The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 19, 1890, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
FMDAY... .fr-KPTKMBER 11), lS'.H).
drain nil store-!.
Hay tuow ed away, '
'luikctl woodsheds.
O. Wallace la buihlitiga rvsUleiu't.
T1h Exi'RKSs four months for 50 o.k.
John went to Albany vWdtnsi-
Lumber $8 and ft) per M at Wneltr'H
fM'w mill, '
A.W. Marks has been Imllspnaed for
several days.
Hon. K. It. Sfclpworth came in on
"Wednesday's train.
The county bridge at tills place Is
viitlorgolug n-palra.
We noticed P. C. Miller riding the
p! Silkier ltla week.
Julius Hyde and wife visited Linn's
net wpinlla this week.
Ja. Matchett has a thought of buy
ing a house in town.
Boon Fort la holding down It la pre
enipMou on the Santhun.
. A iiflrtre In town; Benjamin
Jroa. art the proprietors. 1
II. Y. Klrkpatriek was taken sud
lt ulv ill Wednestlay night.
There are four hMea under con
st ruction on Biidire Avenue.
T. V. lVebler intends to make his
homo In Eugene, no we are told. ,
. Miller called an extra session
of the eonueil Wednesday evening.
C C Haeklentan and 8. M. Garland
went To Albany Thursday morning.
Cabinet photos for 12.50. p,r dog. for
one week only at the Wlleox gallery.
II. Y. Klrkpatrlek sold to J. tl. Rtd
two lot-sin Iliatt'a addition last Hatur
iay. A. G. Fropst had hia hand badly cut
on Friday last while feeding the steam
Dr. A. Q. PtU!. a practicing physician
of Jsew- York, has located In Sweet
W. D. Washbnm, of Bruwnsville,
contemplates building on hla Lebanon
Surveyor Warner is plattinsr Kirk
pa'rick'a third and fourth additions
lids week.
The Albany papers report the di:-
overj of natural gas within t ur niilen
of i hat city.
The little daughter of Ben Donaea is
quite sick, but at last accounts waa re
ported .vetti-r.
Whit Crawford waa in town this
r:t, but he said nothing about that
military ball.
We would like to have some money
on Bubeription, but we would die befoiv
vo would ask for it.
Charley Walton is carrying hte hand
in s p'inir; he lias h ten-dollar boil ou
his disabled meuiber.
Did plumes, tips and feathers dyed
and re-curle4 by Mrs. Nellie B. Smith,
milliner and dressmaker.
Mr. J. B. Alexander, of Kugem,
v.- s visiting iter son. Vieo. it. Alexamtei
of the Expkess, this week.
waiKer s fcastman, or Albany, arc
lathing the school building, and will
ifieir worn this wetK.
l ive teams ntun I'astern Dreg w
w;tra(1 thnrngli twn Tuesday.- Their
'de.vtiualion we did not learn.
Mrs. W. J. Guy has been in a very
critical condition for several days. ShV
is .Miii'ering from heart aflection.
lr. BarKer and Mr. Hale were the
first men to take horses m-er the Cala-
iM ia trail to Treasure Mountain.
Furniture, upholstered goods and
itardwreat Barbour Bros, in Lebanon
Churchill & Montcith's old stand.
Itcmember Crttson & Menzies' hard
ware business will be run on a strictly
e::u oasis on ana aner uet. 1st, jsso,
L''''n;;n i s-t"ll extending ht r limits
i ! '. iJ ning her borders. IJ. lturtcii-
s-skw is the last man to plat an addi
M r. Oaltt rw. who reeeiitl v pun-ham.
a intcivst in the liwry mid fivd Mablc,
wi 1 1 move into ine uoutse vacated ly
i-nii. ."Miiiiii.
A. V. Moses has built considerable
shelving iu the variety store this week.
a:i of eoursa lie makes a better display
oi itss goods.
W Hcox fe Corwi will open their
jrr.lWy in Lebanon Sept. 27th, continu
tog one week, at reduced prices. See
anotner ooiuain.
On Mouday a chamje was made in
the time of the Lebanon afternoon
train; it now arrives at 3:10 instead of
2 :P0 as heretofore.
All those interested in the organiza-
too ot a literary soeletv. are reauestecl
to bo prcseiit at the Academy, this Fri-
a evening, at 7o.
The reduction will positively last but
okc eeK at tne V Heox & Conn
tra! Vry, iTehiing Sept. 27th and end
jug Oct. oL inclusive.
The Academy opened Hon-!
day with a good attendance. We pre-
diet that this old institution will be'
weii patronized this winter.
The people along North Main street
are praying for more light. The town
council have heard their cries aad will
doubtless grant tneir petition.
To one who has seen a Mongolian
phcasaTst run, wings certainly seem
superfluous members, designed foi or
nament rather than usefulness.
Our customers all speak highly in
pv;iie of ir-t Patrick's Pills. They are
the best. Berry Bros., Carroll, Xc
hracka. For sale by M. A. Miller.
