Intermountain tribune and Linn County agriculturalist. (Sweet Home, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1914, September 25, 1913, Image 5

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    An Open Letter
Help those Sick Kidneys
Salem, Ore., Sept. 19, 1913.
To the Editor:
Dear Sir—In our contracts with
How many times have you had your work, sleep, or your leisure
the various school-book publishers
hours interrupted by recurring pains in the region of the kidneys?
the law requires the state board of
Didi you ever experience anyhting more
education to take the prices as re­
unpleasant and annoying?
ported to us by the State Text Book
You probably neglected it too—let yourself believe it wasn’t seri­
In our contracts, however, we
ous—be over it in a day or two. When the kidneys give you
added a clause to which all of the
warning of inability to perform their duty, assist them in every
publishers agreed and signed with­
way, hely them get rid of poisons that are accumulating, waste
matter they cannot throw off.
out protest, to the effect that the
They are weak and need strengthening.
See that they are built
publisher will not sell any book at a
up, back to normal, and it won’t be many days until you are
greater price than is charged for
built up, eager for work and enjoying your rest and leisure hours
such book in any other state in the
All You Need is to Take
United States.
This department discovered a
short time ago that the Palmer
Writing Lessons for primary grades
There’s a wealth of wisdom in that assertion, this preparation is
was selling in other states for 15
one of the most prompt and effective preparations we have and
cents, while the contract price in
we are confident that it will do as represented.
this state is 20 cents. The higher
Make us prove it. If we can’t, "your money will be refunded.
book, kpown as Palmer Method of
50 cents and $1 the bottle
Business Writing, is selling in Chi­
cago for 16 cents while the contract
price in this state is 25 cents. We
Phone' Main 144
Lebanon, Oregon M took this matter up with the Palmer
oosaomeOHOHOuttooKOiOtiOiO’OiOfOiOiiOfiO’O people and after threatening to
bring suit on their bond we got
them to instruct their agent in this
state to notify all dealers that these
books would be sold for 15 cents
and 16 cents respectively. If any
of the children in your community
have paid a higher price than this
they should take the books back
and ask for the difference. The J.
K. Gill Company, agent for the
publishers, informs me that the
publishers will make the amount
good to your local dealer.
That the patrons of the schools
may know they need not pay these
high prices, I will appreciate your
announcement of this notice.
We are now ready to do all kinds of
This department is endeavoring
work in Photography and would
to do all that is possible* in securing
be pleased to have you call and
for the boys and girls of Oregon,
examine pur work and get prices.
books at as low a price as they can
be secured anywhere in the United
States. We will continue our in­
Prices Reasonable. Work Guaranteed
vestigations on every book contract­
ed for use in opr schools.
Ji. E. EDWARDS, Photographer.
Very truly yours,
J. A. Churchill
Supt. Puplic Instruction
Nyal’s Stone Root Compound
Kerr & Rowland Drug Co.
Photograph Gallery
Photographs and Post Cards
250 Pounds of Bear Meat
Interupting the Law to Suit
Thompson’s meat market offered
an unusual and pioneer delicacy ,to
his patrons this week in the shape
of a 250 pound bear, killed last
Sunday by Mr. Ivan Murphy of
Medforfi. Mr. Murphy, Roe Smead
and Ecles Murphy were hunting a
short distance above Sweet Home
resulting in the bagging of his
bearship. This is the third bear
killed in the vicinity of Sweet Home
quite recently.
It seems a little odd that so many
judges and public officials evade the
law or interpret it to suit their pre­
judices or conveniences.
throughout the state have been
twisting the Mothers’ Pension Law
around to suit themselvefe, one of
the latest to give it a most unkind
cut being Judge Bushy of Marion
county. Here is Judge Bushy’s
idea of the law, taken from a special
dispatch to the Portland Oregonian:
County Judge Bushy, who has re­
fused to grant pensions under the
widows’ pension act passed at the
late session of the legislature, de­
clared tonight that the law was
vicious because it has a tendency to
injure widows with families instead
of assisting them.
“The widows pension law is not
only drawn up in such a way,” de­
clared the judge, “as to deny
widows any benefit, but it has a
tendency to injure the applicant.
Not long ago a woman applied for
a pension who did not need one, and
today she is worse off than ever.
