The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 15, 1890, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
a, j-icss. xnivws, csko. l. ai.kx anhkh.
A large percentage of wlirtt passef!
for good-breeding is artificial in a
ldgh 'degree, notwithstanding nil
.xitera on etiquette plead for nat
ural rices, liotxl -breeding in itself
largely consists in '.what, when it
cornea to be analyzed, is essentially
Artificial, i.r gourl'-breedingdemand't?
ft due wwrftlrratmn f- r the failings
tad woaknesneaof those with whom
we are 4aily brought iw contact.
Ve are apt to say that the noble
f avage is natural; but an acquaint
Ace with hi manners and custom
proves how complicated is the rit
urI of his existence, and at the
same time we see the natural out
come . of his naturalnefVs. -With '
ilie first germs of civilization, -nrti 1
heiauity maybo said to have com
. menced its sway; iiadced, riviiiza
tioa Eiay be said to cnsist in prop
r!y tmcretond artificiality. Tins?
f-!4k wht Tprid? thi -wives on nat
uralnesa, arc, after all, only indulg
ing their innate selfislmens; it cost?
a little trouble to be artificial; it is
much easier to speak out whatever
first enters bur head. Those peo
ple who cry so loud for naturalness
; K.Ser. ll " drcJimstances for :wc
make no question of it being at
times best fail to see how largely
tlae friction of every-day life is
avoided by well-considered artifici
ality. The requirements of society
in what is termed etiquette arc es-
sentiallv artificial. In the item of
iressy which is speciiilly Artificial,
how rarely man, but more particu
Jarly woman, is seen to advantage
"when natural. Is it not dear in
cases such as these .h art fi ia! t
of society has its good points? Dis-
aipline of every nature, military or
official, is largely composed of art!
fieial elements, without which eov
-ernmtnt would be impossible.
Y'airttrB and sculptors may admire
SHamaunstbv a ots trcei-dav costume
ec-MH tht& tTime is appropriate
to Its tkq&ktz font the urtiucJi li v
of oOTenx.f JSmted social existence
lues aaaaSe us verv careful how we
to Tiatf.ral in l'e presence of
those whom w wish to impress
"with sense of our dignity... We
are awsre that it ia dangerous to le
een by everybody in our shirt
sleeves, which constitutes, however,
a very natural -dress. The absence
of artificiality in our modem, com
plicated ritual of every-day life is
the cause of much of that friction
rom .which we all suffer.
All weighty things are aone in
olitude, ibitt is, -without society
Tlie -mearts of improvement con
ist not in projects, or in any violent
lesigns, for these cool, and coo
"very s Km, but in patient practicing
for wnole long days, by which we
-aiiake the thing dear to our highest
treason. All reformations of what
ever kind, in their incipiencv an
tedate the decrees of society and
cclesia3ticism. Man cannot reach
. iiis full stature in the marketplace
or iaa seochition wkJt the excited
fetirens. The wilderness must f. rai
tke counterpart of the thorough
fare great breadths of contempla
tion alternating with great breadths
f seryice
ft ia soTrrewjiat remarkable that
the world ttas lived for these thou
sands of years and so far has failed
to4iscoyer the secret of true hsppi
mps. A first eesential to happinc??
is ignorance, -as the downfall of
maa kind in the "Tjeginniii-, proves.
Jgnorancc is frequently bliss, while
-wisdom is fOTnetime3 accounted the
iikndmaid of folly. In primitive i u,e f the grai.dniot ijcrV pipe,
states of existence Bee he near- iltA tt&
(t approaeh to happiness. It is j nose. The instant the mother's finger
only under conditions of high civ-, touched the part, the eyes or tlie pa
Hia.tiB that we Fee the spirit ofiUent T0.01 'n-tb:r foeket, she
Tmrest and nrlinminps? Frpn- I started hack, and falhnjr, was caught
TmreOT ana unnappineps. Jj,er-(il, the armaofthe alarmed mother.
body aspires to happmc-ss jiolxxty ; The part was washed immediat Iv, hot
entirely trucceedi. A5am and Eve i to no purpose. The jaws were locketl,
wene fcawy ti their eEtate until i the patient was senseless and r.ppar--hlwm.
