The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 09, 1887, Image 1

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    J. H. STlNJi & CO. Publisher
lt.i'H UJ SL;t-.HfKU1!li.lJf.
On. Y-ar 00
MttiA. ........... 9 ....... ., 1
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tl.TK.AX) . ' - .
One flrst Insertion .....S3 00
emu u;i.Knl UltierUon. ............. ............. 1 10
".: iow. per lin , .....15 mot
LEBANON" I,'TCR so. H A F 4 A. K,: )
.1 new ou in siaiomo Bioak, sa sUard.f
KB ?rcy I,OTK!E HO. 47, t O. O. F.: Ma S.
antny arcuinf of w. t Odd Fallow' Hll,
M.m tret; tialttnj reUrn eontitiltr turltcd to
J. J. eJUAKl,TO.S, X. a.
HONOR lOPOK HO. SS. A. O. tT. W., IbBan.
ins in ui tuouta. r. n. Kosoofi. M. W.
J. S. COUtfTNKY, M. D.,
eiroffl -e la brick building, over M. A. MU-
r. m.
Notary Public and General Insoranc Agt
Oonetton and other baatntua pioHiptij aitauled ta.
Filling and Extracting Teath a Specialty
Office la W. O. Peterson's jewelry .tors.
tW All work warranted. Charges reasonable
Sisirlas. Eiir Catthst, mod 8h.apo.iai la h
laws ud
17 Fttrtmac ngpeetfnlly aoEsltcd.
Gt. Charles Hotel.
LEBANON. Oregon.
K. W. Cane Stain and Sfeenrjui Sua, w
feut at B K lvo.
H. E. PARR1SH, Proprietor.
Tables Sipp'ied with the Best the Market
Baa mbi and lb. Bm Aacosnodatioiia tot
C. 7. COTTON,:-
Groceries and Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
C O N F E C T I O N S ft Y ,
leBiware and 6Unwbn,
Zianps aad ldaap Flxtares.
XIla nu, lebB. Oki.
Meat MarXset
Freeh and Salted Bef and
Eacca and Laii. alwajs on Hani.
Main Street. Lebanon, Or.
L. Cow ah, J. M. Riurro, jr. w. Cvskx.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Transacts a Ceiera! Banking
AfioorjaLs Xept Subject to Check.
iti Tsrt, Saa Francisco, Portlanl til
AlMiy, Oreps. -
Collections Made on Favor
able Terms.
-.11. . JLJL JLJ
VUL. 1.
t C. PETERSOH & G0.,
LlFery, M kM Ms,
To oar many friends of Lebanon and
vicinity, and those of other towns, e
desire to ca'l attention to tho fact that we
hare opened on
Mapls Street, Bet. First anl Second
lew Buggies. Hacks and
Parties deslrlnjr to take a trip to the
mountains, or other places of recreation,
should call and see our
Special Conveyances
For such trips.
All Ms of Wiii & Haslim Bone
Heasonable Kates.
Temperance XIoll
SliDQtliE Gallery & Pool Tames
Xala Etrsat, Lebanon, Oregon.
Gips 81 COlCfiOUK
Accommodation of Patrons.
Parties will find this a nleaaant nlara
for innosent amusement.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Eorsssioelfli anl General Repairim.
Prices to Suit the Times.
cof sistixo or
The Latest Styles la
hats, boikets km TEinmas,
Xsla fitrseti Lebaaoct Orsgea.
Millinery linls.
Gr. w. siiiiTH:,
Lebanon, Oregon
Tin, Copper. Sheet-Iron Ware,
Ill kinds of Repairing
Alio keep
Dealer in
Also Doors, Windows and Blinds.
II a
Drugs, Medicines. Paints. Oils and Glass.
A Complete Stock of Stationery,
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Next Door to W. B. Donaca. Lebanon, Oregon.
Fasteryi Kaelae. Wis.
