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How Mineral Oils Hun Served totWieA
Many tvinds of Labor.
There seems no end to the multi-
tudious fashions in which mineral oils
mo to the aid of man. And yet how
vory recently have these uses been
discovered. But a few years have
elapsed since the days when the red
Indians of North and South America,
the tribes on the shores of the Caspian
and Red Seas, in short, primitive man,
wherever dirty black groase, oozin
throug-h dark mud, smoothed the water
of slup-gfish streams brought their
eick, sutler ing from cutaneous and
rheumatic diseases, to be healed. Ac
cident and experience bad taught
them this value of that floating oil,
but that was all.
The so-called fire-worshipers (at
tracted by the weird flames which
sometimes played on the mountain
side, kindled by the spontaneous igni
tion of gases) had indeed erected a
temple at Baku, where the sacred fire
was fed direct from the soil; but it had
not then occured to enterprising men
that the oil which floated on the lake,
and which, when ignited by means Of
blazing straw, produced such fairy-like
illumination, could be turned to ac
count; nor could the wildest dreams ol
the earliest oil prospectors on the Cas
pian or in the United States have eon
eeived the possibility of a commercial
success so amazing as that of the oil
traffic which has been developed with
in the last thirty years. Paraflin e has
well nigh supplanted the various oils
and greases previously in use through
out the whole world, even to the re
motest Hawaiian, Tahitian or Fiji isles.
where the cwoa palm has ever afforded
the purest of vegetable oil.
Nor as an illuminant alone has the
kindly earth-oil been turned to use.
It has revealed such precious prop
erties of soothing and healing, such
excelenco as lubricating oil for ma
chinery; it has yielded such varied
preparations of vasaline for wounds and
for toilet purposes, that merely to cata
logue these would be a task. And
now, to all previous services another
is added perhaps the most domestic
of all. Mineral oil offers to be the
ready benefactor of that great body of
women whose lives are embittered by
the ever-recurring toil of the wash-
4 It seems that by the addition of a
very small amount of mineral oil to
boiling water and "soap almost all
manual lobor in clothes washing is dis
pensed witn; lor at tne end 01 nail an
hour the clothes will be so clean that
little further is required save to rinse
them out in two or three hot and cold
waters. The smell of parafSne' is not
pleasant during the boiling process
bat after the final rinsing no trace ol
it, it is said, remains, and the clothes
are easier to iron. Henceforth all
temptation to use deleterious bleach
ing powders must surely be at an end.
for nothing can be cheaper or simpler
in its application than this use of
mineral oil, which has no injurious
, effect whatever on any animal or vege
table fiber. St. James1 Gazette.
A Snake-CIiarmer Falls a Martyr to His
- Faith In His Own Powers.
India has just lost a snake-charmer,
one Kondajee Mubojee, who fell a
martyr to his belief in his own powers.
A lad six years old, named Vittoo
Heorree, was bitten by a cobra at
Mazagon, Bombay, and, as usual, a
snake-charmer was at once sent for.
Koudajee arrived at the spot in half an
hour, but the boy was already dead.
The snake-charmer inquired where the
cobra had. taken refuge, and, on a
woodpile being pointed out, he re
moved the wood, found and seized the
snake, and endeavored to make it bite
the boy, declaring' if it did so the
child would at once be restored to life.
For two hours he persevered, but the
snake refused to strike the body, and,
at last, irritated beyond endurance,
turned and bit Kondajee in the hand.
The snake-charmer calmly placed
the snake in a copper vessel and then
sat down. A vehicle was sent for and
the man placed inside, but by the time
he reached home he was dead. The
story testifies strongly to the belief of
snake-charmers of India in their power
over the snakes, and to the existence
of a superstition that the second bite
of a snake will restore the life that the
first has taken away. The apathy of
the Hindoo is evident by the fact that
the snake-charmer used no effort what
ever to save his own life, W hether he
thought that he was proof against its
ill-effects was not stated in the evidence
given at the inquest held on the body
of the child; but it is clear that he had
no belief in the virtues of any anti
dote or mode of treatment.
' It is most probable that he was con
fident in the powers of the drugs, oint
ments or charms he had previously
used to protect him, for the evidence
of the spectators showed that upon
finding the snake in the woodpile, he
had seized it without the slightest hes
itation. It is certainly singular that a
man accustomed to handle snakes
should have been so convinced that
their bite had power to restore life as
well as to cause death. London Stand?
The Buffalo Courier tells & re
markable story of a remarkable man.
He was well-dressed, large, self-possessed
evidently a man of the world.
He strolled into a commission house at
the Elk Street Market, where stood a
bushel basket full of eggs. The
stranger looked at them awhile, and
then deliberately stepped into the bas
ket. The crash that followed brought
ut the proprietor. "See here! what
in the name of the seven devils are
you doing?" "Oh, I only wanted to
see how it would seem to stand on this
basket of eggs," said the man, calmly,
you'll settle for this before you leave
fc&re,1' was the reply of the irate mer
chant. "I haven't any objection," he
said, producing a well-filled wallet,
and paying in full for the damage.
Then he strolled out as calmly as he
bad 6trolled in.
A Man to be Envied Dumley
Who was that gentleman that touched
his hat so politely to you just now,
Hardcash? Hardcash. My tailor. Dum
ley (with an envious sigh) Ah, it must
be a glorious thing to be treated in
ha wav bv one's tailor. 27te Eooch.
The ambitious youth who achieves
a measure of fame never hides his
light under a bushel, but he frequent
ly gets himself into a pock of trouble.
Boston Gazette.
I A favorite amusement of the Pope
is said to be that of catching birds in a
huge net which has been made es
pecially for him.' After having played
with 'ds he sets them at liberty.
tfherethe Finest Are Found and How Their
Growth May Re Stimulated.
