The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 22, 1889, Image 7

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I root "him on the Ht rwt to-tiny. He
jrnwpl my hanria wlih both of hit! unci
t-rlwl out with chantotcrUtlc ffTuRlvo
tut: "My dear friend, I nm ilcllghU-d
Umxs you ngnin. It minted tut age
Hinnc I Kad tlie pleasure of looking
epon your fw,whii'h I always radiant
with iotclliKi'iH-e andgoodncwa," After
I hnd len Hlvrnlly tlclusH with com
pliments I naked Gamaliel how they
weie getting n'onjr in hiehuieh,forhe
In a Bnplfat, H drew clone to mp,arid
replied in low, onrUlonllnl tones: "I
ttll yu. Old School, Just between our
selves, that i:ev prtmelier of ohm won't
do. W by be gate u yeatenltty two of
the dryettt aermoim that I ever hoard,
llnlf of tho people were iulcep before
he flriWunl hl drawl." '
I told Mm I was norry, for, I had
hojH-d that Mr. A would prove to
lw the right man in the right place.
We walked on for a few minutes, and
jut a I vriw trying to get away n
Mranger with a white necktie came
along. I had not seen Mr. , the
new ltapllftt preacher, but guessed In a
moment that It was he. And I wa
not mistaken. As mooii m Brother
(Jutth raw him he disengaged one of Ll
hand from mine, and with it he wlwd
the new-comer and cried: "Now thin U
I'rovldeutlal! I have longed for the
pleasure of making you two noble men
acquainted with each other. I know
that you will appreciate each other, for
you are two congenial ptrit.''
After a, fulNome dose of similar com
pliment be turned to Mr. A and
iu a tge whisper which he pretended
I was lint to bear, but meant that I
aliould, be mild: "My dear Brother
A , I want to tell you how delight
ed we nil were with those excellent
ttermonn yewhrday. Your expositions
of Scripture were no ftblc,andymir illus
tration to graphic, that I could have
listened an hour longer without gatting
weary. 1 believe that the Lord bus
aent you lere to a great work. I hope
that He w ill pure you to our church
for many yearn. Hut I am afraid some
of the other church. In the association
wll try to tc-l you from ua."
I waa no dn;oU'd that I tore tnyaelf
away fr-iu the clinging grap f Mr.
Uwth and left him ift-ttoaping the
tinkter. The poor man aeeuied toi-n-Jfly
the operation, and to believe that
lie r ally bed a waim friend and ar
deut admirer la the fuWme flatterer.
A few hour after, mot ting Mr. Oiwh
aguin, I button-holed bint and auid:
4'Hee here, Gamaliel, how could you
talk to Mr. A about hi aernions,
when tiu Iwidjutt told me bow dull
and unlntertHtlng they were?" "Why
my good friend Olwdlah," he replied,
without even the aemblanoe of a blush,
"yon know that I had to nay aonie-
thlug to Mr. A . Of csour, I cou Id
not tell him what I told you, kg I told
him what I knew would pleat him.
I want to be on gxd terms with him
an loug a he is our minister."
"And iu order to pleaxe him you told
him a pack of lies. Do you think that
waa right? And how about what you
auid to mc? Were you as sincere In
that an in what you aaid tohiiu? When
you aaw me coming did you tell some
cue tlae confidentially tuat I wan a
mlaerable old fogythat it was a great
bore to meet with me, and then rush
up and declare that you were delighted
to meet me? Do you always any to
people just what you think will pleae
them, not eariug whether it is true r
Uamullel Haw that he was caught
He tried to escape in a profusion of eon
fewdous, as certain flh muddy the wa
ter lu order to hid from the llahermau..
But I held ou to him until I had given
blm a faithful lecture upou the siu of
lying. IuHHuredblmthatlu the day
of Judgment he would dot And any dis
tluctlons of color hi lies, some white,
ouie black, and some gray, but that
all llarsthe polite out included, would
have their part lu the lake that burn
etii with lire aad brimstone. (See
I report this Incident, which is not
an Imuglnary one, because I fear that
the Gutdi family Is very extensive.
