Intermountain tribune and Linn County agriculturalist. (Sweet Home, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1914, November 06, 1913, Image 1

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VOL. 2.
NO. 28.
For the First Time Ladies Are Nominated
For Members on the Council
The citizens of Sweet Home met
in mass convention for the purpose
of nominating candidates for the
various city offices to be voted for
at the city election, next month.
After the selection of M. Story
as chairman, R. W. Van Fleet, sec­
retary, it was decided that the, vot­
ing should by ballot and that in
each instance those receiving the
highest vote should be declared the
nominee for the respective offices.
Nominations for mayor resulted
in the nominating of H. M. Myer
and Chas. Lyons as candidates.
For Recorder—R. W. Van* Fleet
and T. L. Dugger were declared the
For Treasurer—W. B. - Thompson
and Lem Tittlb were elected as
Councilmen for one year—M. J.
Nye, W. H. Goings, David Doerfer,
M. W. Smead, Henry Thompson,
Ernest Post.
Councilmen for two years—Mrs.
J. A. Thompson, Mrs. Chas. Lyons,
Mrs. L. K. Geil, W..H. Putnam, H.
R. Slavens, W. H. Daugherty.
Wanted—rThis office can place a
loan of $500; first-class mortgage
security. If you have the money,
call and see us.
For Sale
Two good dairy cows, one a Jer­
sey, alsd two high grade Jersey
heifers. A. E. Weed, Holley, Ore.
. ----- • < • i ,
Notice to the Public
Tbe Friday Night Episode
Parent-Teachers Meeting
As announced last week, a Parent-
Things sometimes are not what
meeting will be held, next
they seem to be and it no doubt ap­
Saturday at the present high school
pears to some of us at different
times that black is white and white
is black. The city council, at a ses­
sion, last February, passed an ordi­
nance licensing trades, professions
and callings within the city of Sweet
Home, Ore. Said ordinance speci­
fying each trade,-profession, calling
or occupation to be taxed and; the
amount of the taxes per day or
Last Friday evening two of Sweet
Home’s young men sought to give
an invitation dance or ball, where­
upon some of the citizens thought
that the giving of the dance was in
strict violation of the ordinance.
Mr. Story having been appointed
marshal, at the opening of the dance
immediately proceded to the hall,
and with, his deputies placed the
young men under arrest and brought
them before the recorder. The' re­
corder immediately read that ! part
of the ordinance to the young men
which relates in particular -to the
dance. Said ordinance stating in
section 13, Dance hall shall pay a
license of $20 per quarter. In sec-
tioh 16 it also states that parties
wishing a license must apply to the
city treasurer for the same, pay the
required fee, take a receipt specify­
ing thè trade, for hoW long, to
Whom issued and the amount .paid,
then present the receipt to the re­
corder and get the license.
Now it so happened that the; city
was without a treasurer and the
council well knew the fact, but
owing to the failure in having a
meeting, did not appoint a treas­
urer. Now the ordinance gives the
recorder no alternative in such
matters, consequently the recorder
seeing nothing else to be donp, dis­
missed the defendants in the case.
.It is said that the dance was con­
ducted in a most orderly manner,
being free from, the rowdyism which
has, heretofore, caused Sweet Home
dances to become unpopular.
Notice is hereby given th$t I, the
undersigned, will not be responsible
for any debts my wife, Meda E.
Samuel D. Pickens Dead
Whitcomb, may contract from this
the 30th day of October, 1913, until
Sweet Home received a severe
further notice.
shock this iveek, when the dedtji of
Geo. B. Whitcomb.
Samuel D. Pickens was announced;
Foster, Oregon for.Sam Pickens could number his
friends by a list of Sweet Home
On Monday the news that he had
received a severe stroke-of paralysis
came over the Wires, to be followed
on Tuesday by the announcement of
his death.
, MYERS & ROSE, Props.
Mr. Pickens was a member of on’e
the first three families who -Set­
Clean and Airy Rooms and Beds.
in Sweet Home. Two Pickens
The tables are supplied
and the Ames were Sweet
with the best the
Home’s'first settlers and, we are
market affords
told, the subject of this sketch was
born on the Pi'ckens homestead, near
Foster. Sam Pickens, so far as we
can learn, had no enemies and was
a friend to everybody. His funeral
and burrial at the Gilliland cemetery,
Special Orders---- Special Prices occurred on Wednesday and, despite
the stormy day, was largely attend­
Feed and Livery Barn in
ed. The Tribune will give a more
lengthy resume of his life and acti­
connection with Hotel
vities next week.
Prices are Reasonable.
Sweet Home
$1.25 THE YEAR
Mack Moss was messenger to
carry Sweet Home’s vote to Albany.
America Issues Ultimatum to Mexican
Dictator Demanding Quick
building, commencing at 1 p. m.,
of which the following is the pro­
Opening song, “America” by the
Introductory stattment, L. K.
Cooperation in school work, Rev.
L. H. Wood.
Primary reading-—Mrs. P. E.
Round table discussions, lead by
Mrs. P. E. Baker.
Intermediate and advanced read­
ing—R. W. Van Fleet and W. L.
Organization and discipline-P. E.
Baker and Joseph Benner.
Mexico City; Nov. 3.—President
Huerta must resign the Presidency
of Mexico without loss of time and
must not. leave as his successor
General Aurelian Blanquet, his
Minister of War, or any other
member of his official family or of
the unofficial coterie whom he might
be expected to control.
