The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 14, 1890, Image 3

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Lebanon Express.
FRIDAY. . . .NOVEMBER 14, 1890.
Jas. Matchctt Is Improving his prop
erty. T. C. Prebler added another counter
this Week.
Abe Loveall commenced work on his
dwelling Monday.
Don't read the new ads. In this pa
per, under penalty.
When In Albany call ou F. M.
French, the Jeweler.
Joe Klxou la enclosing his premises
with A nice picket fence,
Mrs. M. Bants was granted a divorce
at the last term of court.
The stock of the Variety store has
been sold to T. O. Feebler.
Agent Bennett says, "Harrisburg
and Lebanon for chlefeens."
We noticed a new street tamp at a
corner near the M. E. church.
John Banta is bulldinar a eottajre on
ria street near Isabella Park.
The lots on Vine street opposite the
M. K. church have been fenced.
The town ! at present distressingly
healthy, as the doctors would say.
II. C. Moran of 8weet Home shlpr ed
some beef cattle to Seattle Tuesday.
Ernest Case purchased three lota in
Kirkpatricks third addition this week.
Parties who paid the Went Shore art
ist for sketching will have their money
J. I. Walton has conferred a favor
on pedestrians by laying a walk along
his premises.
Messrs. Smith A Hammack, of TaH
man, were shipping both oat3 and
wheat last week.
Kirk patriok's horticultural garden
will be set to trees, shrubbery and
flowers by Dec 1st.
The best and roost substantial bed
steads ever sold In Lebanon, at bed-rock
prices, at E. Goan's.
The town received a new Invoice of
street lamps recently. Our town will
be well lighted soon.
A. W. Marks has bought half a block
in the Wassom addition and will build
a house lmmedaiely.
The addition of rustle to the M. E.
parsonage adds to the appearance and
comfort of that building.
Go to E. Goan for window shades,
hI paintings, wire beds, wool beds,
sofa oeds and feather pillows.
A peddler was arrested on our streets
Tuesday for vending his wares without
a license. He was tried and acquitted.
Judge Miller Is the proud possessor
of a most beautifully-written letter
f ,'om his little eight-year-old daughter
Rich dialogs were struck at Toll
man Ba-prday. In other words, Jim
MulveMU stumbled iif a well seven
feet deep.
A letter From I. Kamue', of the West
Shorr., assures us that the sketch of ou
town will appear aboat the middle of
the mout b.
Messrs. Garland and Barker have
retred from the Hantiam mioea, and
report wonderful preparations for the
apring work.
The !ad?es r.f the Presbyterian church
wi'l give a pie social at the residence
o D. Cou: ney this Friday evening.
All are invited.
C. C. ITrekleman lost his milch cow
last week. .harley. we sympathize
with you, but there is no use "crying
over so't milk.5
Mr. Hamilton, of Sweet Home, tells
ns that fou members of Ad. Nye's
family, including himself, are down
with jf.yphoid fever.
The demand for brick In Lebanon
hzs oiiirun the Bupply this season.
Three car loads of brick were shipped
into town last week.
Austin Kees cut his hand very badly
Monday morniosr with an ax. He says
he lost a pieca of flesh about the size of
a boarding noose eteas.
Mr. Bossier, formerly fireman on the
Lebanon brencb, writes from the East
to Abe Loveall of th's place, that there
Is no country like Oregon. .
Oregon behaves exceedingly well
tb's fall as regards climate, and every
roan in the East who contemplates
moving Is sure to find it out.
We have many, and good reasons
for thinkinar that the building boom in
Lebanon next year will eclipse the
very eredirable record or l&ao.
Buy your watches, clocks and jew
elrv of F. M. French. Albany, and get
chances in the drawing. See list of
the presents to be given away.
There are from six to twelve houses
under const ruction constantly, and it
has been so since last spring, and yet
you cannot find a vacant dwelling.
For sick headache, female -troubles,
neuralgic pains in the head take Dr. J.
H. McLean's Little Liver and Kidney
Pi I lets. 25 cents a vial, at Beard A
Walei 'oo springs t eased to flow last
week. Should the spring continue
dry, ii wou'i be a severe blow to G. B.
Co, who ruusahoiel and store at
Mr. Whited, formerly af Browns
ville, was inquiring for a vacant house
Fridav. We doubt if he found one; I
think your humble servant got what
be was after.
The people of Lebanon are decidedly
fond of public speaking. Large audi
ences were in attendance upon both
churches as well as the literary society
Monday night.
