The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 17, 1888, Image 3

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collie Lebanon Express.
Notice is hereby given that the regu
lar public quarterly examination of
teachers will lie held at the court house
in Albany, Linn county, Or., com
mencing at noon on Wednesday, Feb.
IS), 1SSS. All these desiring to pass ex
aminations will please take notice and
be lm sent at the beginning.
1. V. S. ltKin, Vo. School Supt.
TUTE. The Annual County Teachers' Insti
tute for Liun countj Or., will be held
in Albany, commencing on Wednes
day afternoon, March 14th and contin
uing during the loth and l(ith.
1). V. l?Klt
Co. School iupt.
M. E. Ilearn is paying the highest
cash price for poultry and eggs.
Dr. J. A. Laniltcrson is having the
best of success with his typhoid cases.
The Salem Sentry has passed into the
hands of ex -State Printer Byars and E.
M.Waite. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ralston returned
from an extended visit to Portland on
Wednesday evening.
The council on Tuesday-evening last,
appointed George Feebler city marshal.
A very ,cood selection.
Railway Postal Ciekks. An
item to the effect that no postal cards
or letters can be mailed on trains has
lately been going the rounds of the
newspapers, and notwithstanding a
contrary statement has been published
and republished, an impression has
been made that the railway postal ser
vice will not recognize such mail.
Clerks on the various roads have been
plied with endless quest ions since the
above report was started. The result
is that tho Superintendent of the
Eighth Division of tlia postal service,
San Francisco, has incorporated the
following section in general 'order Xo.
14(1, just received by Chief Clerk Hen
ry: "All chief clerks will ascertain if
possible, the name of any and of all
piistal clerks who have refused to re
ceive mail matter at their mail ears.
There seems to be an impression among
clerks on some lines that an order has
been issued to the c licet that mail mat
ter should not be received at the ears
tor mailing. Any information relat
ing to the source from whence such re
presentations came will be thankfully
received, that it may be properly treat
ed to the end that the service may not
! sutler by such reports." It is unneces
sary to state that no such order was
ever issued, and that mail will be re
ceived on board trains the same as it al
ways was. The sooner this becomes
j generally known the sooner will the
t.. , :..!. P.,- TWt- .-..v .....
lml will !f9vt Tlmrm. on Tiiesdavs.
Thursdays and Saturdays.
( tovemor Fennoyer has regaled S. A.
DeVancy, of Waterloo, with a Notary
commission. A good selection.
Mrs. Montoith, of Albany, has been
vlsitims in Lebanon this week, the
guest of her son, M. J. Monteith.
The JfcrahJ, published a'
Orecon. has been enlarged to a 6-col-l
Spii-kr Fostokfick 1UIII!KD. O n
Monday night last a number of regis
tered letters were opened at the Spieer
postoftiee on the line of the Narrow
tJuage road, and the contents rocketed
by some person or persons not the
rightful owners. The amount is not
j known. On Tuesday morning the
) nostmaster at that ltlaet thiiikimr he
t TY-ivtmi. 1 : ... ...
- --. , 11;Ul a t.iue to uie gum v party, nail a
von ni' man bv tht ii:inn of Jam-wav
umn folio, and greatly improved, every j arrosttfd alul ,)roujrht to this vacv for a
"Ji" hearing on Wednesday. At tiie hour
Miss Oda Coin-dock, one of Jackson j sot for the examination, the prosecu
eounty's most accomplished and vivae- ting witness did not appear and the
Thry Organise for a Khirit Party C'mn
paigtt In tta Coinlnfr Klfrtlon.
A i.i:any, Feb. 14, 1RS8.
The I.lnn County Prohibition Con
ference met in this city Tuesday, ac
cording to previous notice, and was
called to order by the chairman. The
conference was opened with prayer by
J. M. Marks. A. Y. Pmith was elected
secretary. It was suggested that the
chairman appoint the central commit
tee. The following were appointed :
HaWyJ IT. P. Kennistoii; Orleans, A.
Y. Smith ; Santiam, J. M. Collleld ;
Lebanon, C. M. Talltot ; Scio, li. II. Ir
vine ; Franklin Butte, John Bryant;
Waterloo, J. B. (Jibheart ; Brownsville,
Win. McCloud ; Sweet Home, Mr. Bur
nett ; Harrisburg, It. A. Davis; Craw
fordsville, John Chance ; Fox Valley,
S. M. Mctiain ; Shedd, Wm. McCor
mick ; Rock Creek, T. J. Butler ; Liber
ty, Mr. Ingram. It was moved that
the county convention lie held March
1-t. The motion was delta ted for and
against and carried. It was moved
that the representation be based in the
county convention, allowing one dele
gate for each precinct and one for every
ten votes cast for !. M. Miller, or frac
tion over rive, which carried. Itwas
moved that the primaries bo held on
March 10, 1S88. A communication
from the Voice lecture department in
regard to sending a lecturer to this state
was read. It was moved that an effort
be made to secure the lecturer at Alba
ny, carried. It was moved that Rev.