Los, Header and Truck.; Dump, Hand and Road Cartas Open and Top
Bua-ffiea, jfnaetona. Garnagea. BucKDoaraa, ana
OsBsral Afsnta for Canton Clipper Plows. Harrow, CalUrators. Im4
rapws, Oal. Chilled Plows, Idea Feed Mills and Wind Villa, Knowl- v
ton par Rake, Hone Powers, Woxl Saws. Feed Cotters, eto. VTs
carry the forfeit and beet assorted stock of Vehicles oa the Northwest
Coast. All onr work la built especially for this trads and rally warranted.
Bead for new 1887 catalogue. .
Mitchell & Lewis Co., Limited, 188, 190, 192 and 194
Pront Street, Portland, Oregon.
Our goods are sold by F. H. ROSCOB & CO., Hardware Dealers, Lebanon, Or.
G..E. 1AEDY,
Watchmaker.", and . Jewel e r.
....dbaler nr....
Watcies, Cloch, Jewelry, Silior Plated Ware ani Optical Boois.
o e o o o
a Specialty.
a"1 '
o e o o o
iurnxan Oan
UaUwajram. Tbr
. iilM Asaat
I. F. & H. A. Singer Sewing Machines & Machine Supplies.
urAsruRtK or
Done at Short Notice.
In stock
Braaeht Pertlaaa. r
o o o
y5Trv umticm All Work
' br mmmt O O O O O O O
voa raa.
How the Mont Notorlou Maroonrr of the
iMt century Lost All Hit Treaaore.
First of all upon the list of pirates
stands the bold Captain Ararr, one of
me insuiutors of marooning. Him we
?e but dimly, half hidlen by tie
glamouring mists of legend and tradi
tion. Others who came afterward out
stripped him far enough in their do
ings, but he stands pre-eminent as the
first of maroniicrs of whom actual hi
tory has been handed down to us of the
present day.
When the English. D-itch and Span
ish entered into an a'lUnco to suppress
buccaneering in the West Indies, cer
tain worthies of Bristol, in OA En
gland, fitted out two vessels to assist
in this laiidablo projeet; for doubtless
B istol trade suffered smartly from the
Morgans and the L'OIonoises of that
old time. One of these vcs-iels was
namod the Duke, of which a certain
Captain G b on was the commander
and Arary the ma' a.
Away they sailed to the West In
dies, and there Avary became im
pressed by the advantages offered by, and by the amount of good
things that were to be gained by very
little striving.
One night the captain (who was one
of those fellows mightily addicted to
ranch), instead of goin? ashore to sat
urate himself at the ordinary, had his
drink in his caUtt in private. While
he lay snoring away the effc? a of his
rum in the cabin. Arary and a few
other conspirators heaved tho anchor
very leisurely and sailed out of the
harbor of C .runna. and through the
midst of the allied fleet riding at an
chor in the darkness.
By and by, w hen the morning came,
tho captain was awakened by the
pitching anil tossing of the vessel,
tho rattle and clatter of the tackle
ovi rhead, and the noise of foolst p-pas-ing
and repassing hither and
thi! her across the di-ck.
-What's the matter?" bawls the
captain from hi berth.
Nothing." says Avary. coolly.
'Something's the matter with the
sh:p,' says tho captain. ' Docs she
drive? What wea'h' r is It?"
Oli, no," says Avary; "we are at
At sea?"
Come, come!" says Avary; 'Til
tell you; you must know that I'm the
captain cf tho ship now, and you
must be packing from this here cabin.
We are bound to Madagascar, to make
all of our fortunes, anl If you're a
mind to ship for the cruis why. we'll
be glad to have you. if you will be
sober snl mind your own business; if
not, there is a boat alongside, and Til
have you set ashore."
The pKr h:ilf-Kp;y captain had no
relish to go a-pirating un ler tho com
mand of his back-sliding ma e, so out
of the ship he bundled, and away he
rowed with four or rive of the crew,
who, like him. refused to join with
their jolly shipnia'e.
Hie rest of them sailed away to the
East I idies. Oa his way Avary
picked up a couple of like kind with
himself two sloops off Madagascar.
With tin 83 he sailed away to the coast
of India, and for a time his name was
lost in the obscurity of uncertain his
tory. B it only for a time, for sud
denly it flamed out in a blaza of glory.