Tha nrkiu.in1 Avclone that swent the
coantry last week Is the subject of
j;. . I 1 MlJat TK
Democrats are jubilant and the Repub
licans are sooer.
A great deal of improvement work
will be done in East Lebanon this win
ter, which points to that portion of our
corporate limits as the handsomest
spot in lieoanon.
We will bein a serial story in the
Ktpre next week. Now is the time
to subscribe and get the first chapter of
this serial, whlcn we promise you win
be good reading.
Are vou in love? If so. marry the
Idol of your affections and then go to
Matthews A Washburn's, at Albany,
buy a stove or range, raise a large ram
ily and be heppy.
D. J. Wheeler received a letter from
Ed O'Neil recently informing him that
bis rattier is sick, mn is greaiiy dis
appointed, as be was expecting bis
fatner in ieoanon soon.
We noticed two new freight cars at
our depot wnicn oeiong u me v. . xw
At the present rate of widening the
i a. s a : 1 1
fcailK" on idm line, lurae vans wm buuu
be needed where tbey belong.
T35ftcr rfts!lai-a was rail: 11 rk mi n. 1 fMT
fight last Friday, but the parties bet
ting could not come to any agreement
respecting the rules which were to gov
ern the fight and no blood was shed.
"Resolved, that the mortage ?x
law should be repealed," will t de
bated by Lebanon Literary Society on
Monday evening, Nov. 24. - AfHi-aia-tive
will be opened by F. M. Miller
pad the negative by M, A. Miller.
machinery for the paper mill arrived
this week. Work la progressing rap
Idly and soon will be heard the pleas
ant sound of its busy machinery at
Dr. H. A. Leinlnger, dentfut, of Al
bany, will be at the Bt. Charles hotel,
Lebanon, Friday and Saturday, Nov.
14 15. Painless extracting and
gold fillings a specialty. All work
A large percentage of the buildings
erected In Lebanon this fall have been
plastered. The latter finish is prefer
able to either paper or celling, and Is,
perhaps, all things considered, the
cheapest finish.
Do you want the earth? If so. call
on Matthews A Washburn, Albany,
Or., and they will take pleasure in
showiug you the largest and roost com
plete line or Hardware, stoves aud
ranges in the valley.
For sale or exchange, the Lebanon
Steam Planer. Machinery almost new
and In good condition. Will sell rea
sonable ror cash or will exchange for
good stock farm. Apply to Walton A
Wiley, Lebanon, Or.
The crayon portraits on exhibition
at the drug stores are works of art.
Alma Morris, the artist, Is at rut genius.
Mr. Morris is a native of this county,
living at Sweet Home, and never re
ceived but one lesson in drawing.
Our better half called rather unex
pectedly last week and caught us at
some of our clandestine' schemes. Of
course we promised better behavior,
but nn amount of coaxing and promis
ing can prevent her moving to Leba
non. Old people suffer much from disor
ders of the urinary organs, and are al
ways gratified at the wonderful effects
of Dr. J. H. McLean's Liver and Kid
ney Balm in banishing their troubles.
1 1.00 per bottle. For sale by Beard
Chicken Bristle was enlivened by a
runaway last week In which the oldest
inhabitant Inst her fronts tooth, the
roost was depopulated and a fine buirgy
was transformed into a bicycle that
moved gracefully off without a rider
only to be lost in a cloud of "Brick
We are told that there are as many
buildings in contemplation right now
as have been built the past season.
About the first of January we will
surprise the people by furnishing in
tabulated form the amount of money
expended In buildings in Lebanon for
the year 1800.
Our streets do not since the lumber
season is about over and the rock haul
ing has ceased present the life and
bustle of a month ago, but the men
engaged in these occupations find em
ployment at something else, bo that
there Is merely a change and not a ces
sation of business.
All members of the Elite Literary
Society of Santiam Academy are re
quested to meet at the Academy chapel
on Friday evening, November 21, at 7
o'clock, for the purpose of reorganizing
the society for the winter. Let all
members come out and take an inter
est in this work.
We by the Herald that Albany
gets her wood supply from the San
tiam, t.ver the O. P. 11- R. Lebanon
can furnish that city with wood at a
cheaper rate than that paid at present,
and by the time this stock of fuel is
exhausted we can furnisk either coal
or natural gas if you prefer the latter.
