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Volume III.
Lebanon, Oregon, February 7, 1890.
No. 48.
JICYCLKSasd tricycles
Stanch and Reliable
, 7-0.V Tin:
H JtDo not fail to buy a Columbla."133
, V. . .
jf, Lebanon, Oregon.
James Keyden,
Graduate of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Ctm be found nt J. T. Harbin's
Bi,u Isuiith Shop, LebHiion, Oregon.
All Bis uses of Horse
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
raltif! SWrxljinilOuV, )
Ori Ri,n Ciijr, Ort'i-mi, Nor. H,
NOTICE ts h'jtiby jrivcii lliut iu ronijillawo
fcll'.i thus vmivWonn of tUe art of dmen'Miof
Junt' 3, JHTN eHlLlk'd "An a-t fur (lit Nile of t!m
Ut UuhU in t!ic fta'A1 of ritllf'jritiii, Oregon
Ncvu'Ju Mid VYa-U:i.y:ou Territory,"
of Shuttle, rouM) of Vine, lfrrinry of WaMikijr,
Inn, lia this !)' tti tbl often lil mrorn
MU-wrTit No. 1SI, lor the jiim biuif of tiki- S. W.
H of fwTllon No. 4, in Tounihip No. 13 Soulh,
Jinnw No. 2 Eut, and will olli-r pnxif di t.K.w
t'U the tttud p'ltt'lit in mni vuliiublf fur It thu
IhT er mob thmi i ugrb-Utttiral purlin, tul to
s'tifati bmkim tt.Miif) liuii U'fwtth )U,Tkr
nudtcciihprorti.isofiV'e, ut Orr;oii City, Or.,
on Friday, the H'h tl.,y of Mur:li, lM.
Ur mum's on wllui-wi 0. M. Smart, A. Ru"Mrll.
Wis. MrA'lam end i. suxUlurt, U of Sratilu.Kiuc
eooiity, W. T.
Any QI (ill J'rwin clulmlnir a'lvexly tho
nUivi-tlex rIhi'4 luiuli ore iWjUt'i4 to f.Ic tlu'lr
!utuii in thin o3U oa ur In-fore wll JItU Jay
of Muith, two.
J. T. Aniw, Kt'irl..tfr.
Ii the plfo win-re yu nn (rrt any
ftylo or kind of picture that you joey
r. ich. Old puturtK eopied und unl:ir
to nny Hize, colorcc' in oil, wate r color
or Jnilia ink, eravonn mid yumiU p r
tnvitJt made to order. Jfo picture Hent
away; U woik done ut my wtudio.
i'rhn the lowest. Call and examine
ppeeimetiK. All wrk tnirantwd.
SiHeitini a htiare of your putroungo,
I tm r"i(rtfullv vourx.
Cor. 2d aud Ferry Ht., Albaiiy.O-egon.
Tb Celebrated F rench Core,
la emit
.fa I
ii rc iv n y
. f i'Smiw, ur any
i) ..rtli f of iuu
.... i
H;.' v.! rm f flMwr
'.'f.X fit Klu-rfccrnr-Bttu?t
i-i n er (torn i im
rxv.e line ! irtiiiiiiluiilit, ').!. mci ur nj.iuni.
priniungii ytm'.iiim llili:rwiin, ovit I ' I n;
emr, Ai-.. nwii u l.iwiot' Umin 1'huih, V:iki'(ui
U'. Ili'ftrinu ili'v.-n I'iiiik In thu Itui'k, yuiv
S-itkiiUMr, llyti In, NorvoiK f'rxtnill"ii Vm (irti
Bl J.uil-v.oi. Kfliinrriiiiii. liiAiiii'M. Wcnk Hifin
uty, r,f Vtwr unil lniinniMM-y, whih if n.
triuelvl i(lrn loiul In iupiiiumik-hM kl'kimhI tnni'i
If J'. I'rli'c! Oil H U,. I, Uikw (.it V'W tent by
mull mi fiTeii't ( t.rirn
A W U IT I T.N ; I'AKA NTKI fAronwT', AO
Or.lcr. to roiinul the luoiit-y 1 n I'muiunvnt
Hirfl IK nat flij''Ut. rVtt'.iitil lA lrtiii :iiji'
frivi M mill yi' iiiir. o( mx, fiTiitiirMtr
riltort liv AftllU'UfTiVK. f'lrpiinr fnv, t'lr
box w iKiuxn, or.
