The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 23, 1889, Image 7

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    1,1 r.iHiw
( - -I I -'-,
M l)' '
.AV..1 :
. Jl. ' 'J 1
'i'l i res! f-; in about over.
Did yim borrow tliiH puper?
'T!i li' wt jdU work in done
by the
Kevcrtd refreshing aliowcr full (hir
ing the tl i-it of tin.) week.
Mr. J. (.). (IroKH will f,rivo u dance nt
Waterloo iu::t Friday ovoniuir, Aujjaat
Tli'.- )nn:s!iiil put .!i:n Keenly in tho
cooler ('..) Ijci!i;r drunk iiiul swearing on
I In' mIntIs.
M. A. Miilor will clifli'iuit bin ntock
of wised piiiiitH nt coal fur the next
thirly days.
' Mvh. "I ) ivi(lr-o:i, of lVmn'i-oy, WT, win;
In town thin v.u k vialting her nlnter,
Mix. K. V. llindninn,
Mr. 1!. C. McClure viim made the
happy father (if ii nine pound irl, liml
Saturday. Mother ami child do!nr
All piulicH knowing tlieillHclvCM
indebted I) Swum !;'om. will confer a
favor by calling and settling, ttH 1 1 1 c V
tire in need of their money,
MewrK. ,1. A. Heard inid J. A. Hub
erts niMdo ilie flotirinhing little village
of Sweet Ifoine a visit thin week.
Chiirlci Hiiidtimn, of Portland, win
ofS. . Ilindiiian, way hi town this
week with a hand of horses which he
I in. ii;,-lit fiv.:;i Cutnp Polk.
On. Sndih nnd family, of Albany,
were in (own Sunday. Mr. Smith
returned hum:' in the evening, hut left
hits family here for n wliurt Ml.
We v, under what, in the matter with
the editor-in-chief nt prexenf. It hcciiih
um tnoiigii lie Mad lost iciiiioUiing
probably his heart and he in erorni!
Oh, my! wo can hardly stand him.
Wc d(. wish J
Kim IU'.A dku: I)o you owe Tim1
Kxi'UK. anything? Wei!, it. may h
n hiiuiII matter to you, hut the aggre
gate of feveial hundred dehniuent
HiibscrihcrK in eoiciideranle to the prinl
er. Just utep in und make in fi'ol -rued
hy the "I'hiijucirt chink of a dollar or
On Wednesday, August tin, the Ore
pin (.'(inference, of the M. 1). Chureh.
mcelH i:s J'ortland. This conference
embraces all that part of Oregon west
of tin: Cascades, and will bo presided
over hy liinhop T. A. Ihiwwan, I). 1).,
L. L. D., of St. liouin.
MiniHLH l'rankie Ihirkhar., Onetta
(Vouch, .Je.-nu' .KiiIhIoii and Orah made UN a pleiuiant cull this
week and brought uh n lar;e heautil'ul
h(HUe(, Air which they have our
thank, (-'all r.,'aln, little friendx.
On Monday afternoon ahut one
o'clock .lumen Keeney, iu a very un-ii-'utl(!iiiauly
manner, accosted West
Fleetwood, whercup'.iii "Fleet" went
for him in tfood atyle and hooii had the
lM-xtofit. Hotli men had heen drink
U). ICccney wish arrested and put in
tlie lock-up,
I;a.4 Thiux'lny cvenii),'.; a liirfje nuin
her tifthe younjr people j;atheivd In at
Mr.' and pive Minn NeKie
Aiiiomi a mirpriH'. party, it, hcin; her
hlrtliday. The youny; ladicn jn-epared
a nicv supper for the occasion,
which was very much enjoyed hy all
present, A hunt twehc o'clock all took
their departure, wiidihitf Minn Keltic
many happy rctuniH of the day.
Itev. 1). I). I'.ushnen, 1). )., lately of
Wuyuriibiirtf, l'a., has received a unati
inious call ti) the Ouuiberland J'rcsiiy
teriii'i church of, Or., nnd wi
are informed that lie will be on hy the
lhst of October to take charge of the
work. Jr. liiishnell has the reputa
tion of n lino pulpit orator, an earnest.
