The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 14, 1888, Image 4

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Cart Fails to eatcfc Oa to th Trteks el
Amertraa Politic.
"Well, what's the matter with you?"
queried Serjeant Bendall as Carl Dun
tier limped into the station, house the
other day and flung1 himself down on
the nearest chair.
'Sergeant, I vhas hare to bid you
"I vhas going back to Sheimany."
"I declare! What put that into
your head?"
'I vhas stsok und tired. I can't un
derstand dese peoples. Nopody vhas
two times alike in America."
-cut you torn me you were going to
run for alderman, and that you had
caught on to American politics."
"Dot vhaa my troubles. I belief I
know all aboudt her, but I know noth
ings. I vhaa going to run for alder
mans. I promise dot hay scales to
feefty men. I promise twenty men dot
dey shall be janitor of der City HalL
I promised more as one hoonered fel-
Acta Ulli Ut J C i i l 1 i I IX 1U1 fcU7 V. A l J 1V1
three dollars a day."
"That" was right That's the way
most of the candidates do."
"Tea, but I don't understand. Three
days ago a feller cornea in my place
nd says vhas I Carl Dunder? I vhas.
Did you promise dot eastern hay scales
to my bradder if he wote fer you? I
did. Und did you promise her to more
ash twenty odder fellers, too? I did.
Vhell, you vhas a fraud und a liar,
und now you take dot on der nose!
Und he gits me sooch a thump dot I
see more ash feefty stars Hying aroundt.
How does it come dot some Americans
can work dot dodge und be all right?"
"Vhell, I told you der odder day dot
I promise more ash feefty men dot dey
shall be engineer of the City Hall if
dey wote for me. In cornea a man in
my place mit his hat on his ear und
eays vhas I Carl Dunder? I vhas.
Vhas you going to run for some alder-
mans? I vhas. Did you promise all
my crowd dot each one of us should
run der engines mit der City Hall? 1
did. Den, Sergeant, he gifs me sooch
a blow on my mouth dot I can t eal
meat for sees months, und vhen he
goes avhay he says dot forty-nine more
fellers vhaa to come after him. Some
American candidates can promise dot
shop to one hoonered fellers und be all
right. How vhas she?"
, "I don't know."
"Und pooty queek a feller comes in
my plaee und says vhas I dot oldt
Dutehmans who vhants to be an alder
man? I vhas. If I vhaa elected he
shall get all der paving shobs und
makes lots of money. He calls me a
.liac und says I promise dot same thing
more ash two hoonered times, und he
mops me on my floor und goes avhay
like a lark. If it vhaa some American
candidate he vhaa all peaches. How
vhas she?"
; "I don't know."
"Vhell, eafery day somepody eoinei
und calls me a liar und says I should
be kicked. Eafery day comes soma
feller mit his hat on his ear und
charges me mit holding him oop for a
sucker. My boy Shake vhas scart
avhay, my wife vhas seek abed und I
haf to lock up my place or be kilt."
; "It's sad lines," mused the sergeant
"Und so I guess I shall go back t
Shermany. In dot country I vhas all
right If a man spreckens to me in
Dutch I know vhat he vhas. If h
hpeaks to me in Yankee may be h
makes a fool of me. I like to go by
dot Common Council and be a great
man, but I can't stand sooch a racket
I vhas a good enough liar, but I lea
something else out all der while und
der dear peoples tumbles to me. Fare
well, sergeant You vhas always twe
times alike, und I shall feel good by
you when I am far avhay. If you
meet some odder Dutehmans sbust
spheak mit him und tell him to keep
out of dose politics." Detroit JFrci
A Few Fashion Notes.
tor nail-mourning brooches are
pansies of lusterless black enamel with
a diamond center.
Linked sleeve-buttons are seen re
sembling coupled coffee beans. Ont
will be silver, the other a copper tint
a third gold and a fourth oxidized
Ivory salad spoons and forks are
elaborately carved and stained verj
The edelweiss, with its thick furry
petals and centers of pearls is th
latest flower brooch.
Earrings in form of stirrups, on
Bide.set with diamonds, the other witt
sapphires, are a novelty.
For table ware the prettiest article
are silver and cut glass in combination.
Curses' aprons of white lawn have
two broad widths that almost meet be
hind, and are trimmed with rows o)
insertion and tucks above a hem. The
cap of white muslin has an Alsacian
bow of embroidery, or else loops ol
colored ribbon are around the crown.
Those worn by foster-mother or wet
nurse have ribbon ends that hang be
hind almost to the edge of her dress
A ball ofcut6teel mounted on a stem
of black enamel is a favorite hat-pin.
X. Y. World.
Analysis ot natural gas shows the
proportion of each constituent in 100
parts of the gas to be as follows: Car
bolic acid and carbonic oxide, 6-10
each; oxygen, 8-10; defiant gas, 1;
ethylic hydride, 5; marsh gas, 67; hy
drogen, 22; nitrogen. S.
- The hand-made time pieces of the
Swiss and French, who have so Ion?
held the supremacy as clockmakers, are
not now regarded aa superior to those
of American machine make.' TheAmer-
can macnine-maae watcn is as nmsneq
and accurate as its foreign competitor,
and is, of course, vastly cheaper.
