The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 31, 1890, Image 8

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    Ht i.i-TiTUTt -m$TEUR.
Bat One Per Coat, of Its Fatlenta Haw
ttncruwlmd to Hydrophobia.
Many years of labor provod to Pasteur
that by inoculation he could glv the
diea, or our it, in a doff; but it was
not until July, that the experiment
wan tried on a human bolnjr. The firs t
patient a omall lad. having btHn severe
ly bitten in some doaen pluera on the
hands, arms and lvg his mother, aim
pie peasant, brought him from Alsace
and asked M. Pasteur to do the same to
her son she heard he "did to dogrs to pre
vent their petting hydrophobia."
tenr hettated; but havinjr procured
medical advice, all of which concurred
sua to the impossibility of the child's re
covery, he (not beinjr himself a doctor)
let his uurpeonsinoculate the boy, which
operation was repeated fourteen times
on two occasion twice in twenty-four
hours to accomplish the task as quickly
a possible. The child ha not only
never showed symptom of hydrophobia,
though it is now over four years sinM
ho was treated, but i fast growing to
manhood. During the four years that
have elapsed since M. Pasteur inocu
lated his first patient no fewer than
1.WQ persons have been treated In the
Paris institution alone, of whom "8
have died that is to say about 1
per cent while before he com
menced his inoculation treatment
from 15 to 20 per cent invariably
succumbed. Pasteur has now made the
interesting discovery that the nearer
the part bittn is to the brain the
bhorter is the period of incubation and
the more virolf-nt the attack of the dis
ease produced. While the ordinary mor
tality in such eases is eijrhty per cent.,
M. Pasteur by his treatment has re
duced it to four per cent Surely those
facts speak for themselves. I will now
pive a short description of the modus
operandi of the inoculation itself as 1
saw it The larjre outer hall of the in
stitution by eleven o'clock contained
eighty-nine persons, composed of all
classes, all nationalities and all a?es.
who had come to he inoculated (free of
chanrel, having previously had the mis-,
fortune to hive been bitten by some
rabid animal. On the rieht hand of the
hall is a rt-ruiar office, in which
every case, with ail particulars, is most
carefully registered. After the patient
has furnished every possible particular
he crosses the passage to a small room
on the left where the inoculation is
performed. There sits the operator, who
is assisted by a doctor, a nurse and a
clerk, furnished with full particulars
and the number of each ease. The prow
ess is a remarkably simple one. A
small bypodermic.syrinffe filled with the
preparation is injected under the skin,
the point of the instrument being no
bigger than a wool needle: the opera
tion is as triCing as it is painless, and
occupies about five seconds. It is re
peated on fourteen successive days. th
tise being made slightly stronger eaub
time. Murray's Magazine.
How Vtmn Hialv Are Fattened by Deal
er in Eaatern Cltim.
The big oyster on the top of the har
el opened its jaws wearily and clotted
them with a snap, as if in reapeuse to a
i-vireely audible gurgle from the bottom
r the kej.
"He's dry and hungry, too. I guess."
said the dealer, in explanation. "It's
about time to give him and the other
fellows some dinner." and he poured
over the o;-.-..ers a bucketful of salt and
water. .
"Do you call that dinner?" asked the
"More after the style of a lunch," was
the reply. "You see, sir, it isr.'f. possi
ble, for some unknown reason, to feed
oysters in Wash ington as they do in the
North. I'p thee a man will buy a bar
el of lean oysters, without any flesh at
all on their bones, as you might say,
and feed them three square meals a day
of corn meal and salt water, poured
over them, and at the end of a month
they will lie as fat as butte-. l'.ul oys
ters won't take hearty grub like that
down here, and two weeks is as long as
they can be kept alive and in pood con
dition on salt and water plain. It's a
funny thing that if one hundred bushels
of real salt oysters are put on top of one
hundred bushels of fresh oysters for
four or five days, so that the drainage
from the salt oysters will drip down
over the fresh ones, at the end of that
time the fresh oysters supporting them
thin at the beginning will be as plump
as possible and properly s;..'U v hiie the
salt oysters remain pretty much as be
fore. Of course, salt wate.- must have
been thrown over the whole s:ack daily,
liut, on the other band, if the fresh
oysters are put on top of the salt ones,
every thing else being as in the other
case, both the salt oysters and the fresb
oysters will lose and become thin.
