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    TJjs Lcbaijoij Express.
Fill DAY, A rUII. 4, 18!M.
Next 8umhy I Krttjr.
Itufl. llJutt U njjnln alilo to be owt.
Mr'uthlll l.ft rr (J rum's
FJrst cleas work at MoUluiv's bnrbvr
Reboot cloaca t the Acnlny thin
Pmf. F. M. Mlteholi calUd on us
lr. V. 11. Kowlund cnllot nt thin
ofllcs ThurtHl.ny.
We noticed Hnynl drover, of UrowiiB
vllte, on our streets Inst FrMtiy.
Ilev. llarscllea held services In the
Presbyterian church last Huiulny.
Jake Hilycu uliipiu'il his household
good to Rrcwnsvlll Wedmedny.
JJow U the time to plant trocs, how
peed and otherwise beautify your home.
Plalvlew iicetl a lilftokwnUh. One
locating there would doubtless do well.
Dan Hhaw h now emjdoyed In the
livery ntahl of Khkendall, Went fat I A
. O. W. WheclorVmlU will begin saw
ng as soou as repair are made n the
Win. lit therfurd went to llrowiiavllle
Wt Baturday ou business and returned
Mrs. Dr. Gilbert, of Bwect Home,
ajent two or three days In Lebanon
this week.
Onr merchants are receiving theli
spring phmIs and are expecting a busi
ness revival.
MUs Jessl MeCalley returned Tues
day from a visit to relatives at llose
burg and Jlnrrisburg-
Telt your people there will te a tcn-thousand-doltar
nchnol house built In
Lebanon this summer.
The ladies of the Presbj terian church
will give one of their delicious dinners
on election day, June 5.
G. VT. Taylor rented II. Y. Klrkpat
rlek's house this week and will occupy
the same m a few days.
The weather Is brlghtentnj iif some
what, but altogether too late to save
the reputation of the groundhog.
C. C. Haekleman spent several days
In Albany this week. He iep.rts a
silence In political circles that Is almost
( The town Jnll was move! this week
from the bt back of the school build
ing to Main street near the firemen's
Anyone tleslrlns lodging can le ac
commodated by calling on Mrs. II. I
ParrlsV. one door north of The Kx-
press office.
Mr. Otto Rerling has. sold his farm tn
the forks of th 8antiam, consisting of
$0 acres, to Mr. Noel Clark, of. Ronton,
Mm, for Jo-'xX).
We heard a lady ask her husband at
7:lo In the morning If he had jut com
from band practice. The boys are
really In earnest.
Forty-ecvcn cses of foot-wear were
received at the Mammoth store this
week. Montague looks after the "sole"
, as well as the lody.
M. A. Miller is clearing his two
blocks in Halston'a addition with a
vw to felling Inta in this deeiral-le
portion -.f the town.
Unless wa are to juda:e by men's
actions, up to this time there are no
aspirants fr office. So far no one has
declared his intentions.
The C P. churoh have engaged Ilev.
Jf. L. Jfew as i actor. Services will be
hold on the second and fourth SundayB
of each month, as formerly.
IiCbanou has a fine, well-disciplined
Are company. The membership Is
large and wilt ne increased by the ad
dition of several memlers soon.
Tr "Nemo's" correspondence In
creases In the future as it has In the
past we ahall have to issue a supple
ment. "Nemo" is a good newsgatherer.
We cannot account for the late va
riety In the weather unless it be that
every immigrant brings with him a
sample of hts country's climate Looks
J. H. Archibald and family moved
from Janction City to th'.a plree Wed
nesday, and have rented Mr. llouek's
bouse. Mr. Archibald is favorably
lenown In these part, and we welcome
him to our town.
Recorder Peteraon is assessing the
.town for road and street tax. Please
don't contract your purses, but help to
make model thoroughfares of our
fct reefs and roads.