February 13.
We are having very nice weather
again for the tinie-of year.
Urant IVtdge intends to work over
near Peoria in a short time.
Mr. tlogue Parrlsh, of Sodaville, was
seen in our midst last Friday.
Mrs. Laford, who has been siek for
some time, Is able to do her house work
Samuel Wilson, of Rock Hill, spent
Sunday visiting in Sodaville among
his old frleiids.
(irnnt Dodge and Sam Wilson has
itecn very busy bailing hay the latter
part of tin? week.
A. Dodge lost iv fine pair of twin
calves. IleHccmsto be the loser of a
great deal of stock this winter.
The fall grain, that is, the wheat, lie
gins to look nice and green again, but
the most of the fall oats are killed.
W. B. Mills, of this place, took a bus
iness trip over to Peoria yesterday,
where he will remain for a few days.
"Fnelo" (ieorge Khun, of Sodaville,
was at Roek Hill visiting his relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Klum, last week.
Fnele Jesse Parrish and wife was
called to Iebanon last Friday on ac
count of their daughter, Mrs. W. II.
Reed, being sick.
William Laford is the first farmer
that has started a plow this season. It
' looks as though it would be too wet to
P. Webb lie appointed n committee j plow any for the ground Is very soft.
young man was released by justice
Smith. In the evening Janewav
yet lieen any evidence pointing to the
conviction of the party accused, we '
defer further c miinent except to ad.l j
ious daughters, is visiting. relatives in
this city.
The Linn County Democratic Con
vention is called to meet March 24th
for the purpose of nominating a full
eour.ty ticket.
Rev. Mr. Gordon, late of Dakota,
will nreacli at Mt. Hone school house
to-morrow, at 3. it. m.. and on Sunday "t Janeway was employed by the O
next at in, a. m.
J. A. Beard makes a good president
of the council. It should also lie re
nwnilered that as a druggist, Mr.
Beard is very eomjiotent.
The Railroad Commission have ex-j
amincd the Narrow tin aire railroad Ite-! A Rare Coin. Some time durin
to confer with the W. C. T. U. of Al
bany with regard to securing the lec
ture by them. It was moved that the
convention request the W. C. T. U. to
extend an invitation to Ex-Cov. St.
John to deliver a lecture in Albany.
Rev. II. 1'. Webb, J. W. Plain and J.
II. 'Vow nsend were appointed that
committee by convention to confer
with the W. C. T. V. in regard to this
A vote of thanks was extended to the
Albany Jfera'tt, the StatrH Right
The heavy winds of Saturday night
and Sunday done considerable damage
by blowing down some fence which
will take a great deal of work to put in
shape again.
Mr. and Mrs. Klum's little damrhter. S
Josephine, is lying very sick at present s"-'1 "hi "'ore or less air in the mer
with typhoid fever. It Is to Ik? hoped i l'l,r" tube- To tet a thermometer turn
that slu- will recover soon. The eoun-! u lMe down, and if the mercury will
Eroin the Itet Antlinrltlm on Farm
First--lass butter cannot Ite turned
out from cold uiiiklng-rooiii.
Most dairymen prefer the tempera
ture to be about GO degrees for butter
making. Rich food makes rich milk. The
Itest cow in the world will not give
good milk unless she Is given food from
which to manufacture it.
At the Chicago fat stock show the
Holstclns went to the front In the but
ter contest; Hoist el n butter scoring 8!i
Hiints, against 82 for Jersey.
The milch cow is simply a machine
for making milk from food. The more
of the sultstances to make goid milk
there are in the food, the better milk
the cow will give.
. Six out of seven of the butter prize
winners at the late New York dairy
show set the milk deep and cold, while
the seventh used a centrifugal separator.
Men have been known to remove a
portion of the cream from the milk
they sent to a factory and then grum
ble at the returns thev cot. Such
frauds should be ostracized.
Ureal yields of milk and butter are
made by a system of -forced feeding.
Poor results in milk and butter produc
tion may often Ite traced to poor food,
or an insutlicient quantity of it.