-...i 1-.; i ently in a dying state. The doctor wa.
V"Y ?. .t , "'n&'l immediately called hnck, who found
and evil. Ihis uuiitcd knowledge, ; the following symptoms: Coldness of
tT ignore n.e of the fnture is nn-i the surface and extreuiities, no pulsa
doubtedly a merciful provision of j1?? the wrist, jaws set dwP, Imscii
nroviMence There are i-Haee at i;blTlty. -ecwrBtenan death-like. My
protiaence. l nere are places at the application of friction to the sur-
which we nnist Stand, still because face and the administration of spirits
there is no light to help us tartner;
our lamp goes out, so that we can-
aaofc ttI i&k&t comes next, a lion, a
pxecii:iiv g'Mi-rft.
A West Side editor, who evdently
lias more money than he knows
what to do with, is strongly in
favor of editors paying their way
at the Press Association now in
Aession, Such nianly independence
way Te comrtenda'Mie, but where in
thunder is our next meal to come
from? From a crust and a garret
to a banquet at the Hotel Port
land ie a ck b g.e net likely to be
enjoyed but one day in. tfee
hundred and sixty-five, and do,
pray, keep still!
Honesty is, by some, considered
to feea. (a.t. ooriw?rn-ent to be worn at
time, but to be thrown aside when-
ever it hampers or restrains, the
wearer. A coat indeed, but it is
adapted to all seasons and to the
Climate of two world. It is our
vv;i; 4. Af .- vt j
will be our stock apparel in a
dunnier land than this.
If you attempt to beat a man i c-mimnication.
down and i gtd liis goods for ltws j if vtm jj particularly to gain
than a fair price,, you aie f emp- j g?acs and affection of'cer
ting to commit burglary, as no-uch-l tain people, men or women, try to
us though you broke into his etore discover their most striking merit, if
to take his goods, without paying i tbev have one, and their dominant
for them. There is cheating on both j meekness, for every one has his
.sa-des of the counter, &nd as mu?h : own then do justice to the one,
-before it as behind it. j nd a. little more than justice to the
- (other,
.Sokw people are so moved in' tlie ( rrr .r1
perverse spirit of inlierent contra-1 Money does l things for rc
rincss is to give one the' impression j ward; osiie Are pious and honest
that they are verv closely - related . 8 long as thev thrive upon it, but
to that i nca rnation of stvibornn.-.
piotureil by O. 4. Fowler as. wear
frjg a luiUe. -
Editor Li:hM)s I'xri;K:
I xhall proceed in thix ronmvunlcti
tium to prove what I have asserted in
a former art Sele, namely, t hut tobacco
ia tM5 of the most virulent poisons
known to tlie materia rnrdUvt, and Is
dolus more to ssip the physical consti
tutions of the American people than
even alcohol itself.
The author of a very able work
which ughito he read ly every man,
woman and child In the United Sinks
entitled "Avoidable Causes of Ii
ease," aaya that tc'bacco-ia a poison,
which assertion will be questioned by
ho one w ho has the deadly sick
ness which a vin-y snudl dose will cause
u a lu-rs in not hahltoated to Its' use.
even smoking a ini;ks -eiutvr or chew-
nsr for a tew moments a small portion.
In fact, tobacco ts one of tlie most vir-
ulent poisons In nature, it seems to
tut not only tipon be ll-aln antl spinal
ord, iiot !so esspeeially uivm the
rreat -svmnalhefio system of 'nerves.
which is the very citadel of organic
ife. Tlicse nerves preside over or snp-
)!v tke nervous Inthtencc reowired by
the heart, aTtef ies, lnr.frs,imi9(1if!estie
rjrans, to enable thorn to perform tlieiv
t motions and thereby to t-ustain the
fe -f the whole orjranism or body.