Swan Bros, want it understood that
they are not running in opposition tft
Jeweler Hardy, but they ask the pub
lic to call and see their time-piece it's
a marvelous "ticker."
Twenty thousand bushels of wheat
were fold from the Lebanon warehouse
last month. The price paid was GOccnte.
It was sold to the Palem mills and
Caesar Bros, of Portland.
Mr. Jame Matehett and family, who
have been living in town this winter
to take advantage of our school facili
ties, moved back to their farm at San-
tiara postofBee this week.
If the Odd Fellows have not already
engaged a band for their anniversary
celebration on the 26lh, they can do no
better than to secure the services of
the Lebanon Cornet Band.
V Mr. Garb?nd, formerly editor of an
Eastern paper, called at The Exrnss
'""office this week. He gives it as his
opinion that Lebanon will have a pop
ulation of 3,090 in a few years.
Jake Bilyew 'tr' !osth to leave our
"town. We don't -want to advise in a
matter that is purely personal, but we
rtowish Mr. Bilyeu would reconsider.
TTwTcainKaafd-tC -lO4 h '71,
i -The clause in the fish law prohibit -"
j th? cfttrLing of trout passed out of
l3fe;et March SI, and now those who
y -J-,h for trout can catch them (if they
kill bite) with a clear conscit nee.
visited Sweet Home
It la rumored that Win. Uethorford ;
hna bought property In Brownsville.
It U thus that Brownsville and Leha i
non pre playing a game of "glv and
take," with the odds, so far, In HrowiiM-vlil.-'s
School meeting Friday, April 11.
Let all who are interested In the edu
cation of our children, who are favor-:
id .le to good aehivtl - fiiclllllea and our
prtifp-Tlty In general, Ih present on
that occasion.
Mr. Newton Uusselt, of Sweet Homo,
lain a very erllle.d condition, lie Is
sutlerlng from a socon t attack of la
grippe. Father llussell, aa he la fa
nil"iuly ciIIn1, Is one of the oldest
settler tn that part of the country.
The people were startled this week
by a dull, heavy thud, as of the drop
ping i f a meteoile stone; but it was
afterwards learned that O. C. Hackle
man had pulled the "pin" and allowed
prices to "drap" in Hoot aud shoes.
Marshal Miller has been for several
days Inspecting disordered Iihs and
flues with a view to protecting our
town against tire. He has completed
his task, and ample precautions will be
taken to prevent any "tlery" disasters.
Many of our people are beautifying
their j ails m a most tasteful manner.
Flower beds In beautiful designs and
ornamental shrubs and trees add many
attractions to the homo with a compar
atively small out lay of time aud money.
!. the ennu-r !mi Vx burning
On our iiwn till late al night.
Peine r"r Htmstor, hoin roturuluf,
May Ita Im-kiu to ttHt.
Trim fiwr tnuii, nuvit imW lr.
Turn on the IiIkw to tlio hij;h"t leh,
Mivt all ur p o'il at time iirr
A Rlx-ftvu w lk to a miuMy ctlirh.
Mr. Nichols, riainvlew's live mer
chant and poatmatter, called i.t this
office Saturday, lie reports business
lookln-r up at that platv. A town site
will soon be laid otT and lots put on
the market and Bold at reasonable
rhlltp Wm. Nichols, who has lieen
foreman of Tin: Exikfss for alaut a
year, left Tuesday for his home at Ku
tjene. Mr. Nichols is thinking of en
gaging In some bust uca that will afford
more sunshine and less confinement.
Success to a worthy man.
Lebanon Bath and Shaving Parlor.
I. It. Borum, proprietor. fcmooth
shaves and latest styles hair cuts.
Shampooing; and Spanish Luter cures
the scalp of dandruff every time. Hot
or cold baths. Gentlemen and ladies
may Indulge in the luxury.