At the Valley Cheese Factory at
Hinesburgh, Vtn the cheese was made
the past season at a Cost of only 2
cents a pound. The patrons got on an
average 4j cents per hundred pauuds
of milk. Eighty-seven ton of cheese
were made.
Have your thermometers in your dai
ry accurate. A large (tuantit y of those
Democrat, and Leltaiion Exi'iiKss for
re- ! i-ml.tiMlimtr iwitiff-4 rf t1ii4 tiimtiiir If
ii - . .... - - - - - - - - .
turned to Spieer, where he was re-ar- ! was moved that a i-onv of the minutes
rested bv U.S. Marshal Rolierts, and ! of this meeting lie tendered tothecoun-j weather.
taken to Portland. As there has not ty.V"'; T 1.,",.!,0,lu
A. Y. Smith, Secretary
try seems to Ihs full ttf typhoid fever at
the present time.
Most every one in the neighborhood
tf Rock Hill has Im-cii sutreiing from
an attack of a bad cold for the jtast two
weeks, on account of such changable
With the exception of one
I case of typhoid fever the health of the
community is exceedingly gtntd.
A Rk k lliutn.
You Certainly
Why don't you go to PLAIN, tlie
Jjonder in Clothing.
From Eastern Factories.
Nobby Patterns & Styles, Cheap.
PARTMENT. We are confident of Pleasing you. All
we ask !s the opportunity of
showing you
Through our Stock.
The Celebrated Brownsville Goods.
Lead ins Clothier and Merchant Tailor,
Albany, Ohkoon.
C. ). ROLAND & Co
Albany, Oregon.
NewStore, New Goods,
ji:ali:ii ix
Conffttionerv, Cnxkerv,
( Jla.-?s anl Plated Ware.
l'ure Sugar and Maple Syrups.
Countr' Produce taken in Exchange for Good
"Goods at Reasonable Prices' is my Motto.
rrocerdinRS of the February Terra.
and hu.l his oHiee in the rame build-; Tlie application of T. I,. Dti-er for
uigvrith the istotne. He is a ell n ,llM.tioll of tl!Xl Mas Uovvtd as to
apix-arinjr young man, and it is to lie j toulrt v joVy ollly
hoiK-d ue ha-s not nimle Such a fatal er- j T,u; Mpiiieatio of j,,,,, jMv all(1
glide quickly the entire length of the
tube it is all right.
When the cream foams in the churn
and wi!l not make butter, it may In-,
and iinu-t probably at this season is,
due to too much acidity in the cream
If the milk is set at a steady temitera
tu re of CO or (52 degrees for two day,
mid the cream is kept for two or three
days longer at the same tenijierature, !
there tdtould lie no difficulty in churn- 1
in;?. If there is. the cow should lie fed
tlrtv others for count v road read.
land J. K. Knox, Ueo.Heisendorfcr and
tween Cobursr nnd JBrawnsville. com- the year LSS6, says the Jacksonville j l lr,,lH Wl l"t' Plinieu viewers to
hl.inMHvin,.'!. made that it was S. nt;,u !. E. 1 lend ru k-. of Annli-trate. l,UHt T- T. Fisher, surveyor, on Feb-
irm.rt-roii. ! cut a la rare nine tree near his house and ru:ry 3th.
F. II. Kosotc returnttl from Portland ; found in its interior a rather ancient
on Wednesday evening. He informs The tree was a very lar- one,
ns he Itomrht a fine stock of hardware, and his ax was not the first that had
etc., whk-h will ue here in a few days, 1 1" Hed to mar its symmetry and
Frank has our thanks for favors while ! gwee, for, eneirclel bv f trty-five rings
in the citv . ! of pearly growth, were found eviden-es
. , 4, i of a previous assault clear-cut marks
.The blockade wraisel on the railroad j 1 .
little eormnval onc-e or twice a da v.
February 13. j Excepting Hie material of which the
Valentiiu-a are the trder tf the day. j cht-cse is made, there is no ingrt-dh-tit
Fall sown grain looks as w.-ll as I of so much importance in ehcese-mak-eversawit.
ing as lennet. Xo matter how excel-
Mrs. William Philpot lis Itecn quite ! ''"j Ini!k 5f tlw rcM1M"t is
sick for some d,.vs. hut U l.ti. r t tl.w : nl r,-llt eswHeiiw ill the production
Kurnisliing Goocl.s
Hats, fapf, Hoots, Phocs, (lioice
Select ions in Fancy Summer Neck
Wear, Silk t'liderwear, Italbriggan
Underwear, Fish, t 'lnrk t Flagg's
t i loves. j
Thr very IV st make of Hani Sewed
Shoes, and the very Latest Styles
in Mens' Hoys' and Youths' Cloth
ing. All the Celebrated makes of
oris j-riK-K txiNsisTs ok made of lmth Bright and and Oil Orain. and known everywhere bv the Trad-
I Mark of the LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE, found on the bottom of one i t
Bright New Fresh GOOUS, j a eh pair. Zone genuine without it. Beware of imitations.
