The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 19, 1889, Image 4

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PoasioM Orantd Postal Appointments
Cut In Ireig-nt Ra:e AnoSber
Flood at Jonostown Tne
Crontn Murder Cm
President Harrison is at Deer Park , Md.
Mrs. Langtry is quite ill with broclutia.
A new screw baa been sent to the
A svnimer charity in Sew York is the
,iue-watcr cart.
There is an epidemic o insanity at
Elizabeth, . J.
The fee for a retail liquor lice use at
Joliet, III-, is $1000.
Boston's directory, just issued, con
- tains l!2.853 names."
In Minneapolis the Burplus canines are
curtailed hy electricity.
There were 1H4 deatlis in Boston in the
week ending Jnne 2",th.
An Engl is syndicate has got possession
of the breweries at Denver.
A statne of General Grant was unveiled
at Fort Leavenworth July 4.
Corporal Tanner had a Grand Army
reception at Chicago, the 7th.
The total rainlall in Baltimore since
Jane 1st is over thirty-four inches.
A Bridgetown woman, 76 years old.
took her first railroad ride recently.
One hondred square mile in Montana
were swept by a prarie fire recently.
Seventeen persons were killed in the
railroad accident near Thaxton's, Va.
Oorire W. Lord has been appoint!
postmaster at Alia, Morrow county, Or.
The buffalo fly ia reported to have ap
peared among cattle at Three-mile-Run,
Mexico is overrun with foreign capital
ists seeking opportunities to build rail
roads. Artificial ice is cheaper in Southern
dtie than the natural article in the the
In the post year there were 126 deatlis
by violence in" Sew York, including ac
cidents. Mrs. ex-President John Tyler, died at
lite Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va., on
the 10th inrt.
Johnstown women are using the rasrged
intrnienta w hich have been set out there
for carpet ruia.
Nothing of special importance has been
done in the Constitutional Conventions
q( the four new States.
Thomas Ewing Sherman, son of Gen
eral Sherman, was ordained priest at
Philadelphia, on the 7th.
Governor Lowery lias in rited President
Harrison to review the National Guard
of Mississippi, at Satchez.
The brickniakers' strike near Chicago
is growing serious. Police have to pro
tect the new men employed
A new poetoflk has been established
at Denver, Marion county, Or., with
Jacob Denver as postmaster.
Jefferson Davis has received an offer
from a Northern Publisher to write a his
tory of the Confederate States.
A svndicate known as the "American
Straw' Board Company," has absorbed all
the princijui mills in the country.
CashW Miller of the Malta, Ohio. Na
tional, has disappeared. His ac
counts are said to be short $32,000.
Commissioner of Pensions Tanner de
nies that be contemplates resigning, or
that his resignation has been asked for.
John Kelly was hanged at Canandai
gua, N. Y-, on the 10th inst., for the
murder of Eleanor O'Shea, in November,
The pun shops at the "Washington
Navy Yard are nearing completion, and
a large farce will be put to work in a few
The contracts for the work of digging a
caaai through Timpico Bar, Texas, are
said to have leen let to a New York and
New Orleans firm.
Another flood at Johnstown, Pa., on
the-10th, causes the loss of property
- amounting to $20,000. Thirty or forty
lives are reported lost.
Louis Charrier, agent of the American
Express Com pan v at Houghton, Mich.,
has disappeared, and $20,000 of the com
pany's money ia also missing.
The New York Board of Health lias ap
pointed forty do;tors to visit the tene
ment in J w.j ana Augiwi uu w c u
icine to the poor free of cliarge.
All the lines of the Trans-Missouri As
sociation will meet the cut of the Chicago
& Alton Road. The tut is on cattle from
Missouri river points to Chicago.
Mrs. Carlson, owner of the Carlson
':otiaa, where Dr. Cronin was mnrdered,
has identified Martin Rurke as the man
who rented tlie cottage from her.
The gunboat Yorktown's lwttery is
Marly completed, and the vessel will soon
1 taken to sea from the Brooklyn Nary
Yard for a trial test at broadside firing.
The Democrats are to earnestly contest
the lm'tle in the four new States this
fall, and they hope to lie able to divide
the result equally with the Republicans.
The Persian Minister at Washington
coBipiaHis of his treatment, society bay-;
ing cut him off its list owing to his loose j
' Uisocjfittozig, anu he is anxious to leave
Bull Flghtln at the Expoeitlon-TM
Panama Canal A Royal Marriage
-Queen Victoria's Wealth.
Wilkie Collins has been ordered to stop
all literary work.
