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    1 Ldmipx? Express.
I T .
People will overtook mistakes In one
whom they see to be thoroughly, sin
cere and earnest.. So put your life Into
even the smallest task, and the doing
of it have powerful influence upon
others. Whether you preach, study,
eel! goods, till the soil, aw wood, clean
lamps, cook food or milk rows, do vour
V'8t. There Is no task so small, no
honest occupation so - common or
menial that it cannot be dignified and
ennobled by the character of the doer.
Bear in mitKl that not the thing you
do so much as the doing reveals the
character, Ule true man. Everything
you can do eau be made the revelation
of a great soul. I have great respect
for the German who saws my wood
nnd cleans my yard, lie Is one of the
few men I have ever known who does
everything in the best possible man
ner. He has done this sort of work
for me for a year, and constantly im
jsioves. 1 know of a barber who has
endeavored: to make the best possible
tnrber and citizen. He has succeeded.
While no other barber in the city is
even thought of as being worth' of
any consideration as a citizen, this man
is thoroughly respected. He is con
stantly ilarging his shop and his
force, but has always more than he
can do. There is perfect order In his
Inee. Men must act as gentlemen
while there. They find there the best
papers and magazines, but no police
literature; jiothing a Christian gentle
man would not take into the family
room. The barber is respected iu his
church, is made a member of the city
council, has i model home life. He
has dignified his occupation. His life
is a success. Geo. D. Herron.
J(erh Cook, in his usual condensed ;
t tyle, ensqwts four questions in regard j
to the coantry boy's course in life as '
1. If the fire ia his bones requires a
country boy to go to the city, he does
well to follow the fire.
2. A very large proportion of country
"bays of good-ability, character and
health succeed in the cities; a yet
larger proportion of poor ability or un
steady character fail.
3. ' Character is usually higher in the
country boy, who does not learn city
dissipations and the tricks of trade in
Lis youth, than in the avei age city boy.
4. Other things being equal, a college
. trained mas has more ability to gain
information rapidly than one not college-bred.
But, in the first few years
after a college course, the graduate
may not be equal to the non-graduate,
as the latter has probably had the most
business experience, but the college-
bred man overtakes his rival
in most i
cases. If I iiihlann
ho wished to j
be a great merchant, a business man, I
should send the boy to college for four
years, and then let him make his way
after sharpening his mental tools.
"Where did Caia got his wife?"
There is no record, either sacred or
profane, as to where Cain got his wife.
In Genesis, iv:l and 17, it is simply
stated that OaSn -"went to the land of
Nod and knew his vrife." According
to the Book, Adam lived 530 years. He
was 130 years old at the time of the
birth of Seth, -and it was subsequent
r to this that Cain went to the land of
Tfod. Now at the average rate of in
crease Adam mast have had a posterity
f several hundred at the time that
Cain knew fcis wife. But what has
!?kepUe." to 4o with Cain's wife, my
wife or anyefher man's wife? Or what
has Cain's wife or any other man.
-Wife to3o with the salvation of an im
mortal soul? To let such a question
intervene between the soul and its
letemat interest, is neither the part f
"V isdom nor prudence.
"How could the tree of forbidden
fruit be knowledge of good and evil?"
Happiness was promised to Adam, end
through him to his posterity, on con
dition of perfect obedience. This is
vailed the covenant- of works. Now
the "tree of knowledge f good and
evil" was the place, occasion and means
hy which God tested the lyalty and
obedience of Adam. Adam had no
knowledge of tin until he transgressed;
with transgression came the "knowl
edge of good and evil." The fruit it
self was nothing ia character, but
transgression brought the knowledge
of sin incurred and the knowledge of
the good that was lost.
God sets now before you life and
death, as he set before Adam the tree
of knowledge, .He says, "Believe in
the Ixrd Jesus Christ and thou shalt
be aavert; out and if you reject Christ
He will reject you. J. R. K.
How is this for potatoes. Peter Wei
sennueh,. of Fox valley, brought in
twelve pounds of potatoes, the product
of one hill. We know that Peter did
not lie, for he said he dug them with
his little hatchet. However, we are
Bitting on a potato measuring nine feet
in circumference, as we write this local.
It was raised by Tommy Henderson,
at Ijong Creek. We mean the potato.
- JLong Cre ik Eagle.
The smallpox excitement at Mc
Minnville has entirely died out. Two
inmates of the petit house have been
discharged, and all the others are on
the way to recovery. Amity and La
fayette have raised their quarantine.