PeddTerYto boy) "Is your ma in,
sonnv?" Bov "Yes, ma's in. What
cher got? Ribbon, fixin's an' things.
Peddlor "Yep." "Ma'll be glad to
look at 'em. There was a peddler here
last week for two hours an' a half.
Peddler "Did your ma buy much?"
lioy "Shfl didn't buy any thin'. She
never buy- of peddlers; but ma's a
kind-hearted woman, an is always
willin to look. Come in. Don't be
'fraid of the dog he's just had some
meat" But the peddler was evidently
atraid of the dog. Golden Day.
Taking the Safe Side. Mother-i
law (who is going home after a visit
-ef six months) "Have w plenty ol
time, Witherspoon? I "mustn't gef
left" Mr. Witherspoon (dubiously)
"Well, it's ten minutes' walk to th
station, and the train will leave Is
about an hour and a half. To be oi
i' eirlA- ? think Wfi had battel
Start at once." X. Y. Tribune
Mrs J rianen F'tanaran Got Threo Hun-
dren und Trifty Dollar for Kleren.
This is the ago of barn-door art that
kind of art which represents a powder
horn, a rabbit mid u lot of other things
hanging against a barn door in such a
way that no one would suppose they
were painted at nil, but were really
hung there.
Over such a picture some people go
wild with joy. The naturalness of a
nail-head, or the folds in a felt hat
carry them away, and make them feel
better satished with themselves and
every thing else.
Flanagan Flanagan had painted many
a landscape, to which he conveyed the
subtle impressions made upon him by
nature. You could feel the crimson
leagues of calm in his twilight marlue
as keenly as you could the musical
rustle of his silver birches.
But so great was the rage for photo
graphic painting that Flanagan Flana
gan, In spite of hia self-respect and pro
fessional pride, felt that he would for
once have . to give the public what it
wanted, because he was in need of the
ever potent shekels of silver that en
able a man to step out into the gloam
ing through the front door, without
stumbling over the wolf.
So Flanagan Flanagan sent a canvas,
representing an old one-dollar bill
slightly crumpled, to a well-known an
nual exhibition.
The papers began to rave over it In
half-column notices." People who went
to the exhibition stood and looked at
this canvas, as they looked at no other.
"How natural the eyebrows of
Washington look," said one enthusi
astic young lady; "and the lace ou his
collar is just perfectly lovely T
"I never saw any thing like that be
fore," said abald man, who looked first
at the canvas and then at a one-dollar
bill which he held in his hand; "now
that's what I call painting."
And so it was with every one. One
would become entranced with the hair
lines, and another over the signature ot
the Secretary of the Treasury in the
lower corner.
After a while it was so much talked
about that it was considered the proper
thing to see, if only to be in fashion.
Flanagan Flanagan ran the price up
until it reached three hundred and
fifty dollars, and it was nip-and-tuck
between three bar-rooms, four prune
merchants and several capitalists to
see who should secure the prize.
There is nothing like barn-door art
for the United States of Chicago," said
Flanagan Flanagan to a brother painter
at the fifty cent table d'hote a day or
two later: "they don t want the 'Keene
Valley, or the 'Murmurous Megallo-
way,' or "Near Gloucester,' or 'Twi
light's Soothing Hush, or any thing
that breathes nature in every line.
They want pictures of beer bottles hang
ing oa antlers, or any old vest painted
in such a way that the buttons look as
though they were about to fall off.
They will go wild over a neatly painted
grease spot on the lapel, or a buckle
showing the steel throh the japan
ning. After awhile, instead of visiting
Milford or the coast of Maine in sum
mer, we shall all be making studies for
future triumphs in old junk shops and
second-hand clothing stores. The
banjo is our national instrument, and
we must paint to suit banjo people." -
"But did it not cost you a good deal
of patience?" inquired his friend.
Not bit," replied Flanagan: "it
only cost me ten dollars for the frame,
stretcher and all. The one dollar bill
was a genuine one, ingeniously stuck
on the background of gray paint. That's
how I got three hundred and fifty dol
lars for eleven. Puck.
Bow It May H ConBaed to a Slngie Room
for Some Time.
In a lecture before the Society of
Arts, London, Mr. A. W. C Ohean
ga-e the following concise and simple
directions how to act on the occurrence
of fires. Fire requires -air; therefore
on its appearance every effort should
be made to exclude air; shut all doors
and windows. By this means fire may
be confined to a single ioom for a suffi
cient period to enable all the inmates
to be aroused and esipe; but if the
doors and windows are thtsjvs open,
the fanning of the wind ai.d draught
will instantly cause the flames to in
crease with extraordinary rapidity. In
a room a table cloth can be so used as
to smother a large sheet of flame and a
cushion may serve to beat it out; a
coat or any thing similar may be used
with an equally successful result
A wet silk handkerchief tied over
the eyes and nose will make breathing
possible in the midst of much smoke,
and a blanket wetted aud wrapped
around the body will enable a person
to pass through a sheet of flame in
comparative safety. Should a lady's
dress catch fire, let the wearer at once
lie down. Rolling may extinguish the
fire, but if not any thing (woolen pre
ferred) wrapped tightly round will ef
fect the desired purpose. A burn be
comes less painful the moment air is
excluded from it For simple burns,
oil or the white of egg can be used.