Small-pox and yellow fever are reported
at Marc, Hayti.
Queen Victoria has subscribed 200 to
the Volunteer Equipment fund.
A 61-pound salmon has been fished out
of the Severn by a Mr. Ffennell.
Queen Victoria has announced that she
never again will sit to a sculptor.
Gladstone was presented with the free
dom of the city of Cardiff on the 6th.
The Paris Cliamber of Ieputie was
the scene of a disgraceful row on the 12th.
The Art Jury of the Paris Exhibition
has awarded to Mr. Sargeant a medal of
The French Chamber of Deputies has
passed the Ait increasing the army to
Propriety won the Cumberland plate
at the Carlisle meeting in England, the
loth inst.
The Philadelphia cricketers defeated
the tientlemen of Scotland, at Edinhurg,
on the via.
Mr. Loring, the United States Minister
to Portugal, has been received at Lisbon
by the King.
Emperor William will sail for England
from Antwerp. At Antwerp he will meet
King Leopold.
The Sullan of Morocco lias sent the
Emperor of Germany a valuable gift
Moore's poems.
Hie French Senate Committee has ap
proved the bill for the relief of the Pana
ma Canal Company.
Queen Victoria is the richest woman
in the British Kingdom. She has accu
mulated $20,000,000.
The Russian government proposes to
raise a new loan, to be usnd in the build
ing of strategic railways.
The making of a horse car line from
Cairo to the Pyramids is likelv to be a
com det ed fact before long.
Russell Harrison, who is in England
on business, attended Salisbury's garden
party at Hatfield, last week.
It is stated tliut Emperor William lias
forbidden the officers of the German
army to visit the Paris Exposition.
An English Radical" cynically olwerves
that the Shah of Perm is almost immoral
enough to be an English nobleman.
S. Hirsch, the new Minister for the
United States, to the Ottoman court, has
arrived at Paris from Constantinople.
Evictions continue on the Clanricarde
estate in Gal way, Ireland. The houses
of the evicted tenants are demolished.
The Ire x defeated the Valkyrie in the
last race at Glasgow. There is talk of a
match between the Valkyrie and This
tle. ,
Many of the friends of Henry Geo rue
are nrging him to become a British sub
ject and enter Parliament for a Scotch
Cheap pirated elitions of American
books are said to be among the best sell
ing books offered at the railway stations
in India.
Eight persons were instantlv killed
and eleven wounded near Rochenioos,
Germany, n the Frankfort express the
other day.
The prospects of the Rhine vintage are
most favorable, and. if all goes well the
next four months, this w ill be the best
year since 1S08.
In India the river Indus has overflowed
its banks and the country is under ten
feet of water. Forty persona were
drowned at Larkhana.
The testimony of Charles Wood, an
English joeky, in a recent lawsuit,
brought out the information that he had
earned more tlian $70,000.
The marriage of Lord Fife, whose
title will be raised to Ihike of Inverness,
to Princess Louise will take place at
Buckingham Palace July 27.
Fourteen thousand girls are attending
the London School Board cookery cen
ters. Still further facilities for increas
ing this number are being made.
Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone's golden wed-
! ding will be celebrated July 20th Great
t preparations are being made py their
I intimate friends to celebrate the day.
The paying visitors to the Paris Expo
sition in the month of may numltcred
2,204,045, or 5)38,370 more persons than
during the first month of the exhibition
of 187H.
The Prince of Wales is as popular in
Paris as in London. This is a good
augury for the future relations of France
! and England when he shall ascend the
The Liberation Society, emboldened
by Sir. Gladstone's Plymouth speech,
are organizing an extensive series of dis
establishment meetings in town r.nd
The new Vicery of Ireland, the Earl of
Zetland, rubs along on an income of
$375,000 a year. He will natarally have
a feeling of pity for the starving Irish
Thomas P. Gill and Joseph R. Cox,
Nationalist members of the British Par
liament, have been arrested in London.
They afterward left for Drogheda in
charge of officers.
A dispatch from Brussels to the Lon
don Tiroes snys : England and Germany
have initiated African conference
here. The Congo State, Belgium, France
and Italy approve the proposal.
A Pioneer Dead-Suicided With Bis
Overalls-Three Prisoners Perish
la a Burning Jail-Woolen
Mills at Salem.
Tcmplt'tcn, Cal., has a lire department.
Chehalis will have a lumber fluiue soon.
Baseball is becoming popular at Vic
toria, B, C.
Extensive forest fires are raging near
Grass Valley.
Ioa Angeles collected 3000 fares on the
cable cars July 4th.
