The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 17, 1888, Image 4

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An Epitonk of the Principal Events
New Attracting Public Interest.
Four of the finest buildings in
Macon, Mo., were "destroyed by fire.
The loss ia over f 100,000 ; insurance,
The loss by fire at Chattanooga.
Tenn., on Aug. 10, was f 400,000, and
the loss of life is estimated at ten peo
ple, and four badly wounded.
Lee's planing mill and adjoining
structures at East Saginaw, Mich.,
burned. JUoss, S1H),UUU: insurance
light "
i ellow lever has been declared an
epidemic at Jacksonville, Fla., and
the people are fleeing. The weather
is hot and very favorable for a spread
of the disease.
Duriug a thunder storm Martin
Olsen, livinsr on a farm three miles
west of Lonsboro, Minn., was killed
by lightning, together with two of his
The colored porter of a sleeping-car
attached to the Union Pacific west
bound flyer was shot and instantly
killed by an insane passenger named
Hutchinson Arnold, of Nicholaaville,
Mrs. D. Mazee, toll-gato keeper on
tbe turnpike at Uolumbns, lnd., was
shot and killed in cold blood bv a man
who rode up to her lodge at midnight
Henry Keller, a deputy sheriff, is held
for the crime.
Trappers encamped on the Red
River near Denison, Texas, report the
killing by Indians of a trapper named
Meyers, with his wife and two chil
dren July 16, while in camp on the
Territory side of the river. Meyers
was from Michigan.
A. tour-story tenement nouse in
avenue A, New York, caught fire.
1 he family of Gustave Beg, consisting
of himself, wile, daughter and mother
m-iaw, living on tha top floor, were
burned to death. The other occu
pants escaped. The financial loss is
William Bowan was arraigned at
Rockaway, X. Y., charged with hav
ing plucked his wife's eyes out. Two
years alio he plucked her right eye
out, but since then has threatened to
ha ve the other one, and on July 13
he succeeded in gouging out her re
maining eye.
Bearden, the negro who shot and
fatally wounded Officer Palmer at
Springfield, Mo., was captured, but
not until his body was filled with lead.
He was placed in the Springfield j til,
which is now surrounded by a mob of
300 armed men, who threaten to
lynch the desperado.
Mrs. George Allen was burned to
death at Cleveland, Ohio, by the ex
plosion of a gasoline stove. She
rushed from the house and fell upon
the pavement, shrieking horribly.
Every particle of clothing was burned
off but her shoes. Her husband is
now a maniac from the shock.
Charles Henry Riedel was hanged
at New Castle, Del., for the mwrder of
his wife and child, on the night of
September 16 last. Riedel then
turned the weapon on himself and
fired two bullets into his head, but
they did not penetrate the brain, and
he recovered. Poverty and despond
ency caused the act.
W. G. Lams, a blacksmith, was shot
and killed at Danville, 111., by O
Alien, a notorious character, who had
been hired by Dectective Hall to ar
rest Liams on a cnarge or assaulting a
woman Allen claims was his wife. The
murder was most deliberate, Lams of
fering no resi-tance to arrest. The in
aignaiion against Alien may end in
A car of stone left the rails near
Mapleton, Pa., where a gang of men
were building a bridge, and crashed
through a light trestle, crushing the
workmen into the Juniata river, fifty
leet below. I wo men were tatally in
jured, and three are in a dangerous
condition. They probably will be
crippled for life. Several others were
more or less injured.
At the Ohio & Wisconsin coal
mines, two miles west of Albia, Iowa,
Michael Dial, an old miner, killed his
son Dick with a shotgun. The son
was about 27 years old. The old man
18 in custody of the sheriff and nearly
crazed with grief. It Beems that
there was a family row, and the father
claims he shot his son in self defense.
James P. McLaws, civil engineer,
was killed on the line of the coal road
of the Southern Pacific Company, be
tween Crocker uiid Carbonado, CaL
Mr. McLaws came up on the grade
just as a heavy blast was being ex
ploded. He was crushed by a falling
rock. He was buried in Carbonado.
He leaves a wife in Memphis, Tenn.
He was aged about 30.
A mixed train on the Fairland
branch of the Cincinnati, Indian
apolis, St. Louis fe Chicago road, was
thrown from the track near Morgan
town, Ind., by a broken rail. The
baggage car and single passenger
coach rolled down a thirty-foot em
bankment, and every person in the
car, with one exception, received in
juries. No one was killed outright,
but one or two may die.
Piain girls are thougur to wear
best bec.-mse it is noticed wlnsn ihey
lose th -ir beauty. .V. O. Picayune.
There are many people who would
like to trade their characters for their
reputations, and vice versa. Ottawa
About evry thing in this world
is unhealthy except the uncomfortable
things which nobody cares for. Mar'
thcfa Vineyard Herald.
I never knew- one who made It his
business to lash the faults of others
that, was not guilty of greater ones
himself. Addison.
The reason some men can't make
both ends meet is because they are too
busily engaged in making one end
d ri n k. Tid- Bits.
If an ugly woman of wit and worth
can not be loved until she is known, a
beautiful fool will cease to please when
fche is found out. Ayton.
To pursue joy is to lose it The
only way to get it is to follow steadily
the path of duty, without thinking of
joy, and then, like sleep, it comes most
surely unsought.
He who hunts for faults will be
very apt to find them; but we would
advise all such to commence at home,
where they will, likely find enough to
prevent their going abroad to seek
for more.
The only way to make money on
horse races is not to bot This is not
an especially fresh one, but there are
lots and lots of people who have just
found it out Merchant Traveler.
An adequate amount of small
change will give us the equivalent of
the largest pii-ce of money, but what
aggregate of little men vili amount to
a single great one, that preeious coin
age of the mint of nature. LowelL
Devoted Principally to Washington
Territory and California.
Jacob Penner was killed by falling
out of a wagon at Redding, Cal., when
it overturned, breaking Ins neck.