When you see oysters on top of a pile
opening their mouths, it is because they
are thirsty, the water having drained
of! them. Oysters, by the way, will
keep longer and better in a dry cellar
than in a wet or damp one; they want
an equable temperature neither too
high nor too low; an oyster that freezes
is a dead oyster. Listen to those oys
ters in the barrel now you can hear
their jaws go as they eat" Washington
The Vatican in said to be preparing
a new catechism for universal use
The Christian college at Luck now,
India, has 11,507 pupils enrolled, of
whom are Christians. .Spirit of
-A popular edition of the Bible in
Portuguese is t lx issued in numbers,
on the same plan that has been so sue-
iifil in ltl
A Trapiwr'a Triea.
There were thirty of us lit wimp on a spur
of the Riaoa Uills mining for gold, wueo ouo
afternoon wo looked down Uon the U-vul
plain and tow fonr mounted radxfcin chasing
a white man on a mule. He wax milking (or
m, but they wure rapidly overhauling him,
and it wiu plain enough that we could render
no aiMifttoiKWi The foremiwl Ind'uii UriM a
nhot, and man and mute fell in a bean. The
Indiana preawd forward, yelling mid exult
ing, but the faint report of a revulvsr
reht our ears, and e a mlskins and
ponies tumbling over at every report Some
of our men slid dowu tint steep mountain
tide to tnke a hand iu, but it was nut usodtxi
When they reached the nuin he sat on the
ground laughing as if be wuuid split
"To tbhik I" he shouted, as won as he could
control bis voice, "that these "ere Sionx, who
are rated sharp as razors, could be fooled by
that old trick ha! ha! ba!" And he laughed
autd be had wiped away the tears. Ou the
ground near by were three dead Indians, and
another about to die, while two of the puniwt
were dead and the other two badly wounded.
It had all beeu done with an old fashioned
Colt's revolver, loadi-d with powder and ball,
and carrying a percusxion cap, but the work
Bad lieeu rapid and sure. The Indians had
ckwd in on him, suppuMing him to lie dead
or badly wouuded. while neither mnn nor
mule had been touched. After a hit the
man, who was an old trapper, went over to
the wouuded warrior, and raid to him in the
Eioua dialect, and chuckling betweuu Lis
"Soy, did any of you fellers ever me a
white mnn before f
"Matty of them." gasped the warrior.
"I'ldu't you ever hear of that old trick be
fore r
"Luil the white man wounded!"
"Not bv a doxn Saucy Janes! That bul
kt didn't come within a rod of ra& I gave
my old mule the siaal to sqimt, and down
hetuiuhled.todniw you on. The other three
are dead, Bnd you uie about to ro. Say, 1
dmi't want to hurt a dyuig Injun' fwlmss.
but iia! ha! hu.'. but it was null to kill a
tt-ii;tw to n how you four opened your ha!
aa'Ua. eyes when I began to "p! Fuo
u,t)it thin? I bave seen in a yeur! Ihiru It, 1
wont need any qui'neen for a month. I'm
just sweating the chilis off with laughingT
The Indian gazd at him in a troubled way
for a mmneut, swrned to realize that be had
been duped, and be cloned bis eyes and died
wfchou.' ever ratting the lids again. Mew
York tun.
Tha Engllith Bed Coat,
tVhen, in 1S.11, the Duke of Wellington
asked Lord ritanhoi, tiien war minister, os
to when the EnglLdi army first wore red, he
was told timt the etintom dated from the time
uf Charles IL Tlie duke thought it was
earlier, and Lord MuearZay said tiiat be was
right, and tliat the c,:iniou wealth army
wore red. This was, however, cot exactly
the case, and tin statement was wronz in
more thnn one rrpt. Muj. Hon. Harold
Dillon, in an article in Colburn" I'nited Ser
vice Magaauue, shows when this color wa
first adi'ipted.