One part of carbolic acid to six parts
of olive oil is found to be invaluable in
most cases, slight oF severe, and the
first layer of lint should not be removed
till the cure is complete, but saturated
by the application of fresh outward
layers from time to time. Linen rag,
soaked in a mixture of equal parts of
lime water and linseed oil, also form a
good dressing. Common whiting is
very good, applied wet and continually
dampened with a sponge. Philadelphia
A young lady recently returned
from boarding-school, being asked at
table if she would take some more
cabbage, replied: "By no means,
madam; gastronoinical safety admon
ishes me that I have arrived at the
ultimate of culinary deglutition con
sistent with the code of Esculapius."
m m m
One of them was just coming out
of the post-office; the other was going
in. . They stopped, shook hands,
smiled, and the first one observed:
"Quite a swell affair, that of Smith's."
"Indeed! What was it?" "A boil."
And then they separated without shak
ing hands.
Husband (who has advertised for
a typewriter expert) "Did many call
to-day, my dear, in answer to the ad
vertisement?" Wife "Yes, quite a
number; but there was only one appli
cant whom I told to call again. Ho
seems bright, and I'm sura you will
like him." Husband "What was the
trouble with the rest?" Wife "They
were all young women." X. Y. Sun.
Landlady (delightedly, to new
boarder) "I must congratulate you,
Mr. Byseps, on your ability as a car
ver. You dismembered that chicken
beautifully." Mr. Byseps "Thanks.
I deserve no special credit I'm a
stonecutter." Pittsburgh Bulletin.
A fisherman will always bo f rtn 1
reeling a great deal when the flxhtri;? U
good. Perhaps It Is tho bait. Boston
Husband "You arc not tho cook
my motheruse to bo, my dear.' Wife
"No, John, fortunately. You musu't
forget that your father died of dyspep
sia." Texas Riflings.
If a man knew as much when he is
sober na he thinks he does when drunk,
Solomon's sayings would be nowhere
compared with his wisdom. Spring
field Union.
Somo pirls go to boarding-sHWol
to learn how to board. When graduated
they marry and do not keep house. A
few housekeeping and finishing schools
would be useful. X. O. Picayune.
"Your singing Is delightful. Miss
Ethel," said Mr. Bore. "It fairly cur
ries me away." "Indeed," returned
Miss Ethel, with a yearning glanco at
the clock, "I hadn't noticed It."
A Philadelphia paper, in an article
on household economy, asked: "Is
there a wife in this city to-day that
makes her husband's shirts?" The
following answer was received by re
turn mail: "I do, but he won't wear
An Independent is a man who
leaves the other party to join our party.
A renegade ia a man who leaves our
party to join the other. An offensive:
partisan is a man who belongs to the
other party and sticks to it Boston
"Yes," said a lecturer in a country
town to a large and intelligent audi
ence, "the people of the United States
owe more to the newspapers than to
any other cause for their advance
ment" And the editor remarked pa
renthetically and pathetically: "You
bet they do if subscribers elsewhere
are any thing like mine." Washington
Chicago man "Ah. ah! Lost some
more money through a Boston firm!
I'm not surprised. Now, you have
large dealings in Chicago, aud some
folks say Chicago business men are
tricky. Did you ever lose anything
through a Chicago firm?" Philadelphia
man "N-o, 1 never did." "Hoopla!
I know it. Never lost a cent there, did
you?' "No. In dealing with Chicago
men I have Invariably demanded cak
in advance." Philcuielphiix Record.
"Whv, Mrs. Hiishhouse, vou sur
prise me; I never saw wine cu your
table before. Is it to be a regular at
tribute of your dinner service?'' 44 Well,
reallv, Mr. Slowpay, I can hardly
promise you that. Yon see, I have an
idea that wine, if chosen to fit an emer
gency, may stimulate iu a special direc
tion." "Ah, yea, I see. Then you think
I need stimulating? Very thoughtful
of you, indeed. And this wine you have
chosen for me is a a Bordeaux?''
"Freeisely, board-owe, Mr. Slowpay.
Do you absorb?" Yonkers Oazcltc
Tho Tomb of Macloe ap GryflyddDtarlor, a
Grrat Welsh Warrior.
Great interest haa been excited in
North Wales by the announcement that
the tomb of Madoe ap Gryffyddmaelor,
a great Welsh warrior in the eleventh
and twelfth centuries, grandson of
Owen Gwynedd, Prince of Wales, had
been discovered in the ruins of Walle
Crucis abbey, Llangollen. Rev. II. T.
Owen, warden of the abbey, who is now
engaged upon some excavations, was
searching for old stained glass in the
dormitory, when he disinterred a large
stone slab bearing the name of Madoe
and an inscription which has not yet
been fully deciphered. Down the cen
ter of the stone is an incised sword in
sheath. Further excavations led to the
discovery of four other stones, each
about five feet by eighteen inches; two
bear fiorated crosses, one an inscribed
spear, and the other a Grecian orna
ment. The stones form part of the
vaulting of the corridor leading to the
old burial-ground of the monks. The
warrior founded the abbey, which was
a Cistercian monastery, about the year
1200. After the venerable building be
came a ruin, the chapter-houe and
scriptorium were used for several gen
erations as a farmstead, and were prac
tically destroyed by fire. During the
repairs it Is conjectured that the stones
of Madoc's tomb were used to coinpl4"
the vaulting. In 18C1 the debris cover
ing the area of the abbey was removed
by Lord Dungannou, and the tombs of
benefactors buried in front of tho high
altar, the figure of a knight in chain
armor, and a stone coffin, were laid
bare. During the excavations of last
year the monk's well and spring were
discovered. A. Y. Tribune.