Frank Taylor, aged 14, son of G. B.
Taylor, was drowned while swimming
m the eutura river, near San Buena
Ventura, Cal.
Fire in the snow sheds at Cisco,
Cal., destroved 2,000 feet of sheds.
By great efforts the station and other
property were saved.
A young man named Kyan, a
resident of wan ranctsco, was
drowned in the Sacramento river, near
Sacramento, Cal.
Jack Sheridan, a hod-carrier, fell
from a horse car at Los Angeles, Cul
The wheels passed over his chest, and
he died in a few moments. He leaves
a widow and several children.
Corry L. Young, aged 19 years, son
of J. 8. Young, of San Francisco, was
accidently shot and killed while hunt
ing. He was alone at the time. The
cause of the accident is unknown.
A boy named Willie Kearney,
v-ears old, started across a street m
San Francisco, when an ice wagon be
ing driven at a rapid rate, suddenly
turned the corner, running over the
boy and crushing him to death.
William Tatum, an inmate of the
German hospital at San Francisco be
came violently delirious, and jumped
from the third-story window of the
hospital, a distance of fifty feet, light
ing ou his head. Death resulted al
most instantly.
Fire broke out in L. Voss's lumber
vard at Hunt's hill, six miles from
Nevad.i City, New, and 300,000 feet of
choice lumber was burned, causing
loss of from $6,000 to $10,000. There
was small insurance. The fire is
thought to be incendiary.
Frank Jacobs and Harvey Nesbitt
boys 11 years old, went hunting squir
rels near Stoekton, Cal., with dogs.
W hue walking over the fields, Jacobs
was shot in the risht side, the ball
entering the stomach. The wound
may prove fatal.
A man named Daniel Kinsall, was
killed by a train near San Buena Ven
tura, Cal. He was completely be
headed. The trunk was found lying
near the rail, and the head had rolled !
off several feet. It is thought he fell
upon the track.
The Deadwood quartz mill, on Deer
creek, three miles from Deadwood,
Cal., burned, causing a loss of several
thousand dollars. The fire, it is sup
posed, was of incendiary origin. The
mill contained eight stamps. The
sheriff offers a reward of $200 fur the
arrest and conviction of the guilty
Fire, believed to have been incen
diary, at Los Angeles, Cal., de-troyed
the residence and a barn containing
six horses of John Ryan, a saloon
keeper, and a building occupied by
Zetta & Isaacs, second-hand dealers.
Total loss, $1,500; partly insured.
The charred remains of Patrick Mc
Carthy, a laborer, were found after ihe
fire was extinguished. He is sup
posed to have been intoxicated.
A lb-year-old boy named B irtholo
niew Nyham, employed in the rope
works at the Potrero, in San Francis
co, was instantly killed. He was en
gaged in the works when one of the
rapidly revolving bobbins was re
leased from its socket and flew through
the air with terrific force. It struck
the boy upon the back of the neck,
dislocating the spiual column and
cau-ing instant death.
Oscar Legault killed a negro named
Samuel Morris with a blow of his fist,
at Truckee, Cal. The killing occurred
in a saloon. Moiris struck Legault,
who had not molested him. Legault
struck him with his fist equarelv on
the bridge of the nose. Pieces of
bone were driven into the head, caus
ing deaeh in one hour. Tiie coroner's
jury completely exonerated Legault.
Morris had served a term in San
Fire at Fulton, Cal., destroyed
about $14,000 worth of property, con
sisting of a brick wine cellar, and it
contents, 35,000 gallons of wine,
valued at $12,000, owned by W. Chis
holm, of Petaluma. The building
was valued at $1,000, and outbuildings
were valued at $400. There being no
available water with which to quench
the flames wine was substituted. The
loss is partially covered by insurance.
The origin of the fire is not known.
Manuel J. Silva committed suicide
at San Francisco, by cutting his
throat with a razor. For some time
past he had been Buffering from
severe illness, and was consequently
in a very despondent mood. He arose
from hia bed and told his wife he was
going to the kitchen to get a drink of
water. She followed him, drew the
water, and while waiting for him to
finish drinking, noticed him suddenly
totter and fall. When a light was
brought she discovered her husband
had cut his throat and was dead.
Fritz Anschlag, the condemned
Garden Grove murderer, was over
heard in the county jail at Lis An
geles, Cal., trying to bargain with the
other prisoners to procure him strych
nine. The officials of the j til became
suspicious that Anschlag knew of the
presence of poison within the prison
and instituted a search, which resulted
in the discovery of a quantity o)
strychnine in the empty shell of a
cartridge in the cell of Frank Fray,
awaiting trial for arson. How poison
got into the jail is not known ; but it
is thought Anschlag was aware where
it was and would have used it to cheat
the gallows had it not been discov
Feathers in Flat Cars.
I heard a good story the other day
pertaining to one of the best known
railroad men in the Northwest It
seems when he first started out in the
business he was made station agent.
operator, etc., at a point a few miles
distant from Cincinnati. He was
young, verdant and exceed inglyfre3h
for a youth of his immature vears. It
was also the general opinion that his
knowledge of the science of railroad
ing was somewhat limited. So one
balmy spring afternoon it was deter
mined to make the test. Accordingly
one of the heaviest shippers of the town
walked into the office and solemnly in
quired the tariff on loose feathers shipped
on flat cars. A careful perusal of the
tariff sheets was made in vain; but be
ing anxious to oblige the shipper he
promptly wired to the general freight
agent of the road asking the rate. And
it was not uutil the emphatic, not to
say profane, answer of the general
freight agent was received that the
absurdity of the thing dawned upon his
mind. But it taught him a lesson he
has never forgotten to this day.
Devoted to the Inter: sts ok I'aimeus
and Stockmen.
Salting; Horses.