.This ultimatum from Washington
■was conveyed to President Huerta
through his private secretary, Senor
Rabago by Nelson O’Shaughnessy,
the American Charge d’Affaires,”
acting under instructions from the
the State Department.
Senor Sabago presented the meno-
randum to his chief late Sunday,
but up to this evening President Vote From the Country Was Light-City
Hureta had returned no answor and
Voters Came Out in Full
as far. as could be learned, had
guarded its contents from almost
all of his official and intimate coun­
Those Who learned of the Wash­
Election day in Sweet Home,
ington .note regarded General Huer­ while there was a deep interest in
ta’s position as one in which he the prohibition question, in other
would be forced Jo give one or two respects, there was little interest.
answers—refusal point blank to Women exercised the right of suffer-
comply with the demand, possibly age for the first time and came out
going so far as to hand the diplo­ in good force.
matic representative passports or
At the conclusion of the count of
the elimination of himsClf officially. the vote when it was known that
Those most intimate with the the “wets”, had won, quite a small
president insist that the latter course jollification in the way of burning
will not be taken for many reasons, firecrackers resulted. The vote in
chief among which is that such an detail follows:
action would be tantamount to sub­
State University building repair
mission to the rebels. Official Mexi­ fund-Yes 23; no 129.
co is no longer in doubt that the
State Üniversity ne,w building
Washington Administration favprs fund-Yes 22; no 126.
the rebel cause and is convinced that
Sterilization act-Yes 34; no 108.
this is the means taken by President County attorney act-Yes 50; no
Wilson and Secretary Bryan to as­ 95.
sist Carranza to win.
Workmen’s compensation act-Yes
General Huerta summoned to the 96; no 67.
national palace tonight the diplomat­
Prohibition for Sweet Home-^Yes
ic corps,t but for what purpose was 60; no 67.
not revealed.
Three of the ministers, those of
Germany, Norway and Russia were
returns indicate that both
absent. .They have been in Vera
measures, the County
Cruz, where they were in conference
Workmen’s Compen­
with President Wilson’s representa­
carried by good
tive, John Lind, who is understood
to be fully conversant with the majority. It is, also, probable the
latest representations from Wash­ Sterilization act will become a law.
Salem has gone dry by over 400
Changes in the military situation
Portland votes in favor of Inter­
throughput the country today in*
state bridge bonds.
eluded, according to the report the
The Fusion ticket with John
advance of the rebels to attack
Purroy Mitchell has carried New
Zacatecas, but the government be­
York City by over 75,000 majority.
lieves that the garrison there is
ExGovernor Sulzer, is elected to
sufficiently strong to resist an attack
membership in the state legislature.
successfully. Queretaro, capital of
Massachusetts and New Jersey
the state of the same name, on the
haye elected democratic goyernors.
main line of the National railway,
south of San Luis Potosi, is sur­
If you want to please your wife,
rounded by rebels ancLpractically in
her one of our combination
a state of siege. North „of San
Luis Potosi a new method has been kitchen sets for a Christmas present.
adopted bv the rebels to prevent the The sets are only $1.25 each, if you
operation of trains. Placards ad­ are a subscriber for the Tribune,
dressed. to employes have been post- otherwise $2.50 each. W.e have but
ed,-notifying them that they would
be hanged if they attempted to run a few of these sets left and you
the trains. As a result the men will have to get your order in at
are refusing to take out the trains. once if you want a set.
Almost Unlimited Power Given Authori­
ties in Seeking Information
on Incomes
Those Portland persons who are
fortunate enough . to be affected by
the new Federal income tax law are
buisily preparing statements of their
personèl income-bearing resources
so that payments may be made ' into
the hands of the government offi­
Milton \A. Miller, collector of
Internal Revenue, who will „have
charge of collections in this district,
anticipates immediate and voluntary
compliance with the law by persons
who are affected.
It is probable that the govern­
ment will be a little lenient in en­
forcing collections for the first
month, as many persons are not yet
familar with the Federal require­
ments. The. law became operative^
On account of the confusion grow­
ingnut of the efforts to prepare in­
come statements, the government
has suspended collections of the tax
from corporations for a >month.
The collector of Internal revenue
and assistants have almost unlimited
power in seeking information on the
incomes, of persons, firms arid cor­
porations. The statistics of the cor­
poration tax bureau, which is now
Conducted by the collector of Inter­
nal Revenue, are, of course, avail­
The records of the county asses­
sors offices and all other public ,
records may be examined. The
payrolls of employers, upon which
may be noted the salaries paid to
employes, may be serfftinized.
The law provides that “every col­
lector shall, from , time to time,
cause his deputies to\proceed
through'every part of the district
and enquire after and concerning
all persons therein who are liable to
pay any such tax and all persons
owning and having 'the care and
management of any objects liable
to pay any tax and to make a list
of such persons and enumerate said
Many persons who wifi be requir-
ed:to pay income tax under the pro­
visions. of this bill are saving their
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Mountain Air
Clean Wholesome Beds.
Newly refurnished and
painted inside. Tables
are supplied with the
best the market affords
. Feed brirn in connection
with the Hotel............
Meals 35c,
Beds 25e.
F. B. K napp ,
• - ,