The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 10, 1890, Image 3

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    . ... )., ' '. V.'.Y."
J. V. Mciiaies has been tjuito i lck
bill, I HOW C'llVllli'SeOllt.
Last Saturday Joseph l'.uhl bought
ut ,, .T-.'i.voii (lie Kxchaiigo hotel,
Mi'. Springtides moved Into his new i
Inline !u tlie Jurkpatrick addition, j
Sir. Churley Purdy and bltjt'r, of j
( '.-nir, uv visiting their cousin A . L,
l'jh.'rsmi. ;
T. I.'. Feebler has jvnted the barroom
otHhe Knjhutigc hole), and will use it
I'd' his real estate oljleo.
The : mercury reached 11 degrees
u';iv- zepi one n onilug tl.U week, the
c.iMwt weather we have bad this
wiiiti r
The .lelilrsnn Hi' view 1h the name of
ii new paper just t-HliiliIlHlitil ut Jeffer
son. This U t lie fourth paper min ted
In Marion county in twelve months.
Coof-.ti j'-d meet-lugs in tlio M. E.
r U. livery one should attend and
t ry to nmke them ii Hiinet'Ms. Lit nil,
fKjicciully wiiu profess to be Ohrluiiaiis
lot it be known.
Tlie meetings (it the M. K. Church
arc si ill i:i progress und are growing In
Jntoest very much. Itev. Jfl worthy
of LrownsviUc has been lion; the most
of the week assisting the pastor.
Dr. C. 11. luckett has moved his
dentil! t!iet friim tlie room ovcrll.iek
leinan' to u inure convenient place,
on Main MUeet near Cotton's grocery
mid iVforrion and Wallace's real estate
Kev. A. lii' Hoy's lecture last Friday
was much enjoyed by all who attend
ed. Ho will deliver (mother one of his
lectures in the C. I'. Church next
Monday evc'.iittir, which will well ho
worth j'Hiir time to attend, bo come out
ujd hear Mm.
The following officer of Lebanon
LikIj'i! No. 47, I. 0. 0. 1, were duly
installed by District Deputy .Stanlsh.of
liiMwiiHvilic, Saturday, January 4,
J'siiii: K. A. Ni'-i.etso.-i, X. (k; (j. If.
Inland, V. (.; J. M. Nettle, recording
Keretary; Joseph Wussoui, I'errnaiieui
Wwcraiary; YV C. Peterson, Treasurer.
There were 14") marriages in Linn
county for 1V:9, a,: .shown by the rec
ords in the County Clerk' office. The
number shows an Iihwiho ju keeping
with tie real estate market, building.
ete tin ineroK ' being tiihtven over
1SKS, and thirty-three over 1HS7. As
in til" :!4 October was the hauner
mouth for Kinrri:i!,'"H.
Hiturday t-venini; an Dr. I!. C. Hill
wiik walking h:i;; one of the street in
Albany he Htcp;n d off u t;tep and f;-!l
heudloiijr, bniiiiij.' lilniNi if up eoiiHid
vrebly. jn-t win, J)r.,I. D. Hill attend
ed him and sut up with him all tdt;ht.
Jle being mi old man of ei;;!ity-two
yearcinftige, it in hoped his injurieu
will not prove serious.
A train;) broke int.) tlio Beetiou boima
at Ji.'tl'eivoii one day Inst wock.and was
about lo f Ual t!ie contents, when he
was ils:.'oVv".X'.l by a Chinaman, who
rati t; the ir.'otioa ba u:ul gave the
alarm. The Lranip was given into tlie
bunds of the maixhul and held over,
after ha-vlng been given n, preliminary
examination, to await tlio notion of the
Knmd jury charged with grand lar
eeny. Jfr: Y. H. Greetiwood, the'pliotog
lv.pher, inl'oriu.'j U that Iuh wife left his
home on ?Uw Year's day to go to a
neighbor')-;, and :iiu:o then lias not bei-n
eeen. He ivporl everything to have
been aiiiieuliie between theiu. Mr.