Some man has simplified
the busi-
ness of salting stock by an
conttivance that is already finding iis
way to the stalls of livery stables. It
consists of a metal roller bracket that
is put up over the manger and a roll
of hard rock salt is cad m shape to
fit it. These salt nils am where
hortes can lick them whenever they
feel inclined, and livery stable men
who have been using them say they
comph-ttly answer the purpose in
tended, and do it very economically.
Loose salt wastes a great deal m or
dinnry feeding, but this hard loll
never gives way or disappears until it
has been used by the stock.
All grains should be cut while y t
the kernel is so soft as to be easily
broken by the finger-nail, as if allowed
to stand longer there la a lo-s from
shelling out of the grain in h milling,
and the grain is not as plump or as
heavy as when cut earlier.
it is a marK ot careli!ss housekeep
ing to have pork spoil in the barrel
As long as the pork is kept under
sweet brine it is safe. If there are
impurities in the brine, as Mood, they
will rise to the turface and can b
skimmed off when the brine is heated,
as it always should be at the begin
ning of hot weather.
The idea that salt is specially health
ful to a-paragns is now denied. But
potash is an important constituent of
this plant, and much of the lighter
soil devoted to its growth is deficient
iu this mineral. Ashes or some of
the German potash salt are indicated
as manures for asparagus rather than
There is little nutritive value i:i the
first potatoes that come to maiket.
This tuber at its best is mainly starch
but the unripe potato lias not even
that. The potatoes whose skill can be
rubbed off by the hand -how by that
tact that tney are lull of raw juices
that need time to be developed in
large part into layers of starch.
The choice quality of most of the
European potatoes has given them an
excellent reputation m this country
especially the variety calk-d the Mag
num, and the wnte outlet and eager
demand have made them salable at
profitable prices the entire se ison, ex
cept ouce or twice wueii the market
staggered uuder tnormous receipts.
l tie tomato n commonly crown in
gardens on eoili made much too rich
The vine attains remarkable vigor, bu
the fruit ripens slowlv. If only mod
erately fertile soil were used for grow
tug tomatoes the crop would riien
earlier and be les subject to the r.t
though this disease is apt to the
first ripening fruit id some kinds o:
tomatoes on any soil.
There is only a pn-fit realized from
the orchard when there is a full yield
of flue marketable fruit. The markets
are over-stocktd witli common fruit
while there is a lirge class of dealer
whose customers want hue truit ami
who are willing to pay gO'xl prices fo:
it. The app:e grower must attempt to
meet this demand for fine fiuit if he
would make his orchards pay.
in Jew loik Mate the grape crop
gives promise of being unusually large
t-very year the vineyards are receiv
ing better attention lrom the growers,
aud whit has for vears been known as
the Hudson River peach district,
fast giving away to the evkiv.ttion oi
grapes. Growers Eay there is mux-
more money in tiiem, and tney re
quire, as a whole, less attention.
Peter Henderson states a patel
ot altalU about tweuty-tive feet b
one hundred, or only atont one-six
teenth part of an acre, used as a soil
ing crop, near St. Augustine, Fla., fur
nished leeu through the eumuiei
months for a cow ; and that twice that
amount, or about one-eighth of an
acre, would be ample to supply a cow
with food during the entire season
It is stated that since the sunflower
has been cultivated on certain stamps
of the Potomac malaria fever tits de
creased. At the mouth of the Sjheld
in Holland, it is stated that similar re
suits have obtained. The sunflower
emits large volumes of w.iter in the
form of vapor, and its arom itic odor,
as well as the oxygen it exh de-, may
have to du with the sanitary influence
in question.
The warmer the milk when set, the
more complete will be the separation
of the cream from the milk at any
given lower temperature; and the
more rapidly the temperature falls,
the more rapidly will be the separation
of the cream from the milk. Cream
rises best when the temperature is fall
ing ; very slowly when the tempera
ture is stationary, and little or not at
all when the temperature is rising.
In germination, heat and moisture
are the powers which awakn the
germ to action, and no plant food is
needed at this stage of the plant's
life, except what the seed, in itself con
tains ; but a- soon as the plant begins
to send out its little rootlets it must
have food in abundance, of suitable
kind and in suitable shape for its as
similation, or it will starve, the same
as an animal would if deprived of
The folly of pasturing the meadows
soon becomes apparent when we com
pare the difference in yield with those
that have not been pastured. The
grass on the pastured mead-iws gets a
late start, and the dry weather catches
it before it has mad 4 near its growth.
The soil is packed and robbed of its
rightful and natural mulching and
fertilizer; and consequently the
meadow is impoverished and the grass
only makes a half crop.
A fisherman, while on Plymouth
beach one day, captured a large gray
sea gull in a rather peculiar predica
ment. Firmly pinched upon the bird's
bill was a sea clam about the size of
the palm of a man's" hand. The clam
weighed enough to keep the head of
the gull hanging downward, and thus
effectively prevented any long flight,
while it was evidently nearly exhausted
in trying to escape from its strange cap
tor. It is thought that the gull, seeing
the clam's snout protruding, en
deavored to seize the dainty morsel,
and was in turn gripped by the hard
shell of its intended, victim.
A New York bachelor over seven
ty years of age recently visited Maine,
Mi in love with a damsel less than
half his age, wai accepted and went
home to prepare ftr the coming of hia
bride. When all things were iu order,
instead of going after his betrothed
himself he sent his younger brother.
The younger man was pleased with
his future sister-in-law, bo pleased
that he persuaded her to marry him
before starting for New York.
Reliable Quotations Carefully
vised Every Week.
WHEAT Valley,
$1 22$1 23
Walla Walla, $1 151
BARLEY Whole. $1 10C?1 12A;
groutid, per toil, -25 0027, &0.
OATS Milling, 3638c. ; feed, 44
HAY Baled, $K12.
SEED Blue Grass, 14JlCc; Tim
othy, 9J10c; Red Clover, 1415c.