One of the turbine wheels slipped
from the wagon on which it was
loaded, at the paper mill, and it re
quired a good deal of work to put it in
We learn that trie iron ore near
Oowego is not so extenrive as tt was
thought t be, and the consequent is
that now deposits will le sought in the
A photegTafdier earned Briggs is
thinking of stopping temporarily in
Lebanon, and should the outlook
justify he may conclude to locate per
inanently. Tnore is tio disputing the fact that a
few more lights are needed on Main
street aail we believe that they will be
Mrs. MaltlaiuL late of Montana, was
viewing Lebanon this week. She was
vcrv favorably impressed with thei
town and will probably invest in Leb
anon real ; state.
John S. Baker, contractor, builder
and designer. Drawings and specifi
cations noatly and promptly executed.
IyCt.auon, Oregon. Give me a call be
fore letting contract.
Phil. W. Nichols, formerly foreman
of the Express, spent Sunday in Leb
anon. Phil has a host of friends in this
part of the country who would be glad
to see him oftener.
Dr. Barker and Mr. Hale started to
the Cahipooia mines last w-.-ek. These
iaiitleaier nave never seen this portion
cral telt md their curiosity
i K-tAkened.
DrVH Thompson 1 tl'.esame Kcnermis,
wlinh'-soiiled ttinn that he was ten days
a, when we left town; we had hot
iteivd our otrloa on rv turning before
he treated us to melon.
Br. Barker and Mr. Hale returned
from the Culapoola mints this week;
they took claims white In the district
and appear to Ik? well pleased with the
outlook for these mini's.
Joe. Carey, J. Abbott, F. Gilt, C.
Butcher and II. Myers.of8elo, rctttrnetl
from Fish Lake Tuesday, after having
caught 501) pounds of llsh. We ac
knowledge n pleasant call.
one saloon was closni weuneaitay
night, the' license having expired.
Application was made for a -renewal
of license, but the council would not
S'-cept the proprietor's bondsmen.
All pnrtiis knovvhtsr themselves in-
debted to Cruson & Men ties are re
quested to call ami settle their accounts
iy the first of October, as we intend to
s-oll for cash, only, after that date.
W. K. Temple's steam baler presses
hay faster than a regiment of horses
an eat it. Oo out to Cheadle's farm
for proof; but leave your poor horses
behind you might discourage the ma
chine. We hear it confidentially remarked
that there Is now a scheme on foot
not an Utopian scheme but one that
Is feasible and Is certain to mature, the
equitl of any enterprise hitherto pro-
ecteil in thva town.
Tn conversation with one of our'
business men a few days, since relative
to the loss to Lebanon of the Santlam
Mineral Paint Factory, he very
gneroiasly remarked, "O, well, we do
not want the earth."
We made an Inspection this week of
J. O. Heed's new uwellitig on Bridge
Avenue. The house Is commodious in
all its apartments and It Is evident that
comfort and convenience have dictated
the plans throughout.
If reports be true, we need the ser
vice a of "Pied, Ihe Piper," in some
parts of town. A sturdy old rodent
went so tar as to cnaiienge a lany to
battle. Of course the courageous female
accepted the challenge.
Jaa. Matchett, of Bantlam, Is how
occupying a portion of Jake Bilyeu's
house, tne way families crowa into
every available point of space reminds
us of the "doubling up" process ou the
overland emigrant train.
Phil. Smith has removed his family
to-Judge Miller's housa near the Meth
odist church. Whether the late con
ference at Grants Pass ordered the
change we know not, but Phil, says his
presence was wan tea tnere.
At the trial of S. II. Walpole at Al
bany last Saturday, he was found
guilty of vagrancy and was iiued $2."
and coats. In default of which he was
sent to jail for thirty days. He threat
ens vengeance on his release.
L. L.Burtenshaw, Eso.., went down
to Lebanon, Linn county, this week,
to visit with his forty brothers, cousins
uncles and aunts ana other relatives.
h?says, f'Vt few days his first visit
home lu twelve years, Ashland Tld-
Willis Young, of Oakland, Or., died
it Sodsvule last Sunday evening. Mr.
Young and wife had been at the
springs one week, wnere tney nad
come for the benefit of his health. The
emains were taken to Oakland for
Mr. Geo. Finlev. the nonular vntine
merchant of Crawfonlsville, anil Miss
Ina liiee, daughter of Hon. J. N. Kioe,
-vert mai rietl at the residence of the
rid.'s father in Crawfonlsville, Wed
icsdjiy, Sept. 10th, Itev. C. A
Mcllroy 1
That sour-tempered, cross, dyspeptic
individual, should take Dr. J. H. Mc
Lean's Sarsaparilla. It -will make
im feel as well and hearty as the
'icalthiest of us. lie needs bracing up,
.-italizinsr. that is all. For sale by
Beard A Holt.
Frequently cweitlont ciocur in the
household which cause burns, cuts,
sprains and bruises; for i se in audi
ases Dr. J. H. McLean's Volcanic Oil
Liniment has for manv years been the
constant favorite remedy. For sale by
Beard & Holt.
