The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 15, 1887, Image 3

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Fill DAY, JlOlo, 1?ST.
Local and General.
Ir. rowel 1 returned from San Fran
cisw, on Sunday last.
Misses Flora- ami Vesta Mason, of
Albany, were the guests of Miss Mamie j
Montague, a part of last week.
Thos. Feebler has taken t lie contract
of hauling 300,000 feet of lumber, from j
Lielay's mill to the (), P. railroad.
Wells, Fargo & Co. have placed an
express letter box at Hardy's jewelry
store, -which is quite a col 1 veil ie nee.
C. B. Montague has further adorned
his mngnifteient property ou main
street,' in completion of a very neat
' ham. f . '
The picnic given by the Rook Hill
Union Sunday school, on June 30 was
a grand success. Many were m at ten."
Judge Miller's address on the Fourth
at Sweet Home, was highly appreciat
ed, by all who had the pleasure of hear
ing him deliver it.
On the way wy from Fort land . U,,
wcck, we nan ue pleasure oi uoccivci
BctJtt's company, and from him learned
some things of interest, to the people
concerning the little road, which we
will refer to in another issue. AVe re
gard Mr. tSeott, as very much of a gen
tleman, anil acknowledge a number of
compliments, through the generosity of
him, and the agreeable employees of
his road.
A natural bridge, closely resembling
the one in Virginia, has liecn discover
ed in Cole's valley, about thirty miles
from Oakland, Oregon. The natural
bridge so closcl v resembles the one in
Virginia that it is a matter of no trou
ble to aeo any distinguishable character
istic, save in hight. The dimensions
are as follows: Length, 19 feet;
breadth, 15 3:3 feet; height, 68 J feet;
span of arch, 12J feet.
Dr. J. H. Johnson is about to leave
us. He contemplates going to Lebanon,
Oreg., the fore part of June. He came
here with his family nliout a year ago,
an entire stranger, and has won the es
teem of all, both as a citizen and physi
cian, more so as the later, he having the
utmost confidence of all in his profes
sion. His wife will also lie missed in
the church as she has liecn a power
ful acquisition to the elioir during the
past year, I icing always willing to as
sist in any puoiie demonstration wnen
A peSume Doscrlptlve of the Many
Flourishing Localities of North
eastern and Southwestern
Linn County.
Wallace & Thompson, the live gro-
cerymenof Albany, will occupy hand-j needed. Onkda (A". 1".) Union.
B-kne quarters in Judge Flinn's new The Doctor and family arrived here
brick when completed. safely. "While he has not decided, It is
(jMrs. William Reed is visiting rcia j to be hoped, they will permanently re
tivesnd friends at Walla Walla W. main in Lebanon.
l. we wish ner a very pieasaut via
it, which she M ill no doubt realize.
" "Flirtation whist" i the latest. The
defeated parties are. doomed to retire to
another room and entertain each other.
, The strategy in the game is in getting
tiTrlght partner.
,?The land commission issues a circu
lar which states that lands bordered on
New Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Walt. C. Peterson A Co. have open
ed a first-class livery feed and sale sta
ble on Maple street, let ween 1st and 2nd
streets near J. O. Roland's harness shop.
They have new buggies, new hacks,
new harness, and reliable teams, and
everything in first-t-lass condition, and
streams, lakes or other natural bodies ! will accommodate the public with any
of water are not subject to entry under ! mode of conveyance at very reasonable
will in no way conflict with his jewel
ry bnsines
Waterloo Springs. '
the desert land law. j rates. This energetic firm, has our
Prohibitory constitutional amend- wishes for success, and no doubt
inents will lie suomitted to the vote of j wil1 succeed. While the management
the neoole this vear. in Texas in An"-- ! of the concern has fallen to Walt, it
f ri j
ust, in Tennessee in September, and in
Oregon in November.
On Monday morning last, Messrs,
William Donaca, J. C Gordon, and
RulT Hiatt, startoel with a band of cat
tle for the mountains, whej-e they will
pasture them during the summer sea
son. In another column will be found the
"ad" of B. II. Barke
ville and Waterloo
I do not desire in speaking of this
place, to call attention to the soda
spring here, for every person in the
county, and in fact in the State, knows
of it and its medicinal properties: but
Linn county is bounded on the north
by the north fork of the Santlam river.
Lying between it and the south fork of
said river is the nortlwwtcm part of
the county, known as H ' a'l.-ida." Up
the north fork is (lu; ri'iiU- s -leeted for
the O. P. railroad which is destined to
connect with the C. .'- X. W. road at
Boise City, Idaho, making another'
transcontinental route, and opening
up some ot the Iniest vall.ys in tins
part of Oregon. Up this valley lives
some of Linn county's best and pros
perous citizens who will be largely ben
efitted by the completion of the O. P.
road, as it will open ui a country more
or less rich in mineral, and containing
the finest of farming, grazing and tiin
lier lands.
