The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 28, 1890, Image 8

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beaaelva I'm J",, to Cariaa rnMtratloa
ami Otlmr EvU. ' r,-
It I a fpt'ttt tiiiifortwie that the fx ipii
r name for a iwrson who alwlulns from
all alcoholic liquors U a twtoUltir; the
torra hus .ftvtawd theJLd that tea Id a
harnilHa bt vprapo; and it t no doubt
true that thu nSfctteriittVUM of wHl mud
and not.wry.atwng ,1 -lefts bnnti4
than' thV baBitual rfltiort to mjr other
stimulant.''' "; " "J V " ' '
Wlum, however, tea drinking ceases
to be the aniuuement of the loinure
moments of a busy afternoon and is we
sortd to l.lai3fquBtWie8 fiid strong
Infutuonii adfa qioatna ot stlmulutjr the'
naifRJaiR'.enwvifa UraoconniliHb tbo al
loU'(f Wk, ' then fiigtinot danger ooin
monavsv A breakdown may iMttaue In
more than one way; not Infrequently the
stimulus which Ua in time fails to give
is sought' in alcohol, and tbo atonic
flatulent dspVpHia.wbioh the aHtrlngont
decoction niado by long drawing- induoes
hufys to drive the; Tlctira to nook tem
porary relief in spirits, sal-volutile, or
een eau do Cologne, whichr is. at Drat
dropped on sugar and finally drunk out
of a wihe glass. 1 1 ''"','
In other cases, by ladles especially,
relief is Nought from morphine aud in a
predmpoKcd person the morpbino habit
la established with extraordinary rapid
ity. It has been said that as long as a
person takes Stimulants simply for their
taste-lie is cmftparfttiveiy 'sat, but as
soon as be bepiiw to drinifor the cRuet
then be is running into dunger. This
is perhaps to state the cane for stimu
lants rqtliir too favorably, but if the
rulif were adhered to we should have
fewer cases of educated people sliding
into habits of secret intemperance or
into morphlnoniania. llrltish Medical
A t'ollentor'e Hunt Afirr Rather t'tly
I.ixiktna; ISptUi.
There Is a jMmnlar prejudiue nrrainnt
even the nnwt barnileMi snakes, and few j
people would carry the collector's rape ;
mo far aij oT tin1,"
uplr-jookiriy p-ptile with the barei
hiiiiils. Jiut the born naturalUt, like j
the born sportsman, does not mind any ;
slight rink when his blood is up. In j
Sherman V. Denton's "Incidents of a I
amount of, ap.inctd.eur belonging to lis ,
lay In AnstmUat .. , ' ,
(Snakes were rather numerous, and one
day, while walking jji the thick scrub, I
came across a largo,' light brown one'i
coiled upon the ground. lie was by far
the largest specimen I had ever seen at
large, and was prtrfiably ten. or twelve
feet long, and as fufy-k as a muu's leut
the knee. f '
I thought at first I would shoot him in
the head with a light chartre of shot.
T. T7 . r ,ur" '..r'gal knt-wlier gait, boweverindii. .boat
sider.-d that, if taken alive, be would be j ? , , ,.,, ,;.:
worth five times as much.
Keeling uhoiit in my pis-ket and game
bag, I at last found a leather strap with
a buckle. I drewj.the strap through the
buckle,, niakijig koooe, and thusunii'sl,
Kisneu cnuuouHiy wwam nw snaKehu.pi ,
intending to put the noose over his j
. ... ,
An aiiiin ay T fnnta nftnp V. A mfkrflv tin ;
coill'fl,' opened Us moufK'verv wide,
thert'by.disrloslrijf bis sharp teeth.' .and'
bisHtsg spitefully, strwft at'me. I dodged
behind a small tree, and, leaning out as
lar as I dared, tried several times to
noose him. He was very savage, and
looked powerful enough to crush me In
bis fylds. .,Atthis juncture my courage
was at rather a low ebb.