hVw Kill 11 sr.( Vti lint-are iu-o f.;m;ihlr
f destroying life so maidenly as to
taeeo. It is said by medical writers
that a single drop of the concentrated
hi put upon 4 no tongue or a nog win
lest ray life. lr. Mtissey, of L'imin-
mti, runlH-t a small drop of the oil of
tobacco upon the tongue of a Hrjre eat.
immediately the annual utterca pit
eous cries and begiin to froth at the
inouth, foltowett bv vi1fns svmptoms
of distress. fV-veu minutes after ai-
plying the fii-st he rnblied a hine drop
upon the tonuue. in an instant the
ve were closed, the cn s were btopied
nd the breathing was snil'oeated and
onvulsed. In one minute the ears
were iti rapid convuluive motions, and
presently after tremors and violent
convulsions exteitded over the boilj
and limtvs. In ;U minutes tlie animal
tell upon the side senseless and breath-'
iess ami the heart had ceased to Inat.
In another experiment tliree drops
f the oil of tobacco werv rublx-d upon
the tongue of a full-sized cat, and in tn
instant the pupils of the eves were di
luted and breathing convulsed; the an
imal leaped about as If distracted, and
presently t!K twoorthis-e rapid turns
in a small circ', tbon droppel uiMn
t"e floor in fright, ul n ulslons, & d
was dejid in two luinuus and4-sec-nds
fi-oui tlie moiutnt the oil was put
upon tlie tongue.
vr. Jirodir, a celeorated i.iuriish
nliysician, appliLv2 imgle drop of this
I to the tongue of a cat, upon which
MMity prosiraiion ana convulsions eu
sul. Another drop wsis applied anil
the animal died In two minutes. One
drop injected into the wetum of a cat
occasioned -death hi alwait rive min
utes, ami two drops idmini!-t'red in
he same manner toa dog wsis followed
by the same result.
Dr. Franklin annled the oily rsa-
terlal which floats ou tlie surface of
water when a current of tobacco smoke
if passed into it, to the tongue of a cat,
and round it to destroy lire m a tew
minutes, yet tlie cat ia more tenacious
of life than almost yot her animal.
Tobacco invariably, when taken in
larffe quantities, causes confusion of
the head, with more or les.-! stupor,
great faintnos, most distressing nau
sea and vomit tag, ffrest feebleiiess of
the pulse, with denth like paleness of
tnesKin, wrtii coldness of the surface.
which is covered with a cold, clammy
swesit, with great and jrenpral debility
of the nervous aud circulatory func
tions. Faintuie, abirmincr and fatal
prostration or conA-ulsions and death
soin closes the scene if a very large
quantity has been taken.
Dr. Li. li. Coles, in his excellent work
on the "Beauties and Deformities of
Tolsacco-TJsing," (wl.iv-h. by the way,
ought to he placed in the hands of
every ywmg man in America! says:
A single leaf dipped in hot water and
laid upon the pit of the stomach will
produce a powerful efiVet by mere a'
sorption from the surface. " By being
applied to a spot where the scarf skin
or external surface of the skin is de
stroyed, fearful resotts have followed.
I'rof. Mussey, in Ins essay on totsaceo,
irives a case. Dr. Ijng, of New Hamp
shire, was consul tad by a mother to
know whether she might apply tolmceo
to a ring worm scarcely tliree-fourths
of an inch i diameter on the nose of
hey daughter, then about -5 years old.
lie ol-jeited to it as an exceedingly
I azardoijf measure, and confirmed his
judgment by relating a case which he
had seen recorded in which a father
destroyed the life of his pom Ijy putting
tobacco spittle upon an eruption on tlie
head. Immediately after the doctor
left, the mother, tidnkinpr she knew
more thm her -niedical adHser, ! ro
ceedetl to moisten the rinar worm from
;ot ammonia, at the end of about an
wm anu a nan me patient, necame
able to mpf-ak, but did not fully recover
frwn the slux'k for years. "The first
four or five years Wterward she was
ssKbjeet to fuiirtmg fits every three or
four weks, which sometimes lasted 18
te L'4 honrs.