GrcenwoodVi version i.s that wnen in u
hyrtterleul mood, to which fdie wiw sub
ject, bhe went off on one of tlie trains,
perhaps with 'Ik: idea that sine would
goto her parent)) in Nebraska. The
fact, though, that she took no extru
elotliiug and very little money nuiKcs
it look mytitorioiis to Mr. (Jreenwood
as W( ll fis tlie public- goHerally, and
any Information n-s to lier whereabouts
will be thankfully received by Mr.
Died, January 7, 1890, Mrs. S. A.
llidgway, npetl Oil years. Mrs. Jiidg
way was born in Ohio, July U,
She came) with her family to Oregon
in lWi'ltuid located in Lebanon in Wj.
Hhc leaves Un aged liii!iband, six bona
and four daughters. Deceased was n
great sud'erei. For the past live years
Hhe lias beeu con 11 hud to her bed wiili
paralysis of her lhulis and hips. The
luneral sesvices were conducted by
Itey. Cabler at the 0. I. Church. She
has passed beyond this sphere of pain
and disappointment and suffering.
Mny fingel Hpirlts ndilniHter to her in
that same bright clime where parting
will be no more.
JC. J evi lofv), w',1. tli-:
!Ki',wniber the lecture at" the C. P.
Cliujdi next Monday nlglit.
Vi". j. Ouy bud four wagons running
'nvuriy !! night lust Wednesday, otor
itig lei Ibr ?ti..ii))i'r,
A. 1.'. 'yrus, now of Astoria, h in
tow:t thl.' week vi: itii'g his f.imily and
)-i, ;i;:.g A-'t'ii ia propel ty,
, i ' m i i , b tlie w iff of C'lW!';-r l (-'ooper,
at U U'uJki:');;, Jan. 7, JS'.ttl, ft boy,
','.ei-!.i. i;i:ie jioumiIs. !dot!u''r nod
ebitd .(io-ng we!!.
Tbeiow Uan f:l! no deep in 1 lit; ('.'is
cads' iiioiUitahis that theeontntotron
tli .: Or'.'ciii l'liellie have been compell
ed ,to, Ci'.tH" V.'oi k fi;r the present;
Mrs. r: h Lnie, 'mother t t' J. 11.
Lame, of l iaises-, died at her home at
that place on the eighth Inst at ll(o
rdvuueed ege of W.) yehrs. 8iie came
Oregon from Imlijuia in 13":t, and has
lived for many years in Linn county,
where s!ie had many warm friends.
People who have visited t lie YYillam
ftte valley, ,or resided here for a time
and returned to the east, roncrali.y
come to tlie conclusion that this valley
1 far ahead of any other place they
hav.i found. For scenery, variety
climate and opportunity, no place
oijuais it. California may be a nice
state, but taken the year rormd, west
trnJOregoii is Uv ahead of her.
Last week there was u light fall of
snow and u slight freeze, and on Sun
day night there was more snow, which
inatle about llvo inches on a level. On
Vod? night u strong south wind
ami some rain fell, and all cf the snow
will be gone in a day or two.
Monday was election day fit this
I dace. Everything went oil quietly
and without much excitement, but
above all good men were elected to fill
the difl'emit office!?; men whom we
think will advance tlio interests of
Lebanon as much as possible, i'ielow
are the mmici f the officers elected:
D. Andrews, president; YV. C. I'eter
;nn, recorder; J. A. Roberts, treasurer ;
V. M. Miller, marshal; C. C. Ilackle
man, W. 15. Donaca, J. S. Courtney
and J. J. '6 wun, eouucilnicn.
Dee.rd ft llol; have the Uncut albums
in the city.
Persons knowing themselves indebt
ed to CriiKon & Menzies, bo kind
enough to call and settle at once.
The best job work is done by the
Pure Uond, "Wyandotte chickens for
sale by 11. H. Huberts.
One good fuiir-year-old horse for sale
olican well broke apply at thin
and get a bargain.
First-ek.BS work at jrcClure's barber
YVheeleris running his uaw-mi!l at
full blast is ready to till all r!rs.
For sale, a fine young horse, four
years old, well broken in. Apply at
this officii.
ojo;v. tit ti.)
fKM.TJ OUQ Pl'.f 50 OKJU put! OJOJH 5)0IL!