Home of tl.eni, like my neighbor Oa
tuuliel, may be professors of religion
and readers of this paper. If so, I want
to oak them to look lu;t he gospel mir
ror and see themselves, ae Uod aees
Mn. X , you are always at the
prayer meeting and had the ladies'
meeting. You are regarded as one of
the mothers lu Israel. But do you re
member what you auid the other day,
when you heurd the door UJ1 ring?
You aald: "0 dear me, there Is some
tuplU caller come to luterrupt me.and
I am no busy." And wheu the door
girl brought hi the card, and you rend
on It the name of Mrs. Y , you
anld aaln: "O der nw, what on onrr
tiwfully tlreom," But you pat on
one of your sweetest smiles and rushed
into the parlor, exclaiming t "My dear
Mrs, Y , I am dullghted to see
you. It la an age since you have been
here. You must try to bo more socia
ble." And when after she had talked
an hour, and you listened an if you
were sitting on nettles, she rose to go,
you said: "0 don't go yet; but if you
must, be sure and call attain soon."
You say tliat you were merely polite.
You could not be so rude, as to tell Mrs.
Y, you were not glad to see her. But
does politeness justify lying" Does
not God Hay: Wherefore, putting away
all lying, xpeak every man the truth
with his nclgiaor"?--Eph. iv: 25.
There Is no exception hero for what
may be called the lies of society the
hmlneero compliment and professions
which are considered necessary to keep
the machinery of aoelal intercourse
well oiled. Oil la excellent iu its
place, but friction is necessary some
times, l'aul gives the rule in Eph. iv:
15, "speaking the truth iu love." Sin
cerity lubricated with charity is far
better tnau polite and effusive sincer
ity. ,
The trouble ith the Gush family is
that they cannot keep their own coun
sel. They are ever and anon exposing
themselves as Gamaliel did in the case
of Mr. A . Vhen you, Mrs. X ,
tell your next culler, whom perhaps
you really like, what a tiresome old
dowdy Mrs. Y la, that caller will
say to herself: "She waa no doubt as
polite to Mrs. Y aa she is to me.aud
w hen I am gone she will talk about
me to somebody else as she talks to me
aUout her." Better far have a reputa
tion for blunt sincerity, of saying offen
sive tilings because you believe them,
than for saying what you don't believe
lu order to flatter those you talk with.
Obadiah Old School.
A Good Cough Syrup.
There is nothing parents should be so
careful about as selectlngaooughsyrup.
Begg'a Cherry Cough Syrup cjeU no
more than the cheap and inferior nos
trums thrown upou the market The
best is uone too good. lie sure and get
Beef's Cberry Cough Syrup, We keep
it ou hand at all times. M. A. Miller,
Family to move into residence In
rear of bantiam Academy and look af
ter rooms and board for students. Call
on or address It X. Wkioht,
Kantium Academy, Lebauon, Oregon.
To (he Cidirn of Linn County:
lieware of the fraud of the country!
I have been taken in too often not to
speak of it Don't let them fool yon
iu their eastern goods until you see the
home manufactured article. Every
man with reason knows that they can't
ship to us as cheap as we can make It
at home. For an example, take the
Common Sense Harbiu Harrow. They
are made at home ; they are made of
the best of material ; all band made ;
and their eastern work Is all' made by
machinery. My work is warranted to
stand. If it doesn't, fetch it back and
T will make it I have the cheapest
and bebt bin row to be bought In the
country. It is mado in independent
sections, either wood or iron. Show
me a harrow that you can buy from
the east for $150! You can't do it! I'll
fix you up a good harrow for that, and
don't yu forget it. Blacksmithing
and woodwork done on short notice.
lied Frsnt Shop, Lebanon, Oregon.