H11 l.v M. A.MilU r,
Hole Aurvntfor Jlunn, tr.
t When you deyir,1 u pleummt pliyic,
, JnUt. rutrkkV Pills. They can id
wiis be depended upon, and do not
jinuHimte the tounch nor .'ripe the
bowtla. ikr mli' by M. A. Jllller.
For Sl.
J. Wutwota ofTors a rare bargain in
nnie fine registered hort horn eattle.
Pedigrot shown on application. Call
early and avail youmlf of thin oppor
tunity to getaome fine cattle.
100 Aerti. for 91100.
This 1h all rich land and capable of
high cultivation, good springs near
house, small orchard bearing plenty of
fruit, and an abundance of good oak
and fir wood and pole timber. First
clans for Fruit or Dairy Farm. Situa
ted three miles from Lebanon. For
full particulars call on E. 0. BEARDS
LEY, Real Estate Agent, Broadalbin
Street pear First, Albany, Oregon.
Cruson & Menziea will furnish your
windows and doors cheap.
The Only Ob.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & fit. Paul
Railway is tho only Hue running solid
VeKtlbulcd.Klectrlc Lighted and Steam
Heated trains between Chicago, Mil
waukee, St. 1'uul and Minneapolis.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & ist, Paul
Railway h tho only line iunning solid
Vestibulcd.Electric Lighted and Steam
Heuted trains between Chicago, Coun
cil Bluff: and Omaha.
The berth reading lamp feature in the
Pullman Sleeping Cars run on these
lines in patented, and cannot be used
by any other Railway Company. It is
the great improvement of the age. Try
it and tie convinced.
For further particulars apply to the
nearest coupon ticket agent, or address
J. V. Casey, Trav. IWr Agent, No.
33 Stark St., Portland, Oregon.
Female Specialist. Has practiced on
the Pacific Coast for the past twenty
five years. A life time devoted to the
study of femalo troubles, their causes
and cures. I have thousands of testi
monials of permanent cures from the
best people on this coast. A positive
guaranteeto permanently.cure any case
of female weakness, no matter how
longstanding or what tho stage may
be. Charges reasonable and within
the reach of all. For the Denefit of the
very poor of my sex who are suffering
from any of the great muliiiude of ail
ments that follow in the train of that
terrible disease known as female weak
nem, and who are not able to pay for
treatment, I w ill treat free of charge.
Consultation by mail, free, AH corres
pondence strictly confidential. Medi
cines packed, boxed aud sent ty ex
press with charges pro-pal I for
"home" treatment, with specific direc
tions for use. If j ou are sufleriuir from
any female trouble, ei idieally or cob
staully, Address,
EastPortland, Oregon
la th oldeM and Dint popular aripntllc lad
tiierlianiral pntMer pytiliHhttd and ha Iha laivpt
clrrolatluo vt any pnixr of III claM In the world.
Kully llluntmli'it. llext claaa of Wood Eniirat.
liir. I'uthliil wwkly. and for p-clnia
'I'T. f rice f.l a jnr. t nur niont ha' trial, IL
ItliMH 4 00M I'eaLlvatHH. iil Uroadway, H.T.
H Edition of Sclentifio American. O
A Ktftt mieeciw. Farh laan. nontaina erilored
Hthuifraphtn ptnee. f country and city renldeu.
n or public butltllnKii. Numeroot envravuint
and full pUnr and npiwlnratioiia for tlie um of
urhatooiiUnoplute Ixiildlnir. 1'rlc lv.:'iii a year,
t . oopy. AiL'.NN CO, PiaUbUClUi.
