The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 21, 1887, Image 2

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The Lebanon Express.
t-'UlDAY, UI.TOHKU ill, law. j
',!. I 1 , NT IX l-i, IMIhic.
Hi order in ft tvinplt to vlvto-
ry on tli tuloptlmi f ttu ttiiu-iidtnottt
jirtthiliUHisx thu rtk of iutoxifuUnst
liquors In nn Hlrtttf,, we ; Mini I iift-d
vnttH. V? will tuvtl ihoiv vote Uinu
the rank of tfUnntniuH? men can ftir
iiMi for Ue It to their tvei lusting
rlwtiiu' nil ti'tnjH'innw men mt Hot
lrolublUmit, iuHIht are nil imht
liiioiSt! ttnHriui nion, ytt thoy fa
vor volitHoiy laws Mid they will
tvUully nlt In th MtinrvUn of the
liquor trnflUv We have iimw profound
rtnvt for it man who In the victim of
Intoxicating iH'vemgea ami earnestly
tUsire ihe eattae of 1 i lni1itfn tvmov
el, ami Is willing to help with hlwvote,
than we ran wetlly have for the man
w in) boasts that he "la m pxnl a tem-IK-nmee
man any," and yet he Is
(vmly with his liallot to give prohibi
tion a "blaeh. eye," when an opimrtu
nity Is a Hurtled. We want IVnioernta,
lUpnMieaii, men tf all elaswes and
ealling to walk up to the polls the 8th
f NovemH'r next ami give one Ions
and stnmjipull ftr constitutional prohi
bition. It's no use for men to be con
tinually calling tu the Almighty 'to
remove this great national evil, the
Kiloon," wielally In a republic like
tmm, If they don't vote for the mea
ref, when submitted to them, lle
tnetnler, It takes' vote. You can't
win men by whipping them In the
eya and vailing them ig,y names.
Wo must plead with them and pur-miade-
them. Iot the voters of Oreg m
ivsI w t honor and dignify them.
tolvts by rotlnpr for the right, In roll
ing j a g-ikjvl majority for the amendment.
Hwruits are wanted at the Fort Mad
bn, Iowa, penitent Lary, to fill the
wlt's cot met fr prwon labor. . The
aoC. of convh ts hired out to contrac
tors eannot he- filled, as the numWr of
ttnrjlsory visitors at the slate stone
yards i jjmwing loss eaeh year. A
petition km been sent to the Governor,
jn whirl the contractors complain
that th istate prison Is not furnish
Is the re.ju5te mimber in utrlped
t uit. It t tleplorable condition of
KZTiwr, that a frrent state with nearly
tw inlUko f people, rati not supply
a few hundred f criminals. Hut there
ts iit-lp for&o long as prohibition
drive. sunt keeps fire hundred puloon
ketarerer tUe Wrdvr. Let them re
4 urn Sew4 $;'! "business,'' and the
TnitoKtwrus Sil fill up qukkly
rugh. TbU Willi? the "deplorable
t? ) state irfira5rv jet the "jvc-h" In 8a
. lem if vKvlulativn (cariii" lit Orejfn.
"This fcn Km knld liehoore every
man in the at filio htv any irsfard
for 1 w and tmter, to C3 hl utmost for
the aiucn-vmeut ulke Sth of JXovem-
The KVoa llmt hri?nn leiiii should
nlwaj-s ke wkh their head to the
liortU, is generally reganleil as a base
lee iBpertit r e f tlue fanci
ful theM4e tt xrt-A A w rtwtniable or
mliatttial ftttt Nation can lieaBsiRned.
Frtiuh wler,ti.ts however, maintain t
tliat the Kka is pjvt?d by a pittve
weientific tfUtlu Tiicy afflnn that ev
ery Ihihmu yMem 'tis in an elec
tric lunttery, t4 hoatt 4ieing wie of the
tlcctrodest, tlw tA 4le other. Their
firoof 4i.v?rel from e x perimeuts
whieh the Atdony t Science waa 1
iowed to lake ii lite 4ody tf a man
who w a4riHtied." This was taken
tlw lnnt it fell wid places! upon a
l-ot frfe 13 tmvc s it might. Tlic
liead part, fter a little vw illation,
turViedt the hotth, and the bwly
thru realnel stationary. It wa
trel half way round by owe of the
lmtfcssor. and aaran the livad end of
the trunk inovtHl slowly to the canli
nal point due worth, the same rcnulUs
ieins npeatHt Until e final cvNtation
TorgtiuiJ n,eJirtJt,
There Is o language near vigorous
vuoiigJi with Which t denounce the
infamous traftlc in iutoxication and
pjsiwous lieverages, in this civilizeil
and enlighteneit a-; no words in hu-;
man speech to adequately depict the
burning shame of otlicial autlioritiea
" that lhwwe thir open sale, and of the
xmt multitudes of peraoa of both aex
a and all ctasses, who boldly persist
in the fin f drunken new.. A survey
if t he scorched, arid, dark, and deadly
domain of liquor maklnjr and liquor
drinking, fills any thoughtful person
with astonishment, alarm, sorrow and
In the case of Wm. Dillon, the mur
derer of Chas. Manciett, justice ha.s; as
U should be in such cases, l)een swift to
JUow the crime, and the law's delays
Have been few and hort. Dillon's
victim had been dead but nineteen
days when the jury found him guilty,
after a fair and speedy trial, of murder
Ui the eeoud degree. In these days of
perversion of the law it is pleasant to
contemplate an example of speedy
puuUhuient for a dastardly deed.