Coming south, wo find Thomas
creek valley. This is a fertile valley
in -which is located the busy and thriv
ing town of
which commenced its growth in lS-"6;
was incorporated in 1800, and now con
tains (500 inhabitants, several church
es and fine educational institutions.
For a long time remote from railway
communication, Scio's growth and de
velopment was retarded; but with the
advent of the Narrow linage road it
commenced improving and lias con
tinued to do so until now, with the pro
posed O. P. road, it bids fair to grow
and prosper as only a lively town can.
for the surrounding country is most
agreeably diversified, nlFording fine,
timber, grazing and farming lands.
The climate here is salubrious, and the
streams afford good sport for the ang
ler. Fcio is the trading point for a
large area of country above on Thomas
creek, and on Crabtrce creek, which is
the next stream south. In
arr school districts No. 1 and 2, which
shows that some of the first settlements
in Linn county were made 1m this vl
cinitv. Some of the finest of farms
fare til' it. i.v-rrrio people who support
It. To this nd we Invite notes of lo
cal Interest from the many places men
tioned In this article.
Six miles tip the Santlam river from
Lebanon, are the Waterloo falls, one of
the iest natural water-powers in the
State. Here is a very desirable loca
tion for any kind of manufacturing es
tablishments, especially lumber, as
large bodies of timber lie adjacent easy
of access. There Is now on foot, under
the direction of Mr. John Wirt, a very
plausable scheme to organize a mauu
facuring colony for this place, and we
iK'lieve it Is only a question of time
when this great power will be utilized
to the benefit of the entire county. At
Waterloo Is also to lie found oije of the
finest soda springs that ever gushed
out of the solid rock. It attracts many
tourists and invalids annually.
so called on account of the soda springs
at that place, is situated on n bluff
over-looking the valley. From this
eminence a most delightful view of the
country surrounding Lebanon, Albany
and other places Is to be obtained. The
springs are public property, and dur
ing the summer season the hitle town
Is enlivened by many tourists and oth
ers, some of which camp during the
heated term. The drive from Leba
non, four miles, Is a very pleasant one,
which also makes the place attractive
A first-class hotel under the manage
ment of Mr. Khun, furnishes ample
accommodations for all who go there.
Seventeen miles from ix-banon up
the Santlam river, Is the beautiful little
valley above named. Among the nu
merous well-to-d-stcx-kmen and farm
el's In this vicinity are J. E. Morris.
II. C. Moron, the Ames brothers,
J. Shea, T. A. Morris, Mr. Rus
sell, Mr. IUggs, Mr. Jackson, Mr. OII1W
land, and others. At the lower end of
the valley Is the village of Sweet Home
consisting of three stores, two hotels,
one blacksmith shop and a tannery.
The district school numbers alut 41
scholars and is in good condition finan
cially, which indicates the prosperity
of the community. In the upir part
j of this valley is located the figuring mill
July 12.
A severe frost visited these parts, last
Sunday morning.
Mayor E. C. yVheeler of East Port
land, Is in this troy.
Hereafter the Revere house In this
city, will will lie run on the European
plan, that Is without meals.
Yesterday Mrs. M. J. Card well died
at her home, near Miller's Station.
Born In this city July 11th, to the
wife of Sheriff Smith, a deputy lxy.
An excursion from this city to the
Cascades, Is anounccd for next Satur
day. Fare for round trip only 3.60.
The county court in conjunction with
the Marlon county court, has decided
to build a bridge across the Santiam
at Nehama.
Mrs. Berry was thrown from a wag
on near Harrlsburg yesterday, and had
her right arm broken twice, besides
receiving other serious injuries.
Parties here are willing to take half
the stock In a $40,000 paper mill, and
there Is some talk of furnishing a'
stock company, for the erection of mills
of that kind.
Geo. Humphrey went to Ashland
yesterday to arrest W- R. McDonald,
of Harrisburg, whom it was claimed
was endeavoring to leave the state to
defraud his creditors.
Atrouting party of three gentlemen
from this city, went to Eugene City
last Saturday evening, and returned
Monday, coming down the river in a
lioat. They captured about fifty pounds
of trout.
flirt -nf fro cotmnt'iiifv wiin lli'nwa
into a whirl of exiHi-mciit lust week.
by hearing several phots hi rapid suc
cession. . M. A. Miller shot and killed
Hi prices at his drug store. Noarrests.
Twine! Twine! Twine! 12 and 15
cents. Every ball warantcd at F. H.