Mr. Wheeler, who Uvea near Peter
son's but to, called for trespass nut ices
this week. He says that hunters cut
his wire fences, roll rocks from the
hutle, and flre their guns regardless of
his lierds and flocks, and he has to
adopt this nicans of protecting his
Mr. Wirt and wife, of Sweet Home,
were In town recently. They visited
Kansas a few mouths since, but the
entomological report of that State wa
iltogvther too voluminous for one ac-
"UKtomed to living in a country where
destructive Insects have not taken
! Ion of everything.
The M. K. church, Sooth, cled
their meet Intra at tills place Tuesday
nlybt. This denomination will orgnn-
'?: a church hero. Thev have also se
cured property and will soon ertvt a
church and parmnaire. ltev. Price
has t:ike charge of this circuit and will
hold services in Iiebanon once each
Wc were hown some large, healthy
eat.bago plants this week from W. J
Guy's g-irden. Tho t-ahbnge stalk
which were left In the ground last fall
matured and dropped their seeds, and
from tln-se seeds has grown a crop of
fine plants. We are inclined to think
that Mr. Guy takes the lead In amateur
There having been sonto Inquiry as
to who is the fighting editor of this
psi-er, we hasten to announce that we
have engaged Mr. T. A. Swan to act
In that capacity. All who wish to
"settle" with us in this Sine will please
call upon Mr. Swan at the furniture
store and he will do his best to render
Stop at some of our stores as you pass
down the street and eve where tha
com man household article, the wash
board, is manufactured, figure on the
first cost of tho article, and tell us,
some of you lumber men, If there is
not a good profit on their manuf:wcturc
here at home.
An exchange which professes to
know Coll Van Cleve's business say
ne nas onerea j ju.oou tor the narrow
gauge road. It is supposed that he
wants it for private use in taking a
hnnt once in awhile for the wild goose
and Mongolian pheasant. Yet some
people say It don't pay to run a country
paper in Oregon.
One of our subscribers called thi
week and ordered his paper sent to the
new tovn of Lacomb. This town is
situated en Fern Ridge, and owes its
birth to the ere. tion of alare saw-mill
a few weeks ago. Other Industries will
doubtless spring up aud the p-imeval
forest will eoon be converted luto
thriving village.
Notwithstanding wo have aeveral
saw mills near this place, we are com
pel led to purchase lumber Irom the
mills up the valley. The reason our I
own mills do not supply the market is
because the roads are too heavy for
hauling. A good deal of building is
delayed on account of the scarcity of
A company consisting of Dr. Barkei ,
Ben Barker, Mr. Gunard and Mr.
Clark started this week for the moun
tains In search of gold and silver. It
is expected that the above-named gen
tlemen, being men of experience, will
make some valuable discoveries. The
many rich mines already discovered
in the Cascades are hut a tithe or what
remains to be unearthed.
The OTse-Friee Cash Store has become
one of the features of Lebanon. As
everything is new and fresh, and the
prices are so much below that charged
in credit-giving establishments, people
r-ho desire to buy their goods for cash
naturally go to the corner, where they
do not have to make up to the store
keeper for the non-paying customers
who, when they can do so, buy on
credit, and who are constitutionally
Mr. Chesher visited Sweet Home opposed to paying for anything. Get
week and report a consideratiie prices ai me uae-"riee Cash Store ana
loss of fctock between Lebanon ana - n mere is any reason in you that is
that place. Cause, hard winter, iiif- 1 the place where you will purchase y our
ficienxyof feed and lack of shelter- t 'supplies.
trnterirl t'nntmilti(t Tha
Spring 1 nligid ami Iturot vd.
HaiiAViM.K Or., March ill.
Thk Li iiano Ex Pit ok says that
ksxia. Wiilton & Wiley, proprietors
f the new planer, are dressing lumber
r the f "itH)0 hotel, which will staui be
u!!t at Soduvllle. This la only the
H tjtiinli.g of a very bright future that
waits Sodavllle. That the railroad
ill be extended to Sodavllle simiii Is
'a reel y admissible of a doubt, and Mr.
lard man realizing this, no doubt, as
many others do, has taken time by the
ivloek and is now erecting and pro-
umcs to have completed by the 1st of
une one of (lie best equipped hotels
u tha valley. The site for the new
otel Is uu the northwest corner of the
ItH'k occupied by the Fountain House.