He Was a Clam, Sure Enough.
"Laura,'" exclaimed the youth, as he
laid his arm timidly on the back of her
chair, "now that you have promised to
be mine it smeiy does not seem like
asking too much if I "
"Well. George?"
George took her hand in his, swal
lowed once or tw ice spasmodically, and
proceeded :
"As your affianced husband, Laura,
whom you will some day promise in tho
sight of high Heaven to love, honor.
and er cherish, you will not think
me presuming, dearest, I hope, if
if "
"Well, George?"
44 If I venture to claim the privi
lege of a k of u kiss!"
The lovely maiden laid her head
trustingly on the young man's shoulder,
a tender light shone in her dreamy
eyes, and her fragrant breath swept
the cheek of the rapturous lover as she
softly murmured:
"George, don"t be a ciam!" Chicago
Egyptians greet one another with the re
mark: "How goes tho perspiration"
The Moor salutes by riding up at full gal
lop and firing a pistol over your head.
In Germany to pass a stranger on the road
without greeting him is considered very im
polite. The Malays and other Polynesians, sal ate
by smelling. This is performed by rubbing
In France every man, no matter what bis
ctation, if he be a coal heaver, lifts his hat to
The Chinese have a regular code of saluta
tions, eight ia number, according to the in
dividual. The Japanese show respect by bending the
knee, though in the street they only make a
feint of so doing.
In India the Buddhists salute by lowering
the palin of the right hand and bringing it
up toward the face, at the same time saying,
"Ram, ram chair." ,
A former resident of Sew Zealand says
that on meeting after a long absence two
Maories seize hands and rubj noses violently,
at the same time loudly, weeping, presumably
A French, an Ktig-tlsh and a Rrrman Cms
In Oar Own t'ontnry.
The ease of the unfortunato Queen
Natalie does not stand alonn in the
history of royul ladies. In our own
century there have bcen three royal
divorces, but, perhaps, the Jot of none
of them was so painful as that of the
young Queen. The first sovereign who
was divorced from his wlfo was Napo
leon I. Ho abandoned Josophlno Bonu
harnais in order to ninrry the Arch
duchess Maria Louisa, of Austria. As
thero was no real cause for the dlvorca
it w as put forward on bohalf of tho
Emperor that the marrlago was cele
brated by a Republican priest only.
and. therefore, it was not valid ac
cording to tho church of Homo. Tho
excuse was u very weak one, and, in
deed, quite absurd, as the Fope, at tho
conclusion of the concordat had given
a dispemtatio a radieo to all marriages
celebrated since 1789; but the Emper
or's wish was at tho time the supremo
law for the Episcopal consistory in
Paris, and the divorce was granted on
the payment of n certain fiao "accord
ing to tho moans" of the parties. Tho
most notorious royal divorce case lu
recent English history Is, of course,
that of Goorgo IV., of England, who
wanted to get rid of his wife, the poor
Princess Caroline, from whom he had
lived separate for many years. A bill
was introduced into Parliament for the
purpose, and was strenuously opposed
on behalf of the Queen by Henry
Brougham, afterward lortl Brougham
and Yaux, Lord Chancellor of Great
Britain, and Thomas Dcnmnn, after
ward Lord Denman. Li.;d Chief
Justice of England. What these two
counsel said against tho King would
be enough to get 300 counsel in prison
ou the continent and make judges
faint. The bill was allowed by a
small majority to bo read a second
time, but public opinion was so much
against it that the Jovernment thought
it better to withdraw it aftr the third
reading. So tho King's wish was not
carried out. and the whole scandal
was iu vain. The poor Queen died a
few weeks after her accession, but the
King never married r.gain. Crown
Prince William, of Wurtetnberg, the
father of the present King Charles, of
Wurteniberg. was compelled, in 1808,
by Napoleon I. to marry the Princesa
Caroline Augusta of Bavaria. The
maii-iaga was celebrated on June 8,
but the young couple separated the
very same day and never again saw
eai-h other. I n 1814 they were dlvoived,
and the Princess two years afterwards
married Francis I., Emperor of
Austria, and 1325 was crowned Queen
of Hungary. Pall Mall Unzcttc.
How Two Tramp Clot a Square Meal
Without Atkins; for It.
A couple of tramps stopped at a
farm-house in West Tennessee during
the yellow fever season. "You can
eomo in and drink all the water you
want" said the farmer, "but you
neenter ask for any thing to cat for
you won't get it."
The tramps looked at a table that
had just been set for dinner, and
44 Vou neenter sigh," said the farmer,
"fur you don't git a bite of that grub.
W'y, we've got 'possum, don't you
see; sweet potatoes, b'iled ham, curly
mustard greens aud three kinds of
bread. I wouldn't twit you fellers,
but the last tramp that come along
here stole the only good set of harness
on the place."
Don't put yourself to any uneasi
ness on our account," replied one of
the tramps, "for we ain't hungry."