Imperfect digestion and assimilation
produce disordered conditions of the
spstem which grow and are confirmed
by neglect. Dr. J. H. McLean's
Strengthening Coi dial and Blood Puri
fier, by Its tonic properties, cures indi
gestion and gives tone to the stomach.
$1.00 per bottle. For sale by Beard 4c
The Illustration of Lebanon which
will appear In the West iSAoredemam's
your notice. The short article descrip
tive of the town which accompanies
the picture Is so brief and hastily writ
ten that it affords a very imperfect idea
of Lebanon and but a tltbe f oar re
sources. See that your Eastern friends
get a copy, imperfect as it is.
Rev. O. B. Whitmore gave us a pleas
ant call last week. Rev. Whitmore is
a hisrh official in the A. O. U. W. and
came to Lebanon In the Interests of
that order. As a result of his visit,
this worthy order haa received new
life aud vigor. Fiileen new applicants
have been examined by Dr. Both, the
physician of the order, and will be In
itiated on Thursday, when Rev. Whit
more returns.
Our streets are well kept, but our
alleys! Tell In not la Gath, publish it
not in Askelon, are hot-beds of malaria
and the breeders of diseases wh'ch
make it unsafe for wagons to stop over
night in them lest the timbers be
shrunken with fever and the tirc3
shaken off with chills. Let there be a
general cleaning up and the people
will feel better and the doctor will
make fewer calls.
The people of Lebanon now have a
good tvpportunity to attend religious
set vices. The revival at the M. E.
church is progressing finely under the
preaching of Revs. Boyd and Aldridge.
The Cumberland Presbyterian church
have also commenced an interesting
series of meetings. The town is large
enough to furnish good congregations
for both churches, as is shown by the
large attendance upon both meetings.
We know a successful teacher in our
common schools who has introduced
the Lebanon Expkess into the school
room, and is well pleased with the re
sult. That's right; If the parents will
not take a paper, see that their chil
dren are informed in the every-day
history of our country, and In this way
the head of the household may gain
enough knowledge by absorption, if in
no other way. to know when Sunday
comes and also the name of the last
President cf the United States.
Monta3ue mut be tpring for a
boom, feeding by the way be is block
ing un il aiwmmoih e.d One-P-ice
Cash ito? e. Byv-"chs.s!Og bis goods
In such l.,f;e t uai?tivies be n. turally
gets rjorc'a .'ovrer ces. He guaran
tees gocvi jtoods o ail i e oenanments
of Lis e-ecslve aVKhments at
prices that a-rTolu!ely emconish other
mercnancs in tue vt'ey. some or tnem
going o far as to scy'liirt Montague
retails t ' oh-s ea low r they buy
them si wlio'ejle. The co. eful buyer
Invanao y goes to Montague's.
We could nut our finger on a man in
Lebanon who last spring planted about
three acres of potatoes, cultivated them
with his own hands, in the Interim of
growth and harvesting plted nts trade
as a mechanic at good wages, and the
harvest shows a net profit of $8 50 for
every day's work on his crop. And yet
there are a few men who will spend
whole days in the unprofitable work of
ornamenting a goods box witu a jacR
knife, and then when Poverty comes
as an armed man their only defense is
that Oregon as an agricultural Stats is
a failure. In settling the merits of the
country, which of these two men will
you beneve7
Ten fine and useful presents to be
given away $55 worth at . M.
French's jewelry store, Albany. Com
mencing Nov. 1, I will present every
one a ticket for each dollar's worth of
goods purchased, entitling the holder
to a chance to draw one of the follow
ing beautiful presents: 1st, large din
ner castor, worth $10; 2d, fancy fruit
dish, f9; 3d, silver cake basket, $8; 4th,
silver cake stand, f7; 5tb, set silver
knives and forks, $6; 6th, double picket
castor, $5; 7th, silver butter dish, $4;
6th, single picket castor $3; Oth, Seth
Thomas clock, $2; 10th, silver cup, $1.
Drawing to take place New Year's day.
The corner jewelry store,
The One-Price Cash Store has be
come one of the features of Lebanon.
As everything Is rew and fresh, and the
firlces are so much be'ow that charged
n cwl't-glvlng establishments, peo
p'e who d-lre to buy their goods
for cIi nstR rally go to the corner,
wlie'e thy t'o pot have to make up lo
the iorepcpe- for the non-paying cus
tomers wbo, when I ney can do so, buy
on Ciit'' and wbo are constitutionally
opposed lo pyiii-r for r;ythlng. Get
onees at I lie ure-ni'-e i-usn eiore ana
It there is any lesson In you that is the
place where you will purchase your
The Albany Herald recently said
that three car loads of brick had leen
shipped to Lebanon for the foundation
of the paper mill which is to be built
next sprlnar. The inference to be
drawn from this Is that the paper mill
is an tnaiguirhrant building and will be
built next year. The fact Is the frame
is up and rests on a foundation perhaps
equal to anything in the State.
