The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 08, 1890, Image 3

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Lebanon Express.
We notice cherries In the nimket j et.
K, Giwn paid Albany visit this
II. It. lowelt wns hi Lchaitou this
JefFIsom went to Linn's melrnpolta
Ther nve a good many cimwra ct
Hum hiia been
tills week.
jvpairiiiK cr"-.-walk
Guaranteed machine oils at Cn:.-i!
Jfe Aleiir.Iva',
Wtf saw Mr. J. 'Wisdom on o
streets lately.
Screen doors and windows at Cm
son A MensteV.
E.tloan htm the shhiglea hauled for
his new building.
Tin roof Is on the new eehoot house
and alo the siding.
merchants this week.
Several men are kept busy at Settle's
warehouse this week.
Utk? J. R. Klrkpntrlek returned
from S-Vnttle Tuesday.
Mat Keott was In town yesterday,
but the track was void.
lUaeklierrles are selling in town at
twety-Jlve wnts a gallon.
li-e cream every Friday and Satur
day at the ten-cent store.
Mr J. 1 Gidbmllh drove oyer from
Albany Tuesday morning.
You may expect some Interesting
letters irom Quart.ville soon.
Mr. Maybery has the frame of his
oottage up ana the siding oh.
Those patients who were ivr: Tied
icfc last week are recovering.
Men are at work on the low-er end of
theO. Ity. widening tlie grade.
Marlon Powell, who called on us
this week, rexrla his en p light.
t 1.1 11 t .t
I , . . , " .ir U?.; i
vu ". ! nunnery Roods of agents represent i up
Rev. ?eo.. W. tlilc.ny and family t Kastern hoi. s. Linik out for Bome
left for Yaquina Tuesday morning. j thing nice and fashionable.
(J. W. Wheeler has all kinds of! Eicht tbousaml people were renricd
lumber at his Baw mill in lieiwnon. in Allnv on. the itay of tiie circus.
, .... . (The population of All-anv Is sevn
Masonsare bulldins the foundation thous-,,,'d 0 ,hnttm j, wfrM
f.H-Davtd Peebler'e house this week. did Hot 1a(nizck h,,Uiiw.u very lib.
Miss Mary E. Xichols of Monmouth, !erally.
is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. M. Pow-j r,uUy Stephenson, formerly engl-
1 m-cr on the . A: C., but now a n-si.lent
alontajrtie casn store tvctivci aiot i'.nininmi, iiasa turoiisii iih
. . m i .,1 11.. I- i r r l
iarj;e invoice or grocents cany ui me
A. Harrdltoji, the enter prising Hw-. t
TT . . . . ..-... . . I . r .A ' . .
'There is every indication tivtf
nteivd upon onr Indian sumtiK-r t!il.i
J. M. Markham and fim'.Iv wcat to!
Jiodavilb l ist Sunday tnspitid a t-t-ti
timler canvas.
Mr. Hamilton, r.fibe flriin-f ITaiui'
t(Ki i .i;drcws, reports busins.-ss g d
in S v. i J ItMiie.
it. I
lith any day in the wetk at I. li. ll.v
rum's barbershop.
MfsvStlpha Mnxwcll, from Albany
iii-aii ie, is isiiliii, her ami:, .. K.
..fctvis of ! bi.- i!;e-e.
Jj'loo:s aif liein-r hA in (iuy's Store
lU(Ugnivd it will be ready for kvu
panls u n few 1ays.,
Mr.G. II. Wilkes, nvent for the State
InMO-sm-s Co., moved las headquarters
to Albany this week.
M. Al "Miller ha a large stock or
machine oils of all kinds and will meet
ny ami all competition.
. , . ...
. H.lMgley , wwii aa.-nt of the
ttate Insiiranet-.,. rijno ins inspects
to this otlKe Wtdiu'sciy.-
The Ivxi-lmnrrc l.ftcl
Wilder t-ln- rsanat'ement
& J. W. liatita .v:,t unlay.
Mr. War;vn nvalVnl him;
vxenrsion rates oy tV.e . 1. n .
V:titttl the t:st Svjui,3bj.
Kns-iness men find the sprl
great convenience, in fact it is
indispensable this dry we-ather.
elf cf
d and ;
.kler a
II. F.. Parrish is building
a large
i horses
Iwirn. Henry has wane laiga
nd he must but Id accordingly.
We have bora told tljat t h'MV .st I
m Jew store in town, just fci s u,
street from the Manunoih l-.,-:.
Misses Minnie d Minr H i
i:t n.
of Ksst Portland, sr v!
! 1
Mr. Barber, of Porthival, hw.i to
open r new store ill the building re
cently vacated by li. F. IVsJwell.
Real estate ajrents Peter. Wal-
lace will occupy one axua on the iowc.r
flor of W. J. Guv's new building.
Mr. Vanderpool, miner of txyi.-ri-iee,
residing near Sotiuville, v. as
turning over our ajiecimeiis tliis week.
Mr. Pierson contemplates opening a
Inneh room, and ierhaps a iiakery in
t he new store building wiien completed.