The scare very badly injured business
n McMinnville during its presence,
but things have now assumed their
wonted appearance.
" Work has commenced on the sus
pension bridge which is to span the
river at Oregon City, and it will le
completed in about one month. The
bridge is being built by Clackamas
county, and no toll will be charged for
crjssing it. r
No where else in the world, in this
latitude, do things generally bo"., up as
serenely and prolificly as in the Wil
lamette valley. We never cea being
astonished at the way trees and plants
grjw here.
The authorities, o Green county,
Ky., recently imposed a fine of $300 on
the Jj&aisville ainL Nashville railroad
t sr ircakiag the Sabbath by distrib-
jjting ties along the line of their road.
After a bountiful harvest and grain
all stored for the winter, w e have had
some nice showers of rain, and wheat
sowing is going on and grass growing;
stock doing well. We have our excite
ments, like New York and Indiana,
but not of a political nature. We have
our minds made up, and nothing can
change us but a northwestern hurrl
eane or an earthquake; therefore we
have no use for those silver tongues
that are exciting the great Eastern
cities. We are here from all parts of
the world, as they were at the surren
der of Yorktown, Virginia. The same
blood that was commingled with the
mother earth there is here side by side.
There was heard commingling of dif
ferent voices of soldiers, speaking dif
ferent languages, and with a mighty
effort their success came, and, I hope,
never to be surrendered. We of Ham
ilton creek remind one of that great
scene Englishmen, Germans, French
men, SV?andiuavians, all making a
grand eflortto make a living. We ere
somewhat mixed religiously Metho
dist, Baptist, Adventist, Spiritualist
and independent thinkers. The mix
ture is a good one, all harmonious.
We had an excitement yesterday
that recalls scenes of twenty j'earsago.
A large black bear came in from the
mountains and took up his abode on
McKinney hutte and commenced a
great slaughter of hogs and sheep. We
notified our neighbors, and Friday
morning we met where the bear had
killed a fine hog belonging to John
Miller. It had been there in the night
and got its fill and returned to its lair.
The dogs were set after him, and they
pressed him for an hour or two, when
he made a final stand in a hole of
water and conclded to fight it out on
that line u it took all winter. The
hunters turned their battery on the
bear and he yielded to superior arms
and gave up the ghost after receiving
nine wounds. He weighed about 500
pounds, was very black, and the fattest
animal that I ever saw.
Ox e op the Boys.
Hamilton Creek, Oct. 14.
"Seven persons under Indian eontrol
fromdiflerent Indian tribes!" Whether
this is a slander on the poor dead In
diana, or a credit, it Is hard to tell.
Seven dead Indians from different
tribes Tisiting Spring Farm in one day!
I wonder if James Vinson & Co. sup
pose that sensible people believe sucli
nonsense and absurdities? Mrs. Bruce
must be well versed in the hieroglyph
ics of Indian vernacular to be able to
give us the language of seven extinct
tribes. That "bit of a pencil on top of
the slate vnder the table" was wonder
fully nxH-ed upon by seven dead In
dians, in the hands of Mrs. Bruce.
Now, Jacaes Vinson & Co., say not one
word about submitting these strange
ciphers to creditable witnesses, nor of
havintr them -examined in th lio-ht of
an honest investigation. If they were
honest Indians, why did they creep
under the table? If the hand of Mrs,
Bruce desired to trace nothing but the
truth, then why did she put it under
the table?
Why do Apiritoalists use a table and
have their revelations on a slate under
the table if they are honest and can
aiu. Aone vat Uoa can control or
alter the established laws of nature,
and to ay that seven dead Indians
viaited Spriag Farm and wrote on a
slate for Mrs. Bruce or anyone else, is
both dishonoring to God and too in
credible for a sane man or woman to
If James Vinson & Co. would only
follow the dictates of reason, the light
of aaJure, or study God's word, either
one of the three would be sufficient to
npeet this stupendous humbug.
People of refined tastes or cultivated
minds do not care to be lead or tausrli
by either living or dead Indians. The
memory of Whitman, tomahawked
and scalped women and children
this broad land, butchered and plun
dered by the treacherous red man
have their blood-stained and crimson
covered spirits to teach us religion
w nat a norrinie thought foranv sane
man to entertain! F. M. P.
The Kdltor.