Several property-owners in Lebanon,
who reside in other localities, have sig
nified their willingness to build in our
town provided they have the assurance
f rviiling the property. Why, sirs,
our houses will lie rented lefore the
foundations are laid.
Mr. Garland, a young attorney of
Lebanon, was called to read the law to
tome parties in dispute near Craw
fordsvllle. When the matter in ques
tion is legally adjusted, Mr. Garland
will probably conclude to extend his
visit to the Oalapooia mines.
News conies from County Recorder
Davis, that Peterson & Wallace, real
estate agents at this place, recently tel
egraphed to Albany for 510 blan k deeds.
Mr. Davis jestingly added one cipher,
and hence the rush for Lebanon can be
accounted for on satisfactory grounds.
i ne taaiesot tne r trst t
church will give a Blue Point sociable
at the Band Hall on Friday night.
Sept. 26th. Mufcical and literary en
tertainment to begin at 8 o'clock.
Lunch and eociabie to follow. Admis
sion, 25 cents. Come and enjoy your
selves. S. Percifull, of Brownsville, owns
several lots in Kirkpatriek's second
addition to Lebanon. He tells us that
he will build on his property provided
there is any assurance of renting the
dwelling. Samuel, a renter will be on
the ground before the building is com
pleted. S. M. Garland returned from Sweet
Home Wednesday. He disposed of the
suit and remained several days making
the acquaintance of many of the good
people of .Sweet Home and Crawfonls
ville. A little practice is all that is
necessary to give our j'oung friend
prominence at the bar.
It has long puzzled some business
heads to know why Mr. 's store
is so liberally patronized, especially by
the feminine gender. But now the
secret is uncovered; the courteous clerk
dumps the purchases into Gordon's
delivery wagon and carries the fair
purchaser home on his arm.
Julius Schmidt, who eloped with
Mary Schlosser, is well connected in
Jacksonville, and his wife is the daugh
ter of the late Gen J E Ross, and a most
estimable lady. Their little child, 11
months old, is now lying at the point
of death. Schmidt and wife have been
separated for several months.
You may as well learn now as later
on that If you have come to this coun
try with the expectation of whittling
out a fortune with a jack-knife that
you must find softer wood than Oregon
fir. Brawn and muscle are just as es
sential here as elsewhere and always
bring a good price in the market.
I. 'A. Bennett, our obliging depot
agent, after a week1a leave of absence,
returns with a life partner and four
roods of good-natured smiles. We
receipt him for some delicious wedding
cake. Many of our young men are
envious of your good fortune and are
anxious to know how it was all brought
about; but it is a lesson each has to
learn for himself.
A social was given the Chcadle
family by the Presbyterian church
and their many friends not thus con
nectedat the home of Rev. A.
Marcelius, last Friday evening. Mr.
Cheadle and family will hereafter
reside in Portland, and it was fitting
that they should be thus honored on
theeveningof their departure. To say
that all present enjoyed themselves,
would be to put it iu its truest form
i We regret to lose them from our midst,
. hut sur-h j life.
AffWof our Hilli towns Foriland
anion iz the mmdses are Inclined to
disumlit the discovery of natural gas
In our town, and regard the statement
a a mere pteaaantfy. Well, we will
deal charitably wltti you fellows; you
have been so long dealing In the man
ufactured product that you have no
faith itt anything unless certllied by
your senses. We hare the genuine
article and It will be utilized.
We are told that we received a sere
nade lust Batunlay night from some of
our ttest musicians, but we did not en
Joy tho pleasure of hearing it tut ac
count of not waking up. Home others
who were so fortunate as to be sere
nadi'd Ihe same evening, say that it
was most delightful music, and we
mueh regret that weiiid not hear It.
Tln re was n B elal the night ls-fore,
and we must have been very sleepy.
Thanks, all the same, tjoys.
Some agent for a patent nostrum
tacked the following 14x6 plew of con
solation on a board fence In Iebanon:
'Electricity Islife." A few weeks since,
theauthorltlesof theStateof New York
decreed that F.leetrlclty Is death, and
could poor Krcmler testify In the
matter he would confirm the decree.
We an? willing to lea ve to those whose
labor are less arduous the pleasant and
profitable task of reconciling these dis
crepant statements, it will be seen at
the Altai assixe that the large nock of
gouts on tho left hand are not. all
editors. ,
Montague mut ho preparing for a
boom, judging by the way he Is slock
ing up his Mammoth mid Oiu-Frtce
Cwsh Stores. By purchasing his gda
In such large quantities he naturally
gt;ts much lower prices. He! guaran
tees gotal goods in at! the departments
of hts extensive establishments at
prices that atsolutoly astonish other
merchants In the valley, some of them
going so far as to say tliat Montague
retails his goods as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The careful buyer
Invariably goes to Montague's.
Thus. Kav of Rulctn, ahd J. K.