FLOUR Patent Roller, $4 00;
Country Brand, $3 75.
EGGS Fer doz, 25c.
BUTTER Fancy roll, per pound.
25c; pickled, 2025e. ; inferior
grade, 1525j.
CHEESE Eastern, lfi(?20c.; Ore
gon, 141GV. ; California, 14Jc.
VEGETABLES Beets. pr suck,
$1 50; cabbige, per lb., 21c; carrota,
persk., $1 25; lettuce, per doz. 20c;
onions, $1 00; potatoes, per 1H) lbs.,
90c.$l ; radishes, per doz., 15a20c. ;
rhubarb, per lb., 6c.
HONEY In comb, per 1., 18c.;
strained, 5 caL tins, tier lb. 84 J.
POULTRY ChiekenB, per dor...
$5 00(oG 00; ducks, per doz., $5 00
7 00; geese, 00(g8 00; tin keys,
per lb., 12e.
PROVISIONS Oregon hams, 12 Jc !
per lb.; Eastern, l.i(5)IJe.; Lantern
breakfast bacon, 12A,.- per ;lb.; Oregon'
lU12c; Lastern lard, lPrailic. per I
lb. ; Oregon, lOJc. j
GKEEN FRUITS Apples, $2 00 !
2 50; Sicily lemons. $6 00(5,0 50 i
California, $3 50tgo 00; Navaloranges
$6 00; Riverside, $1 00; Mediterra
nean, $4 2a.
DRIED FRUITS Sun dried arv
pies, 7Jc. per lb. ; machine dried, 10(2
11c; pit 'esa plums, 13c,; Italian
prunes, 1014c. ; peaches, 1214c. ;
raisins, $2 40 2 50.
WOOL Valley, 1718c; Eastern
Oregon. 915c.
HIDES Dry beef hides, 8(10-.;
culls, 67c; kip am! calf, 8il0.-. ;
Murrain, 10 12c. ; tallow, 33jc
LUMBER Rough. ier M, $10 00;
edged, per M, $12 00; T. and G.
sheathing, per M, $13 00; No. 2 floor
ing, ier M, $18 IK); So. 2 ceiling, per
M,$18 00; No. 2 rustic, per M, $13 00;
clear rough, per M, $20 00 ; cleur P. 4
8, per M, $22 50; No. 1 floorinc, per
M. $22 50; No. 1 ceilioe, p-er M,
$22 50; No. 1 rustic, i-r M, $22 50;
stepping, per M, $25 00; over 12
inches wide, exra, $1 Ot); lengths 40
to 50, extra, $2 00; lengths 50 to 0,
extra, $4 00; 1J lah, per M, $2 25;
1J lath, per M, $2 50.
BEANS Quote small whius,$l 50;
pinks, $3; bayos, $3; butter, $4 50;
Li mas, $4 50 er cental.
COFFEE Quote Salvador, 17c;
Costa Rica, 18 20c; Ri , 18(5 20c;
Java, 27 Jc. ; ArbuekleVs matted, 22c
MEAT Beef, wholesale, 3(S;3c;
dressed, Gc; sheep, 3c ; dre-eed, be;
hogs, dressed, 89c ; veal, 7Sc.
SALT Liverpil grades of fine
quoted $13, $19 and $20 for the thiee
sizes; stock salt, $10.
PICKLES Kegs quoted steadv al
$1 35.
SUGAR Prices for hi.rrels; Golden
C.6c; extra C, tijc ; dry granulated,
7c. ; crushed, fine crushed, cube and
powdered, 8c; extra C, 5.; halves
and boxes, c higher.
"The laughter of girls'' says lie
Qaincy, 'is ami ever was, among; the
nut delightful found on earth."
Judgment on that. It depends whether
the pii is are laiio-hin? at your ?st juke,
or hecause you have just taken a header
from your bicycle, and arc trrin? to
think which end of yourself to pick np
A New York woman recently ap
peared at the theater wearing a blue
waistcoat, with gold dollars for buttons.
It is said that she did not appear to
mind th sensation she created.
The Oakland Tribune recommends
keeping a goose in the chicken-roost
as a guard against the depredations of
professional chicken-thieves. The goose
will "squawk" ou the intruder every
The Sweetwater dam just com
pleted at San Diego, Cal., at a cost of
fSUO.000, U said to he twenty higher
than any dam in the United States. It
is ninety feet from its base to its crest.
"Ya'as." said young Mr. Sissy,
sticking the head of his cane, "I'm an
Anglonianiac: hut only in a mild form,
y" knaw." "Yes." she responded, by
way of keeping up the conversation,
"sort of an Angloluuatic, as it were,
Mr. Si.-sv."
A singed cat dreads the fire. I plead guilty.
I guarantee the Xrw.l'sngled Advance Meparator to bo the best grain-saving, last
est Thresl er and most durable Separator ever made. Hut, remember. It in not an experi
mental machine, as the: Old Kojiy machines are. You are well aware of the time loet (that
you have to pay foil in experimenting with ld r'sey machines. The Itew I'aaflrd
Threslier leatlH the way. The grow ling and kicking of the Old Koiry agents is only equaled
by the amount of grain kicked out iu the straw by the O d Kocy machine. Of course, if you
winh a cheap mechine. Old Fogies will supply you at your own price; but their machines are
dear at any price. You cannot atl'ord to buy a thretdier without examining the A llVA.til'K,
IK) not he talked 'nto buying a machine because it is cheap and Old Kobtj lh. Ask the Old
Kv agentu if tney will set beside the new -fancied machine and let you see w hich is the
exiwrimeiital machine, and sold on its nieritn. i have never yet had to call on any court to
help decide the merits of Ihe new -tnniiled machine Please eai..ino the court records in ref
erence to the Old f-'ojcie'H plan. Munv years ago a man built a nrw.fanf led machine,
called a steam engine. Old Kosira then, as now, stood liack and said they would rain the
country. lo ou not want to be rained In the name way f Kemember, the new
fancied machine is past all experiment ing, while Old Fogy' machines are being ex
perimented with all the time, ana at your expense. Do not fool with Uicm any longer, while
your grain is going to w ante.