It was reported that a vessel belong
ing to the Great Mogul, laden willi
treasure and bearing the monarch's
own daughter upon a holy pilgrimage
to M ;rca ( hey being MohammeJans)
had fallen in with the pirates, and a short resiatanco had been sur
rendered, with tho damsel, hor court,
and all the diamonds, pear's, siik.
silver and go'd aboard. It was
rumored that the Graat Mogul, raging
at the insult offered to him through his
own flesh and' btood, had threatened to
wipe out of existence the fow Eiglish
settlements scattered along the coast;
whereat the honorable India Com
pany was in a pretty s a e of fuss and
leathers. Kumor, growing with the
telling, has it that Avary is going to
marry the Indian Princess, willy-nilly,
and will tmn Rajah and eschew piract
as indecent. As for tho treasure it
self,. there is no end to tho extent to
which it grew as it passed from mouth
to mouth.
Cracking the nut of romace and
exaggeration, we come to the kernel
of the story that Avary did fa'l in
with an Indian vessel laden with grea
treasure (and possibly wi;h .the Mo
gul's daughter), which he captured,
and thereby gaine I a vast prize.
Having concluded that he had earned
enough money by the Iradj he had un
dertaken, he determined to rot ire
and live decently for the rest of his
1 fe upon what ho had already
At iirst Avary had a great part of a
mind to settle at Boston, in Massachu
setts, and had that little town been whit lc4 bleak and forbidding, it
might have had- the ho or of being
ihehomo of this famous man. As it
was, ho did not like the looks of it, so
he sailed away to tho eastward, to Ire
land, whero ho settled himself at Bid
deford, in hopes of an easy lifj of it for
tho rest of his days.
Here ho fuun 1 himself the possessor
of a plentiful stock of jewels, such as
pearls, diamonds, rubier, etc., but
with hard y a score of honest farthings
to jingle in his brecche pocket. IL
consulted with a certain merchant of
Bristol concerning the disposal of the
sfones a follow not much more
do inly in his habits of honesty than
Avary himself. This worthy under
took to act as Avary's broker. O J he
marched with the jewels, and that was
tho last that the priate saw of hi
Indian treastiro. llowa d Pyle, in
Harper's Magazi'i.
... . . .
The man whose happiness is com
pounded of such accessible simples as
duty, sympathy and sincerity, is not in
a very pitiable state, though unac
quainted with written philosophy of
any sort Zktroit Free Press.
The Union Theological school at
Tokio, Japan, supported by all the
evangelical Protestant churches, has
nine professors and lecturers in as
many different departments, two of
whom Messrs. Ibuka and Ggimi, are
natives. -
-y dtj ,1
9, 1887.
Legislation Pertaining to the Interest
oi me racifle Coast
Wabhingtom. Mitcbtlt, of Oregon,
will introduce a Jill at the first oppor
tunity after Congrees assembles to
repeal all laws, whether treaties or act
r a" . . . .
vungrreo, wnicn permit Chinese
immigration. This is the same bill
which he introduce d at the lastees-sion
of Congress. He said tiiis afternoon
that the general impression that his
bill would prohibit or prevent com
merce between China and the United
States is enoueoua. It will only indi
rectly hare a bearing on the trade
relations of the two countries, in so far
as it absolutely prohibits the coming
of Chinese to thia
those who come in govtrmnen't capai-
A1m a bill to protect purchasers of
land from the Northern Pacific rail
road, in case their is forfeiture of the
land granted to that corporation be-twe-u
Wallula and Portland. He will
-Ljo introduce a bill to reimburse set
tlers on even numbered sections of
public land within the limits of the
land granta in case of forfeiture of odd
numbered sections. This bill is in
tended to reimburse those settlers who
were com rolled to rmv ti 50 nr
for public land within the limits of
ianu grants wiucu subsequently be
came fotfeiled; settlers receiving no
benefit by the building of a railroad
because cone was built. wbil tir
ublic land has been sold at tl.25 per
Aluo a bill rar.king as appropriation
for the establishment of a life-saving
c;ew at i'aquina Bay, Oregon.