Christian worker and a successful pas
tor. We coiieraUilcte the church at
Eugene In than uecuring one that
adiuilH In the front rank and win is
able and willing to work in the good
N. H. Allen, of Albany, was In Leb
anon a part of two d.ivH lids week In
the Interest of "more lights and better
lights" for our town. Mr. Allen lias
luul successful experience in the elec
tric, litfht business for several yenra. It
is believed that electric lijjhhs can bo
furnished cheaper than oil, and all
towns and cities that have adopted
thorn, we notice, never go buck to oil
again. We eontidehtly trust that n
company will be formed at once which
will push the matter. Wo understand
that one-half the Htoek will he taken
by two of our citizens, u'nd If those who
have money would look to their own
int'.-rest, they would Unci here u safe
und paying Investment.
Mr, rjain Miller i:i vjfclUtig hvU
cr, F, M. Miller.
J Jop chocks priufed on uliort notice
and in the best iitylc.
F. M. Miller Is having an addition
put to his dwelling.
ft Is rumored that T. C. Feebler will
erect a new building hooii.
Morn, to the wife of .jiuncri Hooker,
on Saturday, August 17, a girl.
Mr. Frank Miller went to Fngcne
last week, returning homo on Monday.
A large number, of Indians came in
from the reservation this week to pick
F. M. Miller's new building near tho
fethodist church hi under good head
away. Mr. V F. liu'iw, wife ar:d little girl
of Albany, was hi our town last
15. )'. liodv.'i 11 has rented and moved
Into the dwelling Just north of U.v. J.
R. Klrkpatrick's.
Another party of jolly pleasure Keek
ers, from Lebanon, left for the motin
ttUim this week.
Kev. Martin Hic kman is erecting n
neat dwelling in tho Kirkpatrick ud
dition to Lebanon.
The firm of Ooan & lliltcr hnx dif
solvcd partncrsh.ip, Mr. Gcan taking
charge of the business.
We do not hear certain young people
talking of street lamps and buck streets
for the past few days.
Mrs. J. It. Kirkpatrick and Misses
I'.cliniie and ISciina Kirkpatrick left for
Newport yc terday morning.
AVe have printed over I'll!:) hon
checks this week, nnd have orders for
job work coming hi at all time.-;.
The track of the Albany street car
line in belli" cleaned oil', preparatory
to running the street cars next week.
Our exchange! arc nearly all full of
timlicr land notices. There seems to
be a grand ruwh for the timber lands of
Thirteen men started for the moun
tains to take up timber claims. They
returned Tuesday, hut we did not learn
w hot her they found claims or not.
Mis U.K. l' has rented the
building bit ween the Kx press office
and Mr. (Jay's saloon, where she will
open a restaurant by the f.rst of next
We have added several quires this
month and will add several more next
week so we think we are safe in say
ing Tm: Kxi-nu-s now has a circula
tion of one thousand
Our hose team is team is still making
efforts to go to the tournament at
Tacema. If they can organize the team
it wilt lie the best in the valley, and
should go by all means.
The editor left for Newport, yester
day morning, to attend the Press Ass o
cialion at Newport, which is in scs-ion
to-day and ti)-morrow. J-Ie will proba
bly return by way of Portland.
The street lamns have been left unlit
for the past two or three nights. It is
bad that they should be burning all
through the summer, and now, when
we need them, we .should be left in the
We attended the meeting of the
council en last Tuesday eve and will
try and give part of (ho proceedings.
Mr. .Blackburn for sme reason could
not (ill the place of Jlr. J. M. p.alston
so ( 'has. J). Montague was elected to
till the place.
The committee which was appointed
to see about some new cisterns ask for
further time.
Mr. I). D.J,Sliaw sent hi his resigna
tion as night watch, which was accept
ed, and after considerable time was
spent in trying to elect another one,
and discussing whether it was best Tor
the city or not it was left open until
the next meo ting but most of thecoun
cllmen seem to be of the opinion that
we slum Id not have any.
Mr. (leo Hi co resigned h imposition ns
recorder on account of other duties nnd
bis resignation was taken in considera
tion until the next meeting.
Mr. ( !co. Cheshire sent In his res
ignation as marshal and road super
visor and his resignation was also tak
en in consideration until next meet
ing. Messrs. Kice nnd Cheshire nuulu full
reports of their business up to date
which wo will publish next week if we
can get permission.
There was several bills presented
amounting to several hundred dollars
the most of which wns paid.