Keauember the new-fangled machine In aold ou It merit") entirely. Re
member, your wholo depemtenue is upon your crop proceeds, and if you allow Old r'ogy ma
chines to s ante your train, you are (ust that much out of pocket. To prevant this, see
that the party that does your threshing procures a new-rankled AltV ASii'K Th rentier,
aa they are constructed se as to save your grain, and have a better record than any old-fogy
Machine. Write tor further particulars. I am prepared to prove all my statements L e. The
AllVASt'K machine will do more and better work than any other.
I hereby rlialleng-c any old fogy aaent to name AV cane where the
AHVAMt K machine has) tailed to do au represented Mince its) introduction
on thin t'oaHt. Hhow up or shut up.
Kemember that old fogy agents saying the contrary does not make It so. It will pay 70a to
investigate. 1 ran prove all i nay.
I alxo sell the well known lllt.l!K n OODKl'IlY POWER. A number of manu
facturers make them on a royalty but I do not know of any Imitations!, but am always In
clined to look out for those that talk of imitations. I also deal in Laundry and Marine
Machtnery. Farm, Church and School Hells. General Machinery, Swift Oilers. Orme Safety
Valves, Miller Pumps, Hancock Inspirators, Park & Kennedy lnjestors. Acme and Alligator
Wrenches, Blacksmith Drills. Belf-Heating Hath Tubs, the Weslinghouse Kngines. bee the
prices: 10-horse on wheels, $900; Traction, $1075; li horse Traction, $1400. Special discount for
cash. General Agent for Colburu's Oynamot and Lamps for Electric lilKhtinc S to
SOU light.
Tonr Tillage cannet do without one. Yon must have one for jomt milla. You cannot afford to
be without a amail one in your house. For particulars, address
Z. T. WRIGHT. Foot of Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
newspaper published In
America was issued in Ohio,
41 d called 'l b i
To help the rlffht Ride la not onlr commend
able in a fp:ticrul pn nt of view, but la Judicious
and prudent when that help in rnlixtcd iu be
half of the rlKhtaidcof the body, JuHt over tha
lower rlhs In the reiclnn of the liver. The niMt
eltlcl?nt help is afforded hy llonlelter'a KMimwh j
llittrnv an untt-ulllou- niraiicine or im ompir
alile f lHi-acy. Inaetion of the liver ia a"-om-panled
by eonMtlpaMon. alck-headauhe, furred
lonirue. iiatinca. occasional vf.rllim. and un-
leawtnt iirratn, yellow nexa or me sum ana
of the eve. I lie author or tneae nynip-
tout, liver complaint, routed b;
y the Hittera ia
accompanied by them iu V Hi
:ht. Kercr and
aKUo. which always iuvnlvea th
e liver. d-Mep-
Mia. rheumatism, dehilitr and
kiilnrr troubles
are all maladies to the early relief and fluid cure
of which xhlt standard piedlcine ia adapted.
l)iin't u-e it by Ills and mart, but a aiemati
cally, that Its full effect may result iu a per
fect restoration of health.
Wash nitrrora In warm auda, then diint with
whliimc from a muslin bit- and polish with
chamois akin.
White Elephant of Slim, Lion of Eng
land, Dragon of China, Cron ef Switzer
land, Itatmerof Persia, Crescent of Katvpt,
Double Kngle of ItuHaia, Starol Chili, The
Circle of Japan, Hirp of Krin.
To eet t!iee buy a box of the genuine
Dr. C Mi-Lake' a Cki.khkatkd Livkk
I', price 2 rents, and mall u the out
side wrapper with your addrew, plainly
written, and 4 cent In stamp. We will
then mail ) ou the above Hat with an ele
gant package of oleographic and chro
matic card.
Flcmino Bnos., Pittshuro, Pa.
The flesh of fresh fish should be Him,
riUs ahojld be light and the scales silvery.
i By ia mild, soothing and healing properties.
Dr.'s Catarrh Hemedy cure the worHt
; canes of nasal catarrh. alno "cold In the head,"
i coryza. and catarrhal headaches. 50 cenla. by
i druKKinta.
i Tli.r uf.u 1l din liwrimutlves in tha world.
representing S.0U0.OU0 horse power.
. iTIMiTi.i .- .
Remember that when we ahert the
i,,- n vtmiTiiV. Pm . .,-
, , Tf.fcr . to the thousand of
testimonials we have published aupDort-
ing all and even more than we claim.
The bent evidenre of their value lie in
these testimonials. The Pll l.s have been
in use in th'S country tot over fifty yeara
and in that time hav : surely been well
tented. We never heard complaint of
them. They are harmless, being vege
table, and always do their work well.
It la false economy to buy stale anything: the
frcMhest is none Uh good, eseciaily at this sea
son of the year.
"What makes my akin so dark and muddyl
5ly cheeks were once so smooth and raddy!
1 use ihe be', comieiica made,"'
la what a lovely maiden said.
'That's not the cure, my charming Slias,
The doctor said -'remember tins:
If ) ou your &kin would keep f torn taint,
1 list aril the powder and the paint.
"The proper thing for all such Ills
It this." remarked ihe man of pills;
'Knrich Ihe blood and make it pure
"In this you'll fl-id tne only cure."
I)r. fierce a l.ohten Meoieal 1'tscovery will
do mis without tail. it baa no equal. All
His Holiness the I'oiw received during the
fubilee It. WW pairs of Slippers.