-iuti p.onibMuoj an wponii v
mitti.p ni'j pi!ui.'.i!soKO!iT3 uv;o noA"
IHIJ.W lM;!.li lU.V)-il.) ,tll! .Cil'J Jull )Q
Cruson & Menaiesare prepared to fur
nish you with doors and windows
cheaper than anyone else in Lebanon.
We er.ll especial attention to tlie iuw
nd. of Ibrrows k Wearies, of Albuny.
Tliey are both gentlesmii of large and
varied experience in the mercantile
business; having each travt lb-d fir
years over t'u- greater part of (he l.'nit
ed 8tuts,.f,ni.l now they have located
at Albany with good.i at rock-bottem
prices. Call and see thewi.
Mr. E. P. Lvejoy, a large dealer in
general merchandise at Wabuska, Ne
vada, says: "I have tried Kt. Patrick's
Pills and can truthfully say they are
tin; best I have ever tukvn or known
used." As a pleasant physic or for dis
orders of the liver they will always give
perfect satisfaetioM . For bale by M. A .
Two Innne I'stlcuts.
Deputy M boner reached Kaloin by
the overland last night from Portland
bringing with him a couple of patient j
for treatment in the asylum for insane1
One was a maiuiained J. M. Parsons,
aged "7 years and violently insane.
Tlio other was Dr. David W. Odell,
aged 50 years, who has once before re
ceived treatment at this Institution.
He is not violent, but Is at times un
manageable. He was quite hapyy at
.the thought of being returned to the
asylum. Mr. Misener had no assist
ance in cunlng from Portland with
these unfortunates. Salem Journal.
We are reliably informed that the
above-n entloned Dr. Odell Is the phy
sician who practiced at Sodavillo last
.J'.' - '.l'" C. '!'- t'iii tvxii l:. I '.t'.-i
county, 'h;fc,n, on Dec. ii), lw. Her
father, H. V. Carter, died, leaving her
mother, who wuh nn Invalid, with flvo
cliddreii. Nellio being at that time ten
yew-rs of age. The 'Ion of the fatlier
fhrowerl tli.; on re of the mother and
rugged battles of life upon those of
tender y-xir.-i, and in a great measure
deprived the children of the advanta
ges .fs-curing an education, the eldest
si.-ter ini.rrj injr v. !;en Nrlho was about
fifteen, her girlhood developed those
traits of characf.-r tliat made her a
fuvoriL; wi'.h r.'.i Alio knew iier.
Always turning to the bright side of
every cloud, during her last illness of
some uino weeks, five of which were
snuiit on a bed of pain and great cu tier
ing, which she lure without a mur
mur, often .-peaking ebcerfuFy to
t hose who mini-lead to her wants.
Nellie C. CaruT Mas man-ied to A.A.
Kecs on tfcpiembcr OX, 1ft:--, niidt from
that time t ) her dvidhon Deceinlici'Sl,
1-S8!!, she proved a loving and devoted
wife. The birth of their only child
crowned her with tlie in hest diadem
a mother's love. She whs converted
some four years ago. Wl,!!e liot unit
ii!g with any particuhir inaii'ih of the
church she lived a consistent Christian.
A short time prior lo her death she
said: "If n:y Havior culls I am ready
to go." Hhe leaves a mother, two
brothers, one bister, o husband and a
little daughter four years ot age, and a
large circle of relatives and friends, for
she was a friend to all who knew her.
Tin-re t no (ki.tii! VheMur - poriown
T ri.'-e Bonn' f rlio:c;
AucJ lirlnlil in Ileal fii' Jcui'ii'il crown
Tl)i -fhlnv foriviTiiiori!.
There Ix o ilUi! T) ii.- lcavo f.iny fa'X
Aw. fiottera may l.-i tt uiid piis uay;
Tlie' on! WRft thniiifrli wintry hours
Tlie eoining of tlie May. '
Thcro i no iV-n i ti ! An i,vl fnn
V.'alkK o'er (tin earUi wiili silent Ireixl;
lie lifctr our liet 1'ive'l tlihifMittuy;
And lli'm tve cull tlioui ' Jouil. '
A 3-1 ever nenr uf, though uti!-on,
, TlioUfar immortal i ii tl trtmd;
l'urullthc liOistnil' Kv iinit'c-r.-e
Is lifo 'Jipre i no (lsiiit.