What a Fortuna
Is a good healthy, pearly skin. Few
are aware of the short time It takes for
a disordered liver to cause blotches on
the face, and a dark greasy skin. One
bottle of Begg's Blood Purifier and
Blood Maker will restore this organ to
its natural and healthy state, and
cleanse the blood of all impurities, It
is meeting with wonderful success.
We guarantee every bottle. M. A.
Miller, Druggist.
Is the place where you can get any
style or kind of picture that you runy
wish. Old pictures copied and eularg
to any size, coloret' in oil, water colors
or India ink, crayons and postle por
traits made to order. No pictures sent
away; all work done at my studio.
Prices the lowest. Call and examine
specimens. AH work guaranteed.
Soliciting a share of your patronage,
I am respectfully yours,
Cor.. 2d and Ferry St., Albany.Orcgon.
Wood Wanted
At Santiara Academy. Apply to or
address II. N. Wright, Principal.
., .. .... . .1 ,
Female specialist. Has practiced on
tha l-cIflo Coast for the pant twenty
five years. A life time devoted to the
study of female troubles, their causes
and cures. I have thousands of testi
monials of permanent cures from the
best people ou this coast. A positive
guarantee to permanently cure any case
of female weakness, no matter how
longstanding or what the. mtigo may
be. Charges reasonable and within
the reach of all. For the benefit of the
very poor of my sex who arc suffering
from any of the great mulliiudo of ail
ments that follow in the train of that
terrible disease known as female weak
ness, nnd who are not able to pay for
treatment, I will treat free of charge.
Consultation by mall, free, All corres
pondence strictly confidential. Medi
cines packed, boxed and sent ly ex
press with charges prc-pal 1 for
"home" treatment, with specific direc
tions for use. If you are suf ferine from
any female trouble, periodically or con
stantly, Address,
EastPortland, Oregon
Blackburn & Nichols,
(Successors to Burkhart & Bilycu)
LlYcry, Feed and Sale Stables,
Southeast cor. Main and Sherman Sts.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Fine Buggies, Hacks Har
ness and
Good, Ilclirifele Horse
For parties going to Brownsville, Wa
terloo, Sweet nome, Scio and
Done at
Reasonable Rates.
lllnfklmrn & IVI?holt.
The Celebrated French Sure,
;;r' "APHRODITINE" ;;r,:S
la Soi.n ox a
to c ure stir
fnimuf tliTV'ilH
I'.M-HMt, or any
1 1 cr.ti-r t tlie
Coin-rut ire or
Hani if filiwr
BEFORE t'luc (nmi ti. AFTER
invent uk nf KtiniHlaiitt. Tubacro vr jilmn.
r tlmiugli youthful Itnli.fiTtliiii, orer iiiijult;
Hire, An .. Mich an ljm of Drain I'liwcr, Wakeful
lir. Ih-arliif ri'itvu 1'niiia III the Dark, hctolnai
M'l-akiicn, llymcria, Nittom rrrwtiniinu Nni-turu-(I
KniiKftlntiii. U-urnrrhipa, liUziueitx. Wrnk Mem
orr. I.atanf 1'nn cr ami lmlitHirr. which If lie-
fW-vL''! often lead Ui ir"mlmeul.l nirimii.l iiiaan.
tr. Price 11.00 a box. 6 toxe fur . fcent Iv
nail n ro-Hiit of priet .