Dilwaikt can be rnr-d. If properly treated In
time, ax aliown hy Ibe follow inn alalem- nt from
I. C r'KEKMAX. t-yilnt-y: Having been a great
auttVn-r fnm jiuhiioiinrj attack, an.i ft-ra u
ally waatlmt aej for the pant two yra-n it af
fonln me pleasure to teali'y that estl't
I', til a l lo of Cud Liver Oil Kith Lime and
S.x!a ha 0 ven me irreat n lief, and i elier
fally recommend It to all i o tennir In a aimilar
way to my elf. In t'IH'i , I would a) that
tt U very pleasant to take.
Buy perfectly freuli fruit and vegetable, free
from xprouts and only in quantities that admit
of Immediate use.
! When the quextion haa to lie met aa to what
is th? best oiure to adopt to awure a sure.
s(e and atrret able remedy for thoe orirattle di-
i eaa?s and weaknesses which attltct the female
nex. there is but one wixe decision, viz.. a
! ciiunw of self-real men t with Ir. Pierce
i Favorite Prescription. It is an unfailiiiK
soecttie for Dertodical iins. mi(utaemetit. in
i ternnl inflammation, and all functional riiaor
! dentinal lender the lives of so many women
ni:serable and jnyless. They who try it. praise
: it. Ot drug-iots.
Rub your lamp chimneys after washieii with
dry silt, and you will be surprised at the new
briUiam-e of your lights.
! This tnaftuiflceut hotel, rontains a sror'd
i of comfort. It is noted for the elegance
! of Its appotutmetit. and the excellenre of
its i uiine. Wealth, science and art are
; here combined, to render enjoyment ol
iruesta rtcrfect. Knelt tleuartmeut Is man
: anvil w ith the most ililiwrent watclifuliiesu.
' so th t the most exacfnn K"t cannot
, fftil to lie Rat is tied. From Hie elegantly
' furnished rooms to the Itountiously sup-
i olied table. everTthiuir Is as near nerfec
i tion as possible. Ihe central location of
i the llaldwiu. makes it convenient for
: those visiting the city either on business
or pleasure.
HvMrrov-M'H.trir; tateusr llchlnf and sttoiriti,
mwt at t'ijfht; wore by scratchinc II allowed to euu
tinue tumon form, ahlch often bleed and nl't I te,
heomt&a very Bwatkks ointment rv -l th
' foehlns and bleedlof, heals ulceration, and fa many
eauea reniows Uie tumors It ia emiatlf etfccactfMiP iu
i ciirir all fikln Il-e. DR. BWAVNR S".V
; Pntrietr. rtii adelphia. bwATSs's Oiwtmt can
be attained ot drufgUU. Sent by mail for SO Centa.
Wash all marble dally with ammonia and
water in place of soap-suds.
J. If. riMH. Anoajrer and Analytical
1 hetnlat. Laboratory, 106 first sL. Portland.
Or. Analyses made of all jubstaneea. Kate
for assaying gold and silver ores (1.50. Paca
aitea snt by mail or express promptly attended
to, and returns madn
Irrlfatlonar the Throat and llaarae
nea immediately relieved by -Brovn $ Bron
chial Troehc."
If afflicted with Sore Eyes, tiss Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggist sell it. 26o.
See Antlnell llano advertisement.
TRY Gkrmk for breakfast.
I am selling a "new-fangled" machine
The first reunions
Philadelphia his about seven hun
dred church .-a, and when full can not
accommodate one-quarter of the popu
lation. If good people would tut make
goodness agreeable, and smile instead
of frowning In their virtue, how many
wonld they gain to ths good cause!
A society has ben formed that '
devoting itself exclusively to the relief
of the suffering -f . 135.0 JO leperi
said to be iu IueVa and for proclaiming
the Gospel to tt em.
The late Pv. 1L Wilbur. D. !..
in his will dr vised $10,000 to thj Mis
sionary Society ' the Methodist Epis
copal church. $10,000 to the Cblrch
Extension Society and flO.WJO 'o the
Freedmen's Aid Society.
In the election of lord ?ctor of
Glasgow University the "Ste was
equally divided between Lord Lytton
and Lord Roseuerry. Ixiru Lytton re
ceived the casting vote of the chancel
lor of the uuiverdty, and was elscted.
:Tlie reports of the Reformed
Episcopal Church for last year
are: Baptisms, 907; confirmation,
916; received otherwise, 619; present
number of communicant. 8,429; con
tributions for all purposes. $155,
86L51; church buildings, 87; value of
church property, less incumbrances,
$1,077,758. Public Opinum.
The following collections for mis
sions were made by the Methodist
Episcopal Church for twelve months
ending October 31, 1P87: For the
Parent Missionary Society, $1,015,000;
Woman's Foreign Missionary S ciety,
$195,000; Woman's Home. Missionary
Bocietv. $S3.0O0: Bishop Taylor's
transit fund, f 63, 000; total. $!.SS6.000.
Public fJpinion.
The colored people of Philadelphia
have asserted their rights in a manner
worth commendation. A school con
taining three hundred and twenty-six
pupils, all of them colored, has sevesi
teachers, who are all white. The col
ored population of the ward, feeling
that the principal of the school should
be ol their rac?. have den-aided that
folored man should be apjwiinted.
Its superior tifvllence proven tn Bdllioes of hoascs frjr
ajor than a qnartrr cf a eeotary. It fa oied by the
t'ntd Stabs ti nment Eudusw d by th head of
tbe tir-at l alTersi'. aa th. Str nrf-. Pu" sod m.t
Heatthtul. lr Fric dram tUxmc Pider d-jea not
ooetaia Ammoai. IJme or AJam. N ttd only ia eaoa
issued March and Bept-
1 each year. It is an ency.
Iclopedia of useful InXor
' matitrn for all who par.
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. Wo
can clothe yon and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, danoe, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in raricras sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fair
estimate of the ralue of the BUYEH8"
GUIDE, which will be aent upon
receipt of IO cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue. Chicago, 111.