As early as the campaign iu Spain, in 13G7.
iu support of Per the Cruel, aud b1m in the
following reigo of Richard 11, th English
toldier aear to bave been in white wi;h a
red cross of St George on hu breast and
back. At Agiucivurt, in HIS, the Eugliou
archers are mentioned a mostly weoritig no
armir and some only doublet, and with their
bie loose, evidently to give them greater
freedom of action. Caps of boiled leather and
of wicker work eroded with bands of iron
constituted their best head piw.-es. It wan
ouiy after a long camj.ign, or series of cam
paigns, that tLe ordinary atildier cmld pro
vide hsnuelf with portioiof dufea-tive armor.
During the Want of the Kmea tlie badgs
of tlie reejiective leader woulil be tlie chiet
distinctions in tlie armies, nil speaking out
timgue and Using of one ra'e. However, in
HOI, there is f rml luring adopted,
fur a small number of men at least, when a
eontirgeut f'r tlie army of the king maker,
the Larl -of Warwick, tent from live
! dresw-d in red cunt. la HID a attachment
of E'ut-u men eiit from Canterbury for tiie
Calai g:rrim. nnd others for London, were
!iripiurd with rJ "jakettia" of clotb at three
sliiiimgs a yard, having on them "rors of
white kary" an badgtra, Henry Vll, in
USS, Instituted the Vimen of the Guard He
a kind of body guard, and they may betaken
as the nucleus of the present standing army
of England. They consisted of picked men,
and wre armed one-half with bows, the
rtnerbalf wi:!i hand pins. Their drew, at
It still continurs, was rei. Montreal Star.
The Xw!oy.
A 1'U.tineae man of I;ti-oit, whose office if
on Woodward avenue, reiute thht singular
esjwrieiice in The free I'rewt:
I wontwl a (W bill changed, and as I was
alone I surpjied to the - 'Kir uud called a little
newsboy wmnn I liad freipisntly employed tc
run on erraii'Ls, and told him to carry it to
the nearest s.ore and get it changed. I then
went iasiJe arid waited. My purtuer cauie io
and ridiculed me f ir what I bad done.
"'You will never. the boy or the change
again,' he raid.
"I must fay his prophecy looked poiidble
when an hours went by the boy did not re
turn; tili I trusted him. J could eauer be
lieve tiiat he hail been run ovar or made
away with tftun tliut lie had stolen the
"I did not change my mind when a week
bad parted. I did not know where he lived
or who hfs awwiutes were, and no newsboy
neemed to be missing. The second week wo
neariy g'tiie, when a woman came into my
office one day. She waa)-ying.
" "Are you Mr. T t,ne asked.
' "I am, madam. What can 1 do for youf
"Then she told me that ber little boy was
dying; that he had been ill nearly two weeks.
Slid kept constantly colling my name. I went
with ber and found my mi.HHing newnboy. As
soon ax be saw me be began to rave.
" '1 lost it! I iost Itf was the burden of his
cry, but I alone knew what he referred to.
He had lost the $10 noto, and it hod preyed
on his mind, causing brain fever. He diej
in my armx, unconscious that I had trusted
hiiu from the very first, aud tiiat I would
have done anything to tave his life. I bave
not a doubt that be either lost it or had it
snatched from bim, and bis wrnsit've nature
kept him from tolling the truth, aud be gave
bis life up In the struggle. "
"A targe part or tne tmu of me con
sists in overcoming hostile dispositions.
Each time we have conquered some re
sent.rr.ent or prejudice ve have made a
dirttinct gain in the way to a well-regu.
lated behavior. United Presbyterian.
From Terminal or luterlor Points the
Northern Pacific
la the line to take
To All PoiDtsEasl anfl SoaUi.
(No ChmiKe of Cars.)
Ci mowed of III VINO CAliS unitnAed,
n i.i.M an !kawinu noon u:Ki'i;tt3
of laie.1t rnutinuuit,
emi Iim nNtnieterf jliwI In M-)iteh iltv
O it mi dutlieare txilli tree antl f -i rm-liell for
o nrr or r irxt or rievimd Clasa Tickels, aud
A OiVriVt OrS LINK eonnerlimr ith
AH. l!KEt"l' and CSiN-
KltUl I'Tr.h rLU V J( K.