8( 13JOL MUKS.
Mi;. Editor:
YVitk your j)ermiss"'on I try cote
more to' give a few notes from our
school. Hope to have my notes appear
ofti n heiealter, provided these do not
find their way to the waste basket, as
I fear they might.
Tlie joys of holidays are quickly past
and we are at our post again, after
m;-.ny "fauis," we are ready for busi
ness rgain.
The past week has been a jolly one,
for many a snow-bail has been let fly
to an unsuspecting party, but quite
rod ay for the emergency, as snow wis
quite convenient. Put all pleasures
must pass away, just so the beautiful
snow melts from our vision.
Rev. A. Lelloy called around at our
school one day last week, but to our
great loss, school had closed.
Two new pupils have been added to
our school Miss Nellie Holt, of Eu
gene, and Cluience t'briver. Several
of former pupils have returned.
The spelling match last Friday was
very jnterrsling, and we hope to en
tertain us many vi.-iters as would like
to come tiiis Friday, by recitat ions and
selections. AH invited. Il d.
I5ltfsoU:tton ?Votiit.
Lebanon, Ongon, Jan. 1,
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership eKi.ting between J. H. Court
ney and I' It. Ikdlurd, known os the
linn of J)rs. Courtney & Pailanl, has
been dissolved, kind all parties knowing
themselves indebted to said firm will
picas1; settle with J. S. Com triey.
J. 8. 'oci:TX!:Y,
V. R. Pai.i.aki).
A Gjod Cough Gyrup.
There is nothing parcntsshould lie so
careful about as i;electiug a cough syrup.
IVg j's Cherry Cough Syrup costs no
mere than the chcr.p and inferior lies- j
truim thrown upon the market. The
best is none too good, lie sure and get j
Bsgc's Cherry Cough Syrup, We keep
it on hand at all times. M. A. Miller,
What a Portune
Is a good healthy, pearly skin. Few
are aware of the short time it takes for
a disordered liver to cause blotches on
the face, and a dark greasy skin. One
bottle of Bsgg'a Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker will restore this org?n to
its natural and healthy state, and
cleanse the blood of all impurities, It
is meeting with wonderful success.
We guarantee every bottle. M. A.
Miller, Druggist.
Bedrock orices, new goods and stan
dard brands at both the Mammoth and
One Price Cash Stores of C. R. Montague.
Goes Forif .
.. .-. 4fTk ir.. r hi f-v J : ..::-:;
' us tvt r fit t. n. ., it"1- tf
..a. Ky .cst'Z'Wi -
The Best Goods,
The Newest Goods, -'
: The Cheapest Goods, 8
To all persons alike, regardless of age, sex or I
He expects on yonr part .
j-COjStTINUED--s -1
Givcu you more and treats you better than any other dealer, wishing you u 4
Happy Xew Year. '
Lebanon, - - - - - "Oregcn. '
Last Tuesday evening as tlie Eugene
local train was entering that city a
nmn concealed by a clump of bushes
jumped on the track in front of the
engine and was instantly killed. A
coroner's verdict was that it was sui
cide. Tlie name cf the man was
Christy, and he was a young man cf
about 2S years, lie was a stranger.
Persons wishing to buy wood can get
it at f 1 0 a cord on the ground, just at
the edge of town, or I will deliver it at
i'2. Cull on me in' person or leave
orders at Donaca's store.
. llVFV HlATT.
Girl Waxtkd. To do general
housework steady work to the right
IHJ-Kcn. For particulars inquire at
srore or residence of C. 1$. Montague.
Do net buy any eastern trash when
ycu can get those splendid Rucking
ham t I'leclit goods at Montague's
Mammoth store and also at his One
Price Cash Store.
Cash paid for Produce by R."f. Rob
erts. Go to Wheelers mill for lumber.
Is the place where you can get any
stylo or kind of picture! that you may
wish. Old pictures copied and enlarg
to any size, colored in oil, water colors
or India ink, crayons and pi wile por
traits made to ordi r. No pictures sent
away; ail woi k done at my studio.
Prices (lie lowest. Call and examine
specimens. All w-rk guaranteed.