"As , far back as we have a history
for any gems," said an old-timo pearl
fancier, "we have a record of pearls,
and, not even excepting the diamond,
is there a jewel so often spoken of in
history, sacred and profane, a tho
pearl. There is scarcely a country on
the face of the globe where pearls have
not at some period been found, though
at the present day tho principal
fisheries are confined to the coasts of
Ceylon, Japan, Java, Sumatra, Bahrein,
In the Tersian Gulf, and the Islauds in
the vicinity of Panama.
"The best pearls are obtained in tho
Persian Gulf. They excel in color,
size, purity and that transluceney
which gives this gem its greatest value.
The pcnrl fisheries in tho Persian Gulf
are said to yield upward of f l,.r00,X)0
annually. Those of Panama reach
about tho samo figure. Pearls have
also been found in the waters of tho
United States, and in 1858 considerable
excitement was occasioned by tho dis
covery of large pearls near Salem, in
New Jersey. A New Jersey pearl,
over an inch in diameter, found near
Pnterson, was sent to Paris, where it
was 'purchased by the Empress Eu
genie for $ 2,500, and when tho crown
jewels were sold last year by order of
the Ferry Government it was resold
for $3,700, and is now the property of a
a wealthy woman of New York.
"The pearl is simply carbonate o!
lime, with the addition of films of ani
mal membrane between tho many
layers of mineral matter that, when
dry, gives tho pearl its hardness.
Several species of bivalve niollus-ks
secrete pearls, especially tho true, pearl
oyster, and among fresh water species
those sometimes found near Balti
more. "Can pearls bo produced at tho will
of man, or can they be multiplied
by manipulation? It is asserted by
oyster fishermen, and can be accepted
as true, that tho pearl oyster has the
power of covering with additional
layers such portions of its shell as need
strengthening, as well as objects intro
duced by accident or design. The Chi
nese and Japanese, taking advantage
of this, have long practiced tho art
of stimulating the secretion by intro
ducing beads made of spar or powdered
glass and varnish, or sometimes turned
from mother-of-pearl, and thus do they
actually succeed in forcing the animal
to produce pearls at their will, though
of an inferior quality.
"One of tho curious circumstances
connected with tho New Jersey 'pearl
fever' of 18."3"was the discovery of a
few shells showing that many years
before some one had experimented upon
the pearl-bearing oyster by dropping
small mother-of-pearl buttons inside
the shell, hoping that the animal
would, in course of time, cover them
with its secretion. The experiments
proved a failure however, the result
being that the buttons became fastened
to the shells by the action of the secre
tion, but did not develop into pearls."
Some time ago a nurnlwr of small
pearls of the kind known in. commerce
as "seed pearls" were sent from Bor
neo, under the name of "breeding
pearls." These pearls are enclosed in
a glass tube along with some grains ol
rice "to feed upon." The sender gravely
asserted that it had long been known
in Borneo that pearls when put up for
some time in a box along with rice
would reproduce their kind. Three or
four months afterward the grains of
rice enclosed with the pearls had th
appearance of being partially eaten.
It is now several years since this ship
ment of pearls and their food was re
ceived. ' but the rice does not seem to
have diminished to any greater extent
than when: they arrived, and the pearls
themselves are no greater in circum
ference than when first seen. A". Y.
How to Obtain Nice Lawns.
The lawn mower is a great institution
in many ways. In one respect, like
many other modern inventions, it is a
valuable device when properly used.
Unfortunately it s generally operated
without any other idea or purpose
than to keep the grass cut short. This
it is expected, will make a soft, velvet
sward; but it doesn't, unless the lawn
can be deluged with water, which is
not often the case. It should be borne
in mind by all persons desiring to have
a rich full, soft and thickly set sward,
that if the roots are exposed to tile
sun they will be burned, and if not
partially destroyed, produce a thin,
straggling crop. In order to avoid
this the roots should never be exposed,
but sheltered by the young grass they
produce. The lawn mower should not
be used until the grass has attained a
length of at least four inches, then it
should not be cut more than two inches
in well set grass, leaving at least two
inches to protect the roots. This ap
plies only to properly gra-led lawns
and a luxuriant growth. If the soil is
poor and the sward new, a longer
growth should be kept cultivated. A
beautiful, well-kept lawn requires in
telligent treatment to become an orna
mental adjunct to the family residence.
Harrifsburg (Pa.) Call.
The Very Tnffemou i'ifte of t oi-lcmarisliip
Owned hy a Hoston Gentleman.
A Boston friend of ours has a very
ingenious and curious piece of work
manship in the shapa of a watch dial.
Each minute point is a word or part of
a word, invisible to the naked eye, but
discernable with a lens.
Commencing with the twelves and
going round, we find, painted with a
brush, the following quotation from
Shakespeare's "King Lear:" "Have
more than thou showest. Sneak h'ss
than thou knowest. Lend less than
thou owest. Ride more than thou go
est. Learn more than thou trowest.
Set less than thou throwest." Also
the words, "Fail par Justin Raymond,
ftainier, St. Jinicr, Canton Berne,
Suisse;'" and the molto, "God Save the
Union." The hair stroke of the X
forms the name of the owner, Edward
Huntley. Under the numerals XII and
VrI, carved on the dial in a style ot
workmanship known as Vermillion en
graving, are two more names.
Mr. Raymond, the artist who painted
the dial, was engaged ten days, an1
was laid up for two weeks from partial
loss of sight. It is said to bo the only
thing of the kind in the country, and
competent judges pronounce it to be
the best piece of workmanship they
have ever -fn. OoUlen Day.
Tea drinkers will welcome a new
competitor in the tea-markets of the
world,. A few years ago an English
settler in Natal planted a few acres
there with tea. His first crop, pro
duced in 1881, amounted to no more
than 500 pounds, but the production
has so increased since then that last
year Natal put upon the market about
100,000 pounds of tea. The industry is
spreading rapidly, and it soems likely
that before long South Africa will be
come a serious rival to China and India
in this tmdo. . . . . .
Why Walters Should Not Ha Fatd Fxtra
by Customers.