The smoking of a single cigr.r by a
person not long habituated to the use
of the weed, will increase the fre
quency of the pulerom JO to 15 Ix-ate
have thM faatf fly noticed wme of
the prom men t symptoms caused bv
tobaceo when it is taken by i erso::s
not accustomed to its use, and when
taken in large quantities even by those
who habitually use it, also 4e rm
ing and dangerous symptoms which
reauit frtm an exoi'ssive doae; ut I
desire more particularly to call the at
tention of the reader to the not less
declructrve although more gradual
effects which result fro'n its habitual
llCi lf-i Aba- O A liitt? tlinnifMit
for the human organism ooseses tihe
capacitv to accommodate ilsei-f in a
)vnderful lefriee to the use of poisons
j the case with opium, and the same is
I true of tobacco and all other poisons.
! There are many men who use tobacco
I enough m a single day to kill several
lint ovilurAmon i r It a uuu it
! they wove obliged to take it in the
Jfcatne jit-n d. bottie of the disease
I caused hy its use, will show in my next
i t the
; party.
d"vil hivriificlf gives better
ih'-v i-.on change their
1 1 1 ( O W M S V 1 1 . 1. K It II KKZRS.
Dr. Curl is txtracting teeth In 8clo
this M eek.
' Knoeh Hidgway went to IaIiumoii
JMrs. J. W. Wilson hns been quite HI
for several days.
Miss Sarah Kay U vl-illg the family
of O. V. Coshow.
'There is a probability of th Cal:
pooi trail being completed this week.
J. H. R. Morelock, Jake Bilyeu and
John Waters went to Albany Monday.
Lumber Is lelng hauled for Mr. War
ner's house in theUausmau addition.
Mrs. It. It. Itlanchard la visititifr i'l
atives and friends iu tie;rou City t Iti -4
BtTtk Mover has laid a new walk
aloiij? his premises. Breck never waits
to be dtivwti.
C. F,. Ptanard and family returned
from Lower Soda greatly pleased with
their camping experience. .
Jos. Hansard has curtailed the view
of anxious gazers by haiurlnc twodoors
in the entrance to the Itoyal.
11. M. G.Bradley has bwti compelled
to change occupations, lie la now
working at the carpenter's trade.
Wm. Moore ad Alex. Kirk, the m w
proprietors of the blacksmith shop, are
pounding Iron like veritable Vulcans.
Fley ltohy and family and Mrs.
Windom drove an the CalojxKila to the
scene of the late disaster, last Sunday. !
Willis Calder Is working on II.
Times this week to give the publishers
a chance to attend tae Press Associa
tion. .
Jake Btl3eu and family returned
from their mountain trip much. im
proved in every respect, save that f
Tlie Calapooia is lower than it ha
been for years, notwithstanding tl
havy snow-fall of last winter auu
I.egh Harnett, the expert miner wl o
visited the mines last fall. Is expect d
here this week; also Prof. Langworthy
of Portland.
Peter Hume and -family left this
week for a sojourn on the Sound. Mr.
Hume has relatives there, also consid
erable real estate.
Rev. T,indsley at the Raptist church
preached an imptessive discourse at
11 o'clock Rtindav. The revival
!-ervlces will be continued over Sunday
next. ' .
A stranger thought of locating In
our town until he heard an unearthly
noise In a certain business quarter.
when he concluded not to locate In
b Milam.
The artist who made a pencil sketili
of our town has failed in having it
lithoRinphetl, and there la necessarily
some (lisitpnomtment ana n railing on
la tne nnanc-s or tne towu.
The C. and R. IX. M. and M. Co. r
eetved three lettrra from Seattle lat
week, making inquiry about the mines
of thld comnany. ' They will become
more attractive as the work of devel
oping eontinuea.
Robert Cochran drove a span of
small mules Into town last Saturday,
bantered the marshal for a raee for five
dollars on a side. Record r Cowhow
held the stakes at last accounts and
Robert held the mules. ,
There is some talk of bringing the
county seat to Brownsville, but this
would be tmfortnnate and decidedly
premature, as we have nothing hetteV
to otter the county than a seat of Can
ada thistles. - Time enough to i.gitate
after harvest. ,
Kph Fax has reached that point In
his tunnel that he can-detect the faint
est glimmerings of the North Starand
the hazy outlines of a Chinese sunset.