Brother, you certainly have not been
away from home for some time, and
about the improvements being made
in neighboring towns you don't seem
to kuow just a little.
.The literary society, had a crowded
bouse last Monday night, and the
audience seemed well pleased with the
exercises. The musical program was
greatly enjoyed, and much interest
was shown iu the speeches of the de
baters, who ably discussed the relative
merits of the pulpit and the bar for
inspiring eloquence. The question to
be debated at the next meeting is,
"Resolved, that knowledge exerts a
greater influence than wealth"
Speakers, on the afllrmatlve, Bernard
Marks, M. A. Miller and a M. Gar
land; on the nejrative. Rev. Mcllroy,
F. M. Miller aud S. Wallace.
W. R. Bilyeu was In town Friday.
Steve Bach went to Salem Saturday.
Jos. Wassom returned from Beat tie
Tuesday.. , r
John Donacals spending a few weeks
in Seattle.
Miss NeHle Amos la clerking in T.
C. Peebler's store.
Isaac Banta and son Guy left Friday
morning for Cn'lfornia.
M. T. Llndsey of Bploer was In this
office Inquirlug for news lately.
Charley Wilson returned the first of
the week from a trip over the moun
tains. W. J. Guy and family left last week
intending to spend two weeks on the
Mrs. Btratton of Albany was visiting
her sister, Mrs. Cowan, last week, in
Mra TTmrlov. of Ppnnsvlvanla. a
sister of Mrs. Doud, la visiting at the
St. Charles.
C. J. Stuart, soliciting agent for the
O. P. R. R was iu town this week in
the interest of his road.
Bob Montague was kicked by a horse
recently, which Interfered with his
locomotion to some extent.
James Burlenshaw arrived home
ye3'rd ay from Southern Oregon, w here
he has been for several months paat.
A. J. Gross, from Washington, was
registe -ed at the St.Charlrs Thursday.
M Gross formerly hved near Brow us
01e. Miss Emma Bringham, who has
been vis'tingthe family of W. H. Reed,
returned to her bomeiu Pendleton last
Dr. Negus was threatened with ty
phoid fever lately, hut precautionary
remedies have warded ofl the attack
thus far.
Ed Carr was caught at a disadvan
tage Saturday while handling lumber
and hurt bis spine, disabling him for
a few days.
Mr. Barnes, wbo recently came from
Pennsylvania, and who hss been work
ing In'the Eureka meat market, went
to Portland last week.
Prof. J. W. Wl'son called Saturday
last. Mr. Wison savs his school has
more than doubled in numbers since
the term began, which Bpeaks well for
the teacher.
Miss Hela Gilbert, of Albany, has
been secured to teach music at the
A class in book-keeplnac will p relia
bly be started next Monday.
From i resent Indications the Elite
Literary Society will soon resume
work, much to the satisfaction of the
Mrs. Skipworth visited the school
for a short time Monday. We would
be pleased to have more of the patrons
and friends to call around and see us.
Several new names were added to
the scholars' roll this week, among
whom are Bernard Marks, Frank
Marks, Melvin Williams, the Messrs.
Ross and several others.
Prof. Torbet spares no pains to make
the school a success and a pride to our
town. Our list is rapidly increasing,
and we hope soon to have a member
ship which an Institution like this,
with its excellent corps of teachers
and ether advantages, such as the lit
erary society, the library and cheap
tuition, justly merits.
Fearfal AeeMeat.
The overland traSsfrom Portlaud to
San Francisco went through a bridge
between Salem and Brooks Wednesday
night, causing a frightful wreck, with
many killed. The long train, with
sleepers, day coaches, mall and ex pre s
cars, engine and all, piled itself up in
an indiscsiminate mass. The killed
are John McFadden, engineer, "Fin"
Neal, fireman, and two unknown men.
The deaths will probably reach twelve.
But ten escaped uninjured. The doc
tors from Salem and other points hur
ried to tue scene.
I have this day sold my general mer
chandise business to B. F. Bod well.
who will continue the same at the old
stand. All accounts against me should
be presented at once for adjustment.