It is to the selfishness and thought
lessness of the rich that the growth of
"tipping" is mainly due. But, while
tho result is not oppressive to them, it
has become a serious tax on persons of
moderute incomes who travel much or
take their meals in restaurants. Tho
man who 6an afford to pay anywhere
from $2 to $3 for his dinner does not
miss tho quarter, which is the lowest
that ho will give otho waiter. To the
man or woman of moderate means who
takes three meals a day at a restaurant
whero the scrviee Is suftleiontly good to
bo ngreeablo the necessity of paying
thirty cents a day for "tips" Is a serious
addition to tho expense of living. If
his threo meals cost from $1.50 to $2
tho increase is from 16 to 20 per cent.
Over $100 a year compulsorily spent in
"tips" is a snni which, if saved, would
make to many people tho difference be
tween continual pinching and a fair de
gree of comfort. Ten cents Is tho low
est "tip" that can bo given in a good
second-class restaurant. Now, if a
man has a chop and a glass of beer or
a cup of tea or coffeo for lunch at the
cost of thirty-five or forty cents ho is
paying twenty-five per cent, additional
for tho frivilego of giving the restaurant-keeper
a large profit, as the cost
of tho meal, with all expenses added, is
at tho highest not more than two
thirds of tho amount charged.
, The necessity for "tipping" is ever
on the increase. Even at tho lunch
counter down-town where tho hurried
eater sits upon a swinging stool, it is
customary to "tip" the waiter, and
some patrons also "tip" the carver.
In the cafes of tho largo hotels, where
an abnormally high charge is made for
liquid refreshment, tho waiter who
carrios an order from the bar to a table
now expects a tip. If the system ex
tends much further the bar-tender who
draws a glass of beer will want ton
cents instead of five.
The public h;is become so accustomed
to tho necccssity of "tipping" that
while there is much private grumbling
there is no organized public opposition.
Persons who really can not afford to
"tip" either do so and stint themselves
in other directions, or patronize cheap
and uncomfortable lestaurants where
"tips" are not expected. There will be
no public move against this practice,
because people who banded themselves
in opposition to it would foolishly fear
to be called mean. Hotel and restaur
ant keepers claim it is impossible to
stop the system, because some selfish
people would always try to get the bet
ter service by continuing the "tip," and
therefore they (the proprietors) arjs
only acting wisely in taking advantage
of the public's weakness. This la a
worthless argument, for the experience
of nearly all the best clubs where
"gratuities to servants are absolutely
forbidden" is that equally good atten
tion js paid to ail members. Selfish
people would be the first to cease giving
"tips" when they found that so doing
did not bring any advantage.
Reform is only to be hoped for
through the action of hotel and restau
rant keepers who will possess enough
intelligence to see that larger profits
can be made by ridding the public of
this, to many, almost intolerable bur
den. Any man who will start a good
restaurant or hotel in which there shall
be a strict and ridgidly enforced rule
against "tips" will almost assuredly
have more patronage than he can ac
commodate. It would need only a few
such entering wedges to generally re
lieve the public of this Irksome and un
necessary tax. Epoch.
Arctic and Antarctic Icebergs, ,
It is not generally known thnt a
marked difference exists in the form of
the icebergs of the two hemispheres.
Those of the Arctic ocean are irregular
in shape, with lofty pinnacles, cloud
capped towers and glittering domes,
whereas the Southern icebergs are flat-
topped and solid looking. The former
reach the shore by narrow fords, but
the formation of the latter is more reg
ular. The northern are neither so large
nor so numerous as those met with in
the southern ocean. In 1855 an im
mense berg was sighted in 42 degrees
south latitude, which drifted about for
several months and was sighted by
many ships. It was 300 feet high, sixty
miles long and forty miles wide, and
was in shape like a horseshoe. Its two
sides inclosed a sheltered bay meas
uring forty miles across. A
larjre emiorant ship ran into
tli is bay and was lost with ail
on board. Only about one-ninth of an
iceberg is visible above water. There
are several well authenticated accounts
of icebergs 1,000 feet high having been
sighted in the southern ocean. This
would make their total height 9,000
feet, or nearly two miles. Science.
The later statistics do not improve
tha record of some New England States
as to the number of divorces granted
by the courts. In New Hampshire in
1886 there was one divorce for every
8.3 marriasres. In Maine in 1887 612
divorces were granted by the courts.
Doubtless hasty, thoughtless marriages
are to blame for many of these, aa al
leged, but probably hasty, thoughtless
words, and unkind and neglectful acts
after marriage are responsible for a
much larger number. United rresbyte-
m m
Robert J. Burdette recently re
ceived a notification at Livingston,
Mont., that a dead registered letter
awaited his orders at Washington. He
sent the following reply: "If the let
ter referred to isn't so dead that it is
offensive you might send the remains
to Burlington. Ia., where I will claim
the mummv in about a month."
Thousands "of Years Saved.
One may get some idea of what rail
ways mean in tho saving of time and
money to passengers, by taking the
3aso of London. It is estimated that
about 500,000 persons, or abo'ut one
tenth of the population of the entire
irea of the metropolis, require to travel
to and from their business every day
all the year round. If we remember
tho distances, it is not loo much to
assume that the railway will economize
for each at least two hours in tho week,
or, say five days per annum each. This
over 500,000 of people means 2,500,000
days, or an economy of 8,300 years of
300 working days each. Suppose the
average earnings of these 500,000 peo
plo to bo 100 per annum each, not too
high an average when wo remember
the number of millionaires included in
the total, we shall see a total money
saving, in the sense of time being
money, of equal to 830,000 per annum.
The tleit-and-lTellow Royal Cloak of the
Kamelinmeha Dynasty.
"I don't caro; I wouldn't wear it."
"But boo what it cost. You don't
mean to say you wouldn't wear a clonk
that cost a million dollars P" said tho
stout man In a satirical tone that Indi
cated that the woman ho addressed was
his wife
Tho pair had stopped before the royal
feather cloak from the Sandwich Islands
that is spread out fan-shaped in a case
in the National Museum. This cloak Is
', imputed to have cost In labor $1,000,
'.00. Tho native name for it is mams.