Also a bill to provide for th nw.
tion of a public building for a custom
bouse at Yaquina Bay.
Also a bill to nroviil for b annm.
priation of tl.3O00 00O for
the improvement of tlf mruiti, ,.r
Columbia river. Also $750,000 for
improvemeut of the locks of th n--
cstdes, and also an appropriation for
aquioa ana ooos oays.
He will intmdtien tlio Kill wl.i..l
favorably reported by a Senate com
mittee during the et
gress appropriating $500,000 for the
construction if a boat railroad at the
dalles of the Columbia.
Also a bill to amend Mvtinn ?tfllQ tt
the reviwd statutes relating to draw
backs on dutiable imported materials
when manufactured and ernnrtMl
This bill is det-iened to htt of honfit
to ranners of salmon hn j- ;n
upon which a du'y has been paid.
He will also introduce a bill .nm.
priating sufficient money for the final
survey and estimates for the improve
ment of the Uim oiiA rirer f.w lihu
dr&ught steamers, the surveys and
estimates to be separate, one btinir
bctwer n the mouth of th rir n.i
Scott-burg, and the other between
hcottsburg and Hurt's rapids, near
Elk ton.
He will also introduce a ioinl ron
lution for the appointment of a com
mission bv the Secrelar nf tlm N.t.
for the purpose of selecting a Eite for
a navai station on the 1'aciuc coast.
He will also introduce a bill aulho
risirg the comtruclioa of a railroad
through the Cusur d'Aleue Indian
i eser ration.
A bill for relief nf afLi1n nn uW1
lands in Washington Territory.
Also a bill appropriating sufficient
monev for the re-Riirrpw and r-lw..-
t ion, shortening and improvement of
me military wagon road between
Rogue River vallev and Fort Klamath '
Also a bill aporonrialinc mn-in f.-r
the purchase of a site and the con
traction Of a Wharf for lh nm nf Ih.
light-bouse department at Astoria.
Senator Dolnh made an Tbantivn
study of plans for the coast defense of
the country. He has prepared a bill to
proviue ior carrying out tue plans of
the commiHsion that m iii a tsmri nn
the subject some time ago. The cost of
me wnra win oe f izo,uuu,uw. me nr
bors on the Pacific coast that would be
improved under I 1p bill rn Sin Pmn.
Cisco, the mouth of the Columbia, San
uiego, and tue northern coast of
Washincton Urr!'nrv Tho hill snrxw.
priates $27,000,000 for the defense of
11 (R. a m
ow frauoisco naroor. I lie defense
would consist of turrets, barbette batter
ies, tubmartne mines, torpetlo boats,
thirty floating batteries and mortar
batteries. The bill aonror.rnatea 12 519
000 for Ihn defenRA nf Ihn mrai'h rJ iKo
Columbia, to consist of barbette batter
ies, submarine mines and 15 torpedo
bouts. The bill eivea San Diesro harhnr
$594,000 for the came purpose.
On a Denver & Rio Grande train
Saturday, a cruxy Chinaman fatally
(tabbed a passenger, and was shot bv
a brakesman.
At Warsaw. Wis., the dwelling of
Carl Honikel burned, and be and bis
five children perished. His wife es
caped, but is insane.
Near Perid. Illinois a half.wi(L,1
boy killed his brother and Mater, aged
,i .. , . .
o anu 4 years, anu men tried to Kill
himself with a butcher knife.
In a desperate fight in the Cherokee
Nation country, between officers and
outlaws, two men and one woman were
killed and two men wounded.
The bodies of John H. Gowan and
his lS-year old daughter were found
frozen stiff at their home, near Huron,
Dakota. From all appearances they
were suffocated by coal gas last Friday
The safe of the County Treasurer's
office at Centerville, Reynolds county,
Mo., was blown open and robbed of
about $20,000 in cash, recent tax col
lections. There is no clue to the
Frank McGinley a youne me
chanic, was accidentally shot and killed
at Sierra Mad re Cal., He waa there
working on a house and went out be
fore breakfast to shoot rabbits. He
stumbled over a rock and the gun
went off, the charge tearing a great
hole in his abdomen.