All bills due me must be paid at once,
otherwise they will be left with an at
torney for collection. Thanking the
public for their liberal patronage, and
bespeaking a continuance of same to
my successor, l remain,
Very resp'lly, John G. Fe3D.
Lebanon, Nov. 6, 1890.
A Poiatr.
I have coucluded to discontinue the
general merchandise business in Leb
anon, and offer my entire stock at
prices that will surprise vou. Cloth
ing, gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps,
boots and shoes, everything goes.
Come in and see aud be convinced
Now Is a good time to lay in a good
supply. And Christmas goods will be
sold from now ou at prices to suit any
one. Remember the place, Red Front
store. a. a. iiodwell.
The Eat Ldy
That always looks so pleasant, says go
to Matthews & wash burn, Albany, ur.,
to buy stoves and ranges, because they
only keep the best and always do as
they agree to.
Three Families Arrested oa the Streets
Of Alhunv.hv the roamitficent diimlav
of hardware, stoves and ranges at Mat
thews & Washburn's, who carry tne
largest assortment in tne vaiiey.
LEBANON, NOV. 4, 1800.
Ecrros I.mahon Exrum: -
Once more I have had the pleasure of
mingling with your citizens and re
ceiving that heartfelt hospitality that
fairly rivets the bonds of friendship.
Many of the old- time ft tends, with the
same genial smile, the hearty hand
clasp, the warm words of welcome,
greet one on evry hand. Some I used
to know are gone, some here, some
there, across our broad domain, and
some are In the silent city of the dead
forevermore at rest.
Time, ever ceaseless In Its flight,
leaves changes with us all. The happy
schoo!-gtrl of a few short years ago Is
happy wife and mother now, and
many like myself, who once were
young like they, have ceased to pluck
the silvery hair from beard and trow,
and have settled down resignedly to
the undeniable faet that we are grow
ing old. The prattling boy or girl wbo
climbs upon our knee and whlxpcrs
"Urnn'm' In ntir Mtpa -t fl rmu tha
fact aud brings to mind the Bible
truth: "The thiug that hath been, It is
that which shall be: and that which is
done is that which shall be done? and
there Is no new thing under the auu."
The growth of Lebanon Is phenom
enal, and one cannot be Indifferent to
the radical changes of the past few
months. The comfortable cottages
that are being constructed, the new
sidewalks and crosswi.lks, the beautiful
new school bouse, the extensive and
expensive paper mill now under course
or construction, the different additions
that are being platted and added to
your beautiful city, speak eloquently
tor tne energy aud roresigUt of Jier cit
izens. ' And Jet there are 'some thing
that should be remedied without delay.
Constant contact with danger lessens
our vigilant"; and leads to actual indif-;
foresee and neglect. As the city grows.
and spreads In all directions It Is only
a matter of justice to the citizen and
tax-payer that adequate protection
should lie afforded in case of a confla
gration. The wealth of a city is the
nucleus around which gather the hab
itations and Inhabitants, and as it is
life, so It should and does receive the
best protection. But while this Is
light, the citizens should als be re
membered on the outskirts and beyond
present avauaoie r acuities. A cistern
here and there and ample hose of good
quality would Inspire many hearts
witn tue fact tbat they were being
cared for.
Another matter tbat the Express
has paid so much time and attention
to, remains unchanged, m shi m; and
disgrace to any place your cemetery.
We love the memory of our dead, for
this is all that now remains of what
was real. But when one looks uuon
the weeds, the prostrate monuments,
the unkept graves, the rotten en
closures, the thought wilt come on
summoned to the mind, gone and
forgotten. Here and there we find the
evidence of true aud loyal loye, in
Kiuaiy acts ana sweet mementoes.
Two ch'Mreo ljrlry tl.V by side
Wi.ii'n kj b ll HHlih,
Rem-nd im of ibei.- r - Ail lives I
Am' s one haw lutine.
Tbo (towers blomnij; on the grave
Kept Mih ftorh te'ider care,
Brmlnti ns of a Uniitu beait
Thju fl'vl (arret memvtte there.
Tj memo- It? wlrWl an Influence "
That reach the Inner l!
And make us belie.- day b day,
No nuutcr what the si rile.
The caring for the resting phveof
the dear departed Is usually spasmodic.
"-Tte iroe. 'rta rlty. m
Ami pity 'tla, uue.