And as hom-st, fair and square
dealing is our motto, we ask the
public to cull and get prices.
C. B. Roland & Co.,
One door West Revere house, Albany.
f you wish to purchase a Iio for your Ito.v or Oirl that will stand
the wear and tear of every day usage, that is made of honest leather
throughout, and on eo'iiuion-tjensc ideas, call for
line through from California.
of cloth or paper containing a cooper
I coin. Xo writ ing or other marks could
' Ite found on the covering to relieve the
i curious in respect to this event. The
(coin is altout the size of a nickle, is
only in the Siskiyou mountains theoVt
ritruction existed. The road is now all
right, end mails come regularly.
- narmon, m miic y.,, iHymv, Ofeopper, is dated 17 has 1 n. V. s. n.-J. twja..
brother of our efficient tonsorial artist, ; . , .. , , ,,.,1-,, : t?Tffirr-i;.-:.':i.7;-
st niggling for the crown and on the
other side a monogram composed
Application of Walter A. Met Slice
for reduction of taxes, was granted.
Application of i. W. Khun for im
plements for road district wasgrant-...l
iiitlicniattiTori.linne!nirtliclund-i.,,-1 !li" tJ Albany kit
t.i:...!....,x- C.....1 i- . ednes.l:iy, for the punto-e f having
ii i iv l" it i ivi uiiiu is.,, oiiim i, i
change ordered.
of cheese cannot lie obtained. Much
of the HHtr cheese is the rr snlt of ptor
renin t. ami much cheese made poor by
the bad handling of -the milk or from
other causes is made tvorse by potr n-n-net.
T. D. Curti.
day She is going to Eastern Oivg.t TIlt. vidd of cream and butter from
lor iter liealtn ami to visit relatives.
Some of the lys rejvrt grouse plen
ty, one young man having killed five
in the last week.
Miss Dora Derrick left hen- lust Mou-
He now has
J. N. WiUi:imon. dr'j'Tttv tn-rin'i. (Vt S
M. U. KV:w. examining InMine jerMHi
J. ! Wallar'.
I- J. Mttmnnyt. vinru-
Anln- llsrkli -.n.-.ii. ni'i-'. fi-rixnc
Twccl!c Jt Hopkin-s n-airii:s tin
iv:-i5 iii Iamkuioii a few days aoro. Our!
friend '-Bill'' Ieed has lee!i feeling
quite "puny'' since Mr. Harmon "tip
ped the Iteam"' with considerable more
r Rev. E. T. Ingle, of the First Presby
terian church, at Sell wood, is assisting
llov (ieo. W. Oiboney in a series of
meetings now Iteing conducted at the
First Presbyterian church, this place.
Th;?se meetings will continue until
Sunday evening.
Prof. Frank Rigler, of the Portland
Park school, has Iteen acquitted of the
It. A sn. n:l-e. fr inwtr..
Jultn ljit-'lv. liiiiiW-r
j I 11 pfkntHn. k niNcn'
uie iciiers . v. r . l ne ir-e iori on : n. u. ah-ii. td.i--. r.Ti.r
the banks of Applegate Kiver, near one ! L,,'
of the trails from Oregon to California.
was a large tree in 1S41 and had held
its secret forty-five years. Whose se
cret did it hold ?
Tjik R. It. Commission. The rail
road commissioners have sent a letter
to Chas,
gonian Railway Co., setting forth that
complaint, having Iteen made to them,
C. "lTtrk A Sons. hnnlK-r...
J. I". t.nibrrtitli. ci-rk fio .
!'. s. Sntiih. ln-rirt' fce
tV. K 1'itrl. ln'.-i...iitr" w.... A Sox. iiicIm' .
Kntnk linker, priii'tnir
:. W. Belt. Allv. IW"
Mnrion Mintv, ,m?-hnlf of renairs ol' Jt-f.
lV r.xn lrili.T CIS 4
Win. Brt-nuer. i-ll!:1U' fi-e '1 .
J. M. (hmrnr. Uiuiljer, . 11 sv.
A; Smiih, nnl- .. -J Til.
i lot of teeth extracted.