Banning, Cal., shipped 11,247 pounds
of blackberries in June.
EllensWrg, W. T., has commenced to
rebuild the burnt district.
Modesto is to vote on the issuing of
lond to establish water works.
A fire at Fresno, Cal., on the 12th, des
troyed $300,000 worth of projKrtv.
Shui Wah, the San Francisco Chinese
'orger, has en arrested at Portland.
The coin in the vault of the mint at
San Francisco is now being counted.
Daniel Ely, aged t2, a saloon keeper at
Folaotn, committed suicide on the 7th.
A small shipment of New Zealand ap
ples lias been received in San Francisco.
The Southern Editorial Association
had a good time at San Diego, last week.
IVtland, Or., claims to have the finest
spiearing Salvation Army on the Coast.
The consirui-tion of the Santa Rosa A
Green Valley Road is now considered as
sured. The Canning Company at Loa Gatoe
has changed hands and work commenced
last week.
The Senatorial Committee on Indian
affairs, left Port Town send on the 7th
for Alaska.
Seventeen liquor dealers at Petaluma
failed to apply for a license under the
new law.
The jail at Jacksonville, Or., was burned
on the 12th, in which three prisoners lost
their live.
F. J. Barnard, one of the early pioneers
of British Columbia, died on the 10th at
Victoria, B. C.
A cloud-burst near Albuquerque, N. M.,
on the loth, destroyed several miles of
the Santa Fe track.
The eodTn nioth is said to be destroy
ing the apple crop of Honey Lake Valley,
Lassen county, Cal.
Sonoma county fruit-growers are try
ing to establish a permanent fruit ex
hibit at Santa Rosa.
William Mutton had his shoulder dis
located at Grass .Valley, Cal., recently,
in a wrestling match.
Jacob Zimmerman, a wealthy rancher,
lias just becQTobbed of $2000 by bunco
sharps at Portland, Or.
Contractor McCorniac.k, who disap
peared froro Tacoma, recently, lias been
i arresieu ai ana w ana.
arrested at v alia Vt alia.
Mrs. Ro&i Renner was thrown from a
buggy in San Francisco, on the loth inst..
and almost instantly killed.
Sackctt Cornell, editor of the Santa
Ana Chronicle, was arrested on the 7th
on a charge of erand larceny.
Monterey has a spotted, or "pinto"
man. His skin is dark, but it is covered
with white exl& from head to foot.
There is trouble over the fire depart
ment at Taeoina, W. T., ow ing to the
council providing for a paid department.
The Freneh flag-ship, drawing 24 feet
9 inches of water, was successfully taken
on the stone dock at Mare Island, last
Secretaiy Lelong of the State Board of
Horticulture, pronounces a sample of
Santa Rosa olives superior to the best
The machinery for the Woolen Mills
at Salem, Or., has been jmrcfiased, and
the contract for the erection of the build
ing is soon to be let.
W. B. Ayres was crushed to death at
the Bimetallic quartz mill at Butte, the
7th inst. Mr. Ayres was a resident of
California for many years.
The bodies of Dunstan and Ralph wtre
taken from the Idaho mine at Grass Val
ley, the Jth inst. They were in a mod
erate state of preservation.
Miss Kate Fennell killed a friend,
whom she was visiting, Mrs. Carroll,
near Ailiany, Or., on the 7th, with a gun.
Neither knew it was loaded.
Jerry McAllister, a painter, while on
the Santa Fe train near San Bernardino,
cut his throat with a razor. He was suf
fering from delirium tremens.
The Republicans of the new Orange
county have nominated a straight ticket.
There are three parties in the field and
good names are on all the ticket.
Joseph O. Blodgett, aged 23, living at
Blodgett Spring, near Gilroy, was
thrown from his horse and killed on the
7th, while retcrniug from Capitola.
Farmers in Washington township,
Yolo counts", complain of trading boats
that go op and down the river selling
liquor, getting the field hands drunk.
A man was found suspended from the
limb of a tree near Sacramento, July 10.
He tore up and made a rope of his blue
overalls, with which to liang himself.
The 12-year old daugher of James
Haniblin, living at Wallula. W. T., wus
burned to death on the 12th while trying
to light a fire in the stove with kerosene.
Young Fruit Tree fc liver Table War
Eating Lemons 8 eet Peas
Salt for Oowa Meat Plea.
Non-producing bens are of no service.
Ma ice a pot-pie of them at once.
Cultivate the peach orchard In the
same manner as when cultivating corn.