The council adjourned to meet on
Thursday evening which wan last
...W:C5t fi!)!)A tU'lllMIK..
f:u inner !t!ys
jtH o.y in rap!'.
succession i lla. '.:;;liipel ht thcsprhig,
who, In Die acceptable hhude of the tall
pines and hi the enjoyment of tl.o
health-giving, cool mountain air, al
most, forgets the dust und heat of (lie
far away valley town, and as he lazily
pawes tho quiet enjoyable hours finds
rent for mind mid body, nodding nn he
dreams of epicurean feast of trout nnd
veiikion, sparkling soda, plentiful nnd
cool. Daily the visitors come and go,
this having been n season made notice
able by tho large number of those who
have "done the mountains " and vis
ited the soda springs, which, underthe
present lurangouientK, have more than
given general sati.M'nelion, the present
lessees doing all thatlay in their power
for the accommodation and comfort of
IheJrJpatroiis- Although thousands of
trout have heen caught from the San
tiam this season, the river abounds
Willi the speckled beauties, tho aroma
of which as they splutter and brown in
frying pan, giving promise of an epi
curean feast , would tempt the most fas
tidious appetite were they alone with
out the usual accompaniments of "rich,
rare and racy" venison steuk ; for the
dyspeptic, the tired, over-worked bus
iness man, and all thoss desiring rest
and recreation, nature has here provid
ed a penica for ills nostrums may fail to
cure. The camping ground presents a
scene of activity and happy content
ment, the Iaujrh of many children min
gling with the gentle mountain breeze,
the many white tents, their many oc
cupants busily engaged in the principal
occupation of the day, "getting some
thing to eat," for in this section appe
tites are immense, and lie who former
ly found no inducement in fried chick
en, goes for the succulent and aromatic
bean in n manner that astonishes the
"grub box" and himself, making a
side of bacon shrink in a most alarm
ing manner. Perhaps the most pleas
urable portion of camp life is after sup
per, when camp fires are burning
brightly, wagon seats, boxes nd stools
are utilized, all are gathered around
the bright blaze, the day's doings are
related " how I caught that big trout,"
" I tell you he was a 4 daisy ' and made
the line hum, hut I landed him in good
style," or " that was a good fehot you
made on that ' buck,' he wus a fat'fel
low and weighed over u hundred
pounds ;" story is followed by song, the
evening passes pleasantly and comfort
ably away, and if the couch is net
downy the occupant sleepsjthe sleep of
neakli, nnd rests as only can a tired
man. During the past Meek the fol
lowing arrivals and departures have
taken place : Arrivals W C Cooley,
wife and family ; Mrs II B Moyer aiid
daughter; Henry Ulakley, wife and
ciniiircn, JirownsviIIe. Dr F It lial-
lard, Mrs J K JJallard, Miss Florence
Ballard, Miss Maud Ballard, Mrs Car-
no Hackleman, 1J rover Uacklermui.
Lonner JIackknian, Ora Ballard, Leb
anon. E E Keeney, JIalsey. Mrs
Mary E Hamilton and family, John
Oalbruilh, Sweet Home. John Ver
non, wife and three sous, Independ
ence. W W Waters, Miss Iny Moore,
Amy Moreloek, Brownsville. Mrand
-.lis Fercifull md family, Mr and Mrs
I V Irvine, Brownsville. John Isoin,
Mrand Mrs Woods and son, Charles
rfcillcr and sister, Albany. Ir Oestier
and wife, I'rinesviile. T. tl I.
No institution in this part of Oregon
has done so much to advance the cause
of a sound, wholesome education as
this academy. Some of the brightest'
and best of our honored citizens have
received their cducaliou iu its classic
walls. Some of the noblest educators
in this broad land have presided oyer
its destiny. It has done wonders in
building up our town. It is too sad
and dreary to think of letting it go
down ; we cannot afford it. JIardiy
one-half of the enrolled scholars can be
accommodated in the public school
building, to say nothing of tho large
number who have moved in and "more
to follow," since the enrollment. Tmk
ExruKss did all it could, backed by a
majority of the voters and patrons, to
get the directors to call a meeting last,
spring in the interest of enlarging our
public school nceomfnodi'.tions; but the
directors kept an ominous silence, and
now, if the Santiam Academy is not
opened, as seems most probable, our
children can stay at homo for want of
standing room iu ttio public school
building. If Prof. Gilbert cannot be
prevailed on to continue, we all hope
the trustees of this property will make
a vigorous effort to scouro some one
else. The matter is of vital interest
and calls for prompt action.