J'llUnmn f-u ep, t rvxei atintM raw be "cured
tu mivuitee lorioitfli nv ntrettt of the r-md
HlKdl ull Tl Kb. I-in ami tioin nil piims
Hi Anierii a. t.owlHiid nd KoniH rmi tve jmr-cli-eii
hi ant Ticket i Pici- u! tins I imii.
Kuli iiiiorna.ioii miiirnriiiwf rUr", lime of
traiiin. rooti and otln-r lieiaiis JuriiUhed on
applicauun to ai.y koi.i, or
Awoitaiit General Pawenirer Aarent,
No. 121 First St., Cor Washington,
OrcioniaD Eailwa? COw:LiniiteaLiiis.
C. M. SCOTT. lieceiver.
la Take KITerl Jane C3. .
1 0''lMrk. p. m.
Betwmtn Portland and Coburg 1 '23 Mi lea
S St) ui 1 W.Puctiaiid (!n l et l.o) ar 3 M ) u.
U lOn.m . 12 10 a. m
2 W p.m i West acht .
X 4ep ni j .S.iier
i M p.m j ..Mfwwusville-.
t M p m ar . "imnt .
in in l.UI
V irj a m
7 l .tn
1v I t .w s.tu
airrKSCK i-.ii!-i.rii mi
Kimt el 1 StreeL
7 a.ra
'iip ni
12 Ud m
Iv l'liftiaiid I'. A W. V.) .ar S
..IjiUvette. C'.2m
jUierulau... . . . li I-1 p in
lialla 1 1U.1C p i"
S 11 p.m 1
2 JO p 111
Jlnumoiitn . 1! :.r iu
3:4 p.m ar . Airiir.. 1 r 10 .. m
('uniaiumtinu tiefcrU at twu i-euts x-r un. on
Ml al taliotia havinx agents.
I'oiineeiliin at ML Aim-! with itaces Inr and
fmn Williuit Miueral spniir.
Tlckela Inr any mhiu uii llii Hue for sale at
Uie Culled arnatr- and itMtritar Iraimlrr
Cuaipanv'a otlicie, Sei iiml and 1'iue atreeu, and
V. V. V. Ky.
CHAS. K. W.'OTT. t.eireiver O. Hy. Co. (Ui.)
i.iim. PortUud. Uretimi.
RMtT GOIiUAKl), KunUO. liy. Co. lbd.
Line llmnlee Jumrtiiin.
ten-ral (itflees V. Corner First and Pine
Su-eM, Portland, Oreioiu.
8kjjb Bj7s!.ii5a: CJs';i'S!ei2iii!s Lire.
.'J abrtrr. 2' lioum Tlun-
Tlmii liy any o!lir U-nmr.
First CitMMt ThroiiKi 'Bt!iir ami
Krvib'hl 1.1.
fniiA Hn'tminl and all prtioie in the rliatnetln
Vitlley to Uil UM sail I is H'V
TU1K w.Tlfcin,K, :K.o-ttf Simdio .)
Lv Aiy 1 :o) p.m. i I.I S a-iinna u u .m
LV (jtJii I 4-1 p.m. I-V Cnrioilu 10 ;s-i ft. in
Ar fiurntnm S ) m. 1 1 Ar All'nny II In a in.
0.4 C. lialoa eoiili-i'l St Alhauy aniKonrnUta.
Tn above trt iun cimnm't at YnitiiuM villi the
Oria lieveiopmeul touimii iiii-if nlmin
alpa bet vt ecu Va4jmiia atitl nail frauiilaeo.
rsoa . .
I nn Tiji!is.
Willamette Va!li-y
WiUameiUr Valiey
WlUamelte Vnllny
Julv 11.
JutV i,
Jul) i.
I July IS,
July A..
I AilKiifltfj.