Miss Hattie Williams, v h- '. t.ctn
visiting her sister, Mi-s. (jjy - -;,:'M.
t her iiomein Indeiajudence.
day. Miss Magrrie White cf Urownsvilie,
has been over to Vaqtiisia for a week
ni called at the Express otlico Mon
c5ay. Harvcyor Wanur, of Albany, was
vniining lines and cstat'lbhiug co'rnccs
1 1 Hiatts addition tc. Jxbanon Wednes
day. If sar.f.igers are coming into other
towns as fast as they come into Leba
non, the old pioneers are last beyond
Mr. Millard's family came from Cal
ifonia recent ly and owing to thesearcity
of bouses he will live v. Kb. J. W. Banta
for awhile.
Eureka meat market, just cpeiv-d on
op.itc !St. Ciwrle
& Trwitn;a;i, tjali
hotel. Wheler
"and gee lis Smith car'e w V.
biir.gthis week. Avioit n
of tiie mucles of his leg
Ci.u-jt.d Lis j
Henceforth wo hall h-ar
tcll calling us to dinner.
Charles and Exchange i:
fvmie onr wljo ci i;;; s u be pot..-d,
ri 'icfs that ChaHey cn-i Ktirmau
will not catch many iish uiirmg thcii
inounUaa visit.
J. K. Temple of Sand Itirttye, was in
town Wednesday. Wai. innst have
Ifea in a liurry, ho ioo'iod neithi-r to
ttu: right ;i ;r i: ft.
A C&!tfrvn!aii was banting a loca
tion for a bakery last week. If he cuii
gc-t a (suitable tuilding we m count
on one more citizen.
T. C. Peebler ahd family and Mrs.
Wra. Reed will return to tlieir homes
this week and then watch the beam
ing smiles on William's faotv
We rcknowlede a call from Mr.
Childs of Brownsville, on Monday of
tins week. Mr. Cbiida bus been over
i" tije Y.-v i:-;- ir c - t!-' ' .' . .
llUlln Iwt 1U1 txt'tl vWitli
l:tnirlittr In rmtlmul. return
Ml t
j - The Knm Wall hnjml.y 'Main
Nti'H't woiiM not bo thmt aired by the
'.i '.'i rtllon of paint and some outwkle
ni'i fin. Who ruustho buiklln,-?
Jos. IHihl Is not tttlltitled with his
I hire week in the mountain, and
will eonelitf'.e his siinmut vacation by
siuMiilLig a u.v wwftn on the coast.
''Kblor 'yheaWHH In sown this week.
A nnon! dignity hedges htm alxnit
peculiar Haeroilness, owing no
doubt to his eeelesl.tleal intuition.
Siim nut ronmwrr pays t'uat In July
Ihe Mm is about 94,H)0,iOG mil'" away ns. At present we are liielined
i to take th'm Mteiui-nt with rewrve.
I J. II. I' rick Informs us that he
i .vn a
tine tjcnptv of wood "n liiml,
Hi.! i s.ih. M'hti-b lin will
! liver to any t art of the eilv. Notice
! Jh'wsrs. Wirt A Jennlnas, nropsl-
ettt!s of one of the lart,t jt wuv iniits In
il-.'s rtart of the country, lmv. etal-
i a luuiuer yam ner.ii f tut
d'H t.
Mr. Parker, one of our li v. i v'fH ii.
whose- delight it has I wen t. haul
commercial t ravelin alwxit tho coun
try. Is about surfeited with his favorite
J. (1. Heed and Ids son-ln-Iaw, B. F.
Ibxiwell, were burning brush on their
property In Haft Ielnon one nijrtit
this week. Mr. Keed intends to build a
residence soon.
Ir. Negus of AHtany, has lought the
Interests of Messrs. I. & J. W. llauta
in the Kxehange hotel. It will prol
ably tie run as an adjunct of the fc?t.
Charles in the future.
Mii t'. Wshop. of Portland
called at the Hxpntss oltlee while -we
.were absent Saturday. Hie will
spend a few weeks wlth"hcr sister, Mrs.
I'cshow, at Waterloo.
V. I, lfaekleuum, John lV-anl and
AiX'h Itobcrts stnt to Lower Snla for
tlu ir fni!lc Tuesday. It is not likely
tlicse gentlemen xvlll ruu away from
their wives again, soon.
Mr. Applesate, who formerly rwiiletl
in Kansas City, came to our town a few
itays since tn search of a gonl Im-tUion.
11? -rsstil himself as well picked
with the pescnt outlook.
f-llk I ' J I IMII.HIM 111!
to purchase a full sim k of
anon Tuclay. He txk his family to
Lower Hoda to "while away the happy
Mr.KM.W. Hindmanand family kft
tor the Hay this niorning. He left at
i i. ftie, some h- fine cherries as we
. : en. I?ot .-.vsur-d, Hrother Hind
a s,;t, liir.t you will not fade from our
i meiiiory
lfcdtrty ats, and stale and i'i
fi; 'il capitals anv given to the high
tJ ur (and we infer from the tone of
.-one paHrs that they an-) le it under
fti.od that Iehanon wi'l bid on our
national capital.