Cruson & Menzies will furnish your
windows and doors cheap.
311 liW U
We are about to pull the under-pinning from prices an i
vou'll "hear guthin"
Goods' have been to high, there s no denying it. Wo
aim to bring them down to a proper level.
We are going to make
.And the necessaries of life as common as (be air and
all rings, trade grabs, monopolies and combines. ' We don't A
want to hurt you, so advise
all lovers of bargains and honest methods and we vl
show you bargains such as you never dreamed of, at :
Kemember that wo will sell Dry Goods for chickens
eggs or cash. Don't forget that we pay the highest price.
Haying tools at Cruson & Menzie's.
Men's shoes 00c at I'eehler & Buhl's,
First-class work at McClure's barber
Brand new tent at Cruson & Men
zies'. (Jet your nails at Cruson &Menzie'3,
$: 50 a keg.
Garden tools at licd-rock prices nt
Cruson & Menzies'.
Call on Cruson it Menzies for screen
doors and wire screens.
Joe Harbin sets -wagon or buggy tires
without dishing the wheels.
Dr. Frank II. Balhird.'Pliysicianaiul
Burgeon. Oilice at residence.
Farmers can save ninney by huyiug
their machine oils of Beard ii Holt.
If your buggy tires need setting take
theni to Joseph Harbin. He guaran
tees satisfaction.
One price and cash at the new cash
store, but everything Sold cheap and
delivered to any part of the city.
The mammoth furniture establish
ment of Fortniiller Jc Irving is one of
the biggest things in Albany. They
will soon move into the large new Miu
sonic building where they will be
pleased to show their goods and give
prkvs that will simply defy all compe
tition. Crii;-o:i & Menzies are prepared to fur
nish you with doors and windows
cheaper than anyone els-j in Lebanon.
If you want to adorn your home,
make your wife happy and feel real
g:m.l youisilf, just go to Fortmillcr &
Irving, of Albany, and make a selec
tion from their immense stock of furni
ture. All classes, stylos and variety of
suites, or separate pieces. No trouble
o show goods come and see.
Three days is a very short time in
which to cure a bad case of rheuma
tism; but it can tie done, if the proper
treatment is adopted, as will be seen by
the following, from James Lambert, of
New Brunswick-, 111: "i was badly af
flicted with rheumatism in the hips
and legs, when I bought a bottle of
Chamberlain's i'ain Balm. It cured
me in three days. I am all right to
day; and would insist oil every one
v aftl tcted with that terrible dis
ease, to use Chamberlaiu,s I'ain Balm
and get well at once." For sale by M,
A. Miller.
Homo person tried to or rather did
frighten Jessie Ralston and Orah
Ilarkness, near Mr. Hackfeman's
Wednesday evening, as they were
on their way home. It is alhight for
people to try to have fun, but there are
plenty of ways besides trying to scare
little girls.
C?et your hop check
printed at Tjie
you to keep out 01 the way. -V
Timber Land, Act June 3,1878
-o ft
United states Land Office,
Oregon City, Or. Aug. 3, 1SS9
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions ot the act
of Congress of June 3, 1S7S, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands in
the states of California, Oregon, Neva
da and Washington Territory," F. M.
Miller, of Lebanon, County of Linn,
State of Oregon, has this day filed in
thisollice his sworn statement No. YAM,
for the purchase of the N. K. J of t-Ve-tiou
No. 12, in Township No. 12 South
Range No. 1 Fast, and will ofler iroof
to show that the land sought is more,
valuable for its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and tocstab-1
lish his claim to said land before tin !
Register and receiver of this ofT'co at.
Oregon City, Oregon, on Wednesday,
the 80lh day of October, 1S80.
He names as witnesses: It. Finlcv,
Wr. II. Reed, I. F. Settle and A. L
Cyrus, all of Lebanon, Linn County,.
Any and nil persons chiimimg r.d
verselytlie above-described lands nr.
requested to file their claims in th.
oi'tke on or before said SUih day '
October, IfWO.
