The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 09, 1888, Image 4

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IVrfortned t pon a Child of four Months.
A Sftrglcal P acres.
Tlwra Is at pn?sent under treatment at
the Roosevelt hospital a child not quite 4
months of ap xvlto haa been the subject
of a very diilicult and" delicate mtt-gieal
operation, in spite of which ho still Uvea
and. seems to enjoy life. The child's
parents had heeii married ten years be
fore his birth, and his mother had Riven
birth to three other children who were in
no way deformed. A strange circum
stance to which the harelip may have
leen duo is that three months before the
child's birth its mother discovered for
the first time that its father had been
born with both harelip and cleft palate,
and that he had been successfully oper
ated on while an infant for the former,
the scars of which operation were totally
hid by his heavy mustache, while for the
latter he wore a false palate with several
teeth in his mouth. Bo perfect had been
the work of the surgeon and dentist in
his case, that it would never have been
known by any one had he not, on the
occasion of his wife's discovery, Jbad a
severe toothache, which had made the
removal of the falso teeth necessary.
Very unwisely he then told her that be
. and two of his brothers had been born
with harelip and cleft palate. Being a
nervous woman and in a peculiar state
of mind, she took a notion tliat her child
would have the same deformity as its
fattier. Ihe idea haunted her, and m
some way it seems to have affected the
Infant's development. When it was born
p! saw at the first Rlance that the liby
had harelip. The child was unable tc
take food in the way it should hare. It
could not nurse. Food had to be Kiven
by the spoonful, and the result was thai
the infant suffered for projier and suffi
cient nourishment. At last it was evi
dent that heroic measures must be re
sorted to or the child would die.
At first the mother wouM not consent
to an operation, but she did at last, and
on May 24 Dr. llctsurney performed it
in the operaUnj? room of the hospital.
Ether was given the little patient in such
quantities as was safe for one so young,
and, that no evil consequences might re
sult from its struggles if pain should be
felt in spite of the anasthetic, the patient
was put into a light fittmg rubber bag.
whieh was closed around its neck. The
sm-Kwn then, selecting a sharp curved
tistoury, or tmfe with a pointed Made,
commenced the operation. The mal
formation to be corrected as the first
Mop was to close the bmad fissure which.
liiiothe letter A. divided the upper hp.
The next step was to dissect the flesh.
muscle and all, from the bone beneath
on both suit's of the mouth for some
little distance. A slight incision was
then made fr:m the left comer
cf the mouth in the direction
of the ear, as the mouth was
a little short on that side. An incision
was now made from the left nos
tril directly into the flap on the right
side, in the dire-tion of the right corner
of the mouth. This was planned so that
it left a triangular vacancy, the apex of
which triangle was mid war between the
center of tho nose and mouth. The flap
" on the other side was now cut to fit this
vacancy and drawn into it with silk
sutures and carefully stitched. Stitches
were then passed into the mucuous lining
of the flaps m such a way as to erert it
and bring sufficient to the outside along
the lower border to form the vermilion
border of the lip. The fisaure in the
cheek was then sutured together care
fully and the external operation was
It now remained for the surgeon tc
bring the bonv roof of the mouth to
gether in the middle, by which means it
was hoped that the fissured palate could
be closed and the patient saved the m
convenience of being obliged to use an
artificial set of teeth and mouth roof like
his father's. With a feharp knife the
surgeon incised the soft mucuous mem
brane on both side of the fissure, and.
taking care not to wound . the blood ves
eels, raised the periosteal membrane from
the bony wall of the cavity beneath, and
uniting this flap from each side in the
middle of the fissure, thus formed a
periosteal tent over the mouth, for tht
protection of wliich against the tongueV
action he put a' thin silver plate, "madt
for the occasion, in the mouth undei
said tent. At the interior end of the
fissure he united the two part3 of tht
soft palate, thus forming a good palate
and completely- closing the cleft.
Hie periosteal membrane above re
ferred to has the property of forming
new bone, which 13 deposited on its nv
ner side. It forms the outer or hard
layer of all bones, and its finely ramify
ing blood vessels supply the outer layei
of all bones with nounuiment. It is ex
pec ted that a bony roof will grow ovei
the tent of periosteum that was made tc
close the fissure. When this bony rool
is formed the silver guard will be taken
from the child's mouth, where it must
remain until then.
- The little patient is rapidly recovering
from the effects of the operation. Th
wounds are all healed with the exoeptior.
or that in the hard palate, and a farm
bony arch is forming over the roof of the
mouth. The child's own mother scarcely
recognized it after the first bandages
were removed. Ia a fc-w days the little
one will lftive the hospital cured. New
xork Cor. Globe-Democrat.
A riant That Flic.
One sees many curious things in na
ture, and nowhere is there anvthice
stranger to be found than among certain
species of the vegetable kingdom. There
is to be seen in the vard of C. L. Siilsori
a flowering curiosity. It is what
known as a black lily. When it first
blooms it is Mack, but gradually fades to
a dark purple. It is bul!xus, the same
as other members of the genus lileicea.
The flower is something of the shape of a
cslla, but. much larcrer, being some six
teen inches across the top by ten inches
in breadth. It is serrated around the
edges. The pistil cmanctes from a pouch
about ten inches in depth, and is itsolf
some fifteen inches long by nearly an
average wiaih of an inch, and is perfectly
black. But the most curious thing about
the flower is its odor, and it has lots of
that. It is extremely oCensive, smelling
like the decaying carcass of a horse or
cow. Flies swarm about tho flower.
Attracted by the odor, they find their
way into the pouch from which the pistil
comes, and once down in there they
never get out. It is really worth a visit
to see it. CMco (Cai.) Eecord.