What Trnin-iiliTil nl 1 Ulr Mcclliii Mt
t'rlitMjr l.anl.
The fuUowliif Is the report of the
nutting of the Oregon Piws AHsoein-
Hon at Albany on Friday last :
The second liun'tini? of the lresn As
aoeiutlou of OiVKon assembled in Alba
ny Friday. The afternoon was con
sumed with a hualucH meeting held
In the editorial nnmiaof the Dctifu-rnt.
The meeting wan called to order by
the rtvaldent, M. I. Tlpea, of Corval
liw. In Hie ahneneo of the Secretary,
F. P. Nut ting, of Albany, was elected
Secretary pm tctn.
On motion of I'rank L'. linker,' A.
UuhIi, of Salem, wa plawd on the hon
orary list. James O'Meara, of Port
land, was also declared an honorary
member, '
A Committee of Arrangement, con
sisting of the memliers of the anaoela-
tlon in Baleni, was apioliitcd to ar
range for the next annual meeting, t
Iks held In that elty on theBeeond Fri
day In August, 18S8.
The President appointed m a Com
mittee on Programme, H. S. Train, of
Albany; Frank V. linker, K. 11. Pljr,
of Salem, and Tho. A. Suthci lan!, of
A motion that the President, the
Vice President and the Secretary con
stitute the Executive Committee, pre-
On motion the Committee on Pro
gramme and on arrangements were de
clared a Committee on Invitation for
the next annual meeting.
The ofier of the State Printer to prjnt
the Constitution, together with a list
ortneoincers ami committees was ac
Topics relating to buxlneis Intercatfl
nflvftlng the journaliwtto fraiemlty of
the State were discussed.
In the evening the regular public
meeting was held in the Opera House,
at which a large attendance was pres
The moetlnjr was opened by Presi
dent PipeH, who Mated the condition
of the association, and Introduced Col
Fithlan, who gave a full account of the
rise and progress of the pr as of the
country, which was eloquently given
and well received.
President Pines then .Introduce
Hon. James O'Meara, who entertained
the audience with a very vivid descrip
tion and history of Oregon newspapers
and newspaper men. The first paper
waa the ,Sjx-cttittr founded at Oregnii
City, in, with Oei. Per Iahj aa ed
itor. T'Vault and C5eo. I. Curry, af
terwards Terrltirial (Jovernor, were
resjxctl'vl,eilitir9 of the paper. The
,ecoiid was tho Orrgonian, with T.J.
Dyer as editor. It was first published
at Milwaukie and nuVequently at
Portland. The thint wa-i the Tinm,
Austin & Carter, publisher, and Wa
terman, editor. The fourth was tho
s'tatntman, A. Hush cnlitor. Jt was
first Issued at Oregon City and then at
Corvallis and finally and permanently
atSidem. Tho fifth was the Portland
S?anlartl with Alonxa Heland as edit
or. The sixth was the Ariju issuetl
at. Oregon Citj with NY. Ij. Adatna,
editor. The seventh was the Sentinel,
issued at Jacksonville, with M. Heggs
as eilitor. The ninth was the Ocet
JenM isssuctl at Corvallis, with Ij. P
Hall a editor.
The tenth paper was Issued at Koc-
burg, but the name la forgotten. Ken-
yon & Coon were the publishers, and
Coon the editor. The clevenlu was
the I?etfiter, got out at F.ugene City,
with Alex Itlakely as editor. The
twelfth was the Democrat, issued at
Albany, with Delazon Smith as editor.
A numlicr of others were mentioned
also. The reminiscences were very in
teresting and were listened to with ti e
closest attention.
Soni l'l-iM-tlrm! Sirn-itlin VT orlhy ttifl r
Elecllum Tlttkel Th form and Coat
Parlka who have Itcen making in
quirieseoncernlng election tickets will
lie pleased to learn that, in accordance
with the election laws of the state
Secretary Mellrlde has selected the
lalUt paper to lie used at the special
election Notmler R, 1SS7. The paiicr
5s wliite,- of a peculiar texture, and of
excellent quality. Kach sheet is thirty-eight
inches long by. twenty-four
inches wide, being double the elite
heretofore in use, and the paper will
bJ cut without waste Into balh tiof
about nine by four and three-quarh
inches, making twenty ballots to the
sheet, 4S0 tq the quire, or PGOOtothe
ream, and the cotst thereof, packed
ready for shipment, is $0 per ream, or
30 cents pcrouire. From the provisions
of the act the form of the ticket will
probally lie as follows:
Prohibition amendment.