1'bc main laiildlng will be BOxtW feet,
1th such additional buildings as a
ouse of such proportions requires.
I'hc Inadequacy of one hotel and many
rivate boarding houses to aeeomnio-
lato tho throngs of vlaltors to the
springs last summer demanded the
nterprssj now under way, and as Mr.
lardman Is a man of sufile.lent means
ud energy the public may fool assured
f meeting with every aoeuinmodatlon
hat the most fastidious could desire.
Some llV'dy work has occurred here
n real estate transactions recently, and
from indications Stalarlllo will be
heard of through real estate agents te-
re the snow Hies again. Messrs. Ter-
hune and P were, both moneyed men,
avo bought out the livery business
here and are preparing to enlarge the
stable and add a new set of bungles.
new butcher shop, a blacksmith
hop and a drug store are the next lu
rdcr as soon as suitable buildings can
obtained. Podavlllo has undergone
the perils of mosshacklsm, as has every
ther valley town, but we are glad to
bserve the i aoss coat shedding off and
the spinal column bracing up for the
production of a more vuluable growth.
The public springs have recently been
ularged and remodeled, and now It Is
estimabst that they contain water
enough to quench the thirst of all the
pmple of a city. A strange clrcum-
tauca has 1st n developed r o ntly that
few are aware of, namely: A Portland
firm have arranged with a Sodavlle
man to have the water fiom the spring
shipped to the former city for bottling,
.ind during tho winter this water has
Itcen sent down In barrels, bottled In
Portland, a label of a Portland firm
attached, and the water returned to
Albany aud sold tn Invalids at a good
pice, marked, "Soda M-atr from
Sdavlllo, Oregon." Here Is a chance
for some Linn county capitalist to
douhle his fortune. This water sis reg
ularly being shipped to Spokane to
private Individuals, to Taeoma and
other Hound towns, besides the barrels
that are bottled r.nd sent every week
to the ditTernt towns of tha stat
Why don't some one think of thi
have the rai'r.tad extended here, open
up some of the other springs yet undc-
volopl and start a bottling house
Correspondence to the Ik moerat.
Om on lh (ilrla.
The girls of Albany are onto a new-
racket. If, when desiring that moft
enjoyable pleasure of having tha oppo
site aides of their ribs pulled together
by the gentle embrace of a loving arm,
ske cxhiui-ts her store of hints and he
iVil to catch on, she asks hint to take
the word "" and from it to form
two words, of one syllable each, which
Imply anything in the world but
enough. Of course he takes the word
and after a short time of hard rustling
never fails to solve the Intricate prob
lem. Then the fun commences, aud
the other residents of the block imag
ine they are in Pompeii during the fall
of that city.
Itottcr Than Tbajr Kiw,
The men who located Lebanon
'builded better than they knew." We
are surrounded by an agricultural
country, have near at hand an Inex
haustible supply of timber, a rich miu
oral belt within a few days' travel, and
an abundance of water to run factories
mills, etc., with little to do but to put
the water wheel in place and take ud
vantage of forces already created
Thet-e are the factors that build cities
and the man who does not recognize
this fact will have to be Inoculated
with the spirit of our times.
The Narrow Gi Ahead.
An exchange says the longest train
ever hauled bv one locomotive came
IntoGraflen, W. Vs., last week. There
were ninety-eight freight cars and a
caboose and the train wus a few fet
over a mile in length. Let's see; the
distanco from Brownsville to the Leb
anon Junction Is 12 miles. Last week
a locomotive arrived at the latter place
when the passenger coach at Browns
ville had not yet turned a wheel. Give
the N. G. credit for 11 miles 1250 feet.