J. R. James, a railroad employee,
waa arrested at Oakland, Cal., for dis
turbing the peace. During the night
the jail took fire and burned to the
c round, James perishing in the flames.
It is supposed he had been smoking,
and being under the influence of liquor
carelessly Bet ore to the building
NO. 40.
rverytMng of General Interest In a
Condensed Form.
Koeeburg proposes to have a town
Grant's pas3 is infetted with clothes
une wieves.
There are thre
daily papers pub-
lished in Astoria.
A new Methodist chnrfh ia twiner
erected at Newport
A new church is just about to be
finished at Long Cre-ek.
Scab has broken out in ur,1 hdnrl
of bheep in the vicinity of Condon.
The mail route lietcHm tTnioiit
Macley has been extended to Salem.
There are about .inonm l,n.i,i
wheat stored in Pendleton, awaiting
W. T. Hill, of dnnm mimtv w..
very badly gored by an ox several of
ujs rios oeirg oroKen.
The President has aonnintf J.,h
Myers to be United States Marshal for
me district ot Oregon.
There are ninety-nine corporations,
rma and persons in Union county
rho par taxes on a valuation nf .ri fXl
and upwards.
The oast season's itsh nf ..1 fWAn in
the Coquille river was valued at over
$70,000 ; and about $40,000 of that sum
was paid in wages.
Wm. Il irdin. the IS Vftar-nlit ann nf
Charles II irJin. bid his lee broken
hile haulm? wood from Mia in fin r-
taina to La Grande.
The Whitman mill at rf,rmwini
is said to be ruonini? with rmt
cess, and the output of bullion will be
f it ; . . -
wujc ixuiu mm uiue on;
Near Mud creek. Umatilla
W. A. Smiley's little boy. about three
1 b a -
cars oivi, was iauury OumeU by falling
into a kettle of boiling water.
Frederick Berewall. timekeener for
Hoffman & Bates, was inaLantlv tilled
on the pivot pier of the railroad br dge
at Portland, by a box of cement falling
upon mm.
II. L. Robertson, livine near Grant'
Pass, the past season raise! a btond
beet measurine three feet and ion in.
hes, and a sugar beet weighing thirty-
uve pounas.
JullU ScheiJiser. an old resident nf
Southern Oreeon. and wlin ha h.-on in
Jackfon county hospital for some time
past has been declared in-ane and
taken to Salem.
The building of a new $50,000 'hotel
on the site of the old Pendleton hotel
is now assured. Over $25,000 of the
stock was subscribed in a few hours.
Woik will begin soon.
A correspondent writintr from OV
alla, says that text rear the cu'tivation
of sorghum will receive considerable
attention in that section, as the past
season has demonstrated that it pays
Dr. Sbelton's new t1i f.ixl rfi .iff
at Eugene was total It destroyed by
nie. -1 lie' uouse was just about com
pleted at a cost of $3,000. Tho M
of the fire is unknown. pribab!v in-
Negotiations have been rnmnltnl
for the erection at Milton of a large
first-clasa flourin? mill and an agri
cultural machine factory, tie mill
site has been purchased and the ditch
is being laid out
Government emoloves hem fini-hixl
weighing the mail that passes over the
Oregon Short Line, and find that it is
just three times heavier than it was
at the same time last year. Thia is a
striking and indisputable evidence of
the increased growth of the country.
The Kerbv Irritratimr anil Miltino
Company has completed a ISO-foot
dam on east branch of the Illinois river
and have a laree staff of men at work
digging the ditch to Kerby. It is ex-
pecteei that, water will be flowing
through Kerby in three month's time
Messrs. Tomlinann & Rrrv.Va thocn-
. ... , , - - t
raisers of Willow Crook. Milhwirrnnn
ty, report aloss of 400 tons of hay bv
.a . - .
lire, wnicn tney Had just purcnused
for the use of their bee p d urine the
coming winter. Incendiaries done the
work, but no clue to the perpetators of
the outrage has been discovered.