A schoolboy's composition on "The
Editor" ran'as follows: "The editor is
one of the most happiest individuals
in the world. He can go to the circus
in the afternoon and evening without
paying a niekle; also to inquests and
hangings. He has free tickets to the
aters, gets wedding cake sent him, and
sometimes gets a licking, but not often,
f r he can take things back in the next
issue, which he generally does. While
other folks have to go to bed early the
editor can sit up late every night, and
see all that is going on. When I am a
man I mean to be an editor, so that I
can stay out late at night. Then that
will be jolly."
He Cot Away With It.
At the conclusion of a sermon some
where in Iowa, the preacher requested
some one to pass the hat and take up a
collection. A young man jumped up
and commenced circulating the hat in
such a manner as to finish the job and
pass . out with the proceeds. The
preacher, eyeing him as he went out,
observed: "If that young man runs
away with that money he'll be
damned." A deacon sitting by the
window, seeing him make off down
the street, responded: "And if he
hasn't run away w ith the money I'll
be damned."
Here are some more questions which
I ask Rev. J. R. Kirkpatrick to an
swer: Is there any way that you can prove
that the whole world was drowned in
the flood?
Why did Joshua command the sun
to stand still, when it is not the sun's
movement that gages the length of a
day. Skeptic.
Ague cannot be permanently cured
until the system has been thoroughly
cleansed of all morbid matter. Qui
nine and other febrifuges will check it
temporarily, but it is sure to return
unless the system has been "cleansed.
For this purpose there is nothing bet
ter ihan St. Patrick's Pills. They not
only physic, but thoroughly cleanse
the entire system and will, in most
cases, prevent ague and like malarial
diseases if used as : wwn as the first
avmpioms appear. Sold by M. A.
! Miller,
I have made up my mind to speak
to you about a little matter, for I be
lieve you want to do what is fair. Now,
when the girls study just the same
books you do, and often go far ahead
of you at school; -when so many of
them study stenography, telegraphy
and other kinds of business, become
teachers, doctors, missionaries, etc., as
they are doing more and more each
year, what right have you to sit about,
us lazy as a cat, and let these girls
work and tug till they are all tired out,
for your comfort, and do things which
ou should attend to yourselves? I"Kn't
they like to run and play as well as
you do? Don't they ueed the exercise
and fun thnt you get in the great,
splendid out doors, just as much? Are
you not physically stronger, and better
able to bear the heat of. the kitchen,
and the breathed over-and-over air of
the house, than they? Ought you not
then, in your big, hearty, good-natured
fashion, to "give them a lift" every
time when the work presses on them,
and to take care of your own room, as
tliep do of theirs? It seems to me this
is just "a fair divide."
I tell you, boys who are good to their
mother and to their sisters in the
house, always grow up to be good men
Now I'm not blaming you boys, nor
anybody else. I know that any uurn
bcr or you are good and generous as
you can be, and I know, too, that you
haven't been tauirht to think about
these things.
And don't forget that your sister
needs your attention when she Is out
among the crowd. A boy should not
neglect his sister for any one. When
I see a boy good and attentive to his
sister, I always feel like entrusting my
girls to his care; but If a young man
leglects his sister he is not apt to be
safe company for other girls.
A Mother.
What Smoking loa for Boys.
V medical man, struck with the
large number of boys under 15 years of
age -whom he saw smoking, was led to
inquire iuto the effect the habit had
upon the general health. He took for
his purpose thirty-eight, aged from 9
to 15, and carefully examined them.
Iu twenty-seven he discovered injuri
ous traces of the habit. In twenty
two there were various disorders of the
circulation and digestion, palpitation
of the heart, and more or less taste for
strong drinks. In twelve there were
frequent bleeding cf the nose, ten had
disturbed sleep, and twelve had slight
ulceration of the mucous membrane of
the mouth, which disappeared on ceas
ing the use of tobacco for some days.
The doctor treated them all for weak
ness, but with little effect, until the
smoking was discontinued, when
health and strenrth were restored.
British Medical Monthly.
The Willamette Presbytery of the V.
P. church is in session at Brownsville.
Following is the programme for the
Sunday school convention to be held
in connection with the presbytery:
RiiC and Frocress of the Subl-Ui School
Kev. J. K. KiritMincK
The ohlect of the Sabbath School
Kv. t". I. Henderson
ShouM the Wlmle t'hareh lie Krriiited in the
Sabbath Soh.jol Wurk: and K
Hrv. A. J.