Roscoe fc Co.
Farmers can save money by buying
their machine oil of J. A. Beard, Lcl
iinon, Oregon.
Call an examine the new furniture
received during the past week, by F.
J l. Koscoo & i'o. they now navean elm
less variety of chairs, Ioung-s, tables,
stands, rockers, lied steads, lied room
scts, and everything else usually car
ried in a first -class furniture store.
They to sell at prices that defy
Lots of new buildings going up now,
and E. (Joan is selling lots of furniture
und hardware.
Do You Want IfaHhvaW .
There Is no use of yonr going elsewhere, when you can buy your 11nnvo.r -Home.
We would respectfully call your attention to our large stock of
Builders nod Contractors Supplies,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, Axes, Saws, Garden Toois.
The celebrated Mitchill wagons
SSQ.Od cash, at F. H. Roseoe & Co.
Bugcies and hacks, cheaper than any
place this tide of Portland, at F. II.
litweoe A Co.
Money to loan, by Curran
tcith, Albany, Oregon.
Buy for cash, sell fjr cash, and give
farmers the advantage of low prices, is
the way F. H. Roscoe & Co. docs Dusi-
n ess.
PEXTLASD. At Ms riviMniwe In Prim Ijnn
o miitv irca-Dii. on t!ic iiioniinaof July 5. 1H7, vf
nppoi'k'xy, Ki:kkt 1knti.4M, ncM ifJ year.
I'.'W.r.r I'KST! AKn iraslxirn In Xcw fasJle, EnR-
IhikI. In H-0; he dime toAim-rica ia lsw, joiucl
t!ie immigration for On pim the sime yeiir. Hi
first roMc-nce in this rtaie was at Portland, where
tie crcted th firi-t m ater works for that city.
1'him there he fame to Albany, and fmra there he
Our stock of
Ammunition and Fishing Tackla
Is Complete, and will be sold at rrices that defy Comj.ctition.
Farmers will find this the Headquarters for
" As we carry the Best goods in the market. We keep in stock the " .
Collins' Cast-steel Plows, John Deere Moline Plows,
Canton Clipper Plows, and the Celebrated
Oliver Chilled Plows. Extras for Each.
3 i i . t ir i-.wv
i rv tn IkA friii ml in th j Frt In 1 1 !
while huge ln)dies of timler, A ery
Beventeen miles up from Sweet
l. 1. l,..o ,.li'u:iivrau
found in the mountains above,
1 , T .1.!. t., ......... -vv w.v. ... ..
ci,im.jiaiowu - . is Beuver valley w hich, though small
. K .T .4 - C - - . I .-i,lnil.,l.W tl .mi.i .1 1 ' -
UC UUt eOIlieCHOlieritT, ClgaiS, lOiaC- j i i.(uumnuur nil t i.
co, etc. Give him a call when you tro i siring to visit this place for their health
to the springs.
Mr. F. Prince, under the efficient care
of Dr. Courtney, has recovered from
liisdangerous illness, sufficiently to be
aOltTTTrnvir-iiastern Was-hineton Ter-
He is prepared to furnish campers with
anything in the way of proeeriess canned
fruit?, meats, etc. Tourists Mill find
the best of food and other aceommoda-
! tion, All comers will find the table
ritnrv iw. l, i,. t.. ,,in k., S spread with cver.Ntliins desired by the
well-to-tlo-people have here nice homes
and are enjoy iust life. Lying between
this valley and Crabtrce, is the famous
a fine farminp country, containing a
lartie and flourishing school district
a very inviting mountain resort, and
stopping plaeer where Mr. W. It. Me
Kiunou entertains tourists and travel
ers in first-class style.
fund the finest hunting and fishing
grounds in the mountains. -,
Above this are the Findlay Hods
springs, Upier St da and Fish lake, all
of which are places of summer resort,
witli U7 scholars. Here, too, the soil is j visnci oy nu;uirew 01 pa-asure sees-
very productive, and all tne various "-'J
Last Paturday C. II. Pponeer went j
to the nay tor a lew wccks rest. .Mon- n-mi)Vca toTrfc Dalies, in lh-: he came to ft-io
day he received a telegram that his lit- : tud rup-'1,Ld the eio Smirlns m:JK which he
tie girl was dangerously ill, and Tues- i '-oned trcrrfnw. He the owwr of
, . . , m.w. J. . : line furro rnd other pni-erty. nnd waj" rt-Rorrled
day morning he paid $ 1M for an extra , as mc of the row( mtcna1r ins men in thttt TSc;n.