J.T. APPEKSON, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3,4KT
1'niUnl sunns h.ii'l 0:''ic
Oii'pm C'!fy,, Aiig-t Q, IS6G
N"olii-o is liprel.y frivin tliuMa i-cjujiliam-o v
Hie mvisi!iiKir lUi aM ut'CuuKiei-xol'J.i:-1873.
emiiU-il "An net fur i.r ii:
liimis in Hit; Sluli'M of ( loKonii.u. bro.'.iti.
u;il u.-liinxlm 'IVrriiorv," A'.l-tl, th
uIlK', Couiily nf Kinjf. 'fvrrin.ry .:' V, .-)ii:L,.
tins liiisoiiy liliil in Oils f;iee v. HKr.
nu i.i o. Ui'.i, a.Ti.'.e i.i:icni;t' ; Un V . 1 1
i-.Ci'.iiii no.'JU, iu 'I ow ii.-iiii. .no. i.'s.-.aii Idinu-f
J Mist, iiiul lvill ipII'.'i- .ri)fio:iin.v ii,f' .,
Million i;;iMH' Vu!u;i,;o ar tiinUT.-i-! tosir-li-,
till' i;.iri!i:i!lii:i;;Iji;: u-fS. ieifiliio'l.'iiiil hi"' '..
to Ir.a.l I rturo i::c K-)r;.v.- i,:i K c i , -;
UiisfikvutOrv(M:i, (tilv ii,vi::i. i.r. im-Mlc.v,
,'ith 'hiyoi, 13311.
Jie ti;.i:ic us i ii.-n N:,,,-; n iv.cioii. E. ,'i,-.,
wuM.-vm, Y. H. niiimn n;,d N. J. Ai!ii.. 'iu
SeiU'.k-, KiiiRi-imn?-, '.T.!'l:ii'fiii!i T iriMrv.
Any iukI nil jht.:w rl.'niiiiiu i;itvrv:, t
iljovo-ilcwrilH-d laiKlK are tvjina-il til ::i
eiwiais in tli5. oIkh; on or Um..v nih! ,"!li .I.i
Niivi'inU-i', IS83. J. T. .'.l'i'Kl .-:!;
riiitei Stuti'P l.i.ri'1 '.lii i
Oregon City,, Aiw-iSt i. '
N'otici' Is licreby piveti 1 hut in (,
l!ll; ;.llivii(i:is , if tin; ut'l .. l.'in:;','i m I'iili'ii "An uct i,,.- t.:i.'Mi!c ill
in i;iel!iiU'sof Ciiiifniiii.i. ortiion, Ni. vu
Visli!ii.'liin T. ri'iiury." i:,i'r:ura:cMn:,
He, CuailyiifKiiiif. ''iVn iiory of ailiii -i . Ji
this day lilt',1 in i:,,s n;.-:,i-- In-, mvi.iii set. : -it. i
tiiNl, tint tho imrelui'-t' r tl- x !: 1-1 i.- s.
Xo.31. in Towiismj) 'o. i .imuili, litu
eu.-i, iiiul win nlicr : ir; - f in M-.iav tin
i uiiy lii is unci' vf.tunUe foi-liximl u n,
fur iijtri.-umirnliiHriKwi'si. un! locwcl.ii:
tn .-;ini laud hi'l'iuv the KeiiMt-r i.nil
tetMuiux' ;itU'o;.iin i iir, o:win, im'l'.kvr
fA'i ili'.y ot Niivfiii! i r, inv'I.
lie iiiiiiK'S ns ivilti'iMi-s; A. llulloii. Vi'. 1
v.'int, .n. I'l'Uasniiiiiul ! li. Allen, u;l u;
Kiuxcu'tiiiiy, Wliiimtiin 'leiiiiury,
Any mill nil ihtmh-.k cliiiiniiig i.!'
i.lHiv-ili-c:'i! liuiti.v nro H'iiicUi t I.
t-iaiiiis in this iij'iui.' on nr bolow mi. I r.'i.
xovwaiwr, J T. A'T-V'
Money To l.iiaa.
Money to loan at a low rule r.r.
interest, on good farm iro;;ei: ,
Linn County, or on best city r.rof;?
in Albany. Apply to Ulnckbun. 4
Wright, Albany, Oregon!
; J
f r
A'..-' ?
,' .ij )-'.. '