Wtatherfork, of Albany, have acquired
a valuable property at Waterloo. The
Immense water power at tills place, the
soda snrlnsr, and two hundred acres of
laud covering a beautiful town site,
have all passed Into their hands. It li
the purpose of the owners to form a
syndicate with a capital stock of $ik
0tK, build a ten-thousand-doltar hotel,
to istruct an electric railway to Lctnt
non. farm their water power and thus
build on the banksof the South Kuntlam
an Industrial city of ho mean pro
portions. The One-Price Cash Store has ix-
come one of the' features of Lebanon.
As everything is new and fresh, and the
rriccs are so much below that chargid
n credit-giving establishments, xtn
ple who desire to buy their goods
for cash naturally go to the corner.
where they do not have to mnke up to
the storekeeper for Ihe non-paying cus
tomers who, when they can do so, buy
on credit, and who are eonstitutionnlly
opposed to paying ffr anything. Oct
prices at the One-Price Cash Store and
if there Is nny reason in you that Is the
place where you will pur base your
Mr. John Keown, Ihe worthy post
master at Keown, Allegheny County,
Peiin., says; "Chamberlain's Cough
Itcmedy dells better! han any other."
The reason of this is because it can p
ways lie depended upon. Iet any one
troubled with a severe cold give It a
trinl and they will find that the first
dose will relieve the. lung and make
breathing easier, and that its continued
use will free the system of all symptoms
of the cold. The promptness and cer
tainty of this remedy in the relief and
cure "of colds, has won fr it many
sincere friends and made it. very popu-
Jar, For sale by M. A. Miller.
A manufacturer of woolen fabrics'
remarked, after seeing the p:uer mill
at this place, that such an industry is
worth as much to a town as two woolen
mills. With no disparagement of the
last-named industry, a careful calcula
tion will convince "the most skeptical
of the truthfulness of the remark. We
are told that ?75,tHH will te spent
annually bt this company, every dol
lar of wliicli will be left In the town
and it immediate vicinity. There will
lve no importation of raw material; that
can all le had just outside the city
limits; the 1200 cords of wood required
to feed Ihe furnaces, grows within a
stone's throw of Ihe corporate lines;
and, Ihe employes will live
amovgst Vis and paronize our home
By consulting the register at the St.
Charles hotel It will be seen that the
immigration to this country is
from no particular locality exclusively.
There seems to lie a restlessness, a
general dissatisfaction with the way
things are ordered in the East. The
e:ra-shcnerB in Kansas in 1S74. after
having eaten all the forage, marched in
bodv to the lanes and thoroughfares
there to await orders. Like the provi
dent creatures they are, tnev went
not to the desert or the plain, but they
headed for pastures green and abun
dant. This, although it may seem a
vu ! gn r comparison , uccu ra tel y d cser i bos
the condition or thousands or people in
the East who are sighing for the "flesh
i t of Uli8 motlern Ei?vpt
i b ,,,,. .,,.. n
Jr ricnu,
make room; they arc conuog.
That there is nn Immense gas field
lying in part within the limits of our
town, cannot be doubied by anyone
who has the slightest acquaintance
with tiiis luminous agent- Since its
first discovery, some three month
since, the tests have been both varied
and numerous, and the settled convic
tion of our citizens is that we have In
our little town the elements" of a thrifty
little city. AH thoughts of marsh gas
have been dispelled, as none of the
properties of this gas can be ascribed
to the late discovery. Organized effort
will soon bring to the surface what
seems to be an inexhaustible supply of
this gas, and tuel and light will cut
but a small figure in the annual ex
penditures of the families in this and
more distant parts of the country.
Much ado has been made over the
cam of John J. Brown, c harged with
sweating twenty-dollar pieces. Physi
ologists mention two kinds, or degrees
of perspiration, the sensible aud Ihe
insensible. John Brown's is the only
case of sensible sweating on record.
For thirty-five years we have endured
every degree of' heat known to Fahren
heit's thermometer, from the gentle
perspiration to the drenching night
sweat, and the largest coin we ever
sweat was a buzzard dollar, and then
we had a good run of job work. The
Inconsistency of calling in Coke and
Blackstone to settle a disputed physio
logical fact when any old woman can
cure the worst case of sweating in
twelve hours with sycamore chips and
sage tea! Well, since it is a crime to
sweat, we propose to cease our la bore
right now and look fora sinecure per
haps a position on the Lebanon Ex
press. An exchange says that "the average
number of hairs on the human scalp
varies" and that "a sinirle hair can
support the weight of two ounces." If
the former statement be applied to
males only, we accent it in toto; the
number of hairs on men's heads do
vary crreatlv. the minimum number
leing found ou the married man's
head every time; and there is a
reason for this, which we decline to
give, on the ground that the problem,
justly belongs to woman, is not above
her iutellectual stature, and is in har
many with the whole bent of her mind.
The second statement, that "a single
hair can support the weight of two
ounces," we accept with considerable
reserve. A very small tuft of hair a
handful for instance has been known,
in a crucial test, to suppoit a weight of
two hundred pounds. Brethren, be
careful how vou write: a few loose
! statements like the latter will bring
it! p'oioRwon into disrepute.