train to bring him home. j i'j. nn-1 v.r-hi3!i!- estcmcdby U who knew
. . , , ... ' hf:n. He vri'.t conMnrrtly Identified with al! cit ral
K-ven years ago the Knights of rh.v-int, (llUr,irl mK, at ,be(hm.0fhb
tlllas IOilge tf this City, gave Olie of j ,K-Hth wa-, tuking an Mtirert in faror rT the
the most entertaining picnics, ever fnOiil itory araendiiient tww lxfre the !lle,
given in the state. There Is .some talk ; "h 1,kn fcflh a ""a ,fce om;
i f their giving another, after the farm-; U( h j,,..,,, y.,; M nv.fUi cJtia.n
ers have garnered their crops. Lhould be stricken from t-so suddt-nly furviv-
,, . , . ,, ; ins but one hottr after the atto'-t. Hi. noljle wife
The contract for building the (I. V. ,, foBr chil(lK.n. Umx dbters and one ..,
round house, has been let to Chr.X of : vtr,dre him. Th.c who knew lihn U.-1-t will
this city, and work has commenced, j clien-h hi memory the k::ee--t. l'eaee to his
Work on the other buildings will com- I main
mence soon. 5Ir. Clark is unable to I t'l.ARK. At the re-Sdrnre of her ftr-hcr, E.
, , . , . .. . , , in Ulvfnm. I.IUU rion.ty. Orcein!, ju
get brick-layers at 3.00 per day cash. ' Wcim-frtr. juu- a. i7. f in-!M-hi!!i cwimip-
. . ., , ., , ., ... tion, MKV K." -.i-f of Jit. K. f.nrk. oseI -J
At the last meeting of the Citizens vcar.. S mouth,- an.! 5in-.. H -r n-aiaius were
in regard to building a woolen mill, a J 5ntim-1 lu ecm-.t.-ry.
Committee on SUbserllltioil was opiH.iut- j 'I!r.iW. lr. Prcrvidencc rm-M, l.lrm mnnty.
ti:f. 1ivtNa1;D fji:W' , at-1 HTriarslnKi(hi'
1 tlnys, ln vx'tix-'l vnv$ R hnlj-a t and
irm-e tiiiUlrvii, to ruourii bf r cK-imuie from
Barbed Wire Sold at Low Figures.
F. H. ROSCOE & CO., Lebanon, Oregon.
Here Is to be ! pd, and boik3 ordered open for the sale
of stock. The business has ln;en iuc?r-1
porattnl under the name of the Albany
Woolen Mills Association, with a capita!
stock of f 100,000.
lr. A. II. Peterson has removed his , , " , l v, rr
. . . ... . . ' how to please the tste of ptrstms who - ' -
' , .,... ... i'lOtlO
are, or nave oeen sick, aim icr iihh
grains and grass. are grown abun'daiit-
dental office to lr. rowell'sstore build
hat tin
is wi v
s rid-e ground, If j Bouth of the Santlam river at Pweet
valuable for farm- ; Home are the fertile hills that reach
Sweet Home Celebration.
We reached the celebration grounds
at an early hour and securing xsition,
waited for events. We had not long to
'; wait, as the peonle came at an early i
(Liuiited Lijis.)
- Receiver.
On ntid after Msr 1". 17. and antil further no
tice trains to Ulruu daily (cxevi SuudBV) aj lol-
ing, wnere ne win te ciail to mett n;s 1 4. ... tr 1 1 tt "-- '-ii uit-r souiu is use ueautiui . u-r m me v jiuih.m u n ci, on n mr-, nour to avoid tne neat oi tne uav. '
many friends. He ako has charge of ; KJ:vn lne c-annot i.mi a octter j valItV uf j ,iisjM frawfonl-ville, lirownsvilleand j an t.arlv hour the Bweet Home'Um.l,
AV. C. Peterson's' Jewelry business, in i oTdrirT- tli vNit Waterhw" ! Hamilton ckit.k, j Albany with the best of lumlx-r. lie- I fllowtl by the Crawfordsville band, j
xne same t.uuamg. j vU ntJf (.. rross j . nu, 1 rich and pn-luctive. .The timlter on t "vc" " v"u""ri " i tne glee club ami tdiiers came marctt- j
On Sunday next an excursion train ! Ufore ar-ivine at Ixlmnon will' lie I "ie hetid waters of this stream is .not to j " hi' prsperotis class of ; s ln with flags and lnncrs living, j
wiU be run to this place from Albany. met bv him an conveved to his place, i ' " f JlZuZrlK I f n & I
The oiijective points of the excursion- nt reson ib'e rt-s F i of this Clvtk !s th" f-'alu -1 w e take l,le,5,,re m iioning Z. 11. ; cu;t of the grove, took their places on
ists will lie Waterloo nn.l sUvin,.. i " . ' 1 mill of Jennirus & McPh. rson. Fur- M(W! t'"1- Hiilpt, J- L and J. A.Mat-1 the grand stand.