Our Sunday School Literature... ker. C A. M'nolej
Should all V-t'.r Clmrcho He l'r:d to ' rpanixe
ehlsof Their Own Kev. v. v. McUee
Qualification of PmxirintendenM and Tarh-
pr lis Mary ? penwr tan. J. . fneeaj
Fifteen minutes will be allowed to the loading
speaker on each topie and live to all others.
Good music Interspersed.
Tne brave only know how to forgive
it is the most refined and generous
pitch of virtue human nature can ar
rive at.
The largest stock of harness and sad
dles in the valley at Thompson & Over
man's, Albany.
For cholera morbus use Oregon Elec
tric Relit f.
-A Cure Tor Dlarrira.
Mr. J. A. Uurnison, of Colburg,
Montgomery Co., Ia., has found out
how he can cure any ease of Diarrhoea.
Two of his children had the disease;
for about eix weeks he tried four dilier
ent patent medicines without benefit,
but ne finally got hold of a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhcea Remedy, whicli he says com
pletely cured them, and is confident it
will cure any case when the plainly
printed directions are followed. tk)ld
hy M. A. Miller
Having sold a half interest in my
grocery business to Mr. Goo. Buhl, I
desire to square up my books, and
ask all those indebted to me to come
forward and settle ns soon as possible,
as I want to Bquare up my books.
T. C".
As I have sold my property and desire
to go elsewhere, I would like for all
those indebted to me to come forward
and settle, as I must have my money.
J. O. Rolaxd.
All persons knowing themselves
owing us will please make arrange
ments to nettle, ns we need the money
in our business. Yours truly, .
A-vprkws & Hacklemax.
We will p;iy 50 cts. per roll for choice
butter. TuosirsoN & Waters,
Brownsville, Oregon.
Harness and saddles at Thompson &
Overman's, Albany.
no b ryoonpin'.o for unv drha contracted
bv mv sou, J. (''. Kindlov. "w. li. F1XULKY.
October 3, 1--WS.
rvy A and reliable Medicines are tbebest
VJVVX to depend upon. Acker's Blood El
ixir has been prescribed for years for all im
puritiesof the Blood. Inevery formof Scrof
ulous, Fvpliilitic or Mercurial diseases, it is
invaluable. For Ehournatism, has no equal.
J. A. Beard, Druggist.
St. Charles Hotel
V. Comer Main and Shermr: Street?,
blocks East of Railroad I e po:.
H. E. PARRISH, Manager.
Tables Supplied with the Best the
Market Affords.
Sample Room 'lie Ilcrt A mmoilations for
" Com .ercial Hun.
Much the Newest
Nobbiest and Largest Stock of
In the County
I -OF- I
Albany, Oregon.
JL When you want tot
1 "dress up," we would I f
f be glad to show you
I through and make the $
Tnght price. t
I have Enlarged My Store and Added
a Jsew sua i-U gant Mock or
Hats, Bonnets, Flowers, Rib
bons, Etc., Etc.,
Which I am Selllnjr at Prices Never
Before Offered in Lebanon.
Call and See These Goods and
Get Prices.
Milliner, Lebanon, Oregon.
Is warranted, is because it is the best
Blood Preparation known. It will posi
tively care all Blood Diseases, purifies the
whole STstem, and thoroughly builds op the
constitution, iiemember, we guarantee It.
J. A. Beard, Druggist,
J. L. Cowan.
J. M. Ralston.
Lebanon, Oregon,
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Account Kept Snbjeet to C heek.
Exchange Sold on New York, Ban Fran
cisco, Portland and Albany, Oreg-oo.
Collection Made On Favorable Tirni.
$iuco aja?.
thousands Buffering from Asthma, Con
sumption. ConeUs. etc. Did yoti ever try
Acker's Enellan itemed?? It is the best
preparation known for ail Lang Troubles,
Bold on a positive guarantee at 10c, COc.
J. A. Beard, Druggist.
The Mt. Shasta Route.
Tlnie'betB-ecn Albany and San Francsco, 3f hours.
California Express Tralna Dally.
4:00 r. m.J iave
85 r. M. 1-enve
lVrtland Arrive 10:40 a. r.
Albany Leave 7'0fi a, u.
8 an Fraclsco Iave ':: p.
7:40 a. M.j Arrive
Local Passenger Trains Dally (except Sunday)
8-00 a. M.j Ive
12:10 p. M.j Leave
2.40 p. m. Arrive
Arrival 3:45 p. M.