"Not hungry!" the farmer " ex
claimed. "No: all we want ia a place to sit
down in the shade."
44 Wall, this is the first time I ever
heerd of tramps not being hungry."
It's sorter rare with us, I can tell
you. I'm sorter feverish, myself.
Don't exactly understand it, for I
never was this way before. Oh, I have
had slight bilious attacks, but I never
!:r.d such pain in the back of my neck
l.-ofiAe. Just before leaving Jackson
ville "
A sudden scuffling In the room
caused the trump to break off his nar
ration. The skirts of the farmer's
wife Happed against the gate, aud an
old man lost his hat us he leaped into
the road. The two tramps moved their
chairs up to the table.
"The hospitality of this neighbor
hood," one of them remarked, "has
found a plaee in romance and verse."
"Ves," the other one replied, "and
the peculiar charm about it is its ex
treme suddenness." Arkansaw Trav
eler. Something Good in Store.
A big man rushed at a little man at
the ferry dock the other day and ex
L'laimed: "11a! Now I've got you. I'm going
to knK'k the top of your head off."
"Come on and try it," replied the
Utile man as ho got into position.
"You slandered me," shouted tho
big man as he backed oiT a little.
"What of it?"
"You've got to take it back or get
licked! I'll give you I'll give you one
week to take it back, and if you dou'l
ao it I'll- "
"What!" cried the little man as ho
advanced upon him.
"I'll perhaps extend the time, but
you've got to tako itJLtack."
Hold on vmit!" shouted the litf.lo
man as he got his coat oft, but the b'g
man waved his hand ncid ran aboard
the bout to cull back:
"Two weeks and not another da!
llien prepare to get mauled!"
Dttroit Free Press.
The electric light station at Bath, Me., is
burning sawdust in the furnaces there with
satisfactory results.
Flour of sulphur has proved to be an effi
cient preventive against the ravtgss sf car
pet bugs or buffalo moths.
Sweet oil and putty powder, followed by
soap and water, are efficient means for
brightening brass and copper.
The progress of -saccharine is becoming a
matter cf attention for the French govern
ment A good quality of sugar is made in
France out of turnips.
Pyrodene is a new liquid which renders wood
textile fabrics, paper and other tsJSammable
materials fireproof. As a paint for wood it
is a special success, as it does not blister in
the sun.
Take a small quantity of a S per cent car
bolic acid solution and sprinkle sheets, cover
let, pillow assl bolster, on both sides, the
edges rt bed curtains and the wall next
the bed. - The face and neck may also be
slightly wetted with the solution. Not a
single gnat or musquito will come near.
In France very practical use of photog
raphy has recently been made. Several per
sons were imprisoned by the caving in of a
well A hole was bored, and down this a
tube with a camera ivas slid. The photo
graph showed the faces of some of the de
ceased, and demonstrated the nselesgnesa of
efforts at rescue.
A man living near BanU Crua ha
been catching quail in a peculiar way.
For three weeks he has; been spread
ing grain iu the road near hia place,
where the quail abound. Oa tho djiy
the law was out 1o put wheat in thw
pliico aa usual, but had previous! v
soaked the wheat iu whisky. Watch
ing the place, he haw tho quail come
out, cat, get drunk, and in a short
time ho down etupifieu. He thn
went to them and gathered about one
hundred in a sack that he curried with
him. A few that were not fully drunk
were caught by hia dog. He lias
practiced tho same method since suc
The Utlon for 1W9 of the Marlins Medloul
Annnal. known Uont'ltpr's Almausr. is now
rvarty, und may lie obtained, free of cost, of
flmgKNto nd Ki'iK'rnl conntr deali'rs iu all
fart of the rnltd states, Mexico, and Inrtood
n every civilised portion of the WenU-rn Hemi
sphere. The Alinauae has been Itemed regularly
at the commencement of eery year for ovut
one-fourth of a rentnry. t combines, with the
soundest practical advice for the preservation
and rcntoratlon of hralUi, a larf;e amount of In
teresting and amnsliiR ltpht rending, and the
calendar, actronotnlcui caliilat!n, chronolog
ical Items, etc., are ircuttcd with grent care,
and will he found entirely accurate. The issue
of Hostetter'a Almanac for will probably be
the larpest edltlou of a medical work ever pab-
nsncd in any country, i ne proprietors, Messrs.
Hoatetter & t-o.. I'ittsbnnrh. Pa., on receipt of a
two cent stamp, will forward a copy by mall to
anv person who cannot procure one In hi
Camohenc nd sand will remove nalnt spots
from glass.
Whit Elephant of Slam. Lion of Eng
land, Drajron of China, Cross of Swltr-er,
land. Banner of Persia, Crescent ot Kgy pt-
louble l.oale of KUHKia. btar ol Chili. I be
Circle of Japan, Harp of Erin.
To set these Duy a box ol tne genuine
Dr. C. McKake's Ceibbiiatko Livkh
Pii.I.h. price & cent, and mail us the out-
klde wrapper with your address, plainly
written, aud 4 cents In stamua. We will
then mail vou the above list with an ele
gant package ol oieoRrapnic ana euro-
matte cams.
A crust of stale bread will remove snola from
wall paper.
lTe the rreat soeclfle for "cold In bead" and
eatarrti nr. stage s i; alarm tieineoy.
