The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 31, 1890, Image 2

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fljc Ictaijoi? Express.
A Me la h night Direction.
As whs aunounml in last wwk'i
isrtuo, the Donril of Trade held an ad
jounitnl nun'ting in Vnion Hull Mon
day evening to listen to the report of
the committee on manufacturing.
Following is the report of the com
mittee: Tu the Pretidcnt and Gentlemen (tf
Lettanon Board of Trade:
We,your committee on manufueture,
in making our report will say
1. In order to carry on manufaotnr
ing to any great extent, power in the
first thing In order, because uecemary
in working macninery.
2. That Hteuin and water power are
the preatest motor power that In used
in the civilized world.
S. That owing to the designs of
nature in BHpplyiug m with an abun
dance of water (ower which can I
had ho cheaply, that we heartily rec
ommend the latter.
4. That your committee do recom
mend your honorable body to neeure at
once what la known aa the Lebanon
5. That there be enough home capi
tal wMHired to control the name, for we
Ix'Iieve that the time is now at hand
w hen more aid can be secured than at
any time heretofore.
Th !refor that through the proper
channel of thin baly we incorjtorate
and secure the right of way for the
Lebanon ditch for the purpose of man
ufactories, and that proper mean be
taken to raise the necessary money to
complete the auterpriHe.
J. J. Bwax,
W. B. Dokaca,
(!. T- COTTO.V.
After gome euthiifiastic and inter
beting speeches by onie of the promi
nent citizens the report wag adopted.
By motion the committee were order
ed to draw up articles of incorpora
tion for the said canal and to lay the
tame before the Board of Trade at
their next regular meeting, which Id
on Monday evening. By a motion of
the chairman of the committee F. M.
Miller was added to the committee.
Thore eeni8 to be great interest man
ifested in the werk, and from the out
look we feel eure that the ditch
will be built and that soon. We
heartily recommend the course that
lias been pursued, and think it is a
Htep in the right direction ; yes, more,
the very sal rat ion of our town.
Tins week has been au unusually
wet one in thi part of the valley on
jtecount of the heavy rains that have
fallen, but tlietouth winds hare tikken
a great deal of snow from the foothills
and mountains and caused the snip 11
streams and rivers to rise rapidly and
in many place to overflow. Telegrams
from the blockades between here and
California state that the of
the road is worse than ever, with but
littl e prosM.'ft of getting better. Borne
of thj officials of the road say they do
not look f(r a train through ltcfnrc the
first of March. On Wednesday a great
deal of the railroad track was under
w ater in several parts of the valley ,and
no train was allowed to run at night
on the main line. We were told by
on. mi bord the train Wednesdaj'that
in some places between here and Alba
' i.y the water was five inches deep over
the track. The Willamette at Albany
was fourteen feet above the high water
mark, and at the docks all of the mer
chandise had to be moved otf of the
lower dock. We never saw so much
water in Lebanon before. Every
ditch, ravine and hole was full and
most yards were flooded. Old settlers
say they have never Itcfore seen such
heavy storm? in Oregon.
Among congressional news we note
the preparation of a bill containing
provisions of importance Washington,
Idaho and Montana. It asks for a re
examination of their entire pullic
lands as to their mineral character, at
an estimated c;;jH!iise of &O,OO0. The
admission ot Wyoming is favorably
commented on. A bill will come before
the senate thb week, providing that in
all land cases which had been proved
up prior to January, lftSO, and where
Innocent parties have obtains an
interest ,y purchase or otherwise,
patents hhttll be issued.- It is designed
to clear up cases in tke northwest
that have been huny t.p for years.
They must go. They undermine
American lalsir. They cause honest,
latmring white meu to Income tramps.
They send all the money they receive
back to China. They take work from
many a poor woman. They disgrace
our young men. They are a very
corrupt and immoral people. They
Huch were the remarks of a fault
finding, chronic-growling, sal tibh and
penurious set a few years ago. And
this fault-finding was kept up until
many good people thought It would lie
best to stop the Chinese from miming
to rur country. And our hiw-makvrs
listened to the public clamor and cow
aedly passed the restriction ml. let
as note these statements: If iur con
dition i a people would la' hcMer
without the chinaman, there one lit to
be some improvement by this lime.but
let us see.
We were told they would undermine
American lalsir. Since the Chinese
have gone has labor changed? Yin;
gone down, not up. We were told that
they cause honest, laboring white men
to liecome trumps. Have the number
of tramp changed? Yes; increased,
not diminished.
We were told that they sent all the
money they received for work back to
China. But they left value received
for every dollar they sent away, and
one thousand of them gave (2,300 to
home mission work it the United
We were told that they took work
from yoor white women. Are white
women doing the work they did? No.
Are;our young men growing tatter in
the absence of the Chinamen? No.
Are the 'hiiiesens filthy and corrupt
ami immoral as the Italians? No.
Everyone knows that of all the tailor
ing men that evet came to the United
States noue were more industrious,
more harmless, aud more civil than
the Chinaman. And the day will
come when unr nation will see its mis
take aud annul the restriction act.
Even so come quickly, amen.