In tho days when a Hawaiian beau or
lielle wanted littlo clothing, but wanted
Unit rorfreousty colored, this cloak or
mantle would have been considered of
moro value, aesthetically and intrin
sically, than a shipload of Worth cos
tumes, nnd its happy possessor might
truly be said to bo in high feather.
Since tho natives have adopted wide
trousers, lawn-tennis shirts and four-in-hand
ties, its value lies chiofly In the
traditions that surround It. Tho man
tle, which Is seml-clrcular, is 4 feet
long or deep, and it ia It 1-2 foot wide
at the bottom and 23 inches at the top
where it goes around tho nock. Tho
entire outer surface is mndo of feathers
of fino texture, giving tho whole the
appearance of plush. Tho prevailing
coloi-s aro red and yellow or orange.
The body Is decorated with largo fig
ures, croscont-slfaped, of either red or
yellow feathers. Tho upper and lat
eral borders aro corded and decorated
with alternate tufts of rod, black and
yellow feathers.
A legend on a label states that this
feather cloak formerly belonged
to Kehuarkalanl, one of the high
est chiefs of tho Sandwich Islands.
After tho abolition of idolatry In
1819 that chief rebelled against the
re.isrningkinjr and attempted to re-establish
the ancient religions. A sanguin
ary battle was fought and Kehuarkalanl
was slain, and this cloak,- which
ho then had on, fell into the
hands of tho conquerors and
thus Ixvamo the property of King
Kemchameha, by wjiom It was present
ed to Captain J. II. Aulick, U. S. N.,
in 18 tl. Tho clonk is now the property
ot Captain Aulick's grandson, Rich
mond Osrston Aulick, who deposited it
la the National Museum. The great
value of tho cloak Is due to the long
time required to secure the feathers that
compose it rnd to manufacture the
The foundation Is a net-work of olona,
or native hemp, and to it are attached
bv fine thread of the same material the
feathers of birds found only In the
Hawaiian Islands, and very rare there.
Recent writers have declared that the
bird is now extinct. The feathers are
woven in soiuto lap each other and
lie flat, forming a smooth, plush-like
surface Tho inner surface is without
lining nnd shows the olona net-work
and the quill-ends of the feathers. The
cord of the upper margin is prolonged
so as to servo as a lastenmg at tne
throat. The yellow feathers are ob
tained from the Oo or Uho, and as stat
ed, are of great value, as the bird is
rare,- very shy and difficult to capture,
and it has but a very small tuft of these
feathers upon each shoulder. The
black feathers are from the head and
back of the same bird its general
plumage being a glossy black. The Oo
:s caught alive by means of bird lime;
the yellow feathers are then plucked
nnd the bird released. The red feathers
are from the body and neck of the Dre Coceinea, the most abundant bird
of the Sandwich Islands.
The Hawaiian Spectator, a newspaper
published in 183'J, refers to this, or a
uinilar mantle, as follows: "Kaw
keauli has the mams, or feather war
loak of his father, Te-Meha-Meha. It
was not completed until his reign, hav
ing occupied eight preceding ones in Its
fabrication. A piece of nankeen,
valued at one dollar and a half, was
formerly the price of five of the yellow
feathers. By this estimate the value of
the cloak would equal that of the purest
diamonds in several of the European
regalia, and, including the price of the
feathers, not less than a million dollars'
worth of labor was expended upon it at
the present rate of computing wages."
A bunch of the yellow feathers called
hnlu was received by the king from his
subjects In payment of a poll tax, and
it required many years to collect the
material and manufacture one of these
mantles. Until recent years these
mantles were the royal robes of state
md considered the principal treasures
of the crown, but European clothing
has entirely superseded them and they
are not now manufactured. A beauti
ful head-dress for women, called leis,
was made of these feathers.
Another authority states that two
yellow feathers only are obtained from
each O and these are found under the
wings. When the much-prized feathers
ire plucked the bird is set at liberty.
The price of the feathers, according to
this authority, was one dollar and a half
for three, and the time occupied in
making the cloak was estimated from
fifty to one hundred years. Washington
In a report on "Steam "Boilor Ex
plosions," recently made to the Liver
pool Engineering Society, it was state!
that "the actual percentage of ,k plo
sions to boilers at work is very small.
being at the rate of one explosion to
everv 2.500 boilers in use. .
Variation in sound is regulated bj
tho number of vibrations; the mow
numerous these vibrations tho highet
the sound. Tho deepest, gravest torn;
that is possiblo for human ear to heai
has thirty-two vibrations per second.
The hi;rheit and shrillest has about
70,000. Man's voice can scarcely gc.
balow a sound that gives 164 vibra
tions, nor woman's voice higher than
2,088 vibrations per second.
An interesting collection of com'
mercial products, made by Dr. Forbei
Watson, has been acquired by Univer
sity College, Dundee. It contains som
7,500 samples, Embracing between 70(
and 800 fibers, over 500 dyes and dye
stuffs, 500 oils and oil-seeds, 600 or 70C
gunus, resins and guttas, nearly 2.00C
medicinal substances, and more than
as many samples of food-stuffs.
In the w aste of tissue that proccdesconsump
tion. in the Blight cough at night or niortiinif.
if Duianiin s Life Ksxtnce Is taken, a valuable
life mity he waved. Don't nritlect a council, but
lake Life hasence ami stop it at once, t'nee,
$1.30 a bottle. All druKKith
HAMIIl'RU FHS areacrystal'zedfruit
cat hai tie, composed of fruits and e potables,
and, being in lozenge form, are handy to carry
with you. They act mildly but surely, and by
their regulating influence overcome the ten
dency to constipation from any cause. This U
especially true in all cases of Bea sickness or
car sickness, which is due to a dangerous con
dition of the digestive organs, over which
Hamburg Kigsrexercifce a peculiar influence. It
is well known that even if the system is in good
condition at the beginning, change in food a d
habits during a jourmy often produce consti
pation. I a mho r a; Kite) are therefore recom
mended to all travellers as being the only
medicina that is certain in action, hi ndy to
ave with you, most pleasant and agreeable to
the taste, and always harmless. Hainbarg
Figs are sold at 26 cents a box.