Nothing but spontaneous combustion
in the intervening coal-beds wilt pre
vent his brmimiK back on Ins return
trip some fine cropping from the Ce
lestial empire. The eyes of the entire
community are ou the dump at the
base of "Bald Peter." Cross Eye.
The Experience or a. Conscientious Wo-
Chicago, Nov. 13.
IMr. WlsnoM Dtar ,Slr; I bee to
thank you for the delightful and re
freshing " Jioltertine" you so kindly
sent me. I have used the toilet prepa
rations of the most ce'ehrated manu
facturers of London and Paris, but con
sider vour " Kobertine ' their superior
in point of purity and excellence.
Wishing you the unbounded success
you deserve, I remain, fnit'hf ullr yours,
A Sort Cure for File.
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like ierpirrtt ion causing intense itch-
ine when warm. This form, ns well
as blind, bleeding and protruding,
vield at onco to Dr. llotyuiko'a I'iTe
Rmtiy, which nets directly on the
parts a fleeted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
5c. l)niKgi.-!t3 or mail; treatise free.
Dr. RoF&itko, I'iqua, O. (Sold by M. A.
Wand! Wood!
I have a large quantity of wood on
hand which will lie delivered in any
part of town at the following price?:
l'"ir wood, per cord, maple v,
per cord f 2.2o. Leave orders- at Kx
r it ess office. J. 1. K IKK PA TRICK.
We wish to pay to our old customer?,
and also new ones, that we are prepar
ed to furnish well seasoned lumber,
made from foft mountain fir, at the
following prices:
.''-f-onu i-f -. ., ., ., . .. n... i .. 910
CVar . 120
Pent-hiK, iHixins and Hi;ilei.. 7.00
Atourmill InWirtsburg, Linn Co.,
Oregou J exnixgh & Co.
In tke frequent strikes reported
between capital and labor, it will
be found in the majority of canes
that capital struck and the laborer
was only attempting to parry tlvc
wn.n ri -va na - aa1- i attics i-sv
L, m eeed nor fi8U oi,g
but pure machine oil.
Ckitsox & Metmzies.
ttradiwtte M r-vfwraitytcif Iowa; aim graduate
of upecialtitjs In the Bellvuc IlomrHal Medical Co
loire, Xew York.
Office at residence on Main street.
lias on hanit a large Moek of
Call And Secure Prices.
Real Estate Brokers,
Intituling Fire mill Life Inxunuico.
Choice Bargains
In Both City Property and
' Farm Lands.
Collections Attended ,. to
Promptly. ; .
STATE IXSrUAN-CE CO., of Salem. Orrpon.
of Salcra.
So said Bui
wer, th
KoTclists, and
Bevef spoke ta
troly, and he might
have added with cqnal force, that mtrii
w the rsoence oi success. WiMom i
Robertlne is the syBotism of merit, and
it history is success. 1 He magical ef
fects of this oreoaration hare been attest'
ed by thousands of the leading ladies of
society and fhe atntre. It is the only arti
cle ever discovered which gives a Natur
al and Beautiful tint to tne complexion.
at me same ume removing ait Tonsnncsa
of the face and arms and leaving the
skin soft, smooth and velvetT. It haa
lone been the studv of chemists to pro
duce an article that while it would beau
tify the complexion would also have the
mentof beme harmless, but tnese tw
important qualities were never brought
together u:iu comDmea ia
I am atrent for Real Extnte in
Cowan's :-: Addition
to x.i-ii.vrcr'
Choice Resideace and Business Lots
Very Desirable Portion o
the City
Cheap fur the Next Sixty Par.
You can buy any pf the
Cheap, of i
lilcnden and
StonB Ware, also
EST" Job Work done on Short JCotice.