I A man left Lebanon rntiicr hnrrliltv
! tliis week, and It is thought that he i
tamivtus post-noh-M lor the "Wm.Tii
I'nion," as be only sttUek the earth
opposite the telegraph poles betwten
Ia-Uiii n and Albanv-
A consTV!itism that docs notliinp
antil it is atsolntcly neees:iry; that
never moves until the fifty-ninth
minute of the eleventh hour, finds it
j lisrd to keep up with the rupid maih
i 'f the nineteenth century,
.Vor Milier. fouiicilnifin ft.teklo.
man and F. M. Miller, marshal, sjhmiI
j P"t of Tuesday inspecting tiiipVd
walks. Mu never tin se three gentle-
I men enter ipon the work of n itairin
i vn!U;4i we ,ave uo feur8 9'lotju.
! ' " ,
J iiou!(f any or our rcaners know ot
j exhibiting him. We : f ire y ti that lie
, is a man ! a I'.i'ivrvtit Kntney t-M'
j nnn-ty-nioo; onc-hundrtdtlia cf oui
t-re,. Cr - , W; ti r! .. s LMiolord
p M mailer I. :' I n-aver. wrs ill tow;
I t!-.s tret-. ' -s S.-V, if yon " :'r 'ir'.-aj
! tiie pi? lie-f t,i! w:
V. l;l ' U t
.1 1 cha'in-d o:
of Wak rh o at i
.!r, ; die diU ii, t li-m.;
ithe Kmtia:. atid make
inland town.
i l ic spii i' ci prrsrrovs snows no sir; us
: 3. 'r-1'-,-: iii 4 Ms p.n t of Linn. We
j r :c.el i:it spring that there would
' e (,re buid!- d h.uiws built in Leba
i tl.'s year. Almut one-half that
, ila.nU r have aln adv U-cn built and
i a: jH.'iitcrs are iwdracting ahead.
. f If some one would invent for the
i vear, simething equivalent in service
iiothe microcoie we wttuld furnish
i r .i .1 i.. , ..
, miabri li?cd report of all sewing soci-
t i lit i nun r .n ix ,i mtiii -ill
eties; then we would eclipse the SSun
jand turn the World upside down.
! An exchange wonders how it is that
I people consider it wrong to cheat indi-
viiiualsan .1 yet clieatoorporationswith
out comnuct ion. We are no casuist, but
we can answer that question easily.!
on Know, hrother, that corporations
hive no souls; while individuals have
-SCO. .
The Exi-m:ss office received a pleas
ant call on Friday evening from
Misses Maud Ralston and LihhyCa
miners. 'I be cheerful words and
sweet smiles of charming young
ladies buoys the Ikhk-s and lightens the
l.-iooi- of the over-worked printers.
Couie again.
A span of horses w ith harness on,
but with uothiug btdiind them, came
in from the direction of the paper mill
Monday, at a cyclone pace. In at
tempting to turn the comer at the
Cash store an animal lost his equilib
rium and treated us to a better cirens
than Robisosi ever saw.
The Sab-ui cannery is trying to cn-
! gage fruit in this section of country,
j The prices offered may le all that
! buyers can allord to nav. but thev cer-
j rt:Miy re very low. Wait about a
; t elyj-month and fruit growers eau
I ii's'd ii ms.rket at hme. as we expect to
i nav.? a CJ.niitry in lenauou.
.:! nnsiiicss opportunities are
d oar town iust now. Men
jf f vi.i! j.nd enterprise will find here a
: iirst-cIasM location for vai ions sorts of
industries. Rural hotels and country
I minor lin'-s do not insure an established
i cr.-.vth, but home industries and man-
uiactories inspire faith and guarantee
aoiitiity in any town or city.
Exposure to rough weather, getting
wet, Jiving in damp localities are
favorable to the contraction of diseases
of the kidneys and bladder. As a
preventive, and for the cure of all
kidney and liver trouble, use that
valuable remedy. Dr. J. H. McLean's
Livvr and Kidney Balm. $1.00 per
bottle. For sale by Beard &, Holt.
Some papers are quick to advertise
danger, especially if it be in the form
of an epidemic or contagious diseases
outside of their own boundaries.
Several papers noted for their avidity
in gathering news have reported nine
cases of diphtheria in Lebanon. "Diph
theria raging in Lebanon," and : other
sensational items of alike import.
The truth is, there is not a case of
diphtheria m our town, -.
tit.'iiitiiiia rwlst.on, whn Jor
Tho circulation rf the blood quick
ened and enriched liears life and
energy to every portion of the body
appetite returns; the hour of rest brings
with It sound repose. This ran U
secured by taking Dr. J. H. McLean's
Karsaparltla. For sale by Heard &
Win. Reed brought to this office
Thursday a veritable curiosity. It Is
stalk from his blaeklierry patch bear
ing blossoms and lorries in every stage
c f development from the tiny green
l oirv to the large rip fruit. Once In
awiille our Plate commits the mistake
i f Imagining Itself in the tropics, and
Iriis to bloom the year mu'id.