I marbMaiw
led by apply
ing to aii'NH
A Co.. who
hnrvli adorer
40 Mn1 exiHirlene. and have made over
10U,(M applivutioiia for Amerltan aud T
' einii iialiiiiu. Send for Handbook. CoT
pondouce atrlctly oonttdenMul.
In can. yonr mark l not reuli.ered In the Pat.
niic oth:a, apply In Minn ti Co., and proour.
kuinedliiU) protection. Seud for UauUbook.
C0PVKICI1TH for hanlM, charta, mapa,
.tv., quicaiy procured. Addrvu
Wt'SN it CO., rutcnt Holkltora.
(tn Oaf th
rw auir
ih wvrlil. Our
nsfualrtl( and tainifuduoconr
loOHlt im Mch Wralhf,
kttv. Ooly tbo who writ
to iu at once va m4 rar o
I4 ih chime. tMVtladoUi
M fQirn Id to bvw our too4i to
B"" i ' fttm .d tho. ftrouna oe. 11m b..
ATOlinFfV-tummmmiltt adwrtlMamrt
HlUllI. MT Hi. iiiujI od of Ik. tel..
irrO ;
MO pi. n foUQWlat U glvM apftaaw f 11 rollMl
about i flnloib lrt of iu bold . Ii U (mad, bl
ir,"lCi I. .r to W. will . ll ow roa
ut .1 nifioara Btlr wrtl. M onft VVMy til .ipirM th4cf.
ikW, tk UAlXalT W V. i vaifca". atauav
Oooaa Fdrmlni;.
roveral farmers from Virginia have
been looking around through the
mountain counties of Western Penn
sylvania with a view to establishing a
"goose farm." Among tho party are
James Bench, Harry Bailey and James
Connor, all of whom are from Balti
more, Md. The latter said:
"Y'es, we want to secHre a farm of
several acres, with a stream of water
with rock bottom running through it,
to start in the business of raising geese.
It may seem like a rather curious busi
ness to engage In, but there Js money
in 11. Wefot our Idea from the great
goose farm started some time ago down
on the eastern shore of Virginia.
Within an area of 3000 acres thore Uvea
0000 geese of several varieties, attended
by herders, and regularly fed with
corn, etc. The oVject is the collection
of down for quilts and pillows, and
every six weeks a plucking takes
place, only the breasts and sides under
the wings being plucked. Every goose
will prouuee one pound of feathers per
annum, which can readily be sold for
50 cents per pound. We want to start
with 500 geese, and calculate that they
will raise 3000 goslings a year.
"In addition t tiie money received
for feathers, we propose to sell off the
young geese and can realize from 7o
cents to $1 apiece for them. We have
several farms hi view along the line of
the Pennsylvania road, and tip to the
Monongahela river, but will not make
a definite choice for the farm for a few
days yet. Geese live forever you might
say. Five hundred matrons will
weather the storms of forty winters at
least, barring accidents. They raise
their young with the utmost care, and
counting six geslings to a brood, you
haveSiXiO marketable fowls each full
besides the down. Of course, we expect
increase the stock as circumstances
will permit Pittsburg Dispatch.
Our good3 reach us direct from the
manufactory and every pair cf our
btxits and shoes are fully warranted.
When you need any boots or shoes look
over Montagues large new stock.
Business location n went side of
Main street, in Lebanon, at a bargain,
for the next few days. For particulars
inquire of M. E. Hearn.
We call the attention of the farmers
to tho fact that we-are running our
chopper ou Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday of each week. Our prices are
reasonable aud work guaranteed.
Cross & Hvdb.
One price and cash at the new cash
store, but everything sold cheap and
delivered to any part of the city.