Amendment to salaries of state offi
cers... Amendment to time of holding gen
eral elections
The blanks of course are to be filled
by "Yes" or "2so," at the pleasure of
the voter.
There h no question that the great
majority of our i tple who live In the
country do not enjoy what they might
In the way of horticultural comforts
ml luxuries. They occasionally have
a fine treat of delicious fruit, It may be
from some careful and diligent neigh
lor, or from an isolated tree on their
owu grounds. Hut during most of the
lays of the year they have nothing.
frult-ralscr sent choice dishes of
Htrawlierrlea and rasplierrles to some of
his neighbors, ottering at the same
time the plants gratis for planting
time. They were "dcltghted would
certainly plant and raise the fruit for
themselves." Hut when planting
time caiiie, every one forgot his resolu
tion they were busy alsait other
things. It Is true that one of them
Istught of a traveling agent some hlgh-
prleed plants, nuwt of which died for
want of care, and the few w hich lived
and Isire proved Inferior tot how? which
the iicltfhtior offered without pay.
If any one will take the trouble to
inquire, he will find that very tew of
his tjclghlKirs have a regular and dully
supply of fresh fruit for their families
or on their tables. Is it because, thiy
are too ixtor to raise it? Not at all;
the cost is trifling, they have land
enough, their grounds are growing
moro weeds In quantity than the re
quired growth of fniit-lsarlng plants.
The great lack is the. absence of In
telligence and the want of inteicst.
The HHiple have not Informed them
selves how easy it would 1 to provide
a continuous supply of these luxuries.
They "do not know Of the tiost and
most productive sorts. If they happen
to procure any, It docs not receive the
same care that farmers give to their
corn and potatoes, and the plants eith-
r die or yield poor supplies. It can
not Is? denied that these remarks ai
ply to a great multitude, while there
are many exceptions. Not being in
formed ns to the twst sorts, they are
nmct lines badly Ir.qwised on by coun
terfeit fruit agents. The families suf
fer the privication of Imth the health
nd comfort which might b? easily af-
ftirded. The owners, with the plea
that they "cannot afford" to raise fruit
lose the benefit of the economy which
plentiful supply would give them.
The remedy for thesj formidable de
fects Is to educate the people at large
to let them know what the best- fruit
&, how easily It may lie had under
projier ture, to learn how much It
would aid in lessening doctors' bills,
and to contribute towards making
pleasant homes. Thosa who have
plenty of excellent fruit may aid in the
good work by sending presents to their
neig!il)rs and show how readily they
may help themselves ; while on a lar
ger seaV, periodicals, Imoks and fruit
growers' societies may aid largely in
the general gHd.
After the foregoing we would say it
encouraging to olwerve that the farm
ers of Linn county are isx-oming more
Interested in fruit-raising, and in a few
years this article will not lie applicable
to them. During this summer and fall
the purchases made In this vicinity of
frult-ls'arlng plants of almost every va
riety far excels those of previous years.
The Hart let t ear is a favorite from the
fact that nowhere do they produce so
abundantly, with as fine flavor, as In
the Willamette valley. The same may
loir" llnlr liitlgurslnr.
This excellent preparation for the
hair, may la found on sale at the fol
lowing places: M. A. Miller, Helmnon;
Starr As Slanard, O, tsl.oni and M.
Jackson, Hrowiisville; F. A. Watts,
Micilil: C. Oray, J I a lacy. Sample bot
tles free. Call and get one.
There Is nothing so valuable for
throat and lung troubles, and that can
lie taken without any Injury to the
stomach, as "Mother Cary's (1 unit ne
Cough Syrup." Try It and you Mill
say so too.
J. A. Heard, agent for Lebanon
Everybody should read the adver
tisement of Halston Cox, Tho Peo
ples' tlrocer. i
ClnircMU & Mcmlcilli's 0)1'.
Albany, Oregon.