' r
After J hud'tcased him fofsome time;
be suddenlv decided to leave
my COin-
panycand Sturtea B:C InH spe.-U. .v
caught up with my gun and went afioj-..l,tnat!j,uN..yrRun ,.
him. and, by hard running through the j .!.. '
wrrnb, managed to bead him off. . Jle J . A-SPUT COLD COIN.
stopped, coiled up again, and again I i ''. . i
tried the nmse. He w eijual to tho! Ons f th rnninrt of 1n Mint That
occasion, nuttinir bis head under bis I : Karrly irla Into arrulatl
colls in a verv sulkv manner: but.' as '
soon as I reached out, and -caught him
bvthe tail he pullod 'away wilb jrea't?
force and started off ohce more. '
This time he took refuge under a
fallen tree; and before. I could bead him
off, he was gliding down the' liole of.
some wild beast, which 'was partly con-'
eealed by the dead brandies. 1 reirched
the sjait just as the last twoor tbr- feet
were going down; and seizing.' bis tall
with both bauds; jlvhnitg pn.dv.apcrt
ately. t .. . ' . ,.-,,('. ,-, ,
With my feet braced, against a limb of
a tree, I pulled till ;tbe tall cracked and
snapped, as if it would 'bn-kk asunder.
Kometimes be pultad me within a few
inches of- the hole and t! en I would
brace up on the limb, and drug him half
way out. i-'.. ,
At last I grew so tired that I had to
let go my hold. and. with many regrets,
I saw the last few incbes.of tho tuil dis-
ppear beneath the itroutbl ,, , . i
... j- ph . ;
Klentrls I.lclit KelleAtur. , )
A very valuable reflector for the light j
of the incandcce.nt, now being
used. It consist of a conical globe of
fine flint glass, rounded and frosted at
the base, the upper sides Is-ing of Clear
glass, covered by .hand vfith burnifibtid
silver i sue.b a way that it will-never. ,
tarnish or oiytli.e, 'Ths.cwi'ex' base i j.
of frosted' glass, which so breaks up'ttie
rays that, although the mass of lijjht
proceeding frura it is considerably more
than twice as powerful aiul.bright as
that cwmiiig feoip the'hj, ordinarily,
it fily, 4.Ax, luit m a
solutely soft and pleasant to the eyes.
Jt is stated that by banging the reflector
over office desks, and using eight or ton-candlft-ower
lamps, a farsuporior light
is obtained than by using a sixteen-candle-power
lamp with ordinary fit
tings. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Raw fthafttartaAOntto Hunt a Huahaart,
snd Surct-eilf it. (
'fiom years ago, after 1 bad worked up
a Case in a town in Ohio, a woman called
at the hotel one day and asked to see
mo. I found her to bo a Nplnster, about
fifty yer old; wearing the traditional
rinjfleU and vor:laiues, and as 'stiff as
a crow bar in lier demeanor. Hbb, too,
had an briglttal way of arriving at the
polnt:ji;Aftor;j introducing herself jalie
suld:;: , '( ii'i, --.v., w- ' v'WJf '
"I am rich. Some folks call me eccen
tric, but I am simply sensible. 1 wish
to travel, and I wMi to biro 0Ui ajj 'my
OHoort. You will be my employe, "aba 1
shall exact the moxt format rospoct of
you. -I may noeilyou for a yeas, oKmay
not, but I wllllilre you for that length
of time."
After a little talk we arrived at figures
satift(iMtry to 1th.' Klr lived An a owj
Ijventy ijiil'S, away, and" Bhe gave her
self a w'ee kio get ready in.- At the end
of thrft' tlmn I reported for duty, and'
' found Jtnr ready to start She had
two fulr-sixed trunks for bnggage, and
s'bo -dlweted- me to buy tickets to New
York. fr didn't say how much money
e bad, bow long sbo was going te-Htay,
or give mo any other particulars.;; I
oheyed directions, and In due time we
arrived in Gotham and put up at a first
cjas hotel. I acted us her guide and
c'xcort, fmt such was our, demeanot to;
iaVd iach other that no on 9 could )ive
mHl? i(i,l he relationship 8h seem' d
to arjrue that if she dropped formality
for a moment 1 might propone marriage,
and it was "sir" on every possible occa
sion." ' ' - i ' " ' t . . t
"J She settled the hotel bill herself,, but
gave me money t'j buy tickets' to Boston
after a stay of twenty days. We were
in Boston a fortnight and then went to
Hartford, and there got the first Inkling
of her idea In making the trip. She.
sent Jor me to come to the ladies' pur
ler; and when I arrived she began.