; to gum It.
j The Mong!tlian pheasants are get
itingtola nuisance. The fqMtrtsmeil
j around here seem to have poor success
i bagging them.
j R. W. Moses has lieen suflering from
'a severe attack of the neuralgia, also
j Mrs. J. II. Scott has been suffering
, from the same disease.
) Mr. Evans, a man that has Iteen
' working in the logging camp, fell one
' day last week, hurting himself serious
, ly. He has In-en at the Oregon House
ftr the past ten days, for treatment.
w W. B. Olass met with a very painful
accident last Friday. Wliib standing
.- tt.
-" !!.
i IU.
S ft).
s .-..
3 t.
5 HI.
1:1 "J.
l "i tw.
1:1 :v..
I "t.
1 s.'.
2 M.
l:w s.
1 7 .
r. i.
N. Scott, receiver of the Ore- i llHSi'VJ:
2s it. ;
Jllsiker. Mint1
l!ltt. f, J
K. S. siaiiun, lt--al
)!!..) tV, ... .1 K.... ... ..;.. eiev
-iiei"v of an assault preferert ngainst t ;vn M,.rri. k-,.i,s i.r
i,;, I.V- tho trentof the bov. Webber, i Coburg was in a dangerous octniiition, lVi in nim- siva.i.,n Anny e.-
- 1 . . -.' ' i
who, it will lie rememtterea, mat rraiiK
bnd to ehast iso ouite severely lor con-i
- '.,1 1.?..,: .1. " 11...
iu v.oouig, anu iiiiiiing ine roau oauiv
r.I i.
near a itony planer, which was in mo
tion, the licit broke, one end of it strik-
1, I.;,., 1.1.1,' tl..A
1 ach. t
lmt mi.
Tit 4t.
l:w :w.
! the commissioners have made an ex-
! animation of the line from Woodburn
duct unlteeouiing a pupil.
j Ke. MnTf v... J. -. ljtn i r r.I t. ' acil. '
The Olass Brtw. have Iteen making
! eoiisidirable repairs in their shop.
miAi) siTKitvisoits Ari-oiXTKlt. ! l.asi w eeK nicy cicancu out tiieir uucii.
The following road suncrvisoi-s Mere i Charley Banty, one of the hands ein-
appointed, the reports of their suctvss-! ployed in the work, lost his purse con
j milk should under most circumstances I
naturally increase in proportion to the j
milk as the amount of the butter is hs- j
sened. A farrow cow five or six!
month. after ? calving gives less but j
richer milk than she does at first. But j
what avails this to the butter-maker, !
if he or she cannot Separate the butter ,
from the cream In which it is inclosed? !
Adding warm sweet milk seems to en-!
tirely remove this difficulty, and has
many other incidental advantages.
These cold days make it hard for
some people to get the butter to come,
and hot water is often jtoured in the
churn to get the butter. This makes
it come sou anil white. By all means
use the thermometer in the cream, and
do not let the churn lie too eold when
the cream is poured In it. Keep it in' a
warm room for an hour before churn
ing. Bring the cream to a temperature
of at least sixty-three degrees, and
little higher mav do Itettcr. This will j
in need of repairs, and while noticing j rs being adoptetl and ordered paid : taining HO, and tqi to this time he has
The runna eti tne posiomce iiepan- . - .
' , . . . . i that repairs are being made, the com- s lt. o.
ineut that printed matter lieyomt the; . . 1 ., , .. , n
I , , , ; . i missioners urgently recommend that!
name and address of the sender of an3 i " J i
" , , ,, . . . . , ail needed repairs be expedited with all
yiostoffiec package shall not lie printed ; 1 . . , ... .
II 7 . -iii i ltossible dispatch. The little road M ill, !
on the wrapper has been rescinded by-1 , , t- , , i o
- probably be put m goo.1 condition dur- '
act of congress, and now a man can t .. .' r i
j- a i mg the coming summer. '
p:;ste his picture or any disfiguring mi-s " u . j
ages on the outside of anj postofiice j Ixformatiox Waxtkii. ScdgM'ick j
package he pleases. j Post No. 10, G. A. It., Department ofj
tir. Mark Havter, dentist, formerly j Oregon, at a late meeting, authorized:
of Dallas, Polk county, has located ' their Commander to make, through j
herein the practice of his profession. ! the kindness of the press of the State;
Tlie dtx-tor is a young roan, and comes ) of Oregon and Washington Territory, j
among us with "the best of recommend-! the following inquiry : Any informa- j
Ktioiisfrom the business and profes- j t ion leading to the knowledge of the j
sional men of Dallas. He may be whereabouts of Frederick and Alice1
found in the building formerly oecu- Aioiaer, cnuuren oi me late comrade
piel by the Kxpkkss, on Main Street. 1 Win. Morter, m ho died at Ogden, Utah,
i,, I last May, will Ite gratefully received by
Teachers' IxsfriTt TF. The Anna-! this post. Address Z. M. Parvin, Com
al County Teachers Institute will lie i mander Sedgwick Post No. 10, Salem,
held in Albany, commencing Wedncs- : Oregon.