'I he decision of the higher courts
with reference to orbtl.jat packiijns
'iMinat prssibly work any harm to
Kt'iisns;, but tr.i the contrary, should
U; vegarded as a giHlscnd; for we
pcr-v.nally know of thonsnmls f these
er-;tn:d packages Ifing shipis-d from
that state f'inr-ft the i itroductlou of
prohibition. Knnsans, by Htiekllntr for
ori'iglna' iacki.iies, you am staudimr
in your own light. Let the bipedal
brJwers' vals toke a walk.
Hop growers hav.' r. aao is to exiwct
i? i prhw this Reason. Advices from
Kngland report the hen plantations in
an unfavorable condition. Vermin
abound In Imp yards, and ma M lias
npjcnrd In many laces. Unless the
weather Improves within the next
two weeks the hop crop In Kntland
will lieshort. Asanaturalconscquence
a failure of crops In other countries
will cause hops to rule high in the
United Btatca.
We read a clipping this week from
a Missouri paper that was a strained
ett'ort at poetical dlscrlptlon. Mis
stairl may lie a good state, but the best
color that can ge given her sounds
very prosaic to us Oregon tans. The
tamest ellbrt at description of Oregon
would sound to a MissiHirlan like the
choicest lines from "Paradine Re
gained." Owlmr to the lat great
etl'oitof mi tore In emlM-Hishlng this,
the fairest of I he states, the laueuaee
of our country Is in the highest degree
We received a petition from Hwect
Home tills week praying for the pub
lication of another letter relatingtothe
Kvaugcllcal rupture. We think tinlv
two petitioners are (paying) remlers of
me f.xrKKSS. 1 lie corn rivt-rsv liad
leen earrltnt on tbroujrh the eolunmt
of this a per In an acrimoHious spirit,
sitvorlncr largely of personalities, ami
it iiecame necessary to clone it at some
point, which we did in fairness toUHh
factions by writing finis alter Mrs.
MeFJroy'a letter. The lettei apieara
in another column.
We heartl a man say that he moved
to Irfbanon tnH'austf of the sujierlor
fechnol advantages . which our town
oilers. We r bles-scd above measure
in this nssct. Our public school
building which Is now under construc
tion is a tine building. The 8antiani
Academy, which Is also located here,
has a reputation as wide llieHtatc,
and h:s ent out into the world men
who have graced the various profes
sions and avocations of life. If It lie
good school facilities ytai art seeking
you can do no better than to locate In
our growing town.
The One-Price Cash Htone has le
nvme one of the fcattires of Lebanon
As i very thing is new and fresh, and the
! x 'i'-t are ,j mui h U low that charged
i .n eredit-tilvhig etatili!bmcnts, jhm
jn'c who deire to buv their gtKidr-
i'nr cash naturally go to the corner,
where th-.y do not have to make up to
the storekeeper for the non-paying cus
tomers who, when they can do so, bay
on credit, and who are'e onsthutiouallv
opixised to payine for anything. (!el
prices at the One-Prii-e Cali Store and
if the.v is any reason in you that is tin
place where you will punliase youi
Machinery made and repaired at the
liclmnon machine shop. We havi
nothii.gbut the heat machinery, It i:
tnanaued by practical machinists and
consequently we can icpair sW-sm en
vines, tMtilers, saw mills, grist mills
windmills, quarts mills, planing mills,
chop mills, mud mills, rock mills cof
fee mills, shingle mills, bark mili
um! paint mills. In short we can
make or r.-pair anything that hat
wheels and wears belting. We alsi
keep on band lace leather, ruhhci
packing, hemp packing and bra--.'-aronds.
You can take t hem a skeleton
of an engine, a thresher or any kind ol
machine and they will put it in run
nlng order on short notice.
lKiiiKixs & OsnoRr
rnnn'Miviun niteKZks.
Mr. Dunn bef-an work on bis resl
lene. thi week. ,
Ctij t. HagvP aii I Elias Marstcra
c.xpi. t to go to t!ie mincB swn.
Rev. A. Lo Roy has been granted a
vacation by his convegralio!i.
Wat. r is faili.i-r in the wells along
the hillside in the north end of town.
Agent Dolrtii bought of Wm. Itycr,
two lots in Hausiuan's addit on lately.
TVS. pillsbury has for the two weeks felt the twitchings of iheuuia
tism. J;d F ti-st is limping yet. His leu
was broken a year ago but has uevei
got Well.
Bert Wilson and Annie Moore of Ihis
place, were married in Albany last
J. B. R. Morelock who has spent
three months in Scuttle, returned
Bert Templet on has adopted the
"kitchen attachment" and began
threshing Monday.
The grape crop In this vicinity
promises to lie a bountiful oiie, if Mr.
Kapp's vineyard Is any criterion.
A protracted meeting is now in pro
gress at the Baptist church, under the
leadership of Revs, Waldr n and
N. B. Blandish by some mishap,
drove a piece of hot iron into Ids hami
which .caused a painful wound and
necessitates a rest. .
Go to Jack Adams for seed corn.
He found on returning home last week
that his corn had til been gathered,
and that before August.