New Store, New Goods,
An Ancient Wise Man
mn wlit, 'Hhfr ! ti'itlitttg mr tttiilt-r llu mm,"
lml In an bkp of rtKni!ii llku thlf, Hip nwiilna
Is, In (t-rtnln ili'Ktw, emmi-min. Th-rt nr n -nii'llwsl
of (tiling lmliu", nn-t s hnvu Inkcn
nilvHMlnjfr uf It In MH-ll lmm (lml (iiir roii, l.
lornf fiint'it liiackiiiisU'diie slllila thi'iax'tve
tliitt B K'U ttxtitlilxhliiKl)- tow. Hut In Ihi r nlli-in.t
lo bn-Aft the IUU rt" pulilli" m-iitlmt'iit Hint up
la our ftivor, llu-f tiecsKlunly vi-nltin- forth, tike
l!u ml rliiiclt, t'Hl, wclnu llu-lr itliiwtlsr nhml-
liiv in the mm Unlit f our tiim-rpri1". hrtnk
hack wlllilu llu ir ccvi rlnit, w-rinliiit an-Hlit to
tmiH!lo with iw la tmr lino uf gxl. We luae
ulwuyn, suit i til ctmthuie In slvt) the value uf
oho liutitret cvnl fur aue tlollur.
Iw said of other
smaller varieties.
fruits, especially tue
In the fupreme court on the 5th,
Justice Iortl announced that all the
students who were examined yesterday
would lie admitted to Hie bar. The
vxamination was satisfactory, a greater
part of the candidates acquitting them
-elves with credit. Justices Strahan
ind Thayer delivered short homilies
upon the (Vutics and responsibilities of
the legal profession, and the newly-
tleilgtHl lawyers were d ism Issed.
A man who has no opinion fa a fool
and the man who is afraid to express
his opinion Is a coward. A fool is to
he pitied, but a coward is something
for which neither God nor man has
any use. This is more than applica
hie to many persons just at this time
who are afraid to say whether they are
in favor of prohibition, r not.
Oov. Pennoycr has received a letter
from score tary Endicott, stating that a
requisition of the state for arms and
equipments to the value of $2700 had
been allowed. This is Oregon's quota
established 1 y law. The siiecial requi
sition for arms sufficient to equip tl e
military of the state was not granted.
The arniij allowed are 103 in number. .
Kt-irnisslilriK Goods
Hats, Caps, Hisits, Shoes, Choice
Selections in Fancy Summer Neck
Wear, Silk Underwear, Halbrlggan
Underwear, Fish, Clark & Elugg'n
The very Het make of Hand Sewed
Shoes, and the very latest Styles
In Mens Hoys' and Youths' Cloth
ing. All the Celebrated makes of
Bright New Fresh Goods,
And as honest, fair and square
dealing Is our motto, we nsk the
public to call and get prices.
C. B. Roland & Co.,
One door West Revere house, Albany,
-Dealer In
Boots and Shoes.
nought Exclusively for
Cash from tho Manufac
Every Pair Warranted.
For Ladies, Misses & Children,
Now fo r : :
Ho More Big Profits and Long Credits!
li o Cot rHjilo
Dress Goods.
W'ti are wlIhiK tint (rtuwU wi exlmiu-ly Utir II ml
llio iHillcM arv mm limn tk-MK'l ntul the rliililivii
re fon-pJ i eiMriit m
(Limited Line.)
CHAS. N. SCOTT. - Receiver.
Oniinil nfli'r S'it. T. IJ. stxl until fiirtlx'r m-
ti-v lniliw uiUruu Uaily j.-nvl Siiisln)-) nx lol-
(-bur Mrtll.l:
A syndicate of wealthy Republicans
lias purchaseil the AYw York Graphic
from J. W. Hinckley. The syndicate
includes: levi P. Morton, Frank
Hiseoek, Thomas C. Platt Cornelius
N. Wiss, Stephen H. Elkins and one
other. The Graphic will lie conduct
ed as a Republican iiptr. Hinckley
still retains a minority interest in the
Ktock. It is said that the paper will
IwTeafter lie run in the interest of John
Sherman for President.
Hecause Texas and Tennessee have
poue against prohil iiion ly the aid of
negro Votes is no le.ison that Oregon
ahould not carry the amendment. The
voters of this state are free, intelligent
whites and realize that this may be
tlie only chan-e they may ever have of
vluaing up the doggeries.
The water of a pool which becomes
impure from the decayingorganic mut
ter in it may be made clear and fit for
uo by mixing the fine clay in it. Take
some clay and mix it into a paste with
water, gradually diluting it until a
barrelful or more of thin slush is made.
This is distributed over the pond until
the water-is thoroughly clouded. - As
it slowly settles it carries all suspended
matter down with it and leaves the
water clean and pure. This process is
used in clearing the water ot reservoirs
which become turbid in the warm
weather, and also for clearing the of
fensive liquid known as sewage or the
discharge of sewers. The bottom of
the pond should be cleaned cut occai
ionally and the collected sediment
used as menurc.
, - . ; : , i Wecklir World from A. Noltner, i
If Probation is not a success, why ,t &s & Democratic
don't those states wiucn nave aaoptea
J. W. Young, one of theowneisof
the Arlington mine, has bought the
day Democratic pa
per. It is understood that the price
paid was $3.f00. Mr. Young is a law
yer by profession, and a journalist of
quite an extended experience. For a
long time he was employed on the
Halt Iake papers, and later on was the
puplisher of a paper at Spokane Fall.".