Soliciting a share of vour patronage,
I am resj ectfully vours,
W. If. (Jld-vliNWOOD,
Cor. 2d and Ferry ,St., Albany.O-egDn.
Stanch and Reliable
ON iiiu
JGSyDo not fail to buy aCelumbia.""
Lebanon, Oregon,
E. G. Beardsley,
it'SJAi khtatr aci::.t,
BltOAUALIUIf ST., - A1.BAXY, 01 lu r.
Farms nnrl 'tf
...... ivi'iKJf 1U1 BUI1.
Corresponctence .solicited.
P. O. Box 311.
Berg ' C I i ( i j n ,
Is giving splendid satisfaction to (he
trude and the sales are positively ni"r
velous, which can be accounted for in
no otlier way except that it is without
doubt the best in the market. Ask '. r
and be sure you get tlio genuine, . Wo
keep it. M. A. Miller, Druggist. '
Cruson & Momdes will furnish your
windows and doors cheap.
Our goods reach us direct f-om
manufactory and every pair of our
boots and shoes are fully warranted.
Vh..n you need ;.ny bcokorshoi s Id.k
over Montagues large new ftock.
I'Ntlcit Flutes Loud f)l!',.-(. )
Ori-Kon City, Ori (!!., Nov. , !. i
NOTICE in lu'retiy ghcu tlmt la romi.;u-iv
with t!. pnivWoiisof theacti.f m ,,(
Jiaw, ls7s. eiitltli-il "Am net for tlio sale uf ii'it
bcr lnadu in (bu ShUi-i or Ciiltrornlu,
Nuviidn and Wa-tiliiKton Tcrritoiy,''
m:fA.v siiaw, '
of Seattle, county (if Yinj,', U-rritorj- of Wi-Ii'mt,
Urn, bm thla day tilo l In tills oRle liis wr
stateiaent Nn. i'or tlm iniivlmn of it'e s.
1-4 of Section No, 1, in Tmmsliip No. Vi stwh, '
JtaiiBO No. 2 K.i.-i, uu I wiil oiler proof to show
that dm li.nd sought i. mure for its tito
Ijcrortiloui; tliiiu loriifrrtciiltuml piirposi'K, eia t
estlilMi liis oliilm lo wild lm.d Uter tiw l;t- -ifr
ami Ilecoherof tills ofl'iei', .l oivya Ci'y, tv
on I'riday, Uit' lllii tiny elMmrh, r ; j. " ' .'
He imiiu .iH.-i winiossos M, fii.;ar X. Hi' -r 1 1
Wm. Mi'A.iiiia mid J. Sto.'.aurt, t.ll iirseiitile Ff!i'r
county, W. T.
Any mid nil iht.-ou.i cl.i!itii.-!4 xlvm'1' ;
nbove-dc-crilii'il ianuj nn; ruiii(tiHl to file tin u
elaiais In llii.-s olHcu ou or bel'oro srnld lir.y
of Mmcb, IKK).
J. T. Ari-Kiiso.v, KeiMtcr.
l.imd orieo at Oreaon City, OroRon
neci'iiiiicri!, im).
oticc is luTel.y L'iven that tin; followini; rni n A
sell !ir Iimm mirU'i. ii'lilv i i...
ininl proot m Millport oi his I'luim, ,u,,i jiiat -aid
tiroot will lie mndi! lid'ore Hie cmaiiy judfro or in
ms noM-nce tn-ioie llm coilntv dcrk of l iim conii.
ty, ut Allinny, Inchon, on H'iumIuv, Juittmrv ir.
IMWl. vin: Hohert A. CfHiper. hfmek-ad ( iitry No'
K'.IO. iiir the xm1 J ot's..-c. s, Tli I'.'S, K 1 W. ' :
Ce iiiiiiies; the I'olhiwinK witiu'.t-i to jirove his
'Oii'!ni!iiH resiilciH-e upon im.l culttvatioii of iit
luii.!. viz: M. Iliclnnan, M. Itilund, o. Sullmnr.1i
ami JI.JaiiietMill of I.chnnoii,.inn connly uii'f'
ii T. AITKMBON, r.cs'. a "
1 1
i '