Timber Land.
There were several men hero thi.
week .whose object Is to locate timber
claims. The lat timlnir lands In the
Cascade range are as yet unsurveyed
but this need not deter people from
taking the same. By persona associ
ating themselves together in sufficient
numbers, as required by law, and call
ing for a survey, these lands can be
appropriated and titles acquired in a
legitimate way.
Odd Fellawa Anniversary.
Calnpooia Lodge No. 42 I. O. O. F. of
Brownsville has Invited all neighbor
lodges to join them in the anniversary
celebration on the 6th. We feel safe
in bespeaking the attendance of Leb
anon lodge. A nice grove, good speak
ing, rare music, ample accommoda
tions and other interesting features
guarantee a good time to all who may
Eautrr Hertlc.
There will be Easter services at the
M. E. church. Sermon for 11 A. M.,
"The Resurrection ot the Dead." At
the evening service there will be
printed programmes for the full con
gregation. Good music, select readings
and speaking by members of the Sun
day school and congregation. A cor
dial welcome to all. You will be highly
entertained it you attend. Come.
Wild flowers are very plentiful.
Mrs. Gtd Fout Is slowly improving.
Tho hills are putting n a coat of
l E. llockwclt left for Portland
ltev. V. Sperry again walks without
The Comet Band are to have new
Miss Lilly Bruce has gone to Salem
to attend school.
Itolicrt and Bert Tenipleton went to
Portland Monday.
Mr. Goodrich Is slowly reeoveilng
from the la grippe.
Born, tn the wife of llobert Blanch-
rd, March 2S, a son.
A landslide was removed from the
factory raeo Inst Saturday.
Who Is the Brownsville correspond
ent fr the Fire and Hammer?
The supper at Dr. lteese's office Frl-
lay evenlug was greatly enjoyed.
Bert Wilson Is visiting his brother-
in-law, W. H. Powell, In the country.
J. M. Waters returned from Seattle
Saturday. Report everything boom
MUs Ethel Lewis, of C'orvallls, Is In
town visiting her sister, Mrs. Jos. Will-
T. S. Plllsbury's new store Is nearly
coniplttlrd. II presents a neat appearance.
The saloon Is nhuut to change ban. In,
parties from Lebanon b.lng the pur-
Bort, to the wife of Eprlani Betts, at
Olymphi, on or about March tith, a
Miss Ellen Blancliard, of Oregon
City, Is vl-lting with Mr. aud Mrs.
Robert Blaiichard.
H. B. Moyer with a crew of loggers
went up the river Baturday to haul th"
tray logs back into the stream.
Tho dance given Saturday night was
very pleasant affair. All who at
tended report having a good time.
Everybody Is talking of building
this summer, but not one word about
protection against tire do we hear. !
this wise?
John Hayworth, residing nesr liar-
rlsburg, was in town Saturday pur
chasing goods. He ha found It to his
advantage to patronize the merchants
of Brownsville.
We met one of onr young merchauts.
who was recently married, on the street
Sunday with a young baby lu his arms.
fo our look of surprise he replied.
"Just getting my hand In."
Mrs. II. B. Moyer, Miss Kate Arch!
bald aud Ml-s Stella &wank took a trip
up the river Friday on the scow to see
the log rolling. Tha boys say come
again; that dinner you irotight was
We are glad tr see Thi! Htarr n our
streets aabi and restored to henllh
He came to town Wednesday on bnsl
ness and was taken suddenly il!qvd
hits been under tho care of his eon, Dr.
I. W. Btnrr.
Dr. I. XV. Starr bought one dozen
Winchester eggs of E. D. Von Hagan
Wc will watcU the hatching process
with Interest, as some doubts are en-
crtaiued of tne doctor's ability to run
a chlekon ranch.