Will Prffy Mm 9Hm TrnmUt th
i.lver una iJiy nod Riwr th
T rr k iif-aiiM mom iik. Ujmpafwt'ft
Want cf Arpeiito, iDdi-vectioQ.
lnck or m-ronKth nod Ilra
moMlM and dsitm ncif
nw roro. iLDltmns Mlna
k RndnpHe Brain Power.
TOWIC m uf And vij n. UItm leimr, hml-
thy complexion. Friant ttmpt nt ooaaterltMtr
in a Anlv muid ia thm Dortulfkritr of th orii inML
Do not ftxtrifrieuV ict th ORIG1NAI mm4 BEWT.
(Dr. HAS
Our Com
mailed on
IHoadach. Kn tuple Dom and Vmn Boo
mailed on reoeint of two eent in OMtaM,
Htlpatlon, L4Tr Uotupistnt and wick
Ready. A lMKk ff
over a00 kos, plv-liigmorelnloi-nintiini
of value to nilver
tascr.i thiin any other
publication over lKfiied. It gives the name of
every newspaper published, hftving a olrculiitiou
ratin'trin the Amenean Nvwspaiier lnretMory of
more than a0(0 copies each iMsue, Willi the cost
per line for 1vertifiiiK in them, A list of the
best papers of iK"al circulation, in every city ami
town of more than 5,001) population Willi price;
by the inch for one uiontli. Spvoial lists of daily,
country, village aud class papers. Bnrirain oitera
ct value to small advertisers or t hose wishing to
experiment judiciously wilh a nnall amount of
money, f-hows conclusively "how to jret the inot
service for the money," etc., etc. Sent post paid
to any address for oO cents. Address Oko. P. liow
KU. Co.. Publi.-hers umi Oetiernl Adeiti-.iu(;
Aleuts, 10 Spruce street, New York City. 7
f"" ".iiimi bii
I 'flrppt".' I
fBB,Wiiii ., ,, i"1-1111
L aMni MM., j
f. vw
To Vako noma fiw My
Spring and Summer Stock
Entire Rtock of
Boots Sz Shoes
Now Is the Time to
I Propose to Have
Leading Dry Goods Store
In the Valley.
"Promptly attended.
.A-llmitr, Orecon.
Rnntu a svRvi npv nnnn?
Ladies' & Gents Furnish
Sole Agency for I-nfllcw'i Fine Bhor-t.
Prices Always the Lowest
Albany, Orcfon, : : Blumberf Block.
rnitcd 8tatM 'Lend Office.
. Oregon City, Oresoo, June , 1890.
Nnrlic l hereby given that In compliance wftb
the tiroviaton of tfie act of Con trmm of June 3
1ST, entitled "An a-t fur the sale of timber land
in the Htte of California. Oreeon. Nevada, and
ashinpum Territory," Cliartea O. Borene, of T
eoma. fwnlT of Pierce, ftale of tn'awhintrton, ha
this day filed In thin office his awora Ktalement
So. 2irc. for the mtrchaae of the 8. W. U of Sec.
So. S4. in Tp. No. 11 P., R. So. 1 E-. and will offer
pro to show that the land Bought timoreTalu-
arue lor iinioer or none man tor arncumirai
rnrirf-1. and to establish hi claim toaid land
t-f' -re the register and receiver of Ibis office at
reoo t'ily, Oiegon, on Friday, tho 3d day of Oc-
t -r. is'i.
He names a trltnewe: 3. L. MacartneT.
Bn-nnan. . Chisimlm and J.OUicspie. all of Ta
coma. IVa-liinpton.
Any and alt periona claiming adversely the
abore-dscrited land! are reaucied to file their
c'aim I this office on or before aid 3d day of
tatober, 1SU0. J. T. AFFERSOS. Eegister.
Tnited Ptafes Land Office,
Orciron City, twegon. June 2, 1SW1.
Notice is hereby siren that in compliance with
tne .rovwwttia or me act or tonpressoi Junes
a. entitled "An act for the eate of timber land
In the Hinie, of California. Oreiron, Nevada, and
W ahinetn Tctntorr. John u. Macartnev. orTa-
cnn:a. eotmtj- of l"ierce. State of Washington, has
tht d.y tlle-l in this office hi aworn statement
Nil xr.). for the narchase of ttie S. E. i of S1-.