Roerue River vallew'a corn wan
a fair one thia year, although the .sea
son waa not consielered as favorable as
the average. The farmers are learning
that thorough cultivation often takes
the place of favorable weather. Few
sales of corn are. mado. hnt hn nriv
is quoted at 50 cents per busnt L
Joseph Drousrard had ilia hiirh boat
at the O. S. T. Co'a cannerv, Empire,
thia season, having caught 1,637 sal
mon. The compauv presented him
with a silver watch, six ounce case,
nickel works. On the back is eneraved
Columbia river fishinz boat with
Fort Stevena. at Ihn mon'h nf tlu
Columbia river, as a background.
The body of Thomas Dj Loughey
an inmate of the asvlum. at Salem
was found ie from the window
netting by a bed sheet Da L-iughey
had during the night fastened the two
ends of the sheet to the nitiing. made
a nnnso bv a ainolo. twist, atnelr hia
neck through and jumpe I from the
winuow silt, lie Strang eel to death
Deceased was a violent anhinet. and
was com mi ted from Multnomah coun
ty recently.
Active preparations arc beine mat' e
for starting np work at the Oswego
iron works. Over $200,000 will be
expended before oi-erat'Os beein.
Contract havo twn Lt for 90 0(1(1
corJs of wood to be chopped this win
ter lor charcoal. An immense amouut
of machinery is now en-ronte from the
East, and before mxny weeks this
great industry will be in vigorous op
eration, giving employment to about
oov men.
fracncal and successful breeders
claim that a constant supply of salt for
swine is a sale preventive of diseases.
one that can be counted on with a de
gree of certainty; that by its constant
use the system is made strong to ward
on disease; that cholera does not start
ia herds receiving this care; that these
herds often escape when all others
around them ara destroyed,
No man can court a cross-eyed
girl Without being jealous. And the
cause U that she always seems to be
looking 'at and smiling upon some
other follow. Eosion C:tru
rorr dcaarlptloa at
h Pristin Dcno ea Stint Katies.
Legal Blank?, , Buains Card.,
hMter Heads, B1U Heads,
Chrculara, JPoatwa, Etc.
Xawnted la food Kri aj krwu. B'icf ria.
Devoted Principally to "Washington
Territory and California.
Last vear Idaho pmrfofwl i r.,1.?
lver and lead, $948,5S4.
Staltle, by a lafe census report, has
population of 8.C01.
Fred. Lane-free, a fa.rnenjr. tcom
run over and killed hv a tran f ri-.iV.
land, Cal. .
The Southern Pacifia Company is
Sacramen to shops.
Pat Flvnn. the mnrderpr nf Dv.,
Shea, at Burke. Montana. h:i fwn
admitted to f 5,0?J0 bail.
There are 750,000 acres of tillable
and Still OOen for nctlkmont in (ha
Hailey, Idaho, land district
At Fan Diesro. Cal.. GAT?
was shot and killed by Luco Marovich.
Jealousy was probably the cause.
Frank - McCutchenn. a. Marfan
youth who Was believed to h
dled incendiary fires, was lynched near
oaxuaie, ;ai.
Vnnti. T f irT,,l,r1 J I
died at Mt. Idaho from spinal conges
tion, causeci dt a lau irom a wood pile
wane piaying oaiu
Alvin Rondando. acpd f,mr was
fatally wounded by the accidental dis
charge of a gun being cleaned by
Willie Towers, at WrXaonville, Cal.
Nearlv all the
Sound htve shut down for the winter.
They will start up again in the early
Wm. ITopkina. a' r.r T r
Frazier'a r.nch at. Clro ...1 fj r..i
aisLii u.xon.
Fred Salfer. a farmer, wa flpirforw
tally killed by the discharge of a shot
gun, at Hollister, CaL He waa a
member of the G. A. R,-
Willard Smith. 20 rsira nld. whn
recentlv arrived at Pasadena fat ln,i
Chicaeo. was drowned white hafhinw
at Long beach.