A. T. Powell
.D. T. Ritchford
.Jerome Froinan
Isaac Ohling I land.
not found it
There Mere four Oc-rmans through
our country last M eek on the hunt of
Thev Mailt to bnv lain! oiiomrlt
....Richard Cleadle j to settle a colony of tM enty families,
....R. A. Baniford ! which are going to immigrate from
James Pugh ! Pennsylvania. There is any amount
Thos. Nichols ' of land for sale around here and some
.. Wm. Warmouth j that is very good. Kuoct.
Paul Betts
Ijeounrd Tveer j
D. H. lierce
....It. M. Fletcher
C. S. Mullan
sure M ork
and make better butter.
State pajx-rs please copy.
day afternoon, March 14. It is of im-j
portaiic that all teachers in the county i
should be preseiit. Supt. Ricd is ex-'
Itecting himself to make this the most
tsuc-eessful occasion of this kind ever
held in Linn county, and we bespeak
tor him the hearty co-operation of all
friends of education, especially the
.teachers. Prominent educators from
throughout tl'c Mate M ill lie present.
BrsiNKSs Poi.tkr5. Montague's
larg-? store is now being filled up M ith
till kinds of spring goods. His clothing
department 1 especially attractive, as
is also his extensive display of dress
goods. The grocery department is al
so complete. Call anil examine his
different lines, especially boots and
fchocs. .
W. B. Donaca has added to his well
ftelected stock of groceries and Fu
i ng goods, si m if spring at t Tactions. Re
nieinltcr, Mr. Donaca' s motto is the
latest and best 'goods at reasonable
Keeblcr & Roljerts stock of groceries,
' 'toltaivo, and cigars, is very fine. Their
eon feci ionei -ies have lieen replenished, j
V , with a very fine invoice of oranges, j
.jfc yioiis, etc. Give the boys a cull. .
-Jr ""And reus & Hacklemaa are display
AnnnioxAi. Rkmaki. The re
wards offered for the apprehension of
the murderer or murderers of the two
Chinamen at Monmouth, Polk county,
a month or more since, now aggregates
altout ?70O, anil the people of hwh- j
mouth think that this is not enough, i
They have drtuvii up a petition, to the j
governor to offer an additional rcM'ard, j
and it will lie presented in a few days
by District Attorney Belt. The Polk
county people propose to offer every in
ducement to officers and detectives to
ferret the mystery to the bottom and
punish the murderers.
SenSjbi.k. The sensible, marriage
able young ladies, of a certain town in
j Washington county, it is said, have
I effected an organization, and have re-
solved that they will not marry any
one m ho is not a patron ot home news
papers; for It is not only a strong evi
dence of the Mailt of intelligence, but
it is an indication that lie will prove
too stingy to provide for his family, ed
ucate his children, or encourage insti-
1011s of learning in his community.
Report of the Eebanon Public School
for the mouth ending February 10th,
Number attending, 4o.
Average attendance, .'50.
The follow ing pupils Mere neither
absent nor tardy :
Louie Peterson, Eva Eoseoo, Eva
Scanland, Joe Moist, Chas. Donaca,
Eddie tiny, Walter Peterson, Chester
1 Ulll.1 OIIUI'H i-ll Illjiei , .JOllll UlitfSOIl.
iliss Fannie tiimins,
Nunilter attending, 32.
Average attendance, 24.
The following pupils M ere neither ab
sent nor tardy :
Merton Burroughs and Maud Eaton.
Not absent: Stanton (Joan, Edith
Roland, Walter Miller, Jessie McCal-
Not tardy: Ora Andrews, Nellie
Burroughs, James Walker, John Bus
ier, Maggie Burkhart, Nona Miller, Ida
Elkins, Uzzie Donaca, Jay Denting,
Warden Cyrus.
Chas. S. Hi nt, Prin.
RomiKO Aoaix. Smith fc Ham
mack's store M as entered again on last
Friday night and relieved of about $S0
M-orth of goods. This time the parties
had a very enjoyable
February 15.
Farmers are busy at work.
tiaidner? are getting ready for their
Our crop of measles is about out, not
for want of new subjects, however.