No. M, in Tp. No. II 8., it. No. 1 E-, and will f!Vr
prmn 10 now tnat tne ianu fnaiirnt w more valu
able for iia timtier or Atone tltau for ariculttiral
Kirrweo. and to establish h claim to mud land
fore the recisrter and receiver of this office at
ltn-en t'ity, Oregon, on f rjdar, the 3d day of Oo
tol-r. IW.
He nanies as wltnesaea: f.-O. Borene, J. Bren
nan. A. hbhulm aud J. Olllesple, all of Tacoma,
Any and all persona claim ine adversely the
abiveieiit)ed land are requeued to file their
claims in thia olhce on or before said Sd day of Oc
tober, 10. J. T. A PFERS'JS. Register.
United States Ijind Office,
Orepm City, Oregon, June 4, 189tX
Notice fe hereby piTen that In compliance with '
the provision of the actf Cfrreof Junes.
IK78. eniiiled "An wt for tlie sale of timber landv
in the Ktate of California, Oregon, Nevada, ami
Wnhinjtlon TerriUar," William J. Hagedorn. of
Tacoma. county of Pierea, Ktate of Washington,
has tlil dav tiled in thisothee his sworn statement
No. for tlie purchase of the N. W of Pec
No. M. in Tp. No. 11 S., R. No. 2 F, and will offer
proof to sliow that the lantl sought is more valn
ah!e for its timber or stone than for asrrieultural
f'tirpoef. and to establish hia claim to said land
efore the repister and receiver of thia ofBee at
Orecnm titv, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 7th day of
October. 1M.
Ue names as witnesses: C. V. Q. Rowland, C. M.
Postman, K. Van Cise and John M'est, all of Ta
coma. I'icree county, Washington.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
almve-deseribed lands are requested to file their
claims in this office on or before said 7th dav of
October, I). " J. T. APPERSON, Repsier.
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, -Oregmi, June a, 1 890. :
Notice ts hereby given that In compliance with
the provisions of tlie act of Conjrrei-s of June 3.
1-H7R. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the states,if California. Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Charles U. O. Howland. of
Tacoma, eounlv of Pierce, folate of Washington,
has this dav Hied in this pflice his sworn statement
No. aiiifi, for the purchase iff t.he .N. E. H of See.
No. 34, iu Tp. No. 1-2 S., K. No. 2 K and wilg offer
prrxif to show that the land sought is more valu
able fot its timtier or stone lhan ftw aerienltnral
purposes, and to establish his claim to said land
before the register and receiver of this office at
Oregon City, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 7lh day of
October, IH'Mi.
lie names as witnesses: W. J. Hagedom, C. M.
Postman, P. Van Cise and John West, all of Ta
coma, Pierce county, Washington.
Any and all persons .claiming adversely the'
above-descrilied lands are requested to file their
claims In this office on or before said 7th day of
(.ctober, lts. J. T. APPERSuN, Register.
United States I-apd Office,
Oregon Cit Oregon, 9une 11, 1990.
Notice is hereby ilven that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June S,
1H78, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," WHVys Kirge, of Sumner,
county of Pierce, State of Washington, has this
dav tiled in this office, his sworn statement No.
JU. for the purchase or the 8. W. H of Sec Sa
m, in Tp. No. 12., R. No. 2 ., aud will -offer
priatf Wshnw that the 'lanfl songlit is more valu
able for it timber or stone than for agricultural
Eurposcs, and to establish his claim to said land
efore the register and receiver of this office at
Oregon City, Oregon, on Thursday, the 9th day of
October, lm0.
He names as witnesses: John West, F. I.lvesey,
A. W. Richey and V. l.lscomb, all of Tacoma,
Pierce county. Washington.
Any and all persons claiming Adversely the
alMive-di-serihed lands are requested to file their
claims in this office on or before said 9th day of
October, 18V0. i. T. APPEKSON, Register.