James Blakely returned from his
visit to the Sound, Wednesday. He
has a better opinion of Seattle than he
hart previous to his last visit.
Another accident occured a few
miles south of town last week, in
which the victim had a rake toot h run
into his body. Just how badly the
man was hurt, we do not know.
Wm. Blakely, a former resident of
Brownsville, and who owns a fourth
interest in the large flour mill w hich
was recently built in Seattle, Is now
in Pendleton engaging wheat.
Ben Reese returned ' from Allwtny
last Friday. He lias been working in
the Albany woolen mills for atamt
two weeks, and has concludisl to re
main in the employ of the E. W. M.
J. M. Howe sold his harness shop
last week, and will change climates
this fall. Wo very much regret to
loose so good a citizen, but his asth
matic trouble renders a change of
climate imperative.
Wm. Acock has not been idle ince
he has licen in the mines. We learn
from Air. israaiey who has just re
turned from the Calapooia mines
that Mr. Acock has in addition to
working In tiie mines caught 84 sou ir
itis, 61 mice, 1 grouse, and 1 wood-rat.
John Young, who resided in Browns
ville ten years ago, returned from
Eastern Oregon Friday last. He
brought with him several head of
horses, expecting to find here a good
market. John we fear you have come
to the M'rong idac. Sjieoxi Cu p.
A shooting match occurred between
Isaac Ranta and Mr. Williams, his
ftdher-in-law, at the home of the latter,
iu Lebanon, Tuesday afternoon, In
which Mr. Banta received a slight
wound in the hand.' Mr. Isaac llauta
and Wife It appears have lived amicably
together until rwent times, when his
actions under the Influence of liquor
became sn unbearable and threatening
us to result In a separation a fw days
since. Mrs. Kant has been living
with hrr parch V, Mr. and Mrs Wil
liams, In apprehension of what oc
curred Tuesday. Melvin Williams, who
was in the cow yard when Bantu
tillered the premises, told him not to
io near the house, to which Banta re
plied with an oath that he would go
where ho pleased. A he came into
the front yard, Mr. Williams, who wps
s'.andiu; on the perch, v.rrned him
pgalnst approaching nearer, and re
ecivtd a reply similar to Unit given his
sou. Mr. Bantu took shelter, behind a
tree In Ihe yard in the Interim of battle
and was dislodged ami ran away after
receiving a shot In the left hand. It
is imporslble lo learn from thoac who
took part In the aftVay, who.llrcd
the first shot. Mr. Banta came up
town, had his wounded niemlier
dressed, was generously accorded Ihe
Immunities of a free man Tuesday
night and Mas allowed quietly-to de
part after break ft st Wednesday morn
A J I'M I Hill I.IIlKltTV.
; 4
Lebanon was thrown Into a thror
Wednesday by an Incident which al
though laughable to the spectators
would have proved serious to one party
had he not beaten a hasty retreat. For
about three weeks a young man who
ought to have h!sh ilrcut at the expense
of the State, has been lounging about
town with no other apparent busiue s
then that of planning mischief and
concocting evil. It Is generally under
stood that he was an abettor of the
Bunt i-Willlams shooting aflVay Tues
day. He had in various ways made
himself extremely odious to Ihe public,
but the climacteric jHiiut was not
reached until he, in a written and au
thoritative manner, warned one of our
esteemed cilUens, John Banta, to leave
town under penalty of rough usage.
Anlncenwsl public, on Wednesday,
provided a rope for the avowed purpose
of hanging themlscrtaut. John Banta
opened the play by charging on thv
u ictch at the Ft. Charles He ran up
stairs cli-sely followed by several men,
but he succeeded ill making his pscnie
by jumping fn.ui a second-story win
dow. '1 he last w en of hhn he was g
iug north at a little n o e than an av
erage pace, and It U the wish of s great
many that hecontinae his flight until
he readies a' clime more c ugcnial
than the one he leaves U-hlud.
Work Is going Ahead on the trail.
They expert to le through in atxnit
two week, and Ihtn nit that will be
left In Brownsville will Is the sick,
lame and lazy. Thoe vbo m tt to
locate claims had ls-st start as sis.u us
thev can oral! Ihe choice locations
will soon le ta :en. Our banker
went to see a mining expert yesterday,
to consult about putting in a mill on
theTrlDitycompany ' We do not
know the result of the counsel. 1
think King Salomon must have (a tie
here to get bis-gold. If as many, tit
dare the Ophir nuntloind lu Kings
was in Arabia, certainly a voyage to
that place and back could not have
consumed three yean. He must have
sent here, to Hold Hill, for it, when
ihe Willamette valley was an inland
sea. Anyone can s the ruii.s of an old
mine on Oobl IF- ; mi vl.u .pec tin
dtafts and cuts with the dirt piled up
n each side with large llr trees grOw
.ug tin the piles and in the cuts
.hat are thousands of veins old.