A scientist asks: "How was man
distributed on the earth?" Perhaps a
banana peel did it. X. T. Morning
. They call the celebrated "f ry in a
box'" oysters a la bobtail car because
the fare is dropped into the box. Har
per's Bazar.
ine statement that no book has
been burnt publicly for oyer a hundred
years is contradicted by a contributor
to the London Star, who says: "Not,
pernaps, by legal authority, but plen
ty of books have been burnt in popular
fervor of one kind or another. If I am
not mistaken, Mr. Froude's Nemesis
of Faith' was so burnt by High-Church
students at Oxford in 1848."
Mrs. J ulia D. Grant is reported to
cave received from the General's book
about $450,000, and has a pension of
55,000 from the Nation. She also has
the income from the $250,000 raised by
Georg-e Jones from Jay Gould, James
Gordon . Bennett and others. Shs
also has the income from $100,000
raised by George W. Chads. In other
words, she has- the income on not far
from $1,000,000 -
Six or eight tons of cast Iron can
be made into steel in twenty minutes
by one operation. .. .
-The woman who can control her
own tongue is greater thf.n ho who
ruleth a city. (She la also scarcer. A.
1. Star. , .
It has been estimated that after n
lapse of ten million years the sun can
not give out sufficient heat to support
life on earth.
The fabric known as Chinese (jrass-
cloth la made from the fiber of nettles.
The cloth is peculiarly glossy and trans
parent, and as belting for machinery
has double the strength of leather.
Two substitutes for the high priced
gum arable one Ti-ora flax-seed and the
other from starch are expected to
serve all purposes for which the genu
ine gum is used.
Without biking into account the
small variations due to refraction, etc..
the days and nights are always of equal
length at all points on tho equator,
without regard to the position of the
Steel is Iron with from one-half to
two per cent of carbon. It was former
ly prepared by heatinj wrought iron
with carbon till it took up tho proper
quantity. It Is now made on a larjre scale
by the Bessemer process of burning
out the carbon ami silicon of cast-iron
by forcing a blast of air through tho
molteu nietnL
Additional experiments have been
mode, and with good success, with the
new French method of coating pipes
with cork. A layer of cork Is first em
ployed, asbestos coming next,' and
finally another layer of cork. The tem
perature inside the pipes was some
400 Cent., and after 860 hours the
temperature of the outer surface of tho
coating was found to have only risen to
Dr. Julius Fohlman thinks the
reason why our teeth decay so fat is
because we do not use them enough.
and, like other organs that are not ex
ercised, they tend to atrophy. Our
teeth become weak because unused to
hard work. The author warns mothers
and nurses not to give children soft
food if they would have them have
good teeth; in other words, make them
eat their crusts.
A French experimenter, utilizing
tho power generated simply by the
heat of the sun, h:is succeeded In rals-
iug 2,f00 quarts of water in an hour
from a depth of twenty feet. Lxtriiva-
gant hopes have been entertained that
in the future the energy from this
source may be so brought under con
trol that many of the present methods
of obtaining power may be done away
A recent writer makes a strong
plea for simplicity in the terminology
of science. The late eminent chemist,
M. Mnraas, Is reported to have said
that the complexity and uneouthness of
modern chemical nomenclature were
something gignntlc, and that he , found
It impossible to keep pace, with all the
new theories and verbal alterations
that were flooding his favorite science.
An interesting development in
photography is la the use of elockwork
Ui printing from negatives. By this
means a continuous web of sensitized
paper is drawn at suitable intervals
under a negative exposed to a source
of light. After printing the paper is
drawn, still by the mechanism, through
"washer,"1 "toner" and "fixer" succes
sively; and appears finally as a series
of finished pictures ready for mount
ing, and all alike in exposure, color
and tone.
o m
Why Children Should n Made to no
Work Snitb!e for Their AKre.
If possible, parents, teach your chil
dren to do work suitable and proper
for their age. If a mistake Is made.
do not reprove them sternly. Kindly
point it out, if unnoticed, and allow
them to undo or correct it, if it is in
their power. Mothers are often so
hurried and worried with work and the
care of children, that they feel or think
they have no time to teach them to
Cut out simple articles, or to do sew
ing, knitting, etc. Theoldst daughter
is usually taught those ueful arts as
early as her sixth year. There seems to
be time to instruct her, as the wants of
those younger do not yet need atten
tion in that way. The oldest son, too,
is early called to help about work.
Younger sisters wait on the little
ones, and often spend the rest of
their time in play. Recreation is neces
sary, but if kept up too long, fatigue
is the result. Boys and girls, whose
home is on a farm have peculiar ad
vantages for learning to do work suited
to their capacity. The well-kept dis
trict schools of tho country are pleas
ant places in which to gain knowledge.
The long walks to and from school.
with fields of grain and orchards bor
dering on tho road, have charms for
healthy, happy children. After sup
per, when the evening work is done,
tho lamps are lighted, and lessons
studied. Reading and play have a
share of their attention also. With
all these, time can be taken for need
ful instruction in needlework, etc, for
girls. Be determined in this matter,
dear mothers. See to it that every
piece of work assigned to each is fin
ished by herself, and within a reason
able time. Never allow a child to say
"O, it's no matter when I finish this,'
Or, "Any time will do." These are
dangerous expressions for young or old
to use, as they holp to form the habit
of putting oft until to-morrow the work
of to-day.
Strive to inspire your children with
self-respect by your sensible example
and advice, and they will respect and
honor you in return. Rural New
Well Fn tn Hi Lesson.
Professor (of class in ' journalism)
What is the difference between an edi
torial and an editorial paragraph?
Student An editorial is of the same
nature as an editorial paragraph, but is
larger, and doesn't have as much to say.
. Harper's Bazar,
A rerfect Lifeboat.
The field of invention is still open for a
perfect lifeboat. The Royal National
Lifeboat institute reports that medals
were offered for a mechanically propelled
lifeboat, but none of the various designs
received fulfilled the requirements. ' '
Chicago Herald.