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon. June 11, 1890.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3,
1K78, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregou, "Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Francis Liscomb. of Port
land, county of Multnoman, State of Oregon, has
this dav tiled in this office, his sworn statement
No. 2110. for th? purchase of the S. E. H of Sec
No. M, in Tp. No. 1 S., K. No. 2 E., and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more valu
able for its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposs, and to establish his claim to said land
before the register and receiver of this office at
thrown City, Oregon, ou Thursday, the 9th day -of
October, 1WK).
He names as witnesses: John West, F. Llvesey,
Ji. Birge and A. W. Richer, all of Tacoma, Pierce
county, Washmgtsn.
Any and all parsons claiming adversely the
lKive-dtwcritd lands are requested to tile their
claims in this oihue on or before said ttth dav of
October, 1SU0. J, T. APPEKSON. Register.
,atin, Greelc, Nlatlnematicss, Sciences
and History Taught.
For terms, -eall on or oddi-eas
Men's, Youth's and Boy's CloTMng'
Furnishing Goods, Etc.
. - i.
Also Keep on Second floor a
Boots 8c Shoes,
In which I will not' be undersold. Come and1 see me and
I will treat you well.
; 1;
New Corner Store
The public school house on the south,
The paper mill on the north,
Tlie big planer cm the east,
And the depot on the west,
Makes the Corner Store the Hub
Keep a full line of Men's and Boys Clothing of Browns
ville manufacture, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Groceries and
Provisions; in fact everything necessary to keep soul and
body together.
Nobody complains of Bach's goods or quarrels with his
At Our New Quarters.
We Are Too Busy to Write an
Advertisement. :
- .
And I Am Now Prepared to Furnish
and Keep in Stoclc
Shingles, Boards, Pickets, Doors, Windows
Blinds, and Builders Hardware
All First-Class, at Lowest Prices.
Onll nml See 3Io.
- rnited States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, May 28, 189(X
Notice is hereby (riven that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of km$rres8 of June S,
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in tlie States of California, Oregon, Nevada, aud
Waxbinfrton Territory," Fred 1'lmer, of Tacoma,
vamnty of Pierce, 44 ate of Washington, haa thia
dav 3!ed in this office his iora statement No.
for the purchase of the S. W. M of See. No. 4,
iu Tp. Xo. 11 8., R. No.1 E , and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable for its
tiuvber or stone than fur agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before the
register and receiver of thia otiice at Oregon Citv,
Oregon, o Friday, the 26th day of September,
He names aa witneswes: EL Jtetzger. i. N. Lake.
J. Brennan and J. Squires, a31 of Tacoma, Wash.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile their
claims in this office on or before said Wth day of
September, ltr.Xt J. T. APPERSON, Kegiater. .
D. TO n BET, A. M
Principal, Lebanon, Or.
for Bargains
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, Jay US. l!.i0. '
Notice is hereby given that in coroplianeo wi:
the provisions of the act of Congress of Jf . t
1S.S. entitled "An act for the sale oi timber land .
in the States of California. Oregon. Nevada, an '
Washington Territory," Henry &lt-rcger. of Ta
ma, county of Pierce, State of 'hirert
this dny (Had in this office his sworn stai4 '
Xrt 'JOSS ftV t hx Tun.h.u.fAu.ii V 1 '
No. 4, in Tp. No. 11 S R So. 1 EL, ami
proof to shew that the land sought is mo!l .
able for its Umber or stone than for agnciii
Kuri!e, ana to eswonsn nis claim to saio
efore the register and receiver of this oiS'aiw
Oregon City, Oregon, m fritiay, the ".'lilh Uaf
Sentednber. 1830. -i
He names as witnessear F. Clmer, i N. I-alte.
Brennan and J. Squires, all of Tacoma. W--h-Any
and all persons claiintnxr adversely
above-described lands at requested tie thv-MT ,
claims in this office on or before aaid Stan dy g
September, 181. J. 'i. APPEKitN, Kegt-s.
r .