Prof. iTaupt lias calculated that th
opening of two diagonal streets in Phil
adelphia (850,000 inhabitants) would
reduce the extreme distances by oru
mile and a quarter. The annual num
ber of jinasengers carried by tho carl
being 125,000,000, the total saving
would reach about $180,000 por mlU
traveled. Tho passengers would gain
3,565 years in time and would Bavt
more than 8,000,000 horse power in
motive power.
A patented material, said to have
all the properties of lignum vltco, is
prepared in Leipslc, by M. Stockhardt,
from ordinary soft wood. The wood ii
first Impregnated with oil, then sub
jected to great pressure, causing con
siderable increase in density. .
Loo Cabins ran hardly
be considered handsome
tit ha itstioiis lor llie rug'
ottd pioneers of America.
Ourances or were rugtred
Bpecimena if noble man
head, conip't-te in health,
strength and endurance
Their wholesome remedies
are reproduced lo this later ace, in
Warner s Lng Cabin Sarsapurilla and
Warner's '"Tippecanoe."
Henry Clay, of Key West. flu., has s novel
shaed potato. Slimtlng at a distance of tlx
or seven feet one could uot tell It from a wild
duck which hud ln deprived of its body
feathers, and to make the delusion moie per
fect he had inserted a lew tail feathers.
Th dlarnvprv hv the inhabitants of a locality
hitherto umiBited by the pestilent scourso of
fjver and aue, that it exial in their very
mirliii ia rt.v iilmtlv atari linir. Huch discoveries
are made at every sesson. in every part of the
Union. Subsequently, when it Is aJW.-ert.ilne t,
as it invariably is at buch times. t'.rouKh the
valuable experience of someone who ha been
bene tUt ed aud cured, that Utwtetter's Stomach
Itinera is a thoroughly emcaciouB eradi atr
of tne malarial poison. nd a means of fortify
luir tlio system against it, a feelinx of more
security and tranquility reiffns throiiKhout the
whole neighborhood. lieide the febrilu forms
of malarial di ,-, dumb Rue and aiftie cake
are removed by the potent aeiiou of the U t
tern, to which science also ifivei its sanction as
a remedy for rheumatism, dyepepela, coiw-tipa-lion,
liver complain', debility, kidney troubhs.
and all disea- impairing the organs of oi
IpssUon and assimilation.
There Is a mountain of roal In Wild Horse
Valley. Wyoming, which has been burning for
thirty years.
White Elephant of SUm, Lion of Eng
land. Dragon of China, CrohS of Switzer
land, Banner of Persia, Crescent of Egypt,
Double Eaizle of Russii, Star of Chili, The
Circle of Japan, Harp of Erin.
To pet thee bur a box of the genntne j
Dr. C. McLasks ieijtbkatid uvkr
1'ilij, price 2 cents, and mail us the out
side wrapper wtth your addre, plainly
written, and 4 centt in stamp. We w ill
then mail jou the above list w ith an ele
sjnnt package of oieographic aud chro
matic cards.
Flkminq Bros., Pittsbcro, Pa.
The I went v first verse of the seventh chapter
of Ezra contains all the letters of tho alphabet
except j.
1 i . . x
Is incompetent to communicate the inexpress
ible satisfaction and incomprehensible conse
quences resulting from a jtidieious administra
tion of Dr. l'icrv-e's Favorite iTcscriptiou. a
preparation designed especially lor me speeoy
r-.i;..i Kt.d iMTtimiient curr of all Ketitale vt ek-
m-sjw-v Nervousness, aud diseases peculiar to
the female sex. the only remedy for women s
rteculiar ills, sold by drnegtxU- un.n-r a positive
guarantee, to give satisfaction. !ee guarantee
on wrapper of bottle. This guarantee has
the proprietors.
Swarms of Chlnene are landing In B-itish
Columbia and stealing actoso 'he border into the
A Wonderful rood and Medicine.
Known and used by physicians all over the
world. Nrutt'ii Hmulslou not only gives
fit so and strength by virtue of its own nutri
tious properues. but creates an appetite for
food that builds up the wasted body. "I have
been tuing !cott's KmnUion for several years,
and am pleaded oith its action. My patients
say it is pleasant and palatable, and all grw
s-roiiger and gain flesh from the use of it. 1
use it in all cases of Wasting lliseaacs. and it is
special! v useful lor children when nutrient
im du atiou is needed, as in Marasmus." T. W.
I'lKKCK, Jl.IJ., Knoxville. Ala.
Ojc of the wonders of Ihiris is a well S 369
feet In depth. Hot water rushes out of this
well in a stream 111 feet high.
A broad land is this in which we live, dotted
so thickly with thrifty cities, towns and vil
lages! Amid them all, witn ever-increasing
vnpularitv and helpfulness, is lir. fierce s
tioluen Medical diacniery. giving hope and
cheer where theie is tU-an and despair.
W herever there Is humanity there is sitlleting:
w berever there Is Buttering there is the best
Held for this greatest American Hemedr. Con
kumption. (which is luiig-tcrofulnl. yields to it,
if employed in the rally stiutea of tbe disease;
Chronic Na-al fatjitrh, yields to it; Kidney
aud Uver diseases, yield to it! If jou want the
best known remetty tor all diseases of the blood
ask for lir. l'ieret 'a Uohleu Medical Hiseoverj.
and lake no other.
The value of the annual output of butter in
Iceland is eeUmsted at not leM than S.V.UAl.(Ml.