For were we brought Into closer and
that brings to ni'.nd associations and
friendships of the past, our hearls
would be more tender, our sym pat hits
nice easily esc; ted, our homes tt
hanpie-. our influence for good more
es Minded. .
'Tib not for me to dictate nor suggest
how to make the radical change that
shcald be commenced In this direction,
but as I stood within the gate to-day
and noticed everywhere the signs of
neglect and decay, I thought how
pleasing It would ve -were each mad
rounded up and gravelled, the walks
he same, the weeds and fern gtubbed
out, the stones all nicely cleaned, and
ail appearances of decay removed.
let Jowm bloom on eve; v hand,
Wbr e no-:ioes weetSs now la'ot the air,
Perf.'n'al. wih neii-) per.uiue,
D .fins; .aiaiiee eretrwheie:
ImiiHuelieH, .kmi!i atavh erave,
Xmvey we. messages of love . .
To those, more .iinae than we.
In mauKiong prepared, up above.
C A. M.
Read, te the Mlaes.
Considerable interest is centred just
now in a trail from the wagon road
above Sweet Home to the Quartzville
mines on the Santiam. There was at
one time a trail over this route, but
having been travelled but little of late
years, fallen timber and a rank under
growth have blocked the way to some
extent. The citizeus of Sweet Home
and vicinity show a willingness to co
operate with Interested parties at this
and other points aleng the route and
re-open the way. The mines are dis
tant from Lebanon about fifty miles,
one-half of which distance is already
traversed by a good wagon rond. This
seems to be the most practicable route
to the mines, and a good road up the
South Santiam would shorten the dis
tance and tend to divert the travel
from the northern route and would
benefit the farmer, the miner and the
merchant. We hope our people will
consider it to their interest to second
any endeavor to shorten transportation
and benefit all classes alike.
"Is this the best?" Is a question often
asked, when medie'ee is wanted. The
following-are a few of the medicines of
known reliability, sold by M. A. Miller,
drugg'st of this place. He has many;
other excellent meccires, but", these
aie worthy of espec'al men to.-;
Chamberin u Cooch "Remedy,
famous for Its cures or sever clds, and
as a preventive of croupyr Price 50
ce.its per bottle. 'v , "
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, a gen
eral family liniment and , especially
valuable for rheumatism.' Price 60
cents per bottle.
Chamberain's Colic, Cholera
and Dtark :kka Remedy, the most re
liable know in medicine for bowel com
plaints. It is especially prized by per
sons subject to colic It has cured
many cases of chrenic diarrhoea. Price
zo and 00 cents per bottle.
St. Patrick's Pills, for disorders
of the liver and bowels. A vigorous
but gentle pnyelo that cleanses aud
renovates the whole system. Price 25
cents per box.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
Ointment. For tetter, ealt-rheum.
scald-head, eczema aud chronic sore
eyes. Price 2a cents per box.
How's This? 1
. We offer One Hundred Dollars re
ward for any case of catarrh that can
not be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh
Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Props., Toledo, O. .
We. the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, aud be
lieve htm perfectly honorable in alt
business- transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by tueir nrin. . west & xruax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per
bottle, riold by ail druggists.
.A few hours' ride on the O. P. R. R.
trp the North Fork of , the Santiam
brought us to GukBvilletle nearest
accessible point to the wines." After a
good night's rest and a hearty break
fast with Landlord Gutes, the question
to be decided was whether we would
walk the long trail of twenty miles up
and down the steep mountain, or trunt
our corporeal treasure to the sierra-Ilka
back of one of the : descendants of Ba
laam's loquacious companion. A hasty
inspection of this forbidding-looking
beast caused us to decide to tramp it.
Like the boy that hud had his fill of
plum pudding, we thought we would
never more be hungry. So on we
started without providing for the pos
s'ble needs of the Inner man. Miles
of steep hills were niunfully overcome
when finally the aforesaid Inner man
became the most important and self
asserting part of two lone tramps. But
a few raw potatoes, found at a deserted
camp, and some frost-bitten huckle
berries, gathered along the roadside,
were all that we had to satisfy the
pangs of hunger. Finally, when we
tiegau to think that our stomachs ex
tended from the crown of our bends to
the 'soles of our feet, we reached the
friendly shelter of a mining camp.
Where wholesome food and sweet sleep
restored us to our original vigor.