On that iro-as-vou-nlease idan, of ! He has also been connected with other
electing officer in the city of Itoseburg, j newspaper ventures in the Northwest.
mtfxt to elect all
it return to license? If it don't pro
hibit, why-is the liquor capital of the
whole nation arrayed against it, fight
ing with the desperation of men who
would rather die than try to taru a
living bv honorable means.
it pleased the jieoplo
Hie temperance candidates. The eiti-
xeuaof a c-ountry, city or town, always
safer in the liaiid-j of U'iuj.traiicc i
?n IVirt
I. UI li
It. SI
II. 11
I -.MS
11. -'l
12. HI
1 -!..
Arv 1
Lv I ifi
2 21
a.u -.-.
4. Ill
4. Ill
. n
. in
Ar. r.
llilHirw Mall.
Tuwanl IHirt-ImiiiI.
IH'MinS Jl M-TN.
Ful-iurtrtx Ait.
lln' Ijtiutinc,
SI. Phllt .
FmiM-h ITlrk,
I T(wn-'ml, .
51. Aimvl,
JhIim.imi'h Mill,
S tim-rlaiiit,
Kn-4 St'le Jiimikm,
WVM Stnynm,
;rTi-l I'll.
North Snnlinni,
i; Wi-i s-l. I
Tliin' KK-k, ;
I I'mlrtn-v,
siihvr t
TiilUann. j,
I vm, 1 1
lliiinvuM-, j
I.Iiiii. i
Unmr.-villr. i'
Twin tnlt,
Ivtmlriticl ;i
I rrl--lwr, it
Wilkin. ;j
I CHil.'KU. i:
Arr. I v ' I.v.
2 -.-
I.v .Mil
An- l.a'i
I. 7
I 111
I I. Mt
1 v U . V,
Arr !!.:
II l
li in
HI ll
7. Ill
b. 10
A copy of 11. F. Marple's death war
rant signed by Judge Itoise has been
received by H. Y. Thompson, Marple's
attorney, In which the time for thu ex
ecution is fixed for Noveinlior 11th
next. An effort will tie 'made by Mr.
Thompson to stay the execution.
Insure your property in a home com
pany the Northwest Fire and Mailne
Insurance company, of Portland Ore
gon. A. K. Cyrus, agent, Iebation Or.
Why suffer with that 'aching head
when you may lie cured with Ayer's
Cathartic Pills? Send a 2 cent stamp
to Ur. J. V: Aver S l:o., Liowell, Alass. i
tor a set of tiieir attractive album
To Whom It May Concern.
All parties knowing themselves In
debted to us either by note or book ac
count must make their arrangements
to meet the same by IX'cemlior 1st.
We must have money to do buisuess
on. IVm't wait lor a personal dun,
but come forward and make settle
ment of same and oblige?
Thompson & Watkks.
Market Report.
LebaxoS, O't. 1'.
Wlieal fine per bus-liel.
lnt Mir rn-r Il3.--nel.
Fl-mr s.").ci iht hnrrel.
I'ntutnes 7oe 'r Inishel.
Kinr SV r-or iliwn.
BiHter -'V per ll.
Ijinl l-2Je ier Iti.
Apples, umt-n 5iV per fi-hel.
Anj'le. Iriet fiftr-Kie per lb.
I'Iuiiin, drie.l N-erU.
I'rniies. -Iritti we per lh.
Hiiiiis. 1-Ji-J I lSe per lb.
Siimiliier s liv fier Ih .
BHeon 1(1 l2.V'i-rlb.
foal Oil (H.ii jier o (nillon can.
Religon is preached by many, pro-
- fessed by more, but practiced by few.
A complete line of school ticoks at
Vote for Prohibition!
0 -M'im
Song and Dance.
Etvryonc re)ihxn at Ilie
Stock Hogs for Sale.
The undersigned has for sale a tine
lot of
For further particulars call at farm
on 1 lanillton cret-k, or address.
Ixltnnon, Or.
" The Peoples' Gjiocek,"
OoiVfl-lll (Bentou County, Ol'OOll.
They nit'l help 11.
Iwreuliui liter tfet uf B.
In the Willamette Valley.
30 Tons Received This Week!
Tin Onrlit1s of Oliotoo Ofclai llrtc i't-oitt lel-
Ints JIn tnilli ni'oi'M und Iniporterw In Hun lriiiii'ls-
o tiitl C?itlutf , nnl more on tlio -witj-J
We are tills rv-ason determined to eclipse alt our former effort In presenting
the nubile with the largest. Fnest ami most Complete stock of goods In ail
departuietits 'ver brought to this country. The enormous Increase In our busi
ness has enabled us this season to buy in immense lots, thus taking advantage
of lowest figures. You will find our store and warerooms full from top toboU
torn cfcf choice gools that cannot be Iiait elsewhere.