That ia, use the cultivator and stir the
top soil frequently. ,
Gvt yonr young fruit trees in the
ground Wore this month is gone. Tiie
later it is the deferred the greater the
chances of injury by dry weather.
The thermometer and the barometer
should lie used by all farmers. After
having used them awhile they will be
considered indispensible adjuncts to the
Corn is not a perfect food lor a hog.
Though rich in those clementa that tend
to bitten, yet corn is deficient in the bone
and mnscle-making elements to a cer
tain extent. A mixed diet is best
Swwt potatoes should 1 cultivated
well until thev begin to run. They will
not thrive if the weather is very wet, and
the more air and heat admitted to the
roots the better, so as to give them an
early start.
Taking care of the tools and imple
ments is one of the best modes of econo
mizing on the farm. The value of the
tools annually depreciated from lack of
cleaning, oiling, and exposure to weather
Thto is one way of cleaning velvet :
Hold over a kettle of clean boiling water,
the wrong side down, for two minutes,
place on a smooth hoard and brush with
a soft velvet brush immediately; if it is
a large piece and gets too dry, steam
again and brush. This wsy' is quite
satisfactory to some.
Every farmer should have an experi
mental plotof his own. The informa
tion gained of a practical kind will m in
valuable. If every farmer in the United
States could be induced to try a few ex
periments annually, agriculture would
make more rapid progress than any other
branch of industry.
Do not lie induced to retain a male )ig
from the cross-bred litUT luse it is a
fine specimen. The male should le
thoroughbred, r tliere will lie no uni
formity in the offspring. The mistake of
keeping over cross-bred males is one that
has largely aided in degenerating the
swine on some taruis.
The tendeucy of silver table ware has
been toward smallness and compactness,
and this has effo-ted the sine of smaller
ware. I he butter plates, salt cellars and
pepper pots are vtv diminutive, and as
a rule they are decorated in the same
manner as the larger piti es, although
there are manv odd and striking designs.
A new style of salt cellars is made in the
form of a diminutive stewpan. Others
imitate shells, leaves, fruits and flowers.
Salad Dressing : Peel and boil a large
fine potato ; mash well and, when cold,
add the yolk of a raw egg, a teaspoonful
of mustard and a little salt ; stir well to
gether; add two tableepoonfuls of olive
od and vinegar very slowly, Btirring con
stantly so that it may l very smooth.
This is nice with chopped celery or cab
bage. i iemon or vrange cream : laxe one
I Mon orau?'" K". a(J on t uP
of sugar, half a cipful of ice water and one
cupful of cream ; beat the whites of three
eggs and stir in. Warm a gill of milk,
in which mix two tablcspooufuls of corn
starch ; let thicken and stir in. Set on
it. Whip a quart of cream, flavor with
essence of almond and jour over.
Sweet Peas : The main point in the
culture of sweet peas is to cut the flowers
every day. If one bloom is permitted to
mature and form seed the vitality of the
plant is exhausted and the blooming is
at an end. This lieautiful variety has
been much improved of late, and a num-
I her of very beautiful kinds have leen
produced py crossing. The bint tffect m
gained by planting several varieties, a
few of each together in rinim, and train
ing them on strings fastened from pegs
in the ground to a central stake, or the
mixed soeds may be planted. The swds
should be planted at once, and by con
tinuous cutting the bloom will last all
through the season.
Salt for Cows : If cows were forced to
eat salt by it being put in their food it
might do them harm, but it is extremely
doubtful if cows will eat two much salt If
they are allowed free access to it and free
choice to take it or not. Salt, being an
apparent need for the svstem, will help to
keep the animal healthy. This will in
crease the flow of milk and improve the
quality. It is believed that salt will do
this directly, and that its use will ini-
iirove the churning quality of the milk.
Jut salt should be given regularly. If
not there will be suffering at one time
from lack of it, and at another time from
excess of it. Provide rock salt, and have
a place for it where the cows can always
go to it. Put a trough in the yard, or a
box in the side of a building (with a root
or a box under the cattle shed.
Eating Lemons : A great deal lias been
said through the papers about the health
fulness of lemons. The atcst advice is
how to use them so that they will do the
most good, as lollows : Most people know
the lenefit of lemonade before breakfast,
but few know that it is more than doubled
by taking another at night also. The
way to get the letter of the billious sys
tem, without blue pills or quinine, is to
take the juice of one, two or three lemons.
i as appetite craves, in as nnu h ice water
I as makes it pleasant to drink without
sugar before going to bed. In the morn
ing, on rising, at least half an hour he
fore breakfast, take the juice of one lemon
in a goblet of water. This will clear the
system of humor and bile with ctliciency
without any of the weakening effects of
calomel or congress water. Peoplo
should not irritate the titotaach by eating
lemons clear.