A Will TT K N i i; A K N T It V. f or prin-J.I 00
order, to refund the mum-? If a I'muauvut
tire l iit f tloctoil. ThoUMtnitx ( tritinimiiitU
from "hlati'l vouriif. of both tcxex, i-oroiaiieutly
ratxil hv Aphkomtim. 'lrr-nlar fn-. AMxmt
Hold l.v 31. A.Millt'r,
Hole Atft'iit fr IiObuaoa, Or.
rineat fmall;
iidi ever'
umuuraeturad I
and the Unit vlxac 'A a i
cxwiru. la oallurpa ;
Si iukI M-liO. BIiikU)
UVUUI. mMVIli " "
mcrluaa aud Targut modela.
lieat cjaalltr wrought
MlMt. fHlWuilf flUHMHU-d
.l..iil.!..niL Uutiiiv U am.
l.r workiuaiulip ami auwk. Vurltaled fori
fialMk. uliilliw bbJ an-Brarr. Do
not ho devolved by cheni) wwMtubU inm imitation
often aold fur Ota geuuiue artlclr. Ther are unre
huble and daiiKrou. Tlx BarrH a Watson Rk
Vulvkmi are auuiitwd upon the ham-U with ttrra'a
name, ailtlnna auJdaUof patenu, and ar (Mur-
atrvd urrfect. upoD bavluK tbemud It
iur ileahir can not aupplj jhu, an order aent to d
dna bel.iw win reovlve prompt attention. lAjaorljc
U MUtlogne and prlwaupu application.
tmru tv wEPirtON.
harlaalol)!. Maaa.
n i - m
w v ' q r w
United Httitoa bind Office, )
Oregou City, Oregon, Nov. , im9.)
NOTICE In hereby given thut lu coinpllunci
with the provtsioiia of the act of Congrexa i f
June 3, 1878, entitled "An it for the buIo of tim
Uor lamia lu the Stutei of California, Or.gju
Nevudu and WHohlngtou Territory,"
of Scaltle, county of King, territory of Wimhlnir,
ton, luu tlil duy filed lu thin office hla awoin
tatt'tnent No. 1340, for the purclmw of theH. W.
1-4 of Ncetlon No. 4, iu Tmvnshlv No. 13 Houtli,
lunge No. 2 Kat, and will offer proof to xliow
that the land nought la more vuluable for lu tim
ber or mm than lor agiieultural purpoaea, and lo
establish hit claim to xoid luud before (lie HegisUir
and Receiver of t)il olllie, at Otvgou City, Or.,
on Friday, the Utu day of Man, 13'JO.
Ho llitmea an witncaae G, M. Hmait, A, Kuujell,
Wui. MeAdatn aud J. Stoddart, all ofSvattle.Kiug
county, W. T.
Any aud all peraoua claiming ndvorsely the
nltovoHloMrlbed land fav retiU""ted to file tlielr
claim hi thU office ou or before wild 14th day
of .'.laii'h, HWQ.
J, T. ... ..iuaiX,Koi;Mvr.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Good f
Double and
Single Teams.
First-class Turnouts for Commercial Travelers. Pricey yaasonnblo and
satisfaction guaranteed. Oiveusacnll.
IIa3 opened for the Fall and Winter trade a larger assort
ment than eVer before, and invites the special atten
tion of the people of Albany and surround
ing country to his mammoth
Fall and Winter Stock!
Consisting of
In fat-t a complete assortment of general merchandise. His
entire building, including basement, first and second stories,
is crowded full of new goods, bought direct from importers
and manufacturers for the present fall and winter trade,
which affords a stock of new and fresh designs large enough
to supply any want, and which will be sold as low as first
class full weight goods can be nought- anywhere in Oregon.
Specialties in Ladies Fine Dress Goods and
Also in Ladies Misses' and Childrens' Shoes.
The public is respectfully invited to call and inspect our
1 n .1.11-1! 1
magnincenuy etocKeu aispiay rooms.
We have a comnlcto lino of ladies' and gents' Rubber Goods,
Rubber Coats, Raglans, Circulars, Newmarkets,and Silk and
Gingham Umbrellas. Trices to suit the trade. Rubber Boots,
Sandals and Men's Rubber Overalls. We sell M. D. Wells it
Go's, celebrated custom made Boots and Shoes,and carry the
latest styles. These goods are purchased direct from the
manufacturers in Chicago Agents for the celebrated Ludlow
shoes, in women's, misses' and children's goods.