Mrs. Elliott, wife of Jon Elliott, waa
burned to death at Glass's hop yard, on
Thomas creek, last Thursday. The
Sclo Press gives the following account
of the horrible accident:
"Thursday, Mr. Elliott's baby being
tick, she did not go to the hop yard,
but stayed in camp, and waa busying
herself about camp work. In passing
around the camp tire her clothing was
lighted. She had smelled the burning
cloth for some little time before she
discovered thittlt whs her own clothing
that was on lire. She then stalled to
the tent to get a blanket to smother
out the flumes. At the tent door she
met her l.S-motith'S-old baby, nod even
at thp exciting moment the safety of
her child predominating over personal
pain, she took it and placed it out of
harms way, a few feet distant, and
then returned to the tent for the
blanket and rolled herself therein In the
attempt to smother nut the flames that
were by this time blistering and crisp
ing her flesh. She rolled the blanket
around as well as she could, but the
agony she was undergoing was so great
ihnt.Hhe threw the blanket away and
st at fed for tho hop yard near by, all
the time screaming for help. Tho first
person Hie met was a man, and of
course she went to him for help. He
not having any other nie.ins of putting
out tho tire, commenced throwing dust
ou the burning woman. Other help
arriving, the" unfortunate woman's
burning clothing was torn from In r,
what little there was left by this time,
ami she was conveyed to her tent by
kind hands and word sent for the doe
tor and the husband, who was, as be
fore stated, at Lebanon. Upon exam
inntion Mrs. Elliott pioved to le liter
ally rousted, with the exception of her
arms and a e. Her shoes evert wrt
burned In a crisp upon her feet. Mrs.
Elliott, whose age Is but 23, leaves a
huf.hand and a little child but about 18
The remains were brought to Leba
non and funeral servlci s were held at
the Presbyterian church, Sunday, and
the burial took place at the Masonic
cemetery. Mr. Elliott and family re
cently moved to near this place from
Crook county. She was the daughter
of Geo. Mlllican, a prominent citien
of lane county.
A Tlirlvln Tovn.
The editor of the Sclo Press gives ovr
town the following favorable ' notice:
"We wire over at Ltbanon the first f
the Meek, and after m'ngling with 1m r
citizens for two or three hours, came
awav with the Imortasloii that for a
thriving energetic go-ahead town, la-o-
anoii has nosupeiJor in the State., !. e.
for a town that is no larger, ine m
per mill, the prime cause of all the
activity . is making fair progress. We
notice two very large ricks of straw
that had Uen hauled from the neighbor
ing farms, that Is to be used In the
manufacture of paiver. In the town
proper we not lee several new residence
under way; also the foundation was toe
ing laid for a church building for the
M. E. church. South. The new school
house, which is well along under con
(miction, will be a source of pride lo
citizens, hen completed. These with
many ot tier improvementstha t is going
on, gives to Ute streets a very lusy,
hustling aspect, and we predict that
Leluuiou will be before many years
pass, one oi the very Important cities of
Jules Schmidt Arrtstd.
Wedntsday aftcrnoou Marshal Hoff
man or Albany receiver a uispatcn
from Sheritr Birdsey, of Jacksonville,
reading: "Jules Schmidt bete. Woman
with him. Do you i ant him," followed
by another: '-Schmidt has been
arrested for polygamy. Examination
this afternoon, v ill notiiv you u
discharged." A letter received by Win.
Pieltter stated that schmldt and Mary
Schlosser were married at Crescent
Citv, Cal., where the lienuicrat a few
lavs a;n stated Ihcy bad gf.i.e. It
secerns that they returned to Jackson
ville, when Mrs. Schmidt -No. I had
him arrested. We are imformcd she
had lieen walohlns the j r.KXuliugs.
The dispatc'.i corn bo.a'es the letter iu
r f-i cnce to their marriage, hit h alone
could create a e.-s.' of polygamy. The
general sentiment here is that Schmidt
can only get his just deserts by a resi
dence in t lie penitent kiry at fcur
years, the limit. D;unlcrat.
Jiet Ready fnr m Kite.
Emms I.F.ruNos E.rr.t.-S:
In a recent issue of your paper was
a query asking Ihe Lebanon Enttlne
Co. If 'they were ready in c ise of a fire.
I answer "no. We have a good com
pany of firemen, a noid engine anil
curtj Sut only have 200 feet of service
able hose. I called the attention of the
present town council to this fact, in
Slay last. Perhaps if we had afire
that would bum up half the town, our
present economical city council would
wake up and buy at least 00') feet ot
good host. .Interest is leing lost in the
company for this very reason .
J. A. Lambkrmx,
Foreman Lebanon Engine Co.
Not Quite an Accident.
As we entered the cut at Ward's
butte on Tuesday morniag our sensi
bilities were shocked beyond measure
by the din and clatter of a dmengagid
brake on the mail coach which waa
Iveating two-four time ou ties and rails
and seemed to menace the safety of the
passengers. An animated conversa
tion in pantomime was carried on
tietween the brukemen and tho engi
neer for a short time and the train sud
denly halted. The train was stopped
none too soon, for had the brake fallen
olf it would have derailed the coach
and might have resulted seriously.
A Word to I.a.licn.