In one place I found w here a llr tree
had blown down and It It open a hole
ilotii the size of Lari--1 where you
an roll a rock dowikaml hear it going
it Lastr a thousand hit and thai
long side of a large quart, vein. I in
. end to explore I his last thid and muy
.liseovcr something tiiat will surprist
.he world. The B C and M Co. a e
rrcatly pleased with the way thcli
vein is prospecting, they have gone in
I f.s t of quarts and h.fvc found no
wall yet, which shows they have u
lirge and well-dcfliied vein.
E. 1). ILii:.-.
HXSV FltKAKS or TIIK kack.
Dill you ever study physiognomy
wh 1 the su! j -el was under Ihe excru
c:ating torture of a yellow jacket's
sling? The stand-aid works on tin
subject art: no more a guide uinler such
"Iroumstanci-s than a treatise on lice
culture in tin-frigid zone,siinply because
the ; ut hois have studii'd human natup.
oi u pose. As wt 11 attempt to write
iiie's biograpiiy by cxliumiiig whole
graveyards of i t latives. Wo took notes
Idle a friend of ours gave the various
signs at a yellow-jacket festival, and
they will hereafter appear as an ap-'
peiulix to uM ImmiUsuii iheshbject. Of
course our friend would not consent to
a voluntary exhibition, so we by dint
of coaxing bad him seat himself iu
such way as not to miss the M'rt'utor
projection of the jacket. The signs 'of
I'uuiliiitiveiiess were the first studied
fr ini the fact th.-y first m ade their aj
Karance. The unmistakable sign of
wonder was studied iu all its phases.
The devotional sign was lucking, rs
was also that of veneration, t.lrief was
pictured as plainly as aehromoou the
wall,- but unfortunately despair
"marked him for her own" ImToiv lie
reached the three last acts. As soon
as a second subject can le procured the
public may expect a revised treat iso on
A Kuimway,
Another runaway occured lust Fri
day. Misses Ida and Lelin West fall
and Mamie Swan were returning from
Waterloo iu a one-horse, buggy when
Ihe horse took fright iu front of Mrs.
Ballard's residence, wheeled suddenly
about and threw Ml-s Mamie out of
the vehicle and ran across lots to the
residence of Mr. Westfall, where he left
the buggy and the two remaining ot
cupants. Miss Swan escaped with
slight bruises, the sisters were not hurt,
but the buggy will have to undergo
Montague must lie preparing for a
boom, judging by the way he is slock
ing up his Mammoth and One-Price
Cash Stores. By purchasing his goods
in such large quantities he naturally
gets much lower prices. . He guaran
tees good goods in all the departments
of his extensive establishments at
prices that absolutely astonish other
merchants in the valley, some of them
going so far as to say that Montague
retails his goods as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The careful buyer
invariably goes to Montague's.
"What is to be done with the thistles
now iu bloom along our streets and in
the vacant lots?" Ex. We would
suggest the introduction of a few busi
ness enterprises. Thistles and business
do not thrive on the same street.
No fish oil in our machine oils.
C'UVSOjf & Mexziks.
Nemo has been studying the tiliat
muy, physiology and private characlt I
nf the codllit moth for the list two
weeks, and ho has eunduded Unit the
co.liln moth Is a pure concent rul it-it cf
ettssetlness. He Is a hard drinker, and
the cause of hU cmUrntbiu to Oregon
Is the string; nt ptohlbillou laws of the
kfsteru States. He Is very fond of
rum and tu ilasscs; takes Jamaica gin
ger In his whiskey, and, like some of
the Brownsville toys, he put- ti little
8 lit in U4 bef-r when he gels U In Hie
original package. He h:i mi pedigree
tn sMak of, although it Is tald that bis
ancestors came over on the MnyllmvtT
and the blood of the Kttick-risehcrs
Hows In his veins. He !:' neither
dignity nor eh an elothc-, let he i: a
great stickler f r table etiquette -m vcr
eats pie with a knife, nor drink s'niji
out of bis plate wit In ut a spoon, mid
doesn't wipe his mouth on Ids cuat-
siecvc. vt net her or not he wears
light-leg tq.-rlng-lsil tutu pan I and -. Sit
up the-baeli sillit is a dbpuled point
among his h!s.rriiplieis. ills habits arc
about as regular c.s a seisnul-hitud Wat
erbury watch, and, judging by the
newspiqx'is of Linn county, he needs
a I wait as much winding up.
Hut, with all his faults, be has a few
mleemlng qualities. He Is not cranky
on religion nor polities, and never slay's
up until 1 o'clock in the morning to
practice "The Sweet Bye and Bye" on
a brass horn.
The remale codlln moth Is very fond
of music, especially the Italian era,
and It Is said that the male never k-s
out Is-tween ads to take a drink. The
female Is also fond of ornaments and
fub-dnbs. She will appear next season
In, strlstl tu-se and Ihe iiw, fasbion
ui.'f liigli-teiialon, Self-cleVallng, iiou
crtvsiable, double-set Ion electric buHlc.
She buys her bhislus ami chewing
gum at the drug store, ntid never neg
lects to glee curtain lectii'es ttithe male
If he stuysoul late at night '.nd returns
home smelling like a Is nziiic factory.