Quartzville is an old mining camp
where broken bits of mining 'ma
chinery mournfully suggested its for
mer activity. Further up the gulch,
the Albany company has erected a new
mill, built a stout tramway up the
mountain aide, run long. tunnels and
sunken deepshafts. An abundance of
rich rock has been brought to the sur
face, froui some of which has been
milled a brick of gold of the value of
$180. Much anxiety preceded the first
day's crushing, and great, satisfaction
, tbfi'r encouraging yield, i The
miners are-jubilant, and they have
good cause for their jubilee, for the
result of tbelr lniatory labors proves
tbat great wealth awaits them.. Theii
mining ' stock baa been withdrawn
from the market, and they intend to
hold lo the last share, so confident are
they of the wealth of the mines. This
company owns but a small part of the
mines In this district. Other compa
nies and individual miners have even
richer ledges, which will soon be de
veloped. Next spring the district will
be full of miners aud mining machin
ery, and the old activity of Quartzvil'e
will be revived. It is not Improbable
that In the spring a railroad will go up
the Santiam divide to thene mines,
and Lebanon should secure Its western
terminus. These mines have been rid
iculed for many years, but recent re
sults prove beyond doubt the wealth
of gold that will soou be taken from
these rugged hillsides. O. B.
A t J .e Cj ."er PlSea.
? o" I e r e kvown by rroVore
l':e ne -s " .. "o j ft ps' 13 i, 1 tense i.c'.i
I j 3 flie.i xtr ns. '$'' "o.m. rn well
rt '1 "', j'-3i t.'.i piot'ci in-;,
vied at.ote o Dr. Bosa-'ko's Piie
Retret'v, wl'le'i aci" directly 0,1 the
parts "ueett' aiwvos tumors,, rl'sys
lt?hlnT sue! eoVcte a permanent euoe.
30c i;-UTii-is or mail; treatise f-ee.
Dr."Bosanko, 329 Arch street, Philadel
phia, Pa. Sold by M.A. Miller.
7 w
"Am nm?7
'ures UATahBH
Rbeamatira, enra!gia, Corns
Ths OslihrilW PmIMt aai frtW
toU ty all DrergMt. Eack 95o, 50b k tl
. Oraaslnajar Co , Prep's. Lea Angeles, Cal,
Agents for Lebanon, Or.
; ,
WIU devote hla time this Winter to tliat beautl
ftil and fascinating ait.
Phrttires enlarired "and framed in nealest and
handsomest syle. Be wlU spare no twins in
doing his work, that it may compare favorably
wflh highest aceonylltimint In the fields of art.
Call and examine -Mmples of his work at
XtilieYs and Beard 4 Holt's Arug store, Lebanon,
where all orders w ill receive rromp. stlcntlon.
EnMa Meat Market,
L; M. WHEELER, Pro'p.
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sau-
il. .?:! eagra:
LA hare of;! the puV-q pairooage sc-.
.;. - iiciicd. - . : .
1 11 wm
1 -m 1 -i 1
Manon Plping;;;Mill
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved.
I manufacture and deal in Doors, Blinds, all styles of Windew
Frames, Door Frames, Mouldings, Brackets, Etc., in fact anything man
ufactured and kept on liandih a first-class planer
- In connection with tHe-above, I also have on hand a -well-assorted
lumber yard in whicli is to be found rough and dreesed Lumber, Rustic
Bevel, Weather Boarding, Flooring, and all kinds of Finishing Lumber
for Cornices . Etc. ' ,
November 10, 18!X).
Roads are very muddy In this valley.
Illg dunce at Sheppard's Tuesday
Three inches "of snow fell at Dald
Peter I ant week.
John Wirt sold his White Cloud, so
he lms to walk now.
There Is not a muii on the creek but
that Is busy at work.
There Is not much news up h-rc.
We are always glad to receive the Ex-
Jennings A Co. have shut down their
mill, but Lebanon can get all the lum
ber nhe wants from Daddy Fry, who
will start sawing soon. . -
Jjog-rolllng at Andy Jennings Satur
day. Everybody is Invited to come.
Uncta Charley Williams will have a
log-rolling Thursday week; ne says
he will have a barrel of good cider.
Uome every body. - ,
J. B. Wirt came very hear commit
ting suicide. A big buck jumped Into
the mill pond and J. B. got his revol
ver and commenced firing at It. - In
1 1, A avtltumulif 1 1 n i Mul tiw. I i s? an1
. V 1 1 111. II, lib t v .jw.v-n Ml...