Everything seems to indicate an ear
ly spring, and if the O. P. starts up
Moik soon, Me may forgot many things
of the past, in prospect of a lively fu
ture. But little of interest to eointnunirv
in general, is transpiring just now,
The general topic is the assignment or j w'n, move to Mt.lltlI11Ilf wUero w
AlewMls Johnson .1- Noieltou rCli,u ' '
February 13.
A. New-quest gave a social dance the
latter part of the week.
Dave Hare and Will Bruce killed 11
coons one night last week.
Wolsey & Co., loggers for Wheeler's
saM-mill, are putting in a fine lot of
Frank Cole reports mountain sheep
plentiful. Deer are scarce in the moun
tains. Nathan Fry, of Cedar ITatt, says feed
in the mountains is good, and his stock
is doing well.
f. Dollarhide made n flying trip to
Scio this week to settle some business
in connection M-ith the railroad.
Fall grain has withstood the recent
freeze in this locality exceedingly M-ell.
Vi'in. Riley's early sowing looks the
Mr. Francis Bellinger is having a
large tract of thulier cut on his vast do
main this m inter, preparatory to sow
ing for steek range.
E. (J,Carr, McPherson & CVs. yard
Dealer In
Boots and Shoes, j
Bought Exclusively for !
Cash from the Manufac- j
Every Pair Warranted. I
For Ladies, Misses & Children, j
i Their 'Womens' Curaeoa Kid and Tampico Goat Button, to retail at 2.,V.
i Their Womens Henderson Kid. French tanned, .Button, to retail at SXi .
i The are stitched with Silk, made solid in every particular, and will make yoi.r--
feet look small and shapely.
OIi5it-. 1 5. 3outniio, Tobanoii, Oi.
G. W. S 31 IT II,
O i"0!ron.
i 3 I-. E. MONTAGUE,
Foreign and Domestic
Periodical S
Iron Pumps, Etc.
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Vare
Goxk'to Fkisi-3. On Friday of last
w eek, F. B. Ballard left this place for
San Francisco, for Uie purpose of at
! tending the Cooper Medical Institute.
Messrs. Johnson & Shelton. These two
fji'iitieiuen in consequence of over-trading,
or, over confidence in time checks
on the O. V. It. It., have lieen compell
ed to make nn nH.signmeiit to their cred
itors, which will work quite it change
in times, financially, in our locality,
as they have a large amount trusted
out. If all the merchants were to fail,
where must we go to spend our cash ?
We might not accumulate as much
money in each individual's pocket, as
our natioiml government has in her
vaults, over which our congressmen
are quarreling as to Itest ways to Ik; de
vised to empty the money vaults, hut
really, what could we di if we had no
merchants to take our odd change.
A nice little Mar yes, a lieighttor
hood war, ha lately hrokc out not far
from here, in which a gallant ollieer on
has received a position as foreman in a
first-class saw mill.
J. (I. Reed has commenced prepnring
his land for spring sowing, lie says
the recent freeze has mellowed the
ground nicely, and it is in a line condi
tion for plowing and sowing.
Mcl'hcrson & t'o. have just finished
a steady run of several weeks sawing
of Iumher, preparatory to closing their
mill. They are sending their lumlier
to Albany where they find a good
market. W. II.
Fahmkhs' t'oxvKXTioN. John Os
horn, who was appointed hy Governor
Pennoyer, delegate from Oregon to the
Farmers' National Agricultural Con
gress, and who was elected a vice-pres
ident for that hody, lias called n meeting
Oregon Development Co's Steamship Line
Tluin I'V ulty other Koine.
First Clans Tlirnn I'liMenger Freight
Knuii rnrtlmifl nii'l U Toi'its in tlie Williimette
Valley to ami from Snit Frmieisi-o, t uL
All kinds of Repairing done at
Short Notice.
-Also Keep in Stock-
River Line of Steamers,
I-eiive l'nrtluml ft A. M.,
Krmn Mwrs. Iluliiinn & l''i !'k. 2110 ml a
Front striM-t. for ( inUi nnil luu-nnnlinte
oints. tiiH k ior t-lttst' eoniH'ftion Ht Allia
iiv hikI (.orvMllis with Tniins itf the
TIME SCHEDULE, (Except Sundays:)
Albany, 1Hi p.m. I.v. l autism. fi:it . bi.
I.v. 'ullVAI.I.Is.l :l
Au. YaiiI'ina. rVI
I.v. I in: lti:-.Ha. m.
An. Albany, ll:l" h. iu.
O fi V Trniiif titmice! t AHxiny anil l'or-8!lis.