I PecIutior.S of Indiatron. ther up, at the ti lass fails, they are nd Hton. At
! ( I kilt LI i it r 1-Vri" H'ii'r.tu"vi'wr Cit-tiill I
Ctmveyances will ha at the to
take them wherever they want to go,
at reasonable rates.
A grand bowery dance will be given
at Jennings & McPherson's saw mill,
Resolutions of Indignation
I kill LI i it r i 1-vri" H'ii'r.tu"vi'wr eit-tiitt
IIli, op LEB.vxnx ExgixeI j Plill further up is l!:e Cedar Flat coun- j we find quite a trading jioint, where
Company, No. 1. V j try, w here is hx-ated the shingle mill of ' are two general stores; one ax factory,
Lehaxok, Or., July 1, 1SS7. j j vroom Iro's, where a spi.ndid article; one hotel, one tannery, and a planing
At n r.-Tiib?r nipf-tiii"- of T.!'fno.ii V.n-! ..... .. - -n . , i . n...
on Hip civni'iir nf InV )), i . , i . oi ceoar snmsrits te:nr manuiac- inui uinier me uianniviiieni i uir
Plttform hJnflwf 'Sln 0,"rany' Xt: the f,,llo"'inSitured. On the lower part of Hamilton j (Mass Pro. The gmnl ,HHple of this
casioxi, and all who aUend wUi havcTa 1 mhl anJ reso!utions Wre j creek is the large febx-k much of Fran- village have a fine c hurch and a flour-
fine frrazhig antl farm land. The next Iixlt in fpkiuliJ working onler. AVe
tuitut !ttt..v.i f.-u L j i will ii o iLtiitii ltnvp n rt mTMirf fntm
In order to compete with the Xortu- j of the Northwestern Fircmens' Asso- Mcixiwrrt.:. ' ' ."vk, ! that precinct on the vote in favor of
u i iwrmu anu vauumu x'aeinc ior ciation was nc-ia at. v ancouver, . i .
tpwu uoie. iueiestoi music will be i Whereas On the 15th, Ifith and!
in atteEdevnce. Tickets f l.cO. j 17lh davs of June lss- ft tournament '
T.. ..... , fT'-..l 1... !...- Tn-.l ,.r
which wcn.h it- v. -
little vallov in which;
northwest business, the Southern and
Pacific will soon put another line of j Whekeas, Lebanon Engine Co. No.
steamers on the northern route. Two ; 1, of Lebanon Oregon, sent a duly ac
large steam colliers are now being con- j credited hose team to said tournament
verted into passenger steamers. ! to take part therein; and
Whereas. Said hose team did attend
J south s nti vi nivru
wards the couutry on Monday, with a aM bmrnament and did there in an , - - " ' ;
-.-.Vl.- 1 i t t-t i - . 1 lrnrfs tV ii",mifr r-rM iri a wit ti vr- :
:"uut. ' - uu u Pu 1113 ! : ; 1 I I, ' . " . . ! peaks of the Cascade
tutu v a ivtii in. vi iitr nau oecu lllllli-
through a fertile prohibition.
iHd, kind people Fight miles below on the Calipooya
1 live and enjoy the comforts of life usu-! Is the busy town of
tally bestowed upon industrious and browxsyili.E,
; frugal inhabitants.
We now come
to th lieautiful
noteil for its large woolen manufactory
Song by the glee club.
Heading Declaration of Iiidcpcn-.
Music by the Sweet Home land.
Oration by F. M. Miller V.
Music by the Crawfordsville band.
Dinner. A bountiful repast was fur
nished for the Land lvs, antl six-akers
of the day. The others forming them
selves iu groups of friends and acquaint
ances, iwrtook of roast chicken, beef,
ham, biscuit and butter, and plenty of
pie and cake.
, After dinner we all enjoyed the sieak
ing, lecturing, singing and music, but
- l: 1 l T ,w..,l. I I t,.,..l m,l
...... .,, , l , lint licxi 41-- iHTi. jl t.i'umt A imun n-.fc -mc
and extensive fl.iunng mills, and the , .,. , .
HIIIU uutiui llic; W1 11114. tiinvivr
j large saw and planiiu
apped j management of the
vest pocket. Hardy's best game
checkers. So says Doc. Johnson.