The cod I'm moth takeh as a whole Is
a regular thorough! H-cd devil, and what
the pevple of Oregon want to know is
bow to exterminate them, so we will
giye them a receipt pweured by Dr.
Sharpies, of Eugene, from the East at
great exiM'nse. They will please not
say r.nythiug to the dot-tor alsut It,
for we "have Im-cii told that be gel.! hot
iu the collar when It is mentioned. It
is as follows: Oct two board' and place
them in a horizontal position;
the moth let ween them, then sit on
the board for I suit six hours. What
success the doctor has had with this
remedy we d not know, and we do
not advise our friends to ask hi'iiauy
questions uIm ul it.
The following remedy we guaranb-c:
Herd the moths in a drove and .liivc
them on to soufe cf the bridg.-s 'm--twecn
Brow nsville and Sweet II tn.'.
This remedy Is ,"adly sure. One f
our in lalih. is has?uggstedelt ctii -ity,
but ve have no faith hi it
.utln rlih s of the Stale of XvW York
have had aU tH cleetr.c'ty in the
State (smientri.t .1 on it ciimttial !' r
the last two year, and at last accuiits
the Id low was g"tting fat on tic pro
cess. A voyage over the narrow taa re
has Ikhii sugttcl, and the fatui.T
Nilgiit sack the m .ilis up and ship
them over that road by way of Itay's
Landing, but the fact is that mo-t -pic
r.rc tiretl of m.'ukcyliig witli that
ThJto'diu in it h idways sl.sps with
his bead to the north, and if the fruit
raisers could catch him whiii asleep,
in the wet of the moon, and maul bint
over the bead wilb a piece of gas-pipe
.-r a Ud slat It would ut least discour
age bis emigration Iu this coast hi
large numUrs. It appears that the
endriti moth always chiius to this coast
from th'i East, and we wish to ray
right here Ihnt we would thank the
people of the East If they would keep
their infernal vermin at home.
Noah mSdc a terrible b id break when
he took the codlin moth into the ark,
and we don't understand why be did
It. His wool is no pN" I for "manufac
turing purposes, and he is not a pretty
nor Intelligent creature. IVisto.
For the I est days M. A. Milh r
will ofl't-r for sale Welwter's Unabridged
Dictionary, ctmiplete, for f'l..jt. Don't
fail to avail yourself of this opportu
nity the greatest bargain ever ollered
in licbtinon. One km d vd must be
sold iu thirty days.
Children who are troubled with
worms may be quickly rciieviil by jriv
liist them ir. J. H. McLean's laquid
V'eriuifujre. it klllaand espcls Worms.
For sale by IVard & llott.
Harness, Saddles, Collars,
Whips, Etc.
Curiosity Shop.
foii uAncvirvts
Notioiis, ; Novelties,
And Gents' Furnishing Goods,
A.;: W. : MOSES.
This side of Portland for Variety and
First door south of Exchange Hotel.
DROP xisn
At Our New Ouarters
We Are Too Busy to Write an
Advertisement. .
Olive A. Wnssoiit was born Feb, H,
lwit), and died July 4, Ik-m), rAn- h id
been a great sufferer for. fifteen yea is,
and the last two years she was seldom
free from pain. From the "begl.ininp
of her la-t sleltiu ss she wis b t-ply Iiu
presseil that ht' would ntvel j.-i t !!.
As she had n.'vcf linalc a i fesaion n
religion, she thou -ht her sullV rii; v. is
th. mean., tio.l had taken to
her of her need of divlu dl. S'u
con tided to a friend that nh" had lose
been seeking pardon, and whib- she
lit-ll.vtd on the Savior, yet she had
not confidence to l.-'Mev;" htrstlf an
liecf-phd ciiilil f (hid.
On theAIof February, after a nljJii
tf grt-st anguish iiud cainmt p!:!f,
nil doubts anil feais vanished, nil w:!s
clear, und she wrs cntiblcd to li-joiit
and calmly say, "All i will." .-!r
net er al'ier-i x pressed any uar of d. at h.
The last few wt-eUs t-t her sicUinif
i were marked by the calm patience ami
l-il-l IU'. u a.t-!ll til. it'll k.n. I.ilI'i. l:-t-
sn'li. rbc-s and the nhnosl ai!g"H"ox-p!-sson
of h' l eoliliteUUIICC. Wililt
shu did not murmur nor complain, 1 1
ofien expreseed a d'-sire to enter th..
glorious rest of which she s oke to !:( r
mother Ju.-t a thott time before her
death. ' - - - ; l
Now, father, mother, sister- and
brothers, though thre Is a Vucnnt
place in your mld&t, and n place thai
can never be tilled, yet there are many
precious memories to treasure np; tmd
only keep the promise given, ami vt-u
will meet your loved one In that brfght
forever "where the surges cease to roll."
Aii.t now fun-wa ll, ik-nr Olive." i
'I hoi! art tmnilH-nsI (ill t!p i!t-nt,
Anil llty form ik merif s m'.
I'.al n'tiiii wo lnHr lo inpet Uae, s. .