We invite your patronage
Barrows & Searles.
LAND Ofhcb AT Oregon f tty. Oregon. 1
October , I
XTott t heroby given ttmt the fbllowtniMinmrd
aelticr Ima tlli'ii notice of Ilia Intention to make
ftiml priajf In wiijK)rt of IiIk eliilui, anil lliut ail
proof will lw niiule In-fore t lit? county ImltfO, or iu
liUabstncu before tlie county elerk of Linn coun
ty, nt Albwiv, On-iron, on Tuesday, ive. 17, 1H,
Viz. furl lieinlinrt. Iioim-stcufl entry M7U, lor the
K- of nv.. "Wi of ik ni'M "f l'n' "f
ofK'eH, tplttaoi'rle.
Henauiijatlie rollowinK witnesses to prove Ilia
continiioiiK resilience upon mil enltlvntlon ol mid
IkikI, Vl. H l'Wla, T U'wla, M WeblHT Bud K
Webber, U of Hwitt Home, I.inn eounty,Oregon.
J. T. A1TKKSON, lte(jlter.
Land Ofltee at Orcijon City, Oregon,
Oelobt-r 2, 1'J.
Notice 1 henbv (riven that thefollowliiK-iiBmod
m-ttler liiu Hied nolle' of hisllitentloti to nmko
finl uoa)f in aupportof lila clnlm, nil tlmt wild
proof Will be nimle Iwfore the county judKU or In
Ida absence before tbu pomity clerk of Linn coun
ty ut Allmuy, Oregon, on Mondy,Nov. 1H.
Umv T. DowniMr, lionieted ntry No. KJMft, for
the Mj of nwH uud u'i of of w W of aec ffl, tp 11
" lie names thv fullowlnir wltneiwa to prove hlj
contlnuoiiii reMenc! tnam nnd cultivation of mid
liuid, vii 11 Nave, of fc'clo, Liun county; A. J'h
uimi, t;.('liirk mid W. Smith, of lUnoii, IJnn
(vanity, orepm. -
J.T. AD'EKUUX, lU'trutcr,
; $ Riding
& westfall,
Lebanon, OreGon.
Ltuid Office at Oregon City, OroBon,
October 8, IKS1.).
Notice In hereby given thut the follow iiiR-iimned
at'ttler haa tiled notice of liluiuluntlon toiiiiiku
flunl proof in Kiipport of Ida clnlni, nnd Hint Nil 4
proof will be made before the county Judge- or in
nix iiliw'tirc before the county clerk of Lmn coun
ty, Ht Albnuy, ttregoti, on Tueaduv, Nov. ID, imi,
viz: .1. K. Michael, lioineatcud entry No. d.'JJ, fur
the nxt of the liwl-4 nl-i of nwl-i nnd uel-4 of aw
1-toffee 2, tp lJaofrl w.
He nitmen the following wltiuwaen to prove his
eont imioiiK Hoidence iihhi and cultivation of mid
land, vU W J (iatta, V K Havagu, a Huviigo and E
Unburn, all of U'banou, Linn county, Oregon.
J. T. Al'l'KUHON, Kegihler,
Land Orrnnt at Oiieoon City, Orkoon. 1
October 2, m.
fcTOTrcE Is hereby given tlmt the following.
' eu riiier una iiiru niniiv in inn nibTtl.
make ftnul proof In support of hlaelulm, n :
aid proof will lie mule baforg the Count rf
r in Ills abaeuee before tuu timnty t-iurc "
ounty, at Albauy, Oregon, on Friday,
lmt, vU: Thomaa Todl, bomeateftd ent 'JT
the nl-4 of sec 20, tp 12 of r 1 e.
He names the following wiinoac to pr
roRtimnxia roldeiice iiihiii and eulllvalio
land. Tir. W II H I h-ar on. H M I 'it ill.
! aud . 1 inUh y, I'tof ' - i (