuu9 ui xiiusiiing juumue
mmm i wmv.
QmaM, Kansas City, Cfcicar
East, North tp Soutb