Leareill 25 x. M.
Leave m a. x.
Local Passenger Tralna Dally (except Sunday)
5:15 A.M.iLeave
Arrive j 30 a. v.
Arrivell :Sfi p. m.
Arrive 2:45 p. m.
Arrivc8:10 P. M.
12:50 P.M.
2:00 r.M
8:10 r.M
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
accommodation of Second Class Pas
sengers attached to Express Trains.
The O. A C. R. R. Ferry make connection with
all the refrulur trains ou the East bide Dir. from
loot oi t. street.
West Side Division.
Mall Train Daily (except Si.nday).
7 :0a. in. 1
125 p.m.!
Arrivoifi:15p. in.
I.cavtiil:8Up. m.
Express Train Dally ('jtcept Sunday).
4 ::Vi p. m.
SjOOj p. m.
Pot-innd Arrive
Mr.linvillc Leave
9.00 a. m.
5:45 a. I
At Albany and Ccrrallis connect with trciiiH of
urepon I'aoir.e rr iiroart.
-For full information regarding rates, maps
Manager Asst. . F. & l'tu. Agent
Bargain List or Real Estate
La., it. CYiius Ac co.,
Real Estate Agents,
Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon.
Lebanon is a thriving town of about
600 inhabitants, pleasantly situated In
the midst of the most favorable portion
of Linn county and also of the Wil
lamette valley. It is the terminus of
the Lebanon branch of the O. & U. R.
R., 13 miles from Albany, overlooking
the beautiful Albany prairie, and con
trols the trade- of a large section of
country, both prairie and hill lands
being tributary to It, giving a large va
riety of products. Borne of the finest
fruit lands of the valley arc near this
pluce; there are also great facilities for
manufacturing and stock raising.
It Is but 4 miles to the famous min
eral springs at Bodaville, and 6 miles
to Waterloo, where there is a magnifl
cent water power and also a mineral
spring. Altogether, this is a most de
sirable location for settlers.
Linn county is finely situated for
commerce, being crossed by two rail
roads north and south and one east and
and the Willamette river on the west.
Look Over This List of Bargains and
Come and See Us. We Will Treat
You Well.
tl,750. No. 88
174 acres, situated 7 miles from Leb
anon, 50 acres under cultivation, all
under fence, and plenty living water
two-ntory box houae and good large
barn; 3j acres good orchard. This is a
gooa hioi-k farm, Having plenty or good
ouisiue range.
$1,600. No. 101
22H at-res 8 miles from Lebanon. R0 to
35 acres in cultivation, 40 acres pasture;
one-story box house, large barn 60xtH)
feet, orchard of 150 hearing fruit trees
rruit nouse ana dryer: nientv or water
one mile to 6chool. Terms, f 1,000 cash
I and balance to auit purchaser.
f5,000. Xo. 135.
334t acres, 4 miles from Lebanon, 115
acres in cultlvatmu, 144 in pasture,
naiance trun ana pasture ana some
i timber ; house, barn and 2 acres of or
chard; water convenient. Term8K $ 3,-
ooo cairn, oaiazirc one year.
f3,500. No. 140
320 acres, 9 miles from Lebanon, 80
acres in cultivation, 160 acres under
fence: a good house, barn 80 feet lone,
and other outhouses, 5 acres orchard.
Terms, f 1.C00 cash, balance one year.
f2,000. No. 146
60 acres of level hind 3 miles from
I Lebanon on road to Sodaville, 30 acres
in cultivation, 12 acres in graw; good
one-story house, small barn and young
orcnaru. 1 erms casn.
fr0. No. 152.
80 acres, a miles f. TL of Lebanon, 40
acres in cultivation, 30 acres pasture
10 acres of timber, all fenced, well
watered; no building.
?1,400. No. 1
200 acres 1 miles from Sodaville. 20
acres improves, IU0 uuder fence; good
box nouse ana double losr barn:
is well watered.
riOO. No. 1P2.
The St. Charles Hotel and barber
shop in Lebanon. Pay f-iii per month
rent, f urniture included, irfrt S0xlo3
: feet.
! ROOO. No. 87.
1U0 acres 3 miles from Lebanon: about
16'J acres in cultivation, balance in pas
ture; pTor houne; barn; large orchard ;
flue grass land. Ttrms, fiOJCl cash,
I balance t suit purchaser at 10 per eent
fOX. No. 194.