Inst misled his fingers, and the powder
lurued his hand. J. B. says be can't
account for the accident. -
Log-rolling Is alt the'go. Mr. John
son had a log-rolling the other day,
alrto Bittbop A Story. Mr. Sheppard
rolled lops last Saturday. There were
thirty men to help him, and they piled
about five acres of logs. This is the
wiiy to clear this land. : Hamilton
Ccek has some good, "skookum"
young men. But, boys, a lit He too
much cider. One of the Boys.
Knowing that acouph can bechecked
in a day, and the first stages of con
sumption broken In a week, we hereby
cuararHee Dr. Acker's English Cough
Itemed .v, and will refund the money
to all who buy, take It as per direc
tions, and do -not find ur statement
direct.-;; .. -.Mv jy. Miller.
JL Oiitt Liver HeSJcIa.
Dr; Gunn's Improved Liver Pills are
a sure Cure for sick headache, bilious
complaints; dyspepsia, Indigestion, cos-tlv-n
ess, torpid liver, etc These pills
insure perfect digestion, eorreit the
liver and atoinaeh, regulate the bowels,
purify and enrich the blood and make
the ttkiu clear. They also-produce a
good appetite, and Invigorate and
strengthen-the entire system by their
tonic action. Bold at 2o cents a Lot by
M. A. Miller.
18 THE
Clothing Store!
The grandest display of
Clothing for both young '81111
old ever seen in the Willam
ette Valley. . : ; ; ;
Our stock embraces the
very best of goods, the latest
patterns and the newest styles;
Our Boot and Shoe Depart
ment is replete with the very
best brands of Eastern man
ufacture. AVe are anxious to make
the acquaintance of every
man, woman and child within
a radius of forty miles, and
we take this method oT intro-
dacinsjovrseives to the public.
Fall into Voe w.'Mi'lbe masses
of peor'e who every day visit
our sio'-e and be convinced
that we nrean eve 'v word we
W. H BOOTH, M. D.,
Office In Guv's New Bulldinar.
Residence at Mrs. Ambler's.
O.Tloe wlih -"Lebanon Express."
Dissolution Nollce.
ro-rrtnerKhlp heretofore existing between
J. K. Mun'ey and Jopl Mayer, under the Arm
rime of Muhsey & Maver, Is thU day dissolved
hy mutual consent. All debts due Mid firm must
be paid at once. k : - J. E. MVNSEY,
. Lebanon, Or., Oct. 16, 1S90. .
" but cures -
Were we to advertise-that
quarter to every customer, our
the people that would crowd
But That's What We Do.
We might just as well charge the same prices as others
merchants charge and then present each customer 10 per
cent, of each sale, for our prices run at least that much
lower; so while we don't take their money first and then
give it back, we save it for them, and it's
Just as Good
, Please rt member this when
a quarter.. Ilackleman 'b is
quarters..'--- --
Don t forget those All-Wool
Wwlen MilljOo. .of Salem, .Oregon, the' beft value in Cloth
ing in the market. Come let us build upvhoine industries.
".t ' ; c.
- ,
is lbs Extra.c Sugar .
13 lbs Granulated Sugar..,.;.... '..I.:...,
4 lbs Best Rio Coffee . ;
14 lbs Rice.......;..............: .
20 lbs Beans
4 lbs Soda.:...........
10 lbs Lard
We have the largest as well
Crockery and Glassware,
. Furnishiug Goods, Gents; Neckwear,
' -,We pay cash for all kinds of Produce.
We invite coxiparison. T. C. PEEBLER.-
Cigars, Tobacco, FnnrisMng Goods, Etc.
Fir stClass Goods
Country Produce
Give Me a Trial and Be Convinced.
ft '.si i;P r.-i.jff ..- - " ." Tt"-"' -.-kv i-'--'
Shingles, Posts,!B6arclsnd Pickets.
Iatin, Greek, Mathematics, Sciences
and History Taught. .
TERMS 50 to 75 cents per week.
Only Rrst-Class Hotel -
.we would present a -silver
store would be unable to hold
to our store.
as a Present.
you feel that vou want to find
the quarter in . which to find
- - ;. .-:;ri ' . "v .
Suits from the Thos. Kav
c. . h AckilEMAN,
Next Door to Bank.
J i? i
.11 00
:,-1 00
.... 1 00
.... 1 00
... 1 00
. .. . 25
.... 1 20
as the best select stock of
Taken in Exchange
for Goods. '
D. TORBET,' A. M,, ;
1 Principal, Lt?anon, Or.
f o