We do not make you flat ferine promises as to our Bsr trains, and after cut
ting y.u to our store charge you as much, or more than It same goods can be
tMiiiKht for elsewhere, as I the case with many houses. We give you our prices
In Plain Figures on many leading articles, and punrnl,1the same low fig
ures nn evervtbinii'ln our store. We (i t ' A I! A Tl: h:TVt v article to lie as
represented, and our guarantee amounts to just this much j it, upon examina
tion at vour own home, any article lsiuirht of us, falls to come up to our repre-
wetitalion lu any point, return K aim get your money i K. cs, some win say,
nut now can we wno live niieen or tweniy mii- away lane time 10 come naca
to Corvallis fur a few dollars, perhaps ? We answer, write and explain wlierein
tiie irrssis fail to give satisfaction, and we will make It satisfactory : and if any
eoodshavc to be returned we VAY ALL J-'UIUUST VHAIiGE&t We do
Business on the i-iuiire, and we wean Business every time I
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchitis, a
ceaseless tickling in the throat, and an
exhausting, hacking cough, afflict the
sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great
prostration follows. This disease is also
attended with Hoarseness, and some
times Loss ot Voice. It is liable to be
come chronic, involve the lungs, and
terminate fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pecto
ral affords speedy relief and cure in cases
ot Bronchitis. It controls the disposition
to cough, and induces refreshing sleep.
I have been a practising physician for
twenty-four years, and, foe the past
twelve, have suffered from annual at
tacks ot Bronchitis. Alter exhausting
ail the usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral It
effected a speedy cure. G. Stoveall,
M. D., Carroll ton. Miss.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is decidedly the
best remedy, within my knowledge, for
chronio Bronchitis, and all lung l meases.
M. A. Bust, M. !., South Paris, Me.
I was attacked, last winter, with a
severe Cold, which grew worse and
settled on my Lungs. By night sweats
I was reduced almost to a skeleton. My
Cough was incessant, and I frequently
spit blood. My physician told me to
give up business, or I would not live a
month. After taking various remedies
without relief , I was finally - s ..
Cured By Using
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
I am now in perfect health, and able to
resume business, after having been pro
nounced incurable with Consumption.
S. P. Henderson, Saulsburgh, Penn.
For years I was in a decline. I had
weak lungs, and suffered from Bron
chitis and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral restored me to health, and I have
been for a long time comparatively vig
orous. In case of a sudden cold I always
resort to the Pectoral, and find speedy
relief. Edward E. Curtis, Rutland, Vt.
Two years ago I suffered from a severe
Bronchitis. The physician attending
me became fearful that the disease would
terminate in Pneumonia. After trying
various medicines, without benefit, he
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
which relieved me at once. I continued
to take this medicine, and was cured.
Ernest Colton, Logansport, Ind. tt
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared by Dr. J. U. Ayer St Co., Lowell, Maaa.
Bold by all Druggist. Price tl; aix botUe,5.
Boots and Shoes.
We are nole agvnt ft lmr sl-li-r't 1oulle
lark kip Ixiiil We M Hflwa -a-w f th-e
IkhiI kv-1 wltrtrr, and jrij; In wllllilrijr
j-rar. 11m y have no n(Uh1 In Hit market: we
a 111 bm-k thl amrtktn l,y tair aitviiKih. liurrliill
a-vlk-lw -lO U ami Mmm-lih 1tl IIm. Wr are no
ft-altir wvliititu to tlm RviM-ml iihtvImiimII- ImI-
ih-mi la 1-lmiMm, are heavy; tmr ii k l
ts-ary; war ab- are tM-arr: an are iir rnwuw.
and Ilie llKht thins la the buiiH fat !t- infii.
t'raUf till head we haw ayverat sMittim lhl
a ark. wilts;nt ainoriK whli-h l (Hir itrMln Irxlh-
i-r n4, ami tair tliaihW Ixu k Ixus, ali a larsv
. k Ih tnntlt. We are at 111 ulllng ilie n ktra-
U-J Jnme Mean" ta.00 shoe.
lk ftmr tetalW fnr fr!lnal S3 tiiiaaw
Kaaattaaalaaa-lraa karlalhlaSiaa.a f!r-if1
I A tl r C MIT A MR v 'vv.
63 SHOE.
yi teln KultmtXunnrni t
r Ktjtt.r Trrtt'.rr.