The Bohemian element is rapidly multiplying
In ew or city.
A 'narh. fold or More Throat
should not be neglected. "iJroum- hroitrhiil
Trtx-ner are a simple remeay, inn give immw
late relief. IMd cnfy bare.
Bolivia declared its Independence In 1M4.
The fact that the ale of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pursatlve Pellets excels that of any other pi!!
in the market, he It great or small. Is on account
nf f u.-t tliat Ihpr An. tiiiv litflr s mmr-COM tc1
? minutes. andthat lu most i-ases one little "l'el
ef Is sutllrlt-ut lor a dose: that they are purely
veKetuole ann iM'rlfciiy tjarmuss; ana ior con
stipation, biHousiiLiw, sii-k headache, and all
disease arising from d.-rangi-ment of the liver,
stomach or bowels, they are aluolutely a specific.
A gniitle laxative or active cathartic, aci-ordiug
to the siie of dose.
Glycerine does not agree with a v ry dry skin.
rosstMPTios crit:i.
An oM physician, retired from practloe, hav
ing had placed lu his bauds by en Kast India
missionary the formula of a sllr. vle vegetable
remedy for the peedy und permanent cure of
Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma,
and ail Throat ami l.nug Affections, also a posi
tive ond radical cure for Serious Pebllity and
all Nervous Complaints, after having tcsb-d Its
wonderful curative powers lu thousands of
cases, has felt it his duty to make It known to
bis sam-riug fellows. Actuated by this motive
and a desire to relieve humau sutlVrlng, I will
send free of charjre. to all who desire It, tills re
cipe. In German, Prench or English, with full
directions for preparing and using. Sent by
mall by addressing with stamp, naming this
paper, W. A. NOYKs, iA9 Poacr t Block, jSochrt
irr.X. r.
Bancroft. theCailfornlahUtorlan, bas a library
worth fdU.OUO.
He Is a well-known citizen, and his nearest
and dearest friends do cot suspect his Insanity.
How do we happen to know about It? Listen;
his appetite Is gone, he Is low-splrlted, he don-t
sleep well, he has night-sweats, he is annoyed
by a hacking cough. These symptoms are the
forerunners of consumption and death, and yet
he neglects them. Is It any wonder that we call
him a madmau? If yon are his friend tell him
to get a bottle of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Pisooverv without delay. It will cure him If he
lakes It lu time. It will not miraruously create
new lunirs when the old ones are nearly gon,
but It will restore diseased ones to a healthy
condition. TeU him about it. and warn him
that In his rase delay means death.
A ray of light travels 11,160,000 miles In a
TUT Onucu for breakfast.
Us superior exeellenss proven In mil iocs of hoivesfor
(ti.l.tli.ti ni.r,.. Itf . Mitu-. It ts list d I IT th?
United Plate Uonnnml. Riiilotsed by U beads' of
the Unat Unlreralliea u the Brroneest, Pure-t sod most
Hotltorul. l)r Priw i Oram B&Ub( Powdw does bat
eonUtm Ajrman!, ume or aimttv ia onjy in cans,
Asthma, Cougflin, Coldei, Croup,
IsucCoagrIi. lei of Voice, InrTuicnt
Consumption, and all Throat and
Lang Troubles.
41T Kansome Street, Ban Francisco, Cal.
fa w si
Almostas Palatable as Milk.
09 sUsfTMisedl that the most deHeate itis
san tako it. UrmnrkaMe am a FLKSH
eRODVCEIt. l'eroona OATK rap
idly while taking XT.
SCOTTS EMTTLSION Is acknowledged by Phy.
iolans to be the FINEST and BEST preparation
of Its class for the relief of
Wasting Diseases of Children,
Bold by all Druggists.
9000 acres in any size tracts. Just the plaee for a
Colony. Special Inducement to settlers. Kaay
terms. BIOKOR. FUII BELOVEB, lu Slsso. Oaf.
t n w tt ilTa mat a V V TT IsTm two
-m-m-xar' heati juasoiill
lir IJhaS'A'Vqgeler 10'BaitoMq
Dlrmond Vera-Cura
t41csttn, Soor-Stomscfc. H.srltrarm, gsa( Out
Slssss. Oonattpstloa, FullosM ftitsr UI, PooS
Kisiss ta U Moat ana UupmkU SsMs aasf aa.
tag- KtfTMHIM snd Low-Spirits.
At DrapgiM nwt Vealrrt or sent by sa( om rs
en pi o 24 a. (5 bora .0U) ia stoops, txmtpls
tfwl an rtcapi qf 2-eent Stamp.
THI CHARLES A. V 00ELEI CO.. laitlswrs. UL
lueraiiui AqihmaCiiraziceraiutofnve ivt-l
mUai rtlirj in t&e worst CAaeJiuniremooriit(tiVl
i cio Hjoej) ; euQcmcur macro mil ouwrn lau. I
t :rtxl o.fttrfnrV'i l Km mtost kxtrnl. Prtne AOr. and I
I f MN,lnTJKtorby mail fUrai le i ll EK
- rr,rKfn;i. i R rv tM -iiip p i n, hi. ram, jh inn.
st Premiums, TS.OOOIn nti
S years Eetabliithed. New
psieniea 15 tool Tuning i
vice, in um In no other
r Piano, br which our Planes
stand in tune to yean, good for 100 ; not aifected
by climate. No wood to split, break, swell, shrink,
crark, decay, or wear out ; we guarantee it Ele
gant Rosewood Cases, S strings, double repeating
action; Bnsst ivory keys; the famous ANTISEU
Call er writs for Catalogue, free. T. V. A-VTLSKLL
riAAU tu, Manufacturers, iraa i,!hi risii, mr,
ket sod Ssvcutb Streets, bun Francisco.
i 4 VJlizlv .Ua. ...