Cats Versus Babbits.
Cats are found to be the best extermi
nators of rabbits in New Zealand. They
do great havoc among the young ones,
and in some sections scarcely a rabbit
was to be seen.
Marshal Lebceuf was a soldier to tho
end. His last words were: "Let my
regiment march past. I want to seo my
artillerymen, every soldier of tLem."
Chastity enables the soul to breathe
pure air in the foulest place. Joubert.
- A law proht'iiUiig tho distillation
of liquor go.i i itgalnst the grain in tho
West. y. f K Piratjun?.
Mr. Sortleigh "What, in your
opinion, is the Unilt to love?" Mr.
Hardy "Matrimony." .
First Iudy "lias your husband
quit smoking yet?" Second Lady (just
returned from the far West) "Well,
he ought to by this time; he has been
dead six mouths."
Professional gamblers have BgreaJ
many superstitions. One of tho most
practical is that if they deal the cards
themselves they have a much better
chance to win. SomrrviHe Journal.
"What was the text this morning,
JohnP" Inquired a druggist's wife who
had been unable to attend church. "To
err Is human," replied the arsenic ex
pert; "and it was a mighty sensible ser
mon." Ar. r. Sun.
Time was when the college profes
sors used to box the ears of refractory
freshmen. They would have to take a
four years' course in sparring before
they could do it now. Burlington Free
President "Yes, Mr. Snapper, tho
faculty have decided that you have
broken the rules, and thero Is no course
for us but to suspend you." Student
Irm; how about suspending the
rules." New Haven Sews.
Miss Pounder (who has been having
a wrestling match with the keyboard of
the piano) "Have you a sensitive mu
sical ear, Mr. Tympanum?'' Mr. T.
(more candid than polite) "Yes, I am
sorry to say I have." Boston Budget.
A physician has discovered that
the older a man grows the smaller his
bralu becomes. This explains why the
young men know every thing and the
old men know nothing. The Sturdy
A Colorado judge has decided that
a man is in duty bound to tell his wife
where he spend his evenings when
away from homo. It would save many
a man trouble if he would do just that
without any order of the court.
Seaside .hotel proprietor (to sea-
serpent in search of an engagement)
"No, I don't think I shall have any use
for you this seiwrni; I've got the promise
of a society actress, two bogus lords, a
political convention, and a scandal tn
high life, and my bill of attractions is
about full." Lift.
"Do you know if Brown Is a man
of ability, Dumley?" "I don't know
any thing about Brown, or his ability
either, and don't want to know. He
refused to lend me twenty-five dollars
six months ngo. ami I haven't noticed
him since." "He seems to be a man of
financial ability, Damley." TheFitoch.
tirst lramp If 1 had my way
I'd have S60 national holidays In this
year." . Second. Tramp "You would.
eh? And then there would be one
working day In every four years. O,
you are a nice one, you are! You
would mako a galley slave of the poor
laboring man, wouldn't you?" Texas
"Why can not women make good
lawyers?" asks an exchange. We
never gave the subject much thought.
but we suppose It is because they can't
sit on the small of their backs, pile
their feet on a table, spit half way
across a room in a box full of sawdust.
and charco 15 a minute for it. There
may be some minor reasons. In addl
tion, but these appear to us to bo the
principal obstacles in the way of her
success at the bar. Am m. Me.
Julian Hawthorne Explain Why It Does
Xot I'my to Write nook.
We may talk about the hardships of
American literature (having assumed.
for the sake of argument, that such a
thing exists), but what would be the
state of that alleged literature If there
had been no American magazines?
Suppose I. as an American author.
writo a novel, and arrange with a pub
lisher to bring it out at the price of 1
a volume, or ?) cents paper. If ho
has confidence in the book, the first
edition will be 1,000 copies; my share
of the proceeds on the ordinary 10 per
cent basis is $100. payable at tho end
of the year. If I live by ray pen I
must subsist during that year on noth
ing at ail, ami when I get my $ 100 I
must pay out of it my debts for that
last year, and probably my present
funeral expenses, for who can live on
35 cents a day, even if ho were not
obliged to starve to death before he
could eater upon the enjoyment of that
princely income? But let us be ex
travagant and utoplan let us say that
my edition is 5,0)0 copies, instead of
1,000. In that case which perhaps
occurs as often as once in a thousand
times my reward amounts to tho sum
of no less than $.'00 assuming, of
course, what is never the fact, that all
the copies sold are in the dollar cloth
form, and none in the 50 cents paper.
Five hundred dollars a year for a suc
cessful novel! How many of our
authors make twice that? How many
ten times as much? How many twenty
times as much? I will engage to
entertain at dinner, at a round table
five feet in diameter, all tho American
novelists who make more than $1,000 a
year out of the royalty on any one of
their novels, and to give them all they
want to eat and drink, and three of tho
best cigars apiece afterwards, and a
hack to take them home in; and I will
agree to forfeit $1,000 to the Home for
Imbeciles if $25 does not liquidate the
bill and leave enough over to buy a
cloth copy of each of the works in
question, with the author's autograph
on the fly-leaf. One hack would be
sufficient, and would allow of their
putting up their feet on tho seat in
front of them. Julian Hawthorne, ut
Belford's Magazine.
If one is not on one's guard, !av
ered fortunes may lead to hiseacea of
The days of December are shorter
than those of August; but you can
never make a schoolboy believe or feel
There are people in this world
rho love to suffer for tho pleasure
they derive in moaning. Philadelphia
.u.MU-rassea young man who
had just been married by a clergyman
of a city, not knowing: how to express
his gratitude, in handing over a small
fee, said: "I hope to givo you more
next time."
Children, who had been cautioned
not to tease their little brother Elmer,
as he was cutting a tooth, waited ex
pectantly a few minutes. Then Ned
spoke up: "I say, auntie, has he cut it
yet?'' Harper's Young Feople.