T. Hears & Co.,
41 linr..B
tvtwa. I1w
Tlila hnm stands titer In tr ttnatln of
Wrarrt-s than anr shr In lha world. limuMUMla
teMlttUiwU Utaraaaua U j si aa Uam,
f WW ,
f i sa " 3- iv
Rubber Boots and Oil
A man ran At fy the rU mi-nt" eml Iminh at
Ihvm trben he ia equifa1 u lllia mill if iiir nil
i-hrthlns a air f inir mhlier lanSa. We ftir
nUh Hie nion tm rallnwl work ami tht-r mual
I taw the brat. They are tike Ihe baWinre fT the
(NHMile, when they want nl rimxI attd enn n4
n mie thetaat-lvea tliey Kiid to I'lum-liiU i Mun-Ivlth'a.
Corvallis Mills Best Flour, per sack,
Corvallis Mills Best Flour, per Bbl,
Pearl Coal Oil per can, $1 15, per Case
White Beans, 30 lbs,
Best Table Rice, 18 lbs,
Best Eastern Syrup, 5 gallon kegs,
1 cans,
Extra C Sugar, 15 lbs,
Golden C Sugar, 16 lbs,
Granulated Sugar, 14 lbs,
Best Costa Rica Coffee, 4 lbs,
11 .-.- 11
Best Rio Coffee, 4 lbs,
Japan Tea, 5 lb chests,
Savon Soap, per box,
Cold Water Bleaching Soap, per box,
Corn and Gloss Starch, 3 papers,
Salcratus, 4 papers,
Soda Crackers, per box, ;
0ysters,-:-large cans,-5 for
Liverpool Salt, 200 lb sacks, ;
M fl r
100 .
t f ;
Stock " 100 " "
Pickles, 5 gallon kegs,
Tomatoes, 8 cans,
Beans, 8 .
Si o5
4 20
3 25
1 00
i 00
2 25
l 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I Ii!iv" ftr at i:v f trjji. r--:ir :
r, n iMnlU1'! f'iii.iiiiit f th 1 ''or.' ! i r
WhiU l.'yv," wiihh run be hfi-i at u
he "."-M'h-t'f Va-ho'i-." I-'.ir f-ntlt-r
lartlculars fiilj' to I). 1". If A iniha.v.
- -Proprietor of tle
Fountain House.,
Tli Hfaia t fwnilel In all of ll DepaHm-nt
furnJolit'ig Ilie bext tit Afmrnmnlatiutiii lo fmz
tie TbilttriK the Kati f pring.
Board, $1 per Day, cr $3 per Eeci.
General Uerchandise,
Dry Goods, Groceries
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps
And an Kii.ih'i Vrk?ljr of
Horse Shoeing a Speciality
, R. C. Watkins,
REpalring of AH Kind3 at Rea
sonable Prices.
fit A RflES:
Shoeing fill around, new flioc, f 1.75.
Having located to stay I ask a nhare of
ibeiniblic patronage.
Contractor, Caqienterand
Plans &, Specifications
AU Kinds of Carpenter Work Done and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
rrlees Very Krsonntle.
220 Miles Shorter I
20 Hours Less Time!
f 1 fill 1
Li lif
J S j ef
. Otir stock of clothing l all that run be clesirol.
You have an enUea variety from which to mukc a
stlcclion, We can bucvly iiU.-u.-c you.
Crockery find GhiHHAvaro.
la thta drtrtmctit T nflt-r a full atot-k of fupa anl Sanrrra. rrbhea, Flatea. BotrK Dinner and
Tea acta, (ilaaa. Fruit ami IV-rry rtfchea, (ilaaa afla of r iriorja design and prim. Plain and Ifecoratetf
Toilet acta, etc., etc. Our atock of Lampa win be the moat eomplele yet oil err 1. embracing; wt and
nmvl dcaifni In llanirine, 8tad and Llhrarr lampa, with the lateat Improved borncra. etc. Table
lljlU-ryof all kluls, Kucvr Itr.w' Ttrlpple Plated Kuivca. Fork and Hponna. Hunting. Butcher and
Tucket Knlvea, Pllrpr-platcd KcU fijr cbildn-n, e:c Lantern and Lamp stock of all kinds. Peoria
Mono Jars, Jug, ttiuroa. Etc., etc.
llmoma, Wlvp-bmoma, Pu.t-pana and Bruahea, "tore-bmshca. Shoe bnisbea. Tuba. Pails Batter
IVm K Ilutter-mHildK. Washhoarda, Rolling jiina, Lunch-baxkcta, (lothea-baskcta, etc etc. Tobacco
of all klnda, Itjica, etc., etc.
liippiiifr; Toixirtiiioiit.
pHrtlea living at a ditnce can have good hlppcd to any aeccaaible point by cendlns their orders
by mail. Wc are dally reccirlng onler from all part of the country, and the steady Increaae in thta
department the !et evidenco that we give entir. aatiafnetion to onr cn.tomer ordering thta way.
Hend finr mir full printed price list, aent free tm application. Siend in your order and If not found at-
lafuctwry the giaxla may be returned at onr expense.