She lives in Salem and has five
children. Before she made applica­
tion for a pension she worked and
supported her family better than
50 per cent of the people of Salem.
She put money in the bank and was
getting along so well under the
circumstances that her neighbors
envied her thrift. Then she heard
of the pension law and immediately'
sought to become a beneficiary of
it. Since that day she has not tried
to get along. Her neighbors tell
me that she just sits around and
waits for her pension.
“We have a ease before us of a
woman who owns a little farm near
Silverton, and if she is granted a
pension it will amount to $77 per
month. The woman advises us that
she has a bank account of $800 and
has a mining claim.
“The law in itself is vicious. It
invites laziness and carelessness
among families which formerly got
along all right. The law that has
been in effect all the time is suffi­
cient to cover all cases of poverty
that come under our jurisdiction.
We are vested with authority to
assist those who need financial as­
sistance, and this court will lend
that aid in order to keep families
together.”—Oregon Messenger.
Woman Orchardist Grew Fine Peach Crop
Claimed to be the finest peaches
ever harvested in Linn county, Miss
Helen V. Crawford completed har­
vesting her crop near Lebanon of
500 bushels yesterday.
It is claimed that Miss Crawford,
who is a resident of near Lebanon,
has the distinction of being the only
lady horticulturalist in the county
and has made a thorough success of
raising the fine crop.—Albany Demo­
Isabel Karney. ¡Osteopath Special­
ist, will be in Sweet Home for some
time and will give treatments at the
residence of C. Stone, near the new
High school building. Successful in
all lines.
Our public schools are making
our future citizens and, therefore,
every parent should manifest a deep
interest- in their success. They
should be frequent visitors to the
school room and extend to the
teacher every help and encourage­
ment possible.
There are several of the first
settlers of Sweet Home still living
on their original homesteads. We
expect to interview them and pub­
lish something of the pioneer his­
tory of the valley, in the near
For lack of time the Tribune has
not prepared ah article discriptive
Legal blanks for sale at the Tri' of Sweet Home and Sweet Home’s
busihess men. The matter will be
bune office.
taken -up in the near future.
Vhen in Lebanon go to the
Home Restaurant
For Your Dinner
We furnish the bedt dinner in the valley for 25 cents
Notary Public
Deeds and Mortgages
Executed. fl Pension
Vouchers filled out and
a General Notary Busi­
ness Conducted............
Whenever the valley ■ has an over­
abundance of fog, the same is sent
up the several smaller valleys tri­
butary to the Willamette.
General Merchandise
A Large and Complete Line of
Sweet Home should plan to hold
a school and street fair, some time
during the year Of 1914.- No plan
is better than this to develop in­
terest in school work on the part of
our boys and girls. The fair could
be made the leading public feature
of the South Santiam country if all
will engage in it with spirit.
Official Directory
I have a large assortment of Ladies
Shoes which I am closing out at
40 per cent discount from
the Retail price
Highest Market Price paid for all kinds of farmers produce.
I aim to give my customers satisfaction in, every respect.
Goings, Tittle & Goings
Farm Implements, Wagons, Buggies,
Harness, Plumbing Supplies
Flour, Wheat, Oats,
Ground Feed, Etc.
Directly East of the Bridge
Marter. Laut NagatiataS
XaUrr faHfc Martgaga Lean* Negotiated
Notary Public
Good stock of rough lumber on hand
Attorney at Law
Office on Main St.
Ufcanon. Ora.
East MainStreet
Mayor............................ H. M. Myer
Recorder................R. W. Van Fleet
Treasurer....................... F. L. Gilbert
M. Story, O. L. McClure, Monroe
Smead, J. A. Thompson, David
Doerpher apd Everett Post
School Board
R. W. Morehead, J. E. McClure and
Harry Watkinds.
Justice of the Peace
W. H. Daugherty
Constable and Deputy Sheriff
Henry Slavens
Arrive from1 Lebanon..«-.,... 1:$0 p.fif,
“ Brownevffle... .„..3:30 p.m,
“ Cascadia..... ........8:45 a.a,
'Depart for Lebanon....... ..,,.9100
“ Brownsville....... 4:00 p.trn
" Cascadia...... „„...2100 p.m,