, '',Mr. Jewett, you have noticed the
port I v until seuted on my right at the" -,
,';Y'Vni." . .-. , '
l;l fie eyes and bild;b"adcd, and looks
verv .'fa'Aieriy?'
'1 wUh you to aswrtain whether 4i is
niarried or a widower."
. That evening I reported to her that
ter1r town.
tfian was' a widovrer
htate -business in an in
j "Very well, sir," she stiffly replied,
j "ynu.may now jetlre andJ' will send for
j you wliim I want you." " ,
After that I watched her at meal time,
j an J I soon Uht on toitho tact that she
I bada"j he,rpi'',Jor',ihv widower. It
1 wan httfguableto see hi" try to afw the
j girl of twenty, and in three days every
I body in the dining-room had caugh t on
Uj the jmrlor.
. ".Mr. Jewott," she said, as I stood .-be
fore her, "I-1 think that Mr. Sampson j
. , .l..",f, ' .. '
rain minor ukcs inc. . .. . m
,.you m , to him tnat , am wortli
m ,n 8nd ,.,. huve
ln'cn married;; aud that. his anpearanue
, managed after a (lav or two to get in
with-Mr. Sunip.son fiiid convey .this in
formation, and I saw that it'hi't him
right lietween the eyes. Two hours
liiK'Bhe called .on, her, and throe days
after bis Call she sent for me to say: .
"Mr. .lewett, you will accompany mn
honie, where I wlU pay you yttsr salary
ifpr the ytmr.'Mr. Sampson .and,' X are
entraVedf." "
An i ,t.n -, latF thi minm
ttrrl! Snd'-Vt t.rnHd nut. tn ) L titnnv
''"'Two tens for a-twenty, please," saidr'
) a gentleman t6 the cashierin.Uiewfluity
treasurer's -office.- :' ' e?
!.,' The. cashier'-took the- "twenfy" and
rang it on thecounter. It had that sv
culiar dull ring that characterize court.
ierfol't coin's. ..lie rung it a second, timaj
r'and then Inspected 'it critically. , j,:'.
"Is it Ijogus?" asRed the owner of tbo
"Oh, nts" answered .the. ch4eir. ' ''It's
as good as wheat, but.splrt.' . '
, .C'ontinuipg,:lie said;. 'That Is the first
split 'twenty I ever ran across. The
staniping-'mucii'ne'"at the, -mint some
times comes down too bard on the coins
and split them; but it Is seldom the
larger coins split It's mostly "fives'
that suffer. Hut they are very careful
at the tiling and stop every. split coin
they detect Now, in the thousands of
dollars bundled here every year I rarely
find a split .coin. I don't think I've
found more than four, or five in a year,
and, as Isuy, the voins were mostly S3
pieces." . - "
The split 'J0 piece looked perfect, and,
so far as the eve could dety-ct, bore no
flaw of uny kind. The only fault with
it was in the "ring," and the Hplit made
it sound "dead" when thrown on. the
countef--.Surt Francisco Examiner.
,. ., ,i . , . "'
K Hartford, . Van J5uren' County,
(Mich.) man, who went est some years
ago, otvinto trouble and- the California
penitentiary at the same time, and to
savo . hie;. family the disgrace caused
Sjiiiirubody to. writ, to Michigan that he
had ben sliot and sculped by Indians.
This would have mude it all right if he
hud stayed dead, but a short time ago,
wtile his widow was getting her trous
seau ready to marry a decent man, the
villain spoiled every thing by getting
out of prison and writing home to ask
for his family. '
k f
I'roiil Termliml or inwrlor Pdfiits' the'
h the Hue to taku..
To All Points East
It Is- the DININQ CAR ROUTE. Itmn.
ST.! P A U L
i -AJSO'-
(No Change Cftis. "
.' ' " .. i f- ",. "" , ;: S ''-
'roeiiHHuwl of DINING fAWS uiiHiinmiMcd,
of lattut eQuli)im,iit, . , -- '
BiKt tliai uaii bs ooiiHtnietwd, snit in wiiioh im-
oouiiiuiduU'iirii re ImiiIi Iri-e and (unilnlird fi,r
( at Hrxi or Mecoud Cluai Ticketa, aud
' 1 ' i ' , .. . , 5 J.rt " ' : '
A (MWTINl'OfS LINK cnniintliir with
AM. MM-X'slnirilnic IMHECl' ani L'XN
TKKItt.'lTKfi btcnVlCK.