Gohlaw was at. R.n Tr-o
CaL, for the murder of an old man
named II. A. Grant at Los Gitos in
January last
The snowsbeds on the switchback
are strong. The posts are 10x12 in
ches and the caps are 10x16, all of red
fir. The COVer is of frmr-inr h KtnfT
also of red fir.
At San Jose, Cal.. Andres Rol,bH.
drove his team along the railroad track.
a - a . - .
wnicn ne mistook for a wagon road,
and was struck br a freight tratin. and
instantly killed.
Cat. Limar. who has hen offered
$1,000,000 for his mine at Wagon town
Idaho, has started for London, vh
he will attempt to dispose of the prop
erly at toe price attted fz, UUfJ.iAW.
Tho A vtiov r.lA n t TIT " t TT 1
... . v.u o-Jix u ... X . block
ing, while playing in a yard, ft Tt br
wara inio a neapot ourmng rubbish at
Nevada, CaL, His back and head were
terribly burned and he is in a precari
ous condition. ;
A freight-train ran into a work train
on the Atlantic & Pacific rail road
ner Williams, Arizona. Fifieer men
on the work trm were more or
injured. A brakeman on the freight
was fatally hurt
A man named Nicholson , complain- -
ant in an action aeainst Georse W.
Palmer, for asa iult with a deadly
weapow at Tiaiaana, CaL. was found
dead with a bullet bole thromrh his
heart It is supposed the deed waa
committed by Palmer, who is now in
While the steamship Yaqoina Citv
was docking atSan Francisco, the wire
connecting with the house and engine
DroKe. J lie steamer plunged forward
at full speed.when she should have
slackened, and ch ran intVi tho wharf
only stoping when striking the atone!
Mie cut a hole twety-five feet long ia
the wharf.
The Rod and Gun Club at Kittitas.
W. T., had their annual hunt a few
days since. There were six on a ski?.
Ijilliam s party scored 2.7C.J points and
Liooney's side 1,110. The kinds and
quantities of game killed were about
as follows: Three coyotes, four Lerge
ducks, six prairie chicken?, one sage
hen, three jack owls, one large hawk,
about twenty jck rabbits, twentv-nine
snipe, about thirty magpies, one pheas
ant and otlr minor varieties.
A specid from Glendive, Montan.
says : I hree bioux Indiana ce"nfined ta
the county jil for horse stealing, atta-
eked two white prisoners with table
knives, a pair of scissors and chairs.
After having as they supposed, killed
the white men, two of the Indians han
ged themselves in the cell with bunk
straps while the third tried to butt his
brains out against the wall. He only
stunned himself, however, and is all
nght now. One of the white prisoners
will die and the other is in a serious
Emily Doran, a child six years of
aje, was drowned in Little Wood river,
Idaho. W ith her brother, two years
yaunger, she tried to cross the stream,
ana both children fell in the water.
The boy was rescued by the m ither.
The body of his little sister was found
in the willows and grass, two hoars
after the sad accident occurred.
If only ine wished to be hapov.
this could be readily accomplished; but'
we wish to be happier than other peo
p e, and this is almost always difficult,
for we believe others to be happier
than they are.
John, John, there's a burtrlar la
the house! I hear him at the cup
board!" "Where von Put that pie?"
4 c
Oli, John, where are you go
"I'm going down to rescue "
-Washington CrUic
think ice cream is delicious.
George," she sakl; -I jnst love It"
"But didn't you know it's very danger
ous?" inouired Georsre. nner.silv. "i'es.
I suppose it is dangerous, bat I'm no
coward, George." .V. Y. Sun.
Times have changed. f
The milkmaid known in former (tars, t
If plala, waa not unbearable,
A often won the poets' pra ..? ; i
But the milk made now U terrtbla. ;
Washington Critta.
Soe that fellow over there? I!i3
one of the biggest men now connected
with the modern drama." I-.elt .J!
Borne great actor, I suppeiie? "Actor!
Well, I should sav not. i,
e i." r.