!? For a case of Catarrh in the Head which they cannot cure. 4rtv M
SVIITOrtS OF THE DISTJA'SE.-DuII. hesry besdache,
tmi.-itcm .,f t!io nosiil ms.urt-a, n!hare Liliiiiff f tt m the
be:l into the throjit, sonv-tinu-s prof us", wsterr, and acrid, at
otl;rr, i.ilck, toi.; i-ms, inu .ms, piirul.Mit, I IoikIv and putrid;
the eyes are weal ; th-re i riiiiiiir in tlio enrs. d'-afness. hacking;
ot ct.u i"-ir to l: r tl.-j t mit, eTpectorntioa of c.Bensivo mnt
tT, t. with s-ibs TroTii ilT?: tlio voice is chajiprr-d and
hss a iir.s-! tWiitf; t!.i brttsih is offensive; snwli and taste
Inn-airrHl; iht-re is a sens.-itun of diri-vsa. with inontil dct-rrs-si
-il. a tme':iiiT e u th nnj p -n.-rnl d- MilitF. Only a few of the
abot'i'-niiim d 6yt-iiin? ore lihrlv to l-e r""Tit in anv one ca.
T'H-jbhkIs of s n in:m!!v, wifhrii't nuinifestms- Lslf f the
eVevc symrtoms, r.-int i'l e.msu:!..i'n, and end in the Brave.
ha d.s:.- is so cin-:ir.ii. ti r h-ec)itive and dHncerous, k-ss, k 10 uusucccssiiiiiy trcdlc-a
Tf yt.u wmild remove an evil, frO at Hit
rr-4. A t'M pr"dit--tinir or real ciiute of
c: t.irrh is, in tiie niajoritr of en-ats, somo
.-jki.ess, liiiptiritr. or otherwise faulty
condition, of the sr-stem. in auomptinir to
c2ti tho di.rt..e .:?r th:cf aim tnus tw
direct ft to "10 rrmor;' of thnt !-, ihe nioris we see of thia
oilo!is ills :-, mid wo tr--at siti sstnllr thousands of cases an
nually nt tho Invalid' 11 t-l mi I Si:nri-al Inst-tute. the more do
we r-jli,- tho iini-trtanc of ,m'.:itiir w'tli ttie uw of a local,
tlii!;f snH h-::li:i s;.:-li-;iM.n. i tlt.-imi -It and pcrsinteiit inter
oal use of l.lixjU-ck ansiiitr and Umio DiediciDca.
In cii- inir cstarrh and nil
wiii-!i it is so fn-out-tiv
I l.iitr I
br-.n-hi it. ard Iim.p ois -as s. wt-k srotuach. ca-tari-ii:J
d. lf) w.-sk or itiila-ned evs, impure
ti - 1. f-rornh.i:-t r"i t ;-!;i'i! i- tnints, tiie wondcr
1 f-.! ! iwi-rs and virtues of !r. I'ieree'a '..Mn mk1
nir.covery c.smot Ik; Uo slroimly exi
v! vJa-' As a LIVE II FILL, they sure l neqaaleei t
I l C.'W'V ( "' i J Beware of Imitations, which contain PoUonoas Mineral. Aiwava aak tor
f Vf f - Ir. Pierce's Pellets, which are lirUe SuirsiMated Piila. i
' V l or Aau-bilious Granules. OKE PELLET A DOSE. iga.
Sold by Druggists.
25 Cents a Vial.
J)r. Pierce's Pelleta operate without disturbance to
the system, diet, or occupation. Put up in s-lass
tials, hermetically sealed. Abr-tv trh and relia
ble. As a ircntie laiatiro, alterati-re. or active
parsatlTe. they five tbe most perfect satisfaction.
Sold on Trial !
tment mmII, profit
Hend tOe for nuUMnc
:arif Illustrate! CsUaJu
rltb full psutioqlswrn. Maa
nfsvctarod by
1ST A 1S Lska SJt.,
S&SsDr. Spinney & Co.p
NrDUni 1Q Deollityjxaof VIkot. Rnnlnal
tniUUO Louses. Wealt Memory. JxepoQ
denry, &c. due to exceim or abase, curtsl.
YntlNf! UI PN suffering; from the effects
cretioB should stsII themclve cf onr treaU-ient.
A posisira carefruaranteed ia erery C4-e. Ky-pnitia,
Lrinarr and Venereal Iiiwaf-a au nnnatoxmi di
charges, promptly and nalely oared.
ee of KLMner or Bldier, Weak Back. Nmon
Itebilitx. atinff ot ttexnj BtreotfUU etc cured
and restored to hra!tby rigor.
if .B. Verponii enable to Tiittt um miT be treated
at tHtr homM, by corrrflpondenne. .Urtdliiiea an
instruction tvent oy manor expre. conamtatio
rets. Bend 4 cents in iUmpt tot be Todnc Maa'l
e rcena or utuaa ta n enor.K.
wanted in each county for the
two best campaign bonks in tbe market- Hnr-
rlson and Morton, and Cleveland arid Thur
man. For terms and territory address F. PKK--SON',
room 77. Flood Building, corner Fourth
and Market streets.
Xcjt is:n txi
Life of Genera Sheridan": a popular hero;
a popular book at a popular price. For terms
and territory address F. PEK.SOV. Room 77.
t lood Building, cor. t ourth and Market streeta.
pvfUMrini. Tht D'ft BliurtdMlolni tni ef uw
IUIU Aawloa. J.rjLLIi, brauUi a CMwt, VLTaaLaiaa.
Jodicle ofPotaiiw.
It suras RurraATisM, ItcraAtxiiA. Pails, Pfmilcs,
Serofo. O-xtt, Catarrh. Tiaon, Hs'-t Utrtan, aiul
Msmtal Paica It Pnrifloi ibe Blood. &etora tut
I J.rr ao KMneys to beaithy actioa. aad tbe
Oocnplexioa Brbrht and Clear.