Our express delivery wagon has
pi oved to bi" a pood investment. Mr
Moore has all that he can attend to
delivering goods for the stores. This
Maks volumes for the business enter
prise of our merchauts.
Brownsville is the best location In
Oregon for a furniture factory. Ws
make this assertion without fear of suc
cessful contradiction. Why don't our
board of trade do something to induce
practical nun to start one.
Mr. M. Jaeger, Sup't of tho Eagle
Woolen mills, shipped to 'Eastern
Oregon last week a yearling Holsteln
bull which lowered the beam at 700
pounds. The auimal Is a beauty, and
evoked much coiunieut at WooJburn
where It was weighed.
The band boys have decided to give
their dramatic entertainment on or
about the 2Uth of April. The players
were thoroughly rchearsvd for the
stago, but It had to bo postponed on
account of the sickne ss of Miss Anna
Moore, who is cast for ono of the lead
ing parts.
Miss Flora Foster was agreeably sur
prised last Satucday night by her
young friends, who called on her in a
bw'y. Those who were present state
that it was the most pleasant surprlso
party they ever attended. Mr. and
Mrs. Dolan spread a bountiful repast,
and all had a right royal time.
What is the matter with the mail
service between Brownsville and Leb
anon? It takes three days for a letter
to travel from one of tho above towns
to the other. Uncle Samuel, this will
never do; you had better roll up those
striped pants of yours and get a move
on you. That yarn about the China
pheasant bucking tho trains oft' the
track and delaying the mails is too old
for service aud ought to be retired on a
pension, 'lhe people are rolling up
their sleeves In an ominous manner.
which means kicking and hair pulling
in tne near future. Now, Samuel, no
more fooling; you can put the mails
through between those points in one
day with au ox team. If you do not
do better in the future than you have
in the past wo will conclude that you
are a lazy, good-for-nothing scrub. A
word to the wise, etc. Nkmo.
Following Is the program for the en-
ertalument to be given at Santlam
Academy Friday evening, April 4:
jimrti-ea. ,.,...,.H-iiia if Wali'imir
.4 ...1U0.. u...i 1,
j lila umi Hul'V Ilium!,, !'. Uimi uu J
l.nlii Kivti-.
MkI.ihiip (io-lrer lln fcnuto
firijitn utilr ,
Mara lint on nmi .u) Iimtil.
Intit) )
MillKl IIuIIhi-1.
itiM'Utttlim.... t.!f H rllju'H Kiiln
Wt'K Mm- t'r.,
ninWtin I.Cioliiif! liolmr't i!in!!!
Imim cluiiiu- ,
Ni'lllu Ahum ami t. -! H-1
'tili-atl Ucm'ih! ut Julia Smith bv I'tH Hlumlai
Or nun -u'.ti
H ull.) WilUnir.i.
niM)onn..... ....., a Ftmilr suiko
mum t i ue niutm.
Afclno t'i'aii
llilli tClkln..
, ,. 1 'in fill vki1 Durk li
anil Ilia t in-kim
Mi I t l.nion.
S.ll( ,.,.
Oriran 1..
ivy Smith.
Nfonr H-0r Vu Klvhl
IrVT rivnma ami limvi-r Ititrkli-iiiau.
Pimm miu ,.
Ilila Klkliia.
Ms'no-W .- Ttmt tlairnl Tat
Churn" ....,. Tli llv. ry B
Tutili'itu . Tlio Vhuiib Wuii ri-nipii llim
VwkI iliwlii' .,
Muu 1 KmIi.h mi. I II. U F.o.lti.
tiintHtiir....Ihm t Murr)- a Drunk nr. 1 to Ri-rorm Him
irgwi fit -........ . ....
Mi". ttiurti.
Hhiirt a'tdroM to atu-luata. .
Uimrlello., ..,...
V hU 1 ielr jf ,
IVUM I.IX1CIU llocil.
Doors open at 7 r. H ! entertainment
begins at 7:30. Admission only 10 cts.