Begg's Cherny CoughSyrup,
Is giving spleudid satisfaction to the
trade and tho sales are positively mar
velous, which can he accounted for In
no other way except that It is without
tloubt the best in the market. Ask for
and be sure you get the genuine. Wc
keep it. M. A. Miller, Druggist.
Bedrock prices, new gotwls and stan
dard brands at both the Mammoth and
I One Price Cash Stores of C. B. Monta
gue , . U
Mr. K. P. Lovejoy, a large dealer In
general merchandise at Wahuska, Ne
vada, t-ays: "I have tried St. Patrick's
Pills and can truthfully say they are
the Inft I have ever taken or known
used." As a pleasant physic or for dis
orders of the liver they will always give
perfect satisfaction. For sale by M. A.
Persons wishing to buy wood can get
it at ii CO a cord on the ground, just at
thu edg of town, or I will delivor it at
f' Call ou mo in person or leave
orders at Doiiaea's store.
A Good Cough Syrup.
There is nothing parents should be so
! careful about a sclcctitigacongh syrup.
Begg's Cherry Cough Syrup costs no
nxiiT thai) thu cheap and Inferior nos
trums thrown upon tho market. The
best Is none too good. Bo sure and get
Begg's Cherry Cough Syrup, We keep
I it on hand at ull times. M. A. Miller,
j Druggist.
Terrible Destruction All
Over the Valley.
Nearly Equal t the Flood, of '01.
The streams throughout the valley,
especially the Willamette river, hare
been flooding the whole country for
the past' week. It is said that the wa
ter was higher than in 1881, and only
lacked two feet of being as high as in
1861, which was the greatest flood ever
known in the valley. ,
In Albany the water of the Willam
ette river reached nearly to First
street and did considerable damage
along the river bank, somo of, which
was to wash out both tho Union Paci
fic and Oregon Pacific wharves, and
wing of the mouteith mill, besides
damaging several other bulidings
along tho bank.
On account ef the headgatos going
out the canal overflowed its banks in
several places between here and Al
bany, doing much damage; particular
ly on the farm of Mr. John Smith,
between Spicer and Tallman.
In Salem the Willamette Is said to
have deno more damage than in any
other portion of the valley. The most
disastrous result was the washing
away of the bridge across the Willam
ette. The south end of the Wridge on
the Marlon county side was the first to
giveaway, apparently from the bot
tm and the two main spans of the
bridge, and in about three hours the
rest went down the river.
Tljo Spirugfield wagon bridge,which
is about three miles above Eugene, was
also swept away. Several small hous
es were washed away at Eugene, but
no serious damage was done.
Oregon City has had considerable
damage done to it. Several good
buildings were washed out and water
was running two feet deep through the
main street..
We learn that the water was up to
Front street in Portland and still ris
ing. Ail railroads In the valley were
stopped this week, the last train that
came up having stopped In Albany,
where it is now, and there is no telling
when It will get away.
At Brownsville the Calapooia spread
all over the south side and part of the
north side, doing considerable damage
but we did not learn the particulars
further than that the soutli end of tiic
bndge was washed away. The train
came down on the narrow gauge yes
terday for the first time this week as
At Lebanon Saturday evening tho
river was reported still in it banks.but
about midnight it commenced rising
very fust and by Sunday morning was
out of all bounds, and all over the
bottoms, and by 10 A. si. had Hooded
all tho bottom between tho bridge and
slaughter house on this side (west) of
the river, having risen to tlio top rail
ing of the bridge across the slough, en
tirely submerging it. At about eleven
o'clock a boat was secured by Joseph
Harbin, Lee Boise aud Win, Osborne,
who started out to take those who had
already been surrounded by water to
places of safety. They first went ufter
the family of Mr. Junkers, who lives
about half a mile above tho bridge,
consisting of Mr. Junkers, his wife,
who was quite sick, and son. They
then took the boat to tin; llouk hop
yard and hvlpcd out a family who hud
recently moved iu from the stales, and
not knowing what had happened were
well nigii frightened out of their wits,
aud had moved to the upper part of
the dry house and prepared to make
tiie best of it, but were only too glad to
leave. They then went to see
about the McCormick family, who live
aiiout four miles south of hcn. They
never sturted until dark, and then hud
to go through woods and underbrush,
aud cross a slouch, and lis neither had
be'i there Loforo they had a tough
t ma of it. H iwever they reached thu
hnuso about ten o'clock nd found
everything flooded, and the family
badly scared, Lut owing to its
being lato they waited until morning
before venturing out. It was a consid
erable of an undertaking to go in to the
family As It was they hardly escap
ed being drowned, the river having
broke one of the oars, and they only
escaped by cling to the picket feuce.