J. ft. GATES A CO., Proprietors.
417 Han Heme Ht mm Franciaco.
Kff a Has ittM oHrf
sal aatiatactloa la th
enra o Gonorrhoea and
Oleet. I preacrtbe it and
feel safe la recommend
ing It to all sofferera.
Daestar, IU.
price .
Sold by Drucsiats, '
V. So. !t5-S. T. N. Vs. No S22.
11 x
i II 1VX
M II rrx
w Cwrm In I
f jT TO D.T1V.
D wight's Cow-Brand SodaSaleratus.
Be aara that there la a picture of a 0 oa your package and joa wia have
tia best Soda
i I ;ai ro A-riT?s I
fCorTKmirr, ipst. 1
Dy pnysiciatis.
the various with
conn lioilel. as throuf-
oiled. It h is a E;ecirta
RIliOTIS f eat.rt- Tlti ilur
ludigeMloii, Bilious Attaeka, and ail d. nciro
tnents of the stomach and bowels, are promptly re
lieved and permanently cured by the use of Dr.
Hierces Pellets. In explanation of their remedial
POWer Over an emit a rsrvt. nt riiAMisM if mnv
truthfully be said that their action upon the rrstcm is universal, not a
jrland or tissue escaping; their sanative influence.
Selected with (treat care from the choicest to
HmokH Cr.oi is eta WBg- uoea not
blow out the Pipe.
It Is the nndiroated leader of Ting Co
Smoking Tobacco throotrhoul the world.
Ol tlllnAI. BACH. Gahi-r, K-oiit
HtvtfM: Ttudett flnrua. band fastranmta L.winnt
stock of Bom M-ir.c and Bookn Kuds mpr-'jaa ,
Kaxero Prbva. MATTHIAS UHAY UO.. jC fami
Harm. 8u rmMor
To a Day. Samplea worth tVSli, FREE.
sm'a 8ArsTTKinsIioumCo."noIly,sieB.
month easily made selling the Farmers' Friend,
a bag holder and scales combined. llM'tatlwi
th Ik. Send for circulars. E. E.BAIR. Manager
Pnxet Sound Mfg. Co Taconia. Wash. Ter.
By return matt. Fall Pesetfatfa
Maaar'a TaHar Titi. T lr 1 .
Cmuv MOO 23 7 CO, Ciariaaao. O.
icrcTrrii xd ixromu or
113 Kuut fiTtm, 8 r.
nhutrated Catalocaea ant free oa applieatioa.
GAS UMIjEHw-E-Va, at il and SL50 per suit.
IxteKt designs in PERCALE SIIIKTi Otm latest
style Collars and one pair CnHs, (1.90 cazh
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
232, Kearny St, near Bush.
tM Send for IHostnte.! raulosne.
1st Premluma. Si ,0O0 la use.
90 years EtaUified. Srw
patented Steel Tun or Ie-
vtce. in use m n- utiier Ftano, by which oar liaaos
stand in tune SO j ears, rod f- r 1O0 ; not afiected
by climate. No wood to p!it, break, swell, shrink,
crack, decay, or wear out ; we c-uarsntea it. Ee
fant Rosewood Cases, 3 strincs. double re; estirtf;
action; fiosst rrnrr kevs; the Fanrios aST!ELI
tall er write fcr Catalome, free. T. M. AXTlaEU,
PIANO CO., Manofarturers, Odd Fetl-nrs Ball. Mar.
ket and Svvectn Streeta, Sin Frao--- a.
cfTect upon the limnr mucoirs tnembranos of the nasal and other
air-paasaea. promoting the natural E-cn-tion af tht ir foiln k- aad
elands, thereby the astsl and thickened iwn.brane.
an-1 restoring it to us natural, thin, delicate, moist, fcUtt.T con
dition. As a Mood-puriScr. it is unsurr:fed As tiwv
which complicate catarrh are dLeaA-soi tie lining- piuccus rnenv
branes, or of tho Wkk1, it will readily bo even w hy thj Sdiciue
is so well calculated to cure them.
Asa local application for fcenlincr the dLvssed condi
tion in the bead. lr. Sajre's I atarrn IJoiriodv-1 bevond
Bit compcrisin the tx-st prsparaiicn ever invi htcd.
It is mild arid pleasant to us producing no sniutin
or ain. and crmtainin no rrona-, irrit:itin. or caiie
tic liruir. or other Txison Tlii PMnir
ful antiseptic ard s-edilr destrovs a"! bnd sim II which accoin-r-unas
so u.e.nTcasrs of cntarrh. thus afforuinr g-rcat comfort to
those who sutler from this diease.
The GoMcn Krdical I?scovci-r is the nsttrrsl
"l elpmute- of lr. Zaire's Catarrh ktr.tdv. U
not only cleanses, puritk-s. nn;h.ies, and Iniilds
up tbe system to a healthy standard, and con
quers throat, bronchial, and lurrar ctntnpik-atic-.&s.
when anv anch .tkt. hnl f , ir. .
effects upon the lining- membrane of tite rnual rasstiirrs, it oh!s
materially in rttorina- the di as: d, thickeDd. or ulcerated mem
brane to a healthy condition, and thus eradiites the disease.
" hen a euro m t ffectod in tais niAnner it ia iermane iU
Both Tr. Pierce's Golden Jfedical discovery and Pr. Sfiirc's
Catsrrh Bfincdy are sold by drurcts the world over. tt,:v(tV
J Ut eix tttk fc JJX. lr. fcage s Catarrh I.emedy i cents:
baif-dozen bottks J2..JX "
A compjete Treatif on Catarrh. givitiB: valuable bints as to
clothirir. diet, and other matte rs of itnprt.-nc.. will b' mailed,
poet-paid to any addn ss. on tt-ceiptof a 2-ce-ut petnire stamp.
Address, W orld's Dispensary Medical Association,
So. 5C3 Main Street, Bcitalo, S.T.
l. raMlmtlaa.