The iiIhivi- Tniins ronncct tit Yaqiiina M ith the
tirt'L'oii it-velonmriit ( oiniiiiy' l im-of
Sti-musliii iK'twiH'ii Yaiiina aiil
Sim Froiit-Ln-o.
Kroiu S. r'. I r-rom
VI11miH-ttf Valley I Tin-. V1
Kati-ni I irupni, Moll. " ....
Williiiiu-ttc Vnlloy I Sun. " 1!i.
1 ..T C.....xmo ..P nf U.ilotll rkll thl! I.'. ..,,., 1 Mi.i,.ii I Sill.
Oll SllfO Willi ,1 Klllilll (ll-no nf fi,il tf - .
time helping ,,',",:.;,..... Z.LZ 13th of March next for the purpose f
themselves to a lunch cons st ng o i ' 1 J , T. . organi.iii"; a State Farmers Associa-
. . . and carried away a valuable dog, wh ch ; .,
oysters, crackers, etc. This it the third L,.0 ... . . .. . . i tion.
..I . ! 1J Vt IV. CO bS 11V I nilla JL 111 LI IX I m-
I Sun.,
' l!i, "
Mp!i.i'! "
Lumber - for - Evervbodv.
: . ". I
c row have on tlie ground at r"iioi and are receiv
ing every day, by Car Loais, . -
The Celebrated M'Kinzie Lnniheiv
Manufactured at the Coburg Milk. Genuine Mountain
Can iill Orders for .
time this store has been robticd, and
some of these nights something will
drop down there, and the coroner will
have a job.
Frank has done well in adoittinsr the
itig a nice line of spring goods, in con-. nrofe8s!on so UDjv adorned. by his fath-
Hection with an immense stock of the j er aRj ,xh & youI)g man of excellent I , As a toilet article, Ayer'.s Hair Vigor
u,ul TVttiH.-is shoes.,.. j :!. .i!m..: stands unrivaled. It cleanses the
1 " . tl iuaiiijcatjiiiin in iiiil ui'vv u"' i j iealp and removes dandruff, cures itc
, . . f x. . .... W . ifipf li tr i ,;.i e 1.; i I. 1 . ..i?,. ..... 4 .. I.
"- man s siock 'i juLiiiiun- i.- onty preuiei ior mui me in-wL tu i ing hutiiors, restore t lie original culir
"--Hon, as anything in his line can j r?fiS, Wit !i a liost. nf his friends in thiu f to faded anrt gruy hair, and promo
"' -i-ie verv lowest rates. i couiniunity, FrauK has our iiest wishes. its growth.
oi i ne vierory a nait oozen men on
one sideand a lone woman on the
other. liut dogs are valuable, you
know; or at least, our city marshall
thriks so, as he has the dog question
in hand just now. Scio.
Money to loan, by t'urrau A Mon
teith, Albany, Oregon, tf
Thin 'iiminnv rvM-rvcs the right to chang! Sail-
' Iiik ilntm wilhout notifc.
j I'iv-n."rin from 1'ortlnnil. anil nil Wi'.lnnirfto
Yiill-v' ioiiit. fan iiinko elixf foiiiii-ftion hli
tin Tfnliix of thf Yaui ina Hoctk tit Albany it
M-on-iilliH. urn! if ili Miiu-tl to Sun FraiiciMn, fliouM
No other spring medicine lias won j ,mW(. t urri-v at Yau.tib.ia the tveuins befuru
for itself fftieli universal coiifldeiice as j thfiiatf of wiiiDx.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It is the most f PiixM-iiKfr ici l-"r-l:lt Hatt-si
powerful com bi nation ttf veirctable al-i AIAVAYH THK LOWEST.
ternatives ever otfered to the public, j - -
and is acknowledged by the medical Vou ivtoumaticiv ' apply-to
profession to be tlie best blood imrifler. f, ,f jiwki.i. r. iv;ve.
uoi'I Kr t .V Pa Aif'l.- Act I icn I t: 1'. As t,
iin-uo:i lit'vi-lotntu-iti l o, it. P. K. K. It. 1 in.
ail Moniu'iiint-rv si.. t orviiiiiN
In fact, we can furnish anytliing in the Lumlter
Rough or Dressed, that Builders or Contractors desire.
Doors and Windows, at price that have not
named in Linn countv. Lumler delivered to anv point at a
i reasonable charsre. YVe sre here to stav and will make it ii
Uercsting to our conijxtitors.
Dr. Marllhiyter, Dentist, Lebanon,!
-i'U 1 'ruln.'i-i.-if t'nl il. 1
HAMER BROS, Spieer, Or.