T. J. Villia, D. D. G. M., I. O. O. F.,
of Scio, was in town last Frid.iv on his
M ay to Brownsville, to install ofFeers of '
Lintains tne These enterprises give eniployment to
He "ba-ed his erne " in his ; prizes oftered; and , V - V - i".i'
11,3 fcw, .i iiis. t t s ! W-fort-mciitioneil. which, after loinintr ' .!.. i..., i. .,,,,,,, ,,,r.,w.-
. lir.nt.?, ITUlll llU IV-'lllll UHl 111 j 1 - - c , viiV UlUllwn scviv. .iibvuiv v- miv-iivj
lair ami nonoraoie manner win me; ......... ... , wmcu greaiiv iuhim i me ir-iicin
mills under the
Mover Bro's.
nd prize in the championship hose; s town of Jefierson, is soon lost 1
. nll j . ! the deep Willamette. Situated on tl
Whereas, Th3 judges of said tour,; bank of the South Santiam, four-
in i of the place. There is also a furniture
10 ! manufactory owned by C. E. Rockwell
Calipooya Lodge, at that place. Mr.
Villa, we understand, goes to Calif r-;
nia, for a few weeks recreation, when
he will probably return to Lebanon.
i nament decided unanimously in favor j
teen miles south-east of Albany, the
I of said Ixbanon hose team: and ve a,K prosperous county seat, is our
Whereas. The board of directors-of . wn iwautitul, wnle-awake little city of ;
, said tournament composed of three j Lebanon,
! members from Astoria did wrongfully udiddi wn inwvnirHfl in i,;t! Tim
Wra. E. Spicer and J. M'Intosh, on appeal from the unanimous decision i population at prost nt is about 700 in
have leased the warehouses on the ; of id judges, and contrary to the tes-1 habitants, and within the incorporate
iS arrow- Guage road. Also the Aums- j timony of five disenterested witnesses, ! i;mits have been erected as fine church
viUemill. Farmers will find it to their ! and disroearding all rules of dect n- je school and business honsc, and pri
advantage, to consult these gentlemen, j cy an1 fair dealing award the said vatc residences as will Ik? seen in any
as to prices for gram and shippingrates, ifcecond prize to Astoria company, No. j of the lar-er cities, w hich seak vol
as they will be able to give themthc j i, whose time was two minutes 14 ! umcB fr The enterprise and pride of
ery best. ; 4sooonis. nfoniirodwithTjohanoii's ' o;t;-A..c luijiuu Uora
T - - - i - ,1 T.A t V. I ' llil llll'l I'll.'IltV . 111V 111 1 IV 1 V
is located the Santiam Academy, a
I grand monument to the memory of the
It is generally understood that the I time of 1 minute 44 4-3 seconds,
rate on wheat, oats and barley will be j fore lie it
reduced, all along the O. It. & .. Co's. j Itesolrctf, That this company will j pioneer of the town, Mr. Ralston, and
road this season one dollar per ton. not quietly submit to so gross and pal- j jr. Morgan Kees and Hon. Luther
This is something, and as the inland j pable an injustice to our hose team; and j Elkins. It will always flourish as a
empire will have about 'six hundred ': le it further j vigorous scat of learning, and, as in
thousand tons, will give the people aj licsolred, That the action of said ! the past, many will go out from it fit
profit of $600,000 dollars. board of directors was inequitable, sel-1 ted for high and honorable positions in
We are sorry that Cap. N. I?. Hum- : " and dishonest, and that tlicy are a , the councils of the State and nation
phrey of Albany, on account an of at- i disgrace to the Northwestern Jriremens
tackofrheiimatisrn.could not fill his leer j Association, as well as to the Astoria
ture appoin tmen ts at Waterloo and other
places during this week. Rev. H. P.
Webb was on hand, though in his us
ual good spirits, and made good impres
sions for prohibition.
The torn cat sits upon the shed
And kindly warbles to his mate,
Oh! when the world has gone to bed,
I love to sit and mcw-til-late;
But while that torn cat sweetly sings,
tp jumps a boarder, mad with hat,
He shoots that cat to fiddle strings,
He also loves to Mutillate.
On Wednesday of last week, Samuel
Coyle, son of Stephen Coyle. while rid
ing a "bucking" horso, was thrown
on his head and shoulders receiving a
severe shock. Dr. Courtney was called
and found his collar bone was broken.
Due surgical assistance was rendered
and the patient is recovering fast as
Of the many trustworthy employees
on the O. & C. road, none are more ac
commodating than Enginerer Casey,
and Conductor Houston of the Leban
on branch. We, with many others,
take pleasure in comending these gen
tlemen, for their very courteous and
strict adherance tobusiness. Mr. Hous
ton, as conductor, has made many
friends feincc ruuniug to Lebanon.
fire department, which they belong.
Among our manufacturing establish
ments are the Lebanon flouring mills,
recently leased by Messrs. Unger and
Resolved, That we as a company, ; Wassom, who have recently improved
hereby express our confidence in the
integrity of Captain C. C. Hackleman,
and the mcmliers of his team.