"My poor man," said a woman who
had given Borne breakfast to a tramp,
"you eat slowly and in evident pain."
"Yes, madam," sadly responded the
tramp, "I had to sell the pold filling
In my teeth last week for food oi
stary e." Enoch
Description of a Forwarding Station tat
MUiei-Inn Hxlles.
Tho Tlumen prison was originally
built to hold B00 prisoners, but was
subsequently enlarged by moans of de
tached barracks so that it could accom
modate 800. On tho day of our visit,
as we we ro Informed by a small black
board hanging beside the office door, It
contained 1,741. As we npproocbed tho
entrance, we wore stopped by an armed
sentry, who, upon bolug informed that
we desired admittance, shouted through
a square port-hole in tho heavy gato,
"Star-she-o-e!'' (tho usual call for the
oltlce.r of the day). A corporal or ser
geant with a saber at his sldo and a
Colt's revolver in a holster oil his hip,
answered the summons, carrle 1 our
note to tho warden, and in a moment
we were admitted to the prison yard.
Fifty or sixty exiles mid couvlnts wore
walking aimlessly back and forth In
front of tho main prison building, or
sitting Idly in groups here and thoroon
tho ground. They were all dressed
from head to foot In a costume of gray,
consisting of a vlsorloss Scotch cap, a
shirt and trousers of coarse homespun
linen, and a long gray overcoat with
one or two diamond -shaped patches of
black or yellow cloth sewn upon the
back between the shoulders. Nearly
all of tliniii wore leg-fetters, and the air
was tilled with a pfv-uliar clinking of
chains which nu'Tti'd the continuous
Hngling of innumerable, bunches of
The first "ka!irra" or cell that wo
entered was situated in a 0110-atory log
barrack standing against tho wall on
tho left of the gate, and built evidently
to receive the overflow from the
crowded main building. Tho room
was about 33 feet in lenirth, by 25 In
width and 12 feet hlifh; Its walls of
hewn logs were covered with dirty
whitewash; its rough plank floor was
black with dried mud and hard-trodden
tilth; and it was lighted with three
grated windows looking out into the
prison yard. lKwn the center of the
room, and ' occupying about half its
width, ran the slecping-lnmch a
wooden platform 12 feet wide and 80
feet long, supported, at a height of 2
feet from the floor, by stout pasta.
F-acn longitudinal half of this low
platform sloped a littl- roof-wise, from
the center, so that when the prisoners
slept upon it In two closely packed
transverse rows, their hoods In the
mlJdle were a fw inc.he.4 higher than
their foot at the edges. These sleep
ing platforms are known as "nArca,"
and a Siberian prison contains no other
furnltiiro except a largo wooJt:n tub
for excrement. Tho prioners have
neither pillows, blankets, nor bed
clothing, and must lie on these hard
plank nares, with no covering but their
overwats. As we entered tho cell, tho
convicts, with a sudden jingling of
chains, sprang to their feet, and stood
silently In a dense throng "around the
nares. 'Zdrastvtiltul reb'.nta!" "How
do you do, boys!" said the warden.
"Zdravie zhelaiora vasha vwisnkl blag
arodio" "We wish you health, your
high no'iillty". shouted a hundred
voices in a hoarso chorm. "The
prison," said the warden, "Is terribly
ovei--crowded. This cell, for example.
Is only 35 feet long by 25 wide, and has
air space for 35, or at most 40 mui.
tlow many men slept hero last n'ght?"
he Inquired, turning to the prisoner.
"A hundred and sixty, your high
aobillty," shouted half a dozou hoarse
voices George Kennnn, i (Xntury.
m m
Some Triplet Maxims.
Threo things to love courage, gen
tleness and affection.
Three thing to admire Intellect,
dignity and gracefulness.
Tbre,- things to hate cruelty, arro
gance and Ingratitude.
Threo thin to delight in beauty,
frankness and frodom.
Three things to wish for health,
friends and a contented spirit
Three things to like cordiality, good
humor and cheerful no".
Th:-ee things to avoid idleness, lo
quacity and flippant jesting.
Three things to cultivate good
books. goxl friends and good humor.
Three thintrs to contend for honor,
country and friends.
Three things to teach truth, ln
lustry and contentment.
Threo things to govern temper,
i-onsrue and conduct.
Three things to cherish virtue,
goodness and wisdom.
Three things to do think, live and
act- Farm. Field and Stockman.
Culture fs spreading. Tho other
day a young lady of Texarkano, Tex..
bought herself half a dozen big trunks
full of finery, had them shipjM-d to her
address at a leading crirl's college up
North, and sent tho bills to her fond
father, who is a man of Worth and sub
stance, along with a telegram that she
herself hod taken tho train for school,
as she was "bound to havo a fine edu
cation." Another 111 dollar, and evidently
the 0110 whoso whereabouts so long
puzzled numismatics, has been heard
from. The coin is in tho possession of
a Pawtuckct, 1L I., woman, who was
given it by her father in 120 on her
eighteenth birthday. He received the
dollar as part payment for services in
tho war of 1812, and In presenting it
to tho" piosciit owner instructed her
never to part with it.
Unless you are smarter and strong
er than the thieves down Jericho way
and I guess may bo you aro not; vory
few mon aro why, you keep off that
road. You stay in Jerusalem, and
you'll have more money and loss head
ache. Bu rdette.
Never bo ashamed of confessing
1 . . .
your ignorance, ior me wisest man
upon earth is ignorant of many things.
insomuch that what he doos not know
There can not bo greater folly in the
world than to suppose that we know
very thine.
A Port Huron, Mich., woman who
is rathor restless as to how bminoss
may be later in tho season, has bought
her cotfin at a quarter-off sale and ia
now overseeing the construction of
her tombstone.