Constipation leads to a multitude cf
physical troubles. It Is jrenerallv the re
su)tf carelessness or indifference to the
simplest rule of health. Eugene McKay,
of Brant ford, Ont., writes:
I had for several years been a" suflercr
from constipation, had taken a fift-at many
different remedies, roiue cf which did nie
good far a time, then my trouble came
back worse then ever. I was Induced b)
a friend, whom HRASlitTH's I'll.l.s hat
benefit, d, to try them. I did so, taking
two each nixht far a week, then one every
night for about six weeks. Since hat
time I have not expeiienced the slightest
difficulty whatever, and my bowels move
retiularly every day. I ' elieve llrmly that
for sltiiZK'ishne s of the bowels aud bilious
ness Bhaxprktu's Fills are far superior
to any othe .
A Greek named Dimitrius Antippa lately died
at Constantinople at the sfre of 115. lie knew
Robespierre, aud possessed several of his
rori LAll rilKPAIlATION!
Pure. Potent, Powerful! Pallid People Praise.
I'roKressive i'eople Fun base! fosilively
Pierce's Pleasant i'urftative Pellets, I'roperlv
Partaken, Preserve Physical Powers, Produce
Permanent Physical Pei fiction. Furctiase,
White pine trees have been tet out on Hostun
"Brawn's Ilronchlnl Troche"' are
simple an t convenient lor Bronchial Atfeclions
and Coughs.
Symptoms Moisture; b fte tse Itching and stluKing.
met at bight; worse r crktching. If allowed to oou
tinue tumors form, wbtch ofteu bleed ami ulcerate,
beoomiiic very enra. Birr Oiktmknt stops h
Itching and bleeding, beats ulc 'rotinu, and in ninj
eases rtnintti the tumors. It is iiiually etticacloun it!
etiriug all Skin lnwaces. DR. SWAYNE SON.
Proprietors. Philadelphia. bWATNS's (Untmxnt oai
be obtained of druggists. Sent hy mail for CO Ovnts.
J. H. riMH.tsssyrrsnit A-alyiiral
t'hemlHt. Laboratory, 101 First St., Portland.
Or. Analyses made of all jubatanoea.
Try Okkmra for breakfast.
CtmcusA Rcmioiu Curs
8kim amo Blood Disusxa
raoM Pmm list toruub
which the Ct Tit't'RA Kkmkiik8 are held by
the thousands upon thousands whose lives have
been made happy by the cure of awinizinK, hu
miliating, itchiiifr, scaly and p mply diseases of
the skin, scalp and blood, with lass of hair.
Cuticuha, tho (Treat Skin Cure, and Ctni
CVRA Soap, aniaxquisite tkin Keautifier, pre
pared from it, externally, and Cutiouka Kb
bolyknt. the new Wood Purl tier, internally,
are a positive cure for every form of skin and
blood disease, from pimples to scrofula
Hold everywhere. Price, Cuticura. 60c.:
Soap, 25c.; R80Lvkt 91. Prepared by the
PottkrDruo and Chemical Co.,ltoston.Masa.
TSend for "How to Core Skin Iliseases."
i-W Pimples, blackheads, chapped and oily VA
akin prevented by Cuticura Bqap.
Rheumatism, Kidney Pains and Weak
ness speedily cured by Cuticura Anti-
ra x-j irta, in omy psia-amuig piaster.
The Tanker Militant In Parvo Invented
by a New Hedford. Man.
A Now Bedford correspondent: "The
latest achievement in portable double
action furniture is the cooking clock,
now on exhibition horo.
"It Ls made of white wood, stained
cherry, and Is constructed after tha
style of the old-fashioned grandfather's
clock. Hero the resemblance ceases,
however, for before is through in
specting Its multiform surprises, one
wonders whether some bright little
automaton will not spring out of a con
cealed drawer or secret receptacle and
offer you a diamond ring and a chromo.
In the first place the lower part ol
this mighty engine of domestic econ
omy contains a gasoline stove, which
when In use is pulled out like a drawer
from Its resting place. Below the stove
is a receptacle for kitchen ware, while
above it is a china closet containing
four shelves. Above all this is perched
a calendar clock, back of which is at
tached a gasoline vapor tank, which is
connected with the stove by a pipe con
cealed behind the case.
You might suppose that this collec
tion of conveniences would have satis
fied Its enterprising inventor but no.
To the left and fitted securely to one
side of tho case is an Argand burner
supplied with pus crenerated by the
gasoline vapor tank above mentioned,
When cooking is in progress the wood
work of the stove clock is protected by
a sheet of asbestos paper, which is
placed back of the stove. When the
stove, china closet, etc, are not In use
they are pushed back into the case, the
front of which is decorated with a hand
some mirror.
"Besides this multiplicity of useful
combinations the ingenious inventor
has found room within the magical
case for a writing desk and a drawer
for writing materials.
"What more in the way of condensed
comfort can one ask for In one article
Lof furniture? With one of these stove
clocks and a folding bed in a room the
occupant has a kitchen, bedroom and
parlor all in one." Jewelers' Weekly.
Let' boys be instructed In all the
designs of nature and they ill be im
proved in morals, and learn to love ani
mals instead of thro wins' stones at
them. Oscar Wiute.
Its -r?vior exi-ells-nce nrovoo is millions of homes tern
mr-rt than aoartcr of m century, it it tued h the
I ntUl but' (.TOTernm nt, Kiidorwed by the heads of
the .ri I tiiTereiiJe M th Suxr. 2, Purest nd m-st
l.aiti.fL Vr Fii Cream BJEia Powder doe not
ooX a ArcmoniA, Lime or Aiuas- cn'j m oui.
Iodide ol IotnH.
It carrs Rmi'StTiH, Nbcraloia, BoCs. Pimples,
BcTtttuia, Uotrt, Catarrh. Tumors, Hx't Breum, and
McmirUJ rsjns. It Purifies the Blood. Restores tbe
Liver ard kidneys to healthy action, sad makes the
Uompiexioa f!r.znl and Uiear.
J. R. CATES CO., Proprietors
41T Sansome Mt Man rancise.
Tho Van Honciscar
rjB-tnx OR.