325 acres C miles from Lebanon, 270
at res in cultivation, balance pasture;
sfood houne and two barns: school hotipe
on the farm; place well -watered bv
springs; 21 miles to railroad station;
"ood orchard.
ei.POO. No. 105.
ai7 acres 8 miles from tiebanon; ia
acres beaver dam land, 35 acres in cul
tivation, balance pasmre and brush;
box house, barn and small orchard.
f 10.000. No. 197.
487j acres 8 miles frrni Lebanon, 125
acres in actual culti ration, 2o acres
in meadow; o00 acres in crass for pas
ture, At acres timoer ami brush; 50
head of cattle, 10 lirad of horses, 40
tons of hav, about 80O bushels of oats
and Other feed and sped; farming uten
sils, wagon, hack, etc., all go with
place. Jasy terms.
Emigrants, buy farms near Lebanon,
because the soil is good, prices low, lo-
cation pleasant and healthful, facilities
for marketing -produce unsurpassed,
variety of products unequaled.
I-rom Lebannn. by rail, to Portland,
; 92 miles; to Albany, 13 miles; to Ya
quina bay, 95 miles.
Bend stamp for descriptive pamphlet
or ljinn eou jty, to
A. R. CYRUS & CO.,
Oregon Deielopment Co' sSteamstip Line
Than by any other Route.
First Class Through r assengor A Freight
From Portland anil all TolnH in the Willamette
Valley to and lrom San Francisco, taL
TIME SCHEDULE, (Except Sundays:)
Lv. Albany, 1:00 p.m. I Lv. YaquIka, G:45 a. m.
Lv.,! :40p.m. I Lv.CoRVAi.i.mlO:Wa. m
Alt. YaouiNA b 'M p. m. I Alt. Albany, 11:10 a. m.
O & C Trains counect at Albany and Corvallls.
The above Tnilns coniicct at Yaquina with the
Oreron Development company I .tne ol
Stcumhhlp between Yaquina and
Sau Francisco.
(rrr.AMFU. From 8. F. rrom Yaquina.
Willamette Valley
Willamette Vallev
Willamette Valley
Oct. 2.
Oct. 14.
Oct. 'JG.
Oct. .
Oot. 20.
This Company reserves the right to change Sail
ing (lutes without notice.
Passenper from Portland, and all Willamette
Volley points, can make elo-;e connection with
the Trains of the aqcina Rout at Albany or
Corvallis. and if destined to San Frnnciwo. should
arrange to arrive at Yaquina the evening before
tne date oi nailing.
I'uHHcn y:or and Fretlcrlit ltoto
Ocn'l Fr't Ji ras A't,
Gregou Development Co.
H MoutKOinury St.,
San Francicco, Col'a,
Act'g Gen'l F. & P. Ag t,
u. r. K. K. K. CO.,
Ciftxin the Children. They are es-V-VVrV-
peclallr liable to sudden
Colds. Coucrhs, Croup, vVhoopinir Coufi-h,
etc We gu&ranteo Acker's English
Remedy a positive cure. It saves
hoars of anxious watching. Sold by
J; A. Beard, Druggist.-
rfCl D '
We invite you to
Groceries, Provisions, Tobacco, Cigars,
Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Etc.
3XitJSiiiit3 Grass and Tiiiiotliy Seed.
Hides. Furs and all kinds
We Guarantee Fair Treatment to All.
W. B. DON AC A & Co.
Corner Brick Store,
(Limited Line.)
CHAS. N. SCOTT, - Receiver.
On and after Jan. 1. !W and nntll fcnther no
tice trains w til run daily (except Sunday) aafcl
Cobur Mail.
PorU'd MaiL
Toward Pcrt-
Ar 4.45 p. TO.
Lt 2.10
Arv 1.10
i! 19)
i: liVJ
l i
i l.:i
i 12.S6
' 111)
i 1:1,0
i! 11.53
i; ikss
li 1I.S1
I 1101
From Port
land. 8TATION8.
I.t 11. on a. ra.
o o )
2 J9
s a
5 39
5. H)
f M
P 41
6 4'".
6 bi
6. l
Foot of Lincoln St.
P.ay's Ijmding,
St. Paul s.
French Prairie,
Wood bum,
M. Ancel,
i Silvtrtan.
Johnson's Mill,
j at trtde Junction.
I Maei-,
! haw,
West Stavton,
; ravel Pit,
North Suntiam.
; o. P. Crofflsine,
Won Sc!o.