Montague must lie preparing for a
Itoom, judging by the wnj' he is slock
ng up his Mammoth and One-Prleo
Cash Stores. By purchasing his goods
n such large quantities he naturally
gets much lower prices. Ho gtiaran-
ees good good In all the departments
f his extensive establishments at
prices that absolutely astonish other
merchants lu tho valley, some of them
going so far as to say that Montague
retails his goods as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The care ful buyer
invariably govs to Montague's.
Win. Churchill, a well-known fa
mer, had a serious runaway act blent in
Albaay last Friday. Mr. Churchill
attempted to stop tho horses by hold-
ngon to the bits, but they dragged
hhu quite a distance, when he was
thrown wneath the horses' feet and
the heavy wagon passed over his body.
His shoulder was broken, and internal
Inlurles were inflicted which may
prove fatal.
For rheumatism there Is nothing
better than ChamUrlrin's Pain Balm.
The prompt relief which It affbrds is
alone worth many times Its cost,
which Is bat fifty cents per lottle.
Many bad cases have been perma
nently cured by it For sale by M. A.
Tell mo not In tuournftil aiiinln-rs
That l!i lown 1 full of glifJin,
fitr the man's c-rutik tin i hi nil urn
In tlii'Hi Im.llliitf rtnirit of hiifu i.
I.lf la real. 1 li' 1 i-ariu-nt,
Alii thif prA.v li tint Ma (riml;
I'vi-ry ilnlldr thnt Hum earnit
tli'ljx I (J iriaht tin? U1 town roll.
fiut iiijiiin'iit aid iKrt aorrotr
F onr liwft'ii"".! emt or mttj;
If Tnl havit tin i:im:i')' Ikiitiiiv,
ritijr a fit nor M eclt dujr.
I lit'if Kioat In a nil rmntinl nf
We etsa win tiitmortnl fame:
It IM lere the cljimi lu lilml n
Am' ao'U fvt llirtit Jiwt Hm mnw. ,
In tlilt worlil'ii l.r-ia 1 flTid of tatUs,
In tho tiivoiiiw; of life,
lt u a.ko the lrjr ilajrt rattle
liny a n.rin r Inr your tilfo.
It im then I up ati'l dotni?,
Wlib a heart fur tcry fa:e,
tlll achlcvtiitt, Ktlll (Hirtuinir.
Iliioinhig aarljr, IxMimttis late. P. T. R.
Cash paid for Prtaluoe by II. fi. Rob
erta. Mrs. Davis moved from Main to Rcc
ond street Ve!neday.
Examine the tine at ek of books of
alt kinds at Beard and Holt's,
Messrs. Benders k Curtis were up
from Albany lately buying horses.
Mr. O. T. Cotton, tho old reliable
grocer, Is ttbreast of the times hi his
Mr. Moses, from Alsoo, will open a
variety btorc soou lu Mr. Montagu V
At Mt hama Run day morning there
was six inches of snow, but it disap
peared soon after noon.
' Mr. W. B. Donnea has not deserlei!
his old staml for the reason that iieopla
are aeetixlouted to trading at the '"brick
When you desire a pleasant physic,
try St. Patrick's Pills. They can al
ways be depended upon, and do not
nauseate the stomach nor gripe the
bowels. For sale by M. A. Miller.
Our Cornet Band have employed V.
W." Crawford to instruct them once a
week. - Nearly all of the members have
the advantage of former training, aud
as a consequeuee can play well.
For a lame back try saturating a
piece of fl tund with Chamberlain
Pain Istlnt aud binding it on to the ef
fected parts. This treatment will cure
any ordinary case In one or two days.
Pain Balm also cures rheumctism,
sprains, swellings end lameness. 60
cent uwltles for sale by M. A. Miller.