Ladies who desire a leautiful clear
skin, free from pirn jkf, liol In, blotclua
and other eruption", should commence
at once to use or. uutui'a improved
litver I'll la. Thev will also remove
that heavy look alxtut your eyes and
muke them brijilit, and will cure head
ache from whatever cause it arisen.
Rememlter. yon are only required to
take one small pill at bed time, wh'ch
is coated with pure sugar, and will not
gripe or produce . any unpleasant
sensation. Sold at 2 cents by M. A.
A Sure Cnro for Fllea.
Itching riles are known by moisture
like perspiration cauHing intense itch
ing when warm. This form, aa well
as blind, bleeding and protruding,
vield at once to Dr. IJosanko's Pile
Remedv, which acts directly on the
parts affected, ahsorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50c. Druggists or mall; treatise free.
Dr. Ilosanko, Piqiia, O. Sold by M. A.
Runs hicrh in Ijebanon at Beard &
Holt's drug store over Wvstem Builder,
as everbod v is using it for Catarrh of
the Stomach. Dvuneueada. Consumption
and Impure Rlood. Try it and tell
your friends about It., aa it must possess
wonderful merits wnen an spear, wen
of It.
(Sweet Home State
.Leaves Lebanon daily except Sunday
ai 7 A. M.: arrive at Sweet Home 12 m.
Leaves Sweet Home daily except Sun
day at 1p.m.; arrive at Lebanon B v. M
G. M. Westfall,.
Persons who lead a 1 ife of ex posu re are
subject to rheumatism, neuralgia and
lumbago will find a valuable remedy in
Dr. J. II. McLean's Volcanic Oil
Liniment; it will banish pain and
pubdue inflammation. For sale by
I Beard & Ho)t.
Beit. 9, 1890.
Harvest la over, and for the purpose
of allowing others to compare their
crops with ours, I append a few exam
ples of yields:
j rx uamraitu nad oata tnresiuHi tunt
averaged over 00 bushels per acre.
J 11 Oaibrallh had some line beans.
but I did not get the yield.
w v iiowes una w neat mat averaged
f0 bushels and oata 04 bushels per acre,
ana an ma grain was sown Ueiweeu tne
ist ana tut u or May. -
Elder Shea, our Mormon pre
siding elder, had oats that aver
aged 50 bushels, besides they were
cut Willi hatid binder and mule a lot
were fed out In the sheaf. The elder
has the finest crop of onions lie ever
raised, and ulmot evcrv iiuin that has
crofSi-d the mountains will tell you
that they are tlrst-class. as tViey have
eaten of them (and, by the way, If I
can prevail on I ho old man, ho will
bring a few to vou the first time he
comes to I-lmnon.) Your correspond
ent boaght a few some dais ago, and
being Mruck so favorably wit It the
large ftlr.i 1 measured one, and found
that It was lid inches one wav and 151
the other. .-
The Russell Brothers had Im o sorts
of oats; the last averaged tM bushels
ar acre and the others 00 bushels pr-r
acre, and they weigh 44 pounds to ihe
measured bushel. Their soring wheal
averaged m bushels. They have a
squash that lucasurcn 04 twt around
one w-sy ami 6$ feet the other, and
quite a lot that ill compare favorably
Willi tt. Ilic!rlcans made 75 bushels
per acre, and buckwheat 10 bushels tier
Wm and Juo A Thomnson did not
thresh their oats, but their vield was
it-llnmtt d by different ones at from 7."
to iH) bushels per acre; but they did
thresh their potatoes, and the fcllow-
Ing it the result: One hill produced 8K
large tut a toes, ami this so astonished
Uncle William Unit he did not think
to weigh them. However, something
over n week later, his nervousness hav
ing somewhat sultslded, when he dug
another hill, and by the re piest of
some one, the old gentleman weighed
one of Ihe largest, and fxind It weighed
8 pounds, fp. S. Editor of Plains-
vlfle, III., Observer please copy. The
potatoes referred to it re of the variety
known as Early Rose.
Joshua Nieholts raised some wheat
that was not thnslud, but was isti-niat'-d
by good Judges at from 40 to 50
bushels per acre.
Galbraith and Morchead had wheat
that made 31 bushel per acre.
Now whit community can furnish a
mosc substantial reason why pople
should leave the c-c!one lelt and set
tle In this, the grandest part of Oregon.
Men can buy farms, Improved or
unimproved, very cheap, or thev can
find good government land subject to
nomcstean or pre-emption. Item niis-i
these reiKirts are not for less than acre
lots: for InMane, Russell Brothers'
oats went over 12"K) bushels, and Gal
braith and Morchead had near 10 acres
wheat. I speak of this to show that 1
did not cut out little pieces, but took
whole crops.