Noo. 133 and 134 Third Street.
Portland, Orejoa,
Is t e only Frits W RJs- l,ln uul m .
4 t lir.i-J west Coaru
fi wbrresaUcnUaresncTrss,
i mi iwiw i I i- v .
T iTTATR ninrmni.
B r,. . . , - - " "
COKSirLT.-a IOJ a?fc.
( Int. i f-!. 1 1, 'aT j cures all
ervocsana niroulc in-
ea-eol txjtJi sexen. Frlc
gift wni up'snrd. tv-tiu
RirilllF. If rrjptcriHi
iisw nir I'nmphl-t Fo. 1
11 LKA. '"W luv ti;!'.n. S.-iiJ2c
M. E.
C0UEGE. Oreemt.
i t . i'iiinri:i, t-i u!i i'ssrrue'.ton. rjtb
1 tem t U!;i.f'r"e-'':i; rMUarl. Businetm.
& Comri5 rAic!d fVsrassA.?p Dw-rt-mt"'..
Wttiieiiir, Krt-Lt:irtl ;it smv 'itise. t-
lujj'ie rtnrl -pei-nir, i f enui::r:shi! serif free.
a. n r- rc x. . i AiiSMKIlnu.rrls.
Sold on Trial !
InTw'mpRl fnuill, profit
are. tMl SV-' fur miitnj
itb fall pnrricaLsvrm. Mka
af actor-? by
it a tee ika St.,
nnwo ea u ssi r-
.tt y
If ak tWi .!'! of t umm at ft ltrln. A BU. by
Ka4 Sorwe mw cptrmte It. No brxvj chau 9P rods to huxlhv
The rrf mm m ft crrsi U 9rt fmt will pay r thm Mtscbiuc
tt will mly ewt a aaf 1 car4 wa Pr mm inotrasl
CstBi. ?Tlvllt prlOC, tem 9sl IgMnajgslflsA, AeMrcM taM
IftUafwt'rrvra, ,
fiAmkSi BiLJK SU5V Bcoiea vreTe aowtw
Dr. Spinney & Co.rJSXE.
N F(7VQ lift Peollitr. toas of TIor. Sernloal
" Losses, Weak Uamorr, Umpoa-
dener. so., dee to excesses or abase, curea.
YOUNC MEf.mHeril,ttm" the" effects
SW tm M m Kit of Tonti3ui follies or iudis
eretloa shoela arsil themselves ot our treatrneot.
A positive eureirnaratiteed in ererr ease, Brf biln.
chartres. promptly and SAlelf fcaroi
ease of KMn-Tii or Bladrter. Weilt Baca. Kerrous
Uebihty. H wiiMi of bestiuf BueoRUi, etc, cored
and rsstored tn hi.-lthv vi.i--
t'B. persons nnsble to visit as may be treat
at tnelr Dnrrjes. br mrrmnnniWHirw. kl a.4 (.-i . ....
ree. Benjl 4 cents in stamps tue iae Vbiuia Aian'ti!
4 rlDdor oul-le to WmUoek. Tl
A S2.50
.JTbr.ZfS'f Tjr ywo debility, arnlnal
1-, J? !'I:tU eruption-. cSerts
'.jiS S' i'r-&Z:J'- ' -addar rol. '.-, gannr
m si '
.- i ' , 1 thCTtiTi?r- if '
1 fll lOTlJIBKS till
f !sl 8TUMF3. Wlllp.lll ,:, 1 S J
J r as rdlsr Cms f " -f : 11 J
Sis' i "
Sent ttt Earvh SuhsmlhAf r Thanlraolvlna rk.l...
B....,a viim.uiiu n on i car s rcasxsr.
The volume for lfiSfJ will be superior to any prpvions year. It will contain Rx Rrlal Stories. ISO Shnrt Stnri. , . . ,
Household Articles. Tales of Adventure, lUu.tratJ SketcheJ of Travel, 1.000 A Hitrird liieS Arictek. C,VItrtM4
rj? Specimen Copies
.... J - . . A
.4 "ct nnxioua TratchlDg. Sold
1 8i( S ossriTM grrr
r ., -; sat sstisraciion in u
ami D ATS. s I cure of Qonorrtupa ard
, i'" " 1 Prescrlbs It an 4
I f ael saf In recotnmaca-
! r"''7?? t" " to all sufferers.
L OseiBaaaA ,3 n.... lit.
PRICE- 1 .00, m
tmStmti Sold br SroESUts, !
us. fjoftsra Kucnto-BAO.
SKTtr HKLT tKwitlrflT cvrrs
mad riumurj
ei ronllliieae of both sexes.