No n-medy fur M'xnitl tlWillitv hns.cvor boon
found that oqiials Inijardin'g Life Eas-'noe. It
rvturv8 ft'Mo jmiwth ami lnviorato the whole
system. A simple trial will rouvinee the ruont
sceptical, rrlee, fl.oo a bottle. All druggist.
"What are Hamburg Figs?" They are simply
a erystalized frnit cathartic, composed of vege
tables ami fruits. They are a natural laxative.
assisting Nature to overcome cotiMtipatioiij liver
eomplainte, biliousness and piles. Fhysioiuns
recommend Hamburg Figs to be given to In
fants, to Youths, and to their Parents, knowing
them to be mild, harmless, but. most efficient
laxative and purgative. During pregnancy the
bowels always show a tendency to constipation,
aua (luring tins period we continuea use 01
Is peculiarly lndjoatl, because, being purely
vegetable, they keep the blood cool and tho sys
tem in twrfect condition. Their continued use
will can; the worst eases of hemorrhoids or
piles. Hamburg ligs are sold at 2a cents a box
ly apotuecttries. vote, one t ig.
I.lfu on a Cattle Ranch.
The ineii lira railed at 8 o'clock in the
morning, and, after a hasty breakfast of
bacon and coffee, some are detailed by ths
foreman to rido out and drive all tbo cattle
they can And within a certain radius Into
camp, while the others keep tbera In a
herd, when they are driven In. As soon
as they are all in. the representatives of
each "outlit." In turn, ride through them
and cut out every animal with their brand
upon It and herd them apart. Occasion
afly a row breaks away from the herd an;
a rtdor starts after her at full speed, and
after an exciting chase drives her back
gain. - .
When the cutting out U completed
each "outfit" begins to brand Its calves.
A rider rtes a calf by the hind log,
throws it and drags it toward the fire;
one man then holds it by the hind legs,
whllo another sits on Its shoulder and it
Is branded on Its side and has Its ear
notched. This Is an exciting scene as the
calves are bleating, the men shouting,
mplng and wrestling with them and the
Arcs aro blading. Hmnetlmes when they
rope a vljrorous youiig steer they have
g-rent difficulty lu holdincr hi in and it re
quires five or six men to do so. The night
U divided into watches of two hours'
length and the men take turns In keepmg
the cattle In a herd. It Is the most ex
citing part of the csttlo business, but It
is a very bard life, as a man Is In the
saddle all dny and only gets a few hours'
sleep. YV. Lynn Wilson In Detroit Free
Trmllt ion Coneernlns; Wampum.
An Indian of the Onondaga reservation
In New York gave to a legislative com
mitteeman the following tradition con
cerning the wampum: "There Is a tree
set lu the ground and It touches the
neaveus. under that tree sits this warn
pum. It sits on a log. Goals of fire are
unquenchable, and the Six Nations are at
this council ere held by this tribe. To-
do-da-ho, a member of the Bear clan. Is
tne great chief here, lie has a descend
ant In our tribe today; his name is Frank
liogan. One of the uses of the wampum
Is for a symbol In the election of officers.
Tho wampnm bearer keeps the treaties of
tne nation. Chicago lieraid.
In Knglnnd, a fashionable fabrlo
called "Imitation Indian muslin" has
been found to be so highly charged with
arsenic as to render it dangerous to
health and life when used either for
dresses or other attire, or for curtains.
Several seamstresses have been made
very ill by working upon it.
New lioarder " hat a pompous
looking mnn that Mr. Harby Is; don't
you think so?" Old boarder "Pomp
ous! I guess you'd look pompous If
you'd captured tho strawberry out of
the short-cake for three successive
days, the way hfl has!" -Judge.
The aithorshlp of the drsmatl prndnrtlons
a'Trmute! to tin- iat 01 tne anove tiameu ai
tilting liter arv ein-les to the venr centre, but f
feet the lirai-lif-Ml ma far less than th mtv
mtiton question, how to rvvaln or preserve
n.-aiin. tnnt essential 01 ihxuijt aui menial se
tivitv. biiwlness mm-,, stid the 'imrsMlt of hni
piiiesn." we ran throw far more neiii on lliis
latter siil-Wt than the most profound Phase'
iHnrlan fan on the onestion first pmoumled
f th.'systt-m is deph-te.1, the ncrv- shaky; I
indigestion or of-inst'tmtion bother one at tint-
or roustatitly: If the skin is yi-tlow. and the
tonne furred as in biliousness; If there are
premonitory twliiae tf oncoming rheumatism
or neiintlula: If the kidiievs are Inaetive use
Hosteller's Moinaeh MI!tT, the fuiet r-ciier-
ut of u age proline III beneficial am! suiws
fill remedies. Kenn-mlier. If malaria threatens
or a'Uii't., that It neutralise the poison and
tortine tne system
At the International Exhibition at Ilrnssets,
the Westlnglnmse air brake reeelved the highest
('nh and Hearaeneaa. The Irritation
which Tnduee rnnebluv. Immediately relieved
l.v ne of ' Bnrwm iirmrknl Tmrkrt." Hold
only lu boxes.
filve not reins to yonr Inflamed passions; take
time and a Utile delay, lmpetuoupiiy manage
au tnmg tunny.
DRANUHRrn's Pills are the best medl
cine known.
yiml Tliey are purely vefretable, in fact
a medicated food. '
iircoiul The same dose always produces
the aame effect, other purgatives require
increased doss and finally cease acting.
Third Ther imrifv the bbod.
f'tmrth l hey Invlarorate the digestion
and cleanse the Momarh anil bowel.
Fifth They stlmula'e the liver and
carry off vitiated b'le aud oilier depraved
The firt two or threo do tHl the
alorv. I he skin berc-mea clear, the eye
brislit; the mind active; digestion Is re
stored; costiveness cured; the animal
vigor is reef uited and all decay arrested
There are lO.0UO liquor sabtfms In England
amamoi wnirtt are tu i.onaou.