Mrs w in Iliompson has fully re
covered from her sick siwll, and now
all the Willow Pralriles are at home
will and happv, except Its wayward
son, Andrew J Nichols, and he is e
trreiei pome so-n, ami, by tne wav.
some really licltevethat be will capture
a better half while at Uoltra and bring
her heme. Be that as it may, we d
know that when he comes home, that
he will get some venison s-khi after,
Joseph Steinpraiidt rctntnrJ horn'
from his vacation, pitching bundles for
a thresher on the pra'r!e. He sjvs it
is a good Job, but oli, my! how they
put a fellow Ibrougli! Joseph lon!bt
a W Inchest er rifle and expects to feast
on venison and cougar this winter.
Mrs J A Powell and Bert and MIonlc.
from Lebanon, and OH Rusdl, area!
Irfiwer Soda recruiting their lost ener
gies. Hope that they will enjoy them
selves to their hearts' content, return
thoroughly rejuvenated and bring back
plenty ot venison and iisit.
IMrs Josnua iSlcholis lias some
peaches that are said to le the liest In
the count rv. Thv are the California
Chili variety. The tree is full, and
they are sweet aud delicious.
Jo-diua Nlebolls I" preparing to thresh
bis wheat. He will anon complete hi
kitchen, and then, golly! wlint an oys
ter sup er! Just stand one side, please
rrank stelngrandt promised voui
correspondent a niece of venison with'n
two weeks. If he comes to time, 11!
send half ef it to the editor.
Bud Mealey and family are visilii g
his mother. They have pone to Fish
Lake for a pleasure trip. Joy tind Will
went with them.
Mis I.ol Reamer goes again to Al
bany to-morrow, to stay ov-r winter
with the parties she spent the t-umm r
Charley Howes killed a cougnr on
George Zullner's place that measured
nine feet from tip of bill to end of nose.
O. Judd Mealty' has some hogs for
mlo. He sold some to Mr. Nichols for
3 cents growth. Reporter.
The Kxperlencn or m Conscientious Wo
man. CuiCAtso, Nov. 13.
Mu. Wisdom Ik-rtr Sir: I lag to
thank you for the delightful and re
freshing " Robert ine" you so kindlv
sent me. I have used the toiht prcpa
rations of the most ce'ehrated manu
facturers of Loudon and Paris, but con
ider vour " Rolertlne" their superlo
in point of rurity and excellence.
Wishing vou the unbounded succcj
you deserve, I remain, faithtullv yours,
We wish tosav to ourold customer?,
and also nev ones, that we are prepar
ed to furnish well seasoned lumlier,
made from soft mountain fir, at the
toliowing prices:
Set-ond rk-nr ,.510.0f.
Clear Ixl l..""
Fencing, boxing and Umbers - .00
Atourmill in YVirtsburg, Linn Co.,
Oregon Jennings & Co.
flo.l bleating to Humanity.
.o Soys n Oregon 1'iont-er Ninety Yer OM.
Fwkfst OnovK, Or., Mnreli 19.
I lmv iiso'l tho OKF.HON K1PXEY TEA nixl
obt Kineil immediate rellcC It in tixl' ble-viim to
humanitv. I tnkc pUanro in reeonmioname 11
to ihe itfnipttvl. Iain now nearly ninety ypHr
old, came to Orejmn In IM'2 In the employ of the
lluriwin t'nv nmpnnv. ami since l iwirnn uiiie
the OUKUOX" KJDNKY TEA I enjoy good henlth.
Poets, Board and Shingles for Bnle.
I have on hand a full supply of the
above of the best quality, delivered
here in Lebanon.
Dissolution Notice.
co-pnrtnerchip heretofore existing between
J. P. Ilnhn mid A.U. Prill, partners doing imci
new" tinder the iirm name of Hiihn & Prill, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent; J. P.
Hahn to volume all liabilities of the linn.
A. Ci. P1UL.L.
Sweet Home. Sept. 15.
Cut this ut, and when you visit Portland dur
ing the Exposition, call on Tovne, the Photog
rapher, and receive tho following extraordinary
All persons presenting these Mips will be given
one dozen of rny best style cabinet photon and
one extra for framing, for &3..i0. My regular price
for the same work to those not holding these slips
in Sfi.OO per dozen and 3.f.8 lor extra picture.
This Is an extraordinary offer, and the probability
of doing enough extra work to make it pay
prompts the Inducement.
Call and see our work, it speaks for itself. This
holds good until November 1st. Very truly yours,
Studio cor. First aaS Morrison Streets.
(From the Oelioco IUVkw.
Heavy forest fires are said to be
raging in the vicinity of the Three
Sisters. That Is probably where the
smoke which hangs over this country
comes from.
Jeff Helslcr, of Beaver, was In town
ist Saturdav. and Informed us the
Beaver creek cattlemen have sold their
beef to It. A. Glhuore, of John Day, for
f ;10 per head, to bo delltvered at the cor
rals on Beaver, This Ss the best sale of
beef made in the county this season.
On Friday of last week State
Vctnlnary Surgeon Whltcombc, of
Portland, arrived here for the purjnmo
r losM-cling toe cattle belonging to s.