, 1'iiIIiiimii Sleeiwr ri'Hiu vutiimii van tie secured
III ailvaiien throiiKh iir nifi'Ht of the rmttl.
Tllltdllill IK KKIS to and from all wihiti
In Ainirli-a. KiiulaiulaiMl Kiipi'ixi uannlia''iur
vlmafd at any i'lrknl ofllue uf Ihla l'imi)ii .
Full Information eoiuwriiiiiK rHtrnt, lime of
tratiiM. roiii. and otlir (lutnils f urulsliud on
apphuaUoit'to any Hi;niit. or '
AMlxtant (ioimral Paweiiyrrr A limit.
No. 121 First St., Cor. Washlncton,
l0tTI.AM. UitKOdN.
Orcgonian Railwaf-COv tLimiteQ Line.
, C. M. BCOTT, Receiver.
'Wm Take t'.IIVr. Jam 3. IHHV.
1 O'Clwek. t. as.
Ber eD SUmlund and Cobnrg 328Mlhi.'
K W ni
12:1" p.m
h 01 p.ii)
ti.M ji.lll
It .J'orUieirt tpo. 1'ao.Coj. sr i . 4h i(m-
Hilvort.m,. ... 12:10 a.m
Went w'io IWilWa.Bi
. . , Hili',T ,
rlr'miWlHe.;. Wt .,") 7'4'i'ajn
. j ' -Y T "KZ t 3.'
7:!i4iif It I'arUandiP.X W. V.) r s atpm
I, l'i in p in I . . .ShiTlilmt., , 4 2 IK
L i 11 ..m Inillan 1 12 -iff p.m
SiKiyi.nii . . . jiiuiiiiiiiiiu ... i i..i a. in
3f0.m I ar. . Atrlir.. . . Iv 1 .10:26 a.m
('iiifiii'mtrttli)i'tlckfli'iiHi..'ri'iftii pur uiilvMinr
hi al tMliiimi ImvliK hcimiIii.
OoiiihmmIiiii hi Mt. Aiiki-I with Ihi tor aud
Ironi W lllioll MIihtbI h.riiir,
fl. Im.jiii. .M.illl... ti.l. tlalA.. mmlm 1
"t llitt Hil"l. 'nrrlsKO aud J)ajKapi--Trail;f
'Uninpsnv iitUi-, nC-tinl and i'lue trts!t, and
r i.V. I!j. ' . ,.... ... .
CHAS. N. aroTf. tlobotref ifi: f?y,f"o, M.
Une, I'ortliOUt. i'iim. - r
HkNKY noUDAttO. H4lpt,0.1tjvpo. tlxW.i
fimwral Offlue. W. W. JtHiriiwIMmfaDfl I'luol
oreoov' fACiriC
firsgiu DsTeltmxedt ikWt Stejin Liu.
jtS NUortrr. t llara t-m
' ! i ' i'lu bj,; ujffl(t Huute.
. i -
Flrnt-aiftfls . Through jpBHiMii)Kr
..""freight X4pe ; :' ;:r
tnm porrliind kilif !1 lut lu llu- Wllaim ll
' , IVulW iiil lrom Hair Krulifinou, ChI. ' !
; '. " , .''f-. .
(KxRft-t Hnnrty. '
lV S'ftqu1n 6 i a. iu.
Lv .Ciirvallla 0:u.ri a m.
Ar Albany ll:lv a.m.
tf Afliany l:(Xl p.m.
hi Crvli 1 4U i.iu.
Ar Ynwlim B::w i.m.
0.4 C. train conneut at Altaiiy autCoca!U.'
' The atxv traiiM onunwt at Yaiiniha with Ui
Ofkkou Uwvelottmcat (Jompauy'i line of Htcam
ilupi btwu Vulii aud bu Frauuiacu.
rnoHi.r. rm vyi'ini.
Wtllami-rte Vnlli'y
Wlliaint-tt Vnlli-v
Wlllaiiii'Uv Valley
Mnrch VI.
Mnrc-ti .
March a.
March Iti.