Try Girmu for breakfast.
vW Skin & Scalp
UivaW SknAScaln
l t-. 1 r
11 all comparable to th Cl TK CB Rkmbdiks
In their marvellous properties or rleaosin
tmrlfrimr and beautifrinir the skin and ;
curing torturing. dlHf1gurtii. itching, scaly and
pimply dleease of tbe sklu. scJp and blood.
sun loss 01 nair.
Cpticvka. th ereat 8KIX Crsn. and CCTI-
CVKA OAP an enqulsita 8kln Beaiuiner, pre
pared from It, externally, and Ccticcka Hb
boltstxt. the now Wood 1'nrliier, InWirnally,
euro every form of skin and blood disease, from
ptmpu 10 scrouiia,
H-iUleTvrvwherM. Prloa; PtmovRi. 50c: Ha-
ULVKKT, l; Soap. S6c Prepared by the Por-
Sen.! fri' "How to Pure 8kin IHsrasea.
tV I'implen. bis, kl.esils, chapped and oily TK
t-f si- in nrevented ny C'lTltrt'RA Soap. Tli
s?"flk, Imll Ache. I'ains and Weaknesses In
KjaT stantly relieved by th C"t:TievK a Akti
afjf Ha in PtJksTaa, lb onlr paiii-kilUns plaster. 35a
Icxrlicie of PotnwH.
It enre RnscMATisu, Hfl'iuuin, Rolls, Pimple,
Scrofula, Oont, Catarrh. Tumor, bait Kl.eiun, and
Mnrourtitl psina It Furifi-s Uis Mood, Keatorea tit
Urer and Kidney to hea'thy action, and make th
Complexion Brutal and Clear.
J. R. GATES - A CO., Proprietors
417 Kaasone St Sa Fracelae.
issued March and Bept
l each year. It la an ency.
elopedla of useful lnlor.
'mation for all who par-
chase tho luxuries or the
neoeaaltiea of life. We
can. olothe you and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various siaes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these" things
COMFORTABLY,.and you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BUYEBS"
GUIDE, wbioh will be aent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
XU-114 Hiohigaa Avenue, Chicago, 111.
Rather than Ihe CbMpod
Portland, OreKOB.
IViiiM't eoiiinnieiit. inoitiiich instruction. eslal-
lished reputation, prowlnd popularity. Business,
Shorthand, Common School and Penmanship Depart
ments. Students Admitted at any time. Cat,
logne and specimens of penmanship sent free.
J. A. WtSrO. Asc'I- . i: 4KUSTR03.Prla.
KJ Land. 9,000 acres in any size tracts. Just the
place for a colony. Bpeclal Inducements to
Stt It1 IT
TIhiii ho w.-iiiMnI hIvo. slvn mil. VU ! th
grave Ihj !.m.l one mil rei-elye no jttiiiliies.
"I'm weary of livliiu," mnniied poor Mr, lllaek,
"For I'm mlrly worn nut with uie aeha In my
My nerve are a elmln
id wi-Hk tiess and tiitttt.
And tny poor head isaehlnvas if it would rrark."
fow null i lie discouraged, ' erled good Mrs.
White, .. . '
'It I never so dark lull lliere' promise of Unlit;
I ean tell yon, in tirler,
What will Klve von rell-f ,
Pierre's Favorite I'reseiiptlou will sooti set yon
niiin. ,
It Is the only remedy for women tx-ctiHar
Weakness.- and ailments, sold bv drnauisls itn-
ler a positive irintratiti-o from the luiiuufiietiir--rs.
that II will Kite satisfaction in every ease
or money will lie refunded. Hce Kiiarautee on
not i iv M rapper. Large IhiIIIcs (IU0 doses) (I. 8ix
for .
A piano factory Is helm? ereetcd at Atlntifa.
Peiofula, llmnehltis, mid General lieblllty will
try steal t a r:ninlaln or I wl l iver (HI wlilt
llvpophospliltcs, they m 111 find Immediate re
lief and pcrmliiiite bcticttt. 'liie Medical Pro
fession iiufvrsMllv declare It a rrmedv of the
Krcatcs! value and very palatable. Head: "I
have used Scott' Ktnitlsfnu In several casr-s of
Ketolula and Ih-bllltv lu hildn-u. K'-fulls
most ttral! ( lint. My little patients take It with
pleasure."- . A. Ill i.hkkt, M.K., Hanshtirr. 111.
V rtp-r(v vs.rtsB pnrfrn In millions o-f htmmtm
m n thtvn s qusrtr of ooottiry. H m un bf th
VnHl H ftrTrrnrj-ni, FnrlnrsM y . hrssis of
thr r4V L'utTrftt!W'- m th Ntimrr-irt, Pnrat and sKwrt
uouiia A?nfj,sv, lJrr.e nt Altim. otxly in cmmul
A.oi,ir orroRTniTY.
Kiirt-ka' K"iitiH,n j-Vn onlv irmt-imifl.
A .Lie.... t" t w s . a irt-v Irhillinafdirs- ti .
For I'sj'ior, Parent, Tea-her, fhiH. tit
Friend, lii hb-c?K-e an I usefulness will It.) fnnd
cuml iue-l in a copy c.f Webstar'S Unsbrldged.
al jsrr a A SSj iK.a.
cw7 f rrrr.
1 i fi.'CTin.VMm fsrusui
,- T " r m erocwtfru,
ft . . "k-t . .,
Besides nutny ether rslu-ilile features, It contain
A Dictionary
cf !l,'t Words, D" Knerarlnr,
A Gazetteer of tho World
li-sins J d "ribirir S" f' Piae-s
A Biographical Dictionary
cf to at-'y i.,"( Noted IWors,
A Dictionary of Fiction
find only in Welwh r.
All in One Book.