J7cmoIiw7, That we ex tend our thanks
to Mr. Haerkleman and all the mcmliers
of his team for their gallant conduct
and refined deportment at said tourna
ment. Resolved, That we hereby extend our
thanks to the Vancouver fire depart
ment, and the citizens of Vancouver in
gene ral, for courtesies, antl their hospit
able treatment of our hose team, elur
mg their stay in Vancouver; also to the
Albany hose team for favors renelered.
lieHoleed, That a copy of these reso
lutions be forwarded to The Lebanon
Exrur-ss, Albany papers, Ortgonian
and AV-i'j and that a copy of the same
lie forwardtd to the Vancouver and
Walla Walla fire departments; also the
ex -board of directors.
E. E. Montague,
A.R. Cyrfs, President.
Sec'y pro. tern.
them so as to lie able to produce as
gotwl flour as any of the mills in the
county. Tluse gentlemen deserve the
patronage of the people ami will no
doubt merit it.
The furniture manufactory of Mr. E.
fioan, and the planing mill of Mr.
Niekcrstm, ami the sawmill of (1. W.
which is doing a fair business.
Browusville is an old town and its
population, is made up of a class of
people whtise object in 1 i f e, among oth
er things, Is to do good; consequently a
number of first-class churches, ami two
large institutions of learning adorn the
town. Many of the citizens are weal
th y and some very fine residences in
elicate their prosperity.
The Exi'RKSs heartily congratulates
its many farmer patrons on the abunel
ant harvest now ready fer the sickle,
with every assuranceeif advanced
prices over several previous years, for
all kinds of products which means ad
ditional prosperity for all.
Waterloo Notes.
July IS.
Mrs. Lyons anel invaliel son are Htoii
ing at Waterloo. ,
J. O. Oross is still at the old stand do
ing a gootl business.
Mr. Ketch and family of Brownsville,
arc stepping at Mr. Gross' for rest anel
S Waterloo is on the boom. Oolel has
been diseovercel on the bar below the
old mill and is lie ing mined with gotnl
success. Some say that with a sluice
they coulel make ?o jter elay.
Several hundred people visitexl the
spring last Sabbath, and pronounced
such said havoc among his father's
cherry trees, withhis hatchet, antl as
he grew okler made saeler havoc in the
columns of the Britisli invaders ami
finally leel otir three millions of people
on to victory, Independence, peace and
Messrs II. C. Moran and Mr. Wright,
marshalls of the day, deserve special
erinlit for preserving such gootl order,
anel having things so nicely asranged.
In the evening about forty couple
stopped for the grand ball given by
Richard Watkins, ami all joined in
making it a success, ilusie wns ren
dered by Pror. J. Woodruff, J. Watkins,
and a member of the Sweet Home
A fine supper was served at both of
the hotels.
During the entire elay and evening, I
saw no drinking, no hexel!uutism, anel
evererv thing passed of in first class
No need of a lockup at Sweet Home,
when the crowel is made up of the
quiet farmers, their families and friends
from the surroumling country.
VfsrK Mail., M'tibun; MaiL
hind. - j lead.
l.r.-j j IU'XDF.E JfNCTN. ! 1.15
1. M ! Fui-i'icrt Ids. 1 to
ivrf j! KySLa:,UnS, h fi?
2 -W i St. Paur. . 1W
2. M ji Fntn-h I'mlrie, j: I -.
3H KoK j! H-t'
S.Jil i; WWii.nni. 11.S7
:.: T-n--ih, !i 1!.!
It Ii-KS ' J1-57
nil ji n.!r. .ti ti H-12
S.-.J j M. Anctd, V 11 O
4.-H ' l'onu's, i! l-;''-
4.) jt Jn'miii' Milt, 1
4. H j! lI.n-.-li Ifairv. ;I lt."
t.'-l i EM Side Jiim tson, ji 10.-10
5.1J I Mai-krtr. ij S.10
j V. :l!l Hills i j Am-.rille, ! S.U
5, '-J ji Wst starttin. S.-Vl
B.l'l l NurtliiNtiitiiutt, 'i S.i-2
5. -i ii Si..lii!:-, i( S.i9
l"..."-.t ' Wot S-kt, I,
6. W V I'nl.'iw. I; S.t9
6. '7 ii Pvmth S.Hiniam, f.-T-1
! Ih-h. ; 7-
7. :!1 ! lxbam.ii Jntiftion, 7.17
7.W i IW!:i, ji 7.05
S.l7 ( . lkrUville, il f'-tt
S.i l.iun. ;! "-'7
Kir. j rmu-MNvil'. e.11
V.tK i Tviin ItiiitF. ii
9,7 1 M.rtitiT.iiiicry. i) ' '-"
. II i l'nvv!, 1, 5.W
toot ! i!:Tiis ji 4."0
ia.i- COBC&U. !