A choice farm of 137 acres, within a
mile of town, for sale. Inquire of
Mighty growth, last ten j'caf
Jrcat Cities is without a jiarall
ter resources fir thi continued
tho futuro will pour into her I
World Renown
And her SCENIC horo linest on 3 V,
Never has tho hand of Nature hvm fo la!.
make tho WOKLU'S LAST (illKAT 1
ler seven hills was as Rothinc to S?att,
Olympias on tho North and West; Ca?ea 4
South, and from these mighty bulwarks-:
' .i .... .1 . .... s
inspiranon-giving, mure rises uio inigtti
Abovo every competitor
ono of SEATTLE, tho
Away Kid Gloves !
Haekleman has been over-run with applications for the
gift, and wants it understood that he has not a pair to give
away. The misunderstanding prbably originated from the
remark of some customer that they were literally giving
giving away Gloves atllacklemax a. Of course they simply
meant that tho prices asked were next to a gift, which is
truo enough. Haekleman sells the
Every pair warranted or yeur money refunded. Como and
tako a look.
When you visit Albany don't fail to
visit the Photographic Parlors of Craw-
Gnod SpelBin of Coal.
Mr. J. J. Swan of this place brought
to our ofliee last week a very good
specimen of coal which he found on
Mr. Bishop's farm near the head of
Hamilton creek. The fact that coal
beds are being discovered in many
parts of Linn county seems to justify
the belief of old settlers that there is a
stratum of coal underlying this section
of country: and just as certain as we
become the leading manufacturing
State of the Union will this fuel de
posit bo forthcoming.
At the Republican primary meeting
yesterday afternoon tho following were
elected as delegates to the county con
vention: XV, II. Klum, F. M. Miller,
ford & Paxtou, next door to Masonicjj). p. Hardman, T. A. Swan, A. A,
buiidius, and look over their tine I'm- j Kecs. A. M. Arant and JoseDh Was-
"tind if you -visit nn som. M. Hickman was nominated for
:i nuy, i som.
e, if thev plcutat ''
it try t'lntwlii yi t;
ieaceuuu li.
...... ,t
4 'V'varts
Druggist and Apothecary,
Pure Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils and Glass,
Fine Perfumery, Brushes & Combs
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
Mnln Street, Lebanon, Oregon.
Mount S
anier k -s
on tho Piici
uny at ucr base, wmcn ."vsr
bifrp-est ocean ! 1
. . ... ' " :
Lots $200 Each and t
Every lot in foil view of Mount Ra'.
railroad; at depot: adjoining Ravenna PaX' ' .
as can be completed to it; half ist: en fine r
tract on Addition; I25.00U female College fcffJSs
Without Oo'ji
the wassom::
Is tho place where men and women ef MoQ;
ment will make their homes and why?
The Crreatcst shoe Ever
This shoe is made of the finest tannery calf, has solid heel
and soles, and is the firest sh
Manufactured by
Calm, Melsiirg & Oo -
for, $3.00 ever pioduced
San Francisco
The College, tho Mineral Springs, Itavennr'
Ranier (which is grander here than any w;-'
which, if for no other reason, would mai.e it ii.
In Seattle a mighty City ia building. Takj
you have a chance at Lowest Prices. f
Why did you take yourllife and that of other.'
this Coast? What pen can write the hi?tery7'
this land, made the growth of preat cities imf
of great fortunes, almost in a day, possible.
a few thousands, or hundreds, you may reap f
you. w ill you ao it r l ne greatest corpora ;
of Europe and America, are investing tb.-5 '
Seattle. ill you not invest? --Your chance,
have a 60-acre tri-an 80 and two 40-acre tra
cheap; ripe for platting, any one of which will
in a ehert time. Buy quick, I can't duplicate'
Rev. J. R. Kirkpatrick is among n aJ- .
Tn Oro(TnTi ' "
All UlV-Ull
I w-ill be in Albany in a few,'
would be glad to meet you p
material upbuilding of Seat"
in Seattle be sure and call atKo6m"?
genuine pleasure in -5howir" . V.