F. W. Parker.
There is no town in Oregon with
brighter prospects than Lebanon, it
being situated near the center of Linn
county, the finest agricultural coun
ty in the state, located on southork of
the. Bantlam at the terminus of the
I,chanon branch of the K, I'. K. It.witli
three trains a day, giving us good mail
facilities, and better than many towns
with much larger populations than we
have. Jtnying to the west of our town
is some of the finest grain and fruit
lands in the county; te the north 1
laud suitable for grain, hops, fruit and
vegetables; to the south and cast Is a
large stietch ot eountry suitable for
grain and stock raising. These lauds
are occupied by a thrifty, enterprising
class of furmers aud stock raisers, some
of them owning large tracts of land
which they arc willing to gulwddize in
to smaller tracts to unit purchasers,
having learned from experience that
small farms with belter cultivation
will give more favorable results. Leb
anon has a population of from seven to
eight bundled, iicing the second larg
est t'wn in the county. The husiiuas
of Lebanon Is well represented by an
enterprising class of business meu. We
have good public schools, au academy
and a number of churches.
The citizens of our town have iade
arrangements with O'Neil Brothers, of
California, by which they agree to
erect and operate paper mills with a
capacity of live ton of paper per day,
with a pay-roll of four tnousaud dollars
per month.
Our citizens are taking steps to or
ganize a company for the construction
of a water ditch, by tanpig the Hanti
am river at or near Cheadle's Falls and
bringing water into the city limits,
giving us a good water supply and
power sufficient for a number ot mills
and factories. With all these improve
ments we mny reasonably exjicct to
double our population within the next
eighteen months.
The Ileal Estate business is repre
stnted by the firm of Peterson & Wal
lace, who are ready and willing ut nil
times to show you through the city and
country free of charge. They have on
their list a great many farms, which
will be sold ut prices and terms to suit
purchasers. Cull on them and see
some of their property.
First-class work at MeClure's barber
l)o not buy any eastern trash when
you can get those spl-.nd id Buckingham
& Ilecht goods at Montague's Mam
moth store and ulo at lib One Price
Cash Htore.
Montague's fall stock is
now complete in every de
partment. The Mammoth
store k filled with as choice
cood, adapted to this mar
ket, as money will buy.
Our all wool Aldino suit
ings a full yard wide, which
we are xelling at 50 cents per
vard, is without daubt the
Wt value for the money ever
offered to the ladies of Leba
non. Our stock of Henrietta
cloths, cashmeres, tricot?,
camel hair goods, waterproofs,
and advance stvles of every
thing wearable k simply im
mense. The ladies are invit
ed to call and take a look
through the goods. They were
Imught at very low prices and
will be sold correspondingly
Montague! stock of fancy
work materials, as zephyrs,
wools and varns, embroidery
silks, in fact everything that
goes to make up a complete
line of material for fancy work
can be found at Montague's.
Our stock of boots and
shoes was made expressly for
us and even' pair we sell is
full' warranted. When yu
wantanything in the foot wear
line look 'over Montague's
stock and get his prices. If
you Avant to jjot good goods at
living prices you will necessa
rily buv vour boots and shoes
of Montague.
Montague is opening up the
largest and liest selected stock
of Men's, Boys and Chil
dren's Clothing ever opened
at this place. We can fit any
one loth in size and price.
Montague carries Oregon City
Clothing, California Cassi
mere Clothing, Eastern
Worsteds, as well as a great
variety f serviceable, low
priced goods.
The. One PrUje Cash Store
will continue t deliver Gro
ceries and General Merchan
dise to the citizens of this
place and vicinity at a mere
nominal advance over the
original cost.
Persons who owe me MUST
I do not propose to waste
much time in dunning. In
fact there are some who imag
ine thev should not be dunn
ed at ail, but it takes money
to do business. Do not be
surprised if you find tho note
or account you may happen
to owe me in the hands of an
officer vry i'i'"pt
1 It VMM-lit.
The long, weary credit bus
iness is a thing of the past in
Sept. 20, 1889.
MttKltMitH mny cuter nt ttiiy t lm. 1
Thorough and Practical in Instruction,
Tuition, Low; Board and Rooms, Reasonable,
Terr r 10 weeks began Tuesday, November 19,
The ' .emu Building has been repaired,
Neu School Appliances have been Rdded.
The Curriculum of Study has bEen Revised,
Send at Once for particulars.
R. N. Wright, B- S., Principal.
Tlics G ronton! Shoe Xvoi Knovi'ii
fok mf , weak.
This shoe is made of h ines mnery calf, has solid heel3
and soles, and is the fi . f t sh . for $3.00 ever pioduced
Manufactured by '
Cain, Eickdsbnrg ft Co
Druggist and Apothecary,
Puke Diiugs, Med vIns,
Paints, Oils and Glass,
Fine Perfumer7, Brushes & Combs
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
Malrt Street, Lebanon, Orejjon.
Julius Gradwohl's
Golden Rule Bazaar,
The Leading Crockery, Fancy Goods;
and Toy Store of Aibany, Oregon.
Rogers Bros, 1847 Silverware, French China and Glassware,
Boy's Wagons, Baby and Doll Carriages.
General Assortment of Fancy Goods.
He buys direct for net .cash ami carries the largest
stock in the valley.
J J) A V7 11 J1J)
All parties contemplating building, or desiring lumber for
any other purpose whatever would do well to call on
At his lumber yard at this place or at th sawmill.
We have on hand a first-class stock of
Rough and Clear Lumber.
Bills of all kinds filled on short notice.
Give me a call
Before Purchasing Elsewhere
Humphrey & Taylor
Bi:. l.'Tl Fl'I.LY LoCATKti.
San Francisco,
B. Montague.