3000 rnnr vri r.'uriy im1t m FTT ts
imti-'ni t'.i'i tt-Y :Ii-t AmrH art I ift' rurv
Si.l nil KfcsH, r. ,':iiiivL!v t !-. '
Dr. Spinney ACo-pU
Nf RVntlQ lHtjility.I.otcf Titwr. Bemir-i!
IILrtlUUO lx . V, eak Wee,, ry, lnou
Seney. te-.dntoxrss or abus. cared.
YOUNC MriJ mflWnirfn-m th, ,irK
1V W n fnLil,! r .,ntt.friifr,l!i or
eretteo steoeld ayail them-lves cf oi-r
A p-'mve ctjrt Ci,r,nu,-4 i Terct. Htrhilss.
L rir.sry and V ':n.-r-iel iws su anoatarstl cus-
ntniM, frvmpxir ana aiety cures.
Minni tr Aorn Mrjrh,mrw.
l-ebllov wa.t-es cf esui fctrvLjruj. elc cured
aal rr,tnrl to (-'. hy yiir-ir.
. i .r'B unat.1- to yt n irmy treatci
at tntr BfiTf. by eorreiond"nf-e. J4dit..? an,'
inwranitH rni or bj' i or v!re". voaeartauoft
jr rn. Dnxitmai, in fix mpflir lot loabx M4fii
t rlend or ou!d m V edlocX.
w eak 7u z r v o u s 1p eoieT
KB. Mo- CI KTTSO-s,.
hft fi - SORsTs "w put f.stlT. t rur-s
s,Tr tt
hsi s .t i. s, set
flrrTBaryiinfa. linn ,mj nssu.tins
-jtr'C-j' t 'B'sm. as tc too i - Of
A F H4nHI, Ct ,B,tTTKSS th
latest Iws f -rweed.ehe-.-.-wlntiSf. o,,rta-r-.h
sud J rtrn tlrr ainHALKIKt-TaiCSKLTin the
WaaLB. rieetrle NusfienAcrtM-e fre wu Ms'e F!l.
Av-41 ho-t, r.arsi'ii. s uAmin sli. s ip-,rS.
im uniMtioB lUHTtir Tarssss ra at nbu.
e.lKNJ eur4 HsSMl stanip rurtiliwtrmted pamfcl.
K.J. lahn. Vt7 Market sl. as. "
Nlr 1'iop. fact ft c ial Brunch
C. H. STREET- & CO.,
8ueoesr to the IMMHiTt ATTON Adj'XIA
415 Montgomery St., S. F., Cal
We arc offering the following in SO, 40. 80 or
itsi acre r artits:
Rsaenlhsl t olow j .Tcbma Colony. .04H
Mwnte Viata blia. ta l.StrO
l hcala " .40
Lutheran " " " fi.'MMI
ishlntlrtowa " - IS.IsOO
tnitrrssn " " " l.0
Mlrmutr " Kern .MO
l.rrrnsMil ' ran Luis Obispo MHt
Wankrna " Tularo ll.Mrt
1'olutncya " Marin 1 .tMM
Other land for (fencral farniinjr, fruit trror.'inB
or stock raising.
a borne en easy terms in the country, w bib'
retnlnins your present roside,ic. iositiea and
salary'; 10. ilor tuorc atrcof land with or w ith
out a hcuse. on the installmei t plan in one o;
our colrnles; we will plant tho same to your
order with fruit trees or raisin frratw and will
keep it In Rood condition until full bearing,
with or without irrigation; these lands lie iorh
or south of Sao Francisco, in the coaxt or in
tertor conntiea. hear or distant from railroad or
town and vary in price. V. 11. 8TKEKT &
i'O., successors to the Immicralion Associa
tion of t'alifornia. 415 Muntirouiery street.
8iii d for particulars and full dcsvriptio:ts.
Noa. 133 and 134 Third Street.
Portland. Oregoa.
I only rrivata Die
tvnwvry to rortlaod or on
t' Neriliwes Crtasw
where patients arewirccss,
billy treated n. all NF.KV
young cr eM, suitil or
l Bisnieo, sue a a
TTervous denlllty, vnninsl
1,-esea, falis ai'tnory,
sv nhilltle oruition. cSeot
: ' wl ef m-rourr kidac and
Every man that smokes a pipe is .a walking
advertiser of the merits of "Seal of North Cart).
Una Plug Cnf Smoking Tobaooo.
The "Soaf,,' is pronounced by all smokers the
best Xobacoo evor sold on the Pacific Coast.
N. P N. V. No. 257-S. F. N. U. No S3
sr . -W
m --mm
a a
Term have Im-co arranged for a railroad In
Hlam from l:aii)tkok to .Inline.
CAJ A 51 lltSlV.lltO MT A CANO.MM LI
Well, "that depends." He ean If bis throat I
Inrie enotitc't and the eanon-lmll uot too lare.
1 he .M 'Klu.ii really -em worthy of some con
sideration in ! of th" slr.e of some of the
Pills that are prescribed for anffi-ririsr Immunity.
Why not throw them "to the dotrs," aud take r.
I'lerce I'l'-asaut I'lirirallra 1'ellHs? Mnsll,
siiytu-eniiit-ii, purely yetretniiie, perfectly harm
less, In k1hs, and always fresh.
An electric railway is In operation at C'arbon-
ouif, rt'uu.
tbnt you raituot afford to nefcject tbr.t catarrhr
don't you know that It may lead to consump
tion, to insanity, to ilrnthf iMin't vott know
that II can Is- easily cured Uou't you know
ttml while the thousand and one nostrum von
have trb-d have utterly failed that l'r. ."aire'
t'alarrh Ketnedy is a certain cure' It has stood
the test of years, and there are hundred id
thousands of rmtcful men ami women In all
pans of tne country who can testify to lis elfi
caey. All drtlKKistit.