The high water washed cut both of
tho head gates of the Albany canal
about four o'clock Sunday afternoon.
At about ten o'clock Sunday night tho
flume of Nickerson'u planer was swept -away
by the floods and tho flume of
the grist mill badly Impaired, besides
otherwise washing around and damag
ing the structure, which will necessa
rily delay work for several weeks.
There has been some stock lost ; Mr.
Scantland lost two cows and Ed. Kel
lenburger lost several hogs.
The south approach of the Waterloo
bridge was washed out.
O? W. Wheeler lost most of his logn,
but no ether damage was done to the
The trains from here to Albany were
probably the only ones that ran on
time in Oregon all this week. They
can make as much fun of the bob-tail
train as they please, but it never fails
to get therei
Taken all together, Lebanon camo
out with less damage than any other
town In the valley, which we think
speaks well for it. Moral: Buy prop
erty in Lebauon. ,
Quite a number of Albany school-
ma'ams visited the adademy this
week. '
Bernard Marks entered school this
week. He took up his abode in Bach
elor's Hall, No. 2.
Everett Parrish is in school again
after being home on a la grippo trip.
He says he had begun to get hungry,
and came back to get a square moal, as
it was about Eatiu' time.
The high water kept quite a number
out of school this week.
Prof. Wright has been quite sick
during the week, but with a strong
determination has kept at his post.
S. T. Ranqkb.
County Court.
The proceedings of tho February
term of the County Court were as fol
lows: '
The petition of John Swanson and
others for a county road'.wua dismiss
ed. John Santer was appointed road
supervisor in Dist. No. 3, aud Chas.
Smith was appointed supervisor in,
Dist. No. 23.
The following bills were allowed and
ordered paid:
II. Farwell, salary, $S3 22.
L. M. Curl, salary, foO.
Ii. M. Curl, wostago, $2.
E. E. Montague, clerk's fees, $11(J 3,".
John Smallinon, sheriff, $131) IS.
Paisley & Fish, Prluting, $0 CO.
George D. Baucroft & Co., blanks,
1 40.
J. Y'ates, wildcat scalp, $1.
J. M. Nichols, fS 80, '
J. F. Hyde, aid for pauper, ?10.
Henry East, digging grave, 4.
J. J. Davis, keenhnr nauners. 51 SO. V
A F Hamilton, aid for orchard, 10.
J C Meyers, hauling collln, 2 50.
Fees, Btato vs Pete Montgomery,
60 05.
DrAV II D'lvis, visiting prisoners, 1
Fees, state vs Moy Sing, 18 10.
O P Coshow, aid tor poor, 10.
O F Crawford, aid for poor, 8.
Mrs L A Long, aid, 10.
Mr Carter, aid, 10.
Mrs Nichols, 1,").
Fees, examination of John Passow,
Fees, state vs J F Bell, 73 70.
Sam May, aid for Briggs, 10.
D It N Blackburn, 100.
B W Coojicr, 8 20.
John Hmnllmon, bailiff, 8.
Fees' state vs J B Long, 21 80.
1! Shank, road supervisor, hi.
C Stockton, road superv isor, oil.
A skelton, road supervisor, 12 10.
See Montagues "YimgnliWiit NEW
stock of Buckingham & Ilccht's bools
. and shoes niuuufueted expiunsly tor