Ttijx ntnpaiiy ri-nervea the riht to cliauije
Mlliu llnl arituoiit notice.
fmm uH'irt irinn Curtiaud aud al! Wlliauiette
ralM7 pwinU au io eoiiiieetloii with
taw raM of the Yaijiiiiia route at Abianyor
CvrwKi'.u. aud if (lumimil to sau riaueuwio
iwstf arranee to arrive at Vaiiiliia -.(. ev
alaf aatura tlx tali: of ailing.
wair aad trrlght Kate
Aiwayi the howoat.
Far laiaraialiea apply to
C. H. HAttweU
V at rM. Art
OaM vlai'at Co
Ikm yiuotwo, Cai.
C. C. HOl'E,
Afrt'f (ien. T. A P. Agk
O. V. K. It. K. C.,
. Corrallli,
Laav OartlUla Manday, Wednesday, Friday,
I a Albany M a. m.
AnVt)aieni, Mvuday, Wednesday, rrlday,
p. .; lea' aaMtira, Tnesday, Thnraiiay, Satur
day, f a m.
Arrvs Portland, Tuesday, Tbartday, Satur
day, 8 M p. m.
Leav Portland, Holiday, Wednstday, Friday,
At rive Salem, Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
7;li . m.i leave Sal-iUi, Tuesday, Thursday, sat
aruay, a. m. IwvrfUUjaiiy IM p. m.
Active CoivaUiaTaosdajr.Taandaj, Satartlay
t Mi p.m.
Nobbiest and Largest Stock of
In the County, is now to be Seen on Ue Counters of
-4 f
ImQ lia D
Of Albany, Oregon.
aT 'When you want to "dress up," we would he glmi to show you
through and make the right jrico.
Merchant Tailoring u hpccialty. Mr. E. A.Schkkm.ek if an -xprrt, and
has charge of this department. We guarantee nati faction.
9' I a iCl a a . u' u iTYl' iTfT. "
. j
oaeeeasnr to C. II. lUaaos.)
u;Btoi. oitr..o.
pooinr in the lal-t and lt i1e. eH-ial l
ati'iitl'in paid to ilmaiue I a.llt-s bair. l 'inr
patrnuaice reapeirtfully auliirited.
II It M V 1 1 . K. O It i o .
Cullectlona nmde, nitivn ani ii'v' and ft'l No
tarial mirk dune on uliurt null'.
' ir
y ,e V
' 4
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Propr.
Fre--h and Salted Beef aud Pork !
and HAM
Bacon aad Lard Always on Hand
Mala Street, Lebanon, Or.
J. L. t'OWAft.
i. m. RAumm.
Transacts a General Banting Bnsincsi
i UK.t Ik.
EnchaiiKt Hold on New York, i5an Fianolauo
furtliuiM aud Albany, OrKoit,
ColkicUunsniade on (uvurable tonus.
U !i-
m;i.kk in
Groceries and Provisions.
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
lHfe Ma m a re mi
4 (luarrf
l.amn and iMmp l- litnrra.
MuIh htM Irf-bauwu. Orra.
.1. WVKHM. H. SMr.l.VOX.
Iluy stid Se 1 1 Land,
Insure Property. ,
Any Iiif'iriiiaii ui in refarJ io the cheap
er Land in the itardeu of Oregon furnished t
ffanyaartft-raava he has the W. f.. TMina !
fihwa m it l.oul mine aud rt alainiwid vat ;
the b-jiloin, put him uuaii as a Uaua.
Beat In the world. Ksamln- Ills
3.IHI ;KNI I'K II 4rVI-M.WM fil'OE.
4.IHJ IIAMH-fiKWI U HU T htir. ,
If e.Mt I X I HA VAI.t r: i At f MIOA., UllllUIM.M IV K kHOK.
fc.OOmid KOlM' M UOOt f(HOS
All uiaue Iu kuimtfu, liutlou sua Lime.
S3 SHOE lafd?es.
HMt Material. Beat Blvle. Beat IWin.
It am villi liy y-ur rt- ali-r, orlte
K j '
"Kxail W. 1.. loa-M Uf
fr ceullrnieu aud ludleM."