Huston Is to have a zonloeicsl irardi-n ,and
Sold on Trial t
tms-nt mt.n, proffta
fVrul M for MJllna
rt? li.imt.r4.Ls-d 'mtl tum
vi th full i'ftrUeaiu-ik Mjui.
'ifaurttirtKl by
1ST A ias Ik alt.,
1st premium. S,000 la use.
to year EstaMislwd. Mew
m tmtontod Steel Tuning D
vice, in us in nootoer Plana, by which our i'larew
land In tuns SO tear, S'"d for Psi ; no affected
ty rllmat, So wood to spilt, break, swell, shrink,
rmi-fc, docsy, or wear out ; e f uarsnte it. F.l
f set Rosewood Case, S strings, d-mHe repeatimf
action; f!r.t Ivory kv; th Famrni ANTlSEIJ
lill er writ fcf f-ataiorue, fee. T. M. ANTlSKli.
HA!o :.. Msnn'aetnrsr. vid Fellow Mall, alar
set and Seventh Streets, San Fraucisee. .
Bur ff nas si yea am if
nd satisfaction la ttaa
run of OonoHlxra and
Gleet. I prescribe Hand
feel safe Is reeommsBtV
lof t to all n Serers.
A.J.STOrfF.11, S.D,
Dscstar, 111.
PHtrR. l.OO,
tkild Dt-ocstata
. -'zJ Cisla
f ? 1 TO-- ?tT'
nasi Stiheaie.
lS8f arSs-ij by "
CiactiiBstlJaY " jssi
thbc-owbiu. TO MAKE
ears Hurt tbsr la a pictora of a Cbm oa yonr packace and jtn will bar
tlx beet
EriUiant A
Are Diamond Dyes. They excel all offers
in Strength, I'urity and Fatness. None others
are just as good. Beware of imitations they
are road a of cheep and inferior materials and
give poor, 'weak, crocky colors.
36 colors , 10 cents each.
Seed posial for I e Cock, Saaip'e Casd. directions,
fer cvlt-riee I'hotos.. a;sk?ee tbe finest Ink o ishiicg
(to cu. a ttuart), etc Soid hy iiruglsts or by
WE US. RICHARDSON A CO.. Burlington. tU
For Gildinc or Brassing Fancy Articles, USE
Gold, Silver. Prrxiie, Copper. Only to Cents.
n w .
root of MorriHo) Htrret. . " Portland. Orriss.
I esp c'ally request tho e content oTs,tin: purchasing either an Engine or Thresher
n xt raon to look up tve rcoonl of the ADVANCE. It is the oay ntetch,ine ever
sold on the Pticiic C'Hut thit h is given entire aiist 'action.
I also deal in Laundry Michlnsrj, Mirina Enginas. All kinds of
Brass Goods, Inspirators, Injectors, Oilers, Reapers, Mowers,
Chemical Fira Extinguishers, and Engines, Oils,
Baiting, Hose, Wrenches, Etc.
Cares Bhsnmatlsm, TfsnrsJ-rla, Sciat
ic. Lanibci, Backache, Meadachs,
Toothache, Bare Throat, Swotllng-a,
Frostbit, Sprains, Uralses, Cats,
Barns and Scalds.
Bold frv bruggixt ami Jtratrrf Ktxrywhere.
Diamond Vera-Cura
A Fesmri cmti roa nniecTfos Aro m
St tr torn Artstsf tiers ft em.
ror DrmepM or BcturtU ttaltr artf psf rV '
CSm far yow if mat already tm lock, ar it wiU b4
tmt fry X"! o rtrript alitt.ib bom 11.00) a
stussp. Sample an n reeript Xeent mamp.
as, finiiina aa Maaat
OltlliriAl, HU H. Gabler. Koonieh
Ptaoaa; Buidott rVfns. ttil bntraneBl. Ijeteri
took erf frame Mxje x& lVka. Basil innUed a
Kmmtb PrSw. MAITuIAj o&AT iX.. ttt roet
Wis ii i. flsa roulsMe
fnsfaat'y rsuers the ooet sinV i t attack, and
insures orgxtfortahie SO W AlTtllii fs it-
si I, llBsir, osnl hy tnlufxtkai. its set via fan
rdiste. 4.rrr tftd certain, and a corak Use
rwsnit In ail enrat eess, A stiurl tnsl eon
yinee tbe most wpfteal Jree Un. and t
of any tract. or ! mifl HAjniJt Free fry
miril l'r. H. acir ' AjiN. st. Ps-jL '.
Cures) Cut-, Sore, Salt Ilh'nrn, Bolls.
Pimtiles. Felons. 8kin Diseases, and all
ailments for which m salve t stiltable. For
tAkicg ont sorereaa and heaiira: it act
like Riafdc S3 rents a box. at all arujrjrirtn.
to U m Day. Sample" worth fl.M. FK CF.
Line not under the bones feet, write HSirwv.
e'aHin i . Kmltmns fr, Jf lly.t leh.
Soda Bade.
aJH-t- , vV.'V MZfz - v..
o . . f CELERY
Frne'Ceery toss
iwOUralgla pound cured By aery-
wos sick headache."
""""" Wrx L. A- BsurncsB,
NerVOUS SaaJo,Cat
Prostration Tv.'ZSZ
Wkkkmakkkmmkkmmmmmm Cow pound , 1 am careA
oi rberamstaiB."
Rheumatism cS.TS
ll b done m more
KltinOy pood foe kkfory dnea
than aay otber mxi-
Dt60cSe8 cine " Geo. Abbott,
Sionx Cny, lam.
" lime's Ceicry Cen
pound has been cf rreai
AH Liver t?efct nj w,
Disorders rr " .""""T? c
Agent for the
That ships
Bells !
All aires in stork from 40'
pounds to 1,20a i
, :j Remember it is a pleasure) to show
goods or answer qaestiona. It joa
- - cannot call, write.