I. NeWHoiu, which were altcelcd with
sore eyes. ,n rviiurday lie visited
Newsoin creek, where Mr. Newsom's
cattle are kept, mid after examining
the cattle pronounced t bed ulcer
ated sore eyes, which he aays Is a con
tagious d Incase, though not mi.Msi1lT
ratal, lie says animals anccteu wkii it
will usually become totally blind, and
not atile to'lind feet I, will itecomo very
poor and will sometimes die from
starvation. Usually cattle are some
what feverbdi while nfllicled, and will
lose flesh veiy rapidly if not well cared
fur. The duration of the disease Is from
three to live weeks.
There may be persons In this com
munity who are nt times troubled with
colic, or subject to attacks of bowel
complaint. It so, they should try
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Itemed v. It will afford almost
ImmedMte relief, and when reduced
with water is pleasant to take. If taken
as soon us lliefirst Indication of the dis
ease Is fctt it will ward olf the attack.
Many eople use it In Ibis wav, and
find that It never fails tl e u. A 23 or .r0
cent lottle inr.y I e obtained from M.
A. Miller. -
Remember you can get a hot or cold
bath any day In the week at I. R. Bo
rum's barber shop.
w. h booth; m. d.,
Offlca In Guy's New Building.
Residence at Mrs. Ambler's.
l T I 1 1 o iti: l A',
Chain of Everv Description and De
gree of Comfort,
Picture Frames. Mouldings, Bric-a-Brac
of Every Description,
n Fct Evenrthlnr Belonging to the Trade
at Prices that Defy Competition.
Churvki!! & Monlclth'a OM Stanrl.
Don't Go to Portland
Gradwohl, of Albany,
To Be Found ia the Metropolis.
the Valley of
'n Cpvkf-rv, Ffltwy O.hv!, Tt, RiKrfr Tiros.'
fcUvemarf. Fn-'tirh rtna i;ta-narc.
' Boy' Wa; tin . I)U t'rrlfrfj, Kie.
The ;4'!rm Kule n!ar malw a wtnl'y the
r'itt'-! -t'.-. n'if Unking liTf!i;r
evrv 'ii fcnsr ol" t Itieti iw innimiac
t(irtl Thi-hikI rnr Hi? itame
of UtiUU-u Kulu B-ij ir.
Ths Road to Vealthl
Cannot bt toccatxfull tnntM wlth
oul good health. T raach alta r any
cortd eaillon In IH raquiraa th fun
pottcaalon and operation of all Iha fao
Mltlss kind nataro ha ondowvd arllh.
Ihe eonditleas cannot txlit anleta the
phytlcal bolng la la ptrfoct working
order, and thit Is Impetalbla when tho
lira and spleen are torpid, th as ohstract
Ing tho secretions, eaoslna Indigoofloa
and dyspepsia, with all of their accom-
anyrRg horrors.
English Dandelion Tonic
eisrts specific Influence over tho liver,
excites It to healthy action, resolves Its
chronic engorgements, and promotes tho
secretions : cures Indigestion and consti
pation, sharpens ths appetite, tones op
ths entire system, and makes life worth
Harness, Saddles, Collars,
Whips, Etc.
At Tctcrsoti & Wallace's Old Stand.
Eureka Meat Market,
L. M. WHEELER, Pro'p.
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sau-I
A fehare of the public patroiwge so-
A r - MT?? I -
Great Exposition
State Fair
Of course vou do. but vu will want to look refhefct&hjtj
ami "citifietl;" bo in order to do that vou Must call at Hack-'
Ionian's and buy one of those fine, all-wool suits-
The Best in the City
Just think! Warranted
at the Salem Woolen Mills.
Our Hat Department!
rs complete. Fall and Winter styles just coming in. Tim
shapes are new and stylish. Come and see them. If you
have the blues, buy one of our hats; sure cure.
Good square dealing 13 rarer than rubies, but that's what
you get at the store where you
P. S. Oh, yes! We forgot
unparalleled line of Boots and
Cigars, Tobacco, Famishing Goods, Etc.
Firsts-Class Goods
Country Produce Taken in'Exchange
for Goods.
Give Me a Trial and Be Convinced.
Shingles, PostSjBoardsandPickets
Lebanon Planing Mill
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved.
I manufacture and deal in Doors, Blinds, all styles of Yinlw
Frames, Door. Frames, Mouldings, Brackets, Etc., in fact anything man
ufactured and kept on hand in a first-class planer. '
In connection with the above, I also have on hand a well-assorted
lumber yard in which is to be found rough and dressed Lumlier, Rustic,
Bevel, Weather Boarding, Flooring, and all kinds of Finishing Lumber
for Cornices, Etc. -
Ladies' & Gents' Furnish
ings. Soie Agency for Ludlov's Fci Shoe.
f Prices Always" tfieXowest.
i Albany, Orojon.
at Portland !
TMI3 -
at Salem?
for the Least Honey.
all-wool suits from 9 to S1G, mada
will find,
lours respectfully,
to tell you we still keep the
Shoes of this city.
I r.m agcut for Real Estate la
Cowan's :-: Addition
TO lx iA.rvo:v.
fit . . -V ? fc C A
" IN A
Very Desirable Portion of
the City
t i:: p :.r t:ie ;.exl ij
It. P. E0PErvT .