,tPl lll"U Wtt'l I'rt" tJ IfTM-t tlK-t.
i iivre iioXitrfwci' tears re nhtst.
, A Fcocsn.
Tnke It 15irore Breakfast.
The Kn-nt i:H-lijk;r, timlp mi.l liver renutaio-.
In ne f-ir tciiro ijsaw : years lit EnpUh l. pod
livp q m-!ip Pit liver im)ii.iiif. Bmt Innte In lilt
iin.n!li cinari-lit; In the mornliiir. tull pain In
Ihe hem! mut I wick of Ihe eye, tired reft:iy ti
iii(V, ; iii).(mi r,f Ifrpr 'I 'v.-. .I'.liif,
Iu-uh.Ij Jir. llvaley'n Kit'Jbt. ! naik-Hvti T-mS-i
la-lleve ren'tSiuillen. lml-..i tlvf nj'H-lile :nt
Sine ti flu- cmlr.- kv-u-m. 1 1 1 if; o I i- frem
j-mir tlnii gUA tot il.OJ aiut tiiSin w til-r-liou-
I'artics knowing lie nisei ves iudebttsl
to t'ruson i Meozie's since lssst, pleose
call aid sHIle, asail of our old accounts
will soon be put In the hands of a col-
j lector. -
W. H BOOTH, M. D.,
! ii in lite ikllviw He-piiitl Mc;!ii-al Cut-
j I New Vrk,
i Ml .-e ul iv-l U iHt-imi Mnln Kret-t.
Uont Go to Portland
Gradwohl, of Albany,
To Be Found in the Metropolis.
He Sweeps the Valley of
All Competitors
lul'mrkrt. Fh'm-t fj-it. Tar. Kn-sot Bmt"
S'lycrw a.-e. Kr-i:-h chin ami ;Uiwai,
itujr' Wasuns, Unll t'arriii!je, Eie.
Tlio t;iJ.l.n Ttile lliomar nmk ti -laltr f tbt
. I'liieM Ti't t'ilfw and lUikniff Iiuni,
evert- a kiu: rf lik-U nirtwulU'--tiirv.1
for Iwar" Ih- future
of ta.U'ii Kule Iiaut!tr.
To ilke llnna fur ilr
Spring and Summer Stock
Entire Stock of
Now is the Time to
I Propose to Havo
Leading Dry Goods Store
In the Valley.
Promptly attended.
A.ltnij, Orojjo".
Gome h i and
Aro Wot
At the ljf.K'ball business, 'out the eai Irj.-IhcfS v."rks like a
clmnn. ' The "lftimKi J xjaxv?" h -n-.atl hy a ;rcat many
people, but thpre t-.e-j i I. brrafev. v;b:. h ru.t road. To
those ami others vo alt to vsy i'ue-t .vi rsre iii tleatl earnes
about felling for cash, but v:: srj ttlliug cheap.
Now a?4 a Iiusiuo;;s ropoitiou, i. it not belter to huy for
cash and get your goods cheap, t!ian to buy on long timo
and pay a bi profit?
N credit house can Fell cheap; they inupt add an pxtra
profit to carry bad bill., for they art. ?ure to !oal:e bfid ae
counts. No credit house can do bu?ijt'.ss without mitkin
bad account?.
There aro h;ts of people in and around Ihanon, as thrf
Fourth of July celebration showed, and they mt fiavci
goods, and I go on the plan that it is better toFcll two jair
of 'shoes for cash at 25 cents pr'Tit than to pell one pair at
5Q cents profit on credit belter for me and better for the
buyer. .
If you cannot get the cafh ta buy gorA v. itli, bring ill
your eggs and chickens, and if vou have none" of them," get
.1 ii . ii ....... t . , .i
iiifin, miMj ii:liii; uiuv aiu anva.s go'i as ca.ii, ano are:
niiicn more plentilul than the
only Taise them. .
The la3- of higli prices is past The poor cannot pay if;
even the rich cannot afibrd to pay it. (Jive in- a ehancY to
sell vou some cheap gods, but
cash. This means everybody.
C. C
Cigars, Tobacco, Furnishing Goods, Etc,
First-Class Goods
Country Produce TVilcen in Exchange?
for Goods.
Give Me a Trial and Be Convinced.
Shingles, Posts, Boa rds and Pi ekets.
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved.
I manufacture ami loal in Doors, Plinc!, all styles tTf-iindtsvr
Frame?, Dctor Frame?, Mouldings, Bracket;?, Et., in fact anythirig&HU,
nfactured and kept on hand in a first-class planer.
In connection with the alove, I also have on hand a. well-assorted
lumlier yard in w hich is to be found rough and dressed Lumber, Iluntic,
Bevel, Weather Boarding, Flooring, and all kinds of Finishing Lumber
for Cornices?, Etc.
W lour
Has Been "Ren ted by Me, and It
Will Be Rnn in the Fainre as It Has in tiie Past.
I Buv Grain and TalcerTri On'
o.h Flour and Feed on Hand r.t AW Times as
Look Out 1 1
"T- i
hartl cash it people- would
do not forirt to brifii tlio
. Next Do jt to Iauk.