TtMna, saltHle aw a asa
fa, stasis or r mid t
and U-BThnac4fle with
nerrooa uetalitr, tip ts
tonnes. Seminal loans
Sexual Deear.Failms Mem
art. Weak Eyea, Lack e
Energy, also Blood 'mat
Btm inaeases, cvpsuti
Eraotkmm. Hair Fallina
Bone Paint, 8 weAUnjt
6 Throat, TTloerm. K
f eets of Mereury, SJdner
and ftladdf Trsabla
fr? Baet, Harnett ITrme, Gonorrhea, plant BteiC
- -eenuipt rettef sea ears ror l-ae.
Dath Nrin Cosaalt I'enflAeatfaUr
lam lejsj is -ii f.
0;ens Oct. 4-Closes 0;L 27, 1888.
Half Fare Rates over the O. R. N. Co.
O. & C. 11. H. and Ortgouian Hail war Co,
One a-d one-fifth over N. P. K. U. lines.
Suecial excursions over the O. K. & N
Hues at less than half rates, Oct. 8, 15, 22.
Olllce, lis First Street Portland.
Big B ttas si Ten antraex,
sal satisfaction In lb
cure of OoDorrhoa ard
Gleet. I prescribe It and
feel sale In recommend.
Ing It to all snOerera,
k. f. STOnER, M.D
Dacafcrr, Ilk
Bold by Unresists, 1
Northern Pacific
The ONLY LIXE Running- Pullman Palace
bleeping ars, .Vafrnincent Day loaches,
and Elegant Kmiprrant Bleeping
Cars (with berths free of
St. Paul and Minneapolis.
I Trtuutcnntinen al Line
The Only
Kunn ng
Ms 15
Psstrst Time Kver Made front the
Coast over the
- TO
S I . JUSM'll,
And all points throughout the Kast and Sooth
cutt, via tit. Paul anil Minneapolis.
Through Emigrant Sleeping Cars
And hauled on regular Kvp e Tiains over the
Kntire lAjiit'lh of iliu Northern
l'acillo Ivailroad.
A. D. CHARLTON. Gen. Wesfn Pass. Agt,
No. 3 Washington street, Portland.
t v OUV. VV El OH
not DATS. Yl
E ttrseab-byOs
V V ClrwrinnstlSna
$tfAcos oil
;JE"or I-Tirrib&gro.
rrt Bttoh. 111.. Kir Jl. ll.
Last Iprtac was takaa pita laau back and aaf.
, land swatiu; wat carat by It. Jacobs Oil aid fears
kaa a rotara sf pais. JACK OILLIIf 11.
Hare. Daavsr. 111.. Mar S, mt.
X taffmt wttk pala la tMk a boat is men tha
sea walcb laat4 twa SMataa. I was eared by Ii.
Jaeoba Oil, aad tkar baa baa aa retara of eala,
Permanent. raatea, Mica.. May t, net.
abeat tba Sarin- al II araa t .X.a with ackca
aad aalaa la bipa aad baca; waa cared by aaa bot
tle af It. Jacobs OU aad baa rcmaiaed pcrmaaant
rar alaca. 8. CHEIS. rnn.i.
THE CHARLES . V0GELER CO.. Btlliraore. Kl
fY S r Rltete Cheapest
-k---Xaaa, Portland, Orreon.
lt-t t-ll,ltlliltr l,i,..,.tilr illHtnirrinn ( ..
isl. rrMllltnl Hill, crti wine rw,r,tiln.ritv p'.,
Shorthand, Common School ami Ptnmmthlp Dtmrt-
iib and pwiinr.s f iwiiiiinrishin ent f rpft.
rituurui afjiiuiifu ut anv rimiv i utb
. . H KM It. W'l. A. P. li,Titiii,:. p.,.
nil ain- , ;-. ,, r ,-MTa aatr Tr i i .
Germas AubaiatBreim-craiUiinve -
m,uv rt& in s worse cwjiiirea comfort-1
abletdeep : e Sects e area where a 1 outers tail, - a I
trial wimme tAMmuiM L-ntirL I r.
s I Mt,ol i)rnnrtjior bv mail. Kamj.le t Si Kl, I
' r w a'l i I a H 81 '1 1 1 V F M V, St. Minn f
Sold on Trial rl
5 s
investment small, nroflts
liaiire. sik1 SSc for mailing
aro Illustrated CaI irua
facta red by
' run parucruara.
167 cfe ie lke St.,
TtMt Day. Samples worth tl .50, FREE.
Lines not under the corses feet Write Sirs
rrea's Sirm Rnj Hnura Co "Holly. Jllch.
If yon are in need of a GOOD
ask 7 on to examine into the merits
TAIN. These presses are made
terials and by first-class workmen.
AW 1
AT 111 V V
L 9mGE C , k, e
largest printing concerns says about our presses, after having them
examined by an expert. 1
Messrs. Palmer & Rey,
Ban Francisco, Cal.
Gen'lmen: Our machinery expert.
Reliable" Jobbers at our request, and tre are pleased to say that his report is
that your "Old Rlible" presses are much better bnilt than the Chicago "Old
Style Gordons," or "Cballecge" Gordons. This being the case, we shall ar
range to pat in a line of year presses at onee.
so jblar,
Dvight's Cow-Brand Soda-Saleratus,
Be ran
st there e picture of a
tie be.1
are hustling
good gifts, and it's hard" work : think of something else.
This constant u ork will tell sometime perhaps it has already
and nervousness, sleeplessness, neuralgic and rheumatic aches and
pains are part of the "good gifts" your hustling has won.
If you are that way, let us give you a prescription no charge
for the prescription, though it will cost a dollar to have it filled by
your druggist
Big. TTso according to directions.
All druggists keep it. It will strengthen your nerves, tone up
your whole system, and make you bless us for prescribing this great
nerVC tonic iUTC l Ct the eonin. prepsrtd only by WELLS. R1CHARDSCX XX,
Bariinsron Vt.