Ar. p.m.! Arr. I.t I.t. a. m
-Delek In-
C. B. R0LAND& Co
Albany, Oregon.
New Store, Hew Goods,
Groceries and Povisions
Tobacco ami Cigarss, .
Confectionery, Crockery, Glass and . Plated -Waro,
Pure Sugar and Maple Syrups.
Country Produce taken in Exchange for Gooe! .
Corner Uriel; Sfore,
Main Street, LcbanonT -. '
Insure you property in a home com
pany The Northwest Fire and Marine
Insurance company, of Portland Ore
gon. A. 11. Cyrus agent, Lebanon.
Su'wcrihe for the ExruiiSS.
Wheeler are all Lebanon enterprises i the soela water as good as ever. Tlicy
have a shaele over the spring, anel it is
a nice place to sit anel enjoy the cool
breeze, (lowing up the river from the
Mr. Vader, and family of Grass
ltulge, are camping in the grove just
lielow the falls, anel near his mining
claim where he is getting 1.00 per elay
with a roe-ker. Do not get excited over
$1.00 per day with a rocker, for that is
only equal to $o.00 or $0.00 per elay with
a sluce, und there are several places up
the Santiam, that are as gooel as this
and even better; but the golel is very
fine anel hard to save. Nevertheless
Mr. Vadcr unelcrstanels mining, anel is
saving it in gooel payuig epuantities.
and eleserve the kindest consideration
of all admirers of home manufactories.
Lebanon enjoys the advantage of lo
cation as a trading pei'nit, over any oth
er town back from the Willamette riv
er, being on the main thoroughfare
from Western to Eastern Oregon, aiid
is the main out-fitting point for all par
tit s crossing the mountains.
II-r", too, is the home of The Ex
press, which congratulates itself upon
being tho ropn s ntative of a town
whose citizens, in common with those
of the surrounding country, are ener
getic and ke-e-p apace with all public
improvements, lie-cognizing this, and
appreciating the encouragement shown
it since it came to Lebanon, we lake
pleasure in sending to its many readers
tins week, enlarged to eight columns,
promising further improvements as
they are deemed ikces.-ry for the wel-
Call at E. Goan's furniture sfrire and
get his low prices on furuituire auel
hardware. v-
Are We Degenerating?
The olel hackneyed phrase of, "things
tlidn't use to lie so," ami that other one
that Implied that they had giants In
physical Strength and enelurance upon
the earth in the days of our grandfath
ers, has been rung into the ears of the
people so long and so often that it has
produced ahueist a belief in the stat
mcnts maele. The people are almost
convinced that they are all sick anel
that tho human race is growing con
stantly weaker ami more effeminate.
The uctual truth of the case is just to
the opposite1, as statistics will show.
Instead of degenerating, the human
race is advancing. Length of life la
being increaseel and the average case of
strength ami enelurance are greatiT in
stead of less.
Yet se firmly has the lielief that we
are all sick liecome rooted in the minds
of people, that the 'world is full of me
dicaments for the cure of the supposed
ills that ellect us, anel the quickest road
to a fortune is often found iu the man
ufacture of Buch articles.
Kurnisliing Goods
lints. Caps', Hoots, Bhocs, Choice
K-lextions in Fancy Summer Nee-k
Wear, Silk Underwear. Ualbrigtrali
Underwear, Fish, Clark & Flagg's
The very IV st make of Hand Sswed
Shoes, and the very Latest Styles
in Mens' Jleiys and Youths' Cloth
ing. All the Celebrateel makes of
Bright New Fresh Goods,
And as honest, fair nnel square
dealing is our meitto, we nsk the
public to call and get prices.
C. B. Roland & Co.,
One door West Revere house, Albany.
Dry-Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes.
-G ROCERl ES,tfr "
Gents' IutrnislT-ino: Goodss
Many use high license as sort of a buf
fer to stave off prohibition. They try
to make out that it is a more effectual
way of shutting up saloons than prohi
bition. Experience, tho certain .test,
shows that thib is not so. It eUxt noth--ug
to reduce driuklng.
Denier In
Boots and Shoes.
Bought Exclusively for
Cash from , the Manufac
turers. Every Pair Warranted.
For Ladies, Misses & CMldren,
The Celabr
ted i
W. L. Dougl
$3 "r
Popular Hosiery Company,,
Closing Out Sale.
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Bridles, Spursk
Offer my ENTIRE Stock at a BARCL
C. F. MEAD, Lebanor" :