Provisions are Advanctng-rreeh Fruits
ara Prentiful and Cheap Crop
Reports are not Very En
couraging" In Oregon.
From several sources reports have been
received, which confirm the rumors thut
poor crops will harvested in many
parts of the country cast of the Cascades,
and in Eastern Washington at the most
only half a crop need be expected. An
other good fruit season however, is as
sured. Sugars have advanced slightly
since our last report, while coffee is oa
the decline, but hardly as low as they
should le. Eastern provisions are now
obtaining higher prices than our own
products. Hie abundant supply of all
kinds of the luscious fresh fruits in sea
son, and the moderate prices asked,
prove that another plentiful crop is being
gathered. The local wheat marxet re
mains the same as reported last week,
but signs of an early improvement are
visible. Fresh meant continue firm
without any change. We quote :
Sugars, Golden C 7JkC. extra C 7J,c,
dry granulated cube, crushed and
powdered lc. Coffee; Guatamala 19 lg
31Ji, Java 527c, Costa Rica 20
21 SrC Mocha 37c. Rio 2021 S,c, roasted
Java Sic, Arbuckle'i roasted 23.Sc
Oregon ham 13jS13c, breakfast la
con 13c, sides 10'cc, Eastern bam 1314c,
breakfast bacon 13iU3Sic, aide HV,
shoulders 9c. Lard H V H
raciTs. Apricot $1.25, peaches $75Cl.."iO,
lemons $4.505, blackberries be, Sicilv
Potatoes 40a'i0c, newlrttl'4', per 8,
onions $1, tomatoes $1 per lx.
Butter. Oregon fancy 22'j.c, medium 15
(SlB'c, common, 1012vC Eastern
22c, California I8it20c
Eggs 2."c.
Chickens $3tis50, broilers $2..riOfa3,
old $6.50, ducks $5(s7, geeae $."a5.5e,
turkeys b'c per tt.
Valley 1820c, Eastern Oregon S31
Hops 10(5 15c.
Wheat, Va'dev 11.15(31.17', Eastern
Oregon $l.O51.07. Oata 32?3.V..
rut a.
Standard $4, other brands $3.7Irt3.!K).
Hav $15(314 per ton. bran $13.50(314,
chop $Htf20, shorts $1413, briey$2U
Beef, five. 3c, dressed, 6()Vc ; mutton,
live, 3$ 4'. dressed tlc; html $2.50
each ; hogs live be, dressed, 77c ; veal
Apples 4(a5c, evaporated 0c sliced
6c, pears fic, peaches 810c, Oregon
plums 37, petite prunes 6(jf0c, German
oftfik:, Italian 7c, silver 7c, California
fiim 7c. Smyrna ISftloc, apricota 13(
14c, raisins $1.75(4:2.75 per box.
Bights sod UrnrfiU She Hm Calnitd in 1 li
fait Century.
In Wa-ihington's time women had
scarcely any rights or opportunities
out of the domestic circle.
A married woman was a legal non
entity. The huttbund was the legal
guardian of the wife, or rather he pos
sessed all the rights of both. In law
the twain were one, and that oue was
the husband.
To-day a wife is In many respects a
distinct, independent being' in law.
She may acquire, hold, convey and
will property. She may engage in
business, carry on trade, make con
tracts. She may sue and be sued, may
enorce her rights and defend them.
Both married and unmarried women
have acquired political rights. In cer
tain Territories a suffrage equal to
that enjoyed by men has been con
ferred on them. Ia some States they
may vote for certain officers and hold
certain offices. Everywhere there Is a
growing tendency to enlarge the polit
ical rights of all women, as there Is to
enlarge the civil rights of married
Still more striking has boen the
opening of a vast and varied sphere
for the occupation of women. In lit
erature they have come to the front in
large numbers. Ia trade and industry
countless thousands are employed
They are found in office and store, ia
shop and factory. A large proportloo
of the sex have ceased to be depend'
enta. Tbey have bocome wage-earix
era and self-supporters. They are re
ipected and honored for battling with
the necessities of life and earning
their own livelihood.
And this vast array of emptoyeJ
women and girls is destined to In
crease with every coming year. -K.
X Herald.
The man who Is .suspicious lives
In a constant stubs of uiihapptness. It
rculd be bettor for his peace of mind
a bo too trustful than too euut'dod.