A singed cat dreads the fire, I p'ead guilty. I am selllnfr a "new-fangled" machin
I (rnarantea the Slew-Fancied AIvire 8paratr ta be the best rraiB-eavrae. rast
eet Thresrar and most durable Separator ever made. But, Is not an rx'arC
Bieatal machine, aa the Old Kejty machines ere. Yon axe well aware of the tiiue lost fthet
you have to pay fori in experimeutinir with Old 'ty machines. Tai Hew Vurrlril
Thresh rr leads the wav. The growling and kicking of the Old Kogy agents ia only enusJed
by the amount of grain kicked out in the straw by the O d Faary machine. Of course, if fob
wih a cheap machine. Old Fosries will supply you at your own price; but their machines are-
urw m wijr uriva. x on cannot aiiora 10 duj a inreener wiuious examimntr the AbVAYt'K
Do not be talked 'nto buyina a machine betause it is cheap and Old Fegyink. Ask the kld
Kosry urate if trier will set beside the nrw-tanrrlrtt machine uri iJrf r ,.v. " .
eitrimtntal machine, and sold on its mrrMs. 1 have never yet had to call on any court to
help decide the merits of the "ew-fanRlrd machine. Please examine tha court records in ref-
en-;ii'-e w uie ii r ir nian. manv years
called a steam engine. Old ai" then, as
S?""itI2' ' " m"" .
fatnaled machine is paM all experiment
irerimented with all the time, and at J anr rxM -
uui ai,i cat 11 ra kuiu) iaj atwa-.
Kmrnrbrr the rrrw-fanflril narhine It) Held Its erlt entirely. Re
member, your wholo dependenou is upon your crop proceeds, and if you allow Old Foe r ma
chines to wawte year train, you are just that much out of pocket. To prevent this, sea
that tha party that does Sour threshing procures a new -fancied ADVA.VlK Thrrhrr
as they are constructed so as to save your grain, and have a better record than any ohi-tcxrr
riacHne. Write ior further particulars. I am prer-ared to prove all my statements i. e.. Thl
AMI ASfE marKhrf will do more and better work than anv other
a ..,vhilV'i,,Ll.,;t "...UJ aaent tn nana- W raw where the.
AI A R srarhlar lias failed ta da as repreaeated ita intrndactien
en thin 4'oant. Kaaw np ar skat np.
Kemember that old fofry agents saying the contrary does not make it so. It will car von ta
investigate. I can prave all say.
I also sell the well known KIXfcEE WOODBrRY POWER. A number of manu
facturers make them on a royalty but I do not know of any imitationta, bntara always in
clined to look out for those that talk of imitations. I also deal in Laaad ry and Marine
Wachtnery, Farm. Church and School Bells. General Machinery. Swift Oilers. Orxne Safety
Valves, Miller Pumps. Hancock Inspirators. 1'ark & Kennedy Injeators. Acme and Allimtor
Wrenches. Blacksmith Drills. Self-Heatinz Bath Tuba, the Westinfrhouse nirines. Bee tho
prices: 10-horse on wheels. $900; Traction, $1075; 15-horse Traction, $1100. Special discount for
cash.Gen&ral Agent for Coi bum's Uyaaa and Lamps for leetrle JLishtiiix 2 ta
Tour village eannet do without one. Ton must have one for your mills. You cannot affurd to
be without a small oaa ia your house. For particulars, addreea
, T. WRIGHT. Foot off Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
Dr. Spinney & Co.PoS;v d. ' '
dency, due f execese or -buee,
VOI J Mr lUESrfi from the effect
WUllVi IVlbtV of yontulai follies or icdi
cretion shoald -it themfteivr of onr treat ctt
A positiTC care ifuaranieea in every caw. terpnuis.
l. r i m rjr ana veuereai i.J:f-aw-8 a:i i
L iiiuuktart. dU-
cuarges, prompt! j ana atey cared.
Minni Al l?r .airmiWlloaretrmi.
"iiw Wba'DVau Iib.i with (tinea-
of Kitn or BladrWr, Weak Back. Arvons
lability. Watin ot beiuI Btrec-. etcf-cmi-d
aod restored to tiealthy Tiifor.
X. B. Persona unable to visit tlfl may be treated
attfteir bomes. by corregpondeoce. Hedic.iue au?
instructions sent by mailorexpreas. Consultation
i zee. Bend 1 cents is atamnt bat 'i he Young Al . I
crlend or Oukla tu IVadloc
issued Maxell and Sept
each wear. It is an ency
I clopedia of useful infor
mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or tha
necessities of life. We
can clothe yon and furnish 70a with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BUTEES
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
H1.U4 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Hi.
1st Premium. 25,000 In me,
20 years Established. New
talented Steel Tur n'.' De
vise, in tut in nootiier 1'iano. bv wtach oar I'i33
stand fat tone 20 years, good tut 100 ; r-ot alTectcd
by climate. No wood to split, break, rJrell, siiruik,
crack, decay, or wear cot ; we guarantee it. tla
gant Bosewood Casea, 3 strings, double ret eating
action; finsst ivory evs; the Fanvis ANTHrlX.
Call or write t'T Catalogue, tree. T. if. ANTL-KLL
PIANO f').. Manufacturers, Odd Fetl..- Mar
ket and Seventli Streets, San Francis. o.
OILIIlIlnl. HAI-If. Gablr. Koenish
Fiairos; Bnrdett Organs, band btstmmmU. Larvet
stock of fjaeet Munc and Bcokr- F-uuia kt p'." 4 at
Eastern Prio. MATTKIAa 8T CO.. 'JU To
Street. 8aa frandace
V. P N. U. No. Ml 3. F. N. II. Kn S23
of onr '"OLD RELIABLE.7' with.
by ourselves, from the best ma
Read below what one of cur
Printers Ed Stationers,
Sn Franciaeo, June 26, 1SS3.
Mr. Bnrton. has examined vour "Old
Per Pariser, SopL Print ng D p't.
Cow an yoixr pec and yon will .ve
around for your share of the world's
afro a aiaa built a sew-fascle machine,
now. stood back and said they would nia thn
way t Remember, the ew-
while OI4 Foty'ii machines are beimr exl
tM. Do not fool with tnem any longer. whiie
. . t-