-A. foAV AVordi-t itli tlie Pcoile.
AVhen two year ago we atari cd In bnalneaa, with (aa one of rair competitors then remarked) a bar
rel of augar and a aack of coffee, we did so with a determination to succeed. On the barfs of Low
Pricea, Fair Dealing, the Beat Goods, at One Price for Cash, It ta needle to say onr anticipa
tions have been fully realized. From a very small beginning onr btrtnea has grown compelling as to
enlarge our quarter three times, and we are still crowded for mom. We fully appreciate the generous
latmnage received from the people of all classes, who have from the first stood by us. Onr auccesa is
due to tlwin and to them we extend our thank. We shall continue in the future to conduct bnsinesa
on the aarue principle thai have proved ao successful in Ihe port, vi :
The Best Good at the Lowest Price ft Cash. All good warranted as represented, or money re
funded. No bait offered on a few articles In order to catch you on others.
We invite the public to call and Inspect our stock. We shall lake pleasure In showing good
whether you purchase or not. - - ;-
On your Winter Supplies.
Free to those Coming to our Store.
. . -,
Or Your Money Rcfimdcd.
The Peoples Grocer, Corvallis, Oregon.
Accommodations Unsurpassed for Com
fort and Safety. '
Fare and Freight vt. Ttihwi wl the Oresrnn
revel'ijin-tt's ateam.bij nttK-h k" thATj 1-r
any jtber rmn? t?tw-en ail puiiiU In TVillit!iette
Valley aiKl San Fran-W.
Except f-tuxinys)
Ijpave laqrrtna Saw a. n. Ijeare Artwrrr liW t. w.
Leave t'-valltt IffjM A. n. Leave lvl!ial:47r. n.
Arrive Albany U.l" A. . ArrjTe Yjuina i.x.
O. A ('. Train eoanect at Albany and Curval!.
WM. H. HO AO. C. C. Hit AC.
Ueneral Manager. Acting ii. F. P. Ajrt.
turvaiiv, tr.
Oregon Development Co.
fonnecttrnt at Yarrrrlna with the Train uf
Oregon Farte Kailnaid (Vanpany.
. mm aix riN iw n.
Eastern Oregon. Toesdav Octoher 11: Ymvntn
1ty. Ktnrday trtoier IS: Willanuife ik-v.
Thurlay ti-tjbeT Jl: Eastern Orewn. Tnwaiay
CK toUrr J5: Vaquina City, llnnday October 31.
Faox TAortSA.
Willamette VaTW-v. Thtsrsdav October 13: Fjs-
ernltreijtm, Toeaiiay rtlr l: Ynqtii" l itv
Soturday Oi-Uilr 22: Willamette Valiev. Thorli
-tl?r '17: Eastern Oreeon. Tnewtay Siaremlu r 1;
laquuta I. tty, e-iinaay oventuer .
- And Cnnnectfcm
The Mt. Shasta Route.
CloMe connection mle at Axhfeuid with atajre)
of Ihe California, Un gii & Idaho Stag CUBtiny.
Only l:i I of HtHKlntr.
Time bet wcea Albany ami San Fraaracav Si boor.
Calinrila Expra Train Daily.
I tmr. Iave
n-if, r. nj Iav
s.: a. Jt.- Arrive
Arrive I 40 a. j.
Ijeave) T"ft A, Jl.
Leave 5-.
Local Passenger Trains Oally (axcapt) Sunday
Hflll . M.
l-i:lr-. X.:
r. St.;
A Utany
Arrive S . .
Leave , 1 1 ,". a.
Leave rt a.
Local Pasaengar Train Dally (except) Sunday '
:11 P. M.
r. m.
'Or. jiJ Leave
Arrive it" a. Jf.
Iave 5i A, M.
Arrive J:tii.m.
Leave-! p. m.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
Dafly between rortland and Ashland, SekJyou'a
and t-an Franci-cu.
Between Fwnland an-1 Ashlaml, Skkiyou's
aul nib Francisco.
The O. Jt C R. K. Ferry make connection with
all the resrulir traius uci Ilie East ide Dir. tzixs
ftx of F, street.
" West Side Divisten.
Letters of Inquiry Promptly Answerctl.
to any Point Desired .,3
Mall Train Daily (ec SuwAay.
T-;a.mJ Le8-
VirSp.mJ Arrive
Leave l:fa
Express Train Daily (excpt Sumtay.
4:,"l n.
R.l n. m.
Lea vi?
Arrive I9:W
I .-" a.
At Allwny and Corvallfci connect with trains l
Orrcon l"jM-iri-railrl.
4 -For foil int.rni.-i:Mi recrr.iiiKT n, mays
etc call on t-mtiaiiy'- a-eni.
JiaJiaT F. Ff. A'-t (.
itrrl'u llvi..rVt:.n.