Contain 23 tntOOdoirreaiof
Kleetrirttr. GtlBASTIilEB the
-rorwl. efiesrwt. snrlltr pow!rfl,da. KKDirALlXKCTSlC HKLf In the
lectria fiuftoetmorle. frue with MaIs Belts.
Avoid bofrns compon smb mnnr slia? s and orfti
!es tmltAtloas. LCtTHlC TKCAiKS 0B HI PTtfeS,
S.OOO cund. isMidituzip for 111 as t rated psmptuot.
H.J. Imaasii, W1 Market Mt. H. P.
Mole Frop. I'arllte Coast Xtranelt.
iaaoed March and Sept..
each year. It la aa ency
clopedia of useful infor
mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries1 or the
necessities of life. "Wo
can clothe you asd furnish yoa with
all tho necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various sizes,
tries and quantities, Just fiarore out
what, is required to do all these" things
C0MFORTASLY,.and you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BOYEB8'
QUIDS, which will be sent upon
receipt of lO cents to pay postage,
111-11 IdUohican Arenue, Chicago, III
latest impart
robis and TV
wokXn. i:i
that that la a pU-tura of a
the best
Resurrected. '
Johll BrSitrtlfilV.
Iisnton Coal YarJu, S.tu Francisco, a
well-known citizen, says: I was pro
nounced incurable. Both feet in the
graTe fronj.
DyspepsiaHeart Disease
and Dropsy.
Three bottles of MOORE'S RE
VEALED REMEDY restored me to
health and put life and rigor into my
debilitated system.
k't ytabli
JVu-aners Itia I m pap
tact that the Soda or
Baderataa jem use ahoaM
ho White and Pare same
sa all similar snbstaaeee
ased for food. To Insure
obtaining only the "Ana
at Hammer Brand Soda
erBaleratua, hoy it to
"poena or half poena'
aortooBS, which bear onr
earn and trade-mark, as
Inferior foods are seme
rues substituted fovthe
"Arm k Hammer" brand
whea bonght ia trala.
gmrtlee ulna Pittnt
frowder shoald remem
bee that its sols rislnsT
prepartT consists of m
earbonate of sods. Ose
tsaspooa fal of t ha "Arm
a Hammer4 brand of
oda or Salereros mizea
with soar milk equals
Packed in Card
Veet af Merrleew Street,
II "t riA ' t iv:l t r t i w - v vi w vae-"
I bTbTL -x.-- 1 i m J.. LmSr TaA w -; -l . .t." : ., ' . i ..f3isTsst--s a at . . . . ., ., m,w r, -,isf ,
I especially request tho e contemplating parcnasiog either an Kngine or Thresher
next season to look up the record of the ADVANCE. It i - he onl; machine ever
sold on the Pacific Coast that has given entire, satisfaction.
I also deal In Laundry Machinery, Marine Engines. AH kinds of
Brass Goods, Inspirators, Injectors, Oilers, Reapers, Mowers.
Chemical Fire Extinguishers, and Engines, Oils,
Belting, Hose, "Wrenches, Etc.
To any New Subscriber who will tend us this Slip,- with
pame and P. O. address and $1.75 in Money Order, Express
Money Order, Registered Letter, or Check, for a year's sub
scription to the Companion, we will send the paper
FREE TO JAN. 1, 18S9,
l!tAfrJ.!X$Ly9r from hflt This offer Includes the
and Colored Announcemeat froe. PUate mention tkitjiblication. Address
" V ( Blma7Syphmtici
liercarir J diseases,
Cures Cut-i, Seres, SaTIii
Pirrrijlea. Felons, Skin i;je -,- a V
ailments for whirh a ralre it ub '
taking not soreoess anJ hpHi: jt
like magic SiSceiiU abos. at all IrvviK.
rr , " n.l, Gr-r,
ii oiirara ijmii, loivrrjntii
woes of t'ft H Rftd books, hans
la .xu trees. , j t id-.!rcM
D-M-FEnHY. CO.,na;rcit. t.i'.ch.
myvvitwr ijowb. i tin ur tiiuen eefliE9in( lfn Jr swl .
Com oa your package and yon trill hare
foda amde. -" THE COW ESASTX
frtroinlr nt
Contains eofAlcohol:
iwsm; Alas uiees
Uon; StlmnlatM the tirer;
four teaspoon fals of tho
best Basics PoderjaT
tns teenty timsa its
cost, beiidas bemsj
ranch healthiar.beeaaae
it does not con tola any
tujarkxta sfabstaaeeo.
anehaa arum, tsrraalba
te., of which many Bak- "
by? Powders are made
Afairymea and Fannere
shoBldmeoalythe'Ana -at
Hammer4 brand for
cleaning; asd ksepiaa
MUk fans Sweet aa
rh-sn ,
CArmow. Bee that
erery ponnd packar ef
"Arm aad Hammer
Brand eontaias MI
1 ounces set, asd tho
V pound packsgwsUI
11 in act. Soda or
Balers ins same as spoat-
Board Boxes. Always keeps Soft.'.
YfartlaacT, Orrcsa.
Agent for the
That ships
AH sizes in stock from 40 "
pounds to 1,2(0.
Vaisi Send for REDUCED PRICKS.
i Remember it is a pleasure to show
-TSSSsisSp goods or answer questioitft If yoa
B3sxr rAnsnt call. wtHtpl
T. " a w is jc ii .
it laj