March tf.
Thin company n-ntrv.-a the riglit Ui ilianK
allluKiUtua witliuu' innio-.
frtMiniKi-m from I'ortlaud aud all Willamette
Taller (mint!! chii iimkti nlim coiiinuliiiii with
the tralui uf Hi'' Yaiiiiua routwat AUianyor,
Corvallia, and It iliiitiut-d to Hhu hruiu-m:o
hmilil arraiiKe to arrive at Yaqiilna the eva
nlng lioliM-u the (Icile uf natliuK.
rwnrairr and ' Freight Kate
!' , Alwaya the Lowwat
For Information apply to
Oon'l Kr't I'aaa. A(?t.
Orwon iJeviii'inn'iit (Jo
tut MoutKomeryMt.,
ban h taiicincu, Cal.
At K Ocn. f. A V. Agt.
U. V. K. K, R. Co.,
' CurvalllH,
, . . , . ,ltejou.
' " '.' lonTit uui'.s-D - ': Ctralll Monday, Weduoaday, Friday,
6a, m.i l-av Albany VM a. m.
Arrive rittloin, Mouilay, Weduuartay, Friday, i
p.m.; leavtt oaltuu, 'iuwaday, 'i'hutaday, balur
uay.Ha. ui. - -- '
Arrive Frmlaml.'Tnenday; Tliurwlay, Batur
tt,vp. in, . .. , ... .
. , -' .aotJTrJ rioijum-';' - " ' ""
rale'urUauii, Monday, WoilHexlay, Friday,
Ia.DI' V-'"' i J 1 ' '' " ?' - ',.
Atrlve Hal em, Monday, -WeduMiday,' Friday, f
T:16 p. m.; leave Balw, I uvaday, Tuuriday, toat
nlay, Ifavflhajiy i:M p. m.
Arrive Cttrvalllf Taeadajr, Thumlay, Batardaf
t. . ! '" !'(
1 . ud
In the County,' is now to
. ... i '
Of Albany Oregon.
When y
ou want to "dress
Mercliaiit Tailoring it. specialty. Mr. K. 'XScjiefjileii is an expert, and :
-has 'charge' of :thla departmont ,We guaraulee Patisfaction,;
;!rNotions, Stockinet Jackets, Beaded : Caps,
Lad i es' : a n d C h i I d re n 's Shoes
4 f
Has arrived. 1 have alno
ld$ Youths", and 6ojV Clothiij, Furnisliing Goods, Boots, Shoes, '
',, - '.' , i
Etc. of. which' woVni h- a full and cuuiph'e 1inet ami will not be und-r-uoltt
, Co'iHsand il, and we will treat you well.
. -i . . - - .
Meat Market,
; Ed Kellenbergcr, Propp. .
Fresh and Salted ' Beef and'Pork
Bacon and Lard Always on Hand
" Main Street, Lebanon, Or.
J i ;.'? ' ....
. : . -. . .
' -trXr I
I IFj ha T ' I
v - ' 1
d fl
. 1.. .i." i"
....... r- '.---
Largest Stock' of
" ' , ' .! ''' ; . ' . .' - ..
be Seen on the Counters of
up," we would be glad to nhow you
through Arid, 'make., the riglit price. ' ; : , '
rcccivwl nvv "'SnrinK utoi k of
- " "; -jr
Groceries and Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Itneraiawai-f kh1 4lamivtar,
l.ampx mn l.nni p l litrr.
, )laln t lrlaHu. Orr(a.
lfan-aJr aaya b kaa the W. X.. nooria
Miwi wubout um aud prioa atainiMMl
tiie bottom, put biiu down aa frauo.
I'.i-dt, III tb world. KxainliiP lila
if AH li-sp.W l'-,J Wr I T MIOK.
:.f.O KM It A VAI.HK 1'AIK MaOi..
til', IaK uiihuiviiuiuiii kUIIV .
H.OObiiU WI.7A til I S' M IIWII. SHOK8,
; All made iu Vuuirreaii, Uuttvu and Laea,
S3' SHOE l a d6ns s:'
Kat Material. Boat Style. Bret Flttin(.
l( uut iiild by your dealer, write
"Kxamlaif tV. I.. IoukIhm Hh
for (ti-HtlriMcu Mud ladlon."