Thomas' Fjrk,
; Crab'ree,
10 f
7 51
7 13
6 4i
r. m
7 2.1
7 &T
S.i 1
1 ilffwilt,
Twin ButtM,
Wtlkins. -
9. 3D
6.U0A. r!on Ti'-krts at two cents per mile on
sale at rtatloris navmg Agent.
Trains with Pa-wencr. Freisht and Express.
run separate Irooi t reignt.
Freight train form Portland. Mondava. Wedies-
dvs and Thumlay. Towards Portland, Tues
days, TiitirtCayi ad Saturdays.
fonnectino at Ray's and Fnlqtiarfs lAndines
witn Meamer -t.ity ot saiem !otn Mon'tays,
Wednesdavs and Fridavs rctuminit from Salem
Tuesdays. ThursdHvii and Faturtiays connecting
with List an 1 Wet Side paencer trains. Steam
er ! of t-alcm make tranfler between Kay s
and Fulquanx Landmgs dally, Sundays excepted.
CHAS. X. PCOTT, Receiver.
(Jeneral OfTci". N. V. Corner First and Pine St's,
Portland. Oregon.
Wm. RET1IERFORD, Proprietok,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Fresh Mineral and Soda Water.
(Opposite Exchange Hotel,)
Lfbakos, -
, For Toilet Use.
Ayer'a Hair Vigor keeps the hair soft
And pliant, Imparts to it tne lustre and
freshness of youth, causes it to grow
luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, cures
all scalp diseases, and is the most clean
ly of all hair preparations.
AVFR'Q Hair Vigor has given me
' perfect satisfaction. I waa
nearly bald for six years, during which
time I used many hair preparations, but
without success. Indeed, what little
hair I had was growing thinner, until
I tried Ayer's Unix Vigor. I used two
bottles of the Vigor, and my head is now
well covered with a new growth of hair.
Judson B. Chapel, Peabody, Mass.
that has become weak, grav.
and faded, mar have new life
and color restored to it by the use of
Ayer's Hair Vigor. My hair was thin,
faded, and dry, and fell oat in large
quantities. Ayer's Hair Vigor stopped
tne falling, and restored my hair to its
original color. As a dressing fo the
hair, this preparation has no equal.
Mary i. Iiammond, Stillwater, Minn.
llinnt youth, and beauty, In the
lUUilj appearance of the hair, may
be preserved for an indefinite period by
the use of Ayer's Hair Vigor. A dis
ease of the scalp caused my hair to be
come harsh and dry, and to fall out
freely. Nothing I tried seemed to do
me any good until I commenced using
Ayer's Hair Vigor. Three bottles of
this preparation restored my hair to a
healthy condition, and it is now soft
and pliant. My scalp is cured, and it
is alBO free from dandruff. Mrs. . R.
Fobs, Milwaukee, Wis.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Bold by Druggists and Perfumers.
Tebfect Safety, prompt action, and
wonderful curative properties, easily
place Ayer's Fills at the head of the list
of popular remedies for Sick and Nerv
ous Headaches, Constipation, and all ail
ments originating in a disordered Liver.
I have been a great sufferer from
Headache, and Ayer's Cathartio Fills
are the only medicine that has ever
given me relief. One dose of these Pills
will quickly move my bowels, and free
my head from pain. 'William L. Page,
liichmond, Va. - tf
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. J.C.Ayer SCo., Lowell, Ma;
Bold by all Dealers in Medicine.
come and look through our Mam
moth fetock ot
of Country Produce taken in exchange for goods.
Main - Street, Lebanon, Linn County, Or.
Druggist and Apothecary,
Drugs -:- ad -:- Medicines'
-fe-fpaints, Oils and Glass.-
Fine Toilet Soaps, Combs, Brushes, Etc.
And Fancy Toilet Articles.
Main Slee(, Lebanon, Oregon.
ST0YES and
Tin, Copper and
All Kinds of Repairing done on
short notice.
The best is
always the
cheapest. K -
We are also prepared to furnish on short notice
any machrne from a butter worker to a steam mill.
We keep on hand all 6taple implements, suee as .
PIoavi Mowers, Reapers,
Harrows, Cultivators, Pulrorizers,
Unkcs, Wagons , ' Buggies.
And the celebrated Sherwood Steel Harness.
$3iCome and see us; we will make you happy
Lebanon, Or.
Sheet Iron Ware
